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1. Headphone Compatible SoundSport QC20 PowerBeat Sennheiser

Headphone Compatible SoundSport QC20 PowerBeat Sennheiser

The size of the cable is 2-4mm. Attach your earphone cable to your collar. If the size is larger, you can use the button again after plugging in the cable. 2 packs are black and plastic and have a size of about 44mm. A good quality clip for a headphone.

Brand: Lbt

👤I didn't want to pay a lot for a genuine Bose clip replacement. The clip is a bit larger but you get 3 of them. The clasp is sliding around the cord. They fit my Bose Sports earbuds.

👤Not a fan. The Bose clips are $10 each and are much cheaper but the spring isn't tight enough to hold the cord in place so the clip still slides left and right The clip was not strong enough to stay on clothes. The smallest tug unclips it. They are going back.

👤It was easy to break easily. It's important to be a more delicate handler if you use things every day. There is a Sad. Even though I have to spend money, I will try them more. Probably a mistake. I don't feel like I have a choice.

👤The A20 has a thinner cord. The thicker cord doesn't fit this clip. Went to buy the genuine clip. Will use it for other headphones.

👤After a month of use, broke the first one and the second one. I sit at my desk all day. I'm not going crazy in a band.

👤The Bose A20 headset was advertised. It's too small to fit the cable. This seller is dangerous.

👤The clothing clip does not fit the Bose A20 Aviation Headset cable.

👤It was perfect for me. Does what I want it to do.

2. APPHOME Foldable Headphone Organizer Universal

APPHOME Foldable Headphone Organizer Universal

You will get a headphone holder. 60-day money back is promised. They are confident in their products. Please contact them if you have any questions. The foldable headphone is called a Hanger. It can be lain flat on the wall when it is not in use, folding, or expanding. The built-in cable loop is designed to prevent your headset's cable from dragging on the ground or getting caught between your desk chair's legs. Universal Headphone Stand Under Desk is a universal stand that can fit on most desks. It is easy to remove and re-attach the screw clamp. Soft rubber pads located on both ends of your desk or table protect it from damage. Premium quality is made of aluminum metal. 60 days of money back is included in the Headset Holder Warranty.

Brand: Apphome

👤I purchased the upgrade version without the cable organizers and the new upgrade with the cable organizers. Both versions had the same features, including the solid aluminum screw knob and the notch on the screw clamp pad for attaching to round desk legs. They arrived at the same time, and the upgrade version matched the catalog picture. The Newest upgrade did not. There are significant differences between the pictures of what arrived and the picture of the Amazon catalog. There is no notch for mounting to round desk legs, and the screw clamp pad is not completely flat. The cable organizers are on the opposite side of the hanging arm. The quality of the product was lowered from theUpgrade version in the changes #1 and #2. I will return to Amazon for a full refund. There is still a 1-star review. The seller reached out to me shortly after my initial product review to let me know the product I received was the older version which was replaced in August with the newer version. If I were to order it again from Amazon, they would give me a coupon that would let me get one for free. I took them up on their offer, but I was surprised to see that the older version of the product that had been re-released by Amazon was still there. The seller doesn't control what version of the product remains in Amazon inventory, but this is now November. You would think they would have exhausted their older version of the product by now. I purchased the exact same version of this product from another seller and they were able to deliver the newer upgrade version. 1-STAR to Amazon for pushing old inventory and 1-STAR to the seller for updating their product description, but then continuing to sell the old version through Amazon under a new product listing which does not match reality. I wonder how many other people who thought they were buying the newer version of the Prime Day product got shipped the older version. I was ready to write-off Apphome Direct forever after my second disappointing delivery of the older version of the product. Apphome Customer Service is persistent in ensuring that their customers are completely satisfied with the purchase experience as well as the products they sell. They apologized for the incorrect product being shipped and asked what they could do to make it right, after they had already fixed the issue. The only way for that to happen is for Apphonme Direct to send me the correct version of the product at no cost, and they will refund the price of the product if I purchase it a third time. "Third times the charm" is what they say, and it was in this instance! The newer version of the product was shown on the product page after I received the product. It's a good sign! I have dealt with a number of sellers on Amazon over product issues, but Apphome Direct Customer Service went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied after my previous two bad purchase experiences. Apphome Direct is deserving of praise. I am happy to make more purchases from them again after having a positive experience with them.

3. Mini Skater Earphone Headphone Microphone

Mini Skater Earphone Headphone Microphone

The length is 1 inch, the width is 0.35 inch and the height is 0.47 inch. The clothes thickness is 0.35 inch. The material is plastic, light weight and eco-friendly. Attach your earphone cable to it and clip it on your clothes. Suited earphone wire has a diameter of 1.5mm.

Brand: Mini Skater

👤The Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones' cord clip broke off, so I got these for an inexpensive fix. The main body of this clip is sturdy enough for its purpose, but the cord hook on the clip is not wide enough to fit my Bose headset, which is why it was not a great idea. There is a If you pull the hook away too far, it will snap off. If you try to push the cord into the innermost slot, you will risk cutting or rupturing the cord's insulation. There is a Fortunately, the inner part of the main clamp is large enough to hold the cord, so you can just clip it over your shirt to keep your headphones from falling off. The cord can still be adjusted through the clamp, but it will still be secure on your person. There is a I created a fixed fit for the clip on the cord by gently pushing the cord into the hook as far in as it can go. I secured the open side of the hook with a looped piece of black twist-o-wire/tape that was lightly tightened to keep the cord in place. I found it worth the small price for a 6-pack for the size and construction of the main clip, and a few more to spare.

👤The clips are too small for Bose headphones. The Bose wireless soundsport wire was cut because of this product. The clip broke with a light touch. Save your money. These clips can damage your wire.

👤For thin wires, they are ok. It can't be used on the nice quality thick wired headsets. It doesn't hold up well on a shirt and the outside clip bends out. I tried to clip the clip to the bottom of my pole but it fell off, it was attached to my clothing.

👤We bought these clips to hold the wiring from our radio headsets away from the mouth. They are hard plastic clips, so they are not appropriate for this product. The clips are used to hold the wiring in place. I use them to clip shut bags of potato chips, cookies, and other bags, so they are versatile.

👤The clips are durable. The cord is easy to slide through the clip. I use it with my full face motorcycle helmet and it has a cord that can be either side of one side. My head movement is restricted because of this. The cord doesn't detach from the clip. It slides through the clip. The clip gets a high score for its security.

👤It works well to replace the clip on my earbuds. The part that goes around the earbuds cord is small and tight, as the hole for the wire doesn't allow it to fully close. The cord does not move. There is a The mechanism that keeps it on my shirt works well. I'm happy with them. My earbuds are on my shirt. The price is great.

👤I have been using these for a while. They work well and hold the correct amount. They hold a phone microphone to my shirt and give way when I forget about them. I think they will last a long time.

4. Organizer Charger Management Organizing Adhesive

Organizer Charger Management Organizing Adhesive

Enjoy sound is a good way to share your voice with your friends. Each pack has 11 cords slots. It's suitable for your headphones, phone and chargers, power cords, computer, laptop and audio wires, gaming console cords, ethernet, HDMI, TV, musical instruments wires or other accessory items you need by hand. Good material is using high-quality PC material. The opening method is very easy to use. Protect the wire, extend the service life, and save money. Sturdy Sticky Pad is made of extra strong sticky pad which holds them securely and is easy to adhere to smooth surfaces. It is easy to use when sticking the sticky pad. Wait 12 to 24 hours before using. What you get is a 3 pack cord organizers. PZOZ has a worry-free 12-month warranty.

Brand: Pzoz

👤I said that I would wait some time before reviewing because some people were complaining about the coming off of the glue. I have had this up for 2 weeks now and it is still standing because my kids are charging their devices and grabbing the cables. It was just as secure when I put it up. I would recommend. I have Apple lightning cables in it. You have a lot of cables running through it. Maybe your results will be different. I don't anticipate problems from everything I've seen so far. I have been using these for roughly two months now and have no issues. I wanted to give a longer update.

👤I followed the instructions to attach it to my desk. The item that came loose from the glue was still attached to my desk. Don't buy this item. I sent it back with the other two. That was three weeks ago. I don't know if I will ever see my refund. It's time to say goodbye.

👤The title is easy to understand. The back of my entertainment center has a strip of glue stuck to it, but the clip is sliding down the cords towards the floor.

👤I wanted to save people money by leaving a negative review, but I don't usually do that. I stuck this under my desk to keep track of my charging cables, but the clip came off the next day, it was a waste of money. I had to go with another product. Save your money and buy something else.

👤They are fine at the beginning, but they will not be able to hold a wet noodle for more than a week or two. Not worth the hype or money.

👤The cable grip strips are small. I don't think they would work with a cable larger than a phone charging cable. The glue it comes with doesn't work, it came off in a few hours. I swapped it out for some 3M strips and it has held up. The grips work well for smaller cables, and I like that you can get them all together in a relatively small space.

👤I used the packages to clean up the wire route on my desk. They work well. 3M tape should be strong and reliable. The closing of the cover should be able to hold wires even on the underside of a desk. Power cables and video cables are too large to fit in a bag. I don't have to worry about where the speaker wires, mouse, keyboard, and charging cable go. The power cable is too large for my monitor. The cable is too large for a monitor.

👤Woah. I bought one order thinking it was only one of the devices, but I was going to buy two more orders if the device suited me. It's a word that means "shabby!" One order had 3 clips. Good fortune! I think there's very little risk of that because I have affixed all 3, and white, and I think the strip will give way in the future. I will either revise this review or post a supplemental review if they fail to hold affixed long term.

5. Earpiece Headphone Earphone Earbud Retaining

Earpiece Headphone Earphone Earbud Retaining

The cable diameter is 2mm-4mm. The suit is easy to attach cable. This is not a cute clip, it's big. The 2 pack ship out from the warehouse.

Brand: Cableclip

👤I bought a headset on Amazon and am using these clips with it. I got a pack of another type of clip that promised to work with aux-type cords up to 4mm, but that turned out to be a buncha bunk! There is a The benefit of holding the cord in place is that it isn't slipping around or popping out, so my headset isn't constantly being pulled. If I don't watch it, the phone could be another story. It's a good thing. I don't think they're that big of a deal, they're not that big of a deal compared to standard-issue clothing clips for cords. They also have a clip for the clothing and a clip for the cord. There were no complaints. The price is reasonable for what you get, and I would recommend these to anyone who needs a clip on cord. Two thumbs up!

👤When the first one broke, I thought it was something I had done because I wear this everyday. The design and quality of manufacture are what matters. The spring tension along with the use of the clip causes the clip to pivot into a c shaped portion on one half of the clip. It can be pushed back in, but it will stop working within a day. I would recommend them if they held together better.

👤It's not very good for flat cable. It should be better for round.

👤These are larger than I expected, but not much. That is a great thing. It's a great value for the low price and quick ship. Highly recommended product and supplier!

👤I broke one after a month of heavy use so I ordered a second set.

👤These were larger than expected and would work. The clip was stiff and when used as intended, it popped out. It's not worth the effort to come back.

6. Collar Headset Headphone Earphone Winder

Collar Headset Headphone Earphone Winder

The package includes a cable clip for headphones. The effect of jamming the cable can be achieved by rotating the button after you insert the cable. The materials are plastic and the size is about 39 x 27mm. Use high quality plastic. Walkie-talkie headsets, mp3 headphones, and mobile phone headsets can be used. Attach the cable to it and clip it on your clothes. You can match a variety of styles. You will get 10 pieces Headset Clips, which is enough to satisfy your needs.

Brand: Xidajie

👤I use this on a gaming set that I use at home with a 3.5mm thick cord and it fits great, stays clipped to my shirt. I'm not pulling on the plug. I haven't tried thinner ear bud cords, but I think the smaller clips would do better.

7. FENGWANGLI Earphone Headphone Clothing Microphone

FENGWANGLI Earphone Headphone Clothing Microphone

There are 20 pieces of cable clothing clips, and the color information is displayed as pictures. The headphone clips are easy to carry and portable, measuring 1 inch in length, 0.35 inch in width and 0.47 inch in height. The ear bud clips are made of plastic, strong to use, can attach your earphone cable with it, and clip the cable on your collar easily. It's easy to attach them on shirts, jackets and so on, and they can be used to keep earphone wires out of each other, and it's useful for people who enjoy listening to music. 12 pieces of earphone cord management clip are displayed as pictures. It is suitable for most headphones, such as cell phone headphones, earphone, mp3 and so on, and fit for both round and flat earphone wire.

Brand: Fengwangli

👤The bose soundsport wire does not fit. The wire won't fit to the end and is doing some damage to it. Not putting it all the way to the end causes the clip to slide off. Sending back.

👤They are fine for the price. They're not strong, but they're small. I didn't pay attention to how small the size was listed at. They are too small for my cable. I wanted to keep the heavy cable from rubbing against my shirt, so I clipped it to my shirt. My fault. I wanted them to be good for larger applications.

👤The clip is well designed. The cable clip on Amazon accommodates a wider range of cable sizes, even though it doesn't have as graceful a shape. The clothing fabric is gripped between the opposing teeth by the alligator teeth. The clips work well for ear bud cables, but I purchased them for use with wireless microphone cables. If your cable is too thin, you can loop it through the clip again.

👤It only works for the smallest cords. The clasp broke when I tried to pull it apart. It will work on ear buds. It won't work on Bose cords, which I bought it for.

👤I have a set of wireless headphones that I clip to my shirt at work as well as for working out, but the original clip snapped off one day. This is better than what I got with my headphones. The clip is very strong and sturdy and the wire never comes out of it. I have many replacements if one were to be damaged or lost.

👤I used these to clip my headphones to the back of my collar while I was on stage. The clip keeps the cable where it needs to be when I move around and jump with my guitar.

👤I was skeptical about the clips. I think they are better than the Shure clips. The clips are easy to break. I have been buying replacement clips from them for years. Finally a solution that works.

👤I returned the other brand and it works better. I work to my collar while holding my flat wire earbud. I only use one ear bud so I can still hear traffic.

8. Earpiece Headphone Earphone Compatible Sennheiser

Earpiece Headphone Earphone Compatible Sennheiser

If you are dissatisfied with your new product, just let them know and they will make it right. The effect of jamming the cable can be achieved by rotating the button after you insert the cable. It's applicable to walkie-talkie headsets, mp3 headphones and mobile phone headsets. Attach the cable to it and clip it on your clothes. Use high quality plastic. You can match a variety of styles.

Brand: Ezonpinzv

👤These don't fit Bose headphones. The size of the clamp is too large. What are they for? Most clips that I've seen on this site have been found to be too small for Bose headphones. They have that tubular clamp thing that makes it close as small as it needs to be, and that's a sure thing. Nope. It's too big for my headphones or audio cords. What is this for? I wrapped tape around my Bose ear buds cord to make it work. The clip levers don't have serration. There was no grip. Smooth plastic. If you have dry hands like me in Minnesota, you'll find yourself constantly with your fingers on the thing when you're trying to secure it.

👤There are two clips in the order of the price of the items. The product didn't last, but the concept is good. The first one was for eight days and the second for two weeks. I can't recommend this product.

👤I use them with my headphones. They clip onto the cord and allow you to clip them to my clothing to keep the cord out of my way. They are easy to use, take a few seconds to set up, and keep the cord out of my way.

👤It shows that it is cheap. One of the clips broke along the hinge after a week of use. I'm hoping the other clip will be fine, but we'll see. The second clip broke in the exact same spot. If you need more than a week or two of use out of them, don't buy them.

👤I need this exact thing and it is built correctly. It will not fit a thick cable. I have a braided cable. It feels very sturdy, and like it will last.

👤After buying my second pair of Bose Sports earbuds, I bought this second pair of clips. These are better.

👤It clips to my shirt. I wanted it to keep the cord in place, but it doesn't. The cord of my headphones can be slid from side to side. I have to make sure it's out all the time.

👤I like a lot. The clip does hold up. Love the design.

9. BBTO Pieces Earphone Clothing Headphone

BBTO Pieces Earphone Clothing Headphone

The PC gaming headset holder for desk is made from high quality aluminum and can hold headsets without bending or breaking, making it a strong headphone Hook. Please contact them if you have a problem. It's easy to attach them on shirts, jackets and so on, and they can be used to keep earphone wires out of each other, and it's useful for people who enjoy listening to music. The clips are easy to carry in your daily life and have a length of 1.18 inches and width of 0.47 inches. The material of the clips is plastic, strong to use, they have a wire catch that rotates, can attach your earphone cable with it, and clip the cable on your collar easily. It is suitable for most headphones, such as cell phone headphones, earphone, mp3 and so on, and fit for both round and flat earphone wire. There are 20 pieces of cable clothing clips, and the color information is displayed as pictures.

Brand: Bbto

👤Many reviewers commented on this, but I got them. I was not going to get the round wire of my earbuds into the tiny wire clip. I clipped off the little upright piece and filed it down on the horizontal part of the wire clip. I barely got the wire in after that. Unless I pull it out, it is not going anywhere. It is so tight that it won't adjust. I was pretty sure where I wanted it. I don't need to try to slide it. I got them because they were cheap and I could use them even if I destroyed a few. If your earbuds have a flat type of cord, it might slip in without modification.

👤The Bose Soundsport clip runs about $11 for a single clip, so I ordered these to replace it. I am sorry to say that the clips don't fit the thickness of the Bose Soundsport wire. You are out $160 for a new pair of Bose headphones if you damage the wire when putting in or taking out the headphones. I still give them a five-star rating because they are well built, comfortable to squeeze, and are so inexpensive, but you have to make sure the wire you mount them on is thinner than the Bose Soundsport wire. It's tempting to make it work, but you have to be careful. If you have a thinner wire, you'll be happy with these.

👤The clips work well if the cord is thinner. I need a replacement clip for my Bose Soundsport wireless headset but the cord is too thick and I can't connect it to the cord. I needed one for an older set of headphones. The clip is tight to my shirt collar. Would recommend thinner cords.

👤We can't get our headphones into the slot to attach them. The clips that came with the Bose headphones were junk. It was with light usage and they didn't last a month. They broke in my hand. I was excited for the value and the fact that we have plenty of backups if one breaks, so I ordered these as a replacement. It costs more to return them than it does to buy them because we can't get the cord in the hole, so we had to eat the money and call it a loss. If you have a very slim cord, these may be great, but with a standard cord such as apple charging cord size for reference, they won't work for you.

👤I use clothing clips to hold my headphones in place so that they don't slide around and move out of place. I bought the clips because my earbuds broke and I wanted to make my own repair. They were too large to anchor my earbuds, but I made it work by using a clothing clip to trap both the earbuds wire and my collar. That worked. I snap the clothing clip around the earbuds wire when I'm not using it. I bought a bunch of clothing clips thinking they would break, so I'll just buy a bunch. I bought these clips a year ago. I'm still using the first one. I might die of old age before I run out of things. I'm happy I bought them.

10. SUNFICON Organizers Whiteboard Noticeboard Headphone

SUNFICON Organizers Whiteboard Noticeboard Headphone

The magnetic clips pack is an affordable gift idea for kids, friends, family, colleagues, students, teachers who love the effective cable management. Strong Magnets and Soft Slicone Rubble. The magnetic clips pack is an affordable gift idea for kids, friends, family, colleagues, students, teachers who love cable management. The multi-use pack includes 5 silicone headphone and cable organizers compatible with all mobile devices and accessories. Don't let your cables tangle. It is easy to reuse. Simply remove the clip and go. Whether you need to keep your laptop cables and cords from becoming a hazard or just keep your desk clear from trailing charging cables, organize your life. It's safe to use with iPad, Laptops or Desktop PCs. You can use the Sunficon e-Clip as a cable tidy, earphone holder, bookmark, fridge magnet, whiteboard marker holder, or just about anything you can think of. It is soft and resilient to tearing and pulling. It's ideal for home, office or on the go. The COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT is made using eco-friendly and dust-repelling silicone with two built-in magnets for heavy duty and long term use. It is soft and resilient to tearing and pulling. It's ideal for home, office or on the go. The COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT is made using eco-friendly and dust-repelling silicone with two built-in magnets for heavy duty and long term use. It is soft and resilient to tearing and pulling. It's ideal for home, office or on the go.

Brand: Sunficon

👤I keep one of these on my sunglasses. The magnets allow me to attach my sunglasses to my shirt and prevent them from falling off when I bend over to pick up my dog's poop. I don't like putting my sunglasses on top of my head when I wear a ponytail because they can fall onto the ground or get caught in my hair. The cable ties are the perfect solution. The little loop is small enough that it doesn't bother me while I wear my sunglasses.

👤The pictures show you can wrap these little guys. They do it as long as you don't wrap anything too long or thick. I wrapped them around my phone's charging port and they came apart.

👤I don't know what I was thinking when I got these. They are just. Not good. Its short and not strong. Maybe this would work if you wanted to hold 2 wires in an environment that does not move. It's just a meh product and you should go for something better.

👤If you have a lot of cords from your electronic products, these are useful. The magnets are strong enough to keep lighter cords grouped, but not strong enough to hold most of the power cords. I would recommend them even though they are more of a lighter duty cord organizer.

👤I lost my earbuds when I pulled my hair back or took off my coat. I can't leave them in my ear for long because of work. Drop them back out to dangle, always sticking them in. Other clips were not comfortable. These are soft and do not irritate your skin. Only a few of my tops are too thick. They can stick to each other. See the second photo.

👤Disappointed in the strength of the magnetic field. I wore it to hold my headphones wire on my shirt, but it fell off within 15 minutes.

👤I can't speak to the durablity of these, but they are great when they are brand new. I have a way to organize my earbuds. You can stick the whole bundle up on any piece of metal your desk has, because this easily holds the cables and a loop. They are a little expensive but if they last a while, they will be worth it.

👤I have to use ear buds and loud music while working out. There is a The wire needs constant attention to stay out of the way. There is a The cable is secured at the neck of my shirt with these magnetic cable holders. It is easy to use and much safer. I couldn't ask for more.

👤It's nice to have a small hole to secure a cable. The earbuds can be kept out of the way by attaching to a lanyard or jacket. If near to watches, stronger magnets might bring their own problems. It's not a big deal if you compare materials to things fashioned from similar ones, they might reasonably be expected to last a while.

11. Reusable Organizer Headphone Earphone Business

Reusable Organizer Headphone Earphone Business

The COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT is made using eco-friendly and dust-repelling silicone with two built-in magnets for heavy duty and long term use. It is soft and resilient to tearing and pulling. It's ideal for home, office or on the go. 4 different colors of Silicone material for durable use. The simple design can easily wind cables and cords. It's easy to carry, suitbable for earbuds or charging cords, and tangle-free. It's a perfect gift for anyone. There are 4 cord organizers in the package. There are 4 cord organizers in the package.

Brand: Yisite

👤The material is small and needs to be opened wide to hold a cord. I can only free a few feet without the rest of the cord falling out. Only very short cords can be accommodated.

👤It is hard to open and go around cords with plastic. I was hoping to use an extension cord, but it was too small and stiff. Don't hold the phone cords. These were thrown away.

👤What I was looking for. Works as intended. I cleaned up my cords. I would buy them again.

👤They are difficult to get on and off.

👤These are not easy to use.


What is the best product for headphone cable clip?

Headphone cable clip products from Lbt. In this article about headphone cable clip you can see why people choose the product. Apphome and Mini Skater are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone cable clip.

What are the best brands for headphone cable clip?

Lbt, Apphome and Mini Skater are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone cable clip. Find the detail in this article. Pzoz, Cableclip and Xidajie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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