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1. Behringer Mount Mixer RX1602 V2

Behringer Mount Mixer RX1602 V2

A multi-purpose sub-mixer, multi-track monitoring mixer, and level translator is extremely flexible. Balanced high-headroom line inputs are used for individual stereo or mono use. Ultra-low noise ULN design, the highest possible headroom. There is a dedicated balance and level control per channel.

Brand: Behringer

👤The EuroRack Pro RX1602 v2 is related. The RX1602 v1 I purchased new around 2003 was having funky issues recently. Sometimes it would pop and cycle itself. I picked up a v2 model because I didn't want to fix it myself. The newer model has not caused any issues for me. The v2 has been used for 6 months. The new model has less depth than the old one. Depending on how deep of a rack you intend to use, the depth could be an issue. I put it on my computer desk with some small felt pads, but I will put it in a new rack later. The newer model has a better transformer, but I can't say if the original transformer for my v1 model was at fault. Between late 2020 and Jan 2021. Older models have date codes, but the newer models don't. The signals are clean for my purposes. The signals coming from my sources seem to be clean. Considering the price, all things considered, A+.

👤I have the audio from my TV, MacBook Pro interface, iPad, old iPhone, and guitar sims all running through this mixer. The stereo pairs of each device are controlled by a single volume knob. People are amazed at how much I have with this setup. It would be much more expensive to make a digital version of this with a remote control.

👤It's quiet because of the 8 stereo inputs with detented potentiometers and aux send/monitor output. You can only fit so much in a single rack space if you have a dedicated return input. It's a nice unit for sub mixing or applications where you don't have to worry about EQ on all your inputs, but I would like to see that function added in the next version.

👤Does look like quality gear.

👤This is my second purchase, and I already purchased a third to fit my needs.

👤The line mixer is good but the headphones don't work with drums.

👤The unit is useful for its purpose. Right with my rack are the mounts. The sockets on both sides are very convenient. The surge protectors are great. It's price wise as well.

👤I bought this to use as a secondary mix for video production, live action and studio work, and non-commercial material. I wanted a rack style device that would allow me to expand my audio capabilities and this one does exactly what I need with no complaints from me. The brand is for budget minded and non commercial users. The quality matches or exceeds expeditions as far as I can see.

👤Another great product. If it was high enough, there would be a slight buzz. No one does that and doesn't show up in captures. I give this unit 5 stars all day.

2. Behringer MA400 Ultra Compact Headphone Amplifier

Behringer MA400 Ultra Compact Headphone Amplifier

A monitor and a headphones amplifier. A personal mixer that mixes a mic with a monitor signal and hears them via headphones. The mic is flexible. The ground lift switch is included. Stereo Monitor input with dedicated monitor level control. High-power headphone output on the jacks.

Brand: Behringer

👤The unit from Behringer works exactly as it is described, but the mike gain is woefully low, just usable with a condenser mike, but inadequate with a typical dynamic. The circuit components surrounding the mike op amplifier are examined. There is a fix for those who are technically inclined. There is a The mike and the monitor have 2 x 4580 dual op amps. The first opamp of the mike 4580 deals with the actual mike gain, so it's best not to mess with it, as it's essential if the mike is being used to make high quality recordings. There is a The mike pass through integrity will not be affected by tweaking the second op amplifier. It requires a soldering iron and a steady hand. Replacing the strap that feeds the output back to the negative input with a 4k7 and a 1k will give 13dbs extra gain. The unit has changed so the mike volume doesn't need to be flat out.

👤After hours of experimentation and time on the Cakewalk user forums about recording input monitoring, it's an easy and cheap solution. How to hear your last recorded track. The perfect fix for a nagging problem must be created by people in the field. "input echo" is too geeky a solution, involving tweaking "latency", "miliseconds", etc. Plug your interface's output into the MA400's monitor input, then plug your mic into the mic input, and back into the interface. Turn down your mixer's output as much as you need, and turn up your headphones as needed. It was a recording engineer who pointed me to the solution, and I trust Behringer and a search to pick it. I should have talked to my engineer friend sooner.

👤The features of this device are great. It would have been great to have this 20 years ago when I was a drummer, because we were "burdened" to use terrible PA systems. If the sound system had wedge monitors, I was usually the last one to get one and we all had to share the same mix. There is a My only critique is that I had to set the volume so high that I couldn't hear my mic. I have only used it once at a rehearsal. The electric bass was playing with me. I was not smashing my drums because his volume was low. MEE Audio in- ear buds seal my ears very well. I was concerned that the device was not producing enough volume. I was told that the device is working normally. I will try an alternate pair of ear buds if that makes a difference. I'm sure I could always add a small amplifier to boost the volume of my earbuds, but that seems to be not an optimum use experience.

👤If you have a small band and the ability to route various AUX sends to monitors, this little device from Behringer can save you a lot of money. You will need to use the device in a different way than it is intended. The weak signal the input gives for the monitor is the reason for this. The " More Me" mic in and out work perfectly, however and so the solution I use is this: From your digital board use one of your AUX sends as a monitor mix and route it to the mic input instead of the monitor input on the device. Then, mix your monitor with your headphones. It is possible to control all the signals coming to you and adjust your level as you please. It's not a good solution for larger bands, but with the new breed of digital mixers, AUX sends are getting plentiful.

3. BEHRINGER 16 Channel Digital Personal P16M

BEHRINGER 16 Channel Digital Personal P16M

You can create your own personal monitor mix with a 16-channel digital stereo mixer. The operation has 16 preset for custom mixes. Premium audio quality can be achieved with the state-of-the-art 24-bit D/A converters. The buttons have dual LEDs for a perfect overview. There is pan/spread control per channel.

Brand: Behringer

👤If you need to save your ears before it's too late, then take control of what goes into them. If I didn't have to depend on the sound man for my feed, I would go in- ear. A personal mixer is needed. The P16M seemed to be the obvious choice since my band uses a Behringer X18 board. The easiest way to get into the X18 is to set the X18 to send pre or post processed channels to the P16M. For the first time in my life, I can hear myself and everyone else clearly and without fighting the sound man, thanks to a wireless IEM. Still tweaking. I can't imagine going back to the days of a floor monitor and stage volumes.

👤The units I rate 4 stars on value for money are at a premium price point. The complete system is not suitable for budget minded people. The rest of the system was already owned by a band member, so I only needed to purchase this part. It was the least I could do since our band mate had the other three grand already, but this unit is three hundred more than I wanted to spend. We are able to rehearse with headphones, every musician has their own mix, and the sound is crystal clear. We can change the mix for live and keep it in memory. Everyone has their own individual mix of monitors, which allows for lower stage volumes. I don't know how many local musicians are ready for the investment, but I should say that you get what you pay for with this system.

👤I used this for the first time and am in love. I was on the drums trying out the P16M for the first time this weekend and I usually sing and play acoustic with a carvin iem system. If you're an audio engineer, this thing is awesome. There is a I was impressed with the ability to modify everything on each input channel from the limiter to channel gain to overall volume and basic three band EQ, I can't say enough good things about it. There is a You can move the mono inputs across the stereo sound stage in your ears. Can you say heaven? There is a I'm sure I'll learn how to do it correctly after breaking out the manual. The little mixer is a dream come true.

👤It's easy to program and install a great setup. This is where the problem comes in, because it's not too bad of a price. One would expect a good noise to volume ratio from these units at a high cost. They are not quiet. The noise is very noticeable without any audio coming through. It was like a cheap amplifier. I am comparing this setup to the one we have in our band. The Jamhub setup is great, but not a professional system and is hard to rack mount. The Powerplay setup is cheap and noisy. Not happy at all.

4. Behringer X1222USB Premium 16 Input Interface

Behringer X1222USB Premium 16 Input Interface

Premium ultra-low noise. Stand-alone boutique mic preamps are comparable to phantom-powered xenyx mic preamps. 4 studio-grade compressors with one-knob function and control led for professional vocal and instrumental sound. "british" 3-band eqs are used for warm and musical sound. The new studio-grade fx processor has 16 preset that can be edited and storable user parameters. Speaker type outdoors.

Brand: Behringer

👤We started a show called Oh Honey, coming out February 14th. We had no idea what we were doing. I had to do a lot of research before I did anything with audio recording. We needed a mixer that would support at least 4 mics, and this was the most affordable and reasonable option that worked for us. It comes with everything you need to connect it to your computer. The power cord is a few feet long. Both look good and are standard. The manual is easy to read and understand. Half of the 20 pages are diagrams showing where to plug in different components. I've never done anything with audio before, but The Machine Itelf is very user friendly. I bought a 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amp because we needed guests to be able to hear themselves. The knobs and controls are of the highest quality. I love having this thing on my desk. A person with no experience with audio had everything plugged in and working correctly within a half hour. You can too if I can do it. There is a This product gave us everything we needed. It's easy to use and works well.

👤I think that Behringer is a good company. The mixers are consumer priced and therefore use cheaper components to keep the price down. I liked the way the EQs worked. I used to use a XENYX X 1204USB with no problems. I had heard of problems with drivers and the like, but that wasn't an issue with the 1204. I bought the X1222 as a replacement. The problems were immediately apparent. I turned it on and there was a loud popping and crackling. I made a mistake with the drivers. I did not uninstall and reinstalled. I tried other things. No go. I have a newer ASUS with both 2.0 and 3.0 ports, which is a problem, and the mixer was plugged into a power conditioner. There are various tips to turn off the 3.0 ports and other devices when using the mixer. I was told to return it for a new one. I received a refund. I am going to use line mixers to hook up my outboard gear, because I am going to move up to an interface with Thunderbolt connections. There is a These were great mixers a decade ago, but they are no longer compatible with newer computers. The old XENYX line needs to be discontinued and replaced with a new set of mixers that use future proof Thunderbolt connections.

👤I don't write many reviews, but I have to because I got excellent service from the manufacturer, which is a rare thing these days, and Behringer deserves an acknowledgement in this case. I bought a car. A little over a year ago. It has been great for my application, as it is the main board for my live gig with a small band, with vocals, a couple of mics on Amps for string instruments, keyboards in direct, a wind controller and an iPad via an Alesis IOdock for backing tracks. There is a I have been using an external box for the whole time, but I haven't used the built in FX. I finally got around to checking them out, auditioning all the preset and messing with the various parameters, when all of the sudden (about 15-20 min into this) I got a loud clicking sound that masked everything else. Shutting down the unit was the only way to stop it. If all the controls for the FX were in the minimum settings, the mixer behaved just fine. Within 15-20 min, the same thing would happen again when I brought the FX back in. I made sure that all the controls were in their nominal settings when I tested it. This happened when I was in my home studio. I convinced myself that this only happened when the processor was engaged, because I had gig coning up the following 2 days. I didn't have any problems at the gig over the next 2 days and everything went well. There is a I did some research and found that many people have experienced similar problems with the same unit on the same model of mixer. I was a bit disappointed that Behringer hadn't addressed the issue on newer models, given the number of complains, but I have noticed that some models now use cheap spudding from China. There is a I was talking to someone within a couple of minutes after I called Behringer. The service person was very knowledgeable and asked a few pertinent questions, and she quickly assessed that it sounded like a faulty unit. She told me that they usually have a 10 business day turn around. On Tuesday, I sent it in. On Thursday, they said they had it. It was at my door the next day. I was blown away. Everything seems to be working well. There is a You have to pay for shipping to get the box. Once they determine that it is a warranty issue, they will fix it and send it back to you for free. If you have to send it in, be sure to save your box and packing materials. There is a If you register it within 90 days, they will extend it for 3 years. I was told by the Behringer rep that it was covered for 3 years. In case, you may want to register your unit.



Personal monitor applications can use in- ear monitor amplifier. The design is ultra-compact and lightweight. High power and drummer proof headphones. There is a locking mechanism for the input connector. There is a power on/off switch.

Brand: Behringer

👤This thing works well. I wear it while playing. There is a hiding place under a shirt. I use ear monitors. Click the knob if you want to turn it on. The dial should be turned up more. Sound is clear and better than monitors. In the picture, we are all wearing P2s, but you can't see them.

👤I bought this little amplifier to boost the signal from my laptop, but the output is not very good. I use a pair of phones, not earbuds. I've been in the audio industry for 60 years, and I'm a bit hard of hearing. The gizmo turned out to be what I needed. It's built like a tank, and the connection seems to be strong so far. If you're listening to something uploaded by someone who's not familiar with audio levels, you can easily correct for less-than-optimum levels with this gizmo. The battery life is stated in the manual as 12 hours. I'm getting about 18 hours on a charge from my Tenergy Li-MH 1000 cells. One of the snazzy male and female inputs are used to output the device. There is plenty of room in the signal. The output level pot has a nice feel, but the power switch at the bottom of the rotation doesn't click. The green pilot is red when the batteries are dead. There is no way to remove the belt clip from the steel case and it is easy to access the battery. I have not messed with the stereo-mono switch since I set it to stereo. It's made in China, but unlike many Chinese products, it's built by people who give a damn. I might buy more and give them to my friends.

👤This is a good beltpack, but needs a few changes to be great. 1. The sound quality is not as clear. The P1 sound quality is comparable to a very high end touring belt. The P2 sound quality is acceptable. 2. A belt clip. The design of the belt clip is an issue. It is affixed to the top of the pack instead of being welded to it. Band members who are careless with it end up spreading the belt clip brackets away from the pack. It is easy to do. I have to bend them back. This won't last long before one breaks off. This is a big issue. The small size of the unit and the use ofAAA batteries over more expensive 9v batteries are the biggest pros.

👤I bought this because I was told to try ear monitors on a tight budget. It's difficult to determine sound quality when I use it with a transmitter and receiver. I haven't tried that yet, but it will work with a wire. I can try the in ear monitors for a cheap. Time will tell how long it will last, but build quality is acceptable and not sure about battery life. I have wireless in ear monitors for about $125. It seems like a bargain to me because they work for me to see how I will like them.

6. Behringer X2442USB Premium 24 Input Interface

Behringer X2442USB Premium 24 Input Interface

Premium ultra-low noise. 10 state-of-the-art, phantom-powered XENYX Mic Preamps are comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps. 8 studio-grade compressors with one-knob function and control for professional vocal and instrumental sound. The "British" 3-band EQs have a semi-parametric mid band for warm and musical sound. A studio-grade FX processor with 16 preset that can be changed by the user.

Brand: Behringer

👤It was complete waste of time and money. It was not recognized by cakewalk as an interface. They couldn't help me. I tried to run it into an interface but the interface didn't receive a signal from the mixer. Attempted to shoot it with no results. I don't know who needs this type of mixer, it makes no sense to only have 2 channels that actually get sent to the daw, making it worthless. I don't know what this is good for. I assumed all the channels would be sent out. There is no free daw at Audacity is a terrible program for studio recording and they just give you a zip file. It's a joke. I did not see any plug ins at and was not even able to register this product via the website, it was just a loop around that keeps sending you to other websites that are very confusing with no explanation of how to use anything. It seemed like a clever scam.

👤My experience with the boards began in 2001. I have used their boards of all sizes, from the little X502 up to the Eurodesk-sized boards, and have personally owned five of them. I have never had a problem with any of their products, and have always been happy with their performance. I've used them in live sound applications for theatrical productions, for some recording, and for live concerts. They have a lot of options for signal routes. I needed as many channels as possible in a rack-mountable board when I was playing rhythm guitar in a nine-piece band. This is the largest rack-mountable board made by Behringer. Each time I buy a new board from them, I need more channels or subgroup, not because there is something wrong with the one I have, but because I need more channels or subgroup. I put this board in the top panel of my case. I like that it has a light on the top, but I was a little annoyed that it didn't have a gooseneck light. This board is a good choice for a recording application because of its cool features. I've always found the boards from the Behringer brand to be sturdy and produce quality sound at a lower price than other brands. I recommend this board and any other one that suits your needs in size or the number of channels, subgroup or any other parameters.

👤I used to use mackie boards. I only use boards for monitoring. I was able to retire my delay and reverb units because of the built in effects. No longer needed. The stereo effects on this thing are amazing. After purchasing the Poly-D and Odyssey, I have become a fan of this company. I think they are great. You can spend more if you want, but these do a great job. The board is what I needed. The sound is just as good as the mackie which had its left channel go out at 4 years old. This was a great purchase.



Personal monitor applications can use in- ear monitor amplifier. High power and drummer proof headphones. Two-channel mono or stereo operation is possible with dual XLR inputs. Stereo/mono operation with mix function is switchable. Controls for level and balance.

Brand: Behringer

👤I have a long history with Behringer products. Most of my experience has been mediocre. The quality has always been hit and miss but for me, it was mostly misses. Recently, Behringer seems to have switched gears and are buying up some well known manufacturers and making an effort to establish themselves as a legitimate pro audio leader. I've been paying attention to their recent offerings. I use IEMs to play drums. I started looking at the usual suspects when I needed a headphones amplifier. I don't mind paying for quality gear, but I am not a gear snob. The mic stand mount, belt clip, and XLR inputs are some of the cool features of the Behringer. I thought it was worth checking out because it was small and cheap. I could always return it if I didn't like it. I am still using it a year later. It fits the bill for me. Is it high quality? No. It has enough output to work well for me in the environment. The low end is solid and the top end is not too harsh. If you are using consumer earbuds, you may not get the same results. I use custom molded triple driver ear monitors that are up to the task and offer a lot of isolation from the ambient drum and stage volume. The P1 is usually at the top of its output range. If you run a clean signal to the amplifier, don't overdrive the inputs. The unit earns 4 stars despite some negatives. The power supply is not included, which is really silly. The battery option is nice, but probably not used a lot. This is a wired unit, meaning you are going to be relatively stationary, so a power supply over a battery is a no-brainer. Only two inputs, the other one being the XLR inputs. It would be great if one of the XLRs had a combo connection that could be used with a TRS input. You may need to add some extra cables. Limiter can't be bypassed. The compressor/limiter on my console is more musical and precise than the one on the IEM processor. I get it as a safety feature for beginners, but make it a jumper or something internal that has to be intentional and that would likely discourage most people from bothering with it. This unit was a pleasant surprise. It has been a year since I bought it.

👤I bought the PowerPlay amplifier from Amazon to use in the field. I need something rugged with balanced inputs in a demanding environment. The device is perfect. I don't think that the output level is too low, even though others have said so. Unless the level control is nearly off or the mixer level is dropped, efficient closed-cup drives like Sony 2506 are too loud. A 20 dB pad is welcome. The small device is easy to use on inefficient phones like the open cup Sennheiser 650's. I can monitor from any available output or stage box return from any rack mixers which usually don't have headphones.

8. Behringer CONTROL2USB BEHRINGER Power Amplifiers Black

Behringer CONTROL2USB BEHRINGER Power Amplifiers Black

Premium, ultra-low noise and high headroom studio control and communication center. The Master Volume controller, Source selector, Monitor switcher, and Talkback box are all in one. There are 4 stereo inputs with independent level controls. Up to 3 sets of studio monitors can be connected with 3 independent and adjusted Monitor outputs. A built-in Talkback microphone with level control is used for direct communication with musicians.

Brand: Behringer

👤The name Behringer doesn't conjure up images of high quality gear. The expectations for this unit were not very high when I had a Dangerous Monitor in my other room. I needed something to switch between the speakers. The cost of a Mackie Big Knob in any of the three flavors is something we are looking at. How bad could it be? I was ready to be disappointed. I was wrong. This unit is large and substantial. It's heavy. It appears to be built like a tank with tons of ins and outs. The first test for cheap gear is to wiggle the knobs side to side and see how loose they are, which is an indicator of board mounted pots and overall cheapness. These are solid. I used my Apollo as Input 1 and ran to two sets of powered monitors. Perfectly silent! The price is unbeatable. It looks great. The stepped VCA big knob is great, but I would like to see the location of the pointer in the sexy lighted ring or at least have a white engraved line so we can see where it is. It's not a deal breaker, but more of a lost opportunity to make a better product. I bought this for new at a cost of $149. It's a steal. I have not had any issues. Some people were mentioned in other reviews. It looks like a tank and does what it should with tons of in/out. It's a no-brainer. Just do it!

👤I replaced a failing control. I took the input from this and the headphones aspect of it for granted because I'd had it for a long time. I tried everything from small mixers to old M-Audio interface. I went to the website to see what they had. I read the reviews and bought it. I own a Tascam 2020 that has a lightpipe for audio into my computer. If I don't want to listen to a mix, try a new piece of software. I can take lines from my live rig to it, from my software, from a guest's pedal board and hear it without making a big deal out of it. A portable recorder is a great way to catch a jam. This thing is worth more than the price. Balanced inputs, input trim, decent meters, talkback and dual headphones. Quiet and odorless. The Doctor ordered it. This is the box if you need to control your final ins and outs from sub-mixers, practice rigs or random analog pair from the room. There is a The big knob is pretty cool, but I think that the finite adjustment for a pair of monitors might be a bit much. Unless you can hear a hundredth of a decibel. There is a This is a great product that will run stuff around your studio and do what it says it will do. For a buck and a half. If you know you need something like this, this is it.

👤The big volume knob in my studio is light weight and cheap, it's terrible being the center point of my studio. The knobs on cheap car stereos are better. They could have used a metal knob. You can live with it. You want something better when you turn the knob. The quality of the unit is brought down to one star because everything else is good. Everyone else says it's not possible to tell where you are on the volume scale. I will hang on to it because I can't afford the nicer units, but you get what you pay for. I can't wait for a new knob since it makes a sound when I turn it on around 1 o'clock.

9. Behringer AMP800 Four Channel Headphone

Behringer AMP800 Four Channel Headphone

The system is for studio and stage applications. The stereo high-power amplifier sections are independent. The highest audio quality with virtually all types of headphones. Phones level control and accurate 6-segment LEDs output meter for easy level monitoring. 2 balanced stereo main inputs with independent Level and Balance controls for individual mixes, which can be used for all 4 headphone amplifiers.

Brand: Behringer

👤The reputation of Behringer is that it is inexpensive but unreliable. This has worked well for my needs, I'm not a demanding consumer, but I'm just using this as a monitor mixer for my gaming PC as opposed to a recording studio environment. I'm using this like a matrixing mixer instead of splitting a mix to gour sets of headphones. My input sources are my computer and guitar amplifier, and I output to an active studio monitor pair, my computer speaker set, and the line in of my Alesis DM10 drum set for playalongs. I can quickly set the level for any of the four channels, and I can plug in a headphones whenever I want to play. This is still in use.

👤The basic need to share output with up to four sets of headphones is met by this amplifier. They color the sound a bit and are not hi-fidelity. I use a Presonus that costs four times as much and works better than the one I have. When you just need to hear the quality is not important, this Behringer amplifier will work in a pinch.

👤The model looks high tech and impressive. And that's it. I thought my headphones were going out, but I realized it was this unit. I finally bought the smaller model of the HA400 that has stellar sound easy to use but doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the larger model does. This model should be re-do'd.

👤Hi people... We are the producers of a radio show and online show. I have had an issue with audio being routed to headphones through a device that worked perfectly and offered options for an additional 2 outputs. We need two devices to handle our needs, and we have too much equipment on the desk. This little gem was found by me. There is a I decided to try it because of the reviews that sounded critical. I'm happy we did. This is a champion. When there is no signal, it is quiet running. You couldn't ask for anything better with individual level controls for each headphone. Why spend more money on a device? This is well made. So what? And it does! That's the best part. There is a We wondered if you were looking for a device like this. I know you will be happy with this. If there is a need, we would buy another one.

👤I can't help but be amazed at what you can buy for so little money and just listen to it. I have two PCs in my setup and the fact that the Behringer AMP800 has two independent stereo inputs was important to me. The output power is more than adequate. The input lights on the amplifier barely come on at loud volumes because the headphones in the HD 515 and 595 are 50 ohms and are easily driven by this amplifier. You will need some adapters if you are using a PC. It is marketed for use in professional settings, as it uses a mono connection for the inputs and outputs. It can be a different type of amplifier altogether. You can get the female to mono at Radioshack or We have stereo connections for both the 3.5mm stereo female and the 1/4 stereo female. They are available. There is a I'll describe how it's connected and what purpose it's being used for before I talk about the sound quality. It is a versatile piece of equipment. There is a On input B. The Soundblaster X-fi Extreme Music is connected to my PC. I'm running a 3.5mm stereo cable from the left/right/main output that breaks out into twoRCA cables with a female to a mono cable on the end connected to input A left and right. I have a stereo amplifier that has a stereo RCA cable and a pair of 1/4" toRCA adapters. You can run headphones from theAMP800 with input A and turn off theAMP800 when not using headphones for the same source. Right there, it's pretty awesome. It is possible on input A. I have a PC that uses a C-Media chipset that offers 24 bit 96khz audio in Windows 7 and I have a Sound Card from Sabrent that I use to connect it. It is a simple way to connect a 3.5mm to stereo RCA cable. To turn up the volume on input B, you need to press the button on the headphones channel you are using. How does it sound with my gear? The sound of the sound cards that don't have a built-in headphone amplifier is really good. I've tried a lot of combo's including the Soundblaster Live 24 bit, SoundblasterXtreme Audio, Soundblaster X-fi surround, and various C-Media based sound cards of which I will review separately. You have to try different things to understand the sound signature of an amplifier. TheAMP 800 does a great job of keeping mids and highs very pronounced while having good bass output and no audible noise. It has a very good soundstage with both my HD 595s and HD 515s. The 595s are more neutral than the 515s and I can listen for hours on end with this amplifier. I also bought the Soundblaster X-fi HD and the FiiO E9 and they are better than this. The Behringer AMP800 is a great starting point for headphones that are reasonably priced and easy to drive. I did not discuss the uses for musicians when I called this amplifier versatile.



The headphones amplifier system is used for stage and studio applications. Virtually all types of headphones have the highest sonic quality. Up to six stereo mixes with individual balance controls are provided by 6 independent high-power amplifier sections. Each section can be adjusted for'more me' mixing. You can mix in any instrument or sound source with Stereo Aux input.

Brand: Behringer

👤I needed both budget headphones and a headphone amplifier when I set up a small home recording studio for our band. I like value for money and have a lot of other Behringer gear. The headphone amplifier does what it has to with a minimum of fuss. Documentation and instructions are scarce, but other than that, great value works exactly as expected, and no complaints.

👤I use this with my in ear monitor system and it works great.

👤After a few months, there are no problems with the settings.

👤Lleg en excelente condiciones.

👤This is a great amplifier. The sound is very clean. The price and delivery were great.

👤Muy practico y fcil de instalar.

11. BEHRINGER Power Amplifiers Silver Black HA8000V2

BEHRINGER Power Amplifiers Silver Black HA8000V2

The headphones amplifier system is used for stage and studio applications. Virtually all types of headphones have the highest sonic quality. There are 8 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections. Two stereo Main inputs for two independent mixes. Up to 8 individual stereo mixes are provided by 8 independent Direct inputs.

Brand: Behringer

👤The product is great for a good price. I bought this because I thought I would hear the input in the main if I put a direct input in the headphones. That's not the case. The main can only be heard on channels that don't have a direct input.

👤These units are great for budget wired in-ears. I use direct inputs on the back for my mixes. The signal will be unbalanced if you send it from your console/interface. If your equipment has less than 1/2 inch outputs, you could use dualTS to TRS. You can use a cable from the phone's outputs to make a PM1. You could use a standard extension cable, but it probably won't be as robust. I had a power supply fail on one of these units. The HA8000 V1 was the one. The model has been doing well for a year.

👤I use this to drive 7 pre-mix inputs for an In-Ear monitor system and couldn't be happier. The sound quality is great and it delivers enough amplification that we're no longer maxing out volume channels just to barely hear ourselves. If we expand, I can add another one of these channels. I don't know if it will last forever, but it's less expensive than other options and the sound quality is great.

👤I bought this because I needed to be able to turn off my monitors while recording vocal takes, everyone can plug their headphones in and hear the music, and it was very easy to install with my behringer interface.

👤The equipment arrived without proper packaging from the seller and without seals, only with a homemade tape which did not ensure that it was not used. The homemade tape was used for each internal item. When I tested the equipment, the volume knobs did not work well, it sounded good, but sometimes it didn't, and sometimes it did. When I increased the volume of the main output, I heard nothing and it affected my hearing, so I went to the doctor. They have not sent the new equipment yet.

👤When not connected to our snake, electrical interference results in a high pitch hum and 60hz hum in any port. The other cheap headphones are fine. Absolutely terrible. Don't buy. It is too late for me to return.

👤I wanted to combine and send out through multiple headphones and speakers, so I got this. You can only select one input per output using Mono inputs. I would give this 5 stars if I made a dumb mistake.

👤I have changed my opinion on this product. It was the most disgusting piece of equipment I owned. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt to Berhinger by removing the extension adapter from my power conversion. Viola! Problem solved! Very quiet. All mixes are very manageable. There is a This is a good choice if you need something to handle multiple mixes.

👤I bought this because of the headphone knob on my mixer that cuts out at the sweet spot in volume, but realized quickly that it has another great feature: Being able to switch between 2 sources instantly makes comparing a live recording to one that was recorded before super simple. The mono button works well too. The volume control goes loud very quickly, so it's not much to complain about. It would be deafening to have the level at the 12 oclock mark for more than a few minutes.


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