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1. Extension CableCreation Headphone Compatible Headphones

Extension CableCreation Headphone Compatible Headphones

It's perfect for headphones with 2- or 3-pole jack plugs. The 3.5mm audio extension cable is perfect for protecting the audio jack of your devices. The laptop or computer interface can be broken due to excessive plugging and unplugging. The right angle design of the headphone extension cord allows you to connect to tight spaces and hard to reach areas where a normal straight connection is unavailable. It's easy to get a better experience when playing games. The material has a 10000+ bend lifespan. The braided jacket and inner wire make the headphones extension cable soft and durable. The 3.5mm jack devices fit perfectly with the ultra slim gold- plated connector of this headphone extension cable. It's easy to connect with your phone or tablets. This aux extension cable can be used with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets,Samsung GALAXY smartphones and tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, and mp3 players.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤The cables look nice, small, and flexible. I plugged the male end into the female one. A little tight, but seems fine. When I tried to unhook them, the outer shell of the female end slid off exposing the wiring inside the connector. I plugged the male end into the female one. Same problem. The female jacket fell off. I haven't plugged them in yet, but they may still work. The build quality is very poor. These cables fall apart on their first use. There is an update. CableCreation was kind enough to send me a replacement pair. One of the two that were sent had the same problem as I did. The product is still problematic and I have bumped up the star because I appreciate the effort CableCreation made.

👤I bought 2 pairs that didn't work out. Sometimes the sound from the left or right external speakers would drop out, sometimes both left and right external speakers would do the same, and sometimes from the onboard computer speakers. The alert "Just plugged in an audio device" would flash repeatedly after I plugged in any one of the cables. I know how to diagnose component problems because I worked for 5 years as a refrigerator/air conditioner service tech. When I stopped using your cables, all the sound problems stopped. I bought another cable from another company and it works great. I don't care about money back. I threw the cables away. Your cables are the worst product I have ever purchased. I will not buy from your company again. If you want to stay in business, you need to get someone to fix your quality control. I have experience with it and it stinks! Quality control is important, and have a better day. Cheers! You are a mate!

👤There is an update. Be careful, buyer. The seller left a bogus link when I contacted them. How is one supposed to contact them for warranty if they don't have any contact information? The lifetime warranty is good until 30. The design seemed well made. It's like the 90 degree plug. The first one only lasted 45 days. We'll see how long the second one lasts. It's not a good deal at all.

👤I've had this cable for a while now, and I'm going to replace it soon. It had an issue with sound quality from the beginning. I use this cable to connect studio headphones to my audio interface, but you have to have the right cable to get a clear sound. If you move the cable in a way that makes the audio quieter, the audio will switch to one ear or something. I've tried multiple pairs of headphones, and it's definitely the cable, as none of the headphones have a problem when plugging in directly to the interface. The cable is long, that's one positive. I needed something to be able to wrap behind my computer without getting in the way, so I purchased that. The length is great, but I wouldn't recommend it.

2. Poyiccot Headphone Extension Cord,Gold Cable,12inch

Poyiccot Headphone Extension Cord%EF%BC%8CGold Cable%EF%BC%8C12inch

11 years of excellence Kepulu has provided exceptional personalized service since 2010. Irresistible factors forced them to start an online business. They might be "noob" in online-marketing. They are serious about audio cables. All Kepulu cables have a 30-day no-reason refund, 90-day no-reason replacement, and a 5-year free exchange. Shh! The extension cable can be used to extend headphones, guitars, amplifier, musical instruments, audio consoles, mixer audio, and more. The cable has a spiral shield for rejection of EMI and heavy duty molded PVC. Sound reproduction and signal transfer can be achieved with gold- plated objects. It allows you to connect headphones to audio devices.

Brand: Poyiccot

👤The metal jacket over the female end of the plug pops off when you try to plug it in. This happens because it's made of tinfoil-thin metal and threaded onto a plastic nut. It's a cheap product. I'm buying another one because it's not expensive enough to return.

👤Terrible! It is made if cheap aluminum is pressed around the plastic. I can't explain how cheap this is. I plugged in an input and it was out together like a pen, it was not molded or glue, it was just pressed into a thin tube.

👤Don't waste your time on this cable, get something else. The length of usable cable is 9 and the end of the jack is aluminum, the other is plastic and they screw on and off the plastic threads. The jack is not gold plated, it looks cheap and dull, and even has a seam where the cone ends, which is odd since it is a gold plated one. I didn't expect much for $9 but this is trash without even the company's name on it, as if to avoid any association. I'll be returning the plastic.

👤The internal connection cuts out all the time. Excellent quality.

👤I bought a pair of headphones, but they couldn't be plugged into my guitar. This is a perfect adapter.

👤This is what I needed. I was able to hook up my wireless transmitter to my guitar.

👤This extension works perfectly for my guitar wireless transmitter.

👤The guitar cable is only 12. It seems good quality. The problem with plugging in a headphones amplifier to my guitar was that it was awkward to position it in a position that was right for sitting.

👤It works as advertised.

👤It works well with my power pack connection.

3. IMBAPrice® Professional Quality Nickel Extension

IMBAPrice%C2%AE Professional Quality Nickel Extension

The audio will work if you use TRRS headphones with this extension cable. It doesn't work with the inline volume control on the headphones. One stereo 3.5mm male accessory. One stereo 3.5mm female plug. You can extend any 3.5mm cable.

Brand: Imbaprice

👤The wire started coming apart after a few uses of the computer and headphones. The wires moved around because the rubber covering over them was poor. There is a second problem with them. If you push the plug in all the way, you'll only get half the sound because of a defect inside the plug. You have to push it halfway in to catch and not fall back out, but not too far, or you'll only get the half sound. The workmanship on this is cheap. I ordered two of them at the same time and both of them have the same issues. The sound quality is only about 40% of what you should hear because the outer rubber covering failed and allowed the internal wires to move around. I have less than half of the sound. Don't buy it.

👤I bought this for use with my girlfriend's headphones at night because my TV and soundbar setup doesn't support playing audio to headphones. It's done the job well so far. The cable is long for our living room, and it works well when I'm done using it. It seems like it's going to hold up over time, it's a pretty thick cable.

👤I thought I would pay the price for the extension. The first one lasted about 30 hours. I thought it was a lemon when it didn't work after a short time. I bought it again. The newest one lasted less than a week. Only to watch late night TV in the bedroom. The old saying is, fool me once. I don't know how a company could make a product like that. I prefer to shop at the 99 cent store. Don't buy it, use my experience.

👤I didn't think I would need a 25 ft extension cord. I actually did. My father and I were going to install a receiver that would allow us to play music on our mobile devices from the pool area. We had to run the speaker cables from the basement to the outside and the receiver from the door back to the amplifier because the amplifier is sitting in the basement. We used cable channels, but we were short of 3.5mm cable. I don't know how long a cable like this can be before loss is too great, but we have been enjoying music during pool time for several months now. Very happy.

👤The sound to my headphones would cut in and out after I bought this product. To get the sound to come out, I had to twist either side of the cable around to the right position, like tuning into a radio station. Extension cables change the amount of resistance in the circuit. I will not buy from this company again because of this product.

👤I got it on July 18th, but it's now November 26th, and one channel has stopped working, so I've gotten less than six months. Even from the beginning, there was no shielding. It's absurd to call this professional. Get a better cable if you pay more.

4. Monoprice 100649 3 5mm Stereo Cable

Monoprice 100649 3 5mm Stereo Cable

The package includes a 3.5mm Headphone Extender Male to Female Aux Cable. Cmple Lifetime Warranty is backed by it. Monoprice's Lifetime Warranty on all Cables assures you that they stand behind their products and their customers. This cable has a male 3.5mm stereo plug on one end and a female stereo jack on the other end with molded housings and strain relief boots. Extending the reach of a 3.5mm stereo cable is something that the cable can be used for. The Headphone Jack is a 3.5mm stereo TRS connection used on portable mp3 players and mobile phones. Monoprice's rugged design and rigid quality control standards deliver high quality products at fair prices.

Brand: Monoprice

👤It's used between the TV and amplifier. This 50 foot is needed for 35 feet. Over that long length, the antennas pick up local radio stations. When not in use, turn down the volume of the speaker amplifier.

👤Plugs don't flop around because the ends are okay. The cable is easy to work with, not too stiff, and the connection is solid. The cable jacketing is just a tad larger than most I have ever worked with, but it is still easy to route and poke into cracks, spaces between boards and what not.

👤I use this to extend my 6 ft headphone cable. My wife likes to rearrange the front room and my Mini Katana ended up being too far away to wear my headphones and practice. I immediately fixed the problem after buying this. There is some degradation in sound quality but I have had no problems with this cable. If I needed another one, I would buy it again.

👤Cable does what it is supposed to do at an affordable price. I haven't noticed any degradation in the audio quality. The diameter of the plug appears to be smaller than normal. The cable doesn't plug into the jack with an authoritative "click". I would give it 4.5 stars.

👤It was good at first, but not working in a few weeks. It will work if I play with it a bit. I will probably need a new cord because it is getting worse. I'm learning the hard way that I probably shouldn't have ordered that long cord. Will probably try someone else if I order a shorter one next time. The lenth seems to be a big problem for me because I like to walk around with a long cord.

👤None of the cables I bought worked for different headsets. I wasted my money on these pieces of junk because I didn't realize that all of them failed. Don't buy this garbage.

👤These pick up a lot of noise. I was trying to extend my PC speaker connections to my desk. They were moved away from power cables. I've never had an issue with a Monoprice product, so this definitely won't stop me from buying from them again. I wanted to give anyone who is thinking about using these a heads up on the shielded version of Monoprice offers. The shielded versions from Monoprice are gold plated. I might have waited too long to return them.

👤The entire length of the bedroom is between the optical converter and the bluetooth transmitter. There were no complaints. It doesn't have a vaolume control so it doesn't have a rating.

👤An extension cord. I bought as a discontinued add on. It's 25 feet long so it's easy to listen to tv or music on the couch at night when kids are in bed. Can be used with a splitter to plug in headphones. Some cords have a thin rubber cover that is prone to wear and tear. This one has a thick layer of rubber protection, so it's easy to move around and not heavy. I ordered a premium monoprice cable that turned out to be quite thick and not as useful for headphones, but it is much lighter and bendable. This is the right balance of weight and thickness.

5. Zeskit AU112 Braided Nylon Premium

Zeskit AU112 Braided Nylon Premium

Replacement mic for M-7A mics. Without removing your phone/tablet case, the 24K gold plated male connector works. 4-pole 3.5mm jack is compatible with both 3-pole jack and 4-pole jack devices. Works with mics. The aluminum housing has a name that means protection and beauty. A double shielded cable that won't tangle. The craftsmanship and style of Zeskit is exceptional.

Brand: Zeskit

👤I wanted to cut off the female end of the cable, so I bought this cable. They advertised a fourth insulated cable and that the outer shielding does not carry signal. This is a lie. Every other cable is the same. There are three insulated cables that carry signal. There is a This will work for what I'm trying to do, so it will be 2 stars instead of 1. I really don't like that what they advertise for cable construction is not true.

👤The cable was great while it lasted and showed no loss or degradation of sound and looked like it would last forever, but after the first five uses, the right channel wire broke at the male jack end, and it took 888-349-8884 The construction of the jack and the way it is connected to it were found to be the cause of the death. The center two solder connection points look like a barrel of the plug, with tubes rings and insulators that are not actual terminals. It's lousy engineering, but I guess it's cheap. The cables listed on Amazon seem to suffer from the same problem, broken male ends, after reading the reviews. Unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money on this type of product, most manufacturers use the same crappy connector. I think a cheap is enough until they break. I would like to find a cable that is engineered to work.

👤The audio extension cable I bought in July was from Zeskit. It was exactly what I wanted. The first time I used it, my friends said they heard a buzzing noise, so I disconnected it and set it aside. I think it was a bad connection. I tried it again when I found it. We're way past the return window now. I sent a note with low expectations. They sent me a replacement immediately. It works well. It was easy to fix this issue. Excellent customer service.

👤The cable is long enough for me to attach a headset to the computer that is sitting on the side of the desk. I thought it was working well for a while. The microphone wouldn't work when I connected the headset to the cable first, even though I could hear the sound through the headset. The cable just isn't going to meet my needs. They were talking with friends online and they were complaining about echoes and their audio cutting out. I thought I couldn't be me because I have a headset on. After muting myself, it was clear that the problem was my connection. The headset made uncomfortable sounds for my friends. The problem was eliminated when I removed the headset from the extension cable and plugged it into the computer. The tolerances and size of the cable are not good enough, leaving for a poor connection. I'm trying to return it, but I can't because Amazon doesn't have the "return" button. It's not clear why I purchased this as an Amazon Prime product. There is a Don't buy this. It's not worth the hassle. There is a I made sure to connect both ends of the cable. Every time.

6. DuKabel Headphone Extension Lossless Premium

DuKabel Headphone Extension Lossless Premium

In the box is 1x Jabra Evolve2 75. The weight of the headphones, carry pouch, andusb-a cable is 199 g / 6.9 oz. All in packaging that is sustainable. It looks as good as it performs, with 24K gold-plated contacts, triple shielding jacket, tough nylon-braided cover, and pure metal housing. DuKabel 3.5mm Extension Cable focus on pure essentials. They will go wherever they please. The sound quality provided by this cable is a thing of beauty. It has 24K gold-plated contacts, which make it sound clean and seamless. A shell made of pure copper is more effective at canceling out noise than an aluminum one. The triple shielding that runs through the entire length of the cable cuts out a lot of noise. The 3.5mm jack has a step-down ring on it that allows plugs to be fully seated even when bulky protective cases are used, which is very practical and needed feature since most smartphones and other devices are often in aftermarket cases causing problems with connection of jack. Even with a tiny opening, the DuKabel audio extension cable fits perfectly with headphones and phone cases. The 3.5mm Male to Female Stereo Audio Cable is universally compatible. You can use your 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable on many of your devices if they have that 3.5mm port. It is recommended that you combine it with the DuKabel Top Series 3.5mm Audio Cable. They offer a 12 months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable AUX cable for your home or car, the DuKabel Top Series 3.5mm Audio Stereo Cable is something you should consider. Hesitating? They are happy to help you contact their friendly customer service.

Brand: Dukabel

👤TRRS extension cable is not a rocket science, and I look for shielded cable, which is mentioned in the cable description a few times for maximum reduction of noise. This is the only shielded cable I can find on Amazon, and I am not happy about it. 1. I want to use this shielded cable to solve the buzzing noise issue of extending the Rode Lav mic to the Canon camera. I received more noise than my current unshielded cables when I turned out the 2 cables. The recordings I have ever experienced are the most noisiest I have ever heard. The shielding mechanism of these cables is problematic. 2. The gold plated TRRS male stud is not as smooth as a decade ago cheap standard 3.5mm jack, it looks as if a cheap China finish is what you would expect, but at the first glance you know it is not what you expect. 3. The 3.5mm plug is loose in my Canon camera and my other premium cables won't have any problems. It isn't fully compliant with standard 3.5mm plug specifications. I am not sure if the noise is due to the loose plugs or not. There is a This is a quick comparison with other cheaper extension cables. It might not be obvious on headphones. I will let you decide, as it would affect inline mic reception. I packed and returned them.

👤I've been looking for an extension cable that would hold up over time. I need an extension cable for my wired headset that I use in my cubicle, and it has to meet some criteria: 3.5mm jack with mic passthrough, Shielding to prevent degrading audio quality, and a quality build. I went with this one. There is a It has been good so far. There is a Shielding keeps sound quality good, or at least good enough for my headphones, and there is no sound degradation, bleeding, hissing, or popping that I could tell. The nylon braiding on the cable should provide better-than-average durability, and can be used with Bose QuietComfort 25 without issue. There is a It is not perfect. The junction point where cable meets the connector is worn out faster than anywhere else. They decided that a thick block of rubber would look more tough and would put more stress on the cable, instead of covering it with a softer rubber. I don't think that's something that can be fixed, because cable is heavy and inflexible, and unless someone performs some black magic on these things, I don't think that's something that can be fixed. I have never heard of a company that sells cable that could possibly disappear from the face of the Earth tomorrow. I think this is a big problem in Amazon. "Unconditional lifetime warranty" is what the packaging says. You get a card that says "add an extended 18 months to your warranty?" You can register at the website. How do you extend a warranty that is already lifetime? Are you going to bring the cable back from the dead? There is a It is excellent for what I paid and what I was looking for. Looking forward to using this for a long time.

7. Amazon Basics Female Extension Adapter

Amazon Basics Female Extension Adapter

You get what you get. 3 years free card, user guide, and customer service for 5 ft nylon braided aux cable. There is a 12 foot 3.5mm male-to-female cable in the box. Extra length to existing 3.5mm male-to-male cable is not included. It's comparable. Any device with a 3.5mm audio jack or AUX-in port works. Reliable performance. The plugs are gold- plated and static-free. The microphone function is not supported by this cable.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The cord destroyed my headphones. The earbuds that came with my computer worked well. I wanted a longer cord. It didn't work after I plugged it in. The earbuds no longer worked when I used them alone. The plug from the cord that I bought was spread open in my I Mac so that it didn't make contact with the earbuds that were made for it. The earbuds worked for a long time. You don't open an Apple computer to fix it. You have to send it to apple for repair. I have been a Recording Engineer for 30 years. If you open that apple yourself, you void your warranty. It's a hassle. I have to send it back to Apple so they can fix it, otherwise it will cost me hundreds. A six dollar cord could cost me a lot of money because of bad specifications on the size of the male input plug. I am able to use my phone. You got a review you asked for. I think that Amazon is a great company. I think they need to do a better job with some products. Thanks.

👤The cable works as advertised. Just don't be dumb like me and order it for an extension. Only the output is supported by this cable.

👤Works well! This thing saved me money. I was going to spend a lot of money on a pair of Wireless Headphones with the base, because my wife will fall asleep while we're trying to binge a series and then Pop up that sleep asking me to turn down the volume. After a few times of this happening, I said to myself, "Self..." You need fancy wireless headphones so that you can enjoy while the enemy sleeps. There was no low priced option after searching the web. When I was about to drop the dough, I had an event. I wondered if it was just going to be "me" up late watching, and if I could find a very long one that would cover the 10 -12 feet from my TV to the bed. Haaaa... I need to say more.

👤Here is the scenario. I put the new desk in the middle of the study. A whole new way of wiring my computer and speaker set up is now possible because of the relocation of my desktop case. There is a The Stereo cables are needed to reach my case. I killed two birds with one stone because this came in a three pack. I picked these because they appeared to be durable. I need them to be able to handle the occasional foot traffic and chair wheel accidents. They have proven to be reliable thus far. There is a The jacks are 3.5mm. There is no loss in sound quality. They fit securely in the ports, which is a big plus. If your jacks fit securely, it means they are better quality. The jack is separated by a thin black insulator. If the jack is loose, you won't get that connection, and you may end up damaging your devices. I give this product four stars because if I ever need to order them again, there is a very low chance I will find another product. I will upgrade it to a five star rating after several more months of use, but it looks like I will be able to do that.

8. Coiled Replacement Sennheiser Headphone Adapter

Coiled Replacement Sennheiser Headphone Adapter

The grip treads help with plugging and unplugging. It is compatible with the HD598 / HD598 Cs, HD599 / HD569 / HD579 / HD558 / HD518 headsets. 3.5mm The TRRS male plug has the same lock as the original cable. Extension 4 feet to 12 feet (4 meters to 4 meters) is the length of the black spring audio cable. The plugs ensure a good sound. The screw-on adapter is 6.35mm.

Brand: Weishan

👤I don't know what to expect with this product, so I'm going to start this review by saying that. I don't know why the shops name is 'LOL' or why they have mostly children's toys for sale. I was expecting nothing or a completely non-functional cable. I decided on this one despite what I said above because I am a huge fan of coil cables. The coiled cables are great for having a short, easy to manage cable while maintaining a longer length, and I use them when I play violin and wear the headset. The cable was undamaged and working despite my concerns. The rubber is soft. The coil is not tight or restricting and the cabling is not too thick. The lock works well and the sound quality was the same as my normal cable. I suggest anyone looking for a 598 replacement cable or one that is more friendly to play instruments to get this one.

👤The HD 4.40BT does not fit. How many different headphones are there? I had to shave the plastic off the plug in order to fit it. That's not true! There needs to be a universal fit for all phones. There is a The plug's body is 0.262" long. The phone that came with it was 0.228. The plug that is supposed to fit into your headphones has a 0.034" difference in its base. That's a big difference. It works now, after shaving 0.025" off the end of the plug. I mostly blame Sennheiser.

👤The smaller plug has the same twist-lock mechanism as my Yamaha headphones. Maybe this is an industry standard, but I am surprised. The cord was perfect for our new piano. I picked up a 6 foot cord for the Yamaha headphones that I didn't pick up from the piano. The first cord in our living room was messy and big, but in our living room it doesn't look bad.

👤Don't buy this for the products. The connection to the headphones is too large.

👤The quality of the cord and length was great, but the sound quality was less than others I've found around the same price. It sounded flat and lacked a mid tone range. I'll be keeping it as a backup in case my current cord breaks, but I don't plan on using it long term because of the poor sound quality.

👤It works great in my sennheiser. The coiled cord is compact but can stretch if needed.

👤Sound only comes out of the right ear for the MB 660 headphones.

👤The cable was the same as listed. I like the screw-on version. It's the same as the original Sennheiser unit. There is a A good score.

9. Extension Ruaeoda Adapter Compatible Smartphones

Extension Ruaeoda Adapter Compatible Smartphones

This sale is for a long cable. The 3.5mm audio extension cable can be used to extend the connection between your phone, mp3 players, smarphones, tablets and other 3.5mm aux port equipped devices. Double-braided nylon audio cables add to the durability and tangle free nature of the design. It is water proof, so please don't put thePLUG in water. You get a heavy-duty Aux cable. Audio cable extension: CONVENIENT & MULTI-USE. It's a perfect solution if you want to keep the Aux ports on your phone or car, but you want to shorten the device connection. The combination of gold-plated connections, bare copper conductors, and foil & braid shielding provides superior cable performance and error-free audio transmission. The audio will work if you use TRRS headphones, but the mic won't work. It doesn't work with the inline volume control on the headphones.

Brand: Ruaeoda

👤I needed a good female AUX for the project. Glad to say that these didn't make a difference. Here's what I have to say. Looks good. The dark metal finish on the braided cable looks really cool. There is a I found out that they are very durable when I cut into the cable. There is a If you want to replace the male and female heads with better ones, you can remove the metal heads. The only complaint I have is that the picture of the cross section of the cable is incorrect. The rubber insulated wires depicted in the picture are not the same as the foil shield and braid shield that are shown in my uploaded pictures. This is a good way to cut down manufacturing price and cable thickness, however, it also means that if you're going to use these cables in a studio environment, they will be susceptible to noise from radiation. I'm not going to knock off a star for this because they're perfect for my needs and they're cheap. These aren't going to be the best cables for Audiophiles.

👤The cheap ends broke on the first use. Don't buy.

👤Very well made! Exactly what I was looking for. It is less tangle free because of the cloth shielding and cloth sheathing on the cable. I've been buying more and more of this brand's products for a while now, and they all have good results. I highly recommend, especially for the price.

👤I bought headphones online. I was happy to give them a listen, even before they had a chance to "burn in" for all you audio snobs. Sometimes I watch movies late at night when everyone else is asleep and need a cord long enough to reach the couch from my stereo. The stock cable didn't make the distance. I don't need another device that goes dead just when I want it most and I was not going to return the headphones and go back to comparison shopping. Hell. I decided to get an extension cable. I need this one to do the job well and it seems to be good quality. The volume should be kept at a reasonable level.

👤I tried a competitor's cord and it broke when I pulled it. It's a good thing. When I opened the first one, I felt like it was going to be an issue. I was excited to see that the cable was more durable. I installed it and had no problems. It's doing what it's supposed to do and I can't ask for more. It's thin and flexible, but not cheap. It was worth the money. I got a bonus in my package, which was a matching iPhone cable, which we needed. I will be buying those from this source as well. The first one is free. It's a good thing.

👤The cat was approved. I had to order this one because dragging around a long cable attracts a lot of feline attention. They keep gnawing at it. It's as good as new. There is a I tested the cable after I received it. I expect they'll last because the braiding keeps it from tangling even when I try to pull it out. The extra weight doesn't bother me. Sound quality is great, I can't detect a difference between the 4' cable and the one I'm using. No hum or hiss picked up or volume dropped off, as good as you can ask for.

10. Cmple Stereo Headphone Extension Female

Cmple Stereo Headphone Extension Female

The aux 3.5mm headphone cable should be extended with the aux stereo audio extension cord. The male and female connection is 3.5mm. The extension piece gives added length, making it easy to reach other devices like iPods, phones, media players, and other devices to a car stereo, portable speaker, or other compatible 3.5mm audio-output. It was constructed from high-grade materials. The male to female speaker extension cable is built to last. The 24K Gold Plated 3.5mm connectors are made of gold. The package includes a 3.5mm Headphone Extender Male to Female Aux Cable. Cmple Lifetime Warranty is backed by it.

Brand: Cmple

👤I returned the one I bought here because the cable adds a very noticeable hum. I am using Bose headphones. No hum with the headphones connected to the receiver. The hum fades if I coil the extension cable into a 3-4" loop. The cable is not protected properly.

👤The cable works. It only has a Tip Ring Sleeve, which is required for stereo, but I didn't notice that. It doesn't have an isolation ring to allow you to control your device. TRRS extension cable is what I needed. The speaker on my phone can't start or stop music because of the cable. The cable lacks a wire, so the information doesn't make it to the speaker or cell phone. This cable isn't advertised to be capable of this. Four out of five stars. I would recommend it to a friend because it works just fine and the music is great.

👤I needed an extension cable for my TV. I have different viewing habits. She can hear the TV in the living room. I bought two sets of 25 ft cables. Both types work with my ear buds. Both cables are sturdy and built to last. These cables should be recommended to others.

👤The cable is well made and works, more options would be nice. The line loses at 100 feet. This could be easily cured by using a larger electrical cable. My computer audio output is enough to compensate for the losses. I would recommend this cable and purchase it again if the need arose.

👤My elderly parent is watching tv late at night. It was a problem as my bedroom is next to the tv and I could hear it all night long. I got her a pair of headphones, but the stock cable was only three and half feet away from her tv, so it wouldn't reach it. I bought a cable that plugs into the tv input and into the headphones. More than enough. The sound is clear and works well. The price on Amazon was great.

👤One of the mysteries of the internet is why cords and cables are so cheap when you go to the store. I got over my fear of buying something sight unseen with Amazon, it was a case of buying something sight unseen for other products. I was replacing another cable that sounded inferior to the one I was replacing, and this one is of very good quality. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a good price and a superior product, and that they really aren't all the same.

👤I needed a new extension cable for my headphones and this cord is great. So far, it is holding up.

👤What the heck? I got two cables that are 3 feet. It's too small and cheap to come back. I'm giving this two stars because I'm sure they still work. I could tell they weren't 6 inches tall. They were labeled as 6 and then sent to me as 6. Disappointed. There is a The company was able to fix my problem. From 2 to 4 stars.

11. CableCreation Female Extension Adapter Connector

CableCreation Female Extension Adapter Connector

Reliable performance. The plugs are gold- plated and static-free. Premium Sound Quality: 24K Gold-Plated Connector and Solid Aluminium Shell case ensure you get reliable and crisp sound. With 10000+ lifespan bend, it is incredibly durable. The cable is soft and durable with Cotton braided and Inner wire. Friendly ladder design for connecting with your phone without taking it off. CableCreation 3.5mm extension cable is compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets,Samsung, and other 3.5mm devices. Lifetime Friendly Customer Service is included in this package, along with a pack of 15 Feet CableCreation 3.5mm headphone extension cable. If your headphones are TRRS (4-conductor), this 3.5mm extension cable won't work.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤Very disappointed. I needed an extension for my headphones. The cord is lightweight and doesn't tangle. The male plug works perfectly on my computer. The male plug won't fit into the female sockets when I try to plug the headphones into the cable. It doesn't go all the way in. I tried two pairs of earbuds. They don't lock into place. If I hold the jack in place, I can hear fine. The whole purpose of buying a cable is lost if they are held together. It's very annoying as the shipping to return is more than it's worth. I need a cable. The manufacturer sent me a replacement cable after I complained. I was impressed by how quickly they solved the problem. The new cable works well. I'm very happy.

👤I installed the seal into my console after opening the product this week. It didn't work. I tried many times. I put it back in the bag and waited for it to be delivered. Same thing happened when I was sent a replacement. This is the first product that I have ever had to return and I will not buy it again. This product was not reliable and there was no disrespect or negative feedback towards Amazon.

👤I use a wire for my car connections. The cable has a noise issue. When I connected the extension to my headphones, I only noticed. The extension has no noise at all, boy, what a difference. You should not buy it.

👤Needed 15 feet to get from TV to sofa. There is a backup to the wireless headset. The bag of one was the cable. I liked the color. The braided cable doesn't get tangled up. The headphones don't come loose when plugged in. The quality of the connections appears good. The cable is attached well and it doesn't seem like there would be problems with the wire coming loose from the ends. I use the cable plugged in to a Y-splitter for both the wired and wireless headphones. The sound is good. The TV sound and the headphones work together. All seems well, just out of the bag. Will use followup if there is anything new.

👤These are the cheapest headphones extension cables around that work. If you want to use these as a mic extension, you should buy a shielded cable. I use a small microphone attached to my headphones as a headset and bought these to extend the cable. The cable is too short to reach the back of my computer. There is a Plugging the mic into the cable causes an electronic hum in the background of the recording. I don't know if it's the length of the cable or the lack of cable shielding, but the hum is much quieter with the mic plugged into the computer. I need the mic for online meetings, so I will just deal with it. It's not worth returning the cheap cables. I am going to get an external sound card and better mic to solve the issue. These feel cheap and I don't think they will last long with regular use.


What is the best product for headphone cable extension 12?

Headphone cable extension 12 products from Cablecreation. In this article about headphone cable extension 12 you can see why people choose the product. Poyiccot and Imbaprice are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone cable extension 12.

What are the best brands for headphone cable extension 12?

Cablecreation, Poyiccot and Imbaprice are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone cable extension 12. Find the detail in this article. Monoprice, Zeskit and Dukabel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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