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  • Retro Headphones


    Retro Headphones

    The Overhead Retro Headphones from KonoAudio provide high-quality sound in a comfortable package, with a gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug ideal for li...

  • Carbon12 Earbuds


    Carbon12 Earbuds

    Just as in chemistry, where Carbon12 is the benchmark whereby all other atomic masses are measured, the KonoAudio™ Carbon12 brand is the benchmark ...

  • KidzSafe Earbuds


    KidzSafe Earbuds

    Protect your children's ears with Kidzsafe earbuds and headphones which help prevent noise induced hearing loss with Kidzsafe safe volume technolog...

  • Murano Earbuds


    Murano Earbuds

    The KonoAudio Murano brand is the most unique and beautiful earbud on the market. There is no question that the premium sound powered by KonoAudio ...

  • Elegante Earbuds


    Elegante Earbuds

    The KonoAudio™ Elegante brand combines style and premium sound to produce the most elegant earbud on the market.There is no question that the premi...

  • Grafitti



    Colorful and fun, these bright and cheerful earbuds are the most unique and stylish earbuds available anywhere - and at a great price! Now, every e...