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1. Replacement QuietComfort Headphones Protector Installation

Replacement QuietComfort Headphones Protector Installation

There was no tool needed. Zip up in place if you want to fit over the original headband. Don't remove the headband. Can be used to protect your headband. Product dimensions are 6.8 x 3.3 inches and color is black. The package has a headband cover.

Brand: Geekria

👤What a great product. It matches even though it is not an original design. It's easy to install the zip up. There is a loop to hold the tab in place. There is a The product photo shows a top. I like having the zipper facing back so it is not visible from the sides. The elasticity of the neoprene material doesn't bother me at all because the zipper is a bit crooked.

👤I use my headphones when I travel. I noticed the headband was black when I hadn't traveled in over a year. I was thrilled to find an easy solution to the problem because I had already replaced the ear cups. I wanted to keep the old headband. Once you get the zipper seated, it's easy to install this cover. The headphones still fit in the case even after the cover has been installed. The cover is comfortable when the headphones are being used. I made sure to put it on the back side of the headband so that it wouldn't be obvious when you are wearing the headphones.

👤This is not a perfect replacement since it is not the same as the original Bose product, but it does cover up your headband. It is not a deal breaker and I can definitely recommend it. It was difficult for me to line up the track completely so that it wouldn't fall apart, but I was patient and it pulled up. I put the seam toward the back so that it's not visible when wearing the headset. I chose this one because the ends of the product have a finished seam giving it a more polished look.

👤I bought new ear cushions for my Bose headphones and Amazon offered them as an add-on. The headband had not deteriorated as much as the ear cushions, but I figured I'd get this as well. Especially at the low price. It was easy once I figured out a trick, but I have a bit of difficulty getting it on. I started the metal extension over the headphones. I was able to pull the head piece and complete the zipper after I got the zip going. There is no pain because the zip up sits on the top. There are still headphones in the case.

👤I use these as padding for my bare plastic headband. They make the headphones more comfortable to wear. These fit the headband on the Sony. They can be hard to install. You have to get the zip on the small one by threading it correctly and completely at the end. The cover wants to flop open all the time. If you use duct tape or a cable wrap to close the far end, you can keep the two sides of the pull together. The covers have not come undone once they have been put in place. They look like an accessory that was included with the original headphones.

👤I put this on my headphones. I have a small head, and the headphones slid around too much for me. I put a couple layers of packing foam on the bottom side of the headband after purchasing this cover. It had a perfect fit after being clipped onto the headphones. If this hadn't worked, I would have returned the headphones.

2. Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Ezona Adjustable

Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Ezona Adjustable

3D design Eye space is wider and deeper than other flat eye mask. You feel comfortable with the memory foam. Blocks lights and allows blinking. The strap won't tangle your hair. The wireless version has stereo sound. Stable connection and transmission in long distance and high speed for a great stereo sound experience. The range is 45 feet and can be charged for about 2 hours. The built-in microphone and volume control buttons allow users to answer hands-free phone calls and handle previous/Next song without having to use their phone. The Ezona 3D Wireless sleep mask is wireless. The devices module is in the middle of the speakers, which is very comfortable for side sleeping. The speakers are comfortable to wear while lying down or sleeping. They don't use earplugs that are painful or fall out. Thezona 3D Wireless Eye Mask with new design can be adjusted according to the head size of the 20-28inches. It's ideal for children, college students, noisy roommates, snoring spouses and coeds. A companion for meditation. Thezona 3D Wireless Eye Mask, a carry pouch, and a charging cable are what you get. 3.5mm audio cable. Until you are satisfied, Ezona offers a satisfied warranty. Enjoy your sleep, enjoy your music. Sleeping headphones are the most popular gift for christmas, as cool tech gadgets. Three-year warranty is provided by Ezona. Feel free to contact them with any other questions.

Brand: Ezona

👤The mask is comfortable, but the volume on my phone is not very loud. That doesn't help my husband's snoring. May be good for others, but not me.

👤I like listening to music while I sleep, so I bought this sleep mask. The mask is comfortable. The device that sits in the middle of your forehead is very annoying. The music control device may hurt your forehead. The band was a little uncomfortable to the forehead. Maybe I will get luck with another. There is a There was no noise cancellation. I don't mind that at all. Need to hear what may happen in the night.

👤The mask doesn't charge correctly, only goes to 10 percent and dies.

👤I thought it was great when I used it for the first time. It won't connect for more than a minute now. I have a sleep mask that keeps in my AirPods.

👤I was skeptical but it has improved my sleep. It cuts out light and helps because I sleep with my eyes open and let the light in. I listen to meditation music at night to help me sleep. I don't turn off the power off when I sleep. If I need to turn the volume down, I do it during the night. I woke up and was messing with my phone and wondered why it wasn't working. I forgot to wear the mask since I could open my eyes with the mask I like, and there are no pressures on my eyes at all.

👤The ear piece is close to the ear. That is causing a little pain, but not too much. This is perfect for shutting out light and listening to music or an audio book which will get me to sleep. The sound quality and volume is better for me than it was before, but I still hear outside noise, but it's better than before. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to remove it from my eyes. That was an easy fix. I'm happy with the product so far.

👤The sleep mask is loud. It seems like adjusting the volume is impossible. It blows out your eardrums. The mask makes you sweat.

👤My husband can watch tv and it's almost deafness. I can still sleep with my rain app. It worked great on the plane to knock out noise and light to sleep.

3. Replacement Headphone Audio Technica Panasonice Installation

Replacement Headphone Audio Technica Panasonice Installation

The package includes a headband. Most of the big-sized headphones are compatible. Quality materials and design, made of high-quality knitted fabric. Improve the comfort of headphones. It is easy to install a headband without tools. It can be washed by hand or machine. The headband cover for the headset can wrap the headphones beam. The package contents are listed. A headband cushion. The alcohol pad is x2.

Brand: G Gvoears

👤The Corsair Gaming H2100 headset still works great, but over the years the leather covering on the headband had started to chip, so I didn't want to use them anymore. I was covered in black particles when I put them on. I ordered this to fix the problem, and it did. I took a toothbrush to the original headband and used a cover to cover everything. It was a tight fit, but works well. It looks good, but it's not as comfortable on the top of my head as the original headband is, but it's not bad. I'm no longer covered in black.

👤The cushion on my headset is terrible. This is more of a covering than a cushion. This will hide the scratches or cracks on your headset.

👤I was looking for a quick and easy solution to repair my Audio Technica A50s, and this truly delivered for something that does not require sewing. There is a The material is stretchy and easy to install. The headband cover was cut to length and tucked under the edge clips for a clean look, but I did not do it myself. The color of the clasps is something I don't like. The cover still looks good, even though I wish they were black. I like cloth over leather because it's easy to clean. The cloth ear cups I got have given my headphones a new lease on life. If I decide to add padding to my headphones headband, I might buy this cover again. There is a This is a quality product that you will not regret buying.

👤This thing is a simple cover over the headband. If it fit well, there are bumps on it where the fabric isn't sitting right, and it's digging into my head. It's making my head hurt after about a month of use.

👤The headband cover is easy to use. The headband overhangs the end of the plastic headband and is too long for M50, so it's the main challenge. It's not noticeable when I wear the headphones. It might be a deal breaker if you are a visual perfectionist. They have been great. It's difficult to make a product work.

👤This adds no cushion at all. I have dish rags in my kitchen sink that would provide more padding. It's a cosmetic upgrade. I own an Audio Technica -M50x. The product has to be stretched so much to get around the headband that it's not as thick as it appears in the pictures. I can't even add my own padding to the stock headband because it gets compressed into a solid mass and is just as bad as the super tight stretching. It's disappointing. I can't recommend this product because it's currently advertised.

👤I tried the package for a full day. Installation is easy. I will have to see for myself if the material is elastic and hard enough to hold for a long time. If my impression changes in the future, I will update. My suggestion to the seller is to make the whole cover 2 cm longer so that it covers more of the headphones. If the buttons are inside, it will be more elegant. I am a pro- user. I'll be happy to purchase more and recommend it to my colleagues if these suggestions are actually done. There is a I highly recommend it for most AudioTechnica headphones. I have never tried it on another, so I don't know.

4. Non Woven Headphone Disposable Deodorizing Headphones

Non Woven Headphone Disposable Deodorizing Headphones

The package has a headband. Nonwoven fabrics are latex free. The diameter is 4.33 inches/ 11 cm. Most headphones or headsets have stretchy covers that fit over the ears. Their ear pads are packed in pairs for easy carrying, wearing at any time, and throwing away after taking off, clean and sanitary. The thin cloth covers the headphones to allow sound to pass through. Useful earpiece covers are a great hygienic idea. It keeps your earphones looking new. It protects your ears as well. It's great for offices, computer labs, libraries, hospitals, call centers, shows and more where headphones are recycled and used by many different individuals.

Brand: Orione

👤This is for a PS4 headset. There is a The synthetic leather peeled off too much, so it was replaced with a separate item. There is a I got these ear covers along with the new cup so I could keep it looking new. There is a These are great. I think it will keep it looking new for the rest of time. I got a large one and it covers the control buttons. If you own a PS4 headphones, the buttons are raised so you can feel around and press the buttons you need. There is a reviewer with a picture of cups, but they don't reveal the buttons. Get a medium if that's important to you. I have a large and it covers everything.

👤I have a problem with anything I wear over my ears, I tend to sweat a lot. So. Yes. It is very bad to wear something over my ears, but these covers help a lot, perfect for beats and skull candy headphones, and I gave some to a few friends, they use them for the whole corona virus. I definitely recommend them!

👤If you use your headphones personally, you should change your covers every 3 days because they cause your body to sweat around the ears. The covers are a great value.

👤I like these covers. I change my headset about twice a month. They are easy to manage. I am surprised they only came in one size. They are wrapped around my ear pieces. I adjusted them appropriately. Will buy again.

👤These have been useful, apart from the fact that I accidentally ordered these too big, and the fact that the review didn't reflect it. We lend out headphones for assisted listening so that we can keep the headphones clean.

👤I ordered them for my company because we have people who listen to audio records. We still use sanitizing wipes, but we wanted something that could be disposable. Soon, will be reordering.

👤They are thinner than I had thought. I use double on each side.

👤My old headphones were starting to fail. The cover has the 'crumbs' in it. The headset is clean and so is I.

👤The L(11 cm) ones fit over my headphones perfectly. The material has irritated the skin on my ears and left them red and sore. I tried stretching the covers more, thinking that it was the tautness of the material that caused the issue, but it still seems to irritate my skin, if not more so. I can't tell you whether or not these are "Germproof", but they did seem to keep everything dry. I don't understand why they're advertised as "disposable Super Stretch Covers Germproof Deodorizing and Washable" since they aren't the whole point of disposable to forgo the reuse of the object. Wouldn't washing it damage its integrity? Was it my duty to wash them before use?

5. Headband Protector Installation SennheĆ­ser Headphones

Headband Protector Installation Sennhe%C3%ADser Headphones

The headband set is very similar to most Medium headphones. There is a lanyard loop on top of the headband. The headband can be easily installed and disassembled with the help of the Hook and loop design. The headband cover can still be used without a new headband if the headband pad is worn out. Skullcandy, Hesh2, Hesh3 and Hesh ANC are compatible with the headband cover. Product dimensions are 7.48 x 1.77 inches (19 x 4.5 cm). The package has a headband set.

Brand: Geekria

👤Even though it doesn't fit my headphones, I tried to find another use for it. It's a great replacement for the thin sleeve that goes around the changing table. It's two pieces. It zips on. The sleeve and pillow part are covered in a type of pleather-vinyl hybrid that has some kind of Velcro on it. It doesn't smell and it keeps my son in place when I'm trying to change him. It does so without causing him distress when the table strap is tightened to fit. He calms down and lets me clean and change him better, instead of trying to get him back into anything, by taking something off, cleaning and hydrating him. I have to change the lens on my cellphone again because of the poor quality of the images. I'm going to buy a few more for his other items, like the Heao High Chair and his little rocking chair. The straps don't fit as well as they should because he's small at 20 lbs. He doesn't like the texture of the straps on him. This is an improvement. Thank you.

👤I thought my headset would fit. I agree. My head is too small and even with the headset set on the shortest length it still doesn't sit well on my head. I needed an extra padding piece to lift the headset up on my head so that it sat properly. I am so grateful for this product. It's easy to install and fix my problem without looking like I'm attaching something to my headset.

👤I don't fit my wireless headset the way I want it because of my small head. I used to have headaches after a couple hours but now wear my headset daily and have no problems. A new headset is much more expensive. It worked well and was true to size.

👤The headband is perfect for fixing the size of the Soundcore Q20. It's easy to install.

👤This is a great addition to the Hyperx Cloud Orbit S gaming headset and Audeze Mobius since they're nearly identical other than some technical features. The headset is great for gaming, but I found the headband very uncomfortable after a short time. Most headband covers don't offer much extra padding, but this one is so comfortable that I ordered more just in case they discontinued them or they don't last as long as you'd expect. If you have a big head and already have the headband expanded to the maximum or close to it, this might not work for you.

👤The comfort of the headphones went from being ok to being very comfortable. The headband was too big for me and even on their fully retracted setting they sat just below my ears. I initially tried another headband cover to give a slight lift, but then I tried the ones that were missing, and they gave me a slight lift, and also gave me some comfort, even though I wasn't aware they were missing. I thought I would need a longer cover. It's perfect. If you need to cover a worn out band or just add comfort to your headphones, I highly recommend this. If you want to add this to headbands that are 1.5 - 1.75 inches wide, you could use my band, which is roughly 1 inch wide.

6. Wewon Compatible Headphone Earphone 11 13cm

Wewon Compatible Headphone Earphone 11 13cm

The super stretch headphone cover has good elasticity and can fit a variety of headphones. It is extremely soft, comfortable and absorbent. It makes you lose sweat and water. There is no barrier to the original sound. It is very soft and smooth. The product can prevent sweat, dust, and improve the life of the headset unit. It is possible to keep a pair of headphones clean. It's ideal for using as a great addition to your fake leather /vinyl ear pads or worn-out ear cushions or as ear warmers in the winter to avoid dust. An elastic band is needed for quick installation. Before placing the order, check your ear pads size. 4.53 inches is 115mm. The body is made of cotton, spandex, and rubber. There is a warranty guarantee. If you have an inquiry, feel free to contact them.

Brand: Wewon

👤The covers are what I needed. I use a gaming headset a lot and the oil and grease from your ears rubs off on it over time. The leather like material on the headset is starting to degrade, so these covers came in a real clutch for me. They fit any type of headset. They are stretchable so they fit any shape you have. It's easy to wash them. No more oil build up. Thats all. If you have the same issues with your headset, this is highly recommended.

👤My earpieces are the correct size for my ear phone. The covers are made of a sturdy material. I had them in use for two months.

👤Excellent product. It was easy to put on. It is easy to remove for cleaning. It's a great way to keep my ears clean.

👤A good bang for your money.

👤It fit perfectly on my headphones.

👤The sound is transparent and soft.

7. TOZO T6 Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

TOZO T6 Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. To fully charge the case, you can use a fast charge cable or a wireless charging device. Convenient charging way with no strings attached. Specific touch control function makes it more convenient, tap once to play/pause music and answer calls, double tap to skip forward/backward, hold to adjust the volume. You can control it without using the phone. Bluetooth 5. The advanced wireless communication technology, called the Bluetooth 5, should be adopted. 0 technology. The TOZO T6 supports a number of audio protocols, which improve the transmission speed and provide you with a low-latency listening experience. Pick up 2 headsets from a charging case and they will connect each other automatically, and only one step is needed to pair the earbuds. IPX8 is waterproof. It is possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. It is suitable for sports. It's ideal for sweating it out at the gym. Water and soap can be used to wash Earbuds and case. Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. You can enjoy fast charging, to fully charge the case only 55 minutes via cable or less than 2 hours via wireless. Convenient charging way with no strings attached.

Brand: Tozo

👤These headphones are amazing. I am a professional musician and these have incredibly clear sound quality, really high end parts put into this product. There is a The connection is fast and easy, it charges while in the case, but it's better than all these features, and I love the ability to wear them in the shower and jam to tunes while they get soaked and survive. A really good price for high end headphones. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a better bass response than those made by Apple, but at a far less expensive price. There is a The touch controls on the side are very good if you want to pause music or watch a video while someone asks you a question. They can shut out the world around you even at the lowest volume. I love them so much that I wear them everywhere. There is a They come with a charge case, 3 extra sets of ear tips, a charge cable, and a one year warrantee. There is a You can get a set of these superb earbuds. There is a Did I mention they are waterproof? IPX8 is waterproof.

👤The purchase was made in Jan 2020. The earbuds are decent and not horrible. They fit in with their price point on Amazon. I can't get the earbuds in and out of the case because my fingers are blocked by the case cover and I can't grip the earbuds to break the magnetic bond. The earbuds are touch sensitive, so I have issues with bumping them and having the tracks stop or go backwards. I have gotten better at avoiding the issue and the second item is something that shouldn't be surprising. There is a When I bought the ear buds, there were some customer service difficulties. Those difficulties seem to have been addressed. I have not had any issues with hardware failure with my earbuds. The T6 is a good option if you are looking for a set of ear buds with decent sound.

👤This is the second time I have reviewed this company's products. I make a lot of purchases. I fell in love with the older version of these headphones after purchasing them six months ago. I was looking on Amazon to see if there were any new products from this company. I was surprised to see that the headphones were upgraded. I gave my children my old set because I found a reason to order the newest one. I work in construction and listen to audio books all day long, my job is boring. My job keeps me away from home for a long period. I only use one ear bud at a time. When I get home, I swap out the first one for the second one and it lasts until 4:30. In the past I'd have to swap out my earbuds every 2 hours, not with these. The newest version of my phone is even better than the last one, with both battery power and in sound. The magnets on the charging boxes are not strong enough to keep the earbuds from falling off, and this newest version has an incredibly strong making. I have fat fingers that make it hard for me to grasp small things. They did a great job, we included strong magnets that will ensure that the earbuds keep charging. I put my phone in one of my back pockets of my pants so that I wouldn't lose connection if I turned my head. They're loud and clear so that you can still hear what you're listening to. It took me a while to get used to the fact that the buttons are touch activated, but I quickly learned to brush the earphone's face. When I put them in my ear, I don't have to knock them out when trying to pause my audiobook. I said in my last review that this company has a customer for life, and I will say it again.

8. Headphone Headband Cushion Replacement Sennheiser

Headphone Headband Cushion Replacement Sennheiser

Replacement headphones for the HD580/HD600/HD650. It is high elasticity, durable and soft. It's possible to make a replacement for your beloved headphones. It is made of high quality foam. Please note that it is not included in the note. The approach is 7.24 x 0.91 x 0.55.

Brand: Jzliner

👤I bought a used pair of 650s a few years ago and decided to get a new one because the headband was losing its shape. These were less expensive than the genuine ones, so I went with them. I was worried I would have to use double sided tape to attach them, but to my surprise, the headband that comes with the HD650 does not, so I am not sure if this applies to other models too. You need to remove the tabs from the old headband and say 'Made in Ireland'. The headband's base was the same as the one I was wearing, so I was able to slide it in and pop the tab back on. I've never felt a new genuine Sennheiser pad, so I can't compare the comfort to this, however it is a little bit firm. I'm not sure if that's just because I'm not used to it or it needs to be broken in, but it feels fine to me.

👤I got this along with some new ear cups to completely refresh my headphones. After 15 years of use, my original foam headband piece was flattened. The replacement band fit perfectly and restored the headphones to their original level of comfort. It was almost a shocking change as I no longer have the headband sitting on my head. Installation was easy. It wasn't easy either. If you're replacing the foam ear cups at the same time, I would recommend pulling out the old ones first so that you have more room to work on the headband. Not a problem if you don't. It will work better. To remove the old headband, you have to pop out the two tabs at the bottom of the headband that say Made In Ireland. They can be pried out with a tool. It takes a bit more force to pop them out than I was used to. I got them out without breaking anything. When you pop them out, you don't want to shoot them across the room. The old band can be pulled out once the tabs are out. You can see that it's sitting in two grooves on the headband part. The headband needs to slide into those grooves. It's not easy to get it all the way in there, but you can do it with a bit of pushing and pulling. You'll need to slip the screwdriver blade under the new band to get over the hump because there's a lever in the way. It should be easy to get the rest of the way once you do that. I thought the extra part at the end of the headband would sit under the tabs, but that's not the case. The headband is long enough to just touch the tabs, but not under them. You can pop the two tabs back in once the new headband is slid all the way in. The new foam headband will be much bigger than my old one, so you'll have to expand the headphones a bunch of stops.

9. VEVER Replacement Earpads Bluetooth Headphones

VEVER Replacement Earpads Bluetooth Headphones

The quantity is enough for you to store at once for multiple usage, the package comes with 50 pairs (100 pieces) of disposable headphone ear covers in white color. Mpow 059 is compatible with. Memory foam to enhance noise blocking is a material. The package has a replacement earpad X 2. 100% Money Back if Not Fit is a VEVER Guarantee. If you have a problem, please contact them. Before you install, you need to take the plastic clips from the old headphones.

Brand: Vever

👤It was easy to replace. It didn't come with instructions on how to replace the headphones. Some headphones come with glue/adhesive, but not these. To remove the old headphones, use a pair of scissors and cut a small hole in them with your hands. You will need to remove the plastic ring from the speaker area. To remove the plastic ring, be sure to use a plastic tool. If you try to use too much force it will break. You will remove the remaining plastic material around the ring. The replacements will be applied over the plastic ring after the ring is removed. You will notice that the replacements have a slit where you insert the plastic ring and then you place the ring back by pressing down with your fingers. Hope this helps.

👤I used a small screwdriver and scissors to remove the old pads and install them in 15 minutes. The other reviews were all on the mark. I used a small screwdriver to pry off the old pads. I used the scissors to make 8 small cuts around the lips of the old pads, which made it easier to remove them from the plastic clip. It takes a bit of tugging to fit the new pads over the clips, but you should be fine. The new clip easily clipped over the headphones. The secret is going slowly. Many thanks to other reviewers for their help.

👤Something is not right. After purchasing these so called "replacement" ear pads and finding no instructions at all, I asked Mpow for directions to dismantle my existing headphones and replace them since my six month old headphones are literally disintegrating. There were two revelations. I have an email from Mpow's customer service which states that the Mpow 059 ear pads cannot be replaced. Mpow now ignores my last two letters and refuses to discuss this further after additional communication and complaining about a second company selling something that will not work. I haven't talked about this with Amazon. Hopefully through this poor review, Amazon will realize that there is a possibility ofIrregularity here. A replacement is being sold by a second party without the coordination of the original manufacturer.

👤It was difficult to get the old ear pads off the headphones. Here's a quick summary of how I did it. If you throw away the old ear pads, just rip them off. The padding was ripped away from the clip that held them in. You can see the clip a lot better once the pad and mesh are off. Start to remove the clip. There are 6 clips, two towards the top and bottom and one each side of the middle. It takes a bit of playing with the clip to get it off. The clip should be slid into the new ones and snapped back into place once it's off. Replacement ear pieces give my headphones a new lease on life.

👤The ear pads were a perfect replacement for my headphones. I have three sets of these headphones and the ear pads that come with them, and they last about 15 months before the material breaks down, and there are little black particles on my ears. These are a perfect replacement for me. It takes a little effort to get the old ones off. It is easy to press the new ones on. Highly recommended!

10. Sleep Headphones Perytong Ultra Thin Meditation

Sleep Headphones Perytong Ultra Thin Meditation

The charge time is 3 hours full charge and 15 hours play time. Sleep headphones, a sleep mask, and a sports headband are included. You can enjoy hands free music, and protect yourself from being disturbed by your hair and sweat with a soft headband and wireless sleep headset. Sleeping headphones sports headband is perfect for sleeping, as well as exercising. The cool tech gifts for men and women are the headband headphones. Sleep headphones with built-in 2 ultra-thin speakers and a control module in the middle of a sleep headband are perfect for side sleeping. Sleeping headphones are comfortable to wear while sleeping. Choose Perytong sleeping headphones, fall asleep fast, stay asleep and have a sweet dream, they block out ambient noise without using earplugs that are painful and fall out. Their headphones have an advanced battery that can work more than 10 hours and only take 1-2 hours to charge. The sports headphones have a quality chip with fast paring speed, less power consuming, and a stable clear sound. The headband is made of braided cord and has a mesh lining that is extremely stretchable and fits most head sizes. Remove the control Pod first before you can use the headphones. Cool gifts for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, Birthday, Mother's Day, and many other occasions. Perytong has upgraded the headband for the sleeping headphones for a better and stable sound, made it elastic to fit most head sizes, and adopted a light fabric material which feels cool on the skin. If the sleeping headband phones you received are malfunctioning, please let them know so they can give you a free replacement. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Perytong

👤The title says it all. My partner snores to wake me up. He snorts, gurgles, gasps and snuffles while I lay awake imagining all the ways I could murder him because I cannot fall asleep due to his loud bellows. Enter the stage. The perfect headphones for sleep. When I tried to sleep on my side, my earbuds hurt like crazy. I was worried that in a fit of rage, I would wrap the wires around my partner's neck so I could not hear him. I found these headphones at 3 in the morning and thought, "Why not?" They. Are. Awesome. I can sleep with my headband on. The volume control is great. It doesn't completely drown out the loud noise from the partner but the stream of sleep music I listen to combined with the comfort of the headband allows me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I can't recommend them enough. They have kept me out of prison. A win-win.

👤I love these! I've been suffering from insomnia for over a year. My husband snores loudly. I have tried a lot of things, including regular ear buds. Nothing else was working, so finally broke down and bought these. I am so happy I did. I wore sleep headphones for the first time last night and fell asleep quickly. I put white noise on my music to drown out snoring. If you have trouble falling asleep, try these. They were easy to use and comfortable. The instructions were easy to read and quite detailed. There is a The photo was taken this morning and it shows a happy person.

👤I am going on a cruise in a few weeks and I love my husband but he snores. I spend a few nights a week on the couch because I can't get him to stop. It will be frowned upon to fall asleep naked on a couch. I realized I needed to find something. I don't like traditional ear plugs. I thought about buying these for 3 weeks. These will be bad, or they won't fit in my head. I realized that I was running out of time as I neared vacation. I decided to buy them. They arrived in a day. I put on a sleep meditation album from my phone after I got them home and was asleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I turned the music back on and fell asleep. I can fall asleep because it makes this more prominent. It was very comfortable. The bass is really good on these. If you're looking to drown out your partner due to snoring, this is a great, affordable, and quality product that you should buy.

👤It's easy to fall asleep to music with this product. I am usually a side sleeper. Since I like to listen to music to help me fall asleep, the other headphones that I have are too large to fit on my side, making it uncomfortable. I was excited when I received this headband, because it allowed me to lay on my side to fall asleep, and it kept my hair off my face and neck. I connected my phone to the internet. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to wear glasses with the band, but it is still comfortable. I would highly recommend this product.

11. Headphone Disposable Non Woven Stretchy Headphones

Headphone Disposable Non Woven Stretchy Headphones

The elastic and stretchable ear covers are made with non-woven fabric and can fit most on ear headphones with ear pads. Their ear pads are packed in pairs for easy carrying, wearing at any time, and throwing away after taking off, clean and sanitary. Protect your earphone cushions from dirt, oils, skin to skin touch and maintain sound quality by using disposable ear covers with premium permeability that won't cause any effect on your sound quality. Keeping your customers' full trust in your products is ensured by the non-woven headphone ear covers, which are practical for net bars, libraries, hospitals, call centers, shows and hotel use. The quantity is enough for you to store at once for multiple usage, the package comes with 50 pairs (100 pieces) of disposable headphone ear covers in white color.

Brand: Bbto

👤I bought them to cover my ugly ear pads so they don't end up in my ear canal. My ear pads are 3.25" wide and 3.50" long. The covers fit perfectly over the back of my ears and are large enough to fit over the ear pads, the way I like to wear mine. I was surprised the covers didn't slide off when I slept with my headphones on. I haven't washed them. I don't intend to do that. Unless you wear over-the- ear headphones, you'll get several wearings out of a pair of covers. Each pair is sealed in a bag. I'm very happy with them.

👤I bought them for a non-profit that I work for. We were concerned about keeping the earpieces clean because we had worked out with our local municipal court that we'd host remote court hearings for people without internet access. The earpieces are plastic and we can't wipe them down. Many of the people coming to these hearings are living rough, so they don't have much time to shower. These covers are easy to fit over the earpieces and don't interfere with the sound. They were a great value for the money.

👤I thought it was a good deal for 100 pieces. I opened the package and counted them one by one, but it only contained 48 pieces. I feel like I was ripped off. Beware!

👤One day, as many headphones do, they foam plastic in your hair. The sound quality of my headphones is unaffected by these covers. They fit. I think I will triple them up so that they match the consistency of the foam that fell apart. If you are wearing headphones for fashion, you might not like them. These are great if you use your headphones in your studio.

👤foam was peeling off my ear pads. The headphones are still good to go despite the covers.

👤The shape of my headset makes it difficult to put them on. The covers are great.

👤The fit depends on ear piece.

👤It is only meant for one-time use.


What is the best product for headphone band cover mpow?

Headphone band cover mpow products from Geekria. In this article about headphone band cover mpow you can see why people choose the product. Ezona and G Gvoears are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone band cover mpow.

What are the best brands for headphone band cover mpow?

Geekria, Ezona and G Gvoears are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone band cover mpow. Find the detail in this article. Orione, Geekria and Wewon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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