Best Headphone Bag Waterproof

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1. LTGEM Soundcore Cancelling Headphones Protective Carrying

LTGEM Soundcore Cancelling Headphones Protective Carrying

The case is designed to fit your headphones. Outer dimensions: 9.1. " L - 8.8" W - 2.8" H. 100% safe. Hard quality EVA material is Semi-waterproof, Shockproof and Durable to protect your Headphones from impacts and splashes. The hand spar: The case has a strong rubber handle that makes it easy to carry. The inner mesh pocket design is CONVENIENT, it has a smooth but strong zip for easy opening and closing.

Brand: Ltgem

👤I didn't know that the Soundcore Life Q30 came with a case, but I like it better than the stock case. I have confidence that the recess molded for the headphones will keep my investment safe because I enjoy it.

👤The original case was lacking for some reason. It's a better fit and water resistant. The headphones are a bomb. I challenge everyone to find a better set of headphones.

👤They work great and really great headphones.

👤El producto is described. Perfecto de ruidos externos, larga duracin de bateria.

👤These are used for soundcore life Q35. The felt insides should keep the foam pads from tearing. It's not as hard as I would have hoped, a heavy lean or fall would most likely bend the case into the headphones. It's still better to leave them out.

2. Waterproof Earphone Carrying Headphone Replacement

Waterproof Earphone Carrying Headphone Replacement

Protect your gadgets from water and oil with high quality PU Leather, it is waterproof and easy to wash. The opening is made of high elastic Steel belt andCompact keeps earphone safe and can be thrown into your purse, briefcase or luggage for easy travel. You can carry your gadgets anywhere, just put them in this small bag, throw it into your bag, and you're good to go. Things in your bag are not important, make them organized in your travel, daily life, school, work,don't mix with other items in your bag anymore. There is a wide application. It's great for earphone, earbud, In- ear headphones, coins, keys,usb flash drive, charge cable, cosmetic, jewelry or other portable small things.

Brand: Zerone

👤This little case is thought to be a "coin case". I wanted to keep my earphones in. I wanted something that would protect them but also keep my pocket lint off of those Silicone or rubber ear tips that hold on to dust. The hard mini-clamshell cases are sold for the same use. You aren't taking up a lot of pocket space. The cost of more pocket space might be a result of carrying a few more extras inside. I have both types. I like the ones that are clamshell because you can zip them closed. There is a A quick tip. Attach your earphones with a small strap so they don't get stuck inside the case.

👤A great pouch for my earphones. It keeps them untangled, clean and dry. It's in my pocket or bag when I travel. Stays closed and secure.

👤The product works perfectly to hold ear buds. Thank you.

👤It was perfect. It works with my earbuds. I am loving it.

👤This is nylon material and not leather. It looks rather durable but has not been used for earphones yet.

👤Every time I reach tangle, it does the job for earphone storage avoidance. My earphones are braided so the tangles are not as big of an issue. I like the quality of the material.

👤I was expecting it to carry my headphones, but they should be specific in the description. I take fault for ordering it as I am happy. I want my money back.

👤A pouch for headphones.

3. LTGEM MDR7506 Professional Diaphragm Headphone

LTGEM MDR7506 Professional Diaphragm Headphone

The warranty is for 12 months. Purchase SUNGUY product and you will get a worry-free warranty. Questions will be answered within 24 hours. The case they designed is perfect for the Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone. Outer dimensions are 7.5" L, 6.3" W, and 3.5" H. 100% safe. The Headphone is protected from impacts and splashes with hard quality EVA material. The hard case for Headphone is easy to carry and convenient to take anywhere. CONVENIENT DESIGN. It is easy to transport with the wrist strap. The Inner Mesh pocket design is perfect for cable and accessories.

Brand: Ltgem

👤The mesh pocket is missing on mine. I don't know if the model has changed or not. I don't like when the presentation doesn't match the item. There is a I need to pack and return this item.

👤I have ordered three of them. I was looking for a place to keep my superior and guests' studio headphones. I bought the gray one for my boss. It was nice, but I would have bought it more if it had a pocket to hold the adapters. I ordered the black version to differentiate between my extra sets of headphones and my general manager's. The headphones case did not have a pocket. I returned it because I thought it was a mistake. I will be returning the black one I received after 4 weeks and not buying a new one. The advert clearly shows a pocket for the black version. This was a waste of time. I will not buy from this seller again.

👤I am glad I have this case to protect my Sony's that I have had for over 30 years. The interior of the case provides the perfect amount of room, without crunching things, as well as keeping my phones from clattering around. The zip is easy to pull, and there are even eyelets on the zip that match up, in case I want to secure them with a zip tie or mini-padlock. I don't think I would use that, but if I had kids around, it would protect them even more. The mesh pouch inside the lid is a nice feature for carrying small items. This item is well made for the price range, and I am very pleased with it.

👤I've used these headphones for 30 years. The cheap string bag that comes with them is the biggest knock for me. It's not very convenient that the seams rip after a lot of use. I like the box. The headphones fit nicely and I have a few things that fit. It works inside the box. If you use the case to set the headphones in between "talk breaks", it will keep the pads from wearing on the side you set them down on. I don't like the replacement pads so I hope this prolongs the life of my headphones. I am glad I bought it.

👤This is perfect for the headphones. The cords and headphones fit perfectly when folded up and don't rattle in the box. The box is made of a hard shell with a nice canvas-like material on the outside and a soft velvet on the inside. The optional carrying strap and the net inside are nice to have if you want to use them. The fit of everything is perfect. It's very well made and looks nice, with a hint of the red top stitching around the zip, which highlights the craftsmanship put into this.

👤I bought 1 to see what they were like. I wanted it to be strong. These are great. I might need to order more. I used two for my wife's and my shooting earmuff style ear protection. There is an area for extra batteries. I use my third one for camping and seeing at night. The lamps are nice, but break easily. You have to carry a flashlight instead of wearing one on your head if one breaks. I can think of many other uses for them. They are very well made, and you will love them, even if you only use them for a week.

4. UGREEN Headphone Compatible Bluetooth Carabiner

UGREEN Headphone Compatible Bluetooth Carabiner

It can be hung on a back bag with a carabiner. UGREEN is a perfect choice to store and organize Airpods, Bose Beats or Sony wireless earphones, as well as other accessories. There are charging cords and gadgets. The soft inner liner and shockproof and water- resistant hard shell offer multi protection, preventing your headphones or small gadgets from accidental drops and bumps. Good protection for your cables, ear buds, and important gadgets can be found in the mesh pocket. This small case pouch is light-weight and portable, and can be put into your pocket for traveling. The earbud holder case is portable and easy to carry. This wired earbuds case can accommodate earphones, charging cables, and data cables at the same time, which can avoid wire entanglement, and effectively organize and protect your Airpods and daily electronics.

Brand: Ugreen

👤The case is larger than I thought, so I won't be using it much, but it seems like it's crush resistant. I don't know if the exterior coating will be able to be flaked off during extended use, but I have had it happen in the past. Be aware of that. It won't fit in my jeans pocket, so I wouldn't use it for earbuds. It's quite large. It would be great for smaller electronics or larger fold-up style over the hear headphones.

👤I have a few pairs of earbuds that come with a lightweight pouch to keep them in for transport. I stopped using soft sacks and pouch in my travel bag after I damaged a couple of small headsets when the pouch couldn't provide proper protection. This is a great little case, it has plenty of space for earbuds and it protects them very well.

👤I have not seen any reviews about the Air Pod Pro case being 888-282-0465 which is a protective shell that can fit 888-282-0465. I was worried that the bag wasn't big enough. I ordered one for myself and one for my son, hoping it would fit. I am very happy that I did. It fits perfectly. If you ever dropped the Air Pod, it would come flying out of the charging case, so the protective shell is great. I needed something to carry them in that I could accidentally drop them and still be protected. I had to carry a bag for my ear hooks and rubber ear pieces. Everything is in a single bag. This is amazing. My son loves him too. The carabiner that came with the storage bag was not as good as the one that we are using. This bag is very recommended.

👤This case is perfect for any item that needs to be protected. The carabiner is perfect for attaching the case to something else. I will buy more UGREEN products.

👤A great product! I need something small and sturdy to put my earbuds in. The little guy had my earbuds, phone charge and cable. I've used and purchased UGreen cables and they seem to make high-quality gear. I'm very impressed! Great stuff! Thanks!

👤The case blew my expectations out of the water. I was worried that my Powerbeats 3 headphones wouldn't fit in the case I was looking for, so I bought a small one. I gave it a try, and they both fit perfectly! This case is very large and very protective. If you put it in your backpack, the contents will not be damaged. It holds what I wanted it to hold perfectly. I highly recommend this product.

👤It is a small case that fits my earphone, but it has a weird smell and I can smell it when I hold it close to me, which makes me uncomfortable. It is a good product, cheap and small for traveling, soft skin. If you just want a normal earphone case, this is a good choice, but if you can't stand the smell, then don't buy it.

5. LTGEM MDRZX110NC MDRZX110AP Cancelling Headphones

LTGEM MDRZX110NC MDRZX110AP Cancelling Headphones

CONVENIENT DESIGN: Steady hand strap for portable use, Inner mesh pocket design for accessories, smooth but strong 360 degree zip for easy opening and closing. The case is designed to fit your headphones. Outer dimensions are 7.0. " L -5.2" W - 1.8" H 100% safe. Hard quality EVA material is Semi-waterproof, Shockproof and Durable to protect your Headphones from impacts and splashes. The hard case for Headphones is easy to carry in your backpack, carry-on or luggage for better travel protection. CONVENIENT DESIGN: Steady hand strap for portable use, Inner mesh pocket design for accessories, smooth but strong 360 degree zip for easy opening and closing.

Brand: Ltgem

👤I love that this case fits my headphones. I put the warranty documents in the mesh compartment. The headphones fit perfectly in the case, with the wire secured with a gear tie. The zip ties works well and glides smoothly. The case is waterproof, and I like that it is tough. I don't have to worry about my water bottle damaging my headphones. I'm happy with the case I got, it was a good price. It's lightweight, compact and perfect for travelling.

👤My niece needs new headphones. I was looking for a pair of wireless/blue tooth that were state of the art. I was thrown a hurdle by my niece. She wanted a set of headphones that were wired. They are not easy to fine. If you want quality and noise cancelling, ask her. She has been happy with the set.

👤My kid wears headphones to school. They would only last a month or two if he kept tossing them into his backpack. The issue seems to have been solved after buying the matching headphones and case. Highly recommended for people who are hard on headphones.

👤Our kids have a wireless headset. syncs with our tablets This is the second purchase for our daughter. Our son can use it easily too, it will last longer than wired ones where he would pull the cord and it wouldn't work. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this for my headphones and they fit perfectly. It's easy to store headphones and has a pouch to hold accessories.

👤A sturdy light case. There is a It holds the head phones and is very well made. I would buy it again.

👤It's compact and strong and the conpany paid attention to detail by folding the headwire in a net pocket. I would buy this product again.

👤It was built for protection of headphones. There is a My headphones fit perfectly.

6. Universal Water Headphone Protection Metallic

Universal Water Headphone Protection Metallic

Good quality and size, fit for most headphones, feels sturdy, and can be used as a wire/charger bag for travelling. The outer dimensions are 11” x 8.25” It has enough space for your headphones and all the cables that come with it. The perfect size has an interior side pocket that can be used for extra cables, one for the headphones and one for the cords such as theusb forBluetooth headphones or for backup ear buds. There is a double drawstring closure. It takes up less space in your backpack than it does in your laptop bag, and it protects your headphones from scratches.

Brand: Txesign

👤I needed a nice bag for my headset. I have a headset that has mic and cables on it. I didn't have a bag to keep everything together, but it came and it was perfect. The bag is really durable when you cinch up the top. It has a divider inside to keep the headphones and cables out of each other. My headset is the same size as most over-the- ear equipment. I recommend this bag to anyone.

👤I have two nice headphones that I would like to use for business trips and vacations with my wife. The hard cases for these headphones are large and take up too much room in the luggage or carry-on bag, which is why they are called hard cases. I decided to order two bags after searching for a while on Amazon. I received them today and they are perfect for the headphones. The bag has a separate pouch for the cable since both headphones' cables are replaceable. It reduces the risk of damage and scratching. It's recommended to those who want to travel with large headphones.

👤I noticed how sturdy the pouch bag is when I got it out of the package. The metallic grey color looks better than the pictures do. There is a It's the perfect fit for my big headphones, but also works well for smaller ones because you can tighten the strings for a snug fit. There is a I will definitely buy more of these.

👤I don't use these for big headphones, but they are great for storing things. I use when I travel. I knew these were going to have a strong chemical smell from the comments I read before buying them. After receiving these, I turned them inside out and put them in my garage for about 7 days before using them. Since then, they have been fine.

👤I bought this for my headphones. This is better than a case because it will take up less space in packing but still provide good protection. I like that there is a divider. I will probably buy another bag from this one.

👤The bag is big enough to fit my headphones. I put the cable into the internal pocket when I turn the ear pads. I can't draw the top of the bag closed because the headband almost reaches the opening. I put the bag and all into my laptop bag to make sure they are protected even more. The smooth material is gentle on the leather of the ear pads. There is a The thread broke in the side stitching when I removed the headphones after using the bag about six times. I plan to re-stitch the whole bag so it doesn't happen again.

👤I used these on my Senn HD1s since it's too small for my Hifiman/AKG Massdrop cans. This was my wire/charger bag when I was travelling. I tried my best to tie them back firmly after the knot came undone. The bag has seen a lot of abuse and is more robust than the cloth variant.

7. Headphone Carrying Universal Protection Earphone

Headphone Carrying Universal Protection Earphone

A custom case is designed to hold earphone and earbuds. Most of the Bose SoundSports, JayBird X2, and Jbra Sport Pulse are compatible with most of the other sports earbuds. Just squeeze the pocket to store your earphones or chargers in a snap. Keep it in your purse, luggage, gym bag, or backpack. The product is 10 X 8.5 cm. The package contains a pouch.

Brand: Geekria

👤I bought different types of coin purses. The Nabob leather one does not allow coins to slip out, but I have to use a thumb and a finger to open it. The case is easy to open with one hand, but not as tightly as the Nabob. The Geekria case opens with one hand, but does not close tightly, and coins slip out easily. I haven't used it a lot, but it should hold earbuds.

👤When they arrived, I was very disappointed. The gap between the two sides was very large, which made it easy for coins to fall out. The leather surrounding the springs has a lot of wrinkling and wrinkling, as opposed to other better-made pouches where the leather is taught and smooth. I can't recommend these if you're using them for something big, but I guess they can work.

👤This bag works perfectly to store my earbuds in without them being tied up. When I put them in my bag, it provides some nice protection.

👤I was looking for a way to keep my earbuds with me without having to carry my keys and earbuds around with me. This was perfect for the bill. The pouch is small enough to slide into a pocket and the pop open top keeps the earbuds secure. The material is durable and feels great. Great purchase.

👤This case worked well for storing my ear buds. It's large enough to hold the charging cable but small enough to fit in a pocket or backpack pocket. It is easy to keep clean.

👤This is well made. If it was small enough to fit in my jeans, I would give it 4 stars. It's about half the size of a wallet.

👤It was easy to use. I can have the wire out for charging my car if this holds my headset.

👤I buy a lot of headphones and they break after a while. I used a plastic bag and lost them. Went around and bought 3 pairs. Never a problem! The material is comfortable and sturdy in your pocket. Do you want to keep your headphones safe? Buy these!

👤Good for keeping earbuds untangled. It's not attractive and expensive to have a small thick plastic bag.

👤It was exactly what I needed to replace a lost pouch. If the sprung opening is strong, this works. In case I lose my pouch again, I bought two more.

👤It works as I need it to. No issues at all.

👤The item is perfect.

8. H2O Audio Underwater Waterproof Headphones

H2O Audio Underwater Waterproof Headphones

CONVENIENT DESIGN. It is easy to transport with the wrist strap. The Inner Mesh pocket design is perfect for cable and accessories. There is a clear sound. Audio's technology makes clear sound under water. It is easy to use. You don't need to be tech savvy to use it. The SONAR is easy to use. It's small and compact makes it easy to swim with. There are big buttons with raised markings. Pressing the '-' button will reduce play volume. The SONAR headphones have a built-in mp3 player that fits all your music. You can download your music with ease. SONAR supports Apple's music formats. You can drag and drop music from your computer. Thousands of songs have 8Gb of storage. The smart watch is comparable. The SONAR will connect to your Smart Watch. Attach the watch to your goggles. There is a note about this. The SONAR range is under water. Attaching the smart watch to your goggles is a must. The range on the air is 10m. 100% waterproof. H2O. SONAR performs when submerged to 12 feet. The rating is IPX8.

Brand: H2o Audio

👤The sound is very good but the connection is bad. I read the directions when I first took them out of the box because they told me not to touch them once connected. If the connection to theusb is lost, then you have to use the power on your computer and headphones to get them to work again, and they follow up by telling you that. They connected right out of the box, but I set them on the desk to charge for the first time, even though the connection was lost. The computer and headphones are not connected to the internet. It works just fine. Their last hint was to try a different port. I have never done that with any device that has an mp3 player, because I don't want to disturb the headphones. And it worked! I moved my keyboard away from my headphones and began to transfer mp3 files. The instructions say you can organize your files into folders, so I did that. The files were very slow to transfer. They were excited to go to the pool after they finished charging. The disappointments really started here. The instructions to tell the player to go into the first folder didn't do anything. Nothing in the music or mp3 folders could be accessed. The stock files in the root folder were the only thing that worked. I decided to put the music in the root and give it another try after I thought that it was blank. I put the dry headphones back to their magnetic connection so as to not disturb them. And...nothing. Would not connect. After cycling the power off and waiting 30 seconds, I turned on the computer and headphones. I connected the magnetic connector to the headphones to make sure they wouldn't move when I plugged in the computer. I gently plugged them in again. Nothing, again. I unplugged theusb end and tried all the otherusb ports. Nothing! Most people would pack them up and send them back, but I am way more stubborn than that. I tried the power cycling again and again. The power charging function of theusb connection never failed, just the data. I cleaned all the contacts with a q-tip and an electronic contact cleaner. Can you guess what happened? I thought turning them off over night might make them connect. The next day is this morning. I gave the computer and headphones a second chance after they were shut down. h2o Sonar headphones have a consistent design and quality. Nothing happened again. I thought maybe myusb ports are confused and need a reset, as indicated in the directions, because it couldn't possibly be the design. I looked up how to reset the controller. I will give you a moment to think about what happened next.! Why are they able to connect via the internet? It seems like a better idea for waterproof items to use that data stream, since they don't have a way of loading it. Engineers, you really need to figure this out. There is a The streaming works just fine. When swimming, it is next to useless because it can't penetrate water. I have a lot of cheaper and better sounding options. I ordered a replacement to see if it was an isolated experience. If there is anything new in the review, I will update it.

9. Portable Hootek Protective Carabiner Earphones

Portable Hootek Protective Carabiner Earphones

It's important that you use PRO HEX 10 or 18. The earbud cases are good enough to keep your small accessories safe, such as mp3 players, headphones, and accessories. EVA material combined with nylon case exterior strengthens the closure, offering all-round protection against outside damage like bumps, minor drops, humidity, dust, etc. The elastic strap and mesh net help reduce the impact of bumps and drops. A buffer layer and soft velvet cloth lined interior are used to protect your small stuff. The earphone case is durable and portable. A metal carabiner clip is needed for attaching to your pocket, travel bag, cinch sack, gym bag, computer bag, belt loops, and easy to carry. The item dimensions are 4. Inside: 6.9"l x 2.6"w x 1.5"h. 2 1/2w x 1 1/2h. If you are dissatisfied with your new product, just let them know and they will make it right.

Brand: Hootek

👤I didn't know if it would fit my inhaler so I was hesitant to buy it. This one was actually the same size after checking with other cases. I have asthma and allergies. Sometimes, I will have a reaction that will cause my airway to close. I need benadryl to calm it so it can be a life saver. This case is for my inhaler. I don't have to worry about accidental discharges from the inhaler anymore.

👤The case is large enough to hold my asthma inhaler. It's easy to carry around.

👤I'm always amazed at how well made these little cases are. Over the years, I've ordered a dozen in various sizes and they're always well constructed. I use them for a lot of things. If I'm hiking and they're clipped to my pack, they're water resistant, but not waterproof. If you buy several, you will find many uses for them. The little carabiner is cute, but I swap it out for a bigger one. Not a deal-breaker. I leave the small biner on the cases that won't see a lot of rough handling. They're great for things that are flatter. The hard shell is close to it. It won't take a car rolling over you. It would survive, but it might not. You could sit on it and drop it. It would be fine. Travelers who want to keep small stuff in one place can now. Good for makeup as well. I keep my drill bits in my tool bag and it's easy to find. I keep my rachet and sockets in my car. They fit well in a glove box. Highly recommended! Kids will go nuts for these. I don't have kids, but my friends do and they always want the case when they see myDiabetes kit If you're a crafter, they'd make great craft items. I'm looking for someone to make some logos for me. A good first aid kit. Bandaids and non critical type first aid stuff are in my car and I have one there. I love these things.

👤I ordered this case to make sure I have my inhaler close by when I leave home. It arrived without any problems and is pictured and described. I didn't measure it, but it fits. I'm hoping that the Carabiner will survive on the mountain. I'll be back to add an update.

👤I intended to store a medical inhaler in these, but they won't fit. They're good for ear buds, but the charging and plug are a bit tight. They are built well. I'll find some use for it, but not for what I originally bought them for.

👤The case is perfect for the Sony recorders. It was quite sturdy and well made. It was too tight for holding the recorder and mic. I would like it to be a bit larger. It is perfect for the recorder and charging cable.

👤It would be great if you could find something that meshes with this. My Fiio M6 is pretty tight. It seems like it would be better if it was used a bit. I can't even get it out of it.

10. SUNGUY【5Pack Portable Carrying Carabiner Earpieces

SUNGUY%E3%80%905Pack Portable Carrying Carabiner Earpieces

Simply open and close the pouch by turning the two switches on the top. Abs materials have scratch resistance and wear resistance. The lightweight waterproof case is comfortable to wear. You can hang it around your neck. Light-Weighted and portable. This small case pouch is pocket-sized and can be put into your bag or pocket. It's more convenient to attach it to your backpack with 5 portable carabiners. Strong pressure resistant The earbud holder case is made of high quality leather and waterproof. The mesh pocket is useful. The inside mesh pocket offers good protection for your small items, avoiding them from being damaged. Dustproof and easy to clean the soft lining. It's compatible. The ear bud case storage pouches are a great way to store and organize small items. The warranty is for 12 months. Purchase SUNGUY product and you will get a worry-free warranty. Questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Brand: Sunguy

👤Inexpensive. It's tough enough. It works for my needs. It fits earbuds. There are condoms. Just sayin'.

👤I saw a colleague who wore a similar one on his belt and bought this product. I found out they were for his earbuds. The case I have for my hearing aids is sturdy and effective. The original case is made of hard plastic and while it holds the hearing aids, and the microphone that connect to the hearing aids, just fine, it's not at all convenient in that it doesn't have anyone to hang it on my belt loop. At short notice, I needed the microphone and batteries. There is a I thought it would be great to use this on my belt loop to hold charge cords and batteries. I bought it and found it to be perfect. There is a The case holds the hearing aids, the microphone and the pocket, which is perfect for the extra batteries. The aids are in my ears during the day and the microphone is within reach when I need it. I don't have to carry a bag at my place of work. There is a I can interchange the item, especially when the little strap that holds the carabiner starts to wear thin, something I have not yet noticed. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤These are things that are useful. They're a good size to hold your ear buds, ear plugs, pills, candies or gum. They are strong and easy to pull on. There is a small D-ring attached to each one. I only needed two of the six packages I purchased, but I'm happy for the others, as they're more useful than I had thought.

👤These work well for storing Pokémon dice and token and fit inside of a standard card deck box like the Dragon Shield magic carpet. Finding a dice storage solution that fits inside of a deck box was one of the hardest parts of finding a good dice storage solution. The different colors help with organizing. There are two sets of dice, condition markers, and GX token in the mesh sleeve. This is the most convenient way to store and organize components like this. There is a For an adult or a child, it shouldn't be a problem with the zip up. The carabiner seemed useless at first. The dice box is low in the card storage box so pulling it out was useful.

👤These are for packing electronic gear. When I travel. They work well. The carabiners were included and it was a great value. They are made well and do the job. There are no problems with the zips. I sometimes hook one onto a belt loop to have my earbuds handy, but I usually only use them in my backpack. When sitting in an airplane seat, the loop holding the carabiner tore off because it wasn't made for much stress. I have four more with loops and carabiners and the case still works, but I'd be worried if I were carrying expensive earbuds. I still think it was a good purchase.

11. WIWU Carrying Headphones Waterproof Accessories

WIWU Carrying Headphones Waterproof Accessories

The patented device can be connected or disconnected. The ultra-low-power state that preserves charge will be automatically entered when you put your AirPods Max in this hard case. When you take it out, it will connect immediately. This case can be used as a storage bag in one step. There is a smart case dedicated to the AirPods Max. It works well when you need a hard-shell storage box. As you like, let's explore the possibilities. Liquid drops or dust can't enter the interior through the splash-proof hard shell. The sturdy shell, foam pad, and velvet lining on your device prevent it from being squeezed, bumped, or scratched. Even the two zipper pullers with semi-circular holes can be locked up by a lock. It is lightweight and travel-friendly, no matter how you carry it, it never adds any extra burden. It's a good choice if you want to travel, class, or work. Do not purchase for light colors if you want a case for the AirPods Max Space Gray. A mini cable box, a hard shell, and an inner compartment are included in the package. They offer a 30-day money back and 6-month warranty guarantee. 100% replacement for defects. Please contact them if you have any problems.

Brand: Wiwu

👤There is an update. In my original review, I said I loved everything but that there was a problem with the connections. The seller reached out to me after reading my review, but I didn't do anything else because it was a minor issue. He said that I might have received one of the first cases they had manufactured which had weak magnets and offered to exchange it for something else. The seller took the time to explain the situation and even better, try to fix it even if I didn't want a refund or exchange. A person who is serious about their business will do anything they can to make sure their customer is happy. I'm a happy customer. There is a The new case is built strong, it provides great protection, and it's soft on the inside, but now it lives to its promise to turn off the Bluetooth connections when placed inside it. This is the perfect case for me, and I'm going to recommend it to everyone I know who has a AirPods Max. The original review is here. * It is a great case. It's hard and definitely protects the AirPods Max, something Apple can't do. There is a It's hard on the outside, but the inside is soft and has cushions to protect the headphones. I can now carry them with me in my backpack because of this. There is a The only bad thing is that it doesn't put the AirPods to sleep. It doesn't have the magnets to cause the auto-sleep, and it's not thick enough to block the signals, so the devices will still recognize it. There is a It's a great case.

👤After my first case failed to connect, I received a replacement case. I didn't have to return the old case because they covered the shipping. There is a The new case works as it should. It has a lighter fabric on the inside that I like more than the original case's black. I went over the seams and found no flaws. The materials on the inside are soft, while the outer materials are sturdy. The previous case was thrown into bags and dropped a few times after I took it on a trip. It did not show any damage. I like what WIWU has done. The case is made of high quality materials and backed up by excellent customer service, which makes it a good choice for me. I'm keeping the original review text because it shows how a customer's unhappiness was turned-around. I bought this case because it says it will connect to the internet, but it doesn't. When the case is closed, the AirPods remain connected to their devices. The quality of the case materials is very good. I'm giving it a low rating because I bought this to replace the included case and headphones.

👤This is a great case. I had read every review and they may have made changes because of this wonderful case. The ability to store the max for normal use without constant adjusting is the first thing. I can put them in the case without having to adjust the arms. I tested the "Apple Bra" for location and how strong the magnets were by dangling loose key rings inside, then did the same on the "WiiU". The case that I use for my headphones works perfectly with Apple's 3E756, and the magnets seem stronger than before. I read a review that said the "Ear Cup" posts might hurt the AirPods Max, and I saw their pictures where they trimmed them. I'm not sure if the case I just got is the same as the one that was used before, but it seems perfect. 4th I got a case that said "Stink Small", but it was not weird. I think that's correct. I've read reviews that said the case stunk, but mine smells just fine. It was better than my new headphones. I purchased the Gray Slate / Black AirPods Max because I read in other reviews that people with Silver/White AirPods Max were stained. One thing I would suggest to those reviews is that they should ask themselves if they've tried rubbing alcohol, just like how it will remove a permanent maker from just about anything. The 3.5 is available for a Charger. There is a cable for lightning. I almost forgot... The case has plenty of space and the lil' zip up pouch that comes with it will fit cables and a small charge just fine. There is a Hope this will help other people.


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