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1. NANYI Female Headphone Adapter Upgrade

NANYI Female Headphone Adapter Upgrade

Solid construction and secure connections are what powerful connections are made of. The mic won't work with the 4 pole and 3 pole 3.5mm connections. Good helper. You can connect the piano to the headphones with a 1/2 inch male plug extension cable. There is a new upgraded version. They are sturdy and perfectly fit, so you don't have to change them frequently. The new design is snug and nice. No cracking, humming or cutting out. There is an improvement in fidelity for very little money. It's cool, it has a strong body that is made entirely, has a solid structure, and a black coat, perfect for carrying around. Customer service is provided. A hassle-free 18-month warranty.

Brand: Nanyi

👤It's perfect for musical players. I own a piano. I can finally play in peace now that I have an adapter.

👤So far, so good. I will update my review if it fails. I use it with headphones to use a keyboard.

👤I don't think it's a good idea to evaluate an item like this, does it work or not? There is a This does not. I can only get a solid connection at certain angles, so I'm assuming it's poorly made. The signal will either be dropped completely or one ear will be dropped. There is a It's cheap, but I can't recommend it. There are many choices to make.

👤The product is small and cheap. It performs well, but I have a problem plugging it into the amplifier for my guitar. If I plug it in all the way, it becomes hard to hear, but if I pull it out just a bit, it works well. Maybe it's not made to plug headphones into an amplifier.

👤The adapter is pretty decent. I use it to plug in my headphones into my Yamaha electric piano and the sound quality is fairly good but quiet as I can crank my volume up all the way and it still seems at "medium" volume. I don't know if it's due to the adapter or something else. The black plastic cylinder at the top of the adapter is cheap, and that's the issue I have with it, especially at the 7 dollar price point. Carrying it around the top cylinder brackets might cause it to break. Overall, I am disappointed and would've gone for other products that offered gold metal, even though this had good reviews.

👤I love it! I attach it to my headphones and plug it into my piano so I can play whenever I want. During football games, I can hear the piano perfectly and my husband is watching TV. I can play late at night. Love it.

👤I bought this to use headphones with my audio interface and just deliver one channel, not mono, just one of the two channels. Is supposed to be stereo but not, in fact is just a one channel stereo adapter. This is not what you need if you are looking for a stereo accessory.

👤I'm going to get a refund. I should be able to fit a 3.5mm jack into the 1/6'' male but it doesn't fit. It's 3.125mm. I had this as a one star because it said it was compatible with 3.5mm. You need to push with force so that it gets in. It felt like it was going to break my jack. The techniqur is meant to push quickly and with power so that it doesn't break. I will keep the product.

2. Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Charging Included

Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Charging Included

30 days money back guarantee, 12 months worry free warranty are provided by warranty- ACHOWER. The replacement for the Micro-USB wall charger was made with the highest quality materials and tested by the manufacturer to match or exceed the specifications of the original product. The AC Input is 100-240V and the DC Output is 50-60Hz. It works on all type-C phones and tablets, such as the Note 20. Note 10/Note 9 includes the following: the Google Pixel 2 3A 4A 5XL, the G7 Thing, the G8/G6/G5 and the Stylo 4. V20/V30/V35/V30S/V40 ThinQ Plus, Moto Z, etc. Meeting the quality requirements for such products sold on Amazon is safe and reliable. The package does not include theUSB C cable. Plug the cable into the wall and it will be light and portable. It's easy to store. Customer service is important to them. If you don't want it for any reason, they will give you your money back in 30 days. They offer a warranty for 12 months.

Brand: Superer

👤It barely even worked. When I plugged it in, it always sparked and it fell out when I plugged it in to the outlet, but you have to keep plugging it in.

👤Descripcin carga rapido tienes precios.

👤I pull it in sparks.

👤It works well and has a great price.

👤I was hoping that this would work, but it did. I keep it at home for days when I don't work. The cable is longer than other options and I have not had any issues with it.

👤A good price for a generic charger.

3. Airplane Adapters Female Airline Headphone

Airplane Adapters Female Airline Headphone

The flight audio accessory is a flight audio switch. Plug the headphones cord into the airline jacks and enjoy a balanced sound for music or movies on the plane. The airplane audio converts a dual-prong airline jack to a standard headphone stereo mini plug. A golden plate. Great signal transfer can be achieved by connecting. It's suitable for most airlines dual sockets audio jack. It was easy to install. Plug the headphones cord into the airline jacks and use it. Airline music. Enjoy your flight more listening to your own headphones, which have a better sound, and a more comfortable fit.

Brand: Posdou

👤I used the adapters for my flight. They fit the airplane sockets well. I only had sound on the left speaker headphones. I had to remove the line connection to get the speakers to work. They stayed the entire flight. I have experienced this problem on all my flights. I don't know if it is my 3.5mm line or the adapter. The 3.5mm line connects well with other 3.5mm sockets. There is some "play" in the connection that allows you to adjust. I'm going to live with them. I'll try another brand when I loose them.

👤The majority of airplanes are using the regular one prong jack. The sound quality on the plane is terrible, even though you can plug a single Jack into the double plug. The sound quality was great and the connection was solid. If you think you may be stuck on a long flight, it is worth having. Think of them as insurance. I was on a flight where they didn't have headphones to give out, and these saved the day.

👤If you have an older Dell sound bar that has a dual mono jack, you can combine the two mono jacks from the sound bar into a single mono jack and use this dual adapter to connect your stereo head phone to it.

👤They fit, they work, what more can you say? I wanted to make sure I could use my headphones in the airplane after I got them for a long flight. Some airplanes used a stereo plug and others had the double connection. The double plug is used by edates.

👤The one that came with my Bose was lost. I have tried all of the headphones and earbuds that I have on. I have tried them on every plane.

👤I flew overseas on Asiana Airlines. The product worked on B747-400, A380-800 and B777-ER. I bought a flat and a colorful one. It was nice to use my own headphones.

👤When my fellow traveler was using it, I first saw this adapter. The economy class headphones are not of good sound quality. We can use our own headphones with this adapter.

👤This is the first replacement that I have purchased where both channels work perfectly and it works great. Thankfully for me, I bought it.

4. Replacement Compatible SoundLink Powerbeats2 Headphones

Replacement Compatible SoundLink Powerbeats2 Headphones

Their cable has a one-year warranty. If you have a problem, you should use the online return center or customer service. If you are looking for beats-flex, this cable does not fit for you. If you're looking for a cable for theusb-c jack, see ASIN: B09JNLPDSL. A high quality connection between connected devices is ensured by using silver- plated connections. Data transfer is not possible with the charging cable only. It fits all of the phones. Also compatible with Bose. Bose Soundlink Mini, Bose Soundlink Colour/Color Speaker, Bose Right Ear Series 2 II, Bose Powerbeats 2 Headsets, and Dr. Dre Studio 2.0 Wireless Headphones are all included. They take care of all quality related issues with a replacement or exchange.

Brand: Sqrmekoko

👤This is my fault, but I didn't realize that this cord is not the correct one for Powerbeats Pro. I bought Powerbeats at a cheap price after seeing it in the title. Oh,TrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia I ordered the wrong thing and the product arrived fast. I now have a spare charging port. P.s. I mentioned in case that helps someone else, the Powerbeats Pro uses an apple/lightning charge.

👤I'm so happy this works. There is a I was panicked when my wireless Beats cord and case disappeared. I can't imagine life without my headphones. There is a The cord charges the same as the original. I've had no problems.

👤I ordered this cable a month ago and today I used it but it was the wrong charge for what I needed. Not sure how this happened. I have a cable that I don't need, and have to try to get it again.

👤Finally, I found one that works. I went to Amazon and found out they weren't beats chargers, but they did fit. This one worked well and cost less than others.

👤This is not compatible with my headphones.

👤It works the same as the original.

👤I was so happy to find the Replacement Charging Power Supply Cable Cord Line. The seller's product description was correct. Thank you so much!

👤I lost the one that came with my earbuds, so I had to charge them. I got 2 of them because I might lose them again.

👤Garbage doesn't fit the phone.

5. IJoy Rechargeable Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

IJoy Rechargeable Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

You can enjoy great music cable-free with cable-free Roaming, which means you can keep your old stereo or wired headphones alive with a new wireless connection and pair it with a smart phone or tablet from up to 30 feet away. The bass response is deep, accurate and long. Play/pause/answer/hangup,Equalizer,Next track/volume up, Previous track/volume down are all buttons. Ear cups fit around ears to help isolated audio. The plug-in is built in a radio receiver and has a mic. 6 months is new. Exchange warranty! Pranx will give you a free replacement if your headset breaks or is damaged.

Brand: Ijoy

👤I wanted to write about these since I had them for a while. I update most of my reviews if my purchases work well and I expect to do that with these even after a year. They are working well after four months. I was able to compare the two and it was obvious that the plastic ones were more sturdy and well-made than the one my husband had. Have been able to get them to connect to my phone. The end of the charging cord that went into the headphones broke off and separated from the wire, sadly, even with care, I saw some other reviewers had trouble with it coming apart. I wrote to the company to complain and they were apologetic and said they would send me another one asap. I thought they were talking about the cord. There was another set of headphones that showed up. Bless them. That's customer service. I don't use the charging cords since I know they're prone to weakness, but my husband got free headphones out of the deal, so he doesn't have to use his cheap pair anymore. There is a Nobody is going to believe me. I have a pair of headphones. I like the iJoy more. They don't hit my ears so hard that I can't hear, and the sound is quite comparable, in my music tastes anyway. I have not noticed any issues or decrease in charge over the course of a year, which I consider a bit freakish. I am very attentive to them. I don't throw them in a tote bag or across the room, so that probably explains why they and a lot of my other things last a long time. I don't use them every day, but I do use them occasionally for games, movies, and tv shows, but I don't want to listen to my husband's boring fishing shows on tv. I don't know where my original charging cord is, I just charge it with one of the multiple Kindle chargers I have sitting around. My hubs' pair still works and charges great, he mostly uses it when mowing the lawn and listening to fishing shows. Weirdo. I'm the only one who noticed that the blue light on it is brighter than the one in the bedroom where you're trying not to wake your significant other while watching a video. The blue light is brighter than my phone screen. I had to put a piece of tape over it and it still glows. I suppose that's what I get for being a night owl. No complaints, still highly recommend.

👤These headphones are the truth. When I clean, the sound is crisp, clear, and loud. No statIC when talking on the phone. They charged in like 15 minutes after taking them out the box and I was able to clean my 4 bedroom house while listening to my phone. I am definitely excited! I did a lot of things on the 15 minute charge. They are charging up. My husband, sons, and daughter are going to get some. My husband uses headphones all the time, so the real review will come after he uses them. I will keep you posted! They are more than worth the price. I am in love with them and they are very compatible. These are perfect because I don't like anything in my ears. As soon as my 17 year old heard the music, he wanted to buy me a mom. The kid does music and has a song by Dre. Yeah, so uhmmmm. The quality is excellent.

6. Charger Microsoft Surface Headphones Earbuds

Charger Microsoft Surface Headphones Earbuds

Precise handcraft sewing is a type of sewing that is very precise and will not rip off easily. A high-density memory foam core is used to fit a personal head shape. The beats replacement ear pads can enhance the sound of the headphones. Please check your device's connection to make sure it's compatible with the type-c cable port. The output is 5V 2A and the input is 100-240V. Light-weight and easy to move. All of their product lines are put through rigorous quality control procedures to make sure they are safe and reliable for years to come. Their products are in compliance with industry standards, and include safety mechanisms such as protection against short circuiting, overvoltage, and internal overheating. The package has an AC charge. The power cable is X 5Ft. Within 30 days, this product is eligible for replacement or refund, and the manufacturer provides an additional 12 months warranty.

Brand: Superer

👤This is a great charging cable. I have been using these items for a long time. Excellent value, the cable connects quickly and charges the earbuds fast.

👤This is a really nice charging device. "BEAT FLEX" does not have to put their customers through this inconvenient solution. Why would you sell a good set of wireless earphones with no charger and a useless connection, and risk the turn off of consumers? Add the charge for a reasonable price.

👤No issues! My fit beats ear buds. Also charges my child. It is a win win.

👤The earbuds didn't have a battery. This was a life saver.

👤Very affordable. You save money.

7. UGREEN Headphone Compatible Bluetooth Carabiner

UGREEN Headphone Compatible Bluetooth Carabiner

It can be hung on a back bag with a carabiner. UGREEN is a perfect choice to store and organize Airpods, Bose Beats or Sony wireless earphones, as well as other accessories. There are charging cords and gadgets. The soft inner liner and shockproof and water- resistant hard shell offer multi protection, preventing your headphones or small gadgets from accidental drops and bumps. Good protection for your cables, ear buds, and important gadgets can be found in the mesh pocket. This small case pouch is light-weight and portable, and can be put into your pocket for traveling. The earbud holder case is portable and easy to carry. This wired earbuds case can accommodate earphones, charging cables, and data cables at the same time, which can avoid wire entanglement, and effectively organize and protect your Airpods and daily electronics.

Brand: Ugreen

👤The case is larger than I thought, so I won't be using it much, but it seems like it's crush resistant. I don't know if the exterior coating will be able to be flaked off during extended use, but I have had it happen in the past. Be aware of that. It won't fit in my jeans pocket, so I wouldn't use it for earbuds. It's quite large. It would be great for smaller electronics or larger fold-up style over the hear headphones.

👤I have a few pairs of earbuds that come with a lightweight pouch to keep them in for transport. I stopped using soft sacks and pouch in my travel bag after I damaged a couple of small headsets when the pouch couldn't provide proper protection. This is a great little case, it has plenty of space for earbuds and it protects them very well.

👤I have not seen any reviews about the Air Pod Pro case being 888-282-0465 which is a protective shell that can fit 888-282-0465. I was worried that the bag wasn't big enough. I ordered one for myself and one for my son, hoping it would fit. I am very happy that I did. It fits perfectly. If you ever dropped the Air Pod, it would come flying out of the charging case, so the protective shell is great. I needed something to carry them in that I could accidentally drop them and still be protected. I had to carry a bag for my ear hooks and rubber ear pieces. Everything is in a single bag. This is amazing. My son loves him too. The carabiner that came with the storage bag was not as good as the one that we are using. This bag is very recommended.

👤This case is perfect for any item that needs to be protected. The carabiner is perfect for attaching the case to something else. I will buy more UGREEN products.

👤A great product! I need something small and sturdy to put my earbuds in. The little guy had my earbuds, phone charge and cable. I've used and purchased UGreen cables and they seem to make high-quality gear. I'm very impressed! Great stuff! Thanks!

👤The case blew my expectations out of the water. I was worried that my Powerbeats 3 headphones wouldn't fit in the case I was looking for, so I bought a small one. I gave it a try, and they both fit perfectly! This case is very large and very protective. If you put it in your backpack, the contents will not be damaged. It holds what I wanted it to hold perfectly. I highly recommend this product.

👤It is a small case that fits my earphone, but it has a weird smell and I can smell it when I hold it close to me, which makes me uncomfortable. It is a good product, cheap and small for traveling, soft skin. If you just want a normal earphone case, this is a good choice, but if you can't stand the smell, then don't buy it.

8. Adapter Smartphones Wireless Headphones Speakers

Adapter Smartphones Wireless Headphones Speakers

You will get LIFETIME Customer Service and worry-free service at Rosyclo. If you need help, please contact their customer service team. The majority of new wireless earbuds, headphones, and other electronic devices only come with a single cable. You can use the power cable to charge your earbuds, headphones, or headphones using a regular phone charging station. This power charging accessory is compatible with New Beats Flex, New Beats Flex, Sony, and other new headphones. You can charge and update your electronic device with the help of theusb type c adapter. This is compatible with many new devices that use a type C cable, cord or wire. The easiest way to create a type C on a computer without a port is by using theusb type c tousb a This is a multi-use accessory. This can be used to transfer data. The portable drive can be connected to the tour PC with no port on the port of the portable drive. This is compatible with many portable storage devices. There is a black female to male accessory. The type C is a regular power charge accessory.

Brand: Ienza

👤This is what I needed, not sure why the earbuds don't come with a charge.

👤The base is perfect for Ear Pods.

👤The thing looked like a half ausb port. I didn't think it would work. It did! Sturdy and compact!

👤I can't remember if I received it or lost it. It is incomplete.

👤Did not work. Don't waste your money on a wall charging device.

👤The product was small when received. I am happy. I made the purchase. I can use it on a portable charger, and it is convenient.

9. Certified Lightning Headphone Adapter Compatible

Certified Lightning Headphone Adapter Compatible

Airline music. Enjoy your flight more listening to your own headphones, which have a better sound, and a more comfortable fit. The 3.5mm Aux Cord is certified by Apple to meet rigid requirements for the iPhone. Pro/12 Pro Max/11 Pro Max/XS/X. /SE/7. Plus/7/7 Plus, iPad Pro / Air /mini, iPod touch 6th generation and so on. It supports the earlier operation system. The performance of the hi-fi system. The built-in powerful DAC chip in the Rosyclo Aux cord gives high fidelity stereo audio output and the cleanest sound experience. This aux cable is great for enjoying your music trip. The Audio Cable for Car can bear 15000+ bends in strict laboratory tests. The aluminum alloy shell and the reinforced module are connected with a skin-friendly material to make them more flexible and durable. They don't have to worry about knotting or winding with the simple design. The 3.5mm male to male aux cord has a wide range of applications. A 3.5mm input jack is needed for connecting your Apple devices to car stereos, home stereos, portable speakers, headphones, headset, and anything else with a 3.5mm input jack. Plug and play, no need for other apps. You will get LIFETIME Customer Service and worry-free service at Rosyclo. If you need help, please contact their customer service team.

Brand: Rosyclo

👤The male end of the accessory won't plug into the male end of the headphones. The description needs to be revised. It's not a new issue.

👤It doesn't fit well because it makes my phone pause constantly, and it works great when it works. I can not listen to a single song without playing it over and over again.

👤The aux cord only worked on the speakers on the right side of the vehicle. I bought another cord from a different seller to see if it was my vehicle. I have no issues with my new aux cord and it was definitely a faulty cord. The cord was delivered on January 10. How does it make sense that the last day to return the item was January 9? Since I can't do it through Amazon, I'll have to dig to see how I can get reimbursed.

👤I have an older truck. I bought this cable to use with my phone. After 60 days, I realized there was no sound coming from the left channel. I bought a different cable after checking the audio settings on the truck, but no change. I can't say it's the cable.

👤I threw the piece of junk in the trash because I couldn't get the cable to work. I didn't want to return it to get another piece of junk. I decided to try something new because I liked the black color, I am going to buy one made by apple. I made a mistake but the product was terrible.

👤The cored works great.

10. Bluetooth MaedHawk Microphone Streaming Headphones

Bluetooth MaedHawk Microphone Streaming Headphones

Transmit/receive without wires. AirFly Pro has a 33 foot reach so you can relax and enjoy your content. BT5.0 WIDE. The company's flexibility. It is compatible with the following: V4.1 V4.0 etc. A steady connection of up to 50 ft is maintained by BT. Safe hands-free calling. A built-in microphone can set free your hands during answer the calls and allow you to safely and conveniently drive. The link to the two devices is dual. GRADE Your wireless life. You can convert your old home wired speakers or headphones into wireless with the help of a car accessory. The aluminum slim receiver has 3.5mm AUX Jack, it's a power efficient receiver. Enjoy 5 hours of battery life with one charge. It is easy to use. The all-in-one MFB is designed for easy handling calls and playing music, and the audio receiver automatically connects the previous connected device.

Brand: Maedhawk

👤I like the thing, but. The sound is good. There is a The thing with a full charge lasts 2 hours. M-A-X-I-M-U-M * There is a There are several clicks between tracks that are audible on other BlueTooth devices. There is a I said 2 hours max. You can buy an Aux cor or keep looking.

👤I use hearing protection while mowing and purchased aBT to use with it. The small and light nature of this adapter makes it great. I can use it to listen to music with my phone, if I get a call, the build in mic works very well. I am able to take a call even while connected to the headphones because I don't have to shift around. I have been able to use it for just under five hours without having to charge it again, because it is very easy to connect and it works via the phone buttons. You can use it and charge it at the same time. I was surprised at how well it worked. I will get a second one to use in my car to be hands free.

👤It broke pretty easily, so if I have a negative thing to say about this product, it's that. The unit plugs into your audio jack, and it stands out like a stick, begging someone to hit it. It worked well in my car, where the audio jack is tucked between the seats. It stuck out from the dash in the Town & Country. It was bent in one hit and worked for a couple weeks, but one day it stopped connecting to the phone, so maybe they didn't notice. I got a few months out of my purchase. There is a The sound quality was good. I'm not sure how good of a quality a device plugged into an analogue port will be. I wanted it to allow me to stream audio from my phone to the car speakers while I was driving.

👤The device functions as advertised, the sound is clear and easy to use, I rate it KISS. I recommend this device to every person who wants to use a phone connection with an old car stereo or any stereo, car, home, etc, you can get a plug-in for home stereos and play the music from your phone in the backyard of your house. Have fun!

👤I have bought this device before. It comes in a nice package. When my phone is close to it, it works when I connect and play it. When I put my phone on the seat, it will break. I thought it might be the aux. I try it with other cars.

👤It was working fine when I first heard about it. The sound was good and it was easy to hook it up. Even when fully charged, the signal is not strong anymore and the music keeps breaking up. I wouldn't buy it again. So not nice.

👤The range and sound quality of the blue tooth receiver was not as good as the two other similar products I purchased. It does work and for the price I got what I paid for, but it failed my test of walking into the living room. It didn't handle normal head movements very well. It was easy to connect to my computer. I didn't have to read the manual to use it. It was bumped up a star. It works well in my car. It's really easy to use.

11. Bluetooth Dongle Adapter USB 4 0

Bluetooth Dongle Adapter USB 4 0

It is easy to use. The all-in-one MFB is designed for easy handling calls and playing music, and the audio receiver automatically connects the previous connected device. The latest version of Dongle is stable. Approx. 2Size. The transmission range is 33 feet (10 meters). If you are connected to another machine but not the PS4 console, this is perfect compatibility. When you plug in the slot, the device will connect to any wireless audio device. You can chat with a wireless microphone. The male and female busbars are connected to the microphone. The microphone is on your clothes. This allows you to play the game without being disturbed by the noise of the microphone. The Sony brand is not supported at the moment. The wireless Protocol Stack is implemented on the dongle regardless of the host. Plug in the Dongle to send the audio signal from the host to the wireless terminal device.

Brand: Zamia

👤I liked it. It was exactly what I was hoping for. For those who are having a hard time getting this to work. The PS4 or 5 does not have a controller that connects to theusb. Make sure you connect your headphones to the PS4 or 5's audio device and then set the output to "USB headphones" and hold the button down until the blue light comes on.

👤Didn't work. I followed the directions but it wouldn't pair with my headset. I tried everything but it got stuck at the blue light.

👤Terrible product. I received an Amazon delivery pouch with a small clear bag, a generic paper manual, and a mic jack inside. I bought it new, without a box or other packaging. I am not sure if it was a mistake. I can only say that it appears and functions like a fake knock off. Only once did it pair with my headphones. The instructions were followed and one set of earbuds was used. The process was less than stellar and the headphones lost their connection often. There is a I was expecting a little bit of lag when I saw the listing for this item and the packaging in pictures that others have uploaded, but I didn't expect it to be as advertised. It was worse than previous versions. The paper manual shows that the product is not a real thing. I feel deceived. There is a Amazon was willing to give a full refund. I left this review to let anyone who reads it know not to buy a fake product.

👤It works as advertised. It is the simplest solution I found online. I used to use the optical port on my PS4 but wanted to upgrade my counsel. I tried the most expensive headphones from Sony and hated them. The sound quality of the head strap is terrible. Bose is quiet and comfortable. This product is great because there is no programming or messing with the PS4 settings. It is plug and play. I put the transmitter in the slot on my PS4 and then pressed the button on the unit to pair my headphones and I was done. That's it. There is a small 3.5mm wireless jack that you can use for microphone capabilities. I put it in a drawer because I never use that feature. Works well without it. Great product. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

👤The Airbud Pro is connected to the PS4.

👤It's made from China, it doesn't work with my PS3 and it doesn't work with my PS4 so don't buy it.

👤I warn you not to get this product if you plan on playing with friends. The microphone on the controller is clever, but your friends can hear every click of the remote, which is the most annoying sound ever. If you want to fix that issue, you should get a aux extender. If you plug in a extender, it won't register. I will not be watching movies or gaming, but I will be buying a headset.


What is the best product for headphone bluetooth adapter beats?

Headphone bluetooth adapter beats products from Nanyi. In this article about headphone bluetooth adapter beats you can see why people choose the product. Superer and Posdou are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone bluetooth adapter beats.

What are the best brands for headphone bluetooth adapter beats?

Nanyi, Superer and Posdou are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone bluetooth adapter beats. Find the detail in this article. Sqrmekoko, Ijoy and Ugreen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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