Best Beats Headphone Case with Airtag Holder

Case 10 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Elago Compatible AirPods Case AirTags

Elago Compatible AirPods Case AirTags

All of their cases are designed in house from SCRATCH. Every aspect of creating a product is done in-house to ensure that you get a case that will fit perfectly, help protect from drops, and look great. The new elago AT Snapshot Case is compatible with the AirPods Pro. The slot in the case is compatible with the Apple AirTags so that you can always keep track of your device. The case was designed to look like a camera that you can take anywhere. You can show the Apple logo or engraved image as the camera lens with the slot compatible with AirTags. It was necessary to use DURABLE SILICONE to ensure great drop protection. Food grade silicone is used to make sure the product is non-toxic and lasts. The air bubbles are located at the bottom of the case. elago is a design company. Their motto is simple, because they create products that are useful and awesome. They know you will love it because they always create products that they use.

Brand: Elago

👤Airtag falls out. The case doesn't fit right. Not my favorite. It is cute. Since I spent a lot of money on it, I have to make sure the air tag doesn't fall out.

👤I have another elago case that fits perfectly, but this one is very baggy around the bottom where you put the charge cable. You can feel a gap between the rubber and the case. The design could be improved.

👤The cover of Airpods is cute. When one adds the AirTag, it is a little heavy. I can't see the charging light through the silicone. It works well if it looks good.

👤This seemed like an excellent purchase. The top no longer fits on the Air Pod case. If I hung my belt, there's this extra loose black cover piece begging to be torn off. It looks bad and makes me distrust the bottom piece. I have to put my case in a pocket because I fear it will fall out. It was a disappointing purchase.

👤The case is very strong. Better than I anticipated. I didn't want my AirTag hanging off the side. There is a I can't see the light on the front of the AirPods to see if I connected it correctly. I use my phone to check that. The bottom is very thick. If it got wet, I don't think they would be damaged. It makes it difficult to remove the cord. I would be fine if I didn't have long nails.

👤I bought this for my son. The space is too large for a Tile tracker. The tile is circular. This is the only purpose we bought this case for. The case looks like a camera and is actually designed to look that way. There are fake buttons on the back and on top of it. None of these images were shown in the listing.

👤The top portion of the case won't stay on the lid. It catches on a pocket or backpack pocket. Very disappointed.

👤The clip broke on the case after 15 hours. The clip is light and I wouldn't use it on anything. I had to put it in my pocket and it was covered in lent when I removed it. I can say that the AirTag fit snug in it for a short time. The problem was that the alarm sound made it hard to locate it. I think I got what I paid for.

👤The apple token is missing. The product is good, but without the apple token. I am not happy.

👤I ripped the top off because it was hard to use. Only bought it for the airtag holder.

👤The top half of the case breaks off within a couple of weeks. There is a It is a good concept.

👤A good case for the Airtag combo. When in pockets, does pick up lint and fluff.

👤Ich bereits in the stabilen Hlle aus Kunststoff von Spigen. Im AirTag in der Hlle fand me gut. Ich ist in der Hand. Imnacht ist das fr knapp 16. Im liefert Apple in the nchsten. Ein "wo ist"-Funktion fr die Airpods-Pro ist.

2. Protective Compatible Shock Proof Anti Scratch Anti Lost

Protective Compatible Shock Proof Anti Scratch Anti Lost

2 in 1 protective skin case for AirPods Pro, specially designed for AirTag It's a perfect fit and easy to carry. cutouts for easy access to all functions. 2 in 1 Protective Skin Case is made of high quality Silicone and can protect your case from most of the daily drops, scratches and bumps without adding any bulk. Silicone is a good cover to protect your AirTag and AirPods Pro from damage. Anti-drop, anti-scratch. Extra security is provided for your devices. There is a small hole at the bottom of the protective cover that can be used to charge the AirPods Pro. Airpods are protected from drops and are easy to track when you attach the airtag. The size of the product can be perfectly compatible with AirTag and AirPods Pro. It is a perfect gift for friends and family.

Brand: Iqimott

👤I have it on my case. It fits well. It's hard to hear it when you use the locator app if you put it in with the metal side. It works well in the opposite direction. There is a There is a flap connecting the top and bottom. I cut that off of mine and it works without it.

👤I have used this product for a while. It works well for adding an AirTag. After a couple weeks, the case for the lid falls off. The lid is connected to the body by a strap. It won't stay on. May remove the lid from one of the old cases and put it on again.

👤The case holds the Air Pod and AirTag, but the lid flips off when the case is set down. Silicone does not offer much to adhere to, so I plan to try to remedy this. If you want to remove the upper part of the case, you can use scissors, but you would still have your AirTag.

👤It is cheap but misses the mark. There is a The top piece is6753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 There is a The bottom of the case is very thick, which adds a bit of bulk to your pocket. The AirTag sound is barely audible because of the thickness and the natural damping abilities of Silicone. Chances are you already know where it is. The lack of an attachment point is the biggest complaint. I missed the fact that this case lacked a hole to thread a string through. A poll on this would open the case and possibly launch your earbuds, because you couldn't put something in the loop formed by the attachment between top and bottom. There is a Search continues.

👤The case was perfect when I bought it. The top started getting flaky at the end of the year. I was about to write a complaint when it occurred to me. There is a light bulb! Maybe it needs a good cleaning since the Silicone kind of sticks to the AirPods case. I grabbed one of those wipes. It's just like new.

👤The charging case is completely covered by this case. Everyone in the family knows what the charge is on my case, but my phone doesn't tell me. If I pull the case back, I can only see the light. It would have been better to put the AirTag in the back. There is a Otherwise, the case is fine.

👤Case was great at first. I'm back to looking for a case for my device. The top won't stick to the top and be covered. Not worth it at all.

👤It's a little bulky, but you have to expect that with the spot for the airtag and the silicone. It's worth the extra weight to be able to find the AirPods easily after losing them. I had to use the airtags to find them.

3. MOLOVA Accessories Organizer Carabiner Earpieces

MOLOVA Accessories Organizer Carabiner Earpieces

The pocket size earbuds case is widely compatible. You can put your earphone, earbuds, data cable, charger, U disk, memory card, key, coin, earrings and other small accessories into these small storage bags, which are efficient, convenient, beautiful and practical. This pocket size earbuds case is made of PU leather and has a velvet lining. The hard-wearing storage bags will not scratch the wireless/wired earphones, Airpods or other thing. carabiners are easy to use and hook your bag, backpack, and pants belt. Multi-colored products make it easier for you to find and differentiate the small accessories you put into these bags for protection.

Brand: Molova

👤One of the carbines broke and had to be re-positioning a metal strip piece to keep it closed. Those are the reasons for 4 star. The cases have worked well so far. Adding a piece of cloth inside the interior fabric can make it softer, so you can pay more for another product with softer interior. Will give a true Durability review as time goes on.

👤I don't understand all the good reviews. Today was mine's arrival. The carbines are cheap plastic and have no spring action. I received 3 of them. There were two missing. The pouches are sturdy, but the zippers are not. They are made of plastic. The pouches are assembled in a way that the zip does not come together. The pouch is opened by the result of the zipper separating. I noticed it on all the pouches. There is a The colors are nice. This item is not very expensive. It will not break the bank. No matter how inexpensive, any item that doesn't work or perform to a minimim standard is a waste of money. Approach cautiously!

👤I like the price but the zippers are weak and arranged in such a way that they are stained when closed. I didn't know about the rest.

👤These cases work well for what they do and are very solid for the price. If the Clips weren't there, I would give five stars. I had a Pop all the way open. I was able to fix it. The Levet part tends to wobble a little, this is what caused the one to miss the clasp and almost break. Great case. It's definitely worth the purchase, just be careful with the clip.

👤The 5Pack Square Earbud Case arrived this week. To hold wired earbuds with a lightning to audio jack plug, I used a case to clip on my iPad. Zipping a couple of times a day on a trip seems to be holding up the use of a zip. I don't know what to do with 4 other cases, maybe give to nieces and nephews as stocking stuffers. Gave 4 stars and will update after a few months of use.

👤I ordered 5 pieces in one set. One of the carabiners was broken when opened, and the rest were broken in a couple of days. There is a The quality of the zipper is not bad but it will not last for a long time. I am happy with that product. I spoke with Amazon and they helped me get a gift card for the same amount as the broken number of Carabiner.

👤I bought this pack to make sure my family members could keep their earbuds. My husband put his case to the bag he takes to work so I can reach it easily. I believe the remaining two will work at the gift exchange.

👤The EarFun AirPods 2 is more of an egg shaped case. I needed something to protect them from spilling open when they are dropped. The case is perfect for that. Other cases were too large. I like having the zip up to make sure they are secure. No worries when they fall.

4. Protector Compatible Anti Lost Accessories Multi Color

Protector Compatible Anti Lost Accessories Multi Color

Airtag Silicone Case is a good way to protect your device from Airtags. The product material is sweat-proof, scratch-resistant,fingerprint-proof and washable. Only applicable to AirTag in 2021. AirTag is not included. The twist lock design of AirTag is simple and novelty, but also ensures the safety of AirTag and is not easy to lose. To open, turn clockwise and then turn counter clockwise. Please check the manual for installation steps. The plastic material is strong and not easy to break. The AirTag is protected by a built-in screen protector. Use Occasion You could attach the AirTag case to your things, such as a car key, backpack, dog leash, valuables, etc. PZOZ offers a 12-month quality service. Airtags have a protective cover. They will give you the best service.

Brand: Pzoz

👤These don't stay shut. If the case is jiggled a bit, the Airtag will fall out. The included rings are brittle and break when used. I can't recommend buying them.

👤We have three small chihuahua mixes, they already have ID tags, but we decided to get apple airtags just in case. The dogs had to prance around all funny to avoid kicking the airtag holders, they are 8#, 12# and 14# healthy pups. These are not right for our size pups and in combination with their ID tags, causes lots of chattering while they walk around. These airtag holders will work great if your dog is a medium or large size and you want to keep your contact info etched on the airtag. The rubber material airtag holder keeps the airtag tight against the collar and was the one we ended up with. No more chatter, no more prancing around, so far those are working great.

👤The airtag got off the ring that is included when I pulled them out of my pocket. I had to replace it with another one because the plastic snap randomly while I was out almost cost me another airtag. Don't bother with a good product.

👤The clasp is not suitable for active environments.

👤If you misplace things on an occassion with your Apple device, then look no further. They use the connection to your phone to find their location. They don't drain your battery. There is a Like magic, they are easy to setup and use. You can locate them using the Apple "Find My" app. You can make them play a tone if you have a range of them that are in the same range as the apple watch. They use a standard battery. They did not build in the internet.

👤I use it in my luggage. Kid backpacks are destroyed but this still holds. I am pretty sure I saw a kid pick up their backpack. It is easy to put together and it has lasted a school year and is still going. This thing was held as it was slammed multiple times. There is a I recommend this product if a kid doesn't lose/break or mess up the keychain. It is great for luggage.

👤I was not sure how good they would be. The ring clip seemed to have the ability to open. I replaced it with a different one. I have been using them and they are pretty good. Thanks.

👤The plastic part of the air Pod is not of good quality. When compared to other stores. I wouldn't recommend the product and wouldn't buy it again.

5. COMECASE Travel Carrying Compatible Headphones

COMECASE Travel Carrying Compatible Headphones

It's perfect for the Beats Solo 3, Solo3 Wireless and Solo 2, Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones. Premium hard EVA material covered by quality PU material is semi-waterproof, shockproof, and also has a comfortable soft touch. The travel hard case can protect headphones from a lot of things. Travel Ready: This hard headphone case is lightweight and compact to fit in your backpack, carry-on or luggage for improved traveling protection. The hand strap is portable and the inner mesh pocket is for accessories. The headphones are not included in the case. Headphone Case X 1 is part of the package.

Brand: Comecase

👤This case is perfect for my daughter. It keeps them nice and safe. The case is large enough that there was no smell. Some reviewers stated otherwise. I want to buy another one for myself.

👤I bought this for a pair of headphones that weren't bad but I love this case, my headphones fit perfectly and they are great for traveling which I do frequently. I think they are over priced for how much they cost. The finish on the side of the escalator glass got burned when I accidentally dragged them against it. It looks like a smudge of pink. They work as expected, so 5 stars.

👤The case was great. The soft case that comes with the beats is worse. Carrying around more protection.

👤It's perfect for my beats. Right price. Sturdy in the bag. There is an inside pocket for additional accessories.

👤The beats solo 3 headphones came with a case, but it wasn't very sturdy. The case I bought is great for travel or storage and my headphones fit perfectly in it.

👤Great product! It is a sturdy case and matches the rose gold beats.

👤The case is perfect and has a net inside to hold the charging cord. It's amazing!

👤When I ordered the case, I wasn't sure if my Ailihen headphones would fit but I got them in with a bit of a squeeze. This is a nice colour and sturdy. This case is what I was looking for, it will keep the headphones safe. It's ideal when you go away as it won't take up a lot of room.

👤My daughter is very happy with this case, it is a great present for her.

👤It was bought to match my gold beats. The black soft case is not as sturdy for travel.

👤Brought for beats headphones.

6. Charging Replacement Compatible Powerbeats Bluetooth

Charging Replacement Compatible Powerbeats Bluetooth

If you want to have a backup charging case or if you lost your original charging case, the Powerbeats Pro Charging Case is the best choice. 700 mah built-in battery capacity is enough for 3 times charging of Powerbeats Pro. The original Powerbeats Pro charging case had a smart chip with over temperature, short current, and input protection. The button is sensitive. You can pair your Powerbeats Pro with your phone by using it. You can use a lighting cable to charge it. It's portable and doesn't need to be removed, and the light is visible while charging. The Powerbeats Pro needs enough power to function. If the product has quality problems, please feel free to contact them immediately.

Brand: Jinstyles

👤I lost my powerbeats pro charging case. The replacement case wouldn't hold charges for me. I bought the original powerbeats pro charging case from apple.

👤If you lose the Beats case, I recommend this product as a temporary solution. The magnets that hold the buds inside the case become weak after a good amount of charges. You have to make sure they sit in perfectly and are holding the buds, otherwise you can walk away thinking your headphones aren't charging. For a temporary solution, they are good to buy you some time to save up for the original case.

👤My original charging case was lost, so I bought a new one. The case allows me to charge my beats pros, but the case itself does not hold a charge, so my beats are always on and drain within a few hours. Very disappointed. I would love to give a. 24.

👤It is a good purchase if you are tight on money. I would recommend saving more money and getting the original. Magnets hold the ear buds down. I need to be very attentive when placing them because ear buds will get loose inside the case and not charge. Unless you charge the case every single day, it is not portable.

👤These charged my beats faster than the ones that came with mine. I recommend this replacement case for anyone who needs it.

👤If you don't want to re buy the original case, it's great!

👤If you lost the charging case, you should buy a new set. You have to place the earbuds in the right place, and if you move, they will fall off of the sensors and drain the battery. When I need to use my headphones multiple times, I will end up with a dead case since they don't connect to the sensors. Terrible quality.

👤The design of the headphones is great, but the original and replacement chargers I received couldn't connect to the headphones with any consistency. I was always left guessing if I would have a charge after leaving the charging unit on the charge. I don't recommend using any Powerbeats products.

👤The first impression is compact and stylish. The small size case makes it easy to carry in my pocket. Next is comfortable. They fit well to my ears. I can wear them for a long period of time. Third. Good sound quality and noise cancellation! The sound quality is very good. I like the sound of the TV series and use it to listen to them. The earbuds do a good job. You can enjoy a good noise cancellation function at such a low price. Finally- Excellent battery life! I used it immediately after receiving it. I can watch any show on tv or on the internet. Extra ear buds tips are provided as well. I will recommend my friends to them.

👤It was received in good condition. It was worth the price after a week of experience. 1. Active Noice Cancellation works well. The white noice from the world was gone just by tapping the buds. It's useful for me when I am working at home and the snow can easily drive me crazy. I like the ANC. 2. The battery life is good, I can listen to music for 3-4 hours and then just put it into the hub to replenish. Also resting my ears. 3. The bass is very strong. Good for people who love R&B music.

7. Powerbeats Suublg Headphones Anti Lost Protection

Powerbeats Suublg Headphones Anti Lost Protection

It's convenient to insert or remove theSilicone Case Fit Designed for Powerbeats Pro. It is easy to install and wear firmly. The charging port is at the bottom of the case. Unique Design and Fashion Elements - a cartoon pattern Skin and doll anti-lost Keychain, multiple elements very stylish and unique, carry it with you, make you look different. This is the best gift for family and friends. Premium Silicone Powerbeats Pro Case Covers are made of premium hard matt PC material and have no sticky feeling. They do not fit Powerbeats Pro. Powerbeats Pro is portable and anti- lost because of theDetachable carabiner and the doll anti- lost lanyard. They will get back to you faster if you send them a message through your order page.

Brand: Suublg

👤It's super cute. It fit my case perfectly. The strap was clipped to the back of the case. There is a I wanted a cushion for the case in case I dropped it.

👤I knew it was Silicone, but I hate that it falls off when I open my headphones case. I wish I could give you 3 stars for looks and a keychain.

👤The design is great. It works well in the case. It will stay on if you stretch it a little. The top flap is secured by the bottom flap. It was secured with a keychain that came with it.

👤I love the product. The style is very lightweight. Most feels flexible. Shipping is fast. The item arrived as described.

👤It was just OK quality. The front of the box has a silicone latch that the key chain goes through, so you have to remove the chain in order to open the case. If they put another loop near the back corner, it would be a minor hassle. The quality of the case is not bad, but I received a key chain that doesn't close/reach. All the way. I'm worried about the case falling off.

👤The case is too big for my charging case, so I gave it to my daughter, but the Keychain is cute enough. Don't like that you have to unhook the Keychain to open the case.

👤When I try to open the case, it lifts. There is no strip that would have helped. One of the little charms is missing and not sure what happened to it. It must have fallen off because it wasn't in the bag.

👤I love it and it's cute. It's everything I wanted and more thanks to you!

8. Studio Anti Lost Shockproof Protective Keychain

Studio Anti Lost Shockproof Protective Keychain

Get a case for Beats Studio Buds and a case for AirTag at the same time. No longer worry about losing your buds if you put your Beats Studio Buds and AirTag together. The protective cover for New Beats Studio Buds and AirTag is made to ensure that they won't peel off easily. The Carabiner is equipped with it. The carabiner is easy to carry in the Case. You should have a bag, a belt, and a necklace. The full body protection of the Beats Studio Buds and AirTag keeps them out of harms way. The combination of the AirTag case and the Beats Studio Buds case is unique. The shape of the gas mask is very special.

Brand: Yipinjia

9. Silicone Earphones Anti Lost Connector Bluetooth

Silicone Earphones Anti Lost Connector Bluetooth

A jewelry stand is a gender neutral gift. There are six different colors of straps for left and right AirPods. You could pick any of the 6 colors in one package to represent your spirit in the seven workdays. Keep it around your neck because it's compatible with your apple AirPods. It's good enough to wear on the neck. No losing your ear pieces. Quickly find your AirPods if you hold them safely.

Brand: Motanar

👤The product comes in a pack of many colors and is exactly what it needs to be. It's a deal for all of the family, the only disadvantage is if you have a wide neck and/or head, the material can't reach your ears, and if you have long hair, it has to go under it. There is protection. The only way they can hit the ground is if they slide off one side of your shoulders because the material is solid and strong.

👤I got these because I didn't know that one of my AirPods fell out of my ear. Lesson learned after I found it after 4 hours. I put them on. The colors fit my clothes. They are durable and give me peace of mind.

👤I was really looking forward to this, but I was disappointed because it's strong and easy to use, the weight of the strap is enough to pull it out of my ears. I couldn't turn my head or move without them pulling out. It was very confusing. I have thrown out the earpods and am not using them anymore.

👤genius! Have you ever lost an airpods while sleeping and then bought a wire buttt? This makes finding it much easier.

👤I gave a pair to a friend and she ripped it off. I like them.

👤Not very strong. Sometimes when you pull it off the hole that connects to the headphones, it tears off.

👤It's very difficult to put earbuds on. If you can get them on, they will be more secure.

👤A gift for a teenager. She loves them.

10. LiZHi Anti Scratch Protective Accessories Compatible

LiZHi Anti Scratch Protective Accessories Compatible

Airtag location tracker is made of soft liquid silicone. The Airtag case is simple and elegant. The airtags case is made of high-quality material, it is anti-scratch and anti-slip, and protects the phone/key finder against bumps,drops and scratches. It has a long service life. The airtag accessories with no trace glue on the back are easy to attach to various electronic products. The elderly and children can easily hang the Apple airtags case. The wallet has the label in it. There is no trace on the back. The airtags case is simple and stylish, with different colors to choose from. The airtag case is a great gift for your friends, families,colleagues. Airtag Silicone Case is a good way to protect your device from Airtags. The product material is sweat-proof, scratch-resistant,fingerprint-proof and washable.

Brand: Lizhi

👤These are very cool. It was very fast. Who wants an AirTag holder that says: "Here is the AirTag!" If you throw me away, this item will no longer be tracked. Glue works well on wood. There are some things that are CONS: Anything that covers a small speaker makes a noise. I used superglue to attach the holder to my backpack. Hold in place for 60 seconds and then sit for an hour. There is a An AirTag is hidden in my bag.

👤I wanted to try these out inside my guitars. Wood is porous and therefore a long term question. It was easy to stick on a 1 year old guitar. It did not on a 20 year old. I am not deducting stars because wood is porous. I had to get a new alcohol-based wipe to wipe better. I used a circular double sided tape because the glue was compromised. The backs of these hold downs are larger. It is holding so far. If I have a problem, I will update. There is no answer to the question of absorption in heat. This product is brand new. I hope that in time these will be made robust since AirTags are more than just luggage finders. There is a The pocket has the tag firmly in it. It will not fall out in transit. I will probably have to rip them out and get new ones when it is time to change the batteries. There is a They are well made and durable.

👤The part where the glue was already on the case won't work for what I had planned. I think they are useful if you want to stick the AirTag to something, but I can't speak to how well the glue works. I would say they expected the AirTag to be a little thinner. I don't think it will fall out of the case, but I wouldn't trust it.

👤The idea of including an alcohol wipe in the package was clever. The case won't stick to dirt, and regular household cleaners leave a mess. You get a clean surface if you rub alcohol on it. I don't know for a year, but I think this is a single-use product. I don't think I can get the AirTag out and back in to change the battery if I don't remove the case completely. We'll see.

👤It is easier to attach AirTags to other things that are not easy to hang or put inside an object. Good luck getting the AirTag out of the black Silicone holder if you need to. I had to rip one open to get the AirTag out. I used the second one to replace the first one I ripped.

👤Good protection is provided on both sides of the airtag. It is a smooth feel. The airtag is coming out correctly. I have not used the sticky side yet. This is a good bag to throw in and it is protected. If you are looking for theft insurance. You can always use a glue gun to add more glue to the sticky side of the object, or you can get some of the 3M straps that come with the object, and move it around as needed.

11. Upgraded Filoto Protective Headphone Accessories

Upgraded Filoto Protective Headphone Accessories

Perfectly matches your Beats Studio Buds shape and fits it well. It's the best gift for women. There is a notice. Studio Buds are not included. The high-quality rugged case with texture grip has good shock absorption and good impact-resistant, which can prevent your New Beats Studio Buds from shock, dust, crush, bumps, drops and scratch damage. The protection will be better because of the high quality of the material. The beats studio buds are not easy to fall on, so the protective case has to be added to. The hard shell case with a metal carabiner is a perfect gift. Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and New Year's Day are some of the days when the Wireless Earbuds Headphone protector cover case is an ideal present. 30-day money-back for any reason, and more steady and On time shipment for Apple accessories. The best gift for the apple airpods pro. They will do their best to help you if you have any questions.

Brand: Filoto

👤The case was a little confusing at first because the top half was not staying on. The video that they put with their product is a little different than the one you see on the beats studio buds case, it has a sticker on the inside of the top half of the case that you have to pull off for it to stick to the beats studio buds case. It is nice and stylish. I will definitely say that it is worth it.

👤I've been buying the cheaper ones on Amazon because I'm notorious for dropping my head-bud case on the floor. I wanted to make sure I didn't loose my beats earbuds, so I used this case. The clips help me clip it to my backpack. I keep it clip on the inside because I'm not sure if I'll clip it on the outside. I am not worried that it will fall out of my hands in the streets and I will have to look for it under cars. The product is sturdy.

👤The protecting case is a five star product. The sleek design of the beats buds case makes it look good to look at, but also gives you room to hold the case around your fingers instead of the bar shaped case that was easy to slip out of hands. I dropped the case on the floor and it did not damage the earbuds. It has an attachment hook that you can use to clip it to a backpack or anything you want so you can carry them with you. The port is easy to access and doesn't put strain on the cord. You have to press down for 30 seconds on the strip of the glue to see it. It sticks well and doesn't come with you. I trust this product with my earbuds. The price is a total deal and you won't regret the purchase.

👤The proof is a great looking case. The glue patch is ruined when you remove the top part of the case. It becomes another pile of junk. This is a terrible flaw in the case, it is a great sturdy well built case.

👤I purchased this. I was excited to have something to protect my headphones. The bottom part of the case holds the headphones ball, the top part comes off easily if you try to open the headphones. I returned it.

👤It works well to protect the product. The top piece falls off when you open it. I used a small piece of double stick tape to help it adhere better. Gave 4 stars because it shouldn't fall off.

👤The case looks nice. Absolutely not. I thought that there was a little mechanism or something connected to the case.

👤The case is strong enough to handle the challenge. 10/10 If it only came in purple.


What is the best product for beats headphone case with airtag holder?

Beats headphone case with airtag holder products from Elago. In this article about beats headphone case with airtag holder you can see why people choose the product. Iqimott and Molova are also good brands to look for when you are finding beats headphone case with airtag holder.

What are the best brands for beats headphone case with airtag holder?

Elago, Iqimott and Molova are some of the best brands that chosen by people for beats headphone case with airtag holder. Find the detail in this article. Pzoz, Comecase and Jinstyles are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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