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1. ELFRhino Silicone Earphone Organizer Headphone

ELFRhino Silicone Earphone Organizer Headphone

The Wireless Charging Case can hold multiple charges. Silicone earphone orgenizer is made of high quality material. The metallic snap design makes it easy to open and close your earphone cord. It's small enough to fit in pockets, purses or bags and it's flexible and handy. A solution for organizing earphone cords. It's a perfect gift for anyone. Please note that earphone is not included in the package.

Brand: Elfrhino

👤I bought this item to store my ear buds. It is almost impossible to wind the cord up so that the picture matches. It doesn't hold the cord tightly enough so the cord loosens very quickly, causing the ear buds to "dangle" - not very protected. I can see where my complaints would disappear if the ear buds were longer or thicker. There were no instructions on how to wrap the cord. The ELFRhino device is on.

👤I ordered a pack of three colors. I use earbuds on a daily basis to listen to music and watch TV via the Private Listening feature on Enhanced Roku Remotes. I wanted something that would be easy to use, but still have some kind of organization for my earbuds that tangle when not in use. I was disappointed in the fact that there was no instructions on how to properly wind earbuds so that they match the product photos. I was able to see that the end plug of the earbuds is on the side that has a notch. You should be able to wrap your earbuds cord around and it will end up in the right place. It's disappointing that there isn't a way for someone to use the box right out of the box, instead of having to learn by trial and error. I have 3 different sets of earbuds, which is why I ordered a 3 pack, and every single pair seems to line up precisely, once I discovered the proper way to wind the cord. The product does work, but it's poorly explained. I don't own any Apple earpods, so I can't say if this method works for them. I own a pair of Bose, Sony, and Beats earbuds that line up perfectly even with volume control or microphone buttons. I have read that some people think that the earbuds don't fit tightly enough once wrapped around the holder and the button is fastened. This does not seem to be an issue after I discovered to wrap the cords properly. I don't want the earbuds to be smashed in the middle. I use loose but firm pressure when wrapping the cord. I don't allow the cord to have any slack when I wind it, and I don't wind it tight either. The lack of instructions does not help this, but once you get the hang of it, it's a great way to keep earbuds neatly wrapped and tangle free. There is a The holder is made of dense silicone, it is not easy to rip or tear, and it seems very durable. The button that is used to attach the strap is of good quality and does not seem to fall off of the holder. It is a good value for the price, in my experience. It has helped me become more organized with ear bud storage. It takes a little while to get precise, but I highly recommend this product. When I have more time, I'll submit a series of photos showing the steps I've been using to wrap my earbuds in the same way the product photos above are done.

2. Apple Wireless Charging Case AirPods

Apple Wireless Charging Case AirPods

The Wireless Charging Case can be used to lay your AirPods on a charging mat and charge them. The front of the case has an indicator that shows if your AirPods are charging. You can use the Lightning port to charge when you are away from the charging mat. The Wireless Charging Case can hold multiple charges.

Brand: Apple

👤I opened the new charging case and the orange light came on, but it turned off. I hold the pair button, no white light appears. I opened the new item. Disappointed. I have to wait for them to return to stock so I can get a replacement. It's gotta do better.

👤This product does not work at all. I dropped and broke my original charging case so I had to buy another one. But anyways... The charging case for my Airpods kept flashing green when I tried to connect them to my phone. I called Apple Tech support and they confirmed that the charging case is not good. Apple agreed to give me another case and a refund. The charging case didn't have a small light when you opened it, so I knew something wasn't right. It didn't seem right to me, I don't know if it means anything in particular. You guys should purchase a charging case from Apple. You guys do better than I do.

👤I left my original case with my air buds in one of my pants and did my laundry, but it never worked again, so I bought this case with no expectation, but I am very impressed and it works just like my original case. What a great case!

👤There is an update. The new Apple case seems to be working. There are no detailed instructions or guides included in this product. I left the new, empty charging case plugged in for a few hours and then tried to connect it to my phone via the internet, but I couldn't because the button on the case was stuck. The charging case was only charged 57% when it connected. I left it charging until the next morning and it was fully charged. I put my first generation AirPods in the new charging case and they charged up in 15 minutes. I don't know why it took so long for the new case to charge 100% the first time I plugged it in, why it flashed orange and wouldn't initially connect viaBluetooth, or if the case battery was too low to connect. If you buy this product, I would highly recommend taking it out of the box, use an Apple lightning cable, plug it into an Apple charging block or magnetic charging pad, or an Apple laptop lightning port, and charge it at least 12 hours. Original Review Post: I bought a replacement case that can be charged with a magnetic charging pad or an Apple lightning cable. I plugged the box in and it wouldn't charge. I tried a number of different charging cables, but nothing worked. After logging into an online chat session with Apple Support, I waited for a response from an Apple Representative who was not familiar with the new generation of Air Pod charging case, and he gave me instructions on how to fix it. The Apple Support Representative asked for my mailing address and serial number after an hour of trying to solve my problem. The Apple Support Representative said it would cost $79 for the repair. Apple mode of operation... It is so easy to repair or upgrade an Apple product. You just buy a new one. I will be returning the product to Amazon. Don't buy this product. Don't waste your money.

3. Military Full Body Keychain Shockproof Protective

Military Full Body Keychain Shockproof Protective

Small size to fit easily in pockets, purses or bags is a great option for an organized home or workplace. Please note that earphone is not included in the package. The model is compatible. The cover for the Apple AirPods Pro charging case is designed by the Armor Series. It is not compatible with AirPods 2 and 1. Valkit rugged Airpods pro case for men is made of military-grade resistant TPU material and has a secure lock clip design, which provides full protection for your Airpods pro from drops, scratches and bumps. The Airpods pro case has a metal solid clip that is easy to carry and attach to the backpack and belt. No worries, you have the Air Pod pro case. The Air Pod pro case is not removed from the protective case cover. The charging case has a front light. The package includes a cover case for Airpods Pro, a carabiner, and a storage bag. The Charging Case for the Airpods Pro and AirPods is not included.

Brand: Valkit

👤We have two sets of Air Pod Pros, one for me and one for the wife. The Pods would go scattering when I dropped mine a couple of times. I started shopping aftermarket cases because I wanted better protetion for our $400 in electronics. There are so many options. We could not be happier with these becasue of the locking lid. The case is very well built and the fit is perfect. The small strip of 3M glue in the lid keeps it secure. They have a nice soft sided case to keep it safe and secure. The case still allows for wireless charging. The wife says I did a good job. Do you want to get this case?

👤It is very sturdy and should protect my Airpods Pro. The red color will help reduce the risk of leaving it behind by making it easy to see inside my bag. The wireless charging works as stated. The flimsy little metal ring seems to only fit the carabiner correctly. I'm going to find a new ring. I was worried that the ring would break off because of the limited movement of the carabiner. Would like to see the black case with the option of attaching the carabiner. Just my preference. I assume the pocket is to hold the carabiner. The case cannot be stored inside the outer black case. The locking latch doesn't look like the top will pop open. There is a I have no idea what the black plastic tab is for. The tip looks like it might go into the airpods lighting port, but it's not clear what the purpose is. I think it has something to do with applying the included strip. Please let me know if anyone knows. There is a I am happy with my purchase so far.

👤I decided to look into better protection after having the top half of my Air Pod cases fall off or go missing. This case was what I needed. The locking system works well and it comes with a strip for added security. I would recommend this case to all Air Pod users. The only thing I can say is that the clip is cheap. It is good enough to do the job.

👤I bought it for the clip because the AirPods would stay in when I dropped it. The clip came off when I dropped it.

👤I was a little skeptical about the price of the case. Seeing so many other cases for a higher price tag made me think that this might be a cheaper one. That is not the case here. The case is built to fit and protects your AirPods Pro to the fullest. I would purchase this case again.

👤The case is snug and stays on, but don't expect that clip to protect your AirPods in a drop. Dropped from waist height, the clip popped off and the lid flew open, sending the AirPods flying onto the sidewalk. They show an image of other inferior cases with a lock clip off. I could see the same mechanism underneath when the clip popped off. There is a tiny nub of plastic on either side of the open clip. When the case drops the soft plastic flexes and the hard plastic clip fly off, releasing the lid to give you your AirPods. I am not hopeful for future drops because this is based only on one drop and after seeing the mechanism and popping the clip back on to make the case fully functional again, I am not hopeful for future drops. The plastic case did protect the case from damage. I didn't do much to keep the AirPods inside the case. It is a decent case that keeps closed and is good for keeping your keys and stuff.

4. Headphones Portable Carrying Bluetooth Wireless

Headphones Portable Carrying Bluetooth Wireless

The hard-wearing storage bags will not scratch the wireless/wired earphones, aripods or other thing. The zip has passed hundreds of thousands of tests. It can work in 20 years even if you zip up the zip up 50 times a day. The case is easy to carry. If you don't have a case, the cords or cables can twist in your bag or pocket, which is very troublesome when you use them next time. The 2.95in*2.95in*1.18in case is small enough to hold your wireless/corded headset, cables, charger,usb flash disk, keys, coins and more small accessories. Protect your item from dirt and dust with the help of the PU leather.

Brand: Zfre-hj

👤The case is a nice concept and the perfect size. The case I received is very difficult to close because of the alignment of the zip top. I think the zipper will jam or tear in the near future. There is a The leather snap holding strip is not included in the product as shipped. That photo is not accurate.

👤I have a weekender bag and I need this to hold my charger and chord. I always have one when I go away for a day or two. It is difficult to close it with a normal phone cord. I don't think it will last very long, but it does the job. When I decided to purchase it, my first choice was no longer available. I found this to be a reluctant second choice.

👤The small square case is what I need. It fits the earbuds/usb cable. I need an ac adapter for my phone. If you wrap the cable around the prongs, it will fit.

👤It is not as big as I expected. It could fit in the palm of your hand to give you an idea. I have to remember not to tug on the zip when opening and closing it. You have to get your headphones inside the case. It keeps my headphones out of my bag.

👤I thought this was a great case for my headphones, but after two months of using it the area around the zip has started to rip and I can't open it. Very disappointed.

👤It's perfect to hold my headphones. I didn't have to worry about them getting lost. This case makes it easy for me when I don't want to put them away.

👤I have had this for a few days and it is working for me. It has a small wall plug and cable to charge my ear buds. My ear buds don't get tangled and I'm not going to get poked when I reach in my bag. I bought the swine for my boyfriend and it is working out great. It's necessary to test out the durability.

👤The case is small and has plenty of room for my headphones. There is enough room inside for a lipstick. It keeps the headphones free of dust and debris. The zip is easy to use. Great purchase! Very happy with the case.

5. Budley Tangle Free Earphone Compact Silicone

Budley Tangle Free Earphone Compact Silicone

Storage for earbuds, headphones, power cords and other cables is tangle-free. The Budley will eliminate knots and damage to your earbuds. US Patent 9,628,891. It's accessible. The design makes it easy to fit in your pocket, purse, backpack or carry-on luggage. It is always available when you need it. Simply insert your earbuds into the interior pocket. Wrap the cord around the Budley like a yo-yo. Then close the lid and store your earbuds securely. CONVENIENT: Storage and retrieval of earbuds saves you time, frustration and prolongs the life of your earbuds. It is made from a single piece of premium silicone that is easy to clean. Think of all the places your earbuds have been - in your pocket, in your gym bag, at the bottom of your purse. Would you put something in your ear? The interior pocket of the Budley protects your earbuds from dirt and damage.

Brand: Budley

👤It's so convenient to keep my earbuds organized and protected. Silicone is sticky and attracts tons of dust, dirt, and hair. There is no way to keep this clean. I wish they could come up with a product that doesn't attract dust and hair.

👤Cerebral palsy makes her handicapped and she cannot use her left hand. She needed something to help organize her headphones, which would get messed up in her pocket and full of knots. I usually build things to help her, as there aren't many things like this for the handicapped. I took a chance on this. It is easy for her to use one hand. To fold the unit over, you have to Tuck the ear phones into the center storage area and roll the unit to wined up the cord. The plastic logo in the center popped off once. It was easy to replace it for her. If it were to continue to pop off, a drop of glue would hold it in place. I was completely satisfied and would buy again. She loves it!

👤This little case is very cute. I take my earbuds out of my pants pocket whenever I have them with me, because I have earbuds with me all the time. I spent an inordinate amount of time winding my earbuds and I finally got sick and tired of them getting tangled up when I took them out of my pocket. The earbuds were twisted, tangled, and knotted, which made them affect my daily life. The joy of living turned into misery. I turned to the Internet in exhaustion and despair in order to find a solution to my nightmare and depression. I was told that the internet could be a source of answers to your deepest questions. I had a deep question about what I could do to keep my earbuds untangled. "The Internets" took me to Amazon. I was taken to the Budley, Tangle-free Earphone/Earbud Case by Amazon. It's a good thing! This little case is very cute. My dilemma was solved with my earbuds. My depression and nightmares have gone away, but I still have nightmares because I eat peppers at dinner time. Is the Budley Earphone/Earbuds Case a good choice? You are good! I'm buying two cases for my vet. She is a wonderful person. The poor vet assistant gets the brunt of her displeasure when the electric leads she uses to attach the acupuncture needles get tangled up. If I get two Budley Earphone/Earbuds Cases, I think they will help heal the relationship between the veterinary assistant and the vet.

👤My kids have to have their own ear buds for school because they use online computer work. I was looking for a way to keep my kids earbuds protected and in their book bags at school. Only one ear bud worked and there were lost foam covers. I didn't like the idea of replacing ear buds. I ordered one at this price so I could try it out at the gym. I unwound them for the first time at the gym. It may sound silly, but I didn't have to untangle my ear buds because I was already chasing 3 kids around all day. The gym is for my sanity. It is easy to remove the ear buds. The pocket is flexible and snug. It's easy to find them. Will buy one for everyone in my family when they decide on a color. The price tag may be a little more than I would want to pay, but it will save me from buying multiple pairs of ear buds a year. I would have liked to have bought one sooner. All the kids now have their own. One child said that the budley logo pops out sometimes and it's a pain to get back in, but it really serves no function. I am very happy with my situation.

6. Compatible Generation Shockproof Protective Anti Fall

Compatible Generation Shockproof Protective Anti Fall

The Cute cartoon case is made with Premium Silicone and is compatible with the new Apple AirPods. The New Apple AirPods case is made of Premium Silicone and protects your new Apple AirPods against bumps, drops and scratches without adding any bulk. The charging port design at the bottom of the case makes it easy to access, no need to take off the case when charging. You can take it to anywhere, it has an anti-lost design, and it has a key. It's very convenient. The best gifts for yourself, your friends and family are this New Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) case. 3D technology allows the case to be more chic and vivid, and this New Apple AirPods cover is made of superior silicone material.

Brand: Firstcorn

👤This thing doesn't fit in airpods 3. I had to take my case off because it doesn't fit at all. They made it too tight. What a waste. Don't waste your money.

👤If you don't put anything in the case, the top part will fall off. I have a hair tie. I put my hair tie over the top when I am not using it.

👤The case is cute and looks like the picture. There is a Definitely a great purchase!

👤It works with the 3rd generation of the AirPods. Mike had his feet off for charging. The case has nice protection.

👤It looks like the pictures. It's not hard to take off and it's definitely protective. It is very large, but I don't mind; it is harder to lose.

👤It was the same as the Head part with only eyes and mouth. The seller posted a cover picture.

👤I love it! It looks like it.

👤Me gust mucho la funda. No lo pongo las 5 estrellas por lo siguiente, no trae hoyito para Poder ver el LED, se lo tuve. Los colores tienen batidos en algunas uniones. La verdad vale la pena.

👤It arrived in time for Christmas, my daughter loved it.

👤No est apretado, justo. Los golpes tienen una elaborado.

👤The AirPods 3ra was perfect. The word Generacin is derived from the Latin word for "great." Y adems de verse chido.

👤Ajusta a la perfeccin. Estoy.

7. ProCase Carrying Headphone Silicone Protective

ProCase Carrying Headphone Silicone Protective

The dimensions for the new Apple AirPods Max 2020 are 8.66 inches by 1.96 inches. Also, note: Only a case can be made. Headphone and other accessories are not included. Double protection against drops, spills and scratches, and a pair of smooth silicone covers for the ear cups, all come with this product. Quality two-way zipper, assure a safe and easy closure as well as wide open, it is smooth and sturdy. A mesh pocket with large space is convenient for cable, charging, and other accessories. Simple and stylish, ideal gift for yourself, families, lovers, or friends, is theDurable hand strap.

Brand: Procase

👤It's a great value for what they offer. If you don't want to use the mesh pocket, you can put the wall charging and cables in the official Max case. Silicone covers are a nice bonus for people who don't need to spend a lot of money on protection for aluminum banging. They smelled awful when they first delivered. There is a danger of the smell transferring to the cloth if the head band and ear cups are used. I let them sit under the ceiling fans for a few days to remove the smell.

👤I decided on this one after looking at multiple cases. I am happy that I chose the case. There are two types of cases, one with built-in power-saving components and the other with Apple's smart case design, where you put your headphones down and it starts to cut down on power. I want to use Apple's original smart case. There is a mesh pocket on the lid of the case. I put in my 3.5mm cable for wired connections. The entertainment system on the airplane. The handle on the case is strong. There is a The ProCase Hard Case has a simple and clean design, and I trust Apple's original smart case for saving headphone power, so I pick this case.

👤Solid case! The soft inside is great quality for the price and it is slim. The outside is soft. The rubber handle makes it more comfortable to hold. The black headphones protectors have cutouts for all the buttons, and are different in tone from the AirPods. They are thin enough to keep the magnetic headphones sleeve open. I was hesitant because there was no other rating, but it was better than I expected. Hope this helps!

👤The case is sturdy. Even if you have a backpack, it will protect the headphones nicely. The headphones are jumping around all over the place because of the small wiggle room inside the case.

👤The plastic head band is the weakest part of the whole device, and it is the problem with Apple's "case" for the AirPods Max. I didn't like putting it in my backpack. There is a This case was found by me. It is high quality and sturdy. I feel like my expensive headphones are protected from damage. I have to remind you that this doesn't replace the case you got for your headphones, it doesn't have a magnet that shuts them off. There are cases that turn off your headphones. I don't find it hard to put my headphones in the new case. It feels double protected. I give this case a strong endorsement.

👤I like Apple products. I like the fact that they are very simple; when I travel, I tend to be rough on my stuff. I bought my headphones for travel. I wanted something that would protect them more. I was impressed. The case fit the headphones perfectly. The case is very strong and will hold up. The extra ears covers seem to be a nice addition. The case was more than I wanted to spend, but I think it was worth it.

8. Co2CREA Carrying Replacement AirPods Headphone

Co2CREA Carrying Replacement AirPods Headphone

The co2CREA Hard Travel Case has a Sleep Mode Replacement for the Apple AirPods Max Headphone. The hard EVA Shell Case is shockproof and water resistant, and protects your AirPods Max Headphone from drops, scratches, bumps, splash, and dust. A strong and special zip can bring you a better experience. The Aiprods Max Headphone has a protection case. It's a perfect fit for your AirPods Max Headphone, it has more space to hold the accessories. The Smart Case can be used with the AirPods Max Headphone. The Airpods Max can enter the dormant state with the magnetic device on the bottom. The soft anti static lining of the co2CREA Hard Protective Case protects your AirPods Max Headphone from bumps and scratches. The Hand Strap on the AirPods Max Headphone Case makes it easy to carry it with you wherever you go. The case is only for sale. The included accessories are not Apple headphones.

Brand: Co2crea

👤These have a strong smell. They still stink even after a few days of airing them out. I don't want my headphones to smell bad.

👤The case smells bad but it fits perfectly. The smell is still bad after having it for a couple of months. Hopefully it will go away.

👤If you are a budget minded person, it is hard to pass up the Rugged and Solid well built case, it is a hard deal to not buy it, especially when the other case is less than $100. I tried everything to get rid of the smell, from putting a sock full of arm and hammer odor absorbing powder inside it for 3 days to spraying it with Hawaiian spray. My final solution was to place my headphones in a bag and then put them in the case. They stink like this case.

👤It works perfectly with Airpods Max and smart case. The soft velvet inside, the place to put your cord/charging brick, and the attention to detail are what I appreciate the most. The case is small enough to fit in my backpack. This case was a no-brainer for the price.

👤If you're looking for a case to protect your expensive headphones, look no further. This is the case that should be supplied from Apple with the MAX's to begin with. The price is a decent value for what you get. It doesn't have the magnets inside it to allow the APM's to go into deep sleep without the case from Apple. I have investigated this issue and it appears that you only need a pair of magnets and a case to get them into deep sleep. If you want to just purchase some magnets and fashion them together and attach them to the case, you can get them into deep sleep. I am certain that with time there will be something like this offered via a third party since it is an easy fix and seems to be an easy thing to make for cheap. If you are handy with arts and crafts, just get some magnets and do what I suggest. Cheers, Dobz.

👤The product is good for the price. It didn't come with a magnet, so I'm not upset. It has a light smell, and the company trying to give you a product to protect your headphones is not the right company to be mad at. I kept the case open all night to make it look like it was open. There was nothing disturbing. I cleaned it with a Clorox wipe and it didn't ruin my case, if you are really worried about that.

👤It works perfectly with headphones. I don't have a loose case so I don't have to include Apple case so they go to sleep. When you open them, they have a chemical smell. I don't want to put headphones in them because I'm afraid they will make them stink. The case is currently open to air out. The smell will go away.

9. ELFRhino Organizer Earphone Earphones Headphone

ELFRhino Organizer Earphone Earphones Headphone

It's a perfect gift for anyone. Please note that earphone is not included in the package. Natural color Silicone material for use. The metallic snap is easy to open and close. The design is soft and flexible, convenient to carry. With a single pull, earbuds are instantly released and tangle-free. Small size to fit easily in pockets, purses or bags is a great option for an organized home or workplace. Please note that earphone is not included in the package.

Brand: Elfrhino

👤The cables become bent. It's difficult to get the earbuds to end up in the spot you want them to be. I had better results from Budley.

👤I love it! It looks like the picture. Cute color! It feels sturdy and will hold up. The price is great.

👤A rubber band or twist tie would have done it. Sometimes I enjoy the luxury of a dedicated solution with a little aesthetic appeal. I carry this with my earbuds in my man-purse everywhere I go and it keeps things in order rather than just a messy, tangled nest of cable. If you don't want to spend money on this solution, consider the appeal of working towards a place for everything. It gave purpose for a simple item and it feels good to just see it there, neatly organized with everything else s neat.

👤I am not happy with this. I have tried to wrap this so that it looks like a picture, but it never does. The earbuds or the plug don't fit into the holder. The cord is not wrapped neatly. I was expecting it to result in a nice neat result like the picture, but I guess it serves the purpose. I'll keep it and use it, but if I find something better, I'll replace it.

👤Every girl wants this little earphone organizers in her bag. It's easy to use and convenient to carry. The quality of the material and the color make it easy to find things in your bag. The design of the snap makes it easy to open with a single flip, and the earphones come out without any mess. I need more of these for my family.

👤I bought a pair of earphones in leather a long time ago. I decided to buy this because I have a second pair of earphones that I keep in a case so they can be untangled and protected. It was inconvenient. I like that this is a different color than my leather one, so I can easily identify them and tell them apart at a glance in my bag. My leather one is a bit better. It has a snap. This one doesn't snap shut. The leather one hugs my earphones tighter. This one is decent and I like it. I will just find another leather one if it holds up over time.

👤I keep my headphones out of my bag if I can remember to wind them around it. It is easy to find in the bright color. I think I lost it under the couch cushion. I'll have to order another one.

👤I like this better than my old one, it was too small and hard to use. This one is easier to use, but it is still difficult to get the headphones in the right position with the snap. I like the fact that you can wind these around and not damage the cord. It is easy to throw in a pocket or bag.

👤This holder sounds good in theory. Execution falls short when I get it. I got the earbuds that came with my phone because I tried a lot of different sets. There is a The earbuds have microphones. I couldn't get them into this holder without either the jack end or the earbuds flopping about with too much slack. It's a simple strap that doesn't hold the cord in place very well. There is a This is my second holder. It's time to try an enclosed pouch. I can't recommend this product.

10. AirPods Cartoon Headphones Protective Shockproof

AirPods Cartoon Headphones Protective Shockproof

The Airpods charging case are not lnclusion. The 1/2 generation earphone universal protective cover is for Apple Airpods. Made of impact-resistant silicone rubber, the headphones are designed to protect them from external pollution and scratches. The shock absorbing design is engineered to absorb, distribute and circulate the impacts. The earphone shell can be made to last as new, with the help of a comprehensive package and a cute cartoon design, as well as anti-drop shock absorption and silicone material.

Brand: Max-blv

👤The quality of the material is very flexible and I was able to remove the case without any issues, I love the mickey mouse but it felt apart so I just put a little bit of glue and it was perfect.

👤The Pod case is so cute, we love it for our daughter to match her phone case.

👤Don't waste your money. I don't like bad reports.

👤It's convenient and cute.

👤The little pieces that hang off the side of the product would be better with metal.

👤It looks okay. I feel like I could have gotten better for my money. It's easy to lose a piece because the top and bottom pieces are separate.

👤No venia, quiero, dinero, or producto grasias, pero mucho tiempo.

11. SUNGUY Portable Earphone Smartphone Bluetooth

SUNGUY Portable Earphone Smartphone Bluetooth

The package includes a cover case for Airpods Pro, a carabiner, and a storage bag. The Charging Case for the Airpods Pro and AirPods is not included. Multi-colored products make it easier for you to find and differentiate, and this earphone case bag has different 5 color design. The earbuds carrying case has a portable size of 1.2 inch and is better for storing your earphones, hearing aid and more electronic gadgets. The high qualtiy Zipper EVA hard case, PU leather appearance protection, and inside soft velvet cloth protection are all part of the Great Protection Performance. Pocket size earbuds case compatible with Bose SoundSport. The Panasonic Ergo Fit is a Sony MDR-EX650AP. There are more mini electronic parts. There is a 12 month worry-free warranty on the 5 x SUNGUY Square Earphone Case. Please contact them if you have any questions. They would like to respond to you in 24 hours.

Brand: Sunguy

👤There are two separate reviews. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. Pack Large Case is 2. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's the same thing. It's not a good thing These were picked up to house my new ZST's. The ZST's earphones have cables that can be removed and reinstalled, so I needed a larger case. Failure will occur sooner rather than later if the more one fiddles. I keep the earphones in this larger case. I use a strap of a similar size to keep the earphones neatly wound, and the same size as the case, to keep the earphones stationary, so they aren't thrown about inside the case. That is what the cargo net is for. The storage case makes it convenient for me to keep the extra earphone cable in the cargo net. The case is large enough to hold my earphones and upgraded cable. There is a The case is strong enough to hold a backpack or purse without crushing it. It has a quality zip that zips smoothly. The price for the product is a fair one. I will order more of these cases if I get more earphones that have memory wire. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing Pack review is 5. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing I have dozens of in- ear monitors and I have another dozen being shipped to me via Amazon as I write this review. How do you keep all those IEMs organized? There is a I use this "coolsell" 5-pack of earphone cases. I have ordered this set on more than one occasion and will be ordering more. I color-code which earphones go in which case. It's easier to pick out a pair of earphones from a sea of earphone cases. There are two more I labeled each case according to the color of the Sharpie I purchased. There are 3 more I bought a roll of 1in. Attach my earphones with 4 inch sections of Velcro and cut them up. I keep the earphones in the case. I keep the eartips in the cargo net so they don't get lost. Problem solved! There is a The cases are strong enough to keep your earphones out of a napsack or purse. The earphone case is in the cargo pocket of my khaki shorts. The cases are well made, but they are not as good as the snake skin cases, but the quality of the exterior skin is more important. I have both. There is a You can store two sets of earphones in one case if both earphones are in ear monitors. I'm not sure if there is enough room for earphones and a charging plug in one case, and I'm not sure if two pairs of earbuds are too bulky. It depends on the size of the earphones and the charging port of your phone. I will post more pictures later.


What is the best product for headphone apple case?

Headphone apple case products from Elfrhino. In this article about headphone apple case you can see why people choose the product. Apple and Valkit are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone apple case.

What are the best brands for headphone apple case?

Elfrhino, Apple and Valkit are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone apple case. Find the detail in this article. Zfre-hj, Budley and Firstcorn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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