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1. Earphones Conduction Headphones Lightweight Waterproof

Earphones Conduction Headphones Lightweight Waterproof

Who chooses the Bone Conduction Headphones with mic? People who wear headphones all day that need to protect hearing and have mild hearing loss but can hear the sound of their teeth and colliding teeth, are a good fit for bone conduction headphones with microphones. It is waterproof and fully sweatproof, but not recommended for swimming. Open- ear design It's not necessary to jam the earphones into the ear to protect the hearing. Sanag allows you to keep in touch and understand the environment to ensure safety. Their lightest, most luxurious and latest titanium alloy sports headphones are lightweight and comfortable. The earplug-free and painless design is suitable for all day listening. Enjoy 10 hours of music and calls, as well as a microphone with noise reduction function for simpler call and conference content. The fan-favorite 12-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get. Problems can be connected with them. They will try to solve them for you.

Brand: Sanag

👤When leaning against anything, the whole piece is shifted so it doesn't rest against the ear and you can't hear anymore. There is a The speaker is supposed to direct it toward the ear. The people can hear what is coming out of the headphones, so this didn't work for me. There is a * The seller is trying to get me to remove my review. This is not acceptable when it is related to the product and not the company. The review is still 1 star.

👤I like the product. I have two of these, so I can use the other one. It's good enough audio quality that isn't great, just know what to expect. These headphones don't have to be pressed against the side of your head like bone conduction headphones, and they don't get sweaty like normal headphones. I can wear them all day. If you look a little harder, you can find this product on Amazon for just $40, which is $20 cheaper than the 4* rating. I gave that one a rating of 4. The seller tried to get me to change my rating. The product is available on Amazon.

👤I have been waiting for a pair of headphones for a long time. I have never been comfortable with the technology. I have tried every type of ear bud on the market and after a few minutes, my ears ache. I have always had to wear headphones, which is inconvenient for any activities other than sitting at my desk. These are lightweight and comfortable. I am no longer in pain to listen to my music or audiobooks. I have the freedom to work out, be outside, and move about without being restricted to headphones. I love the fact that these are waterproof, so it doesn't matter if I'm sweating or riding a bike in the rain. I like having the option to work out and listen to my music while I do my chores.

👤I use these headphones to listen to music while I am exercising. When I run, bend, or move, my earbuds fall out of my ears. Even during vigorous activity, these headphones stay in place on top of the ears. They're more comfortable than earbuds, and they're also more convenient. The sound quality is strong, but the earphone portion can't be heard by others, which is confusing and awesome at the same time. The headphones are lightweight and can be worn along with glasses. They are on your phone. One is included with the charge. You can change the volume on the device, and there is a button to pair it.

👤The sound was okay for me, but the callers couldn't hear me. They are not comfortable to wear the headset.

👤I wasn't sure if they'd stay put, but they do! It's like a pair of speakers in my ears. I was shocked that no one told me that I sounded like I was in a tunnel when I got the call. I can't say that about my 300 Jabra's. They are not noise cancelling and sometimes the audio volume becomes lower or more "muted" and I can't get it to go back to normal.

2. Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Foldable Prolonged

Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Foldable Prolonged

The exposed hole design is easy to install. If you put your AirTag in the Silicone sleeve, it will fit securely and you can put it anywhere you want. No hassle! If you want to attach items like keys, pet, dog or cat collar holder, the carabiners and key rings are an alternative. It's easy to find my key with the air tag remote item finder. High Definition Stereo Headphones, specially developed software and noise reduction technology designed to prevent you from heating ambient noises and make you focus on what you want to hear, is aesteirond Sound Production. Even in the lowest volume levels, you can lose yourself in music. Their constant pursuit is the goal that provides outstanding sound quality. BUILT FOR COMFORTABILITY The Earmuff is made of artificial leather. They are foldable and stretchable, which makes it easy to find the perfect fit without constraint. The best choice for travel, sport, and daily use by children, teens, and adults is Zihnic. SEAMLESS BLUETOOTH CONNECTION It was built to provide a stable connection. The headphones will be ready to pair when you slide the on/off button. The headphones are compatible with all plug cable enabled devices. You can have hands-free communication with the special noise reduction technology microphone that is compatible with all phones. ERGONOMIC DESIGN The model premium outlook is provided by the materials that are nice to touch. The earmuffs and headbands are made of memory-protein foam, which makes them soft and comfortable. The Premium Case is a great way to reduce wear and tear. A long battery life and dual mode. There are headphones that are Rechargeable. The 450mAh battery has 14 hours of music and 2.5 hours of fast Charing. You can switch to wired mode after 20 hours of playtime. You don't need to worry about power shortage for long travel. You are covered with a 12 months warranty and 100% customer satisfaction, if you choose to do so.

Brand: Zihnic

👤I ordered the headphones for the gym. I was tired of cords. The little buds in your ears hurt my ears so I have big bulky ones. These are not that heavy. The color was well packaged. The only complaint is that they smell a little. I have no issues with them. It's easy to connect with a far distance. They are very pretty and do not fall off my head. If I run into any problems, I will update this review. Thus far, very satisfied!

👤The headphones seemed wonderful at first, but then they stopped charging and won't work plugged in. The extra warranty has been honored more than it is worth. It has been almost a month since I was told that Jane was talking about it. Don't buy! Unless you enjoy disappointment. There is a After writing this review, I was contacted by the seller and a new pair were sent to me. I haven't had any more problems.

👤I needed less expensive headphones to use while mowing the lawn so I bought these on Prime Day. It only took a few seconds to connect to my phone. I didn't expect the sound quality to be as good as it is. I was concerned that my loud lawnmower wasn't working correctly because of the sound quality and powerfulness of them. The headphones were great and the mower was fine. I liked the fact that it came with a case. The product exceeded my expectations.

👤My 10 year old daughter uses her school device with these headphones. She has used them weekly since they were ordered. They stopped making sound today. They are useless now. They only lasted 3 months. I'm hoping that there is a warranty on these, but I can't seem to find one on Amazon. My daughter would have given them 4 to 5 stars before they stopped working, but now she can't because they are not working anymore.

👤When I received these headphones, I was excited as they had a nice design, a nice price tag, and a nice color. I was immediately disappointed. I paid a lot for these, but they didn't meet my expectations. 1. There is a delay when watching a video. I have to connect the headphones to get rid of the delay in sound, but it only works for a short time. 2. I was looking forward to the feature that comes with the headphones, but I am not sure if it will work. The sound quality was terrible and the signal was not good. The Christian station was the only one that I could hear clearly. That is a positive station. I wanted to listen to music while studying. 3. If you are looking for basic sound quality that will deliver your music just to get you through your studies, then you have found the right place. These will do well. Even though you only have half volume or lower, others will still be able to hear your music in a pindrop silent place. The battery life on these are great, so no problem there. They have a pretty rose gold color and are comfortable. These headphones didn't meet my expectations. I guess I will have to spend more money and find other uses for it.

3. Conduction Headphones Bluetooth Waterproof Sweatproof

Conduction Headphones Bluetooth Waterproof Sweatproof

The intelligent voice assistant function can enable related functions on the multi-function key of the headset, which brings a good experience and safety to users. A microphone for hands-free calls. When swimming, please use mp3 mode because the water will affect the transmission of the signal. What's the difference between a loudspeaker and headphones? 9 DIGITAL bone conduction bluetooth headphones use patented bone conduction technology to deliver the audio to the auditory nerve. Bring the experience to you! Open ear design can make you hear what is happening around you, keeping you connected and aware of your surroundings. It's safer than traditional earbuds headphones and headset headphones. The titanium wire skeleton can deliver unnoticeable all day comfort, and it's also clean and hygenic. The built-in phone can support up to 4.5 hours of continuous music and phone calls on a single charge. Also, note: The volume should be adjusted to 80% playing or calling so that the playing time is not affected. DIGITAL wireless bone conduction headphones can be used for indoor and outdoor sports. The button is not suitable for swimming. They will reply and resolve your issues within 12 hours if you have any questions.

Brand: 9 Digital

👤The product does what it claims, but not much. You can hear ambient sounds while wearing it, and it is a bone conduction headset. The crappy sound that comes out of these headphones is so bad that it makes a quiet conversation seem more important. The manufacturer suggests that you uninstall all the other devices on your phone to make it easier to connect with them. The postcard that arrives after you receive them is a scam.

👤These headphones are my favorite. They fell on my head when I was exercising. I like the fact that they are wireless. I don't need to worry about getting kind. The strap behind my head is very comfortable and never gets in the way of my hair. The connection on these is great and easy to pair. The charge lasts a long time. I like having my ears open so I can hear cars coming or anything I need to be aware of. One of my favorite features is waterproof and sweat proof. I get so much use out of these prices. This would be a great gift for anyone who loves working out or listening to music or watching things on their phones, it just loves listening to music or watching things on their phones. I love how durable these are. They look sleek and modern and I have gotten many questions about them. There are volume buttons on the side. I would highly recommend these headphones.

👤I bought this product because I can no longer use in- ear headphones. The sound was not bad. I thought it was ok until I tried a product that was twice the price and it was worth the switch. The return experience was easy. This would have worked if I had not tried someone else's product. There is a If you are using these on an airplace, you need to have ear plugs. The purpose has been defeated.

👤The sound quality of Shokz brand bone conduction headphones is so bad that they can't even describe how bad it is.

👤After reading the reviews and opening the product myself, I can attest to the quality. The design is simple and minimalist, so they don't feel intrusive. The sound quality is clear and crisp. It would be a good idea for anyone to try bone conduction listening for the first time.

👤These headphones are great for people with pierced ears. My piercings are not pushed on. It took me a while to get used to the style of hearing, but now I like it. I don't have anything in my ears for comfort or for conversation.

👤I was looking for a set that could listen to TV without the volume being so loud. I wanted something that wasn't stuck in my ear. I tried these. They fit well and are comfortable. The sound is clear if you adjust them next to the ear. They are easy to pair with my phone, iPad and comcast cable. The price was reasonable. I received an additional discount when I added the item to my cart.

4. Conduction Headphones Krcong Intelligent Waterproof

Conduction Headphones Krcong Intelligent Waterproof

Long playing time, 2 hours full charged and play music or phone call around 8 hours. Even if you wear it for a long time, it won't make you uncomfortable. Bone Conduction Headphones with Breathing Light The Krcong open ear headphones use bone conduction technology to deliver premium audio through the cheekbone, allowing you to be aware of your surroundings while listening to music. The cool breathing light design makes outdoor sports safer. The running headphones use a wraparound titanium frame and an ultra-lightweight design of only 29g to maximize fit and comfort, you will not feel any pain after wearing them for a long time. The titanium frame is flexible and durable. A single charge can provide up to 8 hours of continuous music and calls. The bone conduction earbuds have improved audio technology and are fully enclosed to reduce natural sound leaking. The IPX7 rating is waterproof. IPX7 certified workout headphones are waterproof and sweatproof. This means that it can handle high-intensity training. The bone conduction headphones with mic are perfect for sports enthusiasts who like running, hiking, cycling, and even extreme sports. TheBone Conduction Headphones, 1Magnetic Charging Cable, 2Sponge Earplugs, 1 Manual are what you get. Each wireless headphone is tested manually, it will become your favorite exercise partner. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will reply and resolve your questions within 12 hours.

Brand: Krcong

👤The company contacted me after my original 2-star review because they were concerned that I might have received a faulty unit. They felt that the battery should have lasted longer, that charging it should not have caused it to be powered on but not connected, and that there should be no distortion at high volumes. There is a They still did that, but instead of simply asking me to revise my review. I feel that the customer-relations response was very good, as they suggested that I could get a refund or a replacement device. They claimed that my concerns weren't valid for a properly functioning device, so I chose a replacement. The replacement device arrived a few days ago. The replacement device is better than the original. The battery lasts for nearly 2 days of use, there is no distortion at the highest volume, and if I turn it off and charge it, the unit is off. The revised details are as follows: The company told me that their battery life is 8 hours at 40% volume. Unless someone uses a pair of foam earplugs, 40% volume is not adequate, that's the only reason I'm not giving 5 stars. Why are you buying headphones that only allow normal sounds to be audible? 8 hours at 40% volume is not a useful specification. The replacement device starts the low-battery beeping at 20% instead of 50%, which is more reasonable. If 20% is still an hour or so of listening, I would like to use that time without the annoyance of a reminder that I need to charge them. There is a I believe the sound volume and quality is the same as it was when I was a kid. There is no noise at the highest volume. There is a button function. The replacement device buttons seem to work a bit better than the original ones. The green glowing ring is not something I like to look at. Yes. If you get a replacement device like the one they sent to me, this is a very good value and I recommend them. If my puppy destroys these, I would buy another one. There is a review below. I bought these after my puppy destroyed my AfterShokz Open-Move headset, so my review here is largely based on a comparison between these and the much more expensive AfterShokz. There is a Sound? These have an annoying buzzing with spoken words at high volume, like there is a defect in the assembly and something is vibrating inside. They are good for phone calls, but not as good as the AfterShokz, which is to say that they are not as enjoyable for music. Is it fit? These fit better on me than the Open-Move model of AfterShokz because of the higher looped part behind and above your ear. These don't make my ears stick out. If you have a large head or want to wear a beanie hat that covers your ears, you will not like any bone conduction headset because of the way they fit behind and above your ears. These are comfortable for me. There is a What price? I was replacing an extravagant purchase following a puppy event when I bought these, and they were great compared to AfterShokz. She is still a puppy and will still find things to chew, so I couldn't justify another $90. There is a Is the battery? SUCKS. Yes, they will last for 8 hours, but not when listening to audiobooks or podcasts. When my phone shows they are at 50% charge, they will last for about 8 hours before they start to sound. Really? How hard would it be to make a sound when they are low? The short battery life is a major problem for me, even though these came with 2 charge cables. The AfterShokz lasted for a couple of days. Those cost twice as much as these... It would be great if these reported their charge level when they turned them on, but that's not a critical fault. Button function? Even though there are only 2 buttons, it's not hard to learn the patterns because I like the buttons. They require a lot of force to click, which can make them uncomfortable if positioned against your temples. I don't like the green light around the buttons. Hate isn't strong enough. Since the wearer gets no benefit from a green glow while listening to a show, why would you want to advertise to the world that you look like a Borg? The green lights are not needed. The benefit of bone conduction headphones is that I can still hear people if they try to talk to me, even if we don't know I'm listening to something. I don't know if I would buy these again. If these get lost or destroyed, I would try a different brand. I will keep and use these, but I will look for something else if there is a purchase in the future.

5. H2O Audio Underwater Waterproof Headphones

H2O Audio Underwater Waterproof Headphones

CONVENIENT DESIGN. It is easy to transport with the wrist strap. The Inner Mesh pocket design is perfect for cable and accessories. There is a clear sound. Audio's technology makes clear sound under water. It is easy to use. You don't need to be tech savvy to use it. The SONAR is easy to use. It's small and compact makes it easy to swim with. There are big buttons with raised markings. Pressing the '-' button will reduce play volume. The SONAR headphones have a built-in mp3 player that fits all your music. You can download your music with ease. SONAR supports Apple's music formats. You can drag and drop music from your computer. Thousands of songs have 8Gb of storage. The smart watch is comparable. The SONAR will connect to your Smart Watch. Attach the watch to your goggles. There is a note about this. The SONAR range is under water. Attaching the smart watch to your goggles is a must. The range on the air is 10m. 100% waterproof. H2O. SONAR performs when submerged to 12 feet. The rating is IPX8.

Brand: H2o Audio

👤The sound is very good but the connection is bad. I read the directions when I first took them out of the box because they told me not to touch them once connected. If the connection to theusb is lost, then you have to use the power on your computer and headphones to get them to work again, and they follow up by telling you that. They connected right out of the box, but I set them on the desk to charge for the first time, even though the connection was lost. The computer and headphones are not connected to the internet. It works just fine. Their last hint was to try a different port. I have never done that with any device that has an mp3 player, because I don't want to disturb the headphones. And it worked! I moved my keyboard away from my headphones and began to transfer mp3 files. The instructions say you can organize your files into folders, so I did that. The files were very slow to transfer. They were excited to go to the pool after they finished charging. The disappointments really started here. The instructions to tell the player to go into the first folder didn't do anything. Nothing in the music or mp3 folders could be accessed. The stock files in the root folder were the only thing that worked. I decided to put the music in the root and give it another try after I thought that it was blank. I put the dry headphones back to their magnetic connection so as to not disturb them. And...nothing. Would not connect. After cycling the power off and waiting 30 seconds, I turned on the computer and headphones. I connected the magnetic connector to the headphones to make sure they wouldn't move when I plugged in the computer. I gently plugged them in again. Nothing, again. I unplugged theusb end and tried all the otherusb ports. Nothing! Most people would pack them up and send them back, but I am way more stubborn than that. I tried the power cycling again and again. The power charging function of theusb connection never failed, just the data. I cleaned all the contacts with a q-tip and an electronic contact cleaner. Can you guess what happened? I thought turning them off over night might make them connect. The next day is this morning. I gave the computer and headphones a second chance after they were shut down. h2o Sonar headphones have a consistent design and quality. Nothing happened again. I thought maybe myusb ports are confused and need a reset, as indicated in the directions, because it couldn't possibly be the design. I looked up how to reset the controller. I will give you a moment to think about what happened next.! Why are they able to connect via the internet? It seems like a better idea for waterproof items to use that data stream, since they don't have a way of loading it. Engineers, you really need to figure this out. There is a The streaming works just fine. When swimming, it is next to useless because it can't penetrate water. I have a lot of cheaper and better sounding options. I ordered a replacement to see if it was an isolated experience. If there is anything new in the review, I will update it.

6. EKEN Bone Conduction Headphones Lightweight

EKEN Bone Conduction Headphones Lightweight

Password- protect your files across all of your devices. Password protection is supported by Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Bone conduction headphones deliver sound through your cheekbone, which is great to protect your hearing from long-term audio life. It's perfect for people who like listening. If listening to music in a noisy environment, please use sponge plugs in your ears to make it louder. Be aware of surroundings and keep in touch with your family and hear the need of your child while you are doing chores. The comfortable wearing design allows you to wear headphones without putting them in your ears, the titanium headband reduces pressure on the ears, and the soft silicone patch is more soft for cheekbone skin. The large capicity battery can support up to 6 hours music continuous play or 480 hours of continuous play. People who love running, hiking, bicycling, etc., and people who usually wear headphones for a long time but need to prevent hearing loss are suitable for bone conduction headphones. People with mild hearing loss can use bone conduction headphones to hear their teeth andemporomandibular joint sounds.

Brand: Youthwhisper

👤I didn't know what bone conductive headphones were. I was looking for a lightweight set of headphones that I could wear on the treadmill. I did some research to find out that these headphones are not designed to be put into the ear. The earpieces are placed on the cheekbones. You can experience full audio and keep in tune with your surroundings with the help of the vibrations. It works well, and is an interesting concept. This product is perfect for someone who wants to listen to headphones outside while exercising, but still not be rejected from ambient sounds. I found them very comfortable on the treadmill. They clip around the ear so they don't move. A simple press of a button will get the headphones in the right mode. No issues with the television transmitter that I use to watch while exercising. These aren't the best buds for music. I don't think these kinds of headsets are meant for high-quality music listening. There were no dropouts in the audio and it was clear. There is a The headphones handle sweat very well. I use an alcohol pad to wipe them down. The next day's workout is the only thing I have to do. A call came through while I was testing the audio quality of my phone. A simple tap on the side button allowed me to take the call, which came through clearly for both myself and the caller. It was a bit of a surprise when the call came and I had to act quickly, but a simple tap on the earpiece did the trick. There is a These headphones serve their purpose very well. I don't have something in my ear while I exercise. I like the fact that I can listen to both the headphones and what is happening around me at the same time. I love the way this technology works.

👤It is more like a personal speaker than an ear bud. It's wonderful that I can enjoy my music while hearing other people's noises. I used to take out one ear bud to run so that I could hear cars, and I like being able to hear people approaching me. I feel like my ear drums are receiving a safer method of sound delivery. It's very comfortable to run with.

👤This is my first pair of headphones. There are drawbacks to having the same shape. The area behind the ear where the headphones are placed is the same as the area behind the eyeglasses. The temple area adds to the ear fatigue because it's the part you push close when you're ignoring someone. The sound isn't rich, like a pair of Bose. Don't expect to play your favorite song. Someone speaking in an empty hallway has the same sound quality as someone speaking in an empty hallway. If you use the ear plugs provided, it improves in volume, but that doesn't help the open ear design. The band that goes across the back of the head makes it impossible to lay in bed and listen to books or music. Resting vertically causes the pads to fall off the point. You'd think you could answer a phone call while wearing what I paid for. You have to manually answer the phone in order to talk. I gave this 3 stars because it arrived intact and works.

7. Conduction Headphones Sunglasses Wireless Bluetooth

Conduction Headphones Sunglasses Wireless Bluetooth

Safe Listening with Open- Ear. Even though you can still listen to your music or talk on your phone, you will be safer outside as you can hear things such as traffic around you. They can be used for fitness, hiking, skiing, etc. Ears are free. When you are outside, you won't need to carry both your sunglasses and earbuds because the Bone Conduction Headphones combine the two needs in one. Only one set of headphones and sunglasses is required. The links are easy to use and can receive calls. The protection of hearing is maximized by a sound that is passed directly to the auditory nerve bones. The PC 2.0 CAT 3 anti-scratch lenses ensure an excellent shock protection. You can change out your lens colors to use outdoors. The bone conduction sunglasses have a pair of multipoint pairs. They are compatible with both Mac and PC computers. The Myopic lens can be exchanged for a plano lens if you want the best vision protection.

Brand: Bonetech

👤I recommend these for runners who like to have music playing but also keep an eye on their surroundings. The volume is enough to hear but not so loud that it will drown out the approaching vehicle. The package includes a lot of accessories, including a nice case and sunglasses. I like the button on the glasses that is easy to use, just reach up with your left hand and press the button. I control the music by turning the volume up or down.

👤It's not bone conuction, it's speakers on the frame close to the ears. There is a talkanswer button and a volume UP button. The answer call button is labeled as Vol Down. Best Buy has better quality for less. It can only be used when first turned On, so you have to get it right. If you know what you're doing, it pairs easily. I wouldn't have bought them if the description was accurate, I would have had a hard time finding them. There is a On.

👤If no stars was an option, I would pick that. These are not bone conduction, they are just oversized sunglasses with speakers. If it's cranking to the max, you can only hear it. Good thing I returned them.

👤I know this product is pricey but it is worth it. I use the ambulance to call the hospital when I am transporting a patient because they can hear me loud and clear. They are stylish and come with three different types of lens, which is great because I wear them at night with the clear ones. You can wear them in a meeting and they won't know you listen to music.

👤Safety glasses are great but the audio quality is not good. If they really have to be safety glasses, then go ahead, because I have bought vocal skull glasses that are also bone conduction and their sound quality is ten times better. If just glasses will do, then get some vocal skulls.

👤Very disappointing. I would like to see a zero star option. Big and bulky. They are good. The sound is not good. There isn't any "bone conduction technology" to speak of. The speakers don't make contact with your head. If you bend the ear pieces to get the speakers in contact it will make the sound muffled. I have to shake my head multiple times to get it back because the speaker is going in and out already.

👤It's pretty good sound quality, but not vibrational glasses. Even on low volume, the sound bleeds too much. There is no volume down button on your phone. When you hit max volume, the sound goes up even when you don't play a song or pause your phone. All of them are not bluffing.

👤It works as it stayed. Have to get used to it. It is not like earbuds or overhead headphones. It does work.

8. Small Bluetooth Headphones Wrap Around

Small Bluetooth Headphones Wrap Around

Sound mix allows you to create a blend of your surroundings and music. When you're running outdoors with BackBeat Fit 6100 wireless sport headphones, chat with your gym partner between sets and stay connected to the outside world. It's great if you can't stand earbuds. It wouldn't be within the ear canal. The design of this headphones is better than earbuds, it stays in place on the treadmill. It is still comfortable to wear these with glasses. I would not use earbuds. It is extremely lightweight and compact. The headphones are light enough that you don't notice them when you run with them, which makes running easier with my music shuffle. These earphones can be used in the gym and backs packing. It's easy to put them in the pocket. Can you wear them under a hat or on a pillow? It's easy to control music and calling. There are 4 control buttons over the ear headphones. The right-hand earphone has controls to pick up calls, raise or lower volume, and skip ahead or back a bit. It's easy to navigate the buttons if you put your finger on the dial. Enjoy music on the go and experience hands-free calling. The call quality is similar to when you hold a phone. The battery life can be extended with top notch sound. The headphones are ready to leave the box. The battery would last the whole week if you used it several hours a day. Run and share trail with other people. You would like to hear them approaching from the back. Smaller would be a plus for hot summer runs. Sound control is easier when your main focus is running.

Brand: Rtusia

👤The Sports Wireless Headset is small. It's great for active work. I don't jog. I can empty the dryer, stock low cupboards, and pick laundry and toys off the floor. Others were correct. It's comfortable. I put my glasses on. I can take my glasses off all day. There is a The center of earmuff is 11" in diameter. It is springy and can be pulled straight but gently back into a single spiral at rest. The back is made of rubber. It touches my neck because it wants to be a spiral shape. This snugs my ears and pulls the muffs back. Ingenious!

👤I unboxed and tested them out immediately. I noticed a couple issues during the run. The volume is not as loud as I 888-276-5932s I can still hear the outside noise over my music. The wrap around the ears doesn't stay put. They slide up and down with each stride. It becomes harder to hear the music with the low max volume. If those two things were fixed on the next model, I would buy them. They're more of a nuisance than a help.

👤I never write reviews but I was looking for a headset that was discreet for my video conferences as my air buds kept giving me ear infections and so in ear headset with microphone was not an option for me. I didn't want a heavy over the ear headset that made me look like I was working in command central. When I saw these, I thought they were cheap but they worked so well. I have been told that I sound great and that I am very comfortable. Problem solved. I would highly recommend it.

👤I ordered these to enable more freedom of movement while I participate in online meetings and am quite satisfied with them. I've used to watch TV. I have them on my head. I'm pleased with the sound quality and the ability to block out extraneous sounds. I have to take them off at least one ear to talk with someone in the same room. I like the way they slip into a pocket in my backpack when I take them off. If you have to throw them in a backpack, purse or bag with other things, I would recommend that you have a case with you. I enjoy listening to music wirefree when I walk, and I also like being able to step away from the PC and go to the kitchen for a glass of water while in a meeting. I can't comment on how they hold a charge, but it seems to be a good length of time. There is a If I move 2 rooms away from my PC, the sound will break up, because there is a distance from any fixed source beyond which sound degrades. The range would be greater if there were more plumbing, pipes, and other things. My internet also degrades over the same range. This is a small point and probably depends on your ear shape. After about an hour and a half of constant use, I find they become a bit uncomfortable on my ears. I found that moving the speakers slightly upward, and moving the pressure to a different location on my ear could alleviate this for a while. Sometimes the sound in an online meeting gets broken up, but I find that by turning off the headphones and turning them back on again, it's easy to fix it. I received an offer for a gift card if I would submit my review, but other than that, I have not changed my opinion. I am very satisfied with the purchase and I will use it for a long time.

9. Pinetree Conduction Bluetooth Headphones Lightweight

Pinetree Conduction Bluetooth Headphones Lightweight

The fan-favorite 12-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get. Problems can be connected with them. They will try to solve them for you. Sound waves are conducted to the inner ears in a way that allows you to be aware of your surroundings while listening to music. Loud music can damage the eardrum. The AS1 open ear headphones use memory titanium material which can be twisted at will. 0.06 pounds of weight doesn't bother your ears. It is stable when you ware it, allowing you to enjoy every moment of exercise. A single charge can provide up to 6 hours of continuous music or phone calls. It takes only 2 hours to charge. It is durable, practical and convenient. The IPX4 Sweatproof Earbuds are suitable for workouts, fitness and running. During long hours of training, stay securely in place. No wire to limit your training. Support for high-definition calls and built-in voice prompts is the slogan of the wireless headset. There is a compatible smart phone, iPad, Mac, Tablets, PC computer, TV and smart watch.

Brand: Pinetree

👤My husband is a delivery driver and he loves them for their comfort and being able to know what's going on around him.

👤I bought these on a whim and am happy with them. I am a receptionist and can use these to answer the phones. I am able to listen to my music, even though I can hear people talking. I would purchase them again if there was a way to tighten them closer to the back of the head.

👤No tienes otros, pero no tienes al aire libre todos. I decan un volumen de tus audfonos. No quiero, pero estoy escuchando. Mejor compren de mejor calidad, con dos aos de garanta.

👤It's not in your ear, but it can be heard loud and clear.

👤Muy cmodos, tienen sonido.

10. Generation Headphones ACREO OpenBuds【2022 Waterproof

Generation Headphones ACREO OpenBuds%E3%80%902022 Waterproof

The design is stablility and never falls with the corded, you are not distracted of fall or lose from a concentration outdoor event. It was comfortable. A new generation of true open ear wireless earbuds, called theACREO OpenBuds, are comfortable with ear hooks, so stable, and have a powerful sound field, perfect for running, workout, and outdoor sports. The design idea of Hi-fi professional headphones for a new generation of open- ear wireless headphones is what inspired ACREO OpenBuds. After 15 months of research and development, they use an independent up to 6W headphone amplifier to drive the speakers, and then iteratively 3 different speakers, each with its own sound field experience. ACREO OpenBuds is similar to the portable smart charging case which is support wireless charging and smart sensor. The earbuds can be connected automatically. The playtime of the earbuds is 6 hours on a single charge, with the case lasting up to 18 hours. Users can enjoy clear calls while playing sports with ACREO OpenBuds if the noise reduction algorithm is used. It is the highest level of reliability and worry-free. ACREO OpenBuds has achieved the highest level of reliability which means the earbuds are sweat-proof, splash-proof, and rainproof, very suitable for workout sports like running, biking, and so on. They provide up to 24 months of the industry's longest quality assurance service, if you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Acreo

👤The earbuds I have tried that are under $150 are out of class. You will usually not notice the difference until you try earbuds that are around $230+, but this one is definitely in that category. I had these for a week or so and they are very comfortable and do not get lost or fall out, no matter what I do. You just grab it and go with the wireless charging. You just drop it off at night. It is definitely worth it for the price.

👤It is a pure pleasure to wear these earphones and listen to music. The delivery is fast even without Amazon prime. The earphones work with my phone. My ears are comfortable when I wear these earphones. I will recommend this product to everyone.

👤I've been looking for wireless ear cuff headphones for a long time. The Acreo version was new to the market. I thought they were worth the effort. I'm glad I got them. They worked out of the box with their voice. I turned on the device and it worked. They can be used one at a time or both together. When they are shutting down, they will light up blue. If the case is in range, it will give wireless charging to your headphones, because the front lights give an idea of battery life. The batteries last a good 6 hours if you use one at a time, and they charge fairly quickly (about 20 minutes charged mine to 100%), and I can play music nonstop if I need to. They can answer calls. They have touch buttons that will pause, go to next or back to previous track, and answer calls. It's nice to be able to hear ambient noise if I'm walking, working, or just relaxing with family and friends. I think they are a great deal for the money and would buy them again.

👤I had high hopes for these, based on a few of the other reviews. I live in a noisy city and can't stand the earphone balls that stick inside my ears, so I was excited to try these that sit outside the ear. The good news is that they allow you to hear ambient noise. The birds chirped at the same time I was listening to music. In a noisy environment like the subway, the ambient noise completely drowns out the music, even at the loudest setting. The hard thick plastic wrapping around the ear makes them somewhat painful to wear, and they tend to slip off when pulling off hats/mask/sunglasses. There is a The case is not easy to handle. The earphones turn on when you open it, and don't go off until you close it. There is no way to shut it down. If it opens in your purse, the battery might be dead next time you use it. You have to carry the charging cord separately because it doesn't fit in the case. The buttons stopped working on the second day I kept them. Couldn't change the volume or start music. These will be returned.

11. Conduction Headphones Reduction N1 Waterproof

Conduction Headphones Reduction N1 Waterproof

People who love running, hiking, bicycling, etc., and people who usually wear headphones for a long time but need to prevent hearing loss are suitable for bone conduction headphones. People with mild hearing loss can use bone conduction headphones to hear their teeth andemporomandibular joint sounds. The earbuds have an open-EAR design, which means that they can be used without the need for an ear canal. It is not completely silent to those around you at higher volumes. The large battery capacity of running headphones only need 2 hours of charging and can be used for 480 hours. The titanium bone headband is lightweight and strong, it can be used in rotation. Silicone on the zygomatic bone is flexible for long wear. Bluetooth phones have a stable connection. The combination of bone conduction with the two technologies will prevent the introduction of noise in the process of sound transmission in the air, thus improving sound quality, signal transmission more stable and faster. 45 days free return and quick refunds, and 2 years free replacement for product quality issues are included in the warranty and packing list. There is a package that includes: 1*Bluetooth Headphones, 1*USB Charging Cable, 2*Sponge Earplugs, and a manual. It is recommended to wear sponge earplugs in noisy places.

Brand: 9 Digital

👤The first time it was purchased, it was a bone conduction headphones. I wasn't sure about sound quality and comfort. They are excellent in both aspects. Light weight, easy to wear, no more stuffy ear, can hear others talking to me and I can use it during travel. A long battery life and quick charge. It is easy to use a function switch. He was sold after being recommended to a friend.

👤I was hoping for a good sound and ease of use. There is a The sound was not loud. I listen to sports talk radio while I work. I wanted to hear what was happening around me. That was the selling point for the headphones. The wear and comfort was disappointing. I can't position the speakers against my skull without shaving my head because one side doesn't fit all. There are no changes to the width. It doesn't work if it has flexible speaker booms on the end. It's plastic.

👤After wearing headphones for more than an hour, my ear feels sweaty and uncomfortable. The bone conduction technology used in the headphones lets you hear music and sound without putting anything in the ear. The sound quality is not as good as it could be, but I am satisfied since it's safer to use this while jogging or driving. When there are a lot of noises, the sound level is not loud enough.

👤I was not happy with my first pair of headsets. I couldn't get enough volume out of the headsets to hear music or a conversation. It became more and more annoying that people could not hear me in the house or on my bike, so I returned them. I will try it again. These have been a failure.

👤I can't wear earbuds because I have hearing aids. I can hear my book and others when they talk to me. As long as they speak English, my calls will be heard and understood. I forget they are on when they are lightweight. Sound quality is good for the item. There is no comparison between my son's expensive ones and my cheaper ones. The back cable should be adjusted. I have a smaller head. The battery life is not great. I was aware of that going in. I think it lasts 6 hours. There is a I would buy again. For the first set of headphones.

👤These aren't noise canceling, but that's the point! I got a pair for myself after buying a pair for my daughter. The sound goes through a series of small waves. Instead of hearing, it's through the ear. You can hear the music when the headset is on because no one else can. I don't like having to take earbuds out to use the phone or leave one out to hear. These solve that problem. I get wax in my ears with ear buds. No more of that either!

👤Unless you have a perfectly shaped head these need to press firmly against your bones. I can have these things revved up all the way up. If I push them with my fingers against, they sound great and they're substantially louder. The company reached out to Jessica and corrected her issues.


What is the best product for bone headphones wireless bluetooth glasses?

Bone headphones wireless bluetooth glasses products from Sanag. In this article about bone headphones wireless bluetooth glasses you can see why people choose the product. Zihnic and 9 Digital are also good brands to look for when you are finding bone headphones wireless bluetooth glasses.

What are the best brands for bone headphones wireless bluetooth glasses?

Sanag, Zihnic and 9 Digital are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bone headphones wireless bluetooth glasses. Find the detail in this article. Krcong, H2o Audio and Youthwhisper are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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