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1. FiiO Resolution Android 5 5inch Bluetooth5 0

FiiO Resolution Android 5 5inch Bluetooth5 0

The M11 Plus music player is powered by a 4 big / 4 small core architecture that is capable of providing a smooth experience. The M11 Plus player is equipped with 2 out-of-production ES9068AS DAC chips that will allow you to rediscover your music all over again. You can experience every last sound and detail faithfully restored and placed in the soundstage, as if you were in the recording studio, with fully balanced THXAAA 78*2. The first iteration of FiiO's version of Android 10 is contained in the M11 Plus audio player. New functions such as dark mode, night mode, and three navigation options give you new ways to enhance your media experience. The M11 Plus supports decoding in 8x mode, which allows for rich, master-quality sound reproduction with high sampling rates in manageable file sizes. The 3rd generation of All to DSD technology has a 30% lower power consumption and a softer, purer sound than the previous generation. There are more features, such as two-way LDAC, two-way Type-C, and a quick charge.

Brand: Fiio

👤I ordered the M11 Plus model of the Fiio M11, even though it cost twice as much as my original M11. There is a The Fiio M11 is a great music player. The M11 Plus is even better. The M11 sound stage and clarity were better using my Sony 1AM2 wired balanced headphones. The M11 Plus had no need for an adjustment. The M11 Plus had a perfect sound. The faster processing is what I attribute to this. There is a I strongly recommend watching the reviews on the online reviewers to understand the differences between the Fiio M series players.

👤I bought the FiiO in 2021. M11 Pro is a replacement for the AK380. The M11 Pro is a better digital audio player and less expensive than the AK380. The M11 Plus is the version that I recently purchased. I decided to get the better version of the device because I didn't think the chips would make a difference in the sound quality. I love the sound of the M11 Plus and I don't regret that decision. The sound of my earbuds seems to be better on the M11 Plus than on the M11 Pro. A noticeable improvement is not a leap forward. For the Jabra Elite 85t and 7 Pro that use the AAC codec. The M11 Pro does not supportAAC, but the M11 Plus does. The 85t and 7 Pro are breathing life into them. Both the Pro and Plus support the aptX and LDAC, but the MTW2 and Sony XM4 sound better with the Plus. I'm interpreting the slight difference in sound between the AKM and ESS chips as better for the ESS. I was impressed with the sound quality of the Westone W60 and the Shure SE846. You may not feel the same about sound quality. The M11 Pro, which uses AKM AK4497 chips, sounds sweeter and more laid back than the M11 Plus, which uses the same chips. You should buy which you prefer. Due to limited availability of the AK4497 DAC chips, the LTD version is in short supply. All of the players I've owned have used AKM chips. The M11 Plus is the first player I've owned that uses an ESS chip and I'm really enjoying it. The M11 Plus ESS is a good player at this price point. I can't imagine what it would sound like. After hearing the M11 Plus, I don't want to try the M17. I'm happy with the M11 Plus. There is a My only positive comments are about its size, weight and interface. The M11 Plus is heavier than the M11 Pro. The Pro and Plus felt a little heavy in my hand. The larger screen is not really needed. The Plus would have been better if it were the same size and weight as the Pro. The volume is too sensitive and I often change it without thinking. I place it right where my thumb rests when I hold the player in my left hand. I disabled the volume touch function in the setup options and used the rocker function of the volume switch to make changes because it wasn't working for me. If you upgrade from the Pro to the Plus, there is a small learning curve because the screen interface is different. If you plan to use both, it will be inconvenient. I rate the M11 Plus ESS at 4.5 stars. It is the best digital audio player I have ever owned.

2. FiiO Q3 AK4462DAC Technology MobilePhone

FiiO Q3 AK4462DAC Technology MobilePhone

Ti Lm358 is an operation amplifier. The Q3 is able to support decoding up to 512kbps, thanks to AKM's new efficient AK4462 VELVET SOUND DAC and XMOS XUF208. The high power and low distortion of theAAA Amps are due to the patented feed-forward error correction topology. You will experience subtle details and shocking swings in your music with the Q3. Multiple jacks for headphones. You can connect all kinds of headphones with the Q3's balanced and single-ended outputs. The 3.5mm headphone output port has 150mW (16, THD+N1%), 160mW (32, THD+N1%), and 19mW (300, THD+N1%). The input interface is a type-C. The compatibility of its solution is ensured by the certification of the USB-IF. Thesycon official driver is compliant with the specifications of the device class. The Q3 can be used as a computer accessory. It can decode up to 32 bits. No driver is required for use with a Mac computer, while a Windows driver is required from FiiO's website.

Brand: Fiio

👤I bought this because my old portable DAC was cumbersome to use with my phone and was the last Micro-USB device in my travel kit. This allows me to ditch the micro cable, but also allows me to use a DAC/AMP without the Apple Camera Connector. I wanted a portable DAC/AMP that would allow me to play hard to drive headphones and not require a bunch of dongles, and this is it. There is a It's connected. This comes with a very hard to find item. The cable that works great is short. 3.5mm to 3.5mm is included with it. Whatever you use should be covered by what's included. You have a number of outputs that include 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm. There is a It also has a mesh carrying bag and rubber bands for attaching a phone to a player. There is a I do not have golden ears. It sounds very similar to my previous one. Both sound better than the Apple lightning. They drove my HD660Ss way into the realm of uncomfortable listening. There is a I purchased this so that I could listen to music while I'm away from my company's office or home. The amount of ports and cables make this a great piece of tech that I can use with my Mac or PC, and also pick headphones without having to remember a bag of adapters. If you don't think it will sound like a massive desktop setup, I think you will be happy with using this as a portable DAC/AMP. There is a I didn't like the feel of the knob. The bass boost makes things sound worse.

👤I purchased this with Apple doing full Lossless. I'm not sure if anything is taking advantage of it. You can force Apple Music to always play high-resolution files. It will give you a warning, which is what this thing should be. Apple music doesn't indicate that it's playing hi-Res when plugged into my Macbook pro. The light on my FiiO is blue. When I plug my headphones into my Macbook, Apple Music will play Full Dolby. The light on the device has only shown blue after I tried it with my new iPad pro. I need to do more testing, but it doesn't seem that any of my sources are passing it through at full quality.

👤I don't have a point of reference or anything to compare it to because this is the first portable amplifier that I bought. I like the accessories that come with it, but the main cable can't be replaced easily since fiio doesn't sell replacements. The cables are c to c. You just need to find a cable that has two right angle bends to route the cable properly. The rest of the cables are good, along with the little carry bag. There is a The device is sleek and small, but not as small as those clip on mp3 players. Think of it as similar to those thin metal battery packs that you can bundle up with your phone and you'll realize how small it is. There is a The connection options can be changed. If you connect anyusb cable to your computer, it will recognise it as a sound device. Changing the charge switch to off will keep your phone from trying to steal its battery. The output is limited to 2.5mm and 4.4mm by using the 3.5mm input. If you don't know what those are, use theusb c as the input. I wish the cable included was a bit more sturdy since it's the main cable used to connect your device. I see that the only cable they have is strsight, instead of right angle, and that they only have a replacement cable online. There is a I only have a few headphones that are good for testing, including the akg, Grado, SHP9500, and Sony WH- CH710N. Since my primary phone doesn't have a headphone jack, I had to use my computer and tablets. I can crank my headphones louder. I can't get my headphones loud enough to make them uncomfortable when plugged into the standard jack. This is a good thing for my hearing, but not the best for other things. I can barely go to max without hurting my ears with the amplifier. I have more control over the audio of my devices because of the extra headroom for volume. It is important to make sure your audio source is at max volume and to use the amplifier's volume knob to adjust your listening level. As far as being a dac. It's difficult for me to tell. If I was blind folded and you went back and forth between plugging it into the jack and the dac amplifier, there might be a difference I can't hear. I can't hear the sound, maybe it's cleaner or more defined. The device is more effective. I couldn't test the 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced ports since my headphones don't support that function. I didn't want to spend money on headphones that didn't have the balanced cable because I would have to pay more for the headphones that I already own. Balanced output is better and more powerful. Is $150 too much for this thing? Is that correct? Sort of? If you have the headphones that benefit from more power and a decent quality dac, I say get it. If you have headphones with balanced cables, you can try to power them. If you just need to get your headphones back, a dongle is the easiest solution.

3. Neoteck Headphone Amplifier Bluetooth Two Stage

Neoteck Headphone Amplifier Bluetooth Two Stage

Amplifier for Headphone can be compatible with a variety of digital devices with 3.5mm output. Hifi Headphone amplifier supports most headphones of high impedance 16-150, 3.5mm AUX Input and Output, signal-to-noise ratio> 100Db, THD + N, fully filter noise, enjoy high-quality audio. It is suitable for your existing wired headphones, earphones and even speakers and is designed to deliver studio-quality sound to your ears. It has achargable battery that can stay working for more than 8 hours. There is a volume control knob. Two-stage gain switch The signal input into the amplifier circuit is enhanced for optimal performance of the headphones. It's possible to make it possible to output louder sound and a sharper sound. The amplifier is compatible with a variety of digital devices, such as mp3 players, mobile phones, computer, CD players and personal media players.

Brand: Neoteck

👤The unit is making a clicking sound. I can hear a charge coming from the inside. When the unit is in the pocket, it cuts out when in the computer, and the play will not resume unless I play/pause the cell phone. I use a new phone with the latest version of the OS, and this doesn't happen on either of my other devices. I will return the unit. --- There is a The unit is wonderful. There are three flaws. The auxiliary cable is one of the best looking cables I have ever seen. It's unfortunate that the poor internal construction can't be used. The other reviewer is correct. They would just send me trash. If the unit can't be used, just throw it away. 2. I would like to see a DAC built into the charging port. There is a $5 price for a USB DAC. This would add a lot of value. 3. It needs a high quality audio. There is support for aptX. I would like that in this receiver as well. There is a If they spent another $0.50 on a useless 3.5mm cord, and the unit had a DAC and aptX, we'd be talking about mid-ranger gear. You would be talking about a $200 unit if they added play/pause next/back buttons. The market would be killed with another $10 of hardware. It was a missed opportunity.

👤These changed how I listen to music. Most cell phones can't put out a higher impedance, so I use them with the Sony MDR-7506. The Neoteck amplifier is rich, full sound, like nothing you've ever heard. They won't fix clarity. The reproduction of the amplifier will be distorted if it can't put out clear sound. The feature is limited by the medium. It's not as clear as hooking up an auxiliary cable. There is a The supplied auxiliary cable is not very stable. Loud crackles can be heard through the headphones if you move it even slightly. You can easily solve it by using a third-party cable. It's hard to overstate how much this is for someone who cares about sound quality. It's a no-brainer. If you don't have an immediate need for it, keep it in your collection. You will not be sorry.

👤I miss the 3.5mm jack on the I-phone. I tried several things. These did not have enough juice to drive my headphones. I used the pre-amps for my portable amplifier to connect to the internet and upgrade the sound quality. I had to deal with mounting, connection and equalization issues while it worked. There is a The Neoteck NTK106 is the best answer because it provides decent amplification in one neat package. I'm very happy with it. I can't wait for Neoteck to come up with an update with more juice and balanced output. My friends will find this Neoteck in their stocking. Thank you Neoteck.

👤It stopped playing music through the right channel when I used it for a few months. If I connect straight to the phone, there are no issues. I won't have the right audio. It will crackle or return for a few moments because of the cord moving in the sockets. It was great until that issue. I haven't had a chance to check if it's just the combo of the headphones and the amplifier, but the implication is that the amplifier has a defect. The audio jack doesn't work anymore. Sometimes playing with the dial and jack can sound like it's playing music. It's just a brick now. Spend more for something from a company with a good reputation.

4. Fosi Audio Headphone Amplifier Dual Output

Fosi Audio Headphone Amplifier Dual Output

The ThX CERTIFIEDAUDIO OUTPUT is exclusive and designed for low-bandwidth distortion. Unlike other mobile MQA-DAC designs, the HELM BOLT physically isolates the DAC from theusb port for improved EMI isolation and uses a three-sorrow design for superior frequency lock with dramatic improvements over single-sorrow designs. The design is simple but powerful. The silver body has been carefully designed to make it compact and classic. This amplifier is easy to use. There is a switch for adjusting gain and another for fine tuning bass levels. The needs of bass lovers are met. The OPA1642 chip handles low-pass filter duties. Hi-fi music can be streamed to your stereo system with the 3.5mm input/output jack. The drive is high-performance. Up to 12 hours of use is possible with the 2200mAH internal battery. The sound is without distortion. An 18-month worry-free warranty and friendly customer service are what you get with the N2 Headphone amplifier x1, User Manual x1, and 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable.

Brand: Fosi Audio

👤I would rate it 5 stars, but I would like more control over the bass. It's as good or better than anything else in its affordability range, even though an on/off setting doesn't adequately account for the different types of headphones or the mastering/ sound quality on the different files. The N2 does a great job of enriching the sonic presence of virtually everything I listen to, or at least taking up the slack for the various headphones that are inherent to the various headphones. I use that. It's very stylish, portable, and versatile, and feels cool in the hands, though a tad too slick for those of us with old man fingers. I bought two of these little guys for my collection of little music toys. Baby Boomer issues. Don't get me started!

👤When I used my phone to play music, my truck radio didn't have enough volume. I bought this hoping to change it. That is defeated in high quality sound. You need to balance out the sound between the radio and amplifier so you don't blow out your speakers. The gain and bass switches work as expected. I don't leave the bass on all the time because it's so deep and rich and I'm afraid for my speakers, so I only use it on certain songs and turn the volume down just in case. This is a very good product. It is built like a quality item and does exactly as it says. I tried this unit and it was so loud that I turned it down immediately. Great product and great seller. All the way!

👤This is a handy little amplifier. It's light and small, but I wouldn't be comfortable using it for long periods of time, especially for activities like jogging. I use headphones to listen to my guitar. I route the output of the mini earphone amplifier I have plugged into my guitar into his Fosi Audio N2 for additional amplification. I use the Fosi to keep the volume on my mustang micro very low to save my battery and reduce distortion. I'm grateful that more device manufacturers are moving towards the power standard of theusb-c, and that charging the device is easy. I've only used this for a short time, but it has held its charge well, without needing to be charged again. There is a The knob has a nice feel. The switches for gain and bass are small, but sturdy for their purpose. I'm not sure how much abuse the switches could handle, so don't let toddlers play with this amplifier. I like the fact that a gain switch is included. I don't use the bass switch much for playing guitar. It adds a little more "oomph" to the bass lines in pop music.

👤When driving higher volumes or when the bass is on, this amplifier clips. It's a sure sign that the headset isn't powered up enough. The sound quality is abysmal compared to the schiit magni. The magni has a lot more power and headroom, which allows for deep phat bass response, wide soundstage, and controlled buttery mids and treble. The factors sound like cheap headphones with this mobil fosi amplifier. If you've never had a proper amplifier, you'll be fine with this, but don't expect any real performance out of a hifiman 4xx, it's half-assed. I'll probably get a portable power bank that's capable of 3amp output to pair with the schiit hel 2.

5. Headphone Amplifier Portable Powered Dual Output

Headphone Amplifier Portable Powered Dual Output

The portable headphone amplifier is lightweight and portable, and can output great sound. Load Impedance is 160-300 more than 15 hours. The headphones have a bass boost and a high/low gain switch. 3.5mm AUX input and output. Works for Sony, Sennheiser, and beyerdynamic headphones. It is not safe to use it while charging and the current will make noise.

Brand: Y.d.f

👤Even though I have to have the volume maxed out most of the time, the amplifier does help me find headphones or earbuds that are loud enough for me to hear the sounds from my phones, tablets, and TVs. It does the job for me and can be a bit bulky. There is a Over a month, this has been used nearly every day and still on its first charge. I am happy that I can hear the tv while on closed caption because sounds tend to be muffled with volume all the way to max.

👤I bought headphones for gaming. I thought I'd try this little amplifier for a boost in volume. What a difference in volume! It sounds like I'm shooting a shotgun at something. This is a good solution to your headset.

👤I got a new phone when I cut the grass, but I didn't use my noise cancelling headsets. The max volume is being lowered for protection. Even with noise cancelling headsets, I couldn't overcome the noise of the mower engine. I needed a little more volume. Back to what it was before the new phone. This product was perfect for my needs. There is enough volume for me to mow my lawn and listen to music via my noise cancelling headsets, as well as my new phone. Not sure of the battery life. Only used a few times. I am happy with the performance of this product.

👤I am not using this as a headphones amplifier, mostly to amplify the output of my mp3 player, which is in my home stereo receiver. The output is amplified by about double. I wish it went louder. I can turn my mp3 player down a bit and save battery life now that I don't have to crank my amplifier as hard. I would definitely recommend this unit.

👤It's so far very happy with the battery life that I'm not sure how durable it would be. I use this one to listen to my phone while I drive. The battery life is as advertised and it works as expected.

👤Quality materials were used to make this unit. Not cheap plastic like a lot of others. Even at max volume, my ear bud's sound was very low. I am glad I tried this out because I can listen to whatever I want. I use my PC and portable devices. Work has a long lasting battery. Thanks for making a good product.

👤I plug it in half the time and it's dead. She died most of the time because of a bad cable. I wouldn't pass on this one. The female plug is broken.

👤I use it to watch videos on my laptop while my wife sleeps.

6. Headphone Amplifier Two Stage Portable MobilePhone

Headphone Amplifier Two Stage Portable MobilePhone

The AC 12V 300mA power adapter is included with the 4-Channel Headphone Amp. When powered on, the amplifier has a light indicator. Load Impedance: 160-300 is used for the headphone amplifier. The headphones have a high/low gain switch. The portable headphone amplifier is portable and can output great sound. Audio output is 3.5mm Jack. Headphone amplifier works with beyerdynamic headphones. You need to buy it yourself, the 3.5mm cable is not included.

Brand: Sheiaier

👤The power light does not come on. There is an update. The power light started working after I dropped it. It's green. And bright. And blinks. The blink rate of the light is related to the charge on the battery.

7. Proster Headphone Amplifier Rechargeble Computers

Proster Headphone Amplifier Rechargeble Computers

It's perfect for home theater, teaching, training structure, conference rooms, appliance stores, and other places. A power amplifier specially designed for headphones with an impedance of 16-150, with a signal-to-noise ratio> 100Db, THD + N, which can fully filter noise and enjoy high-quality audio. A portable headphone amplifier. High quality headphones audio cable with gold plated interface, improve your 3.5mm headphone output sound quality and tone color, create a more realistic stereo output. The 1500mA battery can work continuously for more than 8 hours after a full charge. The Durable Headphone Amp has a shield and a frosted surface to give you a comfortable hand-held experience. The portable headphone power amplifier is compatible with all mp3/ mp4 players.

Brand: Proster Trading Limited

👤I have lost 80% of my hearing. I was surprised by the Proster Headphone Amplifier. Watching TV with my headphones on is clear and clear in the background with no noise, hissing or humming. My previous amplifier devices from KOSS never worked as well or lasted out over time. The amplification and high quality cabling are outstanding. A full charge will last over eight hours. The only question left is if the battery can be changed or upgraded. This product is very good.

👤I am hearing handicapped. I took a chance on this unit and it works great. I can increase the sound level with no negative feedback, thanks to my audito technica ATH M 50 TX. If this is your problem, it's highly recommended. I would love to connect my hearing aids to this.

👤I received a unit in a generic box with photocopied instructions and it was marked Trasam. I don't know if it's a knock-off or if the same unit is manufactured for multiple name brands. There is a The sound quality of the unit I received is terrible. I get distortion when I turn the volume on the amplifier up because I get the maximum volume with my phone. There is a My headphones are rated for 3000mW so they aren't being used much. It's not an issue of them being under-powered because I can max out the volume on my devices with zero distortion. The FiiO A1 has about 60% more power and is the same price as the one I used. There is a It was worth a try.

👤This item does what it says it will do. When the battery went dead, I plugged it into a 1/2 Ampusb charging port. I made a holder to hold it upright so I could turn volume to zero with one hand. I have a slot underneath the amplifier that I can use at the same time. The volume control has a charging plug in on it. The cable has a charging port.

👤I bought this because the computers we have at work have poor sound levels when using headphones. It's hard to hear a training video being played when other people are walking in and out of the office. I would use it to hook it to my phone when I go for walks so I don't use as much of the phone's battery. I'll see if it can boost the output from a TV that has no audio input and just use the audio outputs. It sounds good and I have used it for the first time. I used a 50% amplifier to boost it to a good listing volume after I hooked it up to a small portable radio. I connected it to my computer to listen to music. I plugged it into my audio card and played a bunch of songs from Songs From The Big Chair. I am playing at 50% volume. I turned everything down to 45% after the amplifier was at 50%. Without the amplifier, I set it to about 85%. There is a The volume with no input is not good when turning it up and down. Maybe it's time for the potentiometer to take a break. There is a There is a crackling pop when I turn it off. I have used bigger stage Amps that pop when turned off but newer Amps have a "Soft Off" to prevent that pop. It might be too much for a small amplifier at this price point. It would be nice. There was no input at max volume.

8. Headphone Amplifier Audio Ultra Compact Stage Fosi

Headphone Amplifier Audio Ultra Compact Stage Fosi

You need a 3.5MM to If you want to track more than one musician at once, or if everyone in a group wants to listen to a song, you need a monitor distribution system. The compact, flexible PH03 can power up to four pairs of headphones. The upgraded version ofPH06 has a power switch and 3.5 MM headphone output. When a recording session calls for everyone's heads and ears to be in the game, the PH03 is the perfect solution and a real money- saver. The 4 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections in the PH03 maintain the highest sonic quality even at maximum volume levels. The same opamps found in full-size audio equipment are included for outstanding audio performance. The Ultra-Compact Design is a simple solution for studio and stage applications. You can power four of your headphones at the same time with this super-compact amplifier. Let up to 4 people in your studio listen to the main mix while recording, and each of them can choose their own volume level using the dedicated output level controls. Their worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service are what you get withPH06 Amp.

Brand: Fosi Audio

👤It gives a lot of power to the connections. I wanted to hook up my old 2.1 set with the set I bought for 2.1 but the volume was being sacrificed by the shared connection. I decided to purchase it to see if it helped. There are two sets of 2.1 speakers that have full usage. I'm afraid they will blow as I imagine they will. I connected 2 single 40w speakers along with 4 others as a test and all of them had full volume. The performance of each would be weakened by a direct connection. I'm happy with the performance and it's unbeatable.

👤I have good headphones that have different impedances from 20 to 150 Ohm. There is a Each headphone has its own sound, volume, and special needs because of the external noise. There is a Each person could use a different volume and adjust to their own preferences. There is a My mother is not hearing well. She likes to watch movies or the news with me. She liked it a lot and we have used it. She adjusted the volume to her needs and I did the same, it solved the problem. It's recommended for other purposes as well.

👤I bought this so I could listen to the same music with my friend. All I was looking for was fidelity on the ports. The volume controls are convenient. It's not possible to ask for more given the price. My only suggestion for improvement would be to have the input on the back side and the outputs on the front, which would make cable management easier. I wouldn't call it portable since it requires a wall outlet, but that's not an issue for me.

👤The newer model of ROKU allows listening through headphones, which we replaced with a newer model. It's not designed for multiple headphones, and the remote has to drive them. If you want to watch something on the ROKU with someone else, you need something like this. It allows each listener to set their own volume, which is a real benefit. What can I say about wire management? I'm not saying that it's perfect or that it's an excellent amplifier, but it's really good for the price, and it solved the problem at hand.

👤I am using this to manage audio source feeds to mini-stereos in different locations in my house, it works great sound quality is good, helps compensate for signal loss from multiple extra long cables. I discovered that two of my cables and one old splitter were bad and this helped me single them out.

👤My TV has a very low analog output, so my speakers sounded very low, especially with videos on websites like YouTube. There is a This is what I needed. There is a This is not a turntable amplifier.

👤This works great because I have my music headset, gaming headset, and PC speakers all hooked up. No need for an accessory!

👤The product is well built and has good volume control for two of the four dial options, however, the other two have static at low volume and one knob barely works. I am giving a low rating because I reached out to their customer service two weeks ago to see if I could get a replacement, but have yet to hear back from them.

9. Neoteck Headphone Amplifier Rechargeble Computers

Neoteck Headphone Amplifier Rechargeble Computers

A simple user interface. It is lightweight and portable and can be carried. It's possible to make it possible to output a sound that is more real and less distorted. While the aluminum matt surface makes it durable, it provides a comfortable handheld feeling. It has a Rechargeable battery that allows it to stay working for more than 8 hours. It can be compatible with a variety of digital devices, such as mp3 mp4 mobile phone computer, which may lead to noise.

Brand: Neoteck

👤When the amplifier arrived, it was faulty, but Julie from Neoteck was kind enough to send me a new one. I'm very happy with the new one and the service from Julie. There is an update. I have to take three stars off because the replacement was not good. The sound stopped when I was listening to the music. The device had a red light when it was on. No luck trying to power it off. The power cable was disconnected and reconnected. The amplifier is dead. Julie from Neoteck was kind enough to give me a replacement and I won't return it. The service from Neotock is excellent but I think that buying the amplifier is a bit of a gamble, I have had two and both failed after a few days. There was an update on Sep 6th. The reason I had a poor experience with the amplifier was because I was listening to music while it was plugged into my PC via the charging cable and it was getting so much static and noise. I found it in a drawer and tried again. Same problem. The noise stopped when I unplugged the power cable. I have a messed up head. This is a really good little amplifier and a real bargain. Sound goes up to 11!

👤I was unsure if the amplifier would fill the bill. Boy! I was wrong. Even though it only outputs 40 kilowatts, it can blast your music with no distortion. I wouldn't use it for anything other than a headphones amplifier, but I was surprised it did a great job. The HD6 Mix headphones have an impedance of 150 ohms, which can be difficult for some cheaper amplifiers to drive to a decent volume, but this amplifier has no problems. Good job Neoteck! There is a I was an electrical engineer. I took a tour of the unit. The OPA604 operational amplifier ICs are from the venerable Burr Brown. It was tough and precise. It is designed for amplification. There is a The HD6 has a Hell of a bass floor that can be kind of boomy. When they were plugged into my PC, there was no volume. I bought this amplifier to combine with the MiniFBQ to take out some of the boom. I have been very pleased with both units. If you want to use the MiniFBQ, you'll need to get some adapters because it only has 1/2 inch and RCA jacks. If you use a good quality charging device, you can leave it plugged in all the time so you don't run out of juice. No noise, no hum. I'm using an old phone accessory. I tried plugging it into the PC and it was loud. Don't go there.

👤On 4/12/2018, it was purchased and delivered. There is a The unit was built well and worked well until today, when I noticed that it wouldn't work for long and would shut itself down. When I cycle the unit off and on again, it works for 5 seconds before the sound stops. It stopped 30 days after delivery. I only use it on long drives twice a week, but if I used it daily, it would be one thing. There is a This is not acceptable. I couldn't find any warranty info when I checked. I have seen that Neoteck has helped others who have failed. Hopefully, they will do the right thing for me as well.

10. Headphone Amplifier Impedance Components Computers

Headphone Amplifier Impedance Components Computers

The headphones with a high-quality microphone are able to eliminate ambient noise. You don't have a microphone, but the headphones have a build in microphone, and a clear voice. Hifi Headphone amplifier It supports most headphones of high impedance 16-300, 3.5mm AUX Input and Output, signal-to-noise ratio> 100Db, THD + N, fully filter noise, enjoy high-quality audio. This Headphone Amp enhances the signal input into the amplifier circuit for the optimal performance of the headphones. It's possible to make it possible to output louder sound and a sharper sound. The headphone amplifier can stay working for more than 12 hours with the 2000mAH capacity of the rechargeable battery. There is a volume control knob. It is lightweight and portable. A sleek, sturdy shell and Chassis allow for a durable use, which is why this headphone amplifier is designed to enhance your music listening experience wherever life takes you. This amplifier is compatible with a lot of digital devices, such as mp3 player, ipod, iPad, computer, CD players and personal media players.

Brand: Mypin

👤It's worth the money. My brain won't shut down if I sleep with sound or white noise. Some shows do not have the volume levels to hear what is being said. I will not watch if I have to watch with subtitles. Over the years, I have purchased many inline headphones volume controllers. I am happy to recommend this item to others after reading the reviews. The low gain switch has enough volume for the sweet spot. The high gain switch makes it easier to hear clearly for people who talk lower on other shows. My first thought was, where have you been all my life? If you like watching TV in bed, then you should switch to this HiFi headphones amplifier. I will be purchasing a second one for when I travel, I love this amplifier. I hope this helps you as well as I did.

👤This helps my drums to drive my headphones and sound great. I don't notice the added noise from the amplifier. 2000 The board was taken out of the solid aluminum case and the battery lasted forever. Highly recommended. . I knocked off one star because the amplifier doesn't provide a flat response, highs are a tad emphasized and nothing that can't be fixed. There is a Also. It is a shame the company has branded this nice chassis so boring. Even a small substitution of the top or bottom side of the device would make it appear more high end. Great little Amp.

👤I am tired of the FCC telling me that my computer can't play music, and the Government telling me that my computer can't play music. It works for games. It doesn't have to be loud all the time. I could tell you more. Is my new computer? Awesome. Games, frame rate, etc. Do you play music? A mouse is in a shoe box. Is it possible to play it on my old Windows Vista? Is it a new computer? How much is $1899? The sound is bad. Got a device. The computer could play music. So well. It is high Fidelity. Amazingly so. It made me happy. There is a First with my travel headphones. Magnets couldn't keep up. Then my pro's. Awe. It's so good. There is a It's not volume. fidelity is what it is. Get this thing...

👤I use this to increase the volume of my phone audio. The last time I flew, I wanted to listen to audio books. The background noise in the plane made it hard for me to hear what was being read. This will fix that problem in the future. The signal is noise free.

👤It was bought to help pump up the audio on the radio receiver so that it could be heard through headphones. The max audio volume decreased after this was installed. That is on the "H" setting. What little audio was there before was gone on "L". There is a Once it is amplified, it becomes inaudible. Doesn't matter if it is charged or not. You can experience different levels of quiet. I can only assume that the thing is junk because the impedance values are within the limits. Returned.

11. Little Bear Dual Mono Headphone Amplifier

Little Bear Dual Mono Headphone Amplifier

A dual-mono balanced version of B4 and B4-X is called 1 B4-X. The left and right channels are amplified by independent components. The degree of sound separation is higher. 2 B4-X has 2 groups of independent power supply and can drive 300 headphones. 3 The circuit has higher output power. 3.5mm and 2.5mm output interface is suitable for most balanced and standard headphones. The built-in tube makes it convenient to carry and enjoy Hifi music everywhere, and the mini size makes it easy to hold the tube amplifier in one hand. The sound is warmer than transistors, independent opamp and power supply, less interplay and higher sound quality. The battery protects your listening feast without time limitation. It can't be turned on during charging and will power off automatically after fully charged. High-end making material and craft: using gold-plated sockets, original nichicon electrolyticCapacitor, original DALE resistors and precision ring resistance. Customer service was prompt and courteous.

Brand: Little Bear

👤If your 3.5mm jacks make a solid connection, this amplifier sounds great. I've sent two of them back to Amazon because the sound on both of them is bad when I move the input or output connections. I've tried multiple cables and the problem continues. Keeping constant pressure on the malfunctioning connection is what I found to prevent the problem. I hope my third unit is better than the previous two. I've seen the black and silver versions. The black had a better finish than the raw aluminum version. You can upgrade the Op-Amp to a Burson V5i-D. The unit sounds like a 5-star amplifier, but only when music is playing on both channels. Two stars for having to return two units. There will be a new update on July 7th. The third unit arrived and had the same problem. I dug through my cables and found a few more 3.5mm. One of them makes a connection. It is easy to pull out, but I can rotate it without the audio cutting out. The unit can be difficult to use with certain cables. The sound of the amplifier is worth the trouble to find good cables. There is a * There is an update on 09DEC2020. The B4 sounds even better now that the OP-AMP has been swapped. It was worth the hassle I went through before.

👤Buy it. The little amplifier is amazing. It adds warmth to everything. The detail is very good. It sounds just the same as my Fiio Monte Blanc, but it may not be as detailed. It was played on the ONKYP Dp-X1 through a pair of ShURE Se- 215 IEMs. If you know about that stuff, you can be sure the audio 'chain of custody' was worthy of the test. Some people think the little amplifier is great. That is true. I would still feel like it was underpriced if I had paid 3X the price. A very cool piece of gear. I can't understand why reviewers complained about heat. The audio player is hotter than the tube amplifier. I have been running for an hour. It's still going. No heat issues here! I have been using the battery for the first time and I can't vouch for its battery life. The bass guitars and bass-synth sounds great, and the strings sound noticeably "lush". The little guy is a musician. If you don't like the unit, you can return it for a full refund, but Amazon has the best hassle free return policy on the internet. I am listening to this review and it is fun, and at this price point, really a bargain. Buy it.

👤The Little Bear B4-X is not for you if you want a flat, linear, detailed and accurate sound. Stop reading and buy a Schiit Magni Heresey for just 99. That is what you should look for in your first earphone. Unless you're 'tube curious'. This is a very strong example of tube sound, though it's not hi-fi tubieness and most tube-ophiles will say this is a gimmick. The sound is good, the bass is strong and the treble is not loud. If you want to see if you want to spend more on a tube amplifier, you can add tubes for a bit to see if it's worth it. The 3.5mm outputs are very good for amplification. Again, not an audio engineer but fun.


What is the best product for headphone amplifier portable?

Headphone amplifier portable products from Fiio. In this article about headphone amplifier portable you can see why people choose the product. Fiio and Neoteck are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone amplifier portable.

What are the best brands for headphone amplifier portable?

Fiio, Fiio and Neoteck are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone amplifier portable. Find the detail in this article. Fosi Audio, Y.d.f and Sheiaier are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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