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1. Rolls PM50s Personal Monitor Amplifier

Rolls PM50s Personal Monitor Amplifier

The mic is in and pass through. Lift on the ground. A mono or stereo monitor input. The phone outputs are 1/6 inch and 1/2 inch. It's loud.

Brand: Rolls

👤I need to listen to my drummer's click track. I would run a line with a splitter to him and take a regular set of cheap earphones and cut the right plug off so that I have a single plug that I put in my ear for the 3 or 4 songs that I need. I put the ear plug into my left ear when I have my powered floor monitor on. I found it hard to hear my music as I plugged my ear into the monitor. There is a I was able to use the THRU jack on my powered monitor to put my monitor mix into the headphones with the click of a button, because I found this little gem with it's 2 channels. Problem solved. There is one thing to note. I had to buy an attenuator because the powered speaker's level was line level. The input on the Rolls mic is level and would clip no matter how low you set it. I was able to buy a -20db attenuator for cheap on Ebay from a seller in England. It was under $7 shipped. Don't buy a -50db attenuator for $35. At least not in this case. The cheap one works well.

👤My drummer swears by them, he told me about it a while back. There is a He is correct. There is a I waited so long before going in-ears because I didn't know how much control the Rolls gave me. There is a If you need to learn new songs for the band, you can mic your amplifier at home, run a feed from your phone or tablets, and have the volume in your ears as loud as you want it. There is a Sturdy build, should last a while. Excellent product, really can't recommend this unit enough.

👤The venue we are using for the church worship band is an acoustic nightmare. We use electronic drums and have on-stage amplifier. We wanted to eliminate stage monitor noise and give our musicians control of their monitor mix, so we got into an Aviom personal monitor system. I couldn't convince our purse holders that the expense was justified, so I built a 6 station system using Rolls PM50s, PM351 Personal Monitor Amps and a PS16 power station/distribution hub. I'm under $500 and we accomplished our goal. The sound tech sends a nice mix to the PS16. Each musician can use the " More Me Box" to set the main mix level and his personal instrument level, where he wants it in his monitors. We've stopped using wedge monitors. The boxes are built in the USA and are easy to use. Our production quality has gone up. This product is very good.

👤I design and install sound systems. I was recently asked to build out a new system with a limited budget and in- ear monitors. These in-ears boxes were at a discounted price. The plan was to use the mic input and mic on each box. The output from the board was too loud and would clip the PM50s, making them useless in this way. To remedy this, I used the boxes that were designed and made to run the board output into the correct input. The max input volume on the XLR input is -20db and the max input volume on the TRS input is 40db. I would have known about this issue if I had read the manual.



Personal monitor applications can use in- ear monitor amplifier. High power and drummer proof headphones. Two-channel mono or stereo operation is possible with dual XLR inputs. Stereo/mono operation with mix function is switchable. Controls for level and balance.

Brand: Behringer

👤I have a long history with Behringer products. Most of my experience has been mediocre. The quality has always been hit and miss but for me, it was mostly misses. Recently, Behringer seems to have switched gears and are buying up some well known manufacturers and making an effort to establish themselves as a legitimate pro audio leader. I've been paying attention to their recent offerings. I use IEMs to play drums. I started looking at the usual suspects when I needed a headphones amplifier. I don't mind paying for quality gear, but I am not a gear snob. The mic stand mount, belt clip, and XLR inputs are some of the cool features of the Behringer. I thought it was worth checking out because it was small and cheap. I could always return it if I didn't like it. I am still using it a year later. It fits the bill for me. Is it high quality? No. It has enough output to work well for me in the environment. The low end is solid and the top end is not too harsh. If you are using consumer earbuds, you may not get the same results. I use custom molded triple driver ear monitors that are up to the task and offer a lot of isolation from the ambient drum and stage volume. The P1 is usually at the top of its output range. If you run a clean signal to the amplifier, don't overdrive the inputs. The unit earns 4 stars despite some negatives. The power supply is not included, which is really silly. The battery option is nice, but probably not used a lot. This is a wired unit, meaning you are going to be relatively stationary, so a power supply over a battery is a no-brainer. Only two inputs, the other one being the XLR inputs. It would be great if one of the XLRs had a combo connection that could be used with a TRS input. You may need to add some extra cables. Limiter can't be bypassed. The compressor/limiter on my console is more musical and precise than the one on the IEM processor. I get it as a safety feature for beginners, but make it a jumper or something internal that has to be intentional and that would likely discourage most people from bothering with it. This unit was a pleasant surprise. It has been a year since I bought it.

👤I bought the PowerPlay amplifier from Amazon to use in the field. I need something rugged with balanced inputs in a demanding environment. The device is perfect. I don't think that the output level is too low, even though others have said so. Unless the level control is nearly off or the mixer level is dropped, efficient closed-cup drives like Sony 2506 are too loud. A 20 dB pad is welcome. The small device is easy to use on inefficient phones like the open cup Sennheiser 650's. I can monitor from any available output or stage box return from any rack mixers which usually don't have headphones.

3. Headphone Amplifier Balanced Audio Headsets

Headphone Amplifier Balanced Audio Headsets

The pre-amp appplication includes the DAC. H2 can reproduce a high-quality audio source from a computer/ CD player with excellent separation, resolution, sound field, clean background, 6.35mm headphone jack and XLR outputs, specially designed for headsets of different types. Hifi warm & sweet tube sound can improve everything about your music, such as transparency, immediacy, richness, tone, and so on. It sounds warm and delicate, full and mellow, and pleasing. The circuit andamp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp Independent L/R balance adjustment can adjust the balanced of two channels to get the best working performance. It is possible to match low/medium/high gain with different kinds of audio sources that have different output levels. 2PCS for pre-amplification provides rich sound details and larger dynamic range. There is an attractive appearance and model with a display that shows working status in real time. The black aluminum alloy is very durable and cool for the people who have different headphones.

Brand: Douk Audio

👤There are no reviews on this item yet. Audio gear is getting more affordable. The Linsoul Xduoo MT-604 Tube + Transistor hybrid headphone amplifier is sub-$200 and has been popular. I decided to sell my $2600 headphone gear because of that amplifier. I tried the Douk Audio amplifier when I thought it was my last one. I was blown away. How could two under 200 a s ound so good? I used the same balanced DAC on both of them. Everyone likes their music to sound a certain way, so your search is not dependent on how you like it to sound. You need to find an input signal that doesn't come from your phone. That will be the most expensive part of your setup. I am using a Denon DNP 800NE internet player and using the optical out into my DAC. That is where you use your phone. You can use the Denon, Bluesound, whatever you want. It should have an app on your phone that connects to the player. The quality of your headphones is not as important as the source signal. There is a The Douk Audio Amp is not fancy. Press the volume knob twice to get to the menu, select the input source (balanced or rca), set the gain (low, medium, high), and adjust the L/R audio signal which helps me since I can't hear well in my house. That is all. Douk Audio has a great sound for an affordable price. I drove my Sony Z1R's and they sounded great. The increase in gain levels is powerful enough to drive my 300 ohm 820's at any gain setting. There is a Thank you Douk Audio for the piece of tube/transistor hybrid gear. I believe this is just the beginning of a flood of affordable gear that will satisfy ninety percent of us on a budget.

4. THX AAA 789 Headphone Amplifier

THX AAA 789 Headphone Amplifier

The model now has a Type-C port. The Drop + Thx Achromatic Audio Amplifier (Thx Aaa) is a Linear Bipolar Amplifier with Feed-Forward Error Correction. It features the company's. Thx Aaa groundbreaking Feed-Forward Topology reduces distortion by 20 to 40 Db. The Thx Aaa 789 Amp Transmits The Original Audio. It is the most pure possible form. Each channel of The Thx Aaa 789 has additional features. The Amp has a low-Bias Class-Ab main amplifier and an auxiliary error-Correction amplifier.

Brand: Drop

👤This is a great product, and well thought out and packaged, and it sounds great. The through hole soldering that they had some monkey-wrench do is a complete disaster. There are black burned flux bridges, some pins are only half covered with solder, and others have solder shorts to the ground plane. After initial cleaning with a toothbrush and spray, there was some leftover flux. The solder iron was set too hot and the technician did not clean it often. The solder job is not as good as the rest of the product. It was horrible and totally unprofessional to solder. Look at photos. The pins would short out in the first couple months of use. If you bought this, I urge you to have it cleaned and re-soldered by a professional. I can only give it two stars because of the major quality issue. It would be five if not for that.

👤If you're not using the balanced XLR output and balanced in with a 4v Dac source you might not be getting enough juice for low floor recordings. I replaced it with the Monoprice 887 because I preferred the build and controls of this. There is a The warranty was the only reason. It wasn't worth the nice feeling gain switch knob with the detent if there were too many instances of Drops QC being unreliable. 3 years for monoprice is not a brainer to me. There is a The monoprice seems to produce more power. The Drop 789 would be better for IEMs. Something to think about with ultra low impedance guys. There is a The Sp200 from Smsl is the best value of the THX, other than the horrible linear channel imbalance prone volume pot. There is a If you don't need the power, then the Jds Atom is 888-739-5110 At quarter price, the level of cleanliness is the same.

👤I don't write reviews on Amazon. I'm going to show you how much I love this amplifier. There is a There is a lot of power. Even with IEMs, the noise floor is notexistent. Aesthetics and build. I don't think I said anything that hasn't been said before, but this is looking like the last amplifier I'll ever buy. Oh and Drop dropped the price to $300. There is a This is the better product at the new $300 price-tag, if you're choosing between the SP200 and this. It has an extra output in the front and looks better. My opinion.

👤This is my first serious amplifier. I'm coming from an entry level. After reading and watching many reviews, I decided to purchase this one because I need more power after purchasing a pair of HD6XX. I can now drive my headphones properly. I have had a positive experience with the unit. I am using the Ifi Zen Dac as my source.

5. S M S L AAA 888 Balanced Headphone Ampliļ¬er

S M S L AAA 888 Balanced Headphone Ampli%EF%AC%81er

Each channel of The Thx Aaa 789 has additional features. The Amp has a low-Bias Class-Ab main amplifier and an auxiliary error-Correction amplifier. The amplifier can be used to drive a variety of headsets, including those that have high impedance, require high current, or need high sensitivity. The SP200 Headphone Amp comes with a power supply and inputs. The high-efficiency ultra-low noise power supply is included with the SP200, and it comes with a balanced stereo line input. Full protection with DC, over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit. Gain control, operation, and input selection are possible with a switch.

Brand: Fanmusic

👤So the tech. It's a real game change and the fact that you can now get a separate revision is amazing. For convenience, the balanced output/input is there. The benefits of balancing are rendered meaningless because of the low noise floor. It's difficult to use very sensitive IEM's and headphones with only two gain settings. I don't need high gain on cans. You don't need to upgrade to this if you have a 789. If you don't have an amplifier. This is the amplifier to get. Period.

👤I have this thing and I know it. I expected that. It exceeded. The same clean and distortion free sound is provided by the slightly cheaper built THX789. 6WPc is insane. It was a bit of an issue for IEM's and super efficient things to only have Medium and High gain. This is not a balanced amplifier. It has balanced inputs and balanced outputs, but not a true balanced setup. Don't cry. The main benefit is a lower noise floor, but you can't make out a difference because THX tech already grants you the lowest floor possible. It is a bit warm to the touch. I wouldn't leave it on for long. The volume knob could be adjusted in a better way. There is a The box is a parallelogram. I can't take away a star from these issues. Sounds great!

👤The THX Amps are clean, as advertised, but they suffer from compression, which is something very few people are willing to talk about, or just don't realize. The dynamics are lacking, this is a problem with headphones, but the amplifier should not be contributing, and the SMSL THX 888 has this problem quite a bit worse than the 887 and 788 from monoprice. I've heard that the massdrop thx 789 is the best of the THX, but I haven't had a chance to compare it to the SMSL. I was looking to replace my 788 as the digital volume, but I wasn't happy with the lack of clean dac bypass, and the unit itself sounds pretty good. I thought I'd pick up the su8 and the SP200 and they would sound the same. I noticed immediately that the SMSL sounded much inferior to the 788. I thought it was dacs, as you can't use the 788's dac, so I used it as a combo with the su8 into sp200. I can confirm that this is worse after using the 788 as a dac with the RCA out into the SP200. The 887 was released at the same time I was testing the SP200, and it was almost identical in sound to the 788. I returned the sp200 and the su8 and am using the 887. If you really want to see what's going on with the budget thx amplifier, you can check out the benchmarkhpa4 and see what's going on. The lower end THX Amp is vastly inferior to that one. People think clean is all that matters. It doesn't mean they're delivering the same sound quality. It's not coloring it. I was naive enough to believe that they were all the same.

6. Topping ES9038Q2M Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier

Topping ES9038Q2M Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier

The dual ESSES9038Q2M SABRE HIFI DAC Chips have a full decoding function. You can support DSD512 Native and the full decoding via theusb. 2nd Generation 16 Core XMOS XU216, 4-PIN-XLR, and 1300mW X2 Output Power as low as 0.00010%. The preamp applicaion includes the DAC. The phone and receiver are connected to the internet.

Brand: Fanmusic

👤The value for money for the EX5 is amazing. I've used the optical,usb, andBluetooth inputs and they all sound great. I haven't used the input yet, but I don't think it's anything other than great. I can't add much to the other more comprehensive reviews other than to say that I have been using this for several hours per day since I got it and I really like it. I have a few points to make that I haven't heard before. Full use of the product 2 requires the remote control. The remote control doesn't come with batteries, you have to supply your own 2xAAA cells, and so far they are working great. I was not able to figure out what the problem was, the EX5 is picky about the ports. I have it working with both ASMedia and Intel, but there is one port on my board that doesn't work with the EX5 even though it does work with other devices. Suggestions for the next version if it wouldn't raise the cost too much. Automatic switch to inputs based on input starting to play When sound starts playing on another port 2, I would like to see the unit be able to switch from whatever current input is selected to a new port. It would be great if the input volume trim was adjusted. It seems that the input on my unit is quieter than the input on the other side of the world. 3. It would be nice to have one or two analog inputs, perhaps a 3.5mm input on the front, and aRCA on the back, since the headphone amplifier/preamp function is so high quality. It would be great if there was a way for the tinkerers to control the unit. There are a number of things that can be supported with a USB or i2s interface, such as on/off/volume adjustment, input selection, output selection, and so on.

👤I bought this as a potential upgrade from my previous purchase. I can't comment on the headphones or the device. The remote is different from what I am used to, but I think I will get used to it after a learning curve. The volume control is more intuitive and means no sound and 100 the highest volume. I used the outputs from the power amplifier to control the volume. I wanted this DAC to have more depth perception to the soundstage, as with the RCA connections, I can only use a tube buffer in the chain for that. A separate balanced DAC and additional balanced preamplifier are not a money saver. I have an old DVD player that has a digital coaxial output and a NEXUM tunebox that has an optical output. The optical input on my unit didn't work. The signal strength of the TB20 is normally displayed by a DAC, but the EX5 only displayed dash marks. It would play for a while and then stop. I didn't try to fix the problem, so it was a dealbreaker. The manual explained that if the signal was disrupted for more than a minute the sound would stop. Something I had never seen before. I think the problem is something Topping is aware of. Before the M200, the previous DAC worked, and the only issue was intermittent connection issues between the TB20 and my computer, but once connected, no issues with its signal to a DAC. Replacing the M200 back in the chain was a return to normal, no problem with the signal or the processing. There is a constant connection. I am aware of some reviews that claimed the Topping D30 has a superior soundstage but also an issue with it accepting signals from some CD player's digital outputs so that is not an option for me.

7. RA102 10 Channel Expandable Headphone Amplifier

RA102 10 Channel Expandable Headphone Amplifier

The 1U Chassis can maximize your rack space. The strain releif is used for the AC adapter. Both bal and unbal inputs. It's suitable for a wide range of headphones. You can join in and join out jacks to expand your channels.

Brand: Rolls

👤Excellent: - Works well. The package was in a great shape and was sent across the world. The sound quality is great. Cheap plastic knobs for volume control are not good. Plugging the power switch to shut it down is necessary. I had to take it apart and get it back in place, it was easy to do.

👤I replaced my headphones in my studio. Just make sure you have 3.5 adapters.

👤Exactly what we needed. Thanks!

8. OneOdio Adapter Free Headphones Professional Telescopic

OneOdio Adapter Free Headphones Professional Telescopic

mounting on computers, desk and wall is durable. The OneOdio Studio monitor headphones have a clear sound. Powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form stereo sound with large, 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers. It's built to stay competitive. The ear cushions are made of soft padding. The headband is stretchable and can be adjusted to fit you. No more adaptive individuals. DJ style coiled cord is easy to reach from the TV to the chair. There is a 3.5mm plug included. You can plug in the mixer you want to use. The self-adjustable headband and 90 ear cups are ideal for mastering and mixing and can last for hours. All devices have an audio jack. The bass sound is good and the comfort is good. These are the headphones you've been looking for.

Brand: Oneodio

👤First off, what are these headphones? Over 40 years of pro audio experience here. There is a These headphones are great for personal listening. DJ quality? If you are talking about a weekend warrior occasional party DJ. DJ use that subjects them to a lot of physical punishment, then absolutely not! They're $30.00 headphones. I give a 5 star for the reasons. Sound quality is important. I can't tell you a real notable difference between my headphones. These are my first 50mm driver phones. Here is my opinion. All you get on these reviews is opinion. The first test. A sound system check. It was very accurate. There is a The second test. Bose studio demo Very good. Music tests. Also sprach Zarathustra. Excellent and Accurate is what Richard Strauss is. Just like I was there, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Nice highs and low frequencies. 3. AC/DC, Shoot to Thrill. Yeah, 4. It sounds great. 5. Both GFR and BS versions arenoid. 6. Skynyrd. It would take an awfull headphones to ruin Simple Man and Free Bird. The front row experience is something that should be taken into account. 7. IRON BUTTERFLY IN, A-GADDA-DA-VIDA, Rock ON! There are 8. The CD is called the Acropolis. This is also very Pleased here. There is a These headphones are not what they say they are. Some reviewers have stated that they are not Bass Heavy. They're reproducing more accurate Bass that smaller driver headphones can't. I would call them "Bass Accurate", not heavy. Some have noted that they are not "skull crushing" I have been wearing them for over five hours straight and have used a Neoteck NTK059 headphones. I am pretty sure that all but the most demanding audiophiles will be very pleased with these, even though the Amp did add a positive aspect to the experience. I bought a second pair.

👤I bought these last year and thought they were a good buy but I had no use for them. I have a job in a noisy cube farm where I want to block out all the noise without having to pay for noise-cancelling headphones. I had these on my bed. I decided to give them a chance. I've owned hundreds of headphones and earbuds over the years and I think I'm a pretty good judge of sound quality. These are great for the price. The price to value ratio with these blows them out of the water, as I have other over-the- ear headphones that do the same. If you're looking for clear highs, solid mid-range, and bass that rivals studio monitors in clarity and power at a price that's too good to be true, then these headphones are for you. I sound like a fan. I take listening very seriously. No one can come close to this price. These guys have done a lot. Did I mention the comfort? The build quality and comfort of these is second to none and I wear them for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. If you want to see what I'm talking about, buy the whole family a set.

9. S M S L Headphone Amplifier Technology Balanced

S M S L Headphone Amplifier Technology Balanced

Gain control, operation, and input selection are possible with a switch. The headphone amplifier with the technology is called the THXAAA-888. 6 Watts into 16 Ohm, 3 Watts into 32 Ohm headphones. The Frequency Response is 0.1Hz to 500kHz. Protection with DC, Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection on Headphone Amplifier. Balanced Stereo Headphone Output; Balanced Stereo Line Input.

Brand: S.m.s.l

👤The SMSL SH-9 is an excellent build, especially with the remote and screen, compared to other headphones in the same category. The only thing missing is outputs to be used as a preamplifier, but I did not buy it for that purpose. This unit has clean sound, super channel separation, and plenty of power. I usually use an Audeze LCD-2 (with Phazor) and this amplifier is an excellent match, but I also use a few different headphones with this. The sound signature is completely neutral and complete at all frequencies, which is what the LCD-2 needs. There is no need for a color change in the signal. The volume knob is clicky, but the tech behind the volume adjustments is worth the tradeoff - it's super accurate and balanced from right to left channels. Highly recommended.

👤I have 5 headphones and this one is my best. It needs to be run for 12 hours before it gets the full benefit. I was hesitant to write this review because I am not the kind of person who buys at this price. I have a $300 Silnote power cord and $400 Silnote interconnects. The benefit I get is above the stock cable sound. I haven't listened that way so won't comment.

👤I've been using the SHP9500s for a while but recently I wanted to upgrade my audio equipment to something more powerful. I researched and found the Focal Elex as my headphones of choice and wanted a DAC/AMP that could handle the new headphones. I bought it " Used - Like New". It was more like an open box. The remote was still packaged and everything was intact. The Amp had exceeded my expectations. I'm still a n00b when it comes to this Hifi gear. I feel like I got what I paid for. Decide for yourself after reading/watching some reviews. If this is a step up from other cheaper entry level equipment, you'll be happy with it.

👤When adjusting that hurt my ears, myAAA 789 had issues. I went with the digital volume amplifier. There is no channel imbalance or static. There isn't much benefit in using an analog knob over this. It's perfect for me. There is a The only problem is that you can't go quieter than volume 1 for sensitive IEMs.

👤The amplifier plays clear and doesn't add anything to the sound of your headphones. I know there is better sound out there, but for this price? I only own a sound card, a home theater amplifier, and an amplifier, so I can't really compare them. I own a pair of Sennheiser 660s and they sound great on this amplifier, but I wish it had more bass and options on the amplifier itself. They sounded better than the sound card and worse than the home theater amplifier, so take that as you will.

👤The design of the volume pot makes it possible for it to have perfect L-R balance.

👤The sound is very clear and detailed. The sound stage and placement within the stereo field are great.

10. ANLEON Personal Headphone Amplifier Keyboardist

ANLEON Personal Headphone Amplifier Keyboardist

Most users don't need a license to use the microphone system. The microphone system must operate at a low power level and have no protection from interference from any other device, but it may not cause harmful interference.

Brand: Anleon

👤You can't go wrong for $50. I play a lot of music, even in Covid, I play about 4-7X a month. This does everything it needs to. I play the keyboard. It has a plug so that you don't waste batteries. I would get another one to have a back up. I've had this one for a year.

👤The sound level on this unit was very low. I could hear my bass playing with the volume up. I couldn't use this while playing with other people. I didn't hear anything when I put a new battery in. Only with the plug. Everything else on it was great. It is what I wanted. I would be able to hear myself playing.

👤I use a keyboard and a FOH signal in one input and a headphone signal in the other. It's easy to mix so I can hear myself or kill my main output and still hear my keys. Quite an amplifier circuit. I use Westone Pro x30s.

👤I use this for an in ear monitor. Straight from the speaker to my ears. The sound quality is a little dry, but maybe that is just the nature of the beast. I don't know if there is another product that can change that. I can hear everything.

👤I am getting a lot of volume from this amplifier. It is well constructed and has a low noise level. It is easy to turn on an amplifier if you don't take the battery out. The power supply should have a longer cord.

👤It does what I need it to do. I don't need a wireless unit because I play drums. This was a perfect solution for us.

👤Decided on this over Rolls PM50s. The metal enclosure is all metal. 9v battery or AC adapter is what powered it. A mic stand or belt clip is mounted. Outstanding L/R when separated. There is a lot of volume on the tap. The sound quality is clear. I wish it had been the XLR combo jack inputs. I have been using this for over six months and I am very satisfied with it.

👤The control of volumen, exelente inversin, lo compre con mis dudas, es la calidad del sonido.

11. PreSonus HP2 Personal Headphone Amplifier

PreSonus HP2 Personal Headphone Amplifier

9V battery or DC-powered amplifier. The inputs are 2 female XLR connections and the outputs are stereo and a phone. Volume and Pan knobs are used. There are indicators for battery-health. Includes a microphone stand mount and a belt clip. It's perfect for driving wired in- ear monitors and headphones.

Brand: Presonus

👤Sound quality is acceptable for monitoring. I would give this product more stars, but for the fact that one of the two units I purchased came with an incorrect wired input cable, which caused signal loss. The wiring diagram on presonus' website is incorrect. The pin numbering scheme used by the XLR is wrong and the wiring is not correct. I was able to fix the problem myself, luckily one of the cables was wired correctly, and I used a meter to sort out the wiring. The units are working, but beware of the cables. I came up with a solution if you have the same problem.

👤Excellent build quality is what it is. If you want, you can mount this on a mic stand. The sound quality is excellent, with the entry level Shure SE 215-CL in-ear-monitors. This is an inexpensive alternative to get more expensive modules. There is a The included cable should have been longer. I don't see this as something for someone who is moving around a lot, or someone who is standing while playing. If you're standing or moving a lot, you should get a wireless system. If you try to use this with earbuds that are typically included with a cell phone, the power this thing puts out will distort them at low volumes. You need a pair of IEMs with this. Definitely recommended. Good build quality and sound.

👤I use the HP4 for home studio use to allow myself and the performer to monitor with ease, and it's great! I had a MicroAmp. Don't buy that. The power supply is loud and clear. Put that money towards something else. Presonus makes quality stuff at a great price point for those still early in their gear collecting journey. The HP4 looks nice, has a small footprint, sounds good, and does its job perfectly. This thing solved several of my problems, including the stupid HA400 that I had. I need something that will accept L/R input and allow me to run from the Scarlett's monitor outs until I can fix the hardware issue with my Focusrite interface. It's helpful when it comes to tight real estate on the power strip if you have a power adapter along the cord. You actually have access to more outlets if you have fewer bricks on the strip. I highly recommend this item to anyone working on a home studio setup.

👤The unit burned out. It was the 4th day of continuous use. It smelled like burning electronics, and it never worked again. It works much better with the four outputs after that, and should have been bought in the first place. The rating was changed to 1 star because of the failure. I had a cheaper unit that I would take with me to split headphones, but it didn't work well. Decided to spend more on this one. It's solid! It sounds great. It is very clear. It has its own volume/mute with the pass-through on the back. There is an on/off switch with the power supply. I'm going to keep this in my travel commentary pack.


What is the best product for headphone amp xlr?

Headphone amp xlr products from Rolls. In this article about headphone amp xlr you can see why people choose the product. Behringer and Douk Audio are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone amp xlr.

What are the best brands for headphone amp xlr?

Rolls, Behringer and Douk Audio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone amp xlr. Find the detail in this article. Drop, Fanmusic and Rolls are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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