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1. Syba Headphone Amplifier Digital Coaxial

Syba Headphone Amplifier Digital Coaxial

The blue and orange light decorating vacuum tube is very suitable for home and desktop audio systems. The sound quality is restored and the noise reduction chip filters are more effective. You can enjoy the audio quality of the Fever if the recording standard is up to 24bit/ 96k. Mini Usb Rev. 1.1 or 2.03 has an interface. 5Mm input microphone. It was shared with the stereo. Up to 24bit/ 96Khz RcaAnalog Output. Stereo Headphone Jack3. The Mini Stereo Headphone Jack will be D if used. Ti Lm358 is an operation amplifier.

Brand: Syba

👤Works as advertised. If you are looking for a budget combo with mic pass through to game, this is it. It's good to Congrats! Buy it and enjoy it. If you want to enjoy music without the other stuff, look elsewhere.

👤If you have decent on board audio but want something with eq controls and a mic input, I would recommend this. If you want an external dac amplifier with a mic input, these headphones are a decent buy, but there are lots of bad reviews. I had a spare miniusb cable around and tried it, it didn't work. I no longer have the problem. This is a good dac amplifier. I would recommend it, but I would also buy a new miniusb cable.

👤The price is great for the Dac. I use it with my DT990 Pro and it runs great. The knob is only half used for gaming and casual listening. If I want to drown out the world, I turn it all the way. Why only 2 stars? It will randomly stop working from my PC. I usually take off my headphones or put them on. I would lose audio for a few minutes when it disconnected from my PC. I thought it was a driver issue, but I had the same problem with two other PCs, one being a laptop. I can reproduce the problem by taking my headphones off or putting them on. There is a I wish I could find a solution to the issue of the disconnected phone.

👤This was added to my video conferencing setup. Covid-19 has made me do about 10 video meetings with patients a day. I have to adjust the volume during calls since each person has different connection quality and equipment. It is impractical with on-screen controls or keyboard up-down controls. A simple plug-and-play cable is needed to connect this Headphone Amplifier to my PC. The volume knob has a linear response, so I can quickly change the volume. The audio amplifier has a back feed. There is only a small amount of digital noise from the jacks that is audible. If I choose to use the front output of my headphones, it will give me plenty of power for my earbuds, which will give a clear, undistorted sound.

👤The new black model of the Sonic seems to be this one. The model is similar to the older silver model. The audio quality when connected to the cans was excellent. Balance is perfect, separation is excellent, and there is no interference from the PC. I leave the bass boost switch on full time. You won't do better for less than $50.

👤$46 And it sounds good? This is the best option if you are on a budget or just starting to listen to music. I decided to give it a try after doing some research. I have no regrets. The V-Moda CrossFade Wireless 2 headphones sound great already, and with this it sounds even better. It is plastic. It is not flimsy at all. The volume knob on my unit was very smooth to use. It is my favorite feature. I had to play with the sound properties on the PC to get it to play. It's easy to do in the sound properties of the unit. It's worth it. There is a It came with one cable that works. The cable that came with it is not very good. I can see why some people would say that the cable gave some issues. I had multiple quality cables laying around and I didn't bother with the cable. If you don't have one, make sure you get a good one with some length. There is a I am very happy with this DAC/AMP. This little thing can do a lot and it's a steal. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

2. Topping ES9038Q2M Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier

Topping ES9038Q2M Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier

The dual ESSES9038Q2M SABRE HIFI DAC Chips have a full decoding function. You can support DSD512 Native and the full decoding via theusb. 2nd Generation 16 Core XMOS XU216, 4-PIN-XLR, and 1300mW X2 Output Power as low as 0.00010%. The preamp applicaion includes the DAC. The phone and receiver are connected to the internet.

Brand: Fanmusic

👤The value for money for the EX5 is amazing. I've used the optical,usb, andBluetooth inputs and they all sound great. I haven't used the input yet, but I don't think it's anything other than great. I can't add much to the other more comprehensive reviews other than to say that I have been using this for several hours per day since I got it and I really like it. I have a few points to make that I haven't heard before. Full use of the product 2 requires the remote control. The remote control doesn't come with batteries, you have to supply your own 2xAAA cells, and so far they are working great. I was not able to figure out what the problem was, the EX5 is picky about the ports. I have it working with both ASMedia and Intel, but there is one port on my board that doesn't work with the EX5 even though it does work with other devices. Suggestions for the next version if it wouldn't raise the cost too much. Automatic switch to inputs based on input starting to play When sound starts playing on another port 2, I would like to see the unit be able to switch from whatever current input is selected to a new port. It would be great if the input volume trim was adjusted. It seems that the input on my unit is quieter than the input on the other side of the world. 3. It would be nice to have one or two analog inputs, perhaps a 3.5mm input on the front, and aRCA on the back, since the headphone amplifier/preamp function is so high quality. It would be great if there was a way for the tinkerers to control the unit. There are a number of things that can be supported with a USB or i2s interface, such as on/off/volume adjustment, input selection, output selection, and so on.

👤I bought this as a potential upgrade from my previous purchase. I can't comment on the headphones or the device. The remote is different from what I am used to, but I think I will get used to it after a learning curve. The volume control is more intuitive and means no sound and 100 the highest volume. I used the outputs from the power amplifier to control the volume. I wanted this DAC to have more depth perception to the soundstage, as with the RCA connections, I can only use a tube buffer in the chain for that. A separate balanced DAC and additional balanced preamplifier are not a money saver. I have an old DVD player that has a digital coaxial output and a NEXUM tunebox that has an optical output. The optical input on my unit didn't work. The signal strength of the TB20 is normally displayed by a DAC, but the EX5 only displayed dash marks. It would play for a while and then stop. I didn't try to fix the problem, so it was a dealbreaker. The manual explained that if the signal was disrupted for more than a minute the sound would stop. Something I had never seen before. I think the problem is something Topping is aware of. Before the M200, the previous DAC worked, and the only issue was intermittent connection issues between the TB20 and my computer, but once connected, no issues with its signal to a DAC. Replacing the M200 back in the chain was a return to normal, no problem with the signal or the processing. There is a constant connection. I am aware of some reviews that claimed the Topping D30 has a superior soundstage but also an issue with it accepting signals from some CD player's digital outputs so that is not an option for me.

3. FiiO Q3 AK4462DAC Technology MobilePhone

FiiO Q3 AK4462DAC Technology MobilePhone

Ti Lm358 is an operation amplifier. The Q3 is able to support decoding up to 512kbps, thanks to AKM's new efficient AK4462 VELVET SOUND DAC and XMOS XUF208. The high power and low distortion of theAAA Amps are due to the patented feed-forward error correction topology. You will experience subtle details and shocking swings in your music with the Q3. Multiple jacks for headphones. You can connect all kinds of headphones with the Q3's balanced and single-ended outputs. The 3.5mm headphone output port has 150mW (16, THD+N1%), 160mW (32, THD+N1%), and 19mW (300, THD+N1%). The input interface is a type-C. The compatibility of its solution is ensured by the certification of the USB-IF. Thesycon official driver is compliant with the specifications of the device class. The Q3 can be used as a computer accessory. It can decode up to 32 bits. No driver is required for use with a Mac computer, while a Windows driver is required from FiiO's website.

Brand: Fiio

👤I bought this because my old portable DAC was cumbersome to use with my phone and was the last Micro-USB device in my travel kit. This allows me to ditch the micro cable, but also allows me to use a DAC/AMP without the Apple Camera Connector. I wanted a portable DAC/AMP that would allow me to play hard to drive headphones and not require a bunch of dongles, and this is it. There is a It's connected. This comes with a very hard to find item. The cable that works great is short. 3.5mm to 3.5mm is included with it. Whatever you use should be covered by what's included. You have a number of outputs that include 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm. There is a It also has a mesh carrying bag and rubber bands for attaching a phone to a player. There is a I do not have golden ears. It sounds very similar to my previous one. Both sound better than the Apple lightning. They drove my HD660Ss way into the realm of uncomfortable listening. There is a I purchased this so that I could listen to music while I'm away from my company's office or home. The amount of ports and cables make this a great piece of tech that I can use with my Mac or PC, and also pick headphones without having to remember a bag of adapters. If you don't think it will sound like a massive desktop setup, I think you will be happy with using this as a portable DAC/AMP. There is a I didn't like the feel of the knob. The bass boost makes things sound worse.

👤I purchased this with Apple doing full Lossless. I'm not sure if anything is taking advantage of it. You can force Apple Music to always play high-resolution files. It will give you a warning, which is what this thing should be. Apple music doesn't indicate that it's playing hi-Res when plugged into my Macbook pro. The light on my FiiO is blue. When I plug my headphones into my Macbook, Apple Music will play Full Dolby. The light on the device has only shown blue after I tried it with my new iPad pro. I need to do more testing, but it doesn't seem that any of my sources are passing it through at full quality.

👤I don't have a point of reference or anything to compare it to because this is the first portable amplifier that I bought. I like the accessories that come with it, but the main cable can't be replaced easily since fiio doesn't sell replacements. The cables are c to c. You just need to find a cable that has two right angle bends to route the cable properly. The rest of the cables are good, along with the little carry bag. There is a The device is sleek and small, but not as small as those clip on mp3 players. Think of it as similar to those thin metal battery packs that you can bundle up with your phone and you'll realize how small it is. There is a The connection options can be changed. If you connect anyusb cable to your computer, it will recognise it as a sound device. Changing the charge switch to off will keep your phone from trying to steal its battery. The output is limited to 2.5mm and 4.4mm by using the 3.5mm input. If you don't know what those are, use theusb c as the input. I wish the cable included was a bit more sturdy since it's the main cable used to connect your device. I see that the only cable they have is strsight, instead of right angle, and that they only have a replacement cable online. There is a I only have a few headphones that are good for testing, including the akg, Grado, SHP9500, and Sony WH- CH710N. Since my primary phone doesn't have a headphone jack, I had to use my computer and tablets. I can crank my headphones louder. I can't get my headphones loud enough to make them uncomfortable when plugged into the standard jack. This is a good thing for my hearing, but not the best for other things. I can barely go to max without hurting my ears with the amplifier. I have more control over the audio of my devices because of the extra headroom for volume. It is important to make sure your audio source is at max volume and to use the amplifier's volume knob to adjust your listening level. As far as being a dac. It's difficult for me to tell. If I was blind folded and you went back and forth between plugging it into the jack and the dac amplifier, there might be a difference I can't hear. I can't hear the sound, maybe it's cleaner or more defined. The device is more effective. I couldn't test the 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced ports since my headphones don't support that function. I didn't want to spend money on headphones that didn't have the balanced cable because I would have to pay more for the headphones that I already own. Balanced output is better and more powerful. Is $150 too much for this thing? Is that correct? Sort of? If you have the headphones that benefit from more power and a decent quality dac, I say get it. If you have headphones with balanced cables, you can try to power them. If you just need to get your headphones back, a dongle is the easiest solution.

4. FiiO E10K Headphone Amplifier Black

FiiO E10K Headphone Amplifier Black

The 2 Pack are more convenient. It is possible to put one in the office or home so you don't have to worry about it being lost. Charge and enjoy music. The floor is low. The unit has a bass boost circuit that is designed for a low noise floor in all states. The Internal DAC chip can handle up to 24bit/ 96 kHz files and can improve audio quality by using a linear filter and internal silence. The microusb connection provides power and also connects to your laptop. A sleek, brushed aluminum shell and chassis allow for portable use. The noise floor is unbelievably low. The lower noise floor of the active low-pass and BASS circuit designs ensures that your music is played back faithfully. The device is more compatible with theusb type-c. The outputs of the headphones/line/coaxial make it easier to connect to other equipment.

Brand: Fiio

👤Unless you want to spend more than $300, the only amplifier you'll need is one. I recently bought a pair of HD650 and tried out a few Amps, but none of them could power them properly. I have the FiiO K1 and like that littleusbamp very much, so I decided to give it a try. The updated version of the older E10 is called the E10K and it has a newer chip. This is a short review of the amplifier that I got the same day. The build quality is very nicely made with no sharp corner that can cut you. The material used in FiiO is of high quality. The rotating knob feels good during operation. I like the blue light on the front of the unit. Quite cool looking. I am using this unit with my headphones. It drives these cans with ease and is loud enough for you to hear. If you want good volume out of higher impedance headphones, you need to set the switch to high gain. For those people with the HD600/HD650, this will power them with no problem at all. FiiO hit it out of the park with this combo. After a few hours of breaking-in, the sound quality is warm and detailed. This amplifier works well with Windows 10. The bass boost was set to off and I used the equalizer setting. This thing is of the highest quality. Many of the more expensive Amps were put to shame. The best of my HD650 is brought out by the E10K. I think most people would like the sound of this amplifier. There is a It's hard to not recommend this DAC/amp for Hi-fi use because of its good look, ease of use, and great sound. The E10K could be found at a low price point thanks to modern technology. The unit has a very good DAC built into it. If you have a nicer pair of headphones, you should check out this item before spending more money on other equipment.

👤A very good amplifier for casual listening. I'm using it with a microphone. "It just works", no hassles setting it up. The package includes the amplifier, rubber feet, and a cable. When I'm at work and using a laptop with good onboard sound, and also when I'm traveling and have my phone, I get this amplifier. The improvement in clarity, sound stage, and low end response with my phone is amazing. This amplifier does not have a battery, so it must be plugged in at all times. You will need to purchase a microusb to femaleusb cable to use the phone. It's a bit cumbersome, but it's worth it. There is a This is unnecessary if you have a good desktop. Unless you have a good set of headphones, you won't notice a difference. It's a bit more difficult to use it with your phone if it's not portable. I think it's worth it. The only real burden is a couple extra wires in your pocket, because the amplifier is well built and only a few ounces. I've been having issues with a click sound when the audio starts or stops. The loud noise that comes from my phone is caused by the amplifier I use with it. I've found that turning down the gain on the amplifier to half can help with both of these issues.

5. Headphone Amplifier 96K Display 5 Segment Adjustment

Headphone Amplifier 96K Display 5 Segment Adjustment

A small 1/2U rack-mount system. The headphones have a golden ratio of 96K/24Bit and native CS4344 chip, which is closer to the quality of HIFI. It's suitable for the use of headphones in the range of 8 to 250. TheOLED display screen will show five segments. The display screen of the amplifier provides an intuitive visual experience when you set or adjust the built-in 5-band EQ. Look at the different types of music. The portable headphone amplifier with power, which is provided by the portable headphone amplifier with power, makes it to use anywhere and anttime. Three special connection cables are used to connect Apple and Android systems. There are three audio connection cables for the current popular desktop computers, mobile phones, and platform computers. The blue and metal polished texture shell look great. It's very suitable for carrying at the same time.

Brand: Moukey

👤The design of this dac is great, it has an oled screen that sets it apart from most others, and it also has a VU meter that plays to the music you are listening to. The volume wheel is not good, it takes a few clicks to get a response from the unit. There is only one custom preset you can change and it would be great if there were more custom preset available to save on the unit. I've tried changing out the cables on my IEM's and theusb cable that came with the unit, but it still produces the same hiss. When playing music and wearing headphones, the static/hiss is not significant. The unit doesn't have enough power to listen to with a high impedance pair of cans, you have to max the volume to 90- 100%, and it still doesn't seem like even remotely close to enough power to get a decent volume out. I bought this for a pair of IEM's and it seems to do well for what it was designed for. The price is right and the feature set is there, if you can live with the caveat, this is a nice little unit. There is a I returned this because of the issues with the screen freezing. The screen became unresponsive while the unit worked. I switched to a GSX300 because I was not sure if the unit I received was faulty.

👤I bought this to carry me until my higher end headphones get's through the delays. The real benefit to this is the ability to make some very basic adjustments to your headphones, but I can't say for certain, but it is a slight increase in volume compared to the typical headphone jack output. I hooked this up to both my HD6XXs and my PC38X, and the sound for me, especially on the far ends of the spectrum, seemed to be much more noticeable, but honestly you'd be hard pressed to hear much of any audible difference between this and a I don't think this will drive your power hungry headphones, as it could achieve an acceptable volume in my HD6xx 300ohm, but I feel like that took a toll on the dynamic range, so I wouldn't purchase this. It's a fun piece of tech to play around with and it's fairly decent. I don't think you should buy it expecting it to compare to anything north of this price range.

👤I didn't need a long cable running over my desktop because I just needed a small dac to plug my headset in. It works well and is a great experience. Definitely recommend.

👤The sound quality is pretty good, easy to setup with windows 10, the pictures make it look a little more professional than it actually is. The display shows a screen printed measure for frequencies that are missing, and the same trashy times new roman fonts found on all half baked Alibaba projects. I have had this for less than a day, but I wish the guys in production were as detail oriented as the guys in marketing.

6. FiiO Headphone Amplifier Computer Balanced

FiiO Headphone Amplifier Computer Balanced

Max. There is no load and the output power is 1.1V (3.2V peak-to-peak) at 3.5mm unbalanced output/ 2.2V (6.4V peak-to-peak) at 2.5mm balanced output. The Usb type-C DAC supports up to 32bit. It's convenient and safe to have a power supply via theusb port. Lineout single-ended/ balanced headphone output is one of the ports. The drive is high- performance.

Brand: Fiio

👤I got the K3 because I was looking for a good unit. The FiiO E10k and the FiiO Q1 Mk2 came up quite a bit. I was looking for something to use at my desk at home, but the Q1 Mk2's ability to be taken with me to use my laptop or even my phone appealed to me, since it would be a huge bonus to be able to use it with my phone. The K3 is new and has few reviews, but I decided to give it a try because of the recommendations of FiiO's other products. I thought it was much smaller than I expected. The K3 is barely larger than a container of Tic Tacs. It feels very well-built. The body is metal with a nice matt finish, the switches have a satisfying click, and the volume knob spins smoothly to avoid being changed. I plugged the K3 into my PC using theusb 1 mode and windows immediately set it as my default output device. I found the drivers on the K3's FAQ, but it was hard to find at first. I won't fault FiiO for that, because the driver didn't install properly on my first try, but I tried again and it worked right away. The sound coming out of my headphones when connected to the K3 is better than the output on the headphone jack. The quality is better and the volume is higher. Previously, I could set my volume to whatever I wanted in windows and listen to music in that way. If I set my volume to 100% on both my pc and K3 at the same time, I would definitely hurt my ears. I tried it out just to see how loud it could get, and I was able to set my headphones down on my desk since the sound coming out of it was so loud that it would pass for a decent set of desk speakers. Take that with a grain of salt, if you have headphones with significantly higher impedance, because Audio Technica M50x's are not hard to drive at all. I'm inclined to believe FiiO when they say these are fine for anything over 150. There is a "Mobile devices are not recommended" is what FiiO's FAQ says. I couldn't resist trying it. I assumed that it's more than small enough to take with you, that it's supposed to be self-contained, and that they weren't explicitly saying it wouldn't work with a phone anyway. I plugged it into my phone and set the K3 to be in the mode of a computer. I was expecting it to take some effort to get it to function, but it just started working. I can understand why FiiO says the K3 is not recommended to be used with phones. The K3 does not have a battery, which means that when plugged into your phone, it is draining your phone's battery for power. If battery life is not a concern for you, then it does work with android. There is a I wanted to see if I could solve the problem of draining the phone's battery. I got out a hub that I had laying around and plugged it into my phone. I plugged the K3 into the hub's Type A port using the cable that came with it, and plugged my phone's charging port into the hub's Type C port. I was going for that. My phone was charging at the same time as my K3 output my music, so I assumed it was normal. This mess of cables is not an ideal solution, but it does work. It's probably not a good idea to just walk around when you're sitting in a vehicle for a long time. If a power outlet isn't available, you could swap the wall charger for a battery bank and get the same effect. There is a I'm very happy with the K3 so far.

7. Bluetooth Preamplifier Headphone Amplifier Audio

Bluetooth Preamplifier Headphone Amplifier Audio

Sidetone- Sidetone control allows you to change the sound of your voice in your headset. In to your friends. Douk Audio P1 Preamp has been acclaimed by countless audiophiles worldwide, now they upgrade 6J5 to JAN5654 / GE5654 tubes according to their feedback, the sound quality will be greatly improved. P1 can be used as a HiFi tube Preamp, ausb DAC or a headphone amplifier with HiFi clear, warm, dynamic, sweet tube sound, bringing extremely high-quality sound. There is a support for APTX-HD lossless transmission in the qCC3034). Matching well with many audio devices such as iPod, Phone, MP3 players, TV, Blu-ray players, and CD players, the PC-USB is compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux system. The NE5532 opamp+classic 47 headphone amplifier architecture can drive headphones with a sound quality of up to 300 hertz, and a bypass switch is specially designed to turn on/off the tone control, more convenient to enjoy original sound or obtain more delicate sound with a bass control knob The blue and orange light decorating vacuum tube is very suitable for home and desktop audio systems.

Brand: Douk Audio

👤This is based on my initial impressions of the item. I'm impressed. A great sounding amplifier. It was very well made. There were no complaints about the quality of construction. You don't know what you're going to get with this price range. There is a The bass and treble controls add to the P1's usefulness. I think they're analog. When they're set flat and then taken out of the signal path, I don't notice a change in sound quality. Having the ability to remove them completely is a plus. Even with the stock tubes, this sounds great. I have two things on hand for comparison. I've had a iFi Zen DAC as well. This little gem is better than all of them. It is more open and multidimensional. Better dynamics. It's just so sweet. There are tons of volume available. I like volume levels in real life. If you're on the fence about this, place the order. If you regret it, I will be shocked. I have done 2 tube upgrades since getting this. Riverstone Audio matched GE JAN 5654w and Voskhod Rocket 6J1P-EV/6ZH1P-EV matched pair from Tonal Tubes. You can detail out the a** with the Voskhods.

👤You say I could have fixed my PC audio problems for $100? Digital audio coming out of the PC is inferior to analog, I have always believed that. I know this is mostly a matter of taste, so that is what I like. I like the sound of R2R and Vinyl, it has a warmth and depth that fills the room. The sound coming from the PC was not as good as I had been led to believe. I was skeptical when I bought it, but I decided to take a risk. I've spent more than $100 on software and other products to try and get the sound of my music right. I was a big fan of Winamp on the PC, but then I discovered R2R and high quality vinyl, and I couldn't go back. I used Stereo Tool and MusicBee to get a decent sound out of my Alienware R17, which was equipped with NVIDIA. I couldn't get the sound of the ONKYO surround receiver to be as good as the one I was connected to. This is a little amplifier. A small box has a small amplifier, 2 bulbs, power cable and ausb cable. How much change can this make if you compare it to the ONKYO receiver? I set up the bulbs, plug them in, start MusicBee, and then select the right output. The sound that came out was amazing. The speakers and receive are the same. No software, no tweaking the sound, just stream to the preamplifier via theusb. This is the best investment I've ever made. Can't tell the difference between this and R2R. Get one of these immediately.

👤The sound quality is good, nothing perfect, but it has a little noise in the sound, but it's made by my computer sound card. The Bass and Treble control is very useful, it works perfectly, and the volume button works very well. I loved the design and it adorns my office. The power button has a light on it. It also has three switches for choose tubeLED color, tone, and input. When the amplifier is on, the two tubes don't heat up much. The gold plated 3.5mm headphone jack doesn't work well with my headset. There is a I tested all the input options and found that theUSB is better than theRCA, but I can't use the computer's built-in cable to connect theusb to my computer. I'm using the RCA cable, but I'll use theusb if possible. I didn't see a big difference in sound quality between the two, but the only way to get the cable to my computer was with energy and video cables.

8. Luxury Precision Portable USB Headphone

Luxury Precision Portable USB Headphone

Improving the quality of music. The low bit rate audio file will be raised to 48KHz/96KHz/192KHz through the hardware SRC function, so as to make the sound more natural and smooth. The performance is high-fidelity. L&P has equipped the latest W2 with two high- performance flagship-grade chips. The high-resolution audio signal decoding provided by the CS43198 is thanks to its low-power consumption. The L&P W2 is equipped with top-of-the-line professional audio chips collaborating on their specialties to bring an authentic true-to-life high-resolution audio experience for its users. They are pretty sure you will love the sound of the W2. One with the SPDIF output. The L&P W2 is the only one that has a SPDIF Output. A new solution with improved clarity and signal transmission can be achieved with L&P's professional output. A balanced phone out. The L&P W2 has two different output ports. There are two 3.5mm single-ended headphone output ports. They have a power output of up to 230mW. The power supply for the W2 has been designed by Luxury & Precision. It has a separate power supply for the chips. The source device's battery is protected by the low power of the two chips.

Brand: Luxury & Precision

👤The sound quality on this thing is comparable to my Astell & Kern SE 100, which is a $1500 product. It's an accomplishment to be compared to a product that costs 5x as much, but SE 100 is a lot more versatile and has better sound quality. The sound quality of L&P's W2 was better than any other portable DAC I've tried. I will be returning. This is for my main portable DAC. There are a few things that need to be fixed. It's a pain in the butt to update firmware in Chinese. To update it manually, you need to download the firmware from a random Chinese website. 2. Volume control can only be done on the device when plugged into a PC.

👤Have Fiio m15, Fiio m11, lotoo paw s1, and ikko zerda as desktop computers. I have had Hiby r3 and Ibasso dx300. There is a The best is this little sucker. I don't know how they did it, but they have a great soundstage, image, and dynamics in a small package that seems to complement everything I have. All my iems sing, like 10 pairs. It reminds me of hiby r3 with the same dac chip but it was limited and couldn't access Amazon or Apple Music. I might sell some stuff as this little bad boy has my heart. The only gripe is connecting cables which are white and similar to apple cables which are not very durable and get dirty. There is a It does draw battery faster than others but not enough to be a deal breaker.

👤The L&P W2 has an impressive dynamic range illustration, the response from one note to another is quick, and the impluse response is quicker than FiiO. M11pro's. I tried with modern high end IEM like qdc Anole VX, UM MEST, Softears, Thie Audio Monarch, and Moondrop Variations. FiiO M11Pro is $750, HifiMan HM801 is $700, and Astell & Kern AK70 is $800. The sound of the piano hammer hitting the string, the kick of the bass drum, all with very realistic presence, can be heard on Moondrop Variation's bass driver. I think spatial coordination is still behind M11Pro, but it is definitely a great option for $300 compared to DAPs that cost more than 2 or 3x of this DAC. If connecting directly to wires doesn't bother you, W2 is an option to boost your phone.

👤The unit doesn't work with the phone. You can only turn up to 70 with the high pass setting set. It starts clipping when you turn it up. I went through 2 different cables and found the same problem. The vendor told me to try another cable after I called to explain my problem. I found out about this issue from online sources. I had to return the W2's and cables. It won't work correctly if you use it with an Apple device.

👤Not sure what the other reviewer was doing. It works with the supplied cable.

👤It only worked briefly with my iPad, despite the fact that it comes with a lightning cable that connects the W2 to an iPad or an Apple device. Then it stopped working. It does not connect with the iPad. If you are looking for a miniature amplifier to use with an iPad or an Apple device, avoid the W2.

9. FiiO Amplifier Resolution Headphone Portable

FiiO Amplifier Resolution Headphone Portable

Their worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service are what you get withPH06 Amp. The K5 Pro ESS headphones come with a high level of resolution sound and achieve new heights in sound quality. The XUF208 is a chip that can decode up to 512kbps and has a DSD128 input, and it also upports mobile phone communication. The K5 Pro ESS amplifier has a variety of inputs, with optical and coaxial inputs, which are convenient for connecting various music players and digital interface. The K5 Pro ESS portable DAC can be used with a variety of active speakers and has a variety of outputs. The K5 Pro ESS desktop amplifier can easily handle any low or high impedance headphones, with a total power output of up to 1.5 W under a 32 load and up to 20Vpp at 300. With the K5 Pro ESS portable headphone amplifier, you can adjust volume with ease without any noise or channel imbalances. It means that you could use headphones with all kinds of sensitivities.

Brand: Fiio

👤It works great, easy setup, drives my headphones with ease, using a knob about half way up. Amazon Music knows the format setting. I would like to have the ability to dim or turn it off. I had to change my default format to 16-bit 44.1khz in Windows. You don't need to set it to 768khz anyways, because Windows only allows it to be set to 32-bit. Don't think there's a need for a workaround. A Windows limitation is not a problem with the DAC.

👤I upgraded to the K9 Pro and returned the unit. Why am I still giving it a rave review if I returned it? For the money, this is a great amplifier. There is plenty of power to your headphones. The layout of the unit is very straight forward and simple, with a large potentiometer that controls the power and volume. The source and flip switches are used for gain. The input for the headphones. A lightweight amplifier that performs well is very easy to use. I used this amplifier to drive my Audeze headphones and it provided a lot of amplification. I used the amplifier in low gain and it still got loud. There is a There are a few reasons I decided to upgrade to the K9 Pro. Being able to stream music from my phone was something I really wanted. I wanted to be able to use balanced cables. I was looking for a solution that would help reduce the noise while I was using the optical SPDIF input. My television is notorious for having all of those things, so I tried many, many solutions in order to mitigate that, including digital reclockers, different cables, HDMI extractors, etc, and what I landed on was the Fiio K9 Pro. This isn't a knock on the K5. This is a $200 amplifier. This review is a reason for me to explain that the K5 Pro would still be in my system even if I didn't want any of those things. Pro is a great value. This Fiio unit is a great value and it has a high quality sound.

👤Plug and Play on Linux is what this unit works well for. The sampling rate on Windows 10 has to be adjusted manually. There is a The volume control is digital so there is no imbalance. There is a The sound quality of the K5 Pro is great. Gain switch allows you to play highly sensitive IEMs and power high impedance headphones. It drives my stereo speakers. There is a The K5. Pro is not as heavy as you would think. There is no worry about it there. There is a I wish I'd bought this earlier.

👤I decided to try this to drive my HiFiMan He4XX. Does a great job. When I don't feel like using my headphones, I have these going to my sound bar. The quality and sound is good. The quality of the knob and switches is satisfying. Drivers plug and play on windows 11 pro. I did not install fiio software. There is a I wish it was a little heavier when I plug my headphones in.

10. FiiO Headphone Portable Coaxial E10K TC

FiiO Headphone Portable Coaxial E10K TC

You can use theusb digital audio convert to the coaxial digital audio output. The bass boosting circuit is switchable. The maximum audio format is 32bit. The model now has a Type-C port. The model now has a Type-C port.

Brand: Fiio

👤At max volume, it's barely passable for listening, but you would think this would be able to power my 250 ohm Beyerdynamic DT770s. There is a If you have lower power headphones, the device is fine.

👤I am using this with a Sennheiser HD58x, which can get decent volume without an amplifier, and I have a few thoughts. I don't know how to describe it. The effect feels more alive and expansive but not quite as much as it might be. 2. The bass boost is okay. I will listen to music with it, but I will turn it off and set my own sound system to make the bass sound better. 3. The blue light on the device is too bright in a dark room. 4. Since this is an amplifier, it would be nice if it could be used with a PC. 5. I wish the device was bigger with rubber feet or smaller with a battery. 6. When you don't have any audio playing, the noise floor disappears, it's amazing, but you have to wonder if it's on or not. I think this is a pretty good deal, and while the sound improvement was not great, the fact that I can tell a difference at all is good enough for me.

👤I'm a medical transcriptionist and I need an inline amplifier because my new work platform lacks a separate volume control. I was told by research that adding a DAC chip would be a worthwhile upgrade over my office computer's onboard audio, and this looked like an update of a well-reviewed product. There is a Wow! Some of the background noise is gone and the voices are more distinct. My productivity has increased by up to 50%, with the most sardonic dictators showing the biggest improvement, because of the increased speed on the tapes. I had to take a star from the small volume control knob because of my fat fingers, but this little amplifier has paid for itself in a couple of days. There is a Music sounds better as well.

👤I wanted a little amplifier to use on my headphones as I listen to music a lot and the volume was just way to quiet using the onboard sound. The volume had to be lowered from 100 to 50-60. If I wanted to, I could blow out my ears. The bass boost button distorts bass so I don't use it and don't really recommend others use it, but this is quite the bang for your buck as a mini amplifier that works off the power of the internet.

👤The device makes my Pros sing. Hearing details I would have missed is great for gaming. Highly recommended, PC drivers work well.

👤I bought this amplifier to power my TYGR 300 R and it was absolutely worth it. The EK10 was able to power the 32 ohm 300 R, but it was not enough to make it sound good. I could turn up the volume on the EK10 if I wanted to. The sound has been great. I highly recommend this little amplifier. The sound is clear. These headphones are amazing. It took me a little longer to get used to them, but they are great.

11. Sennheiser 1000 Gaming Audio Amplifier

Sennheiser 1000 Gaming Audio Amplifier

The drive is high- performance. The Proprietary High-Tech Audio Engine Delivers Spatial Awareness And Positional Game Audio. The game audio details are delivered. Save up to four different sound settings on the Led Touch Panel, which allows one-touch mode switch, and make quick adjustments with a large aluminum volume ring. Eq settings gives you precise control of your game audio with a Dedicated Dac chip. There are audio preset for competitive gaming focus and balance sound frequencies. Sidetone- Sidetone control allows you to change the sound of your voice in your headset. In to your friends.

Brand: Epos Gaming

👤I was 12th place in the season 3 of the game. The most important rating is kill rating. The surround of the Astro Mixamp Pro TR was turned off because it was terrible. I didn't have anything to compare it to. I ordered this to see if the difference in sound and image within the game was different. I used my wife's Game One's for the test. I landed in a random spot on the map and had my wife land far away and run towards me and then circle around me. I was able to hear her further away with the GSX 1000 and I was able to find her blindfolded. I did the same thing with my Astro Mixamp. I could see footsteps further away with the GSX. Is it worth more than $16X? I am not sure. I would say yes for between $100 and $125. I am going to blindfold myself and play the game in stereo to see if there is a difference with the 7.1. I can hear sounds behind my player infinitely better than the Astro, but I haven't found out why, because we were limited on time for the test. I will get more information about that and the Schiit test before making a decision. I will update this review after that.

👤When the GSX 1000 was announced for release on 3rd November, I bought it immediately, so I had a few days of testing it. I feel that another honest and thorough review is needed as there is only one currently on the UK. This unit is marketed for people who play video games, and it does a great job at that. I haven't heard a unit that can match it's performance for virtual surround in first person shooter games. The sound is very much outside of your head when using the technology. I've been using a pair of HD598SE for testing, and I feel like they are close to what the average owner of this product will connect it with. There is a It's great for creating. An audio environment that is atmospheric and very real sounding. It can take a while to get used to a stereo representation that is close to your ears. It can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of information being thrown at you. We get used to it over time. It will show that it is vastly superior to any other audio solution. There is a It's marketed as an amplification device, but I would call it a gaming dac with a headphone outhed, if that makes sense. The amplifier does not power demanding headphones very well and will sometimes require me to turn it up to near 100%, when watching videos on YouTube. It handles games and other things well, but for some videos where the volume is low, I would like a bit more power to spare. I tried to connect my HD800S. It is a great test for any amplifier to be connected to a pair of headphones and I don't expect anything from it. The results were expected. The presentation in music is very harsh. The amplifier doesn't have the power or control that is required for music. In less demanding tasks like Counter Strike, it was a nice experience and the GSX 1000 really showed it's strengths when very demanding material didn't expose it's weaknesses. There is a This is only a test of the limits of the unit and not a test for the purpose of the unit. I would have liked it to be more than a one-trick-pony for gaming at this price. There is a I am spoiled by high end audio equipment, so I am really sad that the GSX 1000 does not have a optical output, so that people who only want to add the binaural DSP signal, to their existing audio setup, would be able to do so... It would be great to be able to hook the GSX 1000 up to better amplifier and dacs, as it is not a unit which excelled at anything but it's DSP. I think this product is for the hardcore gaming community, with deep pockets and preference for pin point audio, and above everything else. It's not limited to the Creative Sound blaster ZxR, Creative Sound blasterX G5 or the Xonar EssenceST, which are some heavy-hitters in the computer audio market. It's sound quality isn't as good as the G5 but it's better. The sound stage is wall to wall and pin point accurate. It's presented in a way that is natural for my tastes. If you purchase the GSX 1000, you can adjust the room setting on the unit to get your preferred surround experience. This one can do it all, so you won't have to settle for one specific surround presentation. I leave mine at 7.1 in gaming with headphones on. The movie setting, music, and gaming all sound weird. There is no bass or treble in the game. You can hear footsteps, but they sound sterile. There is a The kids want music and movies to enhance the bass and the bass only enhances the bass when compared directly. There is a The movie setting only gives a slight boost to the bass without making the treble harsh like the music setting would, so I would never use one of them. This can provide for a more intense experience. There is a The surround sound setting is useless. Why would you want your presentation to sound like everything is in front of you? There is a The setting on the headphones doesn't do anything to my ears. There is a Most of the settings seem to be pointless. I like to set it to headphones and 7.1. This should sound natural if you have a good pair of headphones. There is a This little gaming beast is great for it's intended purpose and the average gaming enthusiast with entry to mid tier headphones will be blown away by it's performance in first person shooter games. It is a serious audio reproduction tool that can do more than just gaming and casual movie watching with it's impressive 7.1 surround. The binaural DSP is a solid 10/10 for gaming. I give it a 5/10 for its great audio reproduction. I show this product's weakness when compared to great audio equipment, so don't think that this product is bad. The product is a good one for any average/competitve gaming enthusiast, as it's strengths outweigh it's weakness, and you won't be buying the GSX 1000 for anything other than gaming, and for that reason, I give the product as a whole a solid This snobby criticism is brought up because the company that created this product is Sennheiser. There is a This product is a dream of a game player and makes them unload in their pants. Is it worth it to you? 4 out of 5 stars. It works at it's intended purpose. It's the best I've ever heard. It leaves a little to be desired by audio enthusiasts because of the price, amplifier quality and lack of optical output.


What is the best product for headphone amp dac?

Headphone amp dac products from Syba. In this article about headphone amp dac you can see why people choose the product. Fanmusic and Fiio are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone amp dac.

What are the best brands for headphone amp dac?

Syba, Fanmusic and Fiio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone amp dac. Find the detail in this article. Fiio, Moukey and Fiio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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