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1. Headphones Comfortable Childrens Earphones Packaging

Headphones Comfortable Childrens Earphones Packaging

Enjoy your content in a soft and lightweight way. The new headphones for kids are here. Listen to what you like. The headphones have a volume limiting switch to make sure the sound is safe for kids. The headphones are cool. Plug in your audio device and listen to what you want. The ear cushions and headband give you comfort and quality so you can listen to your music for as long as you want. This will be a perfect birthday gift. You can use the line in jack to connect your audio or content device. It's ideal for travel and washing. The lightweight headband headphones are ideal for travel. The headband headphones are machine washed. This is the perfect gift for your little one.

Brand: Ekids

👤I bought these for my daughter so she wouldn't wear bulky headphones, but it was a waste of money. She couldn't hear anything when she plugged them in. I'm sorry.

👤My 3 year old is very happy with these. Most kids headphones don't fit her because of her small head. The speaker pieces can be adjusted to fit where the ears are. She loves that they are a Disney movie.

👤The speakers won't stay in place and every time you put it on, you have to adjust where the speakers go. The volume limiting switch is difficult to adjust and it is nice.

👤I wanted my daughter to have something to listen to on her tablets while she was overseas, and this was perfect since it has Anna and the Frog. She willingly wears it. She knows that she needs to wear them in order to watch and listen to movies and it's convenient. I'm sure they'll keep her entertained on our flight.

👤The speakers on my bed are flat so I can listen to audiobooks comfortably. Love them. They are supposed to be for kids. I'm a 71yr old child. It's funny.

👤My daughter is young. The teacher complains about them because they keep falling out of the band.

👤The sound is clear and good. The only thing you have to do is make sure the speakers are on the ramparts.

👤My daughter loves them, but the ear sounds fall out easily.

👤Estn hermosos, ami hija.

2. MOITA Bluetooth Headphones Speakers Wireless

MOITA Bluetooth Headphones Speakers Wireless

The standard 3.5mm plug fits all audio devices. Beanie &Bluetooth Headphones 2 in 1 is a perfect accessory for outdoor activities, gym, workout, running, etc. The wireless hat headphones have built-in HD stereo speakers that deliver a clear and high-quality digital sound. It's easy to pair with your phones, tablets and other devices with the stable connection and strong connection. Long play time, charged battery. The headset cap is low-power. It can play music for up to 10 hours with a 2-hour charging time. The hat is warm. The beanie is made from soft material. The exterior is made of fabric. It's an ideal gift for Christmas, birthday for family and friends, and perfect for skiing, snowboarding, running and exercise. It is easy to adjust the volume on the left earbuds. When you want to wash the hat, you can easily remove the earphone headsets from the beanie.

Brand: Moita

👤I hadn't seen the music feature before, but it was very warm. It works great.

👤I bought this hat for my husband. The quality is excellent. It exceeded my expectations.

👤The fleece is past the head-band portion on the inside. The control plate made of leatherette is easier to feel than an embroidered cloth plate. There is a The sound quality is okay. I didn't notice anything crazy, just a bit of distortion here and there, and a bit of channel imbalance between 1-2k. The sound is pleasant even though the sub-bass is rolled off. The microphone is muffled, but vocals are fine. It might not work well on the side of a street because of the lack of volume, but that depends on each individual's fit. There is a The speakers and module are easy to clean. These are fine for the price. If your target is someone who is more picky with sound quality, I would look elsewhere. This is a novelty.

👤I have some great airpods, but I thought it might be better on walks with the dogs. I was pleasantly surprised when I got it, I didn't expect much. Even without the audio feature, the cap is worth the money because of its large size and nice lining. I charged it up before testing. It worked with my phone. The volume buttons worked well and the sound was nice.

👤I've had issues with my headphones recently. I don't like how they feel against my ears. I have to keep the speakers away from my ears. I get sent into a sensory overload if I don't. It's a nice thing. It's almost like being in a movie. The hat is soft.

👤The hat charged up and I was able to use my phone. The sound quality is good. Okay. There is a The size of the hat is not what I like. I have a normal head size and the hat fits. I would prefer it to be a little baggier.

👤This is a great beanie. I didn't know it also has a mic so you can answer your calls. Someone had an idea. It will last for a while. No regrets.

3. I36 Headphones Adjustable Compatible Cellphones

I36 Headphones Adjustable Compatible Cellphones

For any questions while using, please contact them at any time via Amazon email or through the contact information on the instructions. 3.5mm plug compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices, Stereo bass headphones with excellent sound effect. It's very durable and not tangle, it's suitable for kids, children, and not easily damaged. The band can be adjusted to fit your head shape. It's suitable for both your children and adults. It's easy to carry, you can put it in a suitcase or bag, and it's convenient to carry. This is a good companion for when you take your children out for a trip. For any questions while using, please contact them at any time via Amazon email or through the contact information on the instructions.

Brand: Elecder

👤These headphones are good for a kid. The sound quality is great, the ear pads are soft, and the color is spot on. My 2 year old daughter wears these when she is on an airplane and on a lawn mower. She wears them for an hour. My daughter is very small and they will fit over her ears, even though they are too big. She and we both love these headphones. She likes the stretch around the head and the sound is better than before. If you are looking for something for your toddler or child to allow for music in quiet settings, or to reduce noise, I recommend these headphones.

👤My 9-year old grandson is using these headphones. He likes the bright orange color. They fit him well and are comfortable. Even though he tends to tangle it, the longer cord is a nice bonus. The cord is used a good amount and doesn't show any signs of wear. I am very satisfied with the purchase and would recommend the product to others.

👤Customer Service replaced the headphones. The company came through after some initial confusion and kept their guarantee on this item. The customer service of ELECDER is excellent. I bought two pairs of headphones. They were used by my children for a few weeks a week in November and February. The headphones are of good quality. I was happy with the purchase until the earpiece of one child's headphones came with it. The padded covering was not able to be reattached. I reached out to the Elecder Company and was told that the headphones were easy to fix and that I would get a replacement pair. The advice was useless as I had tried to fix them before contacting the company. I didn't get another response from the company or a replacement pair after I said the headphones were still not fixed. Customer service was 1 star.

👤I bought these for my 5 year old to use on our train trip. My daughter is a monster when it comes to headphones and usually goes through a few pairs a year so I wasn't expecting much but these have held up surprisingly well. I love that the cord is covered so she can't chew on it. She seems to be very comfortable with the ear padding. I am constantly telling her to turn them down because they don't have a volume limiter. I will buy them again after the break, but only if I am happy with this purchase.

👤The update was done on 8/17/18. After 3 weeks, I received a replacement pair. The replacement pair was newer than the broken pair so it was a bonus. It took a while, but I am happy with the result. It was upgraded from 2 stars to 4. There is a My twin boys are 6 years old. They loved them! I thought they were decent but within 30 days the cord detached from the headphones. I was in the room when it pulled out and it wasn't excessive force. I contacted the company and asked for a replacement since they have a one year warranty. I haven't received the replacement pair since 7/28. The customer service was pretty poor. The other pair is fine for what it's worth. If I get a resolution, I will update.

4. Marshall Headphones Limiting Friendly Listening

Marshall Headphones Limiting Friendly Listening

If you want a good night's sleep, drift away while blocking sounds that keep you awake or calm your mind with music or audiobooks. This headband is comfortable and will not hurt your ears. Kids headphones use a 3.5mm jack to connect any device to enjoy high quality sound. Use for remote learning, listen to music, watch movies, or use for other things. The built-in parental volume controls allow for kid-friendly sound levels in any setting, just slide the switch to create a custom sound experience. When using headphones for school, home, or travel, they have a custom fit that includes a headband and soft ear cushions. Enjoy long lasting comfort on road trips, virtual classes, and airplane rides. The graphics of the PAW Patrol. The graphics on the headphones are inspired by the show. Marshall's ears look great on a small dog. Kids headphones are a great gift. The headphones are ideal for computer learning. The ekids brand store has great products.

Brand: Ekids

👤I gave these to my little one for Christmas and they are broken now. The kind of plastic used in dollar store toys is similar to the one that holds the ear piece to the headband. The ear piece that was connected to the plastic piece broke a month in to owning it, but we kept using it until yesterday when the wire that connected the ear piece completely came out. These are cute, but I wish the plastic was better. Kids go through headphones quicker than adults. I think 2 months is enough to replace them. We will not be ordering these again.

👤I bought these for my son. He needed them to be able to hear while we are in the car. We needed something in the middle so he could still hear his tablets, but I was afraid they would be loud. We could have our music playing in the car and it worked out perfectly.

👤We bought a pair for our 2 year old. He seemed to like using them with his tablets. It took a short time for the wiring to be done and you can only hear the music from his shows. We unplugged them to see if the sound was affected by the tablet, but it played perfectly without headphones. I asked for a refund. I didn't bother following through with the process because I didn't want to go to the post office to send these headphones back to the seller. My recommendation to other parents is to bend your budget a little bit and buy your kids something more expensive because cheap really isn't worth it.

👤My 5 year old loves Paw Patrol. She uses the sound for her purposes. They are loud enough for a child to hear on an airplane. We use them with her. We have had them for almost a year and they hold up well, so I would recommend them for a young child.

👤They are very cute. There is a patrol of crazy little one over here. He is all for Marshall and the best part is that they are not loud. My boy loves them. The ears are flappy.

👤The sound quality was not good and sounded far away from the packaging. It was the same on all the devices I tried. The only way to get the sound to play correctly was to apply pressure on the plug of the headphones, but as soon as I let go it would distort the sound. The headphones didn't work for us.

👤My toddler doesn't have any headphones on, we took our first airplane trip in a while. I knew he had to have these when we saw them. There is a I was a little disappointed that these didn't have a volume control on the cord, but I think they have something internal that will keep the volume down. There is a Kiddo had no issues with the duration of our flights.

👤They don't work. Audio goes in and out for a while. A complete and utter waste of money. The meltdown that ensued after not working was a nightmare, because I bought them for my sone who has autism.

5. VTech Music Player Amazon Exclusive

VTech Music Player Amazon Exclusive

It takes up to 6 hours to fast charge. The charging cable is included. A kid-friendly music player plays musical learning games to introduce letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time and more. Classical, Hip-Hop and rock are the three music styles you can choose from. The music player has an instrument remix mode that allows you to play a variety of instruments and experiment with songs. Fine motor skills are built by interacting with the screen. The headphones limit the volume to protect little ears. 2AAA batteries are required for demo purposes and the music player is for kids 3 to 6 years old. Product dimensions are 6.2 x 3.3 x 0.7 inches.

Brand: Vtech

👤Cheap product and poor design. I tried for days to get them to save a customer, but the company is too big to worry about one unhappy customer or a bad review. I will leave one. Don't waste your money. This product is terrible. My son is 3 years old. The headphones will not fit if your child has a large head. They appeared to be adjusted, but they are so cheap that they can't even be set in the smallest setting. When you put them on an average or even slightly larger than average 4-5 year olds head expect them to fall off. When they fall, they expect them to break. They are cheap. My sons broke when they fell from 3 inches. Any toy intended for preschoolers should be able to stand up. They snapped in a point. It could present a hazard for the child. The company feels that their poor design is the reason they fall. They won't replace or correct accidental damage from falling. There is a If you have a big child with a large cranium, these may work, but they don't fix the quality. There is a I don't think a kid much over 3 would find this entertaining. It doesn't play music like you would expect, and it's not really educational. It seems cheap because of the amount of talking. There is a My 3 year old son liked the idea of his own headphones, but they didn't last past a few uses. I contacted vtech directly and they told me if I wanted a replacement for the faulty pair, I could buy another pair from their website. They want me to buy another pair of faulty ones. Or it is cheap. They are all like this. They want me to buy another one. I told vtech as much as I could. They refused to help replace the broken part. I was going to write a review. I read other reviews on this and the company and it seems like the quality of customer care is the norm and not the exception. Cheap and faulty products are the norm and add to terrible customer care. Lesson learned. I haven't had any issues with leapfrog products so I'll stick with them. These are not worth much. Don't waste time or money.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter because it had good reviews, but the toy was in a plastic bag, not even any instructions, and it arrived quickly. This is supposed to be a birthday gift. I think I'm going to return it, so I haven't taken it out of the bag. I think she would like it, but it's a poor presentation for a Bday gift. Very disappointed.

👤My daughters are 2 and 3 years old. It was loved by all! The 5 year old appreciated the simple operations. I loved the aspect of the headphones. It's nice to say "hey!" without them. Plug in the headphones! When the sounds became grating. There are only two options for volume. The foam covers on the headphones were easy to take off and make them useless to keep in place. I would suggest that the buyer glue them on so that they don't become a problem like they did in my house. Otherwise, a great phone that plays music for toddlers. The screen dynamic is entertaining and there are many options for interactions.

6. Snuggly Rascals Kids Headphones Comfortable

Snuggly Rascals Kids Headphones Comfortable

Children's headphones for tablets and smartphones are perfect for kids because of the size and fit. These super-comfy headphones are not easy to break and are not bulky enough for kids. They are aware that customers have children of younger ages using the headphones, so they are suitable for children age 3 plus. The headband can be popped into the washing machine, so sticky fingers will never be an issue, as the speakers can be removed. There is a two year warranty on the No.1 Kids Tablet. For long car or plane journeys and for singing along to their favourite tunes, the volume limiting headband headphones are perfect. Perfect headphones for all kids. If you experience any problems with your product during the first 24 months, just contact them and they will send replacement parts or exchange for a new one in 24 hours. The earphones for tablets and smartphones are made with a high quality, super soft fleece and ultra-flat speakers. Children with a built-in volume limiter can use the headphones with the extra-comfort. All headphones and parts are covered by a 2-year no quibble guarantee, if you contact them through their website, they'll send a replacement within 24 hours.

Brand: Snuggly Rascals

👤The only type of headphones my 15 months old does not immediately take off is this one. The noise cancellation is good, the fabric is comfortable, and there is a volume control.

👤My toddler refuses to wear headphones and we are taking her on a plane. I wanted an alternative so she could listen to her music on the plane to keep her calm. She likes the low volume. I think it is perfect, it does get loud, but the sound quality is good.

👤I took my 15 month old on a 9 hour flight and these headphones were great for her. The speakers can be moved to where their ears are inside the band and it looks cute. The sound stayed on her head.

👤My young man loves them, just what was needed for a quiet life.

👤Im Zufall ist bin, weil 2 bestellt. Beide lieben die Kopfhrer, den man bequem. I am Autositz hren. Es ist berzeugt und der Preis ist ja.

👤I bought three for my kids and one for my wife. We have had the speaker for less than three months. The others work well. There is a We are leaving Germany on Friday so I can't return them.

7. Kidrox Tiger Ear Kids Headphones Adjustable

Kidrox Tiger Ear Kids Headphones Adjustable

Application: Birthday gift, Thanksgiving Day gift, Christmas gift, New Year gift, and so on are all ideal for this beanie hat and scarf set. Bring out the jungle cat in your little one with KidRox Tiger-Ear Headphones. These earphones are fun, funky, and have a one of a kind design, which is perfect for jamming out on your children's favorite devices. This headset is up for any challenge, it's super kid-friendly for even the toughest boys and girls. The sturdy construction of the wired ear phones ensures that they are child-proof even when your toddlers are using them. The volume is limited to protect sensitive ears. Babies and young children can use these head phones with a volume limit to make sure their listening device never gets loud. Their toddler girl and boy are only able to reach the maximum noise level recommended by health organizations. With your little kids in mind, the design is lightweight for easy handling, with an adjustment headband for a completely tailored fit to your little wild cat, soft on- ear cushions, and a tiger print design, ensuring they are always the center. KidRox Tiger-Ear Children are compatible with a standard 3.5mm audio jack. Earbuds for ages 2, 3, 4, 5, and older are suitable for most devices. It's perfect for the operating system. The earphones are tangle-free because of the flat cable. Don't worry, you're covered! Your headphones are protected. 24 hour friendly US based customer support is available. Kidrox is open to any questions, comments, or concerns. They would love to hear from you.

Brand: Kidrox

👤My kid uses a headphone. The photo on the side of the box is off base. They were not sure what they were thinking when they posed the kids.

👤I listened to these headphones from my laptop and they were so loud that I would think they were too loud for my 5-yr-old. I tried to measure the output using a phone app, but it only measured 85 decibels at max volume. No idea how accurate that method is. My hearing is not very sensitive and I have lost some hearing from attending too many punk rock shows. There is no mention on the packaging that the headphones are decibel limited, and there is no paper insert that suggests there is either. I'm not sure if these are safe.

👤My child loves them. They are not very loud even on full blast. He fiddles with the tigers because of the thick foam on the top and the silicone ears. One tiger is awake and smiling while the other is closed off. If you take long car rides or planes, it's a great purchase. These are perfect because they only have ear buds. His Amazon fire 7 is a great device to use.

👤It's perfect for a child under the age of 5. It's small enough for little ears. The cord has a standard jack. Will need to convert the newer phone. My little one can manipulate them on and off with ease.

👤5 stars for cute! 3 stars for sound quality... The headphones are hard to hear on the airplane because of the ambient noise, but they are good for kids ears. We got these to replace our other kids headphones that can be strung together. I can't remember the brand. I wanted to try something new because both of those stopped working.

👤I am a first time mom. I look for the best products for my son. I thought these looked cute when I was browsing headphones. I didn't know that volume limited headphones existed, but it seems like a great idea since my son is young and may use his tablets with the controls. The tiger print is cuter in person and when it is put on, it is like playing. Would recommend.

👤My son uses his iPad with cute tiger headphones. A perfect fit for his little head and great quality, it's a good fit for a few more years. I wish they were wireless so he wouldn't pull on the cord, but the headphones are made of quality material and have good sound quality. They don't have volume buttons on them, so you have to control the volume on the actual device, though they do seem to buffer the sound so it won't be too loud and damage the ears.

👤I was very happy with the headphones. They fit my son well. They were great for him to wear on the long flights as I tried to keep him entertained. The problem with the Fire is that they don't work on it. The Fire only works with headphones that have a microphone. It was pretty annoying to find out on a long flight.

8. BBTKCARE Protection Cancelling Headphones Babies

BBTKCARE Protection Cancelling Headphones Babies

Protect your baby. If you want to make sure that your baby can sleep like an angel during loud outdoor events, make sure to use the comfortable and safe baby noise cancelling headphones. The soft design of the earmuffs will cover your baby's ears and reduce loud noises to a minimum. The headband will ensure a perfect fit. It's perfect for nap-time on the go. The baby noise cancellation headphones are ideal for concerts, football games, cinemas, theme parks, outdoor events, firework shows, church or even airplane, train and subway trips! Are you looking for the best baby gift? Offer new mothers baby headphones to help them sleep without being bothered by loud noises. They can carry the headphones with them wherever they go. Your money back or happy sleeping beagles! That is their satisfaction. If you're not happy with the headphones, they'll give you a full refund. Your money back or happy sleeping beagles! That is their satisfaction. If you're not happy with the headphones, they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: Bbtkcare

👤This has been a gift from the Almighty. We have used it on flights, noisy restaurants, and even Church. He sleeps through it all. He was very sensitive to noise, even the sheets moving could wake him up. I assume it is very comfortable since he doesn't fuss with them on and sleeps with them on.

👤I bought these at the last moment because I was going to bring my 5 month old to his big brother's graduation and he was going to cry when people started screaming and blowing air horns. I put his new headphones on and as I finished, he stopped crying and smiled. After that, he relaxed and started blowing fruit.

👤It was perfect! These are adorable and seem to work. They fit my baby perfectly. I will update after Monster Trucks.

👤Work well. Kiddo doesn't mind them. He doesn't care if we fly on a noisy small plane.

👤The earmuffs work great for my baby. My baby is happy with his smiles.

👤I loved it. One of the best things I've bought for my baby. When we went to events, my baby cried because she couldn't sleep because of the noise of the music and people, but yesterday I put her in this and she fell asleep peacefully. I think it's a good idea.

👤The noise cancelling headphones just slightly reduce volumes. I tested it on myself and my baby, and found it did not block much sound. If you want to get an actual sound cancelling headphones, you should try the good brands like Baby Banz.

👤I bought these for our baby. Everything about her is new. She already has what she needs. Her hearing is included. It's especially bad when a loud noise lays down. The damage is permanent, you can't fix it. They were not to stay home and not do anything. She was at her first dirt bike race when she was 3 weeks old. She didn't seem to phase her when she wore these. She has been around loud noises that bother me and she has been wearing these. She didn't phased her by the noises. She sleeps through them a majority of the time. Or if she is looking around. She does not act startled. Her facial expressions don't change. A baby girl is very open. I think the elastic band would have worked better as a newborn. They were used recently at about 2 and a half months. They worked better and were easier to keep on with. Look at it again. I would have bought an elastic band for her as a newborn. They are not heavy by any means. They have some weight to it. I think these will be appreciated the most when she can sit on her own. She needs to lean up against me or be upset. It's a constant battle to keep these from sliding off.

👤The baby could hear what was being tested. There is no noise control.

👤The adjustments are very loose and675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 Spend a bit more money.

9. XYIYI Winter Fleece Lining Beanie

XYIYI Winter Fleece Lining Beanie

High quality material is made of thicker knitting wool. It is suitable for kids of 5 to 14 years old. All boys and girls can fit in one size. Just enjoy the maximum warmth with the Soft Fleece Lining. The sewing thread provides added durability. You can use this multi-functional kids beanie hat and scarf set together or separately. It will keep you warm. It's a great idea to stay warm all the time. Application: Birthday gift, Thanksgiving Day gift, Christmas gift, New Year gift, and so on are all ideal for this beanie hat and scarf set.

Brand: Xyiyi

👤My 8 year old has a nice hat and scarf. He wears adult hats. We just received it. There was an issue with the scarf. There is a hole in the white filling. The stitching is coming out as I inspect the hat. Maybe I got a bad product, but we didn't get to use it. I have not contacted the company yet. I don't know how easy it is to work with them. If there are no defects, I hope we can work an exchange. My son was excited to wear his hat today for our holiday vacation. It was a let down. It is beautiful and stylish and I will recommend it. The fabric looks warm. Check the stitching first. Otherwise it will not last. I will update my review when the company contacts me. We don't have time to buy a new one so we have no other choice but to use it. I didn't like saving time with online shopping. I'm really disappointed.

👤The picture on the left is what it is supposed to look like, and the picture on the right is what I received. The letters on the right are not straight. Either this was an honest mistake or a random knock-off version. The material feels nice. I know that it will be hard for anyone to read it on my son's head. I think I will keep it for fun. It's funny. The only thing I worry about is that I don't know what "Song Ting" really means.

👤A warm hat. The label is the only issue I have with this product. The manufacturer says "Poineer" instead of "Pioneer", which looks silly. The hat is perfect for winter weather.

👤I was drawn to these by the cute photo of the kid, even though I wanted hats with ball on top. These are perfect for small boys. It's stretchy enough to use for kids. A girl would like some colors. The fake fur is very nice. If they get too hot in the car, they can be easily removed. Thank you Amazon!

👤I wish I had a hat and scarf for myself. The inside is very soft. It's like wrapping your head around something soft. I would recommend this one to my son because he loves how soft it is. The knit material on the outside seems good quality so I can't wait for the cold to get here for him to start wearing these.

👤A picky Grandson doesn't like the feel of many things. He was sent to school with the hat and scarf on, expecting to return home with only the hat on. There is a He wore his hat and scarf home. He wouldn't know, but I did a happy dance. There is a He wears it every time he goes outside. It is soft, warm and washes well. There is a I would definitely give this a try if you want to make sure your child stays warm.

👤Poor quality. The outer hat was covered in brown and red pieces of fluff and lint and had a strong chemical smell. I had to sew the hole myself because I don't have time to return and replace the item. It still smells of chemicals after washing and drying. I don't want my child to be seen with the hat and scarf.

10. YSense Winter Toddler Crochet Hairball

YSense Winter Toddler Crochet Hairball

Their toddler winter hat is made of superior knitting yarn outside and fleece inside, it's soft and warm and protects your kids from the elements. One size fits most. The toddler beanie hats are lying flat. It's a great fit for both boys and girls. It is avalible for multiple years of use. The kids winter hat is comfortable to wear. There is a fleece lined warm hat with rubber band that is available. The cute toddler hat with knitting pattern and furry hairball sesign could make babies look cute. It's great to add a pop of style and fun to everyday outfits with some cute boots or a winter coat. Their kid winter beanie hat is suitable for a variety of occasions: home, school, travel, birthday, Christmas and so on.

Brand: Ysense

👤I would give these a 10. I was surprised by the quality of these beanies. They are soft and stretchy. I don't give anything 5 stars because I'm cheap and order everything as cheap as possible, but these are the most amazing deal I've ever gotten. I will be ordering in all of the possible colors. The price for these is very good. I would pay double the price for just one of these beanies at the store.

👤I bought these hats for my twin boys a couple of months ago. The boys loved them, they were soft and cute. I had to wash them on gentle and they fell apart. The ball came off and the top fell apart. This happened not one week after the return date ended. They were so cute and great to start with. If they fall apart the first time they are washed, what good is that?

👤This is too big for a 1 year old. The pom-pom came loose after one wash. I believe it's more for a 3 or 4 year old. The fleece is very soft.

👤I bought these for my granddaughter. They exceeded my expectations with the materials. The tag on the inside is a bit rough for a toddler's tender head. The material came apart after we removed the tag. A small hand stitch can fix anything. If you plan to cut out the tag, do not cut near the seam, otherwise you will have a small repair job on your hands.

👤I bought them for my kids. These kept their heads warm even though it was cold. I recommend them because they are soft and cute.

👤The colors are neutral and I like that. The rest of the hat is knitted and I like that the inside is fleece. The material is strong. The hat fits my daughter and should last for a few more years. It can unfold and cover her ears. The hat is easy to put on and take off. They are cute.

👤I love how soft these are. These are only for Winter and not Spring friendly. My daughter was so small and had problems with her ears as she grew, this was definitely a keeper. She had a larger head as she grew because her father and I do. Whenever I couldn't find a hat that would fit her, these were an amazing fit.

11. Snug Headphones Limiting Sharing Monster

Snug Headphones Limiting Sharing Monster

The headphones limit the volume to protect little ears. 2AAA batteries are required for demo purposes and the music player is for kids 3 to 6 years old. Product dimensions are 6.2 x 3.3 x 0.7 inches. A daisy chain of kids can listen to the same song at the same time with the sharing port on every set. The built-in volume limiting feature of the Snug Play+ childrens headphones is designed to protect the ears of young kids. The headphones are lightweight and comfortable for children. Recommended for children younger than 3. 40mm drivers provide a range of 20Hz to 20kHz and will make your kids enjoy sound as much as possible. These headphones are made with high quality materials and are designed to last.

Brand: Snug

👤My daughter is 5 years old and I bought two sets of headphones for her. The first set was seven months ago. They fit well and I liked using them. A few weeks ago, I noticed the sound stopped working on one side and the other side stopped producing sound. These were not even a year old. The customer service I received was amazing after I contacted the company. They responded to my email within hours, tried to fix the problem, and offered a replacement for free. Within minutes of each other, this occurred over a few emails. The new set was sent out the same day. The customer service was above and beyond my expectations, even though every product has a chance for a defect. I will purchase from them again.

👤I've tried to submit reviews on several occasions, but Amazon keeps denying them. The headphones I bought died after the 90 day return window. The warranty information posted on the product web site is invalid because they are cheap knock offs. Call the phone number if you click on the warranty link.

👤The bad: It's too long and takes up too much room, it's not comfortable for 6 year olds, and it's not able to hook another pair of headphones up via another audio cable. The bad thing is -None. I got these for our 6 year old to use on the plane with his iPad and they were great. The folding design of the headphones takes up less room when packing. I was able to watch Blippi with my kid because the headphones have the ability to hook another pair of headphones to them. I would recommend these headphones.

👤I got a pair of headphones to compare with my 2 boys. The sound of the headphones is better than the sound of the lilgadgets. The sound is terrible at the Snug. I hope the item I received is a faulty one because it claims to be better than the other products. You can save time and money by choosing the Lilgadgets.

👤They seem like a nice product, we just got them. The turquoise color is ours. There is a The headphones are a good fit for my child and feel nice. The cord is soft and flexible, so it can be replaced if it fails, something I really like about these! I was not sure if they were noise-limiting because they seem to go up a little high, but when I switched to my regular headphones, the sound was blasting! I could tell that these are limiting. I wish the threshold was lower so they could get a 5 star approval. They don't cup over my child's ears, that helps with my reservations on the volume level. These are a good value. If you found my review helpful, please click the button.

👤I think they're really nice little headphones. The sound is great and the materials are topnotch. There is a I was concerned about the volume level being too low, but I am trying them out myself and they seem to be loud. I wonder if the issues were related to something other than the headphones. We're having problems. One of my friends joked that the sound in the video was coming from the headphones when I opened them. They are loud to me.


What is the best product for headphone beanie toddler?

Headphone beanie toddler products from Ekids. In this article about headphone beanie toddler you can see why people choose the product. Moita and Elecder are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone beanie toddler.

What are the best brands for headphone beanie toddler?

Ekids, Moita and Elecder are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone beanie toddler. Find the detail in this article. Ekids, Vtech and Snuggly Rascals are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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