Best Headphone Cable Extension 15 Ft

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1. TISINO 6 35mm Female Extension Adapter

TISINO 6 35mm Female Extension Adapter

Stereo Male to Female TRS Extension Cable is used to connect headphones with standard . It is fully molded and shielded to prevent interference. The Gold-plated connectors are resistant to corrosion and improve the signal transmission. The plug is for two-channel microphone input or output. Male to female cable is packaged.

Brand: Disino

👤The female end is loose and the male end appears to be ok, as with some of the reviews on Amazon for this product. There is a good connection on the male end of the Yamaha receiver and there is some play on the female end. I didn't experience any signal loss or drops. Time will tell if the channels will come down at some point. The 20 foot cable doesn't suffer from decreased power/signal from the amplifier even with the extender and the long chord from 2 beyerdynamic. Thanks for reading.

👤I wanted to be able to use this cable without having to baby it, it's much stronger than the 3.5mm cord I was using before, but it works, but the audio breaks up when I move them cable, it's because I got a loose one. If you're using this for hifi audio, I would recommend spending more and getting a better cable.

👤The cable I received was dead on arrival. The female side of my headphones wouldn't play sound if you put the female plug into the male side. Push it all the way in, or slide it out, but one side to play. Apparently the cable was bad because my headphones play fine with it. I received my money back the same day I sent the cable back. If this one was bad, another one might be ok, but fail in the long run, I didn't ask for a replacement cable.

👤I'm the one with Amazon prime and my husband asked me to order this cord for him. He can listen to his high school music on his stereo with the extra length of his headphones. We are sitting in our family room. He's enjoying himself on musical nostalgia. The cord arrived quickly.

👤The female end of the plug doesn't make contact with the plug, so either side of it doesn't get audio. That is the best case scenario. It doesn't work most of the time. I don't give it a single star because there is no distortion or static when it actually line up and work, so at least something was built correctly. If you are looking at it, I wouldn't bother with this cable.

👤The cable for the Audeze LCD2 Classic is not long enough to reach from the amplifier to the couch. I ordered the extension cable. Reach to the couch, I like it. I can use the headphones comfortably. Both sides of the connection should be tighter. At the amplifier and the headphones, there is a little bit of loss. I found it to be a bit lose. The connections should be tighter.

👤Doesn't work at all. To get a signal to come through, you have to be around the female connection. I would have purchased a different brand's and been ready for my recording session if I had paid for this, as this only offered false security that I had a working extension cable. It's a shame that it's even sold.

👤The cable is heavy gauge and has a good build. The connections are good. I have cables with 3.5mm female connections. This cable is a good one.

2. JSAUX Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

JSAUX Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

Only compatible with newer iPhone models when using a 3.5mm audio jack port is theDIMENSIONS & COMPATIBILITY: Universally compatible with any device or cell phone with a 3.5mm audio jack port. Premium sound experience can be achieved with the Hi-fi Sound Quality: 24k gold-plated connector, pure silver wire core. The stereo aux cable has a pure copper shell. 10000+ lifespan bend and double-braided nylon exterior make audio cables adding to the durability and tangle free. All devices with a 3.5mm aux jack and aux-in port can use the male to male aux cord. You don't need to take off cases during use. The Premium Audio Cable has fast and easy-to-reach Customer Service. Every product it offers is supported by the company.

Brand: Jsaux

👤These were used to replace two red fabric wrapped ear phone cords. They are selling 2 for 3.00 dollar. One died in three months. I made one for 1/3 in junction with 3.5mm. Glad it works. They're a good 4 ft long. There is a These were with a great deal for two. And have an 18 month warranty. Way kool! They are more expensive than those cheap ones. Better jack design. That's where the cheap one went wrong. This will work. I am using on my guitar amplifier. Peavey Rage, Lyon Practice, and even Lyon waste are included in the MG 100HDFX marshal cabnet. To practice with people who don't like music. Have a Sony headphones that were found in the trash. My machine drummer is also using wiyh Clyde. There is a Yamaha DD-20C. These will work well. The last red cheap one with that addition will probably be the last one. The sound is great. Way better than those cheap ones. The tie is a great connection. The loader sounds like it is being sounded by Clyde. All around a great workout.

👤I only pay 6 bucks and 29 cents for these things. There is a listing for a double pack for the same price. I haven't had a problem with them for nearly a year, because the jack is reinforced and they feel sturdy. I will buy this again, in fact!

👤They're great when they work. There is a The first one took about a month before it required me to connect my devices to get it to work. It stopped working completely within a few days. Good thing. The second one was handy for a backup. It's been about a week, and it's working. I don't recommend this product for daily use in a vehicle.

👤I am amazed by my ability to find odd little components on my computer. I had to call places to get a part that I needed to repair something. Having to drive to get it. I can fix everything that fails around my house. No phone book searching, calling several places, then driving to a hole in the wall to get the part. It is delivered to your door step by Amazon.

👤These cables are used for split keyboards and I bought them for that purpose. I wanted a black or red cable as my setup was black and red. There is a The cable is long enough that I can use a cable tie to keep the keyboard in place, or I can use a piece of furniture to keep it in place. I can't complain at all about the 3.5mm plugs being at the right angles at this price point.

👤I will not buy plastic cables again. The braided nylon is worth a few extra dollars. They are made to last so that they won't fall over and expose the wiring. If you have had cheap plastic ones, you know what I'm talking about. Red is a beautiful color. It matches my headphones and mp3 player. The 2-pack will most likely be all that I need. I would buy these again if I ever did. I'm happy with them.

3. IMBAPrice® Professional Quality Nickel Extension

IMBAPrice%C2%AE Professional Quality Nickel Extension

The audio will work if you use TRRS headphones with this extension cable. It doesn't work with the inline volume control on the headphones. One stereo 3.5mm male accessory. One stereo 3.5mm female plug. You can extend any 3.5mm cable.

Brand: Imbaprice

👤The wire started coming apart after a few uses of the computer and headphones. The wires moved around because the rubber covering over them was poor. There is a second problem with them. If you push the plug in all the way, you'll only get half the sound because of a defect inside the plug. You have to push it halfway in to catch and not fall back out, but not too far, or you'll only get the half sound. The workmanship on this is cheap. I ordered two of them at the same time and both of them have the same issues. The sound quality is only about 40% of what you should hear because the outer rubber covering failed and allowed the internal wires to move around. I have less than half of the sound. Don't buy it.

👤I bought this for use with my girlfriend's headphones at night because my TV and soundbar setup doesn't support playing audio to headphones. It's done the job well so far. The cable is long for our living room, and it works well when I'm done using it. It seems like it's going to hold up over time, it's a pretty thick cable.

👤I thought I would pay the price for the extension. The first one lasted about 30 hours. I thought it was a lemon when it didn't work after a short time. I bought it again. The newest one lasted less than a week. Only to watch late night TV in the bedroom. The old saying is, fool me once. I don't know how a company could make a product like that. I prefer to shop at the 99 cent store. Don't buy it, use my experience.

👤I didn't think I would need a 25 ft extension cord. I actually did. My father and I were going to install a receiver that would allow us to play music on our mobile devices from the pool area. We had to run the speaker cables from the basement to the outside and the receiver from the door back to the amplifier because the amplifier is sitting in the basement. We used cable channels, but we were short of 3.5mm cable. I don't know how long a cable like this can be before loss is too great, but we have been enjoying music during pool time for several months now. Very happy.

👤The sound to my headphones would cut in and out after I bought this product. To get the sound to come out, I had to twist either side of the cable around to the right position, like tuning into a radio station. Extension cables change the amount of resistance in the circuit. I will not buy from this company again because of this product.

👤I got it on July 18th, but it's now November 26th, and one channel has stopped working, so I've gotten less than six months. Even from the beginning, there was no shielding. It's absurd to call this professional. Get a better cable if you pay more.

4. CableCreation Female Extension Adapter Connector

CableCreation Female Extension Adapter Connector

Reliable performance. The plugs are gold- plated and static-free. Premium Sound Quality: 24K Gold-Plated Connector and Solid Aluminium Shell case ensure you get reliable and crisp sound. With 10000+ lifespan bend, it is incredibly durable. The cable is soft and durable with Cotton braided and Inner wire. Friendly ladder design for connecting with your phone without taking it off. CableCreation 3.5mm extension cable is compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets,Samsung, and other 3.5mm devices. Lifetime Friendly Customer Service is included in this package, along with a pack of 15 Feet CableCreation 3.5mm headphone extension cable. If your headphones are TRRS (4-conductor), this 3.5mm extension cable won't work.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤Very disappointed. I needed an extension for my headphones. The cord is lightweight and doesn't tangle. The male plug works perfectly on my computer. The male plug won't fit into the female sockets when I try to plug the headphones into the cable. It doesn't go all the way in. I tried two pairs of earbuds. They don't lock into place. If I hold the jack in place, I can hear fine. The whole purpose of buying a cable is lost if they are held together. It's very annoying as the shipping to return is more than it's worth. I need a cable. The manufacturer sent me a replacement cable after I complained. I was impressed by how quickly they solved the problem. The new cable works well. I'm very happy.

👤I installed the seal into my console after opening the product this week. It didn't work. I tried many times. I put it back in the bag and waited for it to be delivered. Same thing happened when I was sent a replacement. This is the first product that I have ever had to return and I will not buy it again. This product was not reliable and there was no disrespect or negative feedback towards Amazon.

👤I use a wire for my car connections. The cable has a noise issue. When I connected the extension to my headphones, I only noticed. The extension has no noise at all, boy, what a difference. You should not buy it.

👤Needed 15 feet to get from TV to sofa. There is a backup to the wireless headset. The bag of one was the cable. I liked the color. The braided cable doesn't get tangled up. The headphones don't come loose when plugged in. The quality of the connections appears good. The cable is attached well and it doesn't seem like there would be problems with the wire coming loose from the ends. I use the cable plugged in to a Y-splitter for both the wired and wireless headphones. The sound is good. The TV sound and the headphones work together. All seems well, just out of the bag. Will use followup if there is anything new.

👤These are the cheapest headphones extension cables around that work. If you want to use these as a mic extension, you should buy a shielded cable. I use a small microphone attached to my headphones as a headset and bought these to extend the cable. The cable is too short to reach the back of my computer. There is a Plugging the mic into the cable causes an electronic hum in the background of the recording. I don't know if it's the length of the cable or the lack of cable shielding, but the hum is much quieter with the mic plugged into the computer. I need the mic for online meetings, so I will just deal with it. It's not worth returning the cheap cables. I am going to get an external sound card and better mic to solve the issue. These feel cheap and I don't think they will last long with regular use.

5. Extension Cable´╝îNylon Braided Computers Headphones

Extension Cable%EF%BC%8CNylon Braided Computers Headphones

Tin plated copper core reduces oxidation and increases wire life. 3.5mm stereo audio extension cable is slim and flexible and compatible with any audio speaker that is compatible with 3.5mm auxiliary (Aux). 3.5mm male to female auxiliary aux stereo professional Hifi cable is compatible with any 3.5mm audio port device. Such as: car stereo, phone, headset,xbox one, and tablets. The sound is Superior Sound. The 24K Gold-plated and pure copper wire are triple shielding and ensure higher audio transmission. You will get reliable and crisp stereo sound. Enhanced Durability The Audio Male to Female Extension Cable is built to last. The nylon braided earphone extension cord is strong enough to endure any twist, tug, and tangle. Ensuring optimum sound quality is achieved through the use of gold plated connectors and aluminium alloy casings. Oxygen-free copper is durable. The microphone function is compatible with any device with a 3.5mm 3 pole jack and 4-Pole TRRS accessories.

Brand: Mbzzke

👤Looks better than the pictures. It's always like this when companies include a Velcro closure and it can be wrapped around the base so as not to get lost while using the cable. I used Audacity and Skull Candy to test the sound reproduction on this, and it works great. The right angle plug works perfectly on my HP Pavilion computer. The ends of the TRRS plug are green and I like that. I can move without the tug from my computer under my desk, but not so much that I am running over the cable with the wheels of my chair. I like this so far and will change my review if things change in the future. I like that this was offered at a great price. There is a There are some things that are CONS: There is no shielding over the wire. There is some noise at -54db. I'm not sure how much of that is due to cable or my computer. There is a I would recommend this to friends.

👤The extension cable for my phone is short. The rubber weather seal on the headset jack needs to stick up far so it doesn't get stressed. The cable is thick and nice. The cable on my headset is not of this quality. I'm going to order another to keep as a spare.

👤This product works perfectly and is good quality.

6. FosPower Extension Adapter Connectors Motorola

FosPower Extension Adapter Connectors Motorola

We offer a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable stereo cable, this cable is something you should consider. There are two mini-stereo (3.5mm) male and female audio cables. The 24k gold plated connectors are resistant to rust and tarnish. It is built for flexibility and quality. Copper braided and aluminum foil shielding greatly reduces interference from the outside. TABLE SIGNALS The foam greatly reduces signal loss. Tin plated copper core reduces oxidation and increases wire life.

Brand: Fospower

👤I bought 2 for my computer and piano. I don't like using Blue tooth for long periods of time because of the negatives. Chaining two of these together allows me to go back and forth between my bedroom and kitchen sink. I use these when I exercise, cook, or dance. These wires have been stomped, yanked loose, and bent around sharp corners. In eight months of constant use, they have not failed me. They are stiff enough to resist tangling, but flexible enough to follow me. I would immediately order another if I cause one to fail.

👤The cable works well. The cable feels plastic. The audio cable is a small diameter plastic tubing, while the cable between the ends is round and stiff. It behaves and handles like normal, but is a little stiffer than I'm used to working with. It functions well, does what it is supposed to do, and the end is nice. The plug doesn't wiggle around, the female end is secure, and I don't worry about the plug accidentally popping out.

👤There needs to be better information on whether or not this particular extension cord could be used with a headset that has a microphone for people who are not that bright. I didn't discover that until after the product arrived. It is my fault that I did not investigate harder, but it should be more clear on what the item can and cannot do.

👤I am very happy with my Speaker and the Audio Extension. Don't hesitate to buy it!

👤If there was a volume control on this cable adapter, I would be very happy with your product. I am very pleased with this item. Thank you.

👤I don't know how long it will last in my application. I am using it to transfer sound from an audio device in the front of my motorcycle to the audio system jack in the rear of the motorcycle. The noise that the motorcycle ignition system creates interfered with the sound of the motorcycle and I looked for a shielded cable. The cable does its job. I think it could have been constructed with more durable components.

👤Would buy again, good price. Quality goods.

👤Either they do or they don't. Can't say much more than they say.

👤One of them has held up. The other one is not straight. I don't think they would stand up to much more than my basement jam space. The jacketing is very stiff. They are not particularly loud.

👤It's used for headphones. I've had two other companies fail but these seem to have strength. I think they will hold up.

7. FosPower Extension Adapter Connectors Motorola

FosPower Extension Adapter Connectors Motorola

Male to female cable is packaged. There are two mini-stereo (3.5mm) male and female audio cables. The 24k gold plated connectors are resistant to rust and tarnish. It is built for flexibility and quality. Copper braided and aluminum foil shielding greatly reduces interference from the outside. TABLE SIGNALS The foam greatly reduces signal loss. Tin plated copper core reduces oxidation and increases wire life.

Brand: Fospower

👤We all need to extend 3.5mm audio cable across our room. There is a I have a Peloton exercise bike that I want to broadcast its audio to an external speaker that is a few feet away. I could have gone with a wired connection, but audio is not as good as wireless. There is a A short 3.5mm audio cord was needed in order to connect an extension cable with female and male ends to a speaker some distance away. There is a The audio cord was perfect. The quality of the cord is top-notch. The wiring is protected so you won't get interference from the audio. I can tell the good and bad audio cables from the bad. I know how retailers will push people to buy expensive cable that works no better than cheaper cable. Consider this one of the cheaper ones that works as well as any cable that costs more than two or three times the price. You can buy this with confidence and know that you will get a top-notch audio extension cable that will probably last a long time.

👤It was a good price, delivered on time. All of these things are great. Sound quality is awful. I use headphones to keep my roommate out of my room. I use a combination of headphones and a wireless transmitter because I am in a wheelchair and running over a cable makes it useless. I keep a pair of wired headphones and extension cable in case my wireless setup is unreliable. I couldn't wear the headband because it snapped. I ordered this on a Thursday night, so it would arrive on Saturday. Same Day Prime Shipping? I decided to try these because I couldn't find anything that was eligible for delivery on Friday. These were not good from the package. I plugged the cable into my TV and headphones. There was no sound. To be able to barely hear anything, I had to crank the volume up to 100%. I tried 2 pairs of earbuds. No better there. I would return the cable, but I had to destroy the envelope to get the cable out, so I guess I'm stuck with it. I don't recommend.

👤This cable is great for audio only. There is a It only works with audio, and does not work with microphones. There is a If you want to use this with your gaming setup, be aware of the limitation.

👤I bought my first tv a couple of weeks ago, but it had no mini jack or bluetooth. It would have been standard. There is a I got this cable and a mini jack adapter and it works perfectly, despite the long line of connections. This here cable has a mini jack to a 1/2 adapter for headphones. No issues with the connection so far. There is a I might update the review after using a more sensitive pair of headphones.

👤The shrouds are screwed on and only used for light usage. I could see the wires. I work with cables and the wiring connection quality was poor. I tightened the shrouds but the sound always has static. I don't recommend these cables.

8. Headphones Adapter Amplifiers Theater Devices

Headphones Adapter Amplifiers Theater Devices

Tin plated copper core reduces oxidation and increases wire life. The extension of the reach of hard-wired headphones with a stereo phone plug is accomplished by using the 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter cable. It can also be used as a stereo extension cable. The It has a female and a male stereo end that connect most headphones, Home Audio, Amplifiers, Guitar, Piano, Home Theater Devices, or Mixing Console. The 24K gold-plated contacts translate to clean sound quality and seamless transmission. Premium metal is good at canceling out noise and keeping reception consistent. The double shielding that runs through the entire length of the cable cuts out irrelevant noise. They offer a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable stereo cable, this cable is something you should consider.

Brand: Jelly Direct

👤The oxygen free copper cable and the "snakeskin" covering on this cable were the factors that made me pick 2. The pictures look like they are made of plastic. They are black. Nice. They included a wrap. Click with authority, the connectors are solid. I would have been impressed by the price. The 10 foot version was about $10. You can't beat that. Highly recommended.

👤Why do console makers put the headphones under the board? The handle is Yamaha and Midas. If you can get to the jack, what sound guy wants to deal with no spare cable or extension cabling at their feet? None. There is a This little dude makes it easier to access your jack, by leaving this 3 foot cable plugged in and simply unused your IEMs as needed, and adapting from 1 to 1 1/2. I bought a few. I have two consoles in my inventory and one in my backpack. There is a The construction seems solid and the length is perfect for my needs.

👤I bought this cable to connect to my Topping DX7Pro. I needed more length and here we are. Not even a few months in, this thing starts cutting out on at least one channel of audio. It starts making strange noises. The cable has issues. No problems if you bypassed the cable. Problems come back when you add cable in. Very disappointed. I'd give 0 stars because there's no way to contact the manufacturer and get a proper replacement. The cable should last at least 5 years.

👤I use headphones so my wife can sleep. The red color of the cord was a selling point as I ran it across the floor to reach me. It's visible so it's less likely that someone will tripping over it. The sound quality is not compromised.

👤Most people who use standard headsets will work with this cable. The cable that I use for my $3k focal stellias is not as good as it could be, mainly due to the separation of instruments and a duller presentation. The cable brings things up a bit. It's a good$15 cable, but don't expect miracles at this price.

👤The price is great, I needed to attach my modern headphones to my vintage record player jack.

👤This extension cable is really nice. The Home Theater amplifier and Sony 1000XM4 headphones can be connected using this. The Sony's plug fits in the female end. It seems like good quality materials and build. So far, I'm very pleased.

👤Sound is good going to headphones. Really like the length.

👤Je m'en sers. It is Parfait.

9. Headphone Extension Yeung Qee Lossless

Headphone Extension Yeung Qee Lossless

Two-pack of audio jack extension cables include an extra cable, can be used on another device, or can be kept in a laptop bag. Superb Transmission Performance: Premium headphone jack extender lets you connect headphones or 4-pole TRRS external microphones to most devices with a 3.5mm auxiliary port (Aux-in), like PC, laptop, smartphone, speaker, soundbox, car or home stereo system, etc. Don't use the beats headphones for mic function. 3.5mm extension cable is used to transmit high-definition audio sound quality from a long distance, which protects the original auxiliary port of your most audio device. Unrivalled Stereo Sound. The Aux Stereo Jack to Plug Cable protects audio signal from RF, EM, and ground loop interference during transmission and offers an unparalleled sound experience to you. The stepped design makes the aux male jack fit perfectly on your devices and ensures a stable audio signal transfer, allowing you to immerse in high-quality music without disruption. Double-braided nylon audio cables add to the durability and tangle free nature of the design. It is water proof, so please don't put thePLUG in water. The 3.5mm TRRS Audio Extension Cable has a 12-month product quality warranty and high standards of customer service.

Brand: Yeung Qee

👤I am happy to have a sturdy cable. I think this one will last a long time, even though I'm not always easy on them.

👤The extension was 1 ft. I needed to play more with my headphones. This is a very heavy duty cord and it is secure in my jack.

👤This product is what I ordered.

👤The extension cord is great for my headset.

10. 3 5mm Stereo Female Extension CNE64308

3 5mm Stereo Female Extension CNE64308

The signal can be consistent using high-quality copper. Premium 3.5mm stereo audio extension cable is made of soft PVC jacket, polished metal, and strain-relief rings. The jacket of the cable is flexible. The chargrging cable does not affect to charge your device. The braided shielding and gold- plated tips provide superior cable performance. Any player with a 3.5mm Audio Jack is compatible with this accessory.

Brand: C&e

👤Before I met my wife, I used to fall asleep to cartoons on my computer. I like to watch reruns of my favorite shows. My wife has always protested it. I looked for a solution that would cost $50 to $100, but I couldn't find one. There is a I could have afforded that, but why buy it when you don't have to? I found an extension cable that runs a bit longer than needed, and wired it under the bed, around the wall, behind my desk, and into the speakers. I'm happy that I decided to go this route. The connections on the cable are of excellent quality and the sound quality is excellent. My wife and I are both happy with this purchase. :P It doesn't break the bank, and I recommend it to everyone, never know when you need it.

👤I used this to send my drummer a feed from the mixing console, and also used it to watch TV or play games late at night, because my studio headphones were plugged into my stereo receiver from across the room. It feels great. There have been no problems so far. recommend.

👤The speakers had to be run from the computer to the landing as the crow flies. I bought the 50 foot cable because I had to go over and under some shelving and banisters to get to my final destination. I was worried that there would be a loss of sound quality, but everything sounded the same. I'm glad I got these. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this to re-create my Amazon Basics brand that stopped working after a few months. The sound is ok. The cable should be a full 15' long. I'll make it work despite the fact that it's too short for my needs. It will not be a great tragedy if this quits after a couple of months.

👤I needed a system that would allow me to designate audio input from my PC or Nintendo switch. A cheap system. I use my Nintendo Switch on my desktop monitor, and I use the aux cords to designate an input from the PC or the Switch. I plug in the headphones to whatever device I want to use, because the inputs sit next to my chair. Excellent for this. I started to get small hints of buzzing in certain programs after using them for a while. I had to disassemble my setup and remove these from it because they were very annoying. They served well, but I think they should get a better rating.

👤This was bought to run a cable from our amplifier to our recliner so that he can watch/ listen to TV without having to raise the volume. We were able to "tuck" the cable into the edges of the carpeted baseboards in that room, using a simple wooden paint-stirrer and a lot of patience. There is a This was perfect for the job. The sound quality is the same as the cable we bought years ago. Stereo output is excellent and very happy with the quality. Great purchase!

11. UGREEN Extension Adapter Compatible Smartphones

UGREEN Extension Adapter Compatible Smartphones

You can extend any 3.5mm cable. Ugreen 3.5mm audio extension cable can be used to extend your 3.5mm aux port connection to your devices. The extension audio cable protects your 3.5mm aux port from being plugged in and unplugged. It's easy to get a 3.5mm auxiliary aux cable, but it's expensive to buy a new device. All devices with a 3.5mm audio port, like the Apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/SE/6s/6c/6/4s/2, iPod, iPad, iPad Pro/Air 1/3/Mini, and the SAMSUNG GALAXY s2/s3/ are supported. Pure copper is a good material for it'sDurability and Conductivity. The gold plated connections ensure optimum sound quality. It is easy to use and store. The step-down design makes it possible to work. The audio will work if you use TRRS headphones with this extension cable. It doesn't work with the inline volume control on the headphones.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I needed a long cable to be able to listen to my TV with headphones. The material of the cable lay flat and did not try to Curl on itself. It was easy to store it in its packaging. The sound quality was very good.

👤The best set of cables I have ever used. The plugs fit exactly as you want them do, with that little click just to make sure, and the cabling is sturdy enough to let you know it is quality, but flimsy enough to let you know it is going to bend and move right where you need it. Excellent.

👤The audio extension cable is not compatible with audio cables for PC headphones. These don't work with headphones for computers because I lose audio in my headsets when I turn my head, and it takes the sound and puts it to my left ear. The audio stops when the audio cable touches the floor. If you touch that end, the sound will move to my left ear. There is a Audio cuts out, audio sound moves to my left ear, and lost ear bud audio when plugging them into this audio extension.

👤I got this to replace a failed extension. I use this between my headphones and a stage monitor in my church. After a year, the braided construction is still going strong, it doesn't kink, and it has no popping noises or bad sound. I would buy this again. The need arises.

👤The product replaced a failed cable. You can get a better cable for a few dollars more. The female end of the plug is fastened into the male end with a satisfying click. The cable is sheeted with strong material. Avoid the hassle of cheap cables by spending a few extra dollars.

👤I use this to be able to move around during a presentation. It works without tangles. Does not affect the sound quality. I didn't include that feature because it makes no sense to ask about 'volume control'.

👤The extension has been great so far. The sound quality has been crisp and clear. It's hard to say what effects a month of use will have on this item. I am very satisfied with what I got.

👤This is a good length to connect to my speaker's headphones. I can now listen to my movies at night and in the morning. It is easy to stretch to the distance. The cord is made of high quality materials.

👤I wanted to listen to the television from the sofa. My wife has excellent hearing and I have an impaired hearing, so I connect out of the television's SPDIF to a DAC conversion, and then into a small headphone amplifier, and finally into my Seinheiser headphones. My wife listens to the televion's built in speakers and I use the headphones because the SPDIF is dependent on the volume control. I can adjust the volume with the help of the headphones. The cable is coiled up for storage, and the kinks fall out very easily, as it is similar to the woven cables. I don't think wear and tear will be an issue because the cable is robust. I haven't experienced a drop off in sound quality, but I am using a headphones amplifier. It's a perfect solution to the problem of the television volume control. dialogs are no longer a thing. There is a When I have the headphones on, I find my listening experience is not interrupted by random conversation such as "How do they do that?" At the precise moment, the presenter is explaining how it is done. It's a perfect result if you know how annoying that can be.


What is the best product for headphone cable extension 15 ft?

Headphone cable extension 15 ft products from Disino. In this article about headphone cable extension 15 ft you can see why people choose the product. Jsaux and Imbaprice are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone cable extension 15 ft.

What are the best brands for headphone cable extension 15 ft?

Disino, Jsaux and Imbaprice are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone cable extension 15 ft. Find the detail in this article. Cablecreation, Mbzzke and Fospower are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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