Best Headphone Bag for Kids

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1. Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

The package included a carrying bag and headphones. Soft material protects your headphones. There is a double drawstring closure. Please notice the size of the headphones.

Brand: Cosmos

👤I was expecting these cases to be small, like the size that would fit Apple wired ear buds and put in my pocket, but they are very large. They are better suited for large headphones. The reason I bought these cases was for my small Apple ear buds and JBL earbuds, but they are too large for that. The product is quality and offers thick protection for a soft case, so I gave it 4 stars. When I first saw them, they didn't work for what I wanted them to, but I found other items to use them for. More info than you need, but the facts.

👤They are adequate for transporting safety ear muffs and eye protection glasses. The outside of the bag is soft, but the inside is very rough. I am not sure if bags will shed fibers. I would be cautious about using nice equipment.

👤headphones will not fit even when folded up, because size is not described. For the actual size, see the images. There is a The material is very cheap. I've encountered this material before and it tends to crack and melt, as is the decay that occurs over a few years to leave sticky pieces on everything it touches. I didn't do that to my headphones. No thanks. It was nasty.

👤These are good for storing headphones. I don't mind that they don't provide crush protection. The bag is soft and nice quality, but it was stiff on arrival. The fabric is holding up. Definitely recommend.

👤I ordered the wrong ones. I should have seen it coming because I didn't order directly from Cosmos. When you get something different in the mail, why would a third party say that you're ordering a bag? Isn't that a scam? The sizes on the page were different. There was no badging. They won't fit my skullcandy wireless headphones which are already in a hard case. Returning!

👤The pouch is large but still roomy, I bought it for my DJ style headphones. The set of 2 comes with a backup. The only thing not soft inside is the study, which is still a good buy. I have an RV instead of a sedan.

👤The perfect size to store and carry controllers. Dust is kept out. Highly recommended as an inexpensive case for those.

👤This pouch was used to store my headphones. It protects the headphones from wear and dust. Great product.

2. Bulk Headphones Classroom Kids Earbuds

Bulk Headphones Classroom Kids Earbuds

We want to stay friends for the rest of their lives. BuddyPhones are built and tested to be durable. Quality control is included in world-class testing labs. Accidents can happen. Customer service assistance, repairs, or replacements are available. 25 pack of headphones in bulk come in five different colors: blue, black, white,Rose, Orange and one with an adjust headband. It's not a disposable headphone, come with strong plastic and stereo sound, headphones for kids can be used again. Each headphone is sealed by a plastic bag in a carton box. The headphones have a 3.5mm aux jack and are compatible with IPads, Iphones, Tablets, Macs, PCs, Desktops, Laptops, Chromebooks, and more. If you have a question, please contact them through the contact information on the instructions card or email, they will reply you in the first time.

Brand: Keewonda

👤I was surprised by how good these are. 160 middle school students use these throughout the day. They are comfortable and have not broken. A student thought she broke a pair of headphones. You should give these a try. The distinctive blue color is great.

👤This was advertised to children. They were too large for my students. They don't fit. They would fall off of their heads at the smallest adjustment. Older kids would be better suited by them.

👤I bought these for my students. They don't last very long. They stopped working within a month.

👤The bulk set was not worth the money. The ear cushions pop off almost instantly, the wires are thin and easy to pull out, and some of them already stopped working after a few days of use. These were a big disappointment for me and my students.

👤The 2nd grade class went through them quickly.

👤You get what you pay for. I only have 12 out of 25 still working after six weeks of use in a middle school classroom. The wires would pop out easily if students went to pick up the headphones. The ear covers are easy to remove. It's the biggest waste of money. I would give less than 1 star.

👤Some sides lost sound quickly. I was disappointed that they were too big for most of my students, but they were still purchased for my 6th grade classroom.

👤This was a great purchase. Students in my poetry and lyrics class have to listen to music for assignments. The kids say they are very comfortable and the price was reasonable.

3. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Microphone

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Microphone

Up to 20 hours of continuous working time can be provided by the 2 newAAA batteries included in the Power Saving Vehicle Headphones with Custom Bag for Easy Storage. When batteries are left on, automatic shut off prevents them from draining. 3.5mm aux jack with aux cable is included for use with iPad, iPhone and Tablet PC. The foldable headphones are designed with the appearance of Picachu. Children look very cool because of the unique shape. When listening to music, there will be 7 colors lightning on the earmuffs, just like Pikachu is discharging, they want to bring joy into every family, to add a touch of fun in their daily life. It is a good gift for girls, women, children, family and friends. Give your kids a range of different modes from any device with their specially cartoon designed headphones. The headset has a huge battery that can last more than 15 hours of continuous playtime. There are plenty for those long days in the car. The 3.5mm audio cable isdetachable and can be used to connect to any device with a headphone jack. The 40mm speaker with the bluetooth 5.0 technology is powerful and lets them roam free with cute kids wireless headphones that deliver an unbreakable connection with a huge 39ft range and no distortion. You can save the hassle of matching again once you have done the matching. Kids can use the headphones for their devices with any auxiliary plug enabled devices. The Bluetooth headphone is compatible with a broadband connection. A: It can be used for any backpack, it is foldable, it is comfortable to wear, and it is retractable. D: The earmuffs hang easily around the neck when not in use. Stereo HD Sound. The Over-Ear headphones have a strong bass. Superior sound quality makes you enjoy your music more. You can answer calls and play/pause a song with the build-in microphone and volume control. You can get 6 month replacement and 24 hour customer support. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Svyhuok

👤I bought these headphones for my daughter, she says they have good sound quality, but as you can see in the picture the build quality is terrible, they broke in a little more than a month with very light use.

👤My son likes them. He's picky about the headphones they use and they work well for that. He is comfortable on his head. He won't be able to outgrow it if he takes care of it. It is 10/10 recommend. He was able to use his phone and laptop at the same time, because of the way it connected. The audio cord is a great addition. He can connect to my old iPod or his gaming console controller.

👤One day after the return window closed, it stopped working for my 10 year old niece. This company will never buy a piece of junk again.

👤My son loved them. It will eventually break because one side won't snap into place and it will move side to side every time you touch them. He likes them and they are still working.

👤The look is great. It's perfect for my 7 year old. He liked it as a Christmas gift. They didn't charge the way I wanted. I've bought others that have had a long battery life. He asked me to put them back on the charge. He has a second tv in our bedroom and I have to play battle of the volume because his head set didn't work out.

👤The padding on the head phones falls off after a week of use.

👤My grandson uses them a lot. The lights on it caught his attention. He's a little hard on electronics. I don't think they will break easily like a few others have. These kids headphones are wireless. I'm happy I bought them.

👤My daughter hurts her ears when she uses them without instructions or a cord. They wouldn't return them.

👤Es de una calidad real, estoy cargando por primera vez.

👤No carga la bateria, funcionan, pero las funciones inhalambricas y las decoraciones LED no funcionan. It's a triste.

👤Le baje la puntuacin solo. No me llego, pero la imagen.

👤Fue un regalo para me. Muy tiles, ligeros, and costo.

👤Se te rompern rpido.

4. TabSuit Compatible Ultra Portable Neoprene Accessory

TabSuit Compatible Ultra Portable Neoprene Accessory

The Y88X Plus is for the Dragon Touch Y88X. The bag doesn't fit the Dragon Touch Y88X 7 kids tablets. The case is lightweight and convenient to carry with you on the go. A seamless wrap of Impact foam padding adds extra protection to your device. This colorful case has a front pocket that you can use to keep your accessories on hand.

Brand: Tabsuit

👤Was not a fan of this device. It didn't seem like a user friendly place. We bought it for my daughter's birthday and drove to Florida. Since then, she has used it a few times a month. My three year old started screaming and crying while I turned it on. The case was coming off when we saw the battery was blowing up. We threw it outside. It was called Amazon. I wanted to send a warning because it was very scary for her and us, but they are refunding partial payment. I am not fond of having to package it and send it back. I will research more before my next purchase.

👤The carry case was recommended as an item to consider after I purchased a Dragon Touch Y88X 7. There is a There is a 7in tablet with a rubber protective case in the pictures. Beware... I had to buy a Vankyo neoprene carry case with at least two more inches of room to fit the tablet perfectly because this case wouldn't hold it if it was enclosed in a rubber protective case.

👤The only way to fit a kindle in this case is if it has a protective case on it. I bought this for my 4 year old who has a protective case on it, however, you can barely zip the case. The quality is good, but I wish it was a bit bigger.

👤My granddaughter likes this. She has had it for two years and it has not fallen apart. The price was great and it was very durable.

👤My daughter likes her device. She uses a lot. There is a She put liquid on it. I turned it off. I put it in rice. The next day it was working perfectly. There were no complaints.

👤You have to take the rubber protective case to fit the tablets inside, which defeats the purpose. It would be better if it was a bigger case that could hold the tablets.

👤The same tablets were bought to go with these. The picture is misleading. I'm returning because the tablets don't fit.

👤It stop working after a month. 40% of the cost wasReimbursement after they called the company for the warranty and couldn't connect it to the internet.

5. Cancelling Protection Earmuffs Children Headphones

Cancelling Protection Earmuffs Children Headphones

There is legislation that protects hearing protection. The noise blocking earmuffs for kids are certified to offer an NRR of 25db. They are a great choice for minimizing the racket at ball games, car races, theme parks, and more, because of their form-fitting ear cups that form a solid seal and a noise dampening sponge. Better fit, better results, and an ear cup that is re-tractable are just some of the things that make great kids ear protection headphones. It means a snug fit for children 3-12 years old and superior protection from ear- damaging decibel levels. It was designed for fortifications. The kids will forget to have ear protection if they get the over ear protection earmuffs. The soft ear cup cushion, the soft headband, and the ergonomics of the design will make your little boy or girl happy. It is possible to compare and portable. The foldable kids' noise reduction earmuffs weigh just 6.88oz and have ear cups that fold into the headband. Take them to a shooting range, concert, or monster truck event with ease if you pack them into the included carry bag. You have nothing to lose. Their toddler hearing protection earmuffs have an ironclad lifetime warranty to give you total peace of mind and the best bang for your buck. Go ahead and make sure your child's hearing is completely risk-free.

Brand: Asani

👤The headphones are described. The headband is made of a smooth type of material. The ear is soft but stiff. I think it will help with the durability, but he would be a bit more comfortable with the headband material. It doesn't seem to bother her that they squeeze her face a bit. When I took them off, she threw a fit. There is a They fit a wide variety of head sizes, and I could also wear them. They fit a smaller head than my toddler. They do a good job of keeping the noise down and would be great for taking little ones to loud events. They are not as sound resistant as 3m ear muffs. What child or toddler will be mowing the lawn? The neon green isn't bad, but it would be nice to have different color options. There is a They are a great deal for the price. If you have small kids who are sensitive to noises or are attending loud events, I would recommend this. They have a basic carrying bag with them.

👤I teach 5th grade and these are great for students with testing anxiety. They are comfortable and perfect for my students. I would like to have 35 of them so every student has one for testing.

👤My son has two disorders. These are great for him both ways. They fit a snug which he loves, and they block out sound when he needs it. He can stomp around and hear low sounds when he wears them. So happy with these! They fit adults as well. He loves the bag. He carries it around.

👤We have a 16 month old. He loves them. He didn't want to take them off. We can go to events and not worry about the loud noise hurting his ears because of these. They should come in different colors. I like the bight color. They have a carry bag that is great for when they are not in use. They are in the baby bag. They are an option if we need them.

👤I ordered this for my nephew. When my sister took his headphones away, he would make an angry noise. I thought he might be sound sensitive. He wore them all the time after taking them. His teacher noticed a change in his behavior. The are padded around the ears and have a small dust bag. When I tried them out, the noise was reduced but I could hear some, which was great since he would be wearing them to school.

👤The product arrived in perfect condition, and the delivery was great. My 3 year old boy doesn't like loud events and so he is in a perfect size. We used it this past weekend for a swim meet and he was so happy and didn't complain about wearing them so I guess they are comfortable. We will go to a Monster Jam event in January. I would recommend this item to any child. I am happy with my purchase for the price and quality.

6. Headphones Adjustable Tangle Free Children Parental

Headphones Adjustable Tangle Free Children Parental

There is a lifetime warranty. The product has a limited lifetime warranty. Refer to the website for more information. Kids headphones use a 3.5mm jack to connect any device to enjoy high quality sound. Use for remote learning, listen to music, watch movies, or use for other things. The built-in parental volume controls allow for kid-friendly sound levels in any setting, just slide the switch to create a custom sound experience. When using headphones for school, home, or travel, they have a custom fit that includes a headband and soft ear cushions. Enjoy long lasting comfort on road trips, virtual classes, and airplane rides. Pikachu is the inspiration for the over ear headphones. It looks great on a Pokemon fan. Kids headphones are a great gift. The headphones are ideal for computer learning. The ekids brand store has great products.

Brand: Ekids

👤I bought these for my 7 year old son for Christmas in 2019. I thought he would like Pokemon. He's wearing them daily because he's in virtual school. They are very comfortable to wear and they still look brand new, which is a testament to their durability because my kid isn't very careful in his treatment of things. I am very pleased with the purchase and would recommend them. There is a Update 10/22-20. The dust has completely bit these. They used to be used for 10 weeks a day. I don't think I'd buy them again. Subtract 2 stars for that reason. Now 3, I was 5.

👤I bought these for my five year old grandson who had to have the volume on his tablets turned off. When he leaves my house, I no longer have a migraine. Ryan's world and the voice of his mom drives me crazy. I don't have to deal with the pain anymore. He can still enjoy his shows. He loves Pokemon and that made grandma the best.

👤The headphones are very cute and a great addition for children who love Pokemon. This is my son's second pair of this type. I hope these last a bit longer than the previous ones. He uses them to play on the IPad. They are easy to use and have a switch to control the volume.

👤After doing research on these headphones, I went to other sites as well. I bought them for my son because of the reviews. He said they were uncomfortable and didn't fit in. I adjusted the head piece after he brought them home from school. I was wrong to think that they covered his ears. My son is 8 years old and they don't fit in a 4 to 5 year old. Before you send your child to school, be careful. He tried wearing them for a week before he brought them back.

👤My 11 year old loves them. She says the volume limiter is very comfortable. They're snug on her head, so a kid with a bigger noggin might not fit them. It seems well made, not flimsy. If they break easily or something goes wrong, I'll update this review.

👤My son was excited to purchase all of it, but he found out the right side didn't work. Before I arrived home, he threw the box away. I can not return it.

👤Son loves these, they work well, quality is pretty good, but they're small on him, and he's only 9. I'm not sure if this is my fault for not checking the size, or the headphones fault for not being adjusted for different head sizes. I'm sure they'll be used as long as possible.

👤My 6 year old loves Pokemon. My boy tends to bite on things and the first set of headphones lasted 2 weeks. He bit cable and stopped working. He didn't bite the cord after ordering a second set. It's either bad luck or poor quality. The only good thing is the headphones. Will not order anymore.

7. BuddyPhones Explore Foldable Built Line

BuddyPhones Explore Foldable Built Line

The wide- compatible 3. The headphones can be used with all 3. 5mm jack devices. Such as iPad, iPod, laptops, tablets, computers,car DVD player. It is very easy to get a lightning to 3.5mm jack for iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 year 2020 models. There is an award-winning safe audio for kids. Kids headphones with the most awards for innovative design and features are called BuddyPhones. All BuddyPhones have built-in protection for kids' hearing. They were capped at the WHO recommended level of 85dB. It is made with materials that are certified safe and comfortable for children. Key features include: It's easier for explorers to listen to music on-the-go. Kids' hearing is protected by Safe Audio volume control. The headband is foldable. The bag has a drawstring to make it easy to store headphones. A microphone with a cable. It's great for girls, boys, toddlers, and all the kids. Fun for kids. Kids enjoy safe audio. Colorful designs. The world-famous artist created custom illustrations. The BuddyCable system can be used by kids. A single audio jack can be used for up to 4 headphones. You can use the built-in mic for language lessons. They want to stay friends for the rest of their lives. BuddyPhones are built and tested for their strength. Quality control with world-class testing labs is included. Accidents can happen. Customer Service can help with repairs or replacements.

Brand: Onanoff

👤My grandson is 3 years old and he uses the headphones to use his tablets. So far they have been stepped on, dropped, Andy, anything else that a 3 year old would do would put them through. The fit of his head and the tight adjustment make them perfect for him. He cannot blow out his eardrums because he is very noise sensitive. He does not get distracted by noises around him. There is a port. There is a way to plug in a headset for others to listen to and play with. If he can figure out how to destroy them, he will buy them again. The stickers on the side can be changed out at any time if he wants to decorate his headphones with something.

👤The headphones were suggested to me as an additional purchase when I purchased my son a tablet. It seemed crazy to buy my 3 year old a set of headphones for $30. I knew I'd be forgetting to get some elsewhere, so they went into the Amazon cart, and I couldn't be happier. I love that they fold so he doesn't have to worry about damage to his backpack. The cord is not static. I can replace it when it inevitably stops working, as cords do. The ability to plug in a second set is great, as it will take him a long time to share with his little brother. They are well padded and are perfect for long wear on little heads. A 5 star product, and an impossible to regret purchase.

👤We just got our first pair of Buddy phones and are very excited! My toddler has destroyed other headphones by stepping on them or trying to fold them up. These look and feel like they will survive. There is a It will limit the sound. I can relax now that I know he won't play his music loud. When we ordered the headphones, I didn't know there was a place to connect another one. He uses the headphones to not disturb his brother or father, but I can't follow him as he works through his learning apps. I am going to try it out with my headphones on. There is a My toddler loves the stickers. I was excited to put his name on the design because he was so excited to pick it. My toddler would love using headphones that my mom also approves, if I could just make stickers that would make them love it. There is a Thanks for making a product that thinks of solutions, I hadn't even thought about it!

👤It was bought for a trip to Yellowstone. On day 3 of use, our three year old broke it. There is a The parts of the headphones are bendable, but not all of them. There is a It was not a good value for $33 for 3 days of use.

👤My daughter has an Amazon Fire HD tablet. She really liked using the headphones. They were strong enough to hold up over a toddler's physical curiosity. She was able to hear them even during loud driving. The only problem I had was that the stickers didn't stay on long. They peel off at the bottom. I thought I'd mention it. The product is great, and I'm glad we bought it.

8. LilGadgets Connect Headphones SharePort Children

LilGadgets Connect Headphones SharePort Children

For any questions while using, please contact them at any time via Amazon email or through the contact information on the instructions. These headphones are lightweight and fit over the ear, and have a patent pending design. It's a perfect gift for kids. Durability is improved by metal extenders, which are used to hold on to children's play. SharePort does not need a splitter. One side of the Connect+ Pro can be plugged into the device and the other can be used to share audio. The microfiber carrying pouch and nylon audio cable allow for a greater range between your children's devices. Quality Audio: Volume limited with Adult Worthy. The max volume is 93db with internal 40mm drivers and a range of 20 to 20kHz.

Brand: Lilgadgets

👤The best of the bunch, these were the best of the several children's headphones we've gone through. I took one star off because the max volume level seems a bit loud to a child's ears, and another star off because we haven't had them very long, and the sound has stopped working on one. My son ends up turning the volume up very loud in his one ear. I might purchase a new pair of these, because they have been the most comfortable and have been used a lot, but I'm worried about paying that price again for a pair of headphones that might only last a few months. I just received two replacement cables from the company, they saw my review on Amazon and sent the cables as a possible solution to my problem. The cables did not resolve the issue, but I will update my review again with more information. I'm adding a star to my review because I'm very impressed with the customer service of LilGadgets. The company contacted me after I wrote my review and sent me cables as a possible solution, but when that proved to be useless, they sent me a brand new pair of headphones. I was initially very pleased with the headphones for their design and comfort level for my kids, and am even more pleased with the customer service and pride that they take in their products and their company. They've made customers out of us.

👤We have purchased three pairs of these headphones. We like that they don't use a device like a phone. Our kids like that they can watch a video with their headphones on. The company hasn't replaced the broken headphones even though we've owned them for less than six months.

👤In June, we bought 3 sets of headphones for our daughters. They have been great on plane rides and in the car. The ability to chain them together has resulted in people sharing their listening habits. The colors make it easy to find in backpacks. I wish the bags that came with them were not all black, but matching the colors to make it easier to distinguish. The headphones were a 5 star purchase for us until last week, when it was clear that one of the cables had splintered, and now only one side of the headphones gets sound. Since these are for kids, I was expecting betterDurability and am disappointed. There is a We received a replacement cable from the company. Great customer service. We will see how this works.

👤I love these headphones. We bought a new pair for my daughter's 3rd grade school use. My kids have headphones at home that work well. If you have a big headed kid like my 5 year old who got his headphones when he was 4, then it's best for them. It's a good thing! I don't let them use the headphones unless we're in the car, grocery shipping, and I don't want them to use them if they're not in the car. At their grandmother's house, they love her grandkids but she doesn't like their child appropriate noises. I have had to replace 1x cords in 9 months because of the 1 year warranty on the headphones. You won't be disappointed.

9. Bluetooth Headphones PowerLocus Microphone Cellphones

Bluetooth Headphones PowerLocus Microphone Cellphones

This colorful case has a front pocket that you can use to keep your accessories on hand. PowerLocus over- ear headphones for kids will protect your children from hearing damage if you place a limit on the maximum volume. The limit has been proven to be safe for kids. The little audiophiles will enjoy crystal clear audio with enriched bass. The soft and lightweight design of foldable headphones for children will fit easily in every backpack or suitcase. Their lightweight over the ear design will provide your child with long lasting comfort. The ear cups are made to cover the ear completely. With their headphones over ear, your kids will have the freedom to switch between several modes. Their kids headphones are compatible with all of the major operating systems. It has a huge wireless range up to 10m. External and built-in microphones are designed to improve the online learning experience for your children. There is a smooth hands-free mode for kids headphones. On ear volume control, play/pause, voice assistant and accept/decline the incoming calls will ease their moments of joy. You are covered with a 2 year warranty and 100% customer satisfaction. If you contact them, they will respond within 2 hours or 7 days a week to their US toll-free phone support. You can get a free gift wrap if you want to give a gift to a loved one.

Brand: Powerlocus

👤I am not sure who would give these stars. I bought it 4 months ago and can't hear anything anymore. The volume is not high enough to hear anything else. Don't buy a product that is awful.

👤You wouldn't care what's playing on your device. You can't hear anything. I thought I didn't connect it. I was happy until I realized that the headset was connected and the buzzing noise was from it.

👤My son loves that he can use his phone at school. He can do his work without a computer. We love that he can watch movies on the plane. The case helps it not get broken.

👤It was the best present for my child. He is enjoying himself. I tried it myself. It is very good. The sound is perfect for kids ears, eliminating all of the high sounds. He was able to walk around the room while the iPad was in place, and it was very easy to connect to iPad. If you are looking for headphones for kids, this is a very good choice.

👤My kids loved these headphones. The headphones fit on both my older kids and my toddlers, and the size of the band is different for each child. The noise cancellation and quality of sound are perfect. It was easy to connect the headphones to a device and be on the go. It's a great buy and it's very convenient.

👤It can be used with a wire as well as without. The 15 hr charge is something I like.

👤Everything works well with them.

👤These are perfect for an 8 year old girl. She can use her iPad to listen to what she wants without me having to listen to her.

👤We love the headphones. My boys think they are amazing. They have a L & R for children to know which way to put them on, they have a volume that is lower. After you child has had them on for a while, it becomes necessary to protect their ears. They have a radio as well. They have a smart case with a clip to attach bags for safety. Both my boys are very easy to use. Excellent recommendation!

👤The headphones fit perfectly, the volume is not as high as adults, and if a child turns the volume up on their tablets it won't hurt their ears. The headphones are comfortable, my daughter is in her tablets all the time, and the battery life is good, I have only had to charge them once so far. They have a case that you can clip onto a bag, but the case is small enough to fit in your bag, and not make a difference to the weight. I would recommend these headphones to anyone looking for something to wear.

👤These are pretty good, they come in a nice case, and my 5-year old was very comfortable with them. I don't think they're loud enough to protect the eardrum. There was a lot of background noise on the plane. My son didn't complain. Maybe he could hear me better. I bought them knowing they would only go up to a certain volume. They are good. I would have gone for some if you could show up.

10. Contixo Tablet Sleeve Dragon Accessory

Contixo Tablet Sleeve Dragon Accessory

You have nothing to lose. Their toddler hearing protection earmuffs have an ironclad lifetime warranty to give you total peace of mind and the best bang for your buck. Go ahead and make sure your child's hearing is completely risk-free. It was designed for the V9 Kids Tablets. The case is lightweight and convenient to carry with you on the go. A seamless wrap of Impact foam padding adds extra protection to your device. This colorful case has a front pocket that you can use to keep your accessories on hand. Please measure the internal dimensions of your device before ordering. Kids will love a gift on the day.

Brand: Contixo

👤It does not fit as advertised. I contacted the company when they asked. I wrote a negative review because I did not get a satisfactory response. The carrying bag/sleeve is too big for a 7-inch tablet. I requested that the company send me one that fits the 7" Contixo tablet that I purchased, but they didn't reply or give me any help in trying to get a refund.

👤Doesn't fit an 8-inch fire tablet with a kid proof sleeve. It will close, but it won't stay closed. There is no point. I will either give it away or find another use for it. Only for 7 or 8 inches without a sleeve. It needs to be reflected in the description.

👤The bag is nice. We purchased for a trip. The main pocket fit the tablets and headphones well. It's a way to keep track of everything.

👤The case does not fit the Amazon tablets. It's not a good thing to take it out of the protective case. It claims to fit fire tablets, so I wish it was bigger to accommodate that. Still cute. It has a pocket for the charger, but not big enough for the entire case. Disappointed.

👤If you can convince the kids to use the tablets, it's a great way to keep them safe. Good quality and a pocket for the battery.

👤The case is very nice and will be appreciated. There is a There is a person named Sandra.

👤They are great to have for children to carry their tablets.

👤My son loves the colour and the fit of the device.

11. Hermitshell Products Elecder IClever Headphones

Hermitshell Products Elecder IClever Headphones

The hard travel storage carrying case is made of jasper. Protect your device from damage. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤I ordered the "teal" case for my girlfriend. It's the ugliest pale green color. It seems to be made well, but ugly.

👤Vale la pena. The headphones are de mis hijos. Durar mucho.


What is the best product for headphone bag for kids?

Headphone bag for kids products from Cosmos. In this article about headphone bag for kids you can see why people choose the product. Keewonda and Svyhuok are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone bag for kids.

What are the best brands for headphone bag for kids?

Cosmos, Keewonda and Svyhuok are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone bag for kids. Find the detail in this article. Tabsuit, Asani and Ekids are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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