Best Headphone Adapter for Ipad Air

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1. Headphone Ivoros Earphone Converter Phone Black

Headphone Ivoros Earphone Converter Phone Black

Their advantage is that they focus on the technology and innovation of the products. The Headphone Jack is a 3.5mm jack and has a charging port. Listen to music and charge at the same time. It supports optimal pass-through charging up to 9v/3a power delivery. The i-Pad Pro is compatible with the following phones: S10/Note 10, Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, S21/S20/FE 5G/+/Ultra, S10/Note 10, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Their advantage is that they focus on the technology and innovation of the products.

Brand: Ivoros

👤Shortly after, stopped working. I got this for my note 20 ultra and it worked great the first day. I tried to restart the phone, but it didn't work. I got this for the purpose of using my wired headset while on the go. Hopefully this one works, I ordered a replacement.

👤I have a new Ipad for christmas. I am not a fan of wireless ear buds and I don't own an Ipad pro in 2020. This works with my wired ear buds and allows me to use the earbud port on my computer. It was perfect.

👤I bought this because my phone doesn't have a jack. I wanted to use my existing headphones. It didn't work as a dual charging device. I ordered another one that said it was suitable for the pixel 6 after it was taken back by Amazon.

👤I use a hard-wire audio connection from my phone to an audio amplifier to listen to music. It's perfect for keeping the phone charged up at the same time. The construction is nice.

👤I use a built in microphone on my computer to make video conference calls. I needed a way to connect the head phones to my phone. The sound quality on the phone is excellent, according to the people that I am talking to.

👤There were mixed reviews on this one. It works for my IPad Pro. There is some background noise on headphones. If you want to play something quietly, you can't because the volume is amplified. I compared the two, one with an Apple device and the other with a headphones accessory. It doesn't have the same issue. I would expect the volumes to be low. If you plan to use it for videos and music at moderate volumes, this is a decent one. This might not work for you if you want low volumes.

👤I needed the product for my car so I could play my music, but this particular device doesn't let you talk through the car. You need to connect the connector to answer calls.

👤It allows me to use the prior charge connection with my new iPad. Also allows me to use my old earplugs.

2. Adapter Charger Headphone Charging Lossless Music

Adapter Charger Headphone Charging Lossless Music

Important tips. The microphone port of this 3.5mm audio jack splitter only supports the 3 pole TRS port, does not support the 2 poleTS and 4 pole TRRS ports, and the ios earphones were not supporting microphone input but only audio output, neither volume control. The microphone and headphones are connected to the same end. You can't connect two headphones at the same time. Not working with Go Pro. 2 in 1 is an accessory. You can listen to music and charge your phone at the same time with thisusb c to 3.5mm audio jack This accessory will allow you to charge your phone without the 3.5mm audio port, also allow you to listen to a song. Or, and. There is a remote control. Better sound quality. The built-in smart DAC chip of this audio device is up to 24Bit/ 96KHZ and supports volume control and answer calls. The charging speed is up to 20V/3A 60W, with the type C port. The audio headset is compatible with the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and the Sony Xperia XZ2. If you have any questions, they will resolve your issue within 24 hours.

Brand: Szhaiyijin

👤I have read many times that Apple products don't work with accessories that say they are compatible or work for a period of time and then suddenly stop, and this seems to work very well. After having not one but two sets of AirPods that wouldn't stay connected with my Apple products, I gave this a try. I have used it with my old school head phones. So far, it's working perfectly and hassle free.

👤I purchased this because it had a microphone symbol on the device, and that is exactly what I needed, a mic in connection. I sent this to someone I was trying to help connect an external mic to a phone for, because I purchased this with all the hope. This did not do it. I reversed it and sent the mic port to the soundbar and it played great. It failed for how it is marked.

👤When I plug my headphones in, I can't hear anything from this one. The newer headphones can't be plugged in. I bought this to use my headphones with my new Macbook. What are I doing wrong? Let me know if you have any ideas.

👤I plugged it in and the video played for a short time, but then everything stopped. There was no video or sound. Everything went back to normal after I unplugged it. Everything stopped 2 seconds after Plugged it back in.

👤I can listen to music and charge my device at the same time, as promised by this product. That is true. The description says it should support charging up to 60W. It was a lie that the device would be able to handle 60W. The sound was too loud when I was on a call. I had to press the volume down button several times to save my ears. Not happy with the product.

👤I only used it two times.

3. Headphone Ivoros Earphone Converter Phone Black

Headphone Ivoros Earphone Converter Phone Black

There is a 24 months warranty and 120 days refund service. If you can't confirm that your phone is compatible with the adapter, please ask your question via Q&A, this will help you make a better choice. If you have any problems, please contact them. Problems about this product will be solved quickly in order to provide you a best service. The Headphone Jack is a 3.5mm jack and has a charging port. Listen to music and charge at the same time. It supports optimal pass-through charging up to 9v/3a power delivery. The i-Pad Pro is compatible with the following phones: S10/Note 10, Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, S21/S20/FE 5G/+/Ultra, S10/Note 10, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Their advantage is that they focus on the technology and innovation of the products.

Brand: Ivoros

👤This product is intended to allow you to charge your phone and have a 1/8" out, which is exactly what it does. I use it to listen to music in my van through the Aux in on the radio, which doesn't allow forusb orBluetooth connection, and I use it to listen to music in my van through the Aux in on the radio. It works well, the sound quality is great, and it allows for fast charging.

👤It works well and allows for both charging and use of earpods at the same time. I am not happy with the jack. Users are forced to buy more products.

👤I have a cheap headset that won't fit on my Note phone, because it has a special connector on it. The guy is able to bridge the gap. SWEET!

👤This earphone works well for my iPad. I can listen to golf broadcasts and not disturb my wife.

👤Doesn't always hold a connection.

👤The charging port did not work at all. The product broke after 3 weeks, but it was good at first. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤The audio works but the charging part doesn't work for my phone.

4. Digital Headphone Charging Earphone Lossless

Digital Headphone Charging Earphone Lossless

You get a Dockteck hub for iPad Pro, 24 months worry-free warranty and lifetime technical support, as well as friendly customer service. It is easy to carry and use. It is incompatible with iPad Pro cases. The audio accessory is a 3.5mm audio jack. This headphone adapter has a digital to analog conversion chip that allows simultaneous charging and listening to music and phone calls at the same time. Lossless Sound Quality is compatible with Apple Music, up to 24 Bit / 96 KHZ, built in noise cancellation chip to ensure low distortion and better audio quality. Enjoy the music while you charge your device. When listening to songs, the Max 60W high speed charging of the phone is needed. The charging speed increased. The copper core is tin plated and has a stable fast charging capability. Great compatibility. The type c aux and charging cable is compatible with the iPad Pro and Macbook Air. This is not compatible with Moto, VIVO or the other phones. This audio accessory is not compatible with the iPad or iPhone.

Brand: Tiansong

👤I have a lot of small microphones. I use the band lab app on my iPad to record voices. Some mics don't fit into this outlet. I looked at the microphone again and again. I tried it on another device. This isn't happening at all. I might have ordered something wrong.

👤It works well with my iPad Pro.

👤I got this product to be able to charge my device and have wired headphones at the same time. When I got it, the charging port did not work at all, and the headphones did not work for an hour before the audio stopped. I tried many times to plug everything back in. This product is not good.

👤I couldn't return the product because it was too long, but it worked for weeks. There is a I don't recommend buying this item.

👤It didn't work completely.

5. HiMusic Earphone Converter Charging Compatible

HiMusic Earphone Converter Charging Compatible

The 1*USB C 3.5MM Headphone Jack Adapter, 1*Description card is provided by them. This is the world's first audio jack that supports listening music from a phone and charging the phone at the same time. The iPad Pro supports calling on the phone and volume control. It's compatible with most cellphones, tablets, and phones with a Type c port. Not compatible with Moto series phones and the OnePlus series phone. The built-in smart chip makes it supports Hi-Res up to 24bit/ 96khz and OMIP/CTIA self-identified ensures high quality sound without any audio comprise even on the calling. Premium Material: They use the malleable TPE andABS shell and Gold-plate connectors for a longer lifespan and are easy to carry around. You can charge your phone with the 60W PD Quick Charge. 24H easy to reach service and a 12-Month Worry-Free Service Time are available.

Brand: Himusic

👤I still stand by my review of the white plastic adapter. Not a fan of that one. Bruce wanted to make it right. I will try one of the alloy ones. It's black and smaller than the plastic one. It still gets caught up on things, but I think it's because it doesn't have a separate jack for headphones. The plastic one is hot when plugged in, but the alloy one is not. It has a more durable feel. The headphones will stop working if you don't replug the adapter in after you've unplugged the charging port. I use the black alloy one on a daily basis and am more satisfied with it. The price seems to have gone up since I bought mine, but I think the alloy metal ones are worth it. Bruce's customer service was excellent. I was surprised when he reached out, but I'm thankful that he made the effort to make it right. There is a It's compatible with the Pixel 3. It was a bit overpriced for the quality. It's very cheaply made and feels like it would break and get caught up in things. It seems to get hot if plugged in. If you are listening to something with headphones, it will register the headphones as being unplugged as well. I wouldn't purchase this adapter again because I would search for something better.

👤I've been looking for a way to charge my iPad Pro at the same time as using a wired headset. Most don't work. This one works well. There is a The control buttons on the Apple Ear Pods don't work for simultaneous charging and listening. The controls don't work since I believe the control commands are sent via the microphone channel, which is why the microphone doesn't work. The only thing that works with the iPad Pro is this one. If the microphone and controls worked, I would give them 5 stars. If someone else makes an accessory that works with the microphone and controls, I would expect this to be a 2 or 3 star.

👤I own a phone. I didn't wait for the chance to rate this one. It works great for both features. I have bought two other sound-proofing devices, one for $8 and the other for $7. The sound in the $8 one was more powerful and richer than the two in a pkg. I left one in the car and the other in my briefcase. The sound portion is the best of the bunch. I had to crank the sound on my phone because I was thrilled to hear its booming bass. I had purchased a dual feature device from Amazon and tried to charge my phone, but I thought it had damaged it. The phone flashed off and on as I struggled to get the phone to power off, but I was able to get the phone to power off as I struggled to get the charging indication numbers to stop spinning. I gave up and sent it back after I checked all the connections. The device was more expensive than this one. I was able to play music and charge at the same time with this unit. When you plug it in to charge, the music stops and you have to restart it. The features on my cell phone worked well. You might have low resolution or no sound on the initial plug-in, and you might have to plug it in, regardless of whether or not you want to. I didn't find a problem. I own 5 of these devices. My experience is that every one of the connections requires some adjustment. My husband has one of the $8 units that I bought, but after hearing the sound of it charging, he wants one of the adapters. My husband and I will be buying one for each other. I would recommend this device to others. My headphones were bought at the Dollar Store. I warn you that I have only had this for five days, but I love the sound so much that I use it at least five hours per day. When I'm on a long trip, I usually only listen to my Amazon Playlist for about an hour or two.

6. Headphone Adapter Ivoros Earphone Splitter

Headphone Adapter Ivoros Earphone Splitter

Their advantage is that they focus on the technology and innovation of the products. Audio and fast charge splitter are included. Music and charging support call and volume control. Up to 9v/3a power delivery is provided by the dual fast charge. It's compatible with the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following Their advantage is that they focus on the technology and innovation of the products.

Brand: Ivoros

7. Adapter Female Headphone Converter Samsung

Adapter Female Headphone Converter Samsung

Plug and play doesn't require installation of software, drive, or complex connection mode. Let's use the simplest way to enjoy music. The limitation is pay attention to it. The female port of this adapter does not work with any other peripheral like ausb-c headphones,usb-c flash drive,usb-c hub, etc. You can fast charge your phone and listen to music using traditional headphones at the same time. It is not supported for devices with a headphone jack. Most of the devices in the market have phone calling and music control. The built-in chip and copper wire ensure stable and virtually loss-free transmission of audio signal. The double-braided exterior and aluminum alloy case is made to endure daily bends, twists, and pulls.

Brand: Elebase

👤Sound quality is good. The charging works as promised. There is a But... There is a Oxygen OS 11 has an issue that stops the audio from working when the charge is plugged in. They're working on it. This is not compatible with Warp Charge. Unlike other fast charging technologies, Warp and Dash cranks up the amperage, which requires thicker cables and will generate destructive amounts of heat if passed through skinny cables. The charging function promised by Elebase works, and nobody is selling one that is Warp compatible.

👤I wanted this to work, but it doesn't. Ear piercings are loud. Very disappointed.

👤I bought the iPad Air which doesn't come with headphones, so I was waiting for this. After waiting for 2 days, I received an accessory that works with my pointed jack headphones. I tried all sorts of angles and tried to get the charging to work. It is not working. I was looking for both charging and using the headphones at the same time, so I'm going to return it. Waited for something that wasn't worth it. Disappointed.

👤I was going to use this for my new S21 ultra, since there is no longer a headphone jack. I used the jack in my truck to connect my auxiliary cord. The sound was playing in my truck. The sound quality was terrible when I tried my corded headphones, and when I tried to charge my phone, it didn't work. I got a refund and bought a different brand. Hopefully they work.

👤This product works. I have tried a number of different adapters to see if it works. They don't affect their performances. It improves sound quality. It is not a certified Hi-res level, but the improvement is significant. In shows, conversations are clear. Volume adjustment is the only complaint I have. The output on my iPad pro is already loud. I would like to lower it so that my wife won't hear me watching "Sex/Life" on the couch. Overall, a good choice.

👤The power cords can't stay attached. I've tried different cables. Two pop right out and the third will fall out. I need to secure that one with electrical tape in order to use it. The audio side works well.

👤I had issues with this product from the beginning. When plugged in, it would always be disconnected and reconnected, sometimes for up to 5 minutes, before it could play music or charge. Something that plugs into my phone should not have an issue. I recreated the issue on all of the peripherals. My wife bought a lemon as well, but hers performed worse than mine, so I assumed it was just a lemon. Buy at your own risk.

👤It does what it needs to, but there are a few things you should know if you plan to get this product. It did exactly as it was supposed to. You can connect your headphones while you charge them. There are sometimes loud static and crackling noises. It happens 30% of the time and it can be pretty painful to listen to crackling noises directly into your ear. There is a You will no longer be able to hear anything from your phone's speakers if you plug the adapter in. If you want to listen to music on your speakers, then you should not use your adapter.

8. Headphone Adapter Dongle Compatible Samsung

Headphone Adapter Dongle Compatible Samsung

The usbc power adapter has data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps between connected devices and also supports up to 2 Amps of power output for charging your devices. Enjoy the fast and safe charging. The sound quality is hi-fi. The Vhcilxi has a noise reduction chip that allows for up to 24bit/ 96Khz Hi-fi sound. High fidelity design allows for stable and no loss transmission of audio signal, allowing you to immerse yourself in clear sound. This is an electronic device. The best stocking stuffers for women and men are aux adapter. Dongle is a multi-function item. You can listen to music, answer phone call, and support wire control with the Vhcilxiusb-C to 3.5mm Adapter. Volume control is not supported on Surface/ iPro Pro. Also, note: If you have a 3.5mm audio port, it may not support calling. Relief strain design The braided material of theusb c aux adapter is high quality. The relief strain design makes this type C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack adapter much more durable. A stylish design in a grey color is lightweight and portable. Wide Compatibility It is more compatible with 3.5mm to theusb c Adapters. Most of the type c phones are compatible with this type c headphone accessory. The new Note 20/20 Ultra 5G, the new S10 S9 S8 plus, and the new S21+ are all from the same company. The P30 P20 is a pro and the OnePlus 8T is a pro. 7T Pro/ 7T/ 7 Pro/ 7/ 6T, Sony Xperia 1/ Xperia XZ2 Compact and more are available. The 1*USB C 3.5MM Headphone Jack Adapter, 1*Description card is provided by them.

Brand: Vhcilxi

👤I had it for a month and it worked well with the phone. After about a week or so of using it with my phone, it appeared that the dongle wouldn't work and I had to stop listening to my media. It wasn't bad enough to return it over. It didn't do it all the time. The sound quality was very good, it sounded like I plugged my headphones into my computer. There is a Today it failed and is now doing that thing only if you hold the dongle in a certain way. I was hoping that the price would last longer than a month. If you listen to music often, or if you want to transport this device, it would have only killed it faster. I don't think I could recommend this. It looked great and still looks nice. It doesn't work anymore.

👤I ordered the 3.5mm jack for the new earphones, rather than buying a whole new wired one. It is my favorite color and it does the job perfectly. For a few dollars, I can continue to listen to my music. I don't like the earbuds that cost a lot of money.

👤My new phone didn't come with a phone jack, so I upgraded my phone. I don't like wireless buds because I can lose them. I bought it. It doesn't work. The problem is the connection to the jack. The sound goes out when the movement is small. It's terrible. Once you get it to work again, it stops working. The money was wasted.

👤I tried the two that I purchased with different headphones and mics on different devices. The microphone wouldn't work and the audio had a lot of static. I pulled the microphone in/out with the help of a twisting of the connector. I think this is a TRRS-based adapter, based on that testing. I was surprised by the reviews.

👤I had written that I could not get this product to work with my new S21 FE to connect my old 7 Edge headphones, which I used to use with my old S21 FE. I thought it could be the headphones. I replaced them with a new pair of the same kind of headphones and they worked perfectly. I think something was worn out on the old ones. I ordered a second one for my husband. The original review is not up to date.

👤I got this because I wanted to be able to use it on calls, but I hate having to have a dongle to use headphones. The people on the other end of the phone say it sounds like I'm in a drum. This product is a waste of money.

👤It didn't work out of the box, but it was supposed to. It stopped my audio from playing on anything. Go to the phone store and fork over the money for a branded accessory. What was wrong with a simple audio jack is beyond me. Fix things that aren't broken.

👤It looks good, but it's terrible. It wouldn't work if you pushed it all the way in the port. The metal part got really hot when you pulled it out. It would catch on fire if it was stopped. My phone is brand new. Would not recommend an accident.

9. COOYA Samsung Headphone Earphone Connector

COOYA Samsung Headphone Earphone Connector

There is a 24 months warranty and 120 days return service. If you can't confirm that your phone is compatible with the adapter, please ask your question via Q&A, this will help you make a better choice. If you have any problems, please contact them. Problems about this product will be solved quickly in order to provide you a best service. Ourusb c male to 3.5mm female headphone jack works with all type-c devices. For the S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra, S21, S22, The Headphone Jack has a multi- functionusb c to it. It allows you to play music, answer calls and reject calls. You can use a 3.5mm wired headphones to listen to your favorite music on your Type-C cell phones and tablets which have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Audio Jack to HiFI Sound. Thisusb c to headphone adapter has an advance DAC Smart Chip, which can offer high-definition audio, powerful noise reduction, and so that you can get premium sound performance from new type-c smartphones/ tablets to 3.5mm aux devices, such as wired headphones/ earbuds/ earphones, Car The female accessory is durable andusb c to 3.5mm The braided outer layer of ourusb c to aux dongle is very strong and flexible, making it an excellent choice for cables. The hard shell protects it from scratches and rust. Convenient for storage and easy to carry, comes with a handy carrying case. COOYA 30-days worry-free satisfaction solution is what you get. Customer service is always friendly. They are happy to assist until your problem is solved.

Brand: Cooya

👤I don't think this vendor's fault, but I don't like how they make me buy this thing. Cheap people. This one is better than my last one. Sound quality is good. No "alien chatter" or interference. Make sure your phone is charged first.

👤My new phone does not have a jack for headphones. I ordered the audio jack from Amazon because I wanted to use my headphones when I walk. It worked well. The sound is great! I ordered another one of these to use in my car because I couldn't figure out how to pair my new phone with the bluetooth on my car. Excellent product. It comes in a cute little case. I highly recommend my two audio jacks. The seller sent me an email asking if I received my product, which I thought was very nice.

👤It was useless. It was 888-282-0465 was 888-282-0465 was 888-282-0465 was 888-282-0465 One Plus 7 Pro is running a paid version. The phone thinks I'm trying to talk to it when I plug in my headphones. A prompt on the search engine asks me to'say something'. As soon as I tap the play on PowerAmp, it plays a half a second of a song, and then I hear the 'beep-beep' to advance to the next song. There is a Worthless. I can't understand why mobile device manufacturers can't just put normal jacks in. Is that really so hard?

👤I received a replacement unit and it works well. After 15 minutes, no tic-tic-tic. The dongle works for 15 minutes. The sound quality is great when listening to music. There's a faint "tic-tic-tic" sound after a call. Plug your headphones back in if you want it to go away. Music doesn't play past 15 minutes because it seems to be disconnected. I'm using it with a phone.

👤This is a simple accessory. It has a very low noise floor. I bought this product to make sure it wasn't my ipad that sounded bad when using it with another product. This one makes no static noise and is generally much quieter than a low quality D/A convertion.

👤I needed this for my phone. It feels good and works like a charm. The headphones snap into place instead of having a loose connection. It looks great and has a high-quality appearance. The product works perfectly to fill the need that the headphone port left behind. It came with a case that will hold both my headphones and the adaptor. I will never lose. It's a good thing.

👤I don't like the fact that the aux port is lost but this works.

👤I am happy that my phone does not have a jack. This is a perfect work-around. It's not great having another piece of gear to keep track of, but it's great to be using my old headphones. Again.

10. Headphone Charging Earphone Converter Compatible

Headphone Charging Earphone Converter Compatible

The dual 3.5mm jacks and the charging port allow you to listen to music, watch videos, use car audio navigation, music volume control, or phone calls while still charging your phone. dual 3.5mm earphones running at the same time with a new upgradedusb c to dual 3.5mm audio adapter You can watch a movie with your friends and family. The type c to 3.5mm audio splitter has a 100% copper wire core, which ensures the stability of the transmission. To maintain the phone's premium sound quality, support 96 KHZ and 24bit audio output. The iPad Pro is compatible with thisusb-c to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter. Plug and play is easy to use. The small design of the Type C headphone jack makes it easy to slip into a backpack, purse, or pocket. If you have a question about the product, please do not hesitate to contact them, they will do their best to help you in less than 24 hours.

Brand: Skysmile

👤This corrects a design mistake by Apple. I bought an iPad Pro. There is no headphone jack and the price is $2,200. Many airlines don't allow it. My wife and I like to share headphones when we watch a movie. It's possible to do with it, but difficult and limited. Another bag of Dongle's and Adapters is needed for my newest Apple product. The product works as advertised.

👤On a trip, I used this to watch movies on the same iPad as my lady. It would be great if the manufacturers used the same plug on all their systems to reduce the amount of time it would take to work on other devices. The world is being destroyed by greed.

👤You can charge your phone while people listen to it. I went to Vegas with my girlfriend. We couldn't watch the same movie on the plane because we didn't have a headphone splitter. Next time we go on a trip, this will be handy. The small size makes it very portable.

👤I got a new cell phone, but when I used it with a headset it would take a long time and there was no way to fix it. This is a perfect solution. I can have a movie playing, have a connection to speakers, and charge my phone. Love it. The price is great for me.

👤I've purchased two audio plug accessories in the last six months. They only work for three months when used frequently. The bar that I bought was for my iPad. It was cumbersome and came loose a lot. It worked for nine months before it stopped bringing audio to ear buds. Had I known the new iPad didn't have a jack for audios ear buds, I would not have purchased it.

👤This doesn't work. It doesn't do anything. I can't hear audio. Worthless!

👤The iPad Pro does not work with the splitter. I don't buy apple products. Either you can hear audio or you can't. You can't get audio and charge at the same time. The audio stops after you put the charging cable in.

👤It seems like mine is malfunctioning. Check out where else? This company reached out to me and offered to replace my faulty product or give me my money back. Awesome! Thank you for your integrity!

11. UGREEN 3 5mm Headphone Adapter Connector

UGREEN 3 5mm Headphone Adapter Connector

Their advantage is that they focus on the technology and innovation of the products. The audio mic is ausb c. The UGREEN jack is used to add a 3.5mm jack to type C or Thunderbolt 3 phones and tablets, which will allow them to play music on high-end audio output devices. It's convenient to make video calls and control the music with theusb c aux adapter. The universal fit of theusb c headphone jack is that it works on most type-c devices. There are more ways to enjoy music. The UGREEN angledusb type c to earphone jack is a great accessory. The signal-to-noise ratio is improved by using a high-quality DAC with aCapacitor filter in the Jack Converter. The music world is enriched by the use of thisusb c headphone jackadapter. The UGREENusb C to aux headphone accessory is small and lightweight. It's easy to store the audio mic in your pocket or bag. Add little burden to your travel, but increase your enjoyment. The UGREENusb C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter has been upgraded to offer a longer service. The aluminum housing is resistant to oxidation. The 90-degree design of the Type C Aux Adapter makes it more resistant to bending. The max thickness of the phone case is 3mm.

Brand: Ugreen

👤This does not have a cord. I struggle with long cords for my phone and have to carry them around in my bag. It works perfectly.

👤I use this little gizmo a lot for Webex calls and people say the volume/quality of my voice sounds fine on the receiving end. It helps keep my ear bud out of the way to either side, right or left, so I can type and work the mouse from my desk. The price is reasonable for what you get. I tried a "T" shaped one that had a 3.5mm port on one side and a charge port on the other, but everyone would get an echo on their end, so I had to return both. It wasn't. The echo was caused by both of them. While I can't charge my phone while using this "l" shaped adapter, it doesn't cause the echo, so I'm happy and keeping it. I recommend it to people who don't like to have to charge their earbuds.

👤It didn't work for me.

👤The ability to use wired headphones on a recent long haul flight was very helpful because my tablet does not have a headphone jack. The angle of it is helpful for watching movies.

👤Someone who doesn't like to use a device like a phone is what she is looking for.

👤It's 90 degrees bended.

👤I didn't have any of theusb ports in my home. Time and money are wasted.

👤It works, but not the most secure.

👤I've had green stuff in the past that has been good, but I'm not so happy with this product. It feels like it's going to wear on the port as it has no flex, and it wobbles in theusb c port. A cable based alternative will have some give in its flex. I think the connection it makes isn't as strong as I would like.

👤There are two types of these little adapters. This one was the first one to work. Plug it into the charging sockets of my phones and it works. The sound is good, there's no need for a cord to stop it from working. There is a I can't just plug and play the other one. I'm going to have to read the instructions. There is a This is easy and works immediately. That's what the customer wants.

👤You can use 3.5mm headphones to connect to theusbc on your mobile phone. The device looks good and does not protrude. There is a In case of a thick protective cover, the mobile phone may need to check its fit. Most should be fine.

👤The audio on my phone keeps dropping out when I'm walking, because my S21 is in my pocket. The best way to keep the phone in my coat is to put it in an external pocket, which is not ideal, as the audio still drops during a 1 hour walk. I've had the same issues with my phone, so maybe it's a fundamental problem with theusb- 3.5mm spec. I wish they would just keep the 3.5mm jack on the phones.


What is the best product for headphone adapter for ipad air?

Headphone adapter for ipad air products from Ivoros. In this article about headphone adapter for ipad air you can see why people choose the product. Szhaiyijin and Ivoros are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone adapter for ipad air.

What are the best brands for headphone adapter for ipad air?

Ivoros, Szhaiyijin and Ivoros are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone adapter for ipad air. Find the detail in this article. Tiansong, Himusic and Ivoros are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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