Best Headphone Adapter for Iphone 13

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1. MOOU Splitter Certified Lightning Headphones

MOOU Splitter Certified Lightning Headphones

Service and warranty. They offer a worry-free service. If you have a question about this lightning to headphone jack adapter, please contact them. TheMOOU 2 in 1 is certified by Apple to meet the strict compatibility requirements of the device and ensure a completely safe connection. The Hi-fi Sound Performance is built-in the Cirrus Logic MasterHIFI DAC chip, which provides an excellent music experience, and ensures signal transmission stability and fidelity. Plug and play, dual adapter supports charging the phone while listening to music. Perfectly compatible with call functions, charging, data transmission, headset control, microphone and remote. Wide CompatibilityMOOU is designed for all of the above devices, compatible with all of the above devices. MOOU provides lifetime customer service support and a one-year free replacement for quality problems. If you missed the Amazon return date, please contact them via Amazon. Within 24 hours, their customer service will solve your problem.

Brand: Moou

👤Many of these are only for listening to music. This can be used for calls. It is perfect for the home office where you can have a wired East bus or corded head set. The sound quality is perfect.

👤The item kept signaling to let me know that my phone was not supported after a week of use. It charged for 3 weeks after it kept triggering Siri. It stopped working. The microphone volume was lowered from day 2 when people couldn't hear me.

👤Excellent quality. The value is great. Better than any I have used before.

👤If you have a built-in microphone in your headphones, you will not be able to use this. There is a So disappointed.

👤. MIND PRIME 2 in 1 earphone jack and charging accessory for the phone, apple mfi certified. I had to upgrade my phone because it was old. I received an Apple device from my daughter and husband. I didn't have any of those. This is what I needed. Quality: This little device is sturdy and well made, and it has a little bit of weight to it, but it has some great features. I was told that my voice was clear and easy to understand, it was the same for me. Plug and play. Yes, it was. I followed a note on the product sheet that said to plug the headset into the adapter first before plugging into the phone. The price is $34.99 at the time of review. It does exactly what I needed it to do, and it handled the task with flying colors. I am happy that I ordered this kit. It's worth checking it out. There is a I would recommend it. Enjoy, be safe, and have fun! RECOMMENDED: 5 stars Yes, I do. I hope my review was helpful. The Apple MFi CertifiedMOOU 2 in 1 iPhone splitter is certified by Apple to meet the strict compatibility requirements of iPhone/iPad and ensure a completely safe connection with your Apple device. Plug and play, dual adapter supports charging the phone while listening to music. Perfectly compatible with call functions, charging, data transmission, headset control, microphone and remote. Hi-fi. Sound performance is provided by the MasterHIFI chip, which is built-in and has an excellent music experience. Wide Compatibility All of the above devices are compatible with the iPhone aux and charger adapter. MOOU provides lifetime customer service support and a one-year free replacement for quality problems. If you have a question about our products, please contact us. Did you miss the Amazon return date? Within 24 hours, our customer service will solve your problem. _______________________________________________ Iphone. 2 in 1 audio and charge accessory for Apple MFi Certified. MIND PRIME

👤The little piece of furniture is a headphone jack. If you want to charge and connect wired headphones, you need a combo audio jack and Lightning connection, because Apple took the 3.5mm audio jack out of the iPhone. This unit has braided and reinforced cable. I would expect it to last a long time. I was able to plug it in without removing my case. I was able to listen and charge my phone simultaneously using the MOOU iPhone Headphone Jack Adapter, which I tested with my phone and a set of passive headphones. The unit is Recommended because it checks all the boxes.

2. Certified Lightning Earphone Headphone Connector

Certified Lightning Earphone Headphone Connector

The top customer service. If you have a problem with your use, please contact them, and they will provide 7 days of customer support and a worry-free warranty. You just need to insert and enjoy the sound quality. You can use it inside the car or on the front of the headset. If you often go out, you can put the headphones and the phone in a backpack. The music lovers' trend is popular. You can listen to music with a headphones or earphone for your phone. You can support the above. Even if the system is upgraded, the chip inside can be used. It's compatible with your phone's original protection line. The charging speed can be increased by 1.5 times and the output efficiency can be improved by 33%. The genuine and sound quality without distortion is ensured by the smart chip sets. It supports up to 98db audio output. The lightning to aux is built with an upgraded chip to read data fast and ensure the stability and fidelity of sound transmission, giving you a fantastic music trip and experience. Recommended gifts for friends and family. They want to make the best port audio accessory to satisfy all customers. This earphone will have a 90 day 100% refund and 18 months of warranty service, as well as friendly customer service. They will do their best to solve your problem within 12 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Belcompany

👤Plug it in and it works as expected. It is great to have 2 at this price. If I have to use my headphones with my phone, I leave one in my car. There are no flaws in the product.

👤The cheap ones are not compatible with the latest phones. I have an apple phone and it works.

3. JSAUX Lightning Headphone Certified Compatible

JSAUX Lightning Headphone Certified Compatible

It works with all devices that have a Lightning connection, including iPod touch, iPad, and the iPhone. Apple MFi is certified. The APPLE MFi certification requirements have been completed by the JSAUX. The Apple MFi certification and the strict quality testing ensure that you can connect to your Apple devices. There is a compatibility list. Most of the APPLE devices are compatible with the 3.5mm Lightning Headphone Converter. It is not compatible with the iPad Pro 12.9", iPad Pro 11", and iPad Mini 2021. Keep the Functionality. With this Lightning Dongle Converter, you can control your Earbuds, Headphone, and Earphone with your voice. It will work without error messages. Special strain relief design can bear 15000+ bends in strict laboratory tests. Premium aluminum housing makes the cable more durable. Premium nylon braided type c cable is tangle free. The sound is called Super Sound. The sampling rate is up to 48KHz and the noise is removed. A clear sound with no breaks.

Brand: Jsaux

👤This does not support a microphone, but it works well with stereo headphones. The female mini-plug has 3 poles, but 4 are needed for a mic.

👤I am one of the few people who hates the AirPods. I can't keep them in my ears and I hate having to think about when to charge them. When pulling them to speak with people, I drop one or both of them. I preferred corded earbuds and didn't upgrade from the iPhone 6 because of the dropping of the headphone port. The lighting of all designs does not work long term. They only seem to last a few weeks before they start cutting out and dropping audio. I had high hopes for this brand, but it is the same as all the others.

👤I've bought a 20 dollar Tera Grand for the last 2 years, and they were brilliant, even though they slightly lowered the volume on iPhone. I bought one and it kept malfunctioning. I replaced it, and the replacement was worse, so I returned it and looked at this product, which is a little cheaper, but works just as well and has stood up on two pairs of headphones. Apple refuses to have a simple input for headphones, which is a crime. Over the years, I've paid hundreds for these. If they do not work right, they stop working within 8 weeks every single time, so don't bother with the 6-10 dollar versions. Trust me. I only listen to wired headphones and these with the iPhones are the way to go. The new king is being hailed.

👤The quality is looking good so far. No issues with sound, including using start/stop/Siri commands with my headphones. There is a The length is too long. It's longer than it needs to be, and it's basically false advertising compared to the photos on this page. If it was shorter, I would enjoy it more. I'm going to try it out and see if I like it. It has been less than 3 months since purchase. The sound quality was good until today when the connection started to fail. The audio will come in and out if the wire is moved around. The condition is still good, but it is no longer usable. I checked the connections and used different adapters to confirm the failure. There is a I'm a heavier user, listening to my headphones on average 1-2 hours a day, with this adapter hanging four or five inches out of my pocket most of the time, and with me taking my phone out of my pocket several times. I don't bend it too much, but I'm careful with the accessory. The cheap Apple adapters shown in the photo lasted about the same as this one.

👤So disappointed. I can't use airpods on my new phone because it doesn't have a jack. When it works, this is fine. Occasionally, that is. The sound keeps coming from the phone. I have not been able to figure out why it stops working. It was a waste of money.

4. Certified Headphone Connector Headphones Splitter

Certified Headphone Connector Headphones Splitter

Service and warranty. They have a 36-Month Worry-Free Warranty and 3-Years money-back gurantee or replacement. Please contact them if you have any issues. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours. Ensures that you can connect with your Apple devices. The 3.5mm audio plug can be used to connect devices. It's compatible with the iPhone 13/12/Mini 13/12/ Pro 13/12/Mini 12/12/ Pro 12 Max/SE 2020. The iPod, Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X 8 7 6 5. Even the new updated version of the system can be supported. It supports controlling music volume and phone calls in your car. Enjoy your favorite music, video or movies without restriction. The 100% copper core has high speed and stable signal transmission. It's a bridge between the earphone and the phone to keep the sound quality. It is possible to plug in and out and protect the Lightning port because of a soft faceplate in their adapter. The experience was pleasant. They provide a money-back guarantee on service and warranty. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours.

Brand: Desoficon

👤I was on a business flight and was going to listen to some tunes on my phone with my Bose headphones. I didn't know there was no jack. I started checking purchase options on Amazon. A few choices had hundreds or even thousands of reviews. I discovered that the reviews were "hijacked" from other products. They had nothing to do with the audio conversion that I was shopping for. They were all given an "F" review rating by Fakespot. There is a I finally found this one. The product was the focus of the reviews and they were graded with an "A" rating by Fakespot. I used it on a recent trip to Mexico and it worked out perfectly. The sound quality was the same as when I used a normal jack. I had to push the cable in a little forcefully. It is a tight fit, which is a good thing. There is a I highly recommend this choice for an audio accessory. I'm considering getting a second one if things change as I use it more, but for now it works great. There is a I hope this review helped you a bit.

👤The first day I used it, it worked great, but the second day I used it, the part that slides into the phone broke. I don't get rough with my electronics. It would have been a nightmare to get out if it broke off in my phone.

👤I bought a new phone to go with it. If you moved just right, it stopped being static. 2 weeks later, I could only hear out of one earphone, and I had to borrow someone's to hear it again. I need to find a better product and trash this product and not have "ears" until I find 888-353-1299 I feel frustrated.

👤I bought this because I hate listening to the radio and I like to listen to music on my phone. My car is old. The little device seemed like a dream, but it didn't last long. The wiring has stopped working because it is loose. I initially thought it was the aux port in the car, but then I realized it was the six cord. I determined that the adapter has stopped functioning as it should. It never leaves my car and has not been damaged that would cause it to stop working.

👤I bought another one of these thinking it was the one that comes with the iPhone, but it's not and does not work at all. She said it was too big to fit. I don't know if I'm more annoyed with the phone for not having a jack for the headphones. I have to get these because Amazon lied about them being similar to the Apple one, or I didn't learn the first time not to order them from here.

5. Headphone Headphones Earphone Charging Compatible

Headphone Headphones Earphone Charging Compatible

We offer a 3-month refund and an 18-month worry-free service. They will respond to your questions within 12 hours. Strong compatibility. The chip on this iPhone accessory has better stability and sound quality. It's compatible with the following phones: iPhone 13/12/ Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max, XS, Max, XR, X, 8/7/6 Plus, Pod touch. Support the systems. This is high-quality. The design of the iPhone accessory can provide you with sound without the use of wires. The digital audio input port has high sensitivity and low impedance. The lighting headphone jacks are fine, except for the 3.5 MM jack that does not support phone calls. ) The weight is light and it is easy to carry. You can use it to study, work, and exercise to meet your needs. You can set it when you call. You can enjoy music and charge at the same time with only one accessory, which is more convenient than a single 3.5mm accessory. Taking into account practicality and increasing the sense of fashion, the white style of the earphone and charging cable is similar to the one on your mobile phone. Customer service after sales. The after-sales service will respond to your questions as soon as possible. If there is a problem with the product, you can get a replacement and no repair within 45 days and get a one year warranty.

Brand: Feinodi

👤I could only listen to music or charge my phone at the same time with my car, but not both at the same time with my phone. I can do that with this accessory. I was told there was another way to do it, but I can't really understand what they showed me in my car. I got an extension for the blue tooth plug so I can use it with my phone.

👤The earphone plug on the iPhone 8 is missing.

👤There is no input for wired earbuds on newer phones. The device solved the problem.

👤I thought the product was to blame. The charging port on my phone was old. The piece works well to charge the phone.

👤Works are described. I like that I can listen to my old earbuds while I charge my phone. I am happy that I can still use them.

👤The sound from the phone would not come from the actual head phones, but from the headphones. If you were on the phone with someone, hang up the phone. The item was useless.

👤I wanted to be able to use my ear phones while I was charging my phone.

6. Headphone IPhone´╝îApple Certified Lightning Compatible

Headphone IPhone%EF%BC%8CApple Certified Lightning Compatible

You will get a 2 * iPhone Headphones Adapter, a 36-Month Worry-Free Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support. Contact them for fast support if you have any issues with the iPhone dongle. Particularly Designed for iPhone users. The audio and charge accessory is compatible with the phone. Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Plus/7/7 You can support later systems. Don't worry about system updates. There is a person named ShlamMZ. A multi function. You can listen to music and charge your phone at the same time with the 2 in 1 Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Audio & Charger adapter cable. Data transfer, microphone, and remote are supported. There is a person named ShlamMZ. 20W fast. Sound transmission stability and fidelity can be ensured with the 24bit 48kHz lossy output of the 2 in 1 iPhone Charger and headphones adapter. It allows you to enjoy music without worry about running out of battery. It is designed for iPhone Lovers. There is a person named ShlamMZ. The lightning to 3.5mm headphones jack is built with an upgraded chip to read data fast and ensure the stability and fidelity of sound transmission, giving you a fantastic music trip and experience. Control music volume and pause is supported by it. There is a person named ShlamMZ. Ultra Compact and lightweight. The high quality material makes the bend up to 8000+ and the lightweight material makes it last a long time. If you want to deliver your presentation on a bigger screen, watch your media. There is a person named ShlamMZ.

Brand: Recomfit

👤I love this solution for hiding cords. It was cheap and sturdy. I think it will hold up. The lid is pretty tight. I can't imagine anything coming out of it. I gave a power strip inside and everything fit.

👤The TV stand doesn't have a back, and the wires bother me. I was interested in this wire box because it was a suggested item. I'm very pleased with the results. I wish I'd done this sooner.

👤I decided to take a chance, even though I was a little weary of buying something without a review. It's worth it. There are a lot of similar products on Amazon, but this was the best price. The construction is solid, smooth and clean, which makes this a good container. The lid holds up well. I was able to put in two extension cord ends, which included my big Mac power plug, because of the size. The container has two slots on either side that are large enough to hold the cords I have going in and out of it. The package had a long black metal twist and several black Velcro bands to bind cables, but didn't realize they were included.

👤I bought this for myself. I call to get the car stereo and to charge it. It goes well for the first two days. I throw out the packet. It is not working next day. I can not return it. It is a garbage. I don't want to recommend this product.

👤When I received this, I noticed that my phone wouldn't charge when I unplugged it. I would have to plug in again to get the charge to connect. headphones and charge are no longer usable. I used a different type of charger and it works just fine. It stopped working on the 19th after being received on February 7th.

👤Great for audio listening. There is no audio on one side of the jack. You can charge the phone and audio at the same time, but you can't use the same port for audio. I would have had to replace the native connector in my iPad if this had happened. There is a It plugs in at the bottom of the iPad, which is Apple's fault, and it's one thing to dislike.

👤It is almost impossible to get this to work, it is a miracle if it does, you will have to plug it in about 300 times in a row, and pray and lightning will strike, and it will work, but both are useless. useless junk

👤I had to pry it open with my tools after the product had not opened. The lid is not an easy fit when it is taken off the box. It can tell that it is not worth the price. Very low quality. Very disappointed. I have purchased other cable boxes and they were superior.

7. Lightning Headphone Certified Headphones Compatible

Lightning Headphone Certified Headphones Compatible

The sound is called Super Sound. The sampling rate is up to 48KHz and the noise is removed. A clear sound with no breaks. Plug and play. Plug this 3.5mm headphone accessory into your phone and enjoy your music or movie with original headphones in any scene, from a trip to the gym, to your office. It supports controlling music volume in your car. The chip is Apple MFi Certified. The Apple MFi certification means that the iPhone aux adapter is guaranteed high quality and 100% compatibility. All 3.5mm Headphone/Earphone matches. The 100% copper wire core provides high-speed and stable signal transmission for a better experience. You can enjoy your favorite music, videos, and movies with high fidelity thanks to support up to 48k HZ and 24bit lossless output. Universal Compatibility The lightning to 3.5mm headphones jack is compatible with the 13 and Pro 13 phones. 2020/12/11 Pro/XS/XR/X iPad, iPod. You will be able to keep playing music using your original 3.5mm headphones/aux cable in the car if you support the latest version of the software. This 3.5mm headphone jack adapter is small and lightweight. It's easy to carry when you travel, and you can put it in a package or handbag to listen to it whenever you want.

Brand: Esbeecables

👤I bought this two-pack of esbeecables on April 25, 2021. I used one of them until July 21, 2021. Three months is a long time for a dongle. The item is guaranteed for 18 months and has a worry-free return service. We will answer your questions within 12 hours if you encounter any problems. There is no email address or phone number on the item's Amazon page. There is no way to get in touch with the seller or manufacturer for the warranty. The warranty is not worth anything.

👤I needed a set of adapter for my phone. One for work and one for leisure. I tested it and found it works for music, but not for other functions such as calling, changing volume or siri. The seller was very responsive and offered to send me another pair. I accepted. It was the same issue when it was received. It's not compatible with the iPhone 12. I am traveling to work and the adapter snapped on me. Terrible disappointment.

👤They are unpredictable. They work for a few seconds and then you have to click to play again. I have to lay down my phone, make sure they are plugged in, and not move it, even if we hit abump or take a turn, the music will stop. If you touch your phone, they will stop. It is pretty frustrating. If your kids want to play freeze dance all day, you should just buy the apple ones.

👤No, Apple is not certified. It works about 25% of the time. The difference is confirmed by a close look at the connection.

👤I had headphones on as my phone fell to the floor. Rather than pull out the phone, the dongle broke where it goes into the phone. Three days use. I would like to return it, but it doesn't say "Product is a complete waste of money"

👤I got these for the price. You get two for the price of one, but you get what you pay for. I had no issues, but audio stopped working within a month or so. The tip that plugs into the phone was wobbly, and I found it in the trash. I ordered a genuine Apple accessory.

👤I thought buying a three pack of these would be a better deal than buying a single one. I was wrong. I had a small one from another seller, but it was not the same as the one I had. I bought another one for several months before it stopped working, and I had it for six months before it stopped working. I thought I would just save myself the trouble of buying a pack of three for a couple months and then buying them again when I needed them, but in the last two months, two of them have put me down. I didn't expect it to last for more than a month, so I ordered the other ones I used to get from another seller. There is no reason why they should stop working. I am not rough with them and they hardly get bent up or anything, so make sure to be extra careful with them. The other ones I bought held up just fine, even though I was rougher with them. Quality over quantity is what this example is about.

8. Apple Lightning Headphone Jack Adapter

Apple Lightning Headphone Jack Adapter

The 3.5mm audio plug is used to connect devices to your Lightning devices. It works with all devices that have a Lightning connection, including iPod touch, iPad, and the iPhone.

Brand: Apple

👤This was ordered from Amazon. My phone doesn't work with the 7+ version of the iPhone. The apple product pictured on Amazon has two cylinders with flat transitions from the rubber to the plastic/metal 3.5 receiving end and has flat transitions on the lightning side as well. The product I rec'd has a rounded transition from the wire to the plug. I'm a little disappointed that Amazon would sell this, which appears to be a faulty product based on my first shipment, directly to consumers. I expect this when buying from third party sellers, but not from Amazon. I am exchanging this in the hopes that they will fix this since I haven't had any problems with their generic items before. The exchange product from Amazon appears to be the same as the original apple product and works with the iPhone 7+. If the product fails, will update.

👤These are used Apple lightening adaptors that are being sold as new for the same price as the Apple Store. You should just get a new one from Apple.

👤This accessory is not supported by the phone. After a minute of play time, it stopped saying that my Bose Quiet Comfort 2 and the other headphones were not compatible with my phone. I tried the same thing with the original iPhone accessory that came with my phone. Don't buy them.

👤I almost didn't buy it because of the reviews. I had bought a pair of knock-off brands and had some issues with them, but I bought 2 orders of this item and they are definitely Apple brand. They are the same as the ones that came with my phone. I miss the auxiliary jack, but it is what it is and I had my fit when Apple took it away with the iPhone 7. I need these little extras. At least this one works. Amazon will accept returns on faulty items. I returned the knock-off brand ones that didn't work right. No hassle.

👤Wow... I keep things safe. The edge connecting to the phone broke when the phone fell down while listening to music. I was lucky to get out of my phone. The money was wasted.

👤I didn't work on the phone. They told me it was for an earlier version after I bought it. I wouldn't accept the new updates. They wouldn't take it back because it was past 30 days. I missed the return date because I didn't try the production as soon as I ordered it. It was very disappointing. They were no help when I reached out to them.

👤Several people say that this item isn't the real thing because of Amazon's habit of grouping different things together. The official Apple gear I received was in apple branded packaging and materials. It is the real deal. I thought I'd write this one to help people who were worried about the reviews.

👤The one that came with my phone, but doesn't work, arrived in a sealed box.

👤My company gave me an iPad for business use, the only reason I'm here. There is a This is a Genuine Apple product, from the people who make decisions such as leaving out the headphone sockets so that they can sell billions and billions of dollars of wireless ear buds. The gaming headset with boom mic is one of the headsets that can be supported by this adapter. Your opinion may vary, but wired gaming headsets have advantages. There is a The cable joining the two sides is not very strong and is unlikely to last more than a few months. It's a poor concept and poorly executed. It was almost designed to fail, steering you towards the ear buds. A large money making scheme. I'd be reluctant to trust this flimsy adapter, so one almost needs to have several spare parts on hand. It's an added hassle for people with noise cancelling headphones. The low price of this item and the time and effort of making a claim make me confident that the 1-year warranty is useless. It would be worse than a minimum wage exercise. That doesn't solve anything. There is a I've already sleeved one in three layers of heat shrink tubing to make it non-flimsy, after I bought two to start. It's now too rigid for portable use, so it's only suitable for working from home business calls. I'll probably end up with a wall mounted Pez dispensers. I'll bring a dozen if I travel. Imagine being at the start of a flight and your headset has failed. There is a nightmare. There is a I'll just travel with my personal phone which has a normal earphone.

9. Certified Headphone Lightning Converter Compatible

Certified Headphone Lightning Converter Compatible

Mangotek has a one-year free replacement guarantee for quality issues. If you have a question about this jack, you can contact them via Amazon messages or their customer service will be able to resolve it within 24 hours. The quality is high. It is designed for iPhone Lovers. You will be able to listen to music with a headphones or earphone for the following devices. There are also iPod/iPad and iPhone 7/7 Plus. It's compatible with the later systems. Music control and calling function. Plug and Play allows you to connect devices that use a 3.5mm audio plug. Plug the device in and let your equipment recognize the device. It supports controlling music volume and phone calls in your car. Enjoy your life. Plug it into the phone and listen to music or movies using car/ home audio and original headphones in any scenario. Stable signal and efficient transmission. 100% copper wire core provides high-speed and stable signal transmission for better and comfortable experience, perfect match all 3.5 earphone, high fidelity on the music, enjoy your favorite music, Videos, or movies freely. Service and warranty. They have a 36-Month Worry-Free Warranty and 3-Years money-back gurantee or replacement. Please contact them if you have any issues. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours.

Brand: Belcompany

👤Don't buy! Terrible. Both don't work for face time or phone calls. Only works with music and videos. The audio is static when they work. Please buy a real Apple. It is almost the same price as the 2pack of duds.

👤These things don't work, can't get them to play music, and the phone won't pick up on the headphones plugged in, so they can't play music through the speaker. Don't bother taking a call because they won't work with my wife's phone. If I could, I would give zero stars. Don't spend your money. I hope I can get my money back soon.

👤I use this with my new phone. I was not able to hear or use my headphones for talking or answering a phone call because I could hear static when my headphones moved around. I could hear it but could not hear the volume. I recently purchased headphones from Apple that do not have to use a connection, and everything works. The lighting extender said it was Apple certified, but it didn't work.

👤Terrible. There was a metal part that broke off. Very cheap. Don't buy. I got the metal piece from my iPad. If you must use wireless headphones, you should get a better brand or one made by Apple. I have a brand that is grey and flexible and has held up. I have two, so should hold up until my daughter opens her headphones. Trust me, just skip these.

👤My daughter was going on a trip with me and I wanted her to use her standard headphones. The first adaptor stopped working. The 2nd one stopped working when we got to our destination. I was trying to avoid buying her expensive headphones, but I ended up buying them. Not happy with the purchase.

👤The Apple brand headphones wouldn't connect with the adapter.

👤Both pairs had the same problem. I am trying to listen to my audiobook. It is not appropriate for my son who is near me. But seriously. These are garbage. Don't buy.

👤Cheap for a reason. The sound quality is poor. I bought a couple of packs and neither of them worked. It was loud enough to hear over the music. I threw them away.

👤Really bad quality. There is noise connecting to an earphone. The package of two did not work for a week. The head is loose.

10. Certified Lightning Headphone Headphones Compatible

Certified Lightning Headphone Headphones Compatible

There is a compatibility list. Most of the APPLE devices are compatible with the 3.5mm Lightning Headphone Converter. It is not compatible with the new iPad Pro which has a 11"usb C interface. You will be able to listen to music with a headphone or earphone. The Pro/12 Pro Max/SE 2020/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X 10 8 7 6 5 is an iPod. Control Music Volume and Pause can be supported. It's compatible with later systems. 100% copper core ensures high-speed and stable signal transmission, supports 48k HZ and 24bit audio output, and provides you with the perfect sound. High sensitivity. Bringing you a new experience. You are free to enjoy your favorite things. Plug and play is a great way to enjoy high fidelity sound. The 3.5mm jack headphones are great for sports and allow you to enjoy your favorite music, movies and videos. It was a perfect match for the 3.5mm headphone. It is easy to carry and ensure high-quality music. It is easy to carry. You can put it in a bag. This product is suitable for leisure or daily life. Whether you use it yourself or as a gift, this is a great choice. You will get 3 high quality products. They are committed to providing good service to all of their customers and will treat them well. They will give you an 18-month worry-free refund service.

Brand: Akavo

👤Why do you get 3 in one pack? It seems like a great deal. You will need 3 to get through a single day if you count on the life span of each adapter being less than 3 hours. The stereo sound was no longer working. I did not try the 3rd one. The microphone built into your headset is not compatible with the adapter. The product is not worth the effort. Don't buy.

👤I have been listening to books with these adaptors. They work well for that. They do not work for phone calls. I thought the fault was on the caller's side and that it was just the odd phone call. I now know that it is these cables. I will not be home in time to return them.

👤Absolve gout. Don't waste your money. The description said they were approved by apple, but they are not. They look nothing like the regular ones. One broke the first day I used it, another refused to play audio from my phone despite being connected, and the third only plays audio from the left headphones. You can either buy a apple accessory or buy a pair of headphones.

👤3 of them quit or came apart quickly.

👤It's horrible. All 3 of them didn't work on 4 different phones. It's a waste of money. A joke about a product.

👤We misplace or lose the little headphone converter jacks when we have several iPad and iPhone users in the house. They are left in backpacks, cars, and other things. It was worse than loaning pencils. Finally bought some multipacks. I have a bunch on hand and they have stopped disappearing and I haven't had to open more than one package.

👤These are cheap. Don't get tricked. Phone calls are not routed through the head set. Only you can watch it. What a waste of money. I can't get reimbursed. The product was bad and cheap.

👤Not worth it. On the first day, there was trash.

11. Certified Headphones Lightning Headphone Compatible

Certified Headphones Lightning Headphone Compatible

12 months worry-free return and 24 hours after-sales service are provided. If you have any questions, please contact them immediately and they will answer them. SMALL AND PORTABLE The lightweight and portable adapter is easy to carry and slides into a wallet, bags, backpack, briefcase, school bag. This product can be used for your everyday life or leisure time. The 3.5mm headphones, speakers and additional cables are supported by this adapter. It's suitable for the iPhone. 13 ProMax, 13 Mini, 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max The 3.5mm jack accessory can be used with this adapter. You don't have to worry about system updates because the smart chip is integrated. A complete set of lightweight headphones that support 24bit and 48bit audio. The original music can be enjoyed without damage if you connect the device to the headphones. The 100% copper core wire provides you with fast and stable signal transmission. The high wear resistance of this adapter makes it compatible with the ABS and TPE. This is not a good thing because it can't call or control language. Customer service is canceled. Please contact them if you have a problem. They will reply to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Paise

👤The left side of the headphones were only heard by one of the two adapters. It was positive that it was shipped quickly. Buy from somewhere else if you want to.

👤What do I not like? It doesn't work. Period. Sending back. It is very disgusting. Why don't the phones have a 3.5 jack? I don't understand it. It's messed up that you don't spend time on Amazon buying the adaptor you need and then they don't work.

👤Quality sound doesn't come from it. There is no bass.


What is the best product for headphone adapter for iphone 13?

Headphone adapter for iphone 13 products from Moou. In this article about headphone adapter for iphone 13 you can see why people choose the product. Belcompany and Jsaux are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone adapter for iphone 13.

What are the best brands for headphone adapter for iphone 13?

Moou, Belcompany and Jsaux are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone adapter for iphone 13. Find the detail in this article. Desoficon, Feinodi and Recomfit are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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