Best 3.5mm Combo Headset to Microphone and Headphone Y-splitter Cable

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1. Kingtop Adapter Tablet Headsets Version

Kingtop Adapter Tablet Headsets Version

The combo mic audio jack plug is used to connect to the male jack. There is a plug. This is not a good idea to connect 2 headphones. The CTIA standard audio splitter can be used with any setup that has a 3.5mm jack. The use of older audio accessories with newer computers can be accomplished with a clearly labeled adapter. It is possible to convert a desktop gaming headset to work with a new version of a laptop, but not an apple device. The Kingtop Great Support is a one year warranty with friendly and fast customer service.

Brand: Kingtop

👤There isn't much to it. I think it's funny to write reviews on cords, but I didn't know there was such a thing. I had an old headset that I thought I would use on PS4 but it didn't work because it had two jacks, one for audio and one for mic. I searched for a splitter/adapter and found it here. It works perfectly without any setup in the PS4 menu. It seems like it will last as long as I need it to and sounds great. I have had bad cords before. It is highly recommended to anyone with a similar issue.

👤I had the idea that I could use my Beats Studio headphones with my xbox since I've been playing, instead of purchasing another headphones like turtle beach with the mic. I thought I could rig it up because I had some mics around the house. I found out that I could use an Audio splitter to achieve this. I purchased this product, and it works great. My friends can hear me through the microphone and I can hear the game audio. It's inexpensive and it looks nice. I recommend.

👤The combo port on this cable allows you to split a cellphone or computer into two. I would like to record music on Microsoft Surface. Pro. I did a lot of research and couldn't find an answer. I figured it out. I can use the external microphone with this cable, and the microphone in the control panel can't be used. If windows doesn't detect your external microphone and you have to plug in the external mic first, then you can just use the slitter cable to connect the mic to the adapter. You can set windows mapping in recording software. This tip can help you.

👤My gaming laptop only has one audio in jack and my headset has a speaker input jack and a microphone input jack, so I bought this. I had to use the built in microphone on my laptop because I couldn't use the speakers on my headset. I needed a way to use the speakers and microphone on my headset through the audio jack on my laptop. There is a The adapter is very good. It looks and feels like it is premium quality and the connections are very tight. I haven't heard any reduction in sound quality for the speakers or microphone. The product is a great price.

👤I ordered this to split up the microphone and headphones on the PS4 controller. I want to use the mic from the standard PS4 headset with my Monolith M1060 headphones. There is a The speakers on the PS4 earpiece output are connected to the microphone ring through the splitter. It doesn't show up any signal from the headset microphone when I blow or tap on the headset speakers. There is a The signal goes out to the headphones. There is a noise that does not come directly from the controller, but it is introduced by this splitter. There is a This product doesn't do what I thought it would. Many people have had success with this product and the PS4. I'm not sure if the product I received was a bad one, or if it only works when a dedicated mic is plugged into the microphone port. I think it would work in the way I expected if the leads were flipped.

2. ENVEL Convertors Smartphone Microphone Simultaneously

ENVEL Convertors Smartphone Microphone Simultaneously

The microphone is not included. A 3.5mm plug combo into one male 3.5mm plug, one audio port and one microphone port turn a 3.5mm combo headphone/microphone port. Headset not included,allows you to use a higher quality cable with your device. It's easy to take the headset splitter because it's compact, sturdy and takes up very little space in your laptop bag. A great solution to have in your bag is theCompact Design for Maximum Portability. Plug and play is the only way to make your headphones work on your device. One 3.5mm jack port computer allows the use of older audio accessories with newer computers, and allows you to use a higher quality headset with your phone. It's not possible to listen to two people at the same time, but it is possible to use an audio port for a microphone.

Brand: Envel

👤I bought this along with a similar cable from a high quality brand and found that I prefer this cable and will probably put the more expensive one in the drawer. The braided wires coming off the main plug of this cable are longer and are more durable than cables with a thin rubber coating, which is the reason I prefer this cable. * If you're worried about compatibility, please read below, I've had a problem with the mic side of the cables, and I swore it was bad, but it was due to the computer not receiving the mic signals. The cables like this are advertised as compatible with PC, XBOX, and PS4. It's important to know that this cable is compatible with those devices because they are designed to receive the mic and send the audio to the headphones in the same 3.5mm plug. The issue of compatibility has more to do with how the device is intended to be used than it does with what is labeled compatible. You will see people say it wasn't compatible with their device. That's not completely true. The cable is compatible with any device that sends audio data from a 3.5mm plug. I only had the xbox controller to test, but I'm sure this cable would work with the playstation equivalent. Most laptops and desktops have one jack for headphones. If there is one 3.5mm jack and you want to send microphone data and receive sound at the same time, you should use a rule. My desktop's sound card has a mic input and a specific output, so it's not compatible with the device. It wasn't able to use a plug with both in one. If it's not working properly make sure to test the cable on another device before you make a false accusation, unlike me who spent a lot of money to get a better cable.

👤I was hoping for an external mic solution for my phone. This wouldn't work with my phone, iPad, or tablet when I was using a microphone. An old portable cassette tape recorder gave it a dynamic microphone. There is a The mic input choices are not in the hands of the system software. It is possible that my microphone has an incorrect impedance value, but my purpose was to use the equipment I have rather than buy more. There is a I will use an ear bud/mic set for closeup work and explore its value for table top interview and ambient recording. My ear buds work as a mic on my tablets as well. I might be able to get an extension cord and use a small mic at the end of it. The quality of the old dynamic mic was an improvement over the built-in microphones, so that was a nice discovery. Other options can be used. I would consider buying a microphone that is specifically designed for my phone, or a microphone that is compatible with my device. I saw some plug-in models for smart phones and tablets. Most of them would just attach the device to it and not give you a way to put it on a mic stand or a distance between your subject and the device. You will need to make it work with the three channel plug-in once you reach the device, so you may have to look harder or find a way to get an external cable to work. I am getting a result from one of my old microphones, so I will keep this piece for now. A simple jack with no cables would be better for you. I hope this is helpful. I've been looking for solutions that work around equipment that has removed external mic inputs or combined them on one plug. I want to spare you the trouble I have gone through.

3. KINGTOP Headset Splitter Computer Version

KINGTOP Headset Splitter Computer Version

There are one 3.5mm Female and two 3.5mm Male connections. You can connect a 4-position headset to a PC or computer that only had microphone and headphone jacks. A great solution to have at hand is a flat and tangle free 3.5mm audio adapter cable. You can connect your newer headsets to a PC or old version laptop with a combo audio port for online gaming or use with VOIP applications. The HP ProBook 450 G1 and the Thinkpad T400 have separate mic and audio ports.

Brand: Kingtop

👤This product is easy to use. I have been using it for more than two months and have not found a drop off in the quality of sound or microphone, despite pulling the cable out of my desktop multiple times. If you accidentally remove it, the microphone and audio jacks are easy to put back into your computer. It was great to find a product that helped me talk without having to buy a separate microphone for my headphones, because I play many online games and talk with others.

👤It always proved cumbersome for a big fan of Hyper-X gaming headsets to have a long pigtail cord. I would roll over it with my chair or get it tangled as I use the mic. There is a This unit is short and tight, so I don't find myself tangled in it, and it works great as a replacement for the original split pigtail Flat cable connections, which are easily visible.

👤I had to get this because I got new headphones with a mic built in for use at work, but everything except my laptop didn't play music.

👤I was able to use the mic on my computer to talk to my friends. It works as expected.

👤The cable is exactly what it says it is. It's a mini jack that can split into mic and headset portions. The small headset and mic pictures on the plugs are colorcoded. I thought the cables were weird at first but the ends look good and the cables are flat. If the mic portion doesn't work with this, I will report it back, but overally it should work. I selected the mic after my computer detected the input. I think it's good to go. The price is 5 stars for now.

👤When things are slow, I work on a laptop. I wanted to be able to use my headphones on my laptop and this worked out perfectly for me. Solid build. It was very satisfying to click when plugged in. I don't know why I wasn't able to before. I can now use my in- ear headphones to record and talk to people on the phone. Would definitely recommend that to anyone.

👤It could be used on the back of the PC, but the front panel is where the microphone and headset are. I can use a regular earphone. I don't have anything to compare it to, but it works. Even though the cable is hanging from my front panel, I think it will last.

👤This works well and was what we needed. It's well made.

4. MillSO Headset Splitter TRRS Headphones

MillSO Headset Splitter TRRS Headphones

Cyber Acoustics AC5002Analog Headset and User Guide are included. The warranty is hassle free. MillSO headsets has a 4-Pole TRRS 3.5mm audio headset port to two TRRS female 3.5mm stereo port. You can use it to connect two TRRS headsets or mics to a laptop. The plugs of the microphone and headphones are not compatible with standard headphones. It can be used to split the audio into two separate sets. It's the best way to share music, movies, and games with your family and friends. You can connect the headphones and microphone to the computer with a 3.5mm combo jack. MillSO 3.5mm audio splitter has a premium metal housing and 24K gold plated connection that can resist the effects of oxidation. It is lightweight, small, and convenient to carry in your pockets or handbags. MillSO offers a 12-month warranty to protect against quality trouble or compatibility issues. You can extend it by calling the MillSO customer support team. They are happy to help with any problem you have.

Brand: Millso

👤My twin kindergarteners do distance learning at the same time and they both like to use headsets. A parent needs to be present to help at their age. We can't hear what the teacher is saying when they both use headsets. I spent a lot of time searching for a splitter that would allow me to play sound on an external speaker and still allow my kid to use the headphones and mic to interact with the teacher. Sadly, this product does not do this. I tried both of them on multiple computers, using several different headsets, but no microphone input. They are going back.

👤Read the description carefully. These are for using headphones. It's not possible to split a 3.5mm plug into a mic and headphones. The other product is sold by them. I ordered that, but these may be useful as well.

👤This is what we need it to do. It allows us to connect to a single phone. We are able to have perfect joint conversation on the same connected device without any issues, even if we have normal cellular lack-of-quality calls with or without this adapter. Works well! There is a Not an issue, just the nature of it! If you don't hook the adapter in the most ideal way, it's the only issue. I am not aware of the instructions, but I would want to hook the headsets up to the phone first, then the adapter. You may have to hook everything up before you make a call. If we tried plugging the phone into the headphones first, the calls wouldn't drop, but we'd be responsible for it. It seems like how it should work, as from my experience. No problem at all, just a note to share. In the old days, many connections had to be made for some devices, luckily we have come a long way in technology. It's useful at the reason we purchased it. We can share and save some headaches by only needing one cellular radio transmitter.

👤I received an email from MillSO Customer Service the day after I left my original review. They said that the factory extended the length of the split piece to fully contain both cables after being made aware of the issue. I will update the review when I see how the new part looks. There is a I question how long it will last. I have an issue with this product, but it seems to be a very built unit. The male and female ends of the cables seem to be well built. The female ends feel good when they put on a pair of headphones. The issue I have is with the rubber part. The "seam" on the stock product photos is a separate part that slides up and down the "female" cables, which is a common feature on earbuds. The two female cables are not fully molded into the "split" piece. The attached picture shows shielding. I will probably glue the sliding part to the "split" piece and the female cables to the sliding part. I wonder how long this splitter will last without some sort of modification to better secure the two female cables to the rubber "split" piece. There is a I haven't used the device with microphones yet, but it seems to split audio as expected.

5. NANYI Headphones Convertors Headphone Microphone

NANYI Headphones Convertors Headphone Microphone

We offer a 12 months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable Y Splitter cable to share music, the DuKabel 3.5mm Stereo Splitter Cable is something you should consider. Not sure? They are happy to help you contact their friendly customer service. 1. The microphone/headphone female interface on the laptop should be combined with a 3.5mm female connector. You can use your newer headsets to connect to a PC or laptop for use with a lot of things. 2. It is suitable for most headsets, such as smartphones headphones, wired headset, gaming headset, speaker, and more. The design is easy to carry around. 3. 24K Gold Plating has anti-oxidation, loss signal loss and high transfer speed. Provide rigidity and improve signal performance. Flexible cable and case for portable bending. 4. Convenient carrying, easy to use and intall are provided by small design. It's ideal for connecting two headsets on one audio source. 5. A hassle-free 12-month warranty.

Brand: Nanyi

👤I wasted over an hour trying to use this with my sound card. The microphone doesn't work. It's so sad. I separated my microphone jack from my phone and chrome book to make sure it worked. I know the microphone jack works and the discord is setup correctly. There is a My headset works on both my phone and my Chromebooks, and the mic works on both of them. There is a When I test my microphone with this splitter, it doesn't pick up my voice, but it does pop and whine. I would like to give zero stars. It was a total waste of time. I'm so angry.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend because he has started PC gaming and we need the splitter. He is able to plug in any headset we own. We did a test call. When I need to work on my homework, I don't get distracted by what I hear on his game. The quality is a little flimsy but works well.

👤I want to connect my TRRS headset to my PC's front connectors. Good audio in both directions.

👤Can I use my headsets on my PC?

👤This is the solution if you have a computer with separate microphone and headphone jacks and a headset with a combined plug. The male ends are marked to make sure you don't mix them up. The build quality is great and the color is great. Buy with confidence.

👤I bought this to use the mic and headphones on my laptop. They work well. I would change the jacks cover a bit. It is difficult to pull out the slim jacks.

👤The headphones were similar to the other bad review. I made sure my headphones were not the problem, that the teams and the discord were not the problem, and then I used the mic jack and it picked up my voice once, but it stopped working altogether. It is the only variable that has not changed.

👤A bar computer audio speaker was needed to connect an older CD player to speakers. The sound is loud enough for the office use, and this one to two is needed for the older equipment. I have music again.

6. Headphone Splitter Extension Computer Earphone

Headphone Splitter Extension Computer Earphone

The headset 2 in 1 is compatible with a lot of devices, including the 3.5mm jack. The audio aux cable is not compatible with Apple Earbuds, CTIA Standard earphones and Beats Earphones. The Mokfon Headset has a female port and two male headphones and a computer conversion cable. The 3.5mm audio Y splitter cable is coated with chrome and has good resistance. Jack will not be confused when using it. The gold plated connections provide great audio quality. This is only compatible with CTIA standard Android headphones, so please don't use CTIA standard Earphones, Apple Earbuds and Beats Earphones.

Brand: Mokfon

👤This is the second time I have purchased these cables. It's essential to connect a 4-pin headset to a PC with dual 3-pin inputs. They are very elegant and appear high quality. The plug diameter is smaller than most, so if you need to connect them to a phone or any device with a cover, they are different.

👤You won't be using your microphone any time soon, because this works as a 9" extender for your headphones. The microphone portion of the windows update doesn't work as it should. The microphone didn't work at all, but I used my headphones. While I was getting the microphone to work, the sound I recorded was like I was 100 yards away in an echo-y tunnel. Make sure the product has a lot of reviews by spending a few extra dollars. You'll get better results if you look for "3-pin to 4-pin audio splitter". Cheers.

👤The way the headphones were designed made it impossible for my husband to plug them in and make them light up at the same time. He needed a double male and single female.

👤Es bueno y la cubierta.

👤The turtle beach ear force recon 50p gaming headset works on console and pc. You need a pc cord splitter to use the microphone on a pc. This product was either broken or malfunctioning for me. There is a One person.

👤The sound quality was compromised with the functioning extender.

👤When I plug in the mic side of the headset, it goes dead, but when I plug in the headphone side, it works. Sound can be heard again after I remove it. There is a When the headset is plugged in, it doesn't work for the mic. My standard mic works in that port, so the mic jack is fine. The sound quality is clear, I guess thats the headset. If the mic side is plugged in, it doesn't work.

👤The item arrived as I needed it. I have been using it for more than a month and I can say it is very good. I like the wire's color and texture. There is a The input for mic and output for earphone quality is perfect. There is a It's worth the money. Thank you, seller!

👤I don't need to spend a lot of money for something that works perfectly. Some of the others are not labelled and can be frustrating to use.

👤The game wouldn't work with the wireless technology. The microphone and headset were connected at the same time. If anything made it sound clearer, that's what I need. The finish on the ends was nice.

👤I used it to split my PS4 headphones into two plugs. It works well. My mic is not loud. The earphone volume is fine, so I think that is the headphones.

7. Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone Headset

Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone Headset

WARRANTY: You don't need to return the item if the problem isn't working. You can use your newer headsets to connect to a PC or laptop for use with VOIP applications such as Skype or chat programs. 3.5 MM Speaker and Headphone Splitter with Two Male Ports, One for Headphone Jack and the other for mic jack on your PC / laptop. The 3.5 MM Audio Y Splitter Cable with Oxygen-Free Copper is a great solution to have on hand in your laptop bag. Any PC computer laptop with 3.5 MM can be compatible. Jacks are compatible with 3.5mm Stereo Earphones. It's possible to connect two headsets on one audio source, and enjoy your cell phone music with your friend.

Brand: D & K Exclusives

👤The sound quality is excellent. My PC never saw the headset as a mic or headphones, never both. My headset wouldn't work with the pc because it didn't have any 4 channel aux ports. If this will work for you, you can find out about it below. I chose to use the back panel since it did work with the back panel colored pink input/ green output ports, even though the front panel mic input port did not work with this. If your ports are colored like this, it should work for you. If this will work for you, you need to double check your headset and pc/device, just count the rings on the plug, each ring is an "R" in the type. The headsets with two rings, "TRRS", will work with this adapter. Even though the input is hard to check, if it is colored it is almost always a TRS jack. If you're lucky, you'll find out your pc has a TRRS jack, so don't buy this adapter. Pink input and Green output worked for me. The output jacks should work just fine with the colored one. If an uncolored input doesn't work, you should be prepared to return if this is the case.

👤You'll need to push the headphones male into the jack to get the adapters to their ports, it's very hard to do. I didn't push all the way in due to the extreme resistance for the jack to lock, and my sound was failing, because I got tired of bad sound quality. I thought I broke something when I pushed the jack very hard. It turned out that it wasn't well connected, which was causing bad sound quality. It was great after it went all the way in.

👤The mic worked well. I wanted to use these with my Earpods for gaming. When it split the audio, it was very jany. Poor quality female and jack. It's not fun to use stereo headphones in a game that requires you to pay attention to audio cues and it's not fun to use mono headphones in a game that you enjoy listening to. There is a I told myself that the bad reviews were a sign that this was just a coincidence. There's only a 5% chance that I'd get a broken product because of the ratio of 1-star reviews to 4 and 5-star reviews. I'm buying another product from a more reliable source, and I don't know if that is a coincidence or not. Was a lot of money wasted in these trying times... Cheers.

👤The microphone split didn't work for me. I can still hear the audio on the headphones, but I can't use the microphone. I wanted them to work on the Boss headphones. I tried Apple Ear Pods and they didn't work, then I tried some Anker headphones and they didn't work for that either. I tried them on another computer and thought it was my computer. None of them worked. Disappointed and satisfied.

8. MillSO Headphone Splitter Adapter Compatible

MillSO Headphone Splitter Adapter Compatible

One 3.5mm jack port computer allows the use of older audio accessories with newer computers, and allows you to use a higher quality headset with your phone. The braided wire has a great audio transmission. The MillSO 3.5mm headset splitter is designed to connect a double-plugs gaming headset to most devices with a 3.5mm TRRS port. The 3.5mm TRRS male and 3.5mm TRS female are on the audio jack cable. Almost all popular audio devices can be supported by the MillSO 3.5mm audio splitter. The 3.5mm male port can be used for PC, laptop, and tablets. There are two 3.5mm female ports for a double-plugs headset. It doesn't work for a microphone. If you have any compatibility issues, please contact their support team. High Fidelity Audio Transmission has a braided sheath, 24K contacts, plastic metal sleeve, and double shielding. Ensuring optimum sound quality, long usefulness, and providing lossless audio transmission are some of the things that should be done. The braided sheath of the 3.5mm headset adapter cable is soft and durable. The design is robust and compact. MillSO offers a 12-month warranty for all of its products to protect against quality troubles or compatibility issues. You can extend it for 18 months by calling the MillSO team. They are happy to help with any problem you have.

Brand: Millso

👤The product was purchased to do what was advertised, which was to expand a combination of headphones and mics to two usable jacks. It was tested in a phone, a computer, and a car. The mic jack doesn't work in any of the cases. The product page needs to be updated to clearly state which products this adapter works with.

👤This review is for the MillSO Headphone Splitter Adapter - 3.5mm 4 Pole. There is a compatible gaming headset, PS4 and phone. That detail is important. All of the details about connecting audio signals are clear when you get this adapter from Millso. Every single thing is a standard and there are different standards for wiring the tips, rings, and sleeves. The different options are shown in the product's headline. Millso explains what standards are involved in the descriptions. They give all the clues needed to make a quick web search for the device. I got the right device the first time, thanks to these helpful details. It works great when I have a long call. I use an older high quality call-center headset with this one and can hear and be heard much better than with the phone on its own or any "ear bud" based purpose-specific ear/mic combination. I can put it in a container when I'm done with it. I don't coil it into a tight circle. I use it with a headset, but it's 888-282-0465 888-282-0465, which is more compact. Sound does not crackle at all. There is a Thanks to Millso for clearing up the mud in the selection of the sound.

👤The little guy worked great for my consoles. I have a great headset from Logitech, but it doesn't have the plugs for the microphone and headphones. I sit a long way away, and it doesn't work with the Xbox, but it does have ausb, but for some reason that doesn't work with the xbox. The controller only has one port. The headset can be connected to the controller port with this adapter. I can now play squad with my friends.

👤I am using this to add music to my game. It worked for a second and then stopped. I checked my other devices and cables, but they don't work when connected to this splitter. I requested a new one in hopes that it's not bad. I will leave the review as is if the replacement works.

👤My interest was in monitoring the audio output from the computer and connecting a stereo mic output to it. I used an ohm-meter to figure out how it was wired. I found that it could be important for some users. There is a The side with headphones had no surprises. The stereo is passed through the TRRS plug to the TRS plug. What does the mic input do? If you have the output of a stereo feeding a TRS plug with the left channel on the Tip and the right channel on the Ring and you plug this into the mic leg of the adapter, you can use it to amplify your sound. The Left and Right channels will be shorted since both Tip and Ring are connected to the mic input. If the drivers coming from your stereo source are not protected, you could be short out. This arrangement is not for my purpose. It would have been better if they dropped the left or right channels and just passed one through. The best solution would have been to put the wiring diagram in their specifications. If you plug a 2-wire TS into the mic leg of the splitter, you will get no mic input through to the TRRS plug.

9. Microphone Cancelling Computer Headphones Classroom

Microphone Cancelling Computer Headphones Classroom

This is only compatible with CTIA standard Android headphones, so please don't use CTIA standard Earphones, Apple Earbuds and Beats Earphones. 45 days money-back and 24 months warranty are included in the 2-year warranty. This headset is compatible with most phones, laptops, PCs, tablets, and Macs. If you want to use the newer iPhones, you need an original lightning to 3.5mm accessory. There are clear calls. Wideband sound 3.5mm headset has a noise cancelling microphone and acoustic shock protection circuit to protect your hearing. Plug in and play is easy to use. You can connect a 3.5mm audio jack to any electronic device with a 3.5mm cable. It's ideal for Business Call, K12 School Classroom and Education, Home Learning. The ultra corset is a very strong one. A high quality and soft leatherette ear cushion enhance all-day wearing comfort, and a lightweight laptop headphone with a headband to fit most head sizes. Flexibility is offered by the 5ft long office headset's cord. The shirt clip is included. It's super-durable. The computer headset with microphone is made from high quality materials and is more durable. There is a professional volume control and answer/end button.

Brand: Wantek

👤I used this headset in my laptop, which only has a single jack for both headphones and microphone. The sound volume had to be higher than normal for it to be acceptable. The sound from the headset is okay for voice. The padding on the ear piece is very comfortable. It also comes with a 2.5mm accessory. It's not the best headset I've used, but it's acceptable for the price. I'm still giving it 5 stars.

👤I was not using a headset with my iPad, so I thought I would try these, and I am very happy I did! If you are on the fence about buying these, I think you will be happy to do so.

👤I work for a service company that I spend a lot of time on the phone talking to customers. I needed a headset so I didn't have to use my neck to answer the phone. I am happy with Wantek. There is a I can still hear people around me and don't have to remove my headset to talk to people in the office because this model has one earpiece. Sound quality is good.

👤I just bought a headset. It is comfortable to fit on my head. The sound quality is good. I bought a headset for my daughter and a headset for myself. I can use this one on the go. I can use it on my phone and iPad. I use it a lot at night and I am very happy with it.

👤The headset works great with my phone. It's nice to hear something on my cell phone, without my ear buds falling out. I stopped using my phone because I couldn't hear. I can hear it. My computer has a two plug in for a headset because it is a gaming computer. The headset is only for one place. You will need an accessory if you have two. I would recommend this headset.

👤I had these earphones for a while. I have the ability to know how this earphone works because my calls are all recorded. I think it works best. The mic is clear and not too sensitive. The other headphones can hear your breathing, but not on the other line. The cushion on the ear pad is comfortable. The level of volume is enough to hear the caller. There is a It is worth buying for and recommendable.

👤The headphones are amazing and everything works. The piece on the other side of the ear is soft and stays in place. Fast shipping. Thank you for the great product.

👤I received the headset, but it was the same as before. I can't use the original. It's for one part of the apocalypse. I need one for both ears. I need both spears. There is a I now have two of them. There is a person named Joan Coy.

👤I bought this for my wife's office. I thought it would be difficult to find a headset for her old phone. She likes it. She says the microphone and headphones work well.

10. Sabrent Splitter Headphone Microphone CB AUHM

Sabrent Splitter Headphone Microphone CB AUHM

Superspeed charging and transferring can be provided by top quality design and materials. One 3.5mm combo jack should be split into two jacks, one for headphones and one for mics. The headsets are compatible with PC gaming headsets with 2 plugs. Adapts PC headsets to be used on a phone. It's great for phones. The wires and sockets are of high quality.

Brand: Sabrent

👤I like recording singing videos with Smule because I don't like to be on camera. I have a cheap microphone with a cap. I don't have a regular earphone anymore since I have a newer phone. I needed a way to split my headphones and microphone. It's easy to use and doesn't compromise my sound quality. If only I could show myself on video.

👤The review is for the 3.5mm headset splitter cable. The microphone port on this cable is not functional because it is wired to the wrong standard for Mac computers. There is a Most modern devices won't work with this. Plug in the headset. If it works, then this will not.

👤The product had a minor defect when opening the package, as the plastic sheath over the TRRS plug was loose. A small amount of glue should fix that. There is a The wires are thin and cheap, and feel flimsy. I own a StarTech adapter that is similar to the one I own, but has a much more durable construction, including thick ridges at the inputs, which help prevent fraying and wear. There is a The color coding and clearly visible input labels of the StarTech is not what this adapter does well. There is a It works. It's cheap and not worth the hassle of returning. I would not buy again until the design improves.

👤The microphone port died after about 10 minutes. I used different configurations to determine that it was the fault of the splitter. It was too late to replace the part I needed for the event. I wish I had chosen a better one.

👤I think the mic and earphone splitter works well when used correctly. I was hoping it would allow me to use an eternal mic on my phone, but it didn't.

👤It doesn't work. I bought two and didn't use them. A person with money.

👤This isn't a pair of headphones. It has a microphone and a headphone splitter.

👤It was poorly built and got dead on arrival.

👤So good so far! It works perfectly, arrived on time, and has a cool aesthetic. I paid a bit more to get one that actually continues working for more than a month. It doesn't seem like it would break easily. After 8 months, still working! Will definitely buy another if it fails, but it has made it's worth at this point.

👤Funciona, sirve para conectar "auriculares con microfono", en pc o portatiles, ideal para gaming. The micro is para hablar. Otros me han ayudado a resolver mis dudas.

👤Audio was only played from the left channel. Right headphones didn't work. When you buy these things, you must have zero quality control.

👤When I was in a jam, I was helped out a lot.

👤It works with the ps4.

11. StarTech Com Headset Microphone Headphone Splitter

StarTech Com Headset Microphone Headphone Splitter

The package includes a 3.5mm headset and a male and female jack plug. In 1 pack. The 3.5mm audio output port can be transformed into a 1x 3.5mm headset jack and a 1x mic port with the help of the MIC and headphone combo. This isn't an audio amplifier and isn't designed for 2 headphones. Stay in touch while traveling. The microphone and Y splitter is a perfect fit in your laptop bag. It's a great solution for mobile applications because it's designed with travel in mind. Keep your equipment up to date. The cost of upgrade should be eliminated. You can use your older audio accessories with newer PCs and devices with this headset accessory. There are multiple functions. This cable can be used to connect a separate headset and microphone combo to the audio port on your device, as well as connecting an external microphone and powered speakers to your computer.

Brand: Startech

👤The spec states that ordering from tip is required and that it's optional. It requires a Headset detect sequence to be implemented. This is documented on a website. I plugged a male to female cable into the mic/headphones plug to find out what the connections were. TRRS is the name of the connection on the plug. The following are measured. No connect is open and R is open. equiv to mic signal This is consistent with the Android. If you use a studio mic with the XLR, you will need a tubeMP, other mics, and probably not a standard headset. I have found StarTech cables to be reliable and well made. There is a Hope that helps.

👤The microphone port does not work with Macbook Air. You can see the different configurations if you look up TRRS, CTIA or OMTP. It's baffling that Apple put the shield on the microphone input and the ground on the next ring. You can't tell by looking. If you want to use an independent microphone, this is not the best option. It assumes a headset with a ground connection. It assumes that the tip of the female microphone's plug is Sleeve, as the CTIA standard would have it. It can't be used by itself without the ground mapped to Ring 2. If the ground on the microphone side were connected correctly, it would be a good thing. If you want to use this with a gaming headset, make sure you plug the mic and headphones into the MAC first. That's the only way to see the mic. The mic input was not great. That isn't Startek's fault. The whole thing is very confusing.

👤The video sound track can be recorded directly from my keyboard's line output to my phone's microphone. It worked perfectly with the phone's camera app. It's easier to mark the microphone input on a PC headset with pink nail polish. There is a The protocol for my case is to turn the keyboard and phone on, start the camera app, and plug the adapter into the phone. A message should pop up when you hit'record' for video. Happy recording!

👤I use this with my headset. The microphone in this headset requires 5V Phantom Power. I was not aware that most devices will drive the microphones with 5V out from the device itself, and that there was anything other than 48V phantom power. This is a great accessory for my MacBook and my phone. I tried using the microphone with no phantom power and it was dead. The microphone must be working with this adapter because it means the phantom power is coming from the device. I was told that some of the adapters wouldn't work with Macs. This model does. One of the few that did what I needed was from a trusted brand. This review is for those who are looking for it. This is your alternative.

👤I have a phone. The phone had a 3.5mm audio jack. The 3.5mm headphone/microphone combination won't work with this phone. If you plan to use an audio voice recorder app on this, and perhaps later models of SAMSUNG PHONES, this is the cable you need. This cable won't work if you have a S10+ Note. You need the microphone/headphone accessory cable to connect to the female jacks. I hope this will allow you to figure out what you need to do to make the audio recording app work.


What is the best product for 3.5mm combo headset to microphone and headphone y-splitter cable?

3.5mm combo headset to microphone and headphone y-splitter cable products from Kingtop. In this article about 3.5mm combo headset to microphone and headphone y-splitter cable you can see why people choose the product. Envel and Kingtop are also good brands to look for when you are finding 3.5mm combo headset to microphone and headphone y-splitter cable.

What are the best brands for 3.5mm combo headset to microphone and headphone y-splitter cable?

Kingtop, Envel and Kingtop are some of the best brands that chosen by people for 3.5mm combo headset to microphone and headphone y-splitter cable. Find the detail in this article. Millso, Nanyi and Mokfon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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