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1. Headband Universal Replacement Protector Headphones

Headband Universal Replacement Protector Headphones

You can watch video instructions for easier replacing. Most of the large game headphones in the market have a universal fit, which means they have more space for the cushion pad. It makes your wearing more cozy if you protect your large-sized headphones from scratches, dirt and sweat. A smooth surface and comfortable touch can be provided by high quality durable material. Excellent match, follows the shape perfectly. It's easy to install and use the durable zip closing. The package includes a headband cover for the headphones.

Brand: Txesign

👤After a few hours of use, the headband on the Virtuosos hurts the top of my head. Hopefully this will make up for the issue. If the pad didn't have the tag and hoop, and the zip was a little better quality, this would be a 5 star review.

👤I have only had this headband cover for a few days, but it works perfectly for my headphones. The 2 1/2 inch width is the largest one. It's comfortable and distributes weight more evenly than just the headband, which is why it fits Focal headphones like a glove. It's important for heavier headphones. It has grey and red accents that match my headphones. Time will tell if it holds up, but it definitely feels sturdy. I bought it to prevent the foam on the headband from degrading, because it feels more durable than the stock foam. You don't want to have to replace the headband after you wear it, so consider this.

👤This is for the Corsica Islands. I wear my Corsair Virtuosos for 3-4 hours a day, but 7 to 10 hours grand total isn't out of the question. I spend most of my day at my PC. While I have a lighter pair of open back Koss UR40s, I prefer my Virtuosos for their closed back feel and the convenience of being wireless. The caveat? I decided to get some aftermarket padded earcups and the 1-8/9" cushion pad after seeing some positive reviews, because the Virtuosos are very uncomfortable in their stock form. Now? I can wear my Virtuosos all day long, and they don't make me miserable. I think this investment is worth it.

👤I was looking for a cover to help my headphones because the leather material on the headband was peeling off. I didn't want to look like I had a big case of it. I wanted a cover that matched my cans' white/silver/gray color scheme, and I didn't want the knitted covers that looked like sweaters for the headphones. There isn't a lot of reviews for this headband cover yet, but I took a chance on it. It worked out great. It protects the parts I need. The materials look nice and match my headphones' colors. There is a The zip up felt cheap and had a hard time staying together when I tried it. The trick that worked for me was to use one hand to hold down the end of the zip up. There is a The Small size fits well for anyone who has a V-Moss CrossfadeLP. The cover is too small at first but you have to stretch it. Trust me, it works. It takes some skill to wrestle it on, but the cover works well.

👤I like that the cover fits perfectly on the band, but it doesn't give me enough resistance as the headphones slide off my head, and it doesn't have enough padding to raise my headphones high enough to fit on my head. I need to place a headband on the crown of my head to make sure my headphones sit high enough to cover my ears, but they don't stay on the crown of head. I was hoping that the cover would add padding to make headphones fit properly. The cover does what it is supposed to, but not what I wanted them to do. I would like to find a cover that has more padding on the head-fitting side. This product should do the job if you are looking for a cover for your headphones. I ordered the 1 1/2” W Cushion Pad for the headphones and the cover, which is on the underside of the band.

2. Replacement Headphone Audio Technica Panasonice Installation

Replacement Headphone Audio Technica Panasonice Installation

The package includes a headband. Most of the big-sized headphones are compatible. Quality materials and design, made of high-quality knitted fabric. Improve the comfort of headphones. It is easy to install a headband without tools. It can be washed by hand or machine. The headband cover for the headset can wrap the headphones beam. The package contents are listed. A headband cushion. The alcohol pad is x2.

Brand: G Gvoears

👤The Corsair Gaming H2100 headset still works great, but over the years the leather covering on the headband had started to chip, so I didn't want to use them anymore. I was covered in black particles when I put them on. I ordered this to fix the problem, and it did. I took a toothbrush to the original headband and used a cover to cover everything. It was a tight fit, but works well. It looks good, but it's not as comfortable on the top of my head as the original headband is, but it's not bad. I'm no longer covered in black.

👤The cushion on my headset is terrible. This is more of a covering than a cushion. This will hide the scratches or cracks on your headset.

👤I was looking for a quick and easy solution to repair my Audio Technica A50s, and this truly delivered for something that does not require sewing. There is a The material is stretchy and easy to install. The headband cover was cut to length and tucked under the edge clips for a clean look, but I did not do it myself. The color of the clasps is something I don't like. The cover still looks good, even though I wish they were black. I like cloth over leather because it's easy to clean. The cloth ear cups I got have given my headphones a new lease on life. If I decide to add padding to my headphones headband, I might buy this cover again. There is a This is a quality product that you will not regret buying.

👤This thing is a simple cover over the headband. If it fit well, there are bumps on it where the fabric isn't sitting right, and it's digging into my head. It's making my head hurt after about a month of use.

👤The headband cover is easy to use. The headband overhangs the end of the plastic headband and is too long for M50, so it's the main challenge. It's not noticeable when I wear the headphones. It might be a deal breaker if you are a visual perfectionist. They have been great. It's difficult to make a product work.

👤This adds no cushion at all. I have dish rags in my kitchen sink that would provide more padding. It's a cosmetic upgrade. I own an Audio Technica -M50x. The product has to be stretched so much to get around the headband that it's not as thick as it appears in the pictures. I can't even add my own padding to the stock headband because it gets compressed into a solid mass and is just as bad as the super tight stretching. It's disappointing. I can't recommend this product because it's currently advertised.

👤I tried the package for a full day. Installation is easy. I will have to see for myself if the material is elastic and hard enough to hold for a long time. If my impression changes in the future, I will update. My suggestion to the seller is to make the whole cover 2 cm longer so that it covers more of the headphones. If the buttons are inside, it will be more elegant. I am a pro- user. I'll be happy to purchase more and recommend it to my colleagues if these suggestions are actually done. There is a I highly recommend it for most AudioTechnica headphones. I have never tried it on another, so I don't know.

3. Headphone Headband Cushion Replacement Sennheiser

Headphone Headband Cushion Replacement Sennheiser

Replacement headphones for the HD580/HD600/HD650. It is high elasticity, durable and soft. It's possible to make a replacement for your beloved headphones. It is made of high quality foam. Please note that it is not included in the note. The approach is 7.24 x 0.91 x 0.55.

Brand: Jzliner

👤I bought a used pair of 650s a few years ago and decided to get a new one because the headband was losing its shape. These were less expensive than the genuine ones, so I went with them. I was worried I would have to use double sided tape to attach them, but to my surprise, the headband that comes with the HD650 does not, so I am not sure if this applies to other models too. You need to remove the tabs from the old headband and say 'Made in Ireland'. The headband's base was the same as the one I was wearing, so I was able to slide it in and pop the tab back on. I've never felt a new genuine Sennheiser pad, so I can't compare the comfort to this, however it is a little bit firm. I'm not sure if that's just because I'm not used to it or it needs to be broken in, but it feels fine to me.

👤I got this along with some new ear cups to completely refresh my headphones. After 15 years of use, my original foam headband piece was flattened. The replacement band fit perfectly and restored the headphones to their original level of comfort. It was almost a shocking change as I no longer have the headband sitting on my head. Installation was easy. It wasn't easy either. If you're replacing the foam ear cups at the same time, I would recommend pulling out the old ones first so that you have more room to work on the headband. Not a problem if you don't. It will work better. To remove the old headband, you have to pop out the two tabs at the bottom of the headband that say Made In Ireland. They can be pried out with a tool. It takes a bit more force to pop them out than I was used to. I got them out without breaking anything. When you pop them out, you don't want to shoot them across the room. The old band can be pulled out once the tabs are out. You can see that it's sitting in two grooves on the headband part. The headband needs to slide into those grooves. It's not easy to get it all the way in there, but you can do it with a bit of pushing and pulling. You'll need to slip the screwdriver blade under the new band to get over the hump because there's a lever in the way. It should be easy to get the rest of the way once you do that. I thought the extra part at the end of the headband would sit under the tabs, but that's not the case. The headband is long enough to just touch the tabs, but not under them. You can pop the two tabs back in once the new headband is slid all the way in. The new foam headband will be much bigger than my old one, so you'll have to expand the headphones a bunch of stops.

4. ATH M50X Headband Cover Compatible

ATH M50X Headband Cover Compatible

The headband cover is compatible with ATHM50X, M50, M40, M40X, M40FS, M30, M30X, M20X, G PRO X, and Cloud 2, Cloud. Easy installation. It's easy to install and use. Zip up in place if you want to fit over the original headband. Don't remove the headband. The replacement headband has a smooth surface and comfortable touch, which makes it a good choice for covering your headband. Keep the headband clean. Protect the headband of your headset, as well as keep it clean, avoid dirt, and protect your headphones from scratching, dirt, and sweat. Excellent matching: Follows the headphone shape perfectly, use as replacement or upgrade headband pad for improved listening comfort. The headband should be given the best protection.

Brand: Transtek

👤I like to listen to videos on YouTube. I bought the ATH-M50X back in 2016 It was a lot of work to watch several videos, read and research. I got them after replacing the earmuffs. They are used to live stream and edit videos on a daily basis. I began to notice that the padding was peeling off. I live in Florida and it's an ongoing problem. The humidity is not good for leather or plastic. I have a collection of expensive headsets that all do this after a few years. Unless you can replace the ear cups completely, it will happen. The ATH-M50Xs are perfect for my needs and I didn't want to replace them. This was a cheap fix. It zips on, it's stretchy, and it adjusts for comfort. This prevents the padding from being replaced at the same time. I'm a happy customer.

👤I bought it to cover the peeling band. It's easy to install. It's comfortable. There is a crease in the middle of the item. They folded the band in half when placing it in the envelope. The fold leaves a permanent crease in the foam type fabric and it doesn't look good when the band is installed on your headphones. The function seems unaffected by the crease. It would look better if they folded the fabric and placed the band in a longer envelope for shipping.

👤The ATH-M40FS headband runs narrow at each end and widens at its apex, which is what I thought it was when I ordered it. I was worried that the cover wouldn't zip up all the way across and that it would be loose fitting at the ends. The ends of my headphones fit perfectly and the neoprene stretched itself to a very snug fit around the headband, I think they are perfect for the ATH-M40FS. I have a small gripe, one side is even, but not noticeable, as the pull hides it. I would add this to the cart again.

👤This was used on the Audio-Technica M50x. It was difficult to start the machine. I found it easier to start the zipper with the cover off the headband and then partially zip it. It is very comfortable with the exception of the crease in the side facing my head. I don't think it can be avoided with the thick, inflexible fabric and a zip, being bent around a curve. It covers the headband that is peeling. I can't complain about the price. There is a It works perfectly with the Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X.

👤I run a studio. I own a lot of headphones. It is a point of wear for many headphones. The headband has padding. These are inexpensive, made well, and a perfect fit for most Audio Technica full-size cans. There is a You can wash them. They provide comfort and a clean environment for my clients, as well as extending the life and look of the headphones. It's not a no-brainer.

👤The headband material of my headphones was showing it's age and leaving black marks. The headband wrap was easy to install and cover up. It looks clean and comfortable.

5. Replacement Crossfade Headphones Protector Installation

Replacement Crossfade Headphones Protector Installation

There was no tool needed. Zip up in place if you want to fit over the original headband. Don't remove the headband. Can be used to protect your headband. The dimensions are 24.5 x 7.5 inches and the color is black. The package has a headband cover.

Brand: Geekria

👤The only issue I had was with an 8 year old pair of V-ModaCF. The headband was falling apart like everyone else. They are awesome if they are not. The cover has a slim profile, and I have the zipper facing up. I don't notice the zip in the video calls. Highly recommended.

👤Everyone knows that my V-moda's started to fall around the headband. I looked for fixes and found this. It's obvious and brilliant. I didn't come up with an idea of my own. I solved my issue in 2 seconds. I don't get any pieces of black vinyl on my neck when I'm DJing, and people look at me like I'm covered in dirt. It was just dumb great. Can we have different colors? Thanks for making this!

👤The band on the M 100 was fine. This brand was thinner and fit in the case better than the other brand, and the materials are great.

👤I tried to put it on, but it fell off, and I refused to reattach. I didn't bother trying a replacement because I didn't want to. Wouldn't buy again.

👤The headband on my V-Moda was peeling off. The problem was solved by this cover. I own a set of V-Moda headphones. I am very happy with this cover.

👤The headband is peeling and my headphones are in great shape. The extra cushion is nice.

👤It was paid $300. I stopped using my headphones outside of the house when the headband started to peal. The headband cover looks great.

👤The headband was easy to install. I highly recommend it.

👤The fitted on looks good.

👤It was a perfect solution to my headband peeling. It took a few tries to get it on. Don't change the fit or comfort from what I've seen, just make sure it's comfortable and not wrinkled.

👤The strap that was falling apart was protected by the headphones. Doesn't bother me at all while wearing the headphones. Highly recommended.

👤The premium for the calidad was 10 euros, por un trozo de tela con cremallera. No obstante, pero no estticamente.

👤Un paio di V-moda m 100 da 8 anni ormai, vanno una bomba come il giorno. Ad averla avuta, questa fascia ho risolto.

6. Defean M30 M50X M50S M40X

Defean M30 M50X M50S M40X

Quality,Worry-Free Service, is improved. They made the headband elastic to fit most head sizes and used a thin fabric that feels cool on the skin. If the sleeping headband phones you received are malfunctioning, please let them know so they can give you a free replacement or a refund. Mistakes happen. They've got you covered. They make sure you have complete peace of mind when shopping for ear pads. They will make a full refund if the earpad doesn't fit. The installation video guide can be found in Figure 7. They can help you. You will get a piece of headband.

Brand: Defean

👤The comfort of my headphones was improved. There was no padding on the headband. The sleeve is perfect for padding. I cut a strip from scrap memory foam to fit. This stretchy sleeve can add about a quarter of a inch of foam to my headphones. I slipped it in and went. I tried adding padding to my m40x's 3 different ways, but this is the best method.

👤The headband on my ATH-M50s wore out within the first few months of use, and I had a pair for a few years. I had to replace them with ATH-M50xbt headphones, which are the same but wireless. I picked this up because it looked like it would fit my needs, I wanted to protect them from wear and abrasion. It was easy to put these on, and they've held up well. I was initially concerned about my hair but it wasn't a problem. It works really well and looks clean and professionally made, but would have liked a thin extra strip over the zip to guard from hair snags.

👤I had my old ATH-M50 headphones replaced with plush memory foam ones which are better all around, but the ear cups lasted only 6 months. The faux leather on the top band has been desintegrating for a while now, and it can really bring you down if you lose the comfort. The solid black won't look as gross as white will if it's wrapped up with this protector. It does the job, it doesn't feel cheap, and will probably last until your headphones die. Why sound quality is an option but not for sound boys?

👤A few years ago, I received a pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force Tango cans as a gift. The sound quality was always good. They were garbage by every conceivable metric. The headband was designed for someone with a watermelon for a head, the battery life was insufficient for long gaming sessions, and the 10 audio preset that you could cycle through were confusingly numbered. The battery was low every 45 seconds. They still looked cool despite all that. I set them up as a neat decoration after giving up on using them. Until now. There is a We recently got an awesome new smart tv from a brand new company, and for some reason, out of all devices, this particular high-end 4K tv from 8 years later, just so happens to pair perfectly with these headphones. After many years of being useless due to issues with PC, PS4, Xbox consoles, various TVs, and basically everything else under the sun... The receiver for these Tangos is plug-and-play and can be connected to the TV via the original optical cable. The audio quality is higher and the connection is seamless. There is a Turtle Beach had one last card. The leather-like vinyl that they used for the Tango was called Absoulute SHIT. One of the ear cups broke in my hands and the headband was torn up, just from normal seasonal temperature changes alone. I was not to be easily discouraged. I was determined to not let these things go to waste. This sleeve and ear pads are suitable for large over the ear headphones. I had to add a bit of foam to counteract the previously mentioned gap as it was difficult to install them both. I was able to take full advantage of these headphones after I prevailed. For the first time, they are actually comfortable. I will be getting the Earpads again at some point for my Steelseries Arctis 5, as they are the best that I've ever used, and they are about the same size. I highly recommend this sleeve to anyone who needs to repair a headband on their headset that they want to save for later in life.

7. Universal Replacement Protector Compatible Headphones

Universal Replacement Protector Compatible Headphones

Excellent matching: Follows the headphone shape perfectly, use as replacement or upgrade headband pad for improved listening comfort. The headband should be given the best protection. The headband cover is compatible with most brand size headphones. Protect your headphones from dirt and sweat. A smooth surface and comfortable touch can be provided by high quality durable material. Excellent match, follows the shape perfectly. It's easy to install and use the durable zip closing. The package includes a headband cover for headphones.

Brand: Txesign

👤I'm not sure if this is working or not. My new beats pros hurt my head, and I bought this to make them more comfortable to wear for long periods as I wear them sometimes for up to 12 hours a day between being online for work and school, and more often than not they still hurt. It doesn't feel like there's a lot of padding on this when it's on my head, so I'm still having some problems I have been taking to wearing a beanie or scarf instead of this on my beats. There are other ones that have more padding and will be more comfortable. If you have beats pros where you have to close them to turn them off this can be awkward.

👤I ran into a good sale price for a set of Rosewill ANC headphones. The cans have 40mm drives, a modular 3.5mm audio input, and can be switched on/off. There is a small loop in the middle of the protector that allows one to hang headphones on a hook. There is a The integrated headband cover on this set is one of those PU 'leather' shaped things that look nice, take little space when carried portable, but they press harder against your head than most of the wider flat-shaped bands. The headband is made of smooth PU leather. I was amazed by the quality of the headband protectors I received. The headband is well sewn together, stretchy to some extent, and the protectors are 1.5 inches wide in the padded area, so they stay on the headband securely. There is an anti-slip padding on the bottom of the protector. This part goes against you. It feels soft and prevents your headphones from twisting. There is a This cover enhances and improves my headphones. It seems to fit more headphones than the description suggests. The described item will fit well if the set comes with an 1.0" wide headband.

👤I had a pair of Koss headphones that I used to practice my guitar. I ended up with black particles in my hair every time I did this. I was looking for something to cover the headphones. There are a lot of these out there, but not for Koss. Most of the ones I found were too long. I decided to take a chance on them after finding them. These were correct, as Goldilocks would say. I really like them. They went on without a hitch, they feel nice, and I like the color. I'm only wearing these in the room where I play the guitar and they don't matter what color they are. I don't think they look bad. The Koss like these because they are longer on the underside and shorter on the top. They don't get in the way of folding or adjusting the headphones. I would recommend them to anyone. They are a good product at a good price. They solved my problem. You will not regret buying them.

👤I have headphones that are too big for my head and I wanted to add padding to them. This item doesn't have foam padding. It has a strip of thick fabric that only provides a small amount of padding. It seems like a nice product, but I bought it because I need actual padding, which this does not provide.

8. Protection Storage Airpods Featured Pouches

Protection Storage Airpods Featured Pouches

Perfectly fit: for the Airpods Pro, Airpods 2, Airpods 1 and the Type C hub. A strong case to fit a purse is featured. It's good for travel and home storage. The device is protected from shock, shake, and scratch with a semi-hard carrying case. PEVA materials are water resistant. The design is user friendly and has two mesh pockets in the lid and base to keep the true wireless earbuds box and wall charging cord separate. CaseSack offer 100% refunds with quality problems. Only a protective case for sales. Click the orange button to purchase. Share your review with your friends.

Brand: Casesack

👤I bought this case for my daughter as a stocking stuffer. The color was just as described. It was delivered in a plastic bag. There was a small scratch on it when it arrived. It was not noticable. I gave it a 4 star because it is easy to use and it is a bit hard to start and go around the case. Excellent for my daughter as she travels a lot but I'm not sure how well the case will hold up with wear and tear. My daughter loved it so I am happy. I don't mind if I have to replace when needed. Fast shipping from the company.

👤I'm not happy with the mesh compartment, the elastic is too loose, and the zip on the outside is smooth. I was wrong to think that this would be the perfect companion to my airpods. Will return them. The mesh was not straight. I really wanted to like this.

👤Love it! It keeps my things in the same place. I wrap the case around my wrist when I'm on the go. This is a great item if you are on the go.

👤This is very cute and it fits my phone, my head phones, and my charging cable. It came with a microfiber cleaning cloth. I took 1 star away because the zip is hard to use and can get stuck when trying to open and close it. I would buy it again if I needed to, it's a solid product.

👤While living overseas, it was delivered to the US location. It was useless when I picked it up and returned it for my daughter to use in school. We never expected to have a problem with a simple item like this. The overseas order and later pick up took us past the return window.

👤This is a cute holder. If I need to take it with me for the day, it fits in either my purse or work bag.

👤I have mixed feelings about this product. It is sturdy and cute. The box isn't complete and the zipper isn't the best.

👤If you are going to be a serious user of the device, you need to have this. I have a set of Spigen ear hooks for comfort, and a VIMVIP AirPods strap, which is large enough to hold the charging case, Apple accessory, and the AirPods strap. The case has a strap that you can use to carry it around. If that's what you like.

9. Replacement Protector Installation QuietComfort Headphones

Replacement Protector Installation QuietComfort Headphones

It is comparable. Only Bose QuietComfort 2 and QuietComfort 15 are compatible with this headband. Not compatible with any other Bose series! Easy installation. It's easy to install and use. Protect your Bose headphones from dirt and sweat. The high quality material is made of soft neoprene. The replacement headband has a smooth surface. Each head band is thoroughly inspected for defects. Money back guarantee for 180 days.

Brand: Jarmor

👤I bought one of these for my headphones. I had to turn the cover inside out. The installation should begin with a zip-up. It's important. It is flattened and outside-in. It took about 5 minutes to get it done. It's a hint. Start by covering one of the hard plastic caps. When it is done, it will reach the other cap. As you go to keep the zipper centered on top, keep rolling the cover. I re-ordered 2 more colors for other QC15's. I had a bad arthritis day and it made it hard to install these. I can only tell you to be patient and make sure the zip ties are fully engaged when you start installing. " Bose specks are no longer in my hair or ears. I'm happy.

👤The quality of the installation is poor. All three of the units were sewn on. The underside of the zipper can be visable or reversed when installed on the top of your headband. One of the headband covers was longer than the other two, and the zip was not even on the other side. There is a product that is advertised as Amazon choice that is better quality for a few cents more, the same material, and the zip will be flat when closed. The time causes the product to open.

👤I don't like to put 5 stars review in general because it doesn't really help people, but I have to be honest with you guys. The headband cover is super comfortable, it does not slide, and it is fit perfectly. There is a There is only one thing that is missing. I saw other designs where the Tab is not visible after being put on, they should update their band to be like that. It's a nice product, price is worth every single penny, and if you have a headband hold and start to get flaky on your hair, it will prevent that.

👤I am very pleased with the replacement headband cover. I got my Bose QC2 headsets 20 years ago and was going to throw them away because the headband and ear cushions rotted, but I saw replacements on Amazon. It was easy to install and comfortable. I connected a safety pin to the zip up to pull it across. I tucked the tongue of the zipper underneath when I got to the end. I fell asleep with them on. Thank you Jarmor.

👤There are multiple versions of this cover. I picked the black variant and it was very good. The padding stays the same because the head band protectors wraps around the headband. I can use my QC15 for another 5 years now that it has been chopped up.

👤I wrapped the faux leather band in 'Saran Wrap' and put on the new cover to seal the mess. The "dandruff" problem has been solved! A cheap fix that does not require a lot of work.

👤Quality control is lacking. The zip was upside down and backwards. The headband cover material was decent, but lacked quality and was placed upside down during manufacturing, which made me not like it. Send it back for a second day of refunds.

10. Headphone Disposable Non Woven Stretchy Headphones

Headphone Disposable Non Woven Stretchy Headphones

The elastic and stretchable ear covers are made with non-woven fabric and can fit most on ear headphones with ear pads. Their ear pads are packed in pairs for easy carrying, wearing at any time, and throwing away after taking off, clean and sanitary. Protect your earphone cushions from dirt, oils, skin to skin touch and maintain sound quality by using disposable ear covers with premium permeability that won't cause any effect on your sound quality. Keeping your customers' full trust in your products is ensured by the non-woven headphone ear covers, which are practical for net bars, libraries, hospitals, call centers, shows and hotel use. The quantity is enough for you to store at once for multiple usage, the package comes with 50 pairs (100 pieces) of disposable headphone ear covers in white color.

Brand: Bbto

👤I bought them to cover my ugly ear pads so they don't end up in my ear canal. My ear pads are 3.25" wide and 3.50" long. The covers fit perfectly over the back of my ears and are large enough to fit over the ear pads, the way I like to wear mine. I was surprised the covers didn't slide off when I slept with my headphones on. I haven't washed them. I don't intend to do that. Unless you wear over-the- ear headphones, you'll get several wearings out of a pair of covers. Each pair is sealed in a bag. I'm very happy with them.

👤I bought them for a non-profit that I work for. We were concerned about keeping the earpieces clean because we had worked out with our local municipal court that we'd host remote court hearings for people without internet access. The earpieces are plastic and we can't wipe them down. Many of the people coming to these hearings are living rough, so they don't have much time to shower. These covers are easy to fit over the earpieces and don't interfere with the sound. They were a great value for the money.

👤I thought it was a good deal for 100 pieces. I opened the package and counted them one by one, but it only contained 48 pieces. I feel like I was ripped off. Beware!

👤One day, as many headphones do, they foam plastic in your hair. The sound quality of my headphones is unaffected by these covers. They fit. I think I will triple them up so that they match the consistency of the foam that fell apart. If you are wearing headphones for fashion, you might not like them. These are great if you use your headphones in your studio.

👤foam was peeling off my ear pads. The headphones are still good to go despite the covers.

👤The shape of my headset makes it difficult to put them on. The covers are great.

👤The fit depends on ear piece.

👤It is only meant for one-time use.

11. Headband Protector Installation Sennheíser Headphones

Headband Protector Installation Sennhe%C3%ADser Headphones

The headband set is very similar to most Medium headphones. There is a lanyard loop on top of the headband. The headband can be easily installed and disassembled with the help of the Hook and loop design. The headband cover can still be used without a new headband if the headband pad is worn out. Skullcandy, Hesh2, Hesh3 and Hesh ANC are compatible with the headband cover. Product dimensions are 7.48 x 1.77 inches (19 x 4.5 cm). The package has a headband set.

Brand: Geekria

👤Even though it doesn't fit my headphones, I tried to find another use for it. It's a great replacement for the thin sleeve that goes around the changing table. It's two pieces. It zips on. The sleeve and pillow part are covered in a type of pleather-vinyl hybrid that has some kind of Velcro on it. It doesn't smell and it keeps my son in place when I'm trying to change him. It does so without causing him distress when the table strap is tightened to fit. He calms down and lets me clean and change him better, instead of trying to get him back into anything, by taking something off, cleaning and hydrating him. I have to change the lens on my cellphone again because of the poor quality of the images. I'm going to buy a few more for his other items, like the Heao High Chair and his little rocking chair. The straps don't fit as well as they should because he's small at 20 lbs. He doesn't like the texture of the straps on him. This is an improvement. Thank you.

👤I thought my headset would fit. I agree. My head is too small and even with the headset set on the shortest length it still doesn't sit well on my head. I needed an extra padding piece to lift the headset up on my head so that it sat properly. I am so grateful for this product. It's easy to install and fix my problem without looking like I'm attaching something to my headset.

👤I don't fit my wireless headset the way I want it because of my small head. I used to have headaches after a couple hours but now wear my headset daily and have no problems. A new headset is much more expensive. It worked well and was true to size.

👤The headband is perfect for fixing the size of the Soundcore Q20. It's easy to install.

👤This is a great addition to the Hyperx Cloud Orbit S gaming headset and Audeze Mobius since they're nearly identical other than some technical features. The headset is great for gaming, but I found the headband very uncomfortable after a short time. Most headband covers don't offer much extra padding, but this one is so comfortable that I ordered more just in case they discontinued them or they don't last as long as you'd expect. If you have a big head and already have the headband expanded to the maximum or close to it, this might not work for you.

👤The comfort of the headphones went from being ok to being very comfortable. The headband was too big for me and even on their fully retracted setting they sat just below my ears. I initially tried another headband cover to give a slight lift, but then I tried the ones that were missing, and they gave me a slight lift, and also gave me some comfort, even though I wasn't aware they were missing. I thought I would need a longer cover. It's perfect. If you need to cover a worn out band or just add comfort to your headphones, I highly recommend this. If you want to add this to headbands that are 1.5 - 1.75 inches wide, you could use my band, which is roughly 1 inch wide.


What is the best product for headphone band cover zip?

Headphone band cover zip products from Txesign. In this article about headphone band cover zip you can see why people choose the product. G Gvoears and Jzliner are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone band cover zip.

What are the best brands for headphone band cover zip?

Txesign, G Gvoears and Jzliner are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone band cover zip. Find the detail in this article. Transtek, Geekria and Defean are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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