Best Headphone Cable Male to Male

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1. UGREEN Braided Auxiliary Headphones Speakers

UGREEN Braided Auxiliary Headphones Speakers

The plugs are gold-plated and have a clear sound. The UGREEN 3.5mm Male to Male Cable streams Hi-fi stereo audio directly from the aux input to the aux output. The 3.5mm audio cable makes it easy to connect and listen to music. It's perfect for broken audio cables and car radios. The shielded 3.5mm audio cable has 24K gold-plated protection and provides optimal signal transmission and clear and crisp audio. The nylon braided jacket is strong enough to endure any twist, tug, and tangle. The 3.5mm male to male aux cable has sturdy brass shells to resist oxidation. The sound quality is greatly improved by high-quality materials. It is easy to roll up for tidy storage with the wear-resistant and tangle-free nylon braid jacket. The brass shells protect the cord from bending. UGREEN 3.5mm Audio Cable is ready to go and fills you with music whenever you want. The Universal Fit is a step-down design that ensures a snug fit to devices of standard auxiliary ports, like car stereo radio, TV, headphones, earphones, speakers, amplifier, soundbox, laptops, tablets, and more.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I couldn't test the audio quality because it disconnected multiple times a second, and I used this for a pair of headphones. The plug is too small to fit on my headphones or pc port. I decided to open it up for the sake of the review. It's close to the picture in the description, but I thought it would be stronger. There is not much shielding here. The cables don't work so I can't speak for its effectiveness. If you're working with a budget of $10 or less, I recommend the Amazon brand cables. I know they work, but they're not great. Amazon is missing mid-tier representation in cables. Your choices seem to be either garbage or Mogami cables.

👤The cable seems strong and I bought it. It looks like it, but the cover is smaller than the cable itself, so the cable is not protected where you need it the most. There is a The problem is worse after a month. See the second picture. Very pleasant.

👤The cable lasted 8 days. I plugged one end into the auxiliary port of my car stereo, but I think that was too much of a strain for the weak cable. I suppose you get what you pay for. I bought another brand with an angle end after I trashed this one. The 3.5mm plug didn't fit into any of the ports.

👤I am a fan of UGREEN products. They make great products that are durable. Sound transfer from one device to another is lost. I am in the music and sound industry and I need reliable products from UGREEN.

👤I've had trouble finding a cable that fits into my headphones because of the small area around the port, but this cable fits perfectly and I was really impressed with the quality of the cable for the price, it's roughly the same price as other cables on the market but it has

👤I bought this product to last longer with the material surrounding it. The first time I used it, it was separated from the other end. I would have preferred to have bought the cheaper cords and replaced them more often.

👤I'm very happy with both of them. I think this brand is worth a good price for quality. The product is well made and the sound is good. The distinctive feel of the cable makes it easy to recognize other cables and handles.

👤I needed to change the cable that came with the speakers. The old cable was a total waste. The cable will hold up over time even with connections and disconnections. Excellent quality cable!

👤I bought this cable to use with my expensive headphones which come with their own cable. The cable that comes with the headphones is only a standard length. I needed a longer cable. I have been ordering UGreen cables before and had no hesitation in ordering this one. Excellent quality cable arrived quickly. It is very sturdy and does not degrade the sound. It is recommended.

2. AmazonBasics Stereo Audio Cable Meters

AmazonBasics Stereo Audio Cable Meters

The 8-foot 3.5mm male-to-male stereo audio cable is in the box. There is a containment company. Any device with a 3.5mm audio jack or AUX-in port works. CONVENIENT: It connects compatible devices to a car stereo or portable speaker. SECURE FIT: The design for a secure connection has a step down. The plugs are gold-plated and have a clear sound.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I don't like to give 1 star but I feel that the safety of this cable is in question. It only deserves one star when you feel like your health could be compromised by a product. I bought this cable for my headphones. The cable was too short. The audio has been fine for a few days, but the rest of the experience was very painful. There is a The ends of the cord can carry an electrical charge. Anything in close proximity will be shocked. Anything that can take an electrical charge is included. If the end was close to my skin, I got a burning shock. This happened to my neck and ear multiple times. The charge felt like it was being pulled out. After several minutes, I realized that the cord was shocking me. I used spare electrical tape to insulate the end, but I'm not taking any chances with this product. I'm buying it when I can get another cord. I got burned when I used the basics for the first time. It's not a good way to start a relationship.

👤The silver coating that says "Amazon basics" unglued and slides back but now that it's been just over six months, all of the wiring came exposed... I would've expected a much longer duration if I had given it to me for a little use. It worked great before it came undone.

👤I bought this aux cable to use with my car stereo. After opening the cardboard box, I found a neatly coiled cable in a circle in a plastic bag. The cord seems fine, but I can tell it's cheap, since it was only $5. The light-duty job should be done for me because the connectors looked nice. The device's connecter fit well into my device. The sound quality is good and I have not had to spin the connection while music is playing. I am not a good sound quality tester as the speakers the music is playing through are 18 years old. Still kicking!

👤AmazonBasics has provided me with a reliable choice for cables, and the reviews for this cable don't really do it justice. The 3.5mm cable you buy is not meant to be used for purposes where audio is going through more than one source. I am running through two audio devices that normally don't cause Audio Feedback "Hum" in my headphones, but with this cable it does. You have to either buy a ground or switch up your audio inputs to fix it. There is a 100% if you need this cable for speakers, car radio, etc. Purchase a more expensive, high quality cable if it's for anything more complicated than that.

👤I strung the six foot cable between the computer and the TV because it was too short, but instead of exchanging it for a longer one I put it above the floor. The AmazonBasics cable is very sturdy, but I did manage to break it when I tripped over it. The displayport plug on the 6 foot cable broke, which was a good thing. The cable is on the floor and I'm happy. I have several other AmazonBasics cables that have never caused me any problems, so I'm confident that this is the last one I need. The mini displayport plug broke off, not because of a bug, but because I messed up heavily and it crashed my computer to the floor. It's up to you if you want your cables to survive.

3. UGREEN Auxiliary Shielded Compatible Headphones

UGREEN Auxiliary Shielded Compatible Headphones

Superb Sound Quality is provided by the combination of gold-plated connectors,corrosion-resistant bare copper conductors, and foil & braid shielding. The UGREEN 3.5mm audio cable has dual 4-pole TRRS jacks, which allow you to use the mic function of headsets or connect a 3.5mm external microphone to a laptop, PC, or phone. The auxiliary cable is ideal for video calls. Hi-fi Stereo Sound & Robust Shielding: Male to male audio cable is well manufactured and delivers outstanding performance. The Headphone Jack to Jack Cable has a silver-plated copper conductor with 3-lay robust shielding. The 24K gold-plated plugs provide faster transmission of the audio signal. The UGREEN stereo aux cord is built to last forever. The 3.5mm auxiliary cable is made of nylon braided jacket with reinforced wire joints. The sound quality is ensured by the optimum sound quality of aluminum alloy shells. Oxygen-free copper is durable. Universal Fit: UGREEN Male to Male 3.5mm Audio Cable stereo jack lead features ultra-Slim aux plugs to ensure a snug fit to devices of standard auxiliary ports, like TV, headphones, speaker, amplifier, soundbox, soundbar, 3.5mm external microphone, laptop, and tablets, compatible PS3 like the phone, walkman, DVD, and mp3/MP4 player. 3.5mm Audio Cable with MIC: UGREEN 4-Pole 3.5mm Audio Cable supports both audio and microphone function. It's a perfect audio cable for headsets. The aux cable streams Hi-fi stereo audio directly from the output devices to the input devices, without the need for audio conversion.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I needed a pigtail for my project. I cut it in half and tore it open to solder something else after I got it. This cable is very well made and gives me more insight than most. The rubber cased cable inside is strong and protects it from being hit. Better cable than I expected.

👤If you want to play "Cure For Me" by Aurora, you'll have to unhook your phone and plug the cord back in. The ride in the car is less safe because of it. I never had a problem with phone mic use.

👤I bought a replacement cable for my headset. It works great, nothing to say other than that! There is clear audio and clear mic input.

👤I use the treadmill when I walk and bought this to connect my iPad to it. It doesn't work. At all. I had to buy another one. I wasted money on it.

👤I haven't used it yet. The cable didn't connect to my phone right away. The audio was poor. I haven't used it since I threw it in my back seat. Have used walmart aux cords.

👤I plugged them in after pulling them out of the box and found a problem. I plugged them into my stereo headset and was expecting a great sound, but instead heard distorted and distant audio. The problem persisted even after trying several different devices and plugs. I am not sure if the cable was damaged or not, but I am very disappointed with UGREEN as a brand.

👤It was bought to replace the Coolermaster's Originial Cord. There is a Make sure you push the cable through until the end, if you don't there's static noise. The cable is thinner than the original.

👤There's nothing to say beyond the headline. The cable and jacks are in perfect working order.

👤I had an issue with the cooler master mh751 headset where the volume was not balanced and I had to fiddle with the volume controls to fix it. After seeing it work for another reviewer, I bought this and it works perfectly, but the problem gets worse over time. There is a I was about to buy a new headset because I was sick of adjusting and trying to fix the volume manually or through my soundcard, I wish I bought this years ago.

👤I have a cooler master cable with inline controls and a cabe without inline controls, and they both improved the bass levels of my headphones. As far as my ears can hear, mids and highs retain their level.

👤I'm afraid the product is not durable, even though it looks excellent and paid a premium price. The cable was delivered on 4 June and has developed a fault at one end or the other. There is a If the cable only moves the smallest of distances, it will be useless.

👤The audio cable I bought was a replacement for an old cable. The build quality looks good, but when I plugged it in, it didn't sound right. I have tried many different devices. Don't waste your money. I bought a cheaper and better quality syncwire cable for them.

4. Syncwire Braided Auxiliary Adapter Headphones

Syncwire Braided Auxiliary Adapter Headphones

Any device with a 3. 5mm aux port is compatible. Such as the Apple iPad, the Apple iPhone, the iPod, the mp3 player, the car stereos, the laptop, and any other audio-playing devices. Life proof cases and otter box cases are incompatible. Unparalleled Sound Quality: The 24K gold-plated connectors ensure reliability and eliminate signal loss and noise, which will offer clear and stereo sound to your devices. The bend of the audio cables is several times longer than the bend of the Ultra Durable and Tangle-Free ones. You don't have to worry about knots or kinks. Double shielding enhances protection against interference, and with the specially designed organizers, no messy or tangled cable is left. You get a User Guide and Customer Service.

Brand: Syncwire

👤This cable is the worst I have ever bought. It still falls out even though you try to keep it in the phone. It was used with my phone and ipod. Terrible purchase. The company harassed me to change my review. I will not be changing this review because I receive an email every week to change it.

👤The sleevecable shield of the 3.5mm is too thick to fit through tight clearances. The photo shows the difference between the cable that was supposed to be replaced and the one shown here. The syncwire didn't fit the other cable.

👤I was looking for a cable like this. It works well for playing music from my phone. The thicker nylon-wrapped cord looks sturdy and hopefully will last longer than my previous thin vinyl one. The 3.3 ft cord length is just right for the car, long enough to pull the phone closer or rest in on the passenger seat, but not all over the place and tangled like the last longer one I had. I didn't know I was getting a 3-year warranty when the seller sent me an email with the contact info. Great purchase!

👤The nylon sheath on this audio cable is very strong, which makes it much more resistant to damage than a 3.5mm audio cable. It is flexible enough to reach any of the two ports, even if it takes a lot of bending and movement. The audio quality is the best you can get from a 3.5mm cord, which is high for my ears and most of the general populace. There is a If you need to use their warranty, their customer service has been great, and definitely a great bang for your buck.

👤I bought this cable for my office use. I never put any kind of stress on it nor was it in an abusive environment. The cable was never put in a pocket or backpack. They are already cutting out after only 4 months. It has a nice outer sleeve, but the wires inside are thin and have poor connections. I've had earbuds for $10 longer than this cable. I wore them to work in a physically demanding job. Would not buy again.

👤I like braided cables because they're tough and resistant. The cable is hard to cut and tangle. I have not seen long aluminum aux cable ends, but this one is impressive. The conector can't bend too much and these allow better communication with the device.

👤The connections for my headphones were too big. I contacted them. They immediately sent a different wire that had smaller connections. They made sure it worked. This company takes care of their customers. The replacement wire works great. I will be buying from Syncwire again.

👤I received this in a couple of days after ordering it. It worked well for a few months, but then stopped working in March. The problem was where the cord connected to the input was. I tried to keep it braced in a straight position with electrical tape. This doesn't work because the tape won't stick to the cord. I just checked the warranty status but can't find any contact information on the customer service page. The warranty is worthless.

5. Extension Braided Zerist Tangle Free Headphones

Extension Braided Zerist Tangle Free Headphones

You get an 18 months warranty on the 1*KINPS auxiliary audio enhancer cable. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. The sound quality is superb. The stereo audio cable's intelligent step-down design and 24K gold-plated connector of Zerist aux cable is able to transmit stereo audio for high quality sound, without removing your phone/tablet case. Premium material and performance. This aux cord is made with outter braided cotton to make it soft and durable. They bent the cable over 10,000 times and saw no damage or change in performance. Premium nylon Braided doesn't tangle. It is possible to have universal companybility. It's compatible with all of the above devices, as well as PCs, laptops, Macbook, iMac, mp3 players, cars, TV, DVD, and TV box. There is a 3.5mm audio aux stereo jack. What you get is a 18 months warranty on the Zemisr auxiliary audio enhancer cable. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Zerist

👤A hum. I was able to get a refund thanks to Amazon's return policy. Stereo Audio 3.5mm was purchased. And it works.

👤I replaced my old cable for my headphones in late 2020. It was a good braided cable, it was long and it worked well for a while. The cable began to show signs that it was breaking down a couple months after buying. I had to bend the cable in certain ways to make sound work, it was often only in one ear. I sent a message to the seller because they supposedly have a policy for replacements, even though I thought that was annoying. I was told by the seller that they would send a replacement after I gave them my information. Remember, this was back in November. The cable is barely working and I still haven't gotten a replacement. You can save money by buying a cable from a seller who offers a good product.

👤It felt like the cables were soaked in tree resin before they were shipped out. If you turn your head the wrong way, this cable will not knot up. There is no signal degradation and I use it to monitor the piano from my Yamaha sound board. If you need an extra long cable that won't tangle up on itself, this is the one for you.

👤There are more microphonics in rubber cables. When the cord touches objects like your clothing or table, the sounds your headphones produce are what I mean. The cable is wrapped in fabric. The microphonics are more intense than traditional rubber cords. You need to keep the cord stationary to minimize the unwanted sounds. This doesn't apply if it's used as headphones but to connect two devices. Overall, a good cable.

👤The cable arrived on time and exceeded my expectations. I bought this based on customer reviews on Amazon. I will explain. There is a The cord was a nice length. No more short cords! :D The bass and treble were very clear when I tested it. There is a We have two cats who have destroyed at least a dozen cables and ear bud sets in the past, but this cable seems to be up to the task of resisting their chewing. It should be good to go if it can. It is unreasonable to expect any cord to not tangle. It is easy to get out when it does bunch or tangle, which is amazing in my opinion. There is a The cable's weight is not as heavy as expected. You would expect it to be heavy, but that is not the case. There is a The end housing is always a concern due to my phone case being unforgiving. It had room to spare around the end when I plugged it in. This is one of the best headphones I have ever purchased. A situation where you can get more bang for your buck. Highly recommended. Rich.

👤I am going to tell you why this cable is the worst in the history of cables. For no reason, it couls up on its own. The coils are bent without being able to move. I am pretty sure there is plastic on the inside. I am not sure how that works. I wasted five dollars and will be shopping for a better cable, but I don't think I'll find a good one unless it's a monster brand or some brand cable.

6. UGREEN Housing Compatible Theater Amplifiers

UGREEN Housing Compatible Theater Amplifiers

You can use the UGREEN stereo cable to connect your phone, iPod, laptop, or another device with a 3.5mm jack to a guitar, mixing console, home theater devices, and amplifier. The shielded 3.5mm to 1/2 cable provides optimal signal transmission and delivers clear and crisp audio and no-loss, noise-free, high-fidelity audio. The pure copper core of this cable gives it maximum conductivity and it can transfer high purity audio signals with minimum loss. Double layer nylon braid guards against harsh installs where the cable is tugged across sharp edges, protecting it from being scratched. The jack plug of this 1/3 to 3.5mm cable is compatible with all devices with a jack sockets. All devices with a 3.5mm jack can be compatible with the 3.5mm end.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I had an issue with this cable and it won't work with an iPad or iPod when connected to a mixing console. An unbalanced cable is needed to get the full signal. The product description should say that this is balanced.

👤The OneOdio headphones I bought were very high quality. The headphones themselves are an excellent value, but the cables included in the set are simply awful. The braided cable is top quality. It is an amazing upgrade. The 3.5mm male -to-male cable was purchased separately. There is a My company makes audio cable at every price range and badge to order. We don't make computer cables. The cable exceeded our expectations.

👤The description of the product does not convey a general reference, as not everyone knows what a TRRS and a TRS are. A TRRS is a 4-pole connection. Products that have built in microphones can use a TRRS connection. A majority of communication devices use this type. The standoff pole and profile size of the head can be used to determine compatibility. The poles need to align with the contacts in the port. This product has a full standoff base that has a standard 3.5mm profile head, and there are slim profile 3.5mm heads for devices that the sockets port occupies a cramp space, with a deeper flush, and not molded on a more even surface. I have provided an example picture of a TRRS 4-pole with a slim profile head in comparison to the UGreen TRS 3-pole 3.5mm that has a standard profile head. It feels good and seems promising. I only gave 3 stars for the product description and information.

👤I mostly listen to music with the speakers on my high end audio system. Sometimes I use my headphones. The problem with my phones is that the cord is small. I've been looking for a cord like this for a long time. 3.5mm plugs on both ends are required. I'm a big fan of the less adapters. The sound quality was used better. There is a The cable is 3.5mm on one end and 1 inch on the other. The sound is good. I went with the 10' length for my needs. I was surprised by the price of this cable because I couldn't justify the cost of pure copper cable for my limited usage. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤I work as an artist. I connect my laptop to my soundboard with a pair of headphones, playing backing tracks through the laptop into the board. I've found that thin cables die quickly. Extras are always with my gear. I replaced it with this one because of the good reviews on Amazon. The difference in audio quality between this and regular cables was immediately noticed by my sound tech. You can tell that this cable is better than others I've used by holding it. I will be purchasing another one that produces better audio.

👤The audio output of the iPad 2 or 3 is not connected completely to the cables. The jack is too short for this device and others. I use these cables for live music. I was disappointed when I arrived at my show to find that the two Ugreen cables I just purchased did not fully connect to my two iPad audio outputs. It worked for iPod touch 2. The Ugreen has a slightly taller bottom ridge than others I had, which makes it hard to connect to iPad audio output. I'm going to see how long the one I could use will last. I will update this review if this one lasts longer.

7. Cable Matters 2 Pack 3 5mm Audio

Cable Matters 2 Pack 3 5mm Audio

The package includes a 3.5mm audio aux cord and a 3 pole jack cable. All of their products have a 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact their customer services if you have a problem. The Cable Matters Male to Male 3.5mm Audio Cable is a great way to enjoy high fidelity audio. The aux cord for the car is ideal for auxiliary car ports. The 3.5mm male to male stereo aux cable is ideal for connecting a phone or computer to a speaker system. Premium construction of the audio cord male to male features a braided cable jacket, gold-plated connectors, and bare copper conductors; Male to male headphone jack audio cord is designed for frequent use. Two-pack of audio jack cables includes an extra cable, you can use another cable on another device, or keep a spare cable in the car.

Brand: Cable Matters

👤Quality sound is being transferred by these cables. They are made well and are very rigid because of their thick covering. They look great if you care about looks. Rolling them up is not easy but the quality is better than this difficulty. I have to use other options if the end plugs don't fit into my speaker sets.

👤The stereo plug won't make a solid connection if I plug ether cord in to it. It's like the plug is made of small pieces and you have to wiggle it around until you get all the sound. I've used this in a number of things. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤The cables were bought to power the speaker. I bought them for the gold ones which are supposed to be the best. I get a terrible humming noise when I plug them in. I thought it might have been a bad cable. I was wrong. They both make a loud noise. I don't have a problem with the cheap short Walmart cable and I guess I will have to buy a longer one. I don't like writing bad news reviews because I don't want to hurt anyone. You need to know about it. I hope you replace these with something that won't cause distortion.

👤Excellent work! Thanks!

👤A cable with a cat chew resistant jacket is nice.

👤It's perfect for my car. Not too long, not to short! I was happy that I got two.

👤It works perfectly. The sound quality and workmanship are excellent. Thank you!

👤Does not have any headphones.

👤For minimum price, what I needed.



8. Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

CableCreation is perfect fit for 3ft Male to Male Aux Cable and has a two year warranty. Oldboytech is one of the leaders of audio cable products and works passionately on the innovation of design and technology to create products with simplicity and ease to all over the world. Oldboytech AUX Cable 2 pack is the top of the range. You can immerse in Hi-fi music with a gold plated connection. It could last 10 times longer than others. Their AUX cord is compatible with any device with a 3.5mm aux port. Car stereos, speaker, iPod, headphones, etc. If you need a longer cord, they recommend you to combine it with Oldboytech 3.5mm extension cable. Their 3.5mm audio cable has a tangle free design that makes it more convenient to carry and store. You can listen to your music while you commute. Let the fun begin. 2-Pack 3.5mm Male to Male aux cord 4ft/1.2M with fast and easy-to-reach Customer Service is what you get. Every product it offers is supported by Oldboytech.

Brand: Oldboytech

👤There are three types of 3.5mm audio jacks. The cables are called TRS. Stereo audio can be provided but microphone function is not provided by the cables/adapters. If you want to use a headset with mic, you need a TRRS cable. The description doesn't mention the type of adapter, so I'm giving the product 3 stars. The description doesn't mention incompatibility for phone conversations with a headset. The supplier responded to a question about mic function from a user by saying that it was standard 3.5mm male to male audio cable, and that it would work if both of your devices had a 3.5mm connection. I don't mean to be critical of these cables. The photos show a TRRS and not a TRS. I wasted money on something that won't meet my needs. I should have spent more time researching. I write this review so that other users will not make my mistake if they find out it won't work with a headset. My review is the first to point out that these aren't TRRS headset cables.

👤These cables are of the highest quality. You can see that they're high-quality cables by holding them. Some people say a cable is a cable, but they all do the same thing, and you won't notice a difference in the sound quality. These cables are of the highest quality. You can see that they're high-quality cables by holding them. Some people say a cable is a cable, but they all do the same thing, and you won't notice a difference in the sound quality. That can't be further from the truth. I did a test between the two cables. Let's say that you can hear the difference. There's no noise or distortion. The phone call just sounded better. I did a test between the two cables. Let's say that you can hear the difference. There's no noise or distortion. It sounded better. These cables are recommended by me.

👤The cable looks like a run of the mill audio cable. There are a few things that separate it from the other cables on Amazon. The braided gold plated jack crystal clear audio cable is thin and sound like a premium cable, but it fits my SkullCandy Hesh 2.0 headphones and several protective device cases. It is a two pack. You get two of them, that is awesome! There is a If you need a reliable audio cable, this one sold by oldboytech is the way to go. It is available at a very competitive price point and it fits all devices.

👤I had a short JBL aux cable for 3 years and this was the only replacement I could find. The difference in sound was quite disturbing. Any audio coming through it will be flattened by the oldboytech cable. If you've never used a quality cable, you wouldn't know the difference. I am a consumer who knows the difference between products he is using. There is a The cables are constructed nicely, but this cable behaves the same as the $1 aux cord I got off of eBay. It doesn't fit into my phone's jack, which causes music and media to pause and skip when it's moved.

9. MOSWAG Braided Headphones Speakers Tablets

MOSWAG Braided Headphones Speakers Tablets

3.5mm Audio Cable with MIC: UGREEN 4-Pole 3.5mm Audio Cable supports both audio and microphone function. It's a perfect audio cable for headsets. The aux cable streams Hi-fi stereo audio directly from the output devices to the input devices, without the need for audio conversion. Perfectly compatible with any devices. A 3.5mm aux port. The cable is compatible with phones, car stereos, headphones, tablets, and mp3 players. You get reliable and crisp sound,eliminate signal loss and noise, thanks to the:24K gold-plated connectors and the aluminum alloy shell. Stereo audio is transmitted for high quality sound and clear sound to your devices. The 3.5mm aux cord to 3.5mm audio aux jack cable is covered with soft nylon braided and is at least 10000 times bend lifespan. nylon braided jacket is not easy to tangle or crease, compared with ordinary PVC jacket. Theangle free design of their 3.5mm audio cable makes it more convenient to carry and store. You can listen to your music while you commute. The package includes a 3.5mm audio aux cord and a 3 pole jack cable. All of their products have a 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact their customer services if you have a problem.

Brand: Moswag

👤The V-moda's cable went bad after 7 years and I got this to replace it. It works, sounds great and fits the sockets. It has the same construction as the V-moda cable but is not on one side. I will give an update in a year to see if it lasts.

👤There is a noticeable static. Gold does little to cover up low quality material. I tried to use the devices and speakers. The static noise was making the audio difficult to hear. Almost all of the aux-aux cords on Amazon have this problem. There is a The cord I bought at a gas station has a clean sound, strange that Amazon seems to have the same low quality aux-aux cords from so many different sellers, colors, sizes, and prices. Has anyone heard any of them with a clean sound? I bought 25 dollar headphones that include a 6ft aux-aux cord with clean sound, I may just buy those headphones again to use the high quality aux-aux cord for a portable speaker.

👤The cable is working well for me. I use it to connect a device to my car. The cable is strong. I've been using it for about 2 months and it's handling the connection without any issues or visual wear. There is a The sound is good.

👤The cord is stiff. While working with loud equipment, using from ear defenders to Ipods. The thicker cord would work in a car.

👤These are what I was looking for. The sound on my TV is not as good. I will order the 50 ft. ones next. Product arrives on time. Will use this seller again.

👤The jack on my headphones is too loose and I can only hear the left side.

👤I got this for my older car to connect my phone to the audio system. The length is great. It does what it needs to.

👤It looks like a very good cable to attach to my projector and speaker. Time will tell if it works well. It was just what I needed. I expect the audio cable to work and not fall apart. So far, so good.

👤I don't recommend attaching headphones to this cable because of the noise it makes when it moves along clothing and the desk.

👤I bought this cable to use with my headphones. It clearly shows a picture of the cable connected to the beats. I tried to plug the cord into my beats but it was too big for the hole in the beats.

10. JSAUX Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

JSAUX Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

Only compatible with newer iPhone models when using a 3.5mm audio jack port is theDIMENSIONS & COMPATIBILITY: Universally compatible with any device or cell phone with a 3.5mm audio jack port. Premium sound experience can be achieved with the Hi-fi Sound Quality: 24k gold-plated connector, pure silver wire core. The stereo aux cable has a pure copper shell. 10000+ lifespan bend and double-braided nylon exterior make audio cables adding to the durability and tangle free. All devices with a 3.5mm aux jack and aux-in port can use the male to male aux cord. You don't need to take off cases during use. The Premium Audio Cable has fast and easy-to-reach Customer Service. Every product it offers is supported by the company.

Brand: Jsaux

👤These were used to replace two red fabric wrapped ear phone cords. They are selling 2 for 3.00 dollar. One died in three months. I made one for 1/3 in junction with 3.5mm. Glad it works. They're a good 4 ft long. There is a These were with a great deal for two. And have an 18 month warranty. Way kool! They are more expensive than those cheap ones. Better jack design. That's where the cheap one went wrong. This will work. I am using on my guitar amplifier. Peavey Rage, Lyon Practice, and even Lyon waste are included in the MG 100HDFX marshal cabnet. To practice with people who don't like music. Have a Sony headphones that were found in the trash. My machine drummer is also using wiyh Clyde. There is a Yamaha DD-20C. These will work well. The last red cheap one with that addition will probably be the last one. The sound is great. Way better than those cheap ones. The tie is a great connection. The loader sounds like it is being sounded by Clyde. All around a great workout.

👤I only pay 6 bucks and 29 cents for these things. There is a listing for a double pack for the same price. I haven't had a problem with them for nearly a year, because the jack is reinforced and they feel sturdy. I will buy this again, in fact!

👤They're great when they work. There is a The first one took about a month before it required me to connect my devices to get it to work. It stopped working completely within a few days. Good thing. The second one was handy for a backup. It's been about a week, and it's working. I don't recommend this product for daily use in a vehicle.

👤I am amazed by my ability to find odd little components on my computer. I had to call places to get a part that I needed to repair something. Having to drive to get it. I can fix everything that fails around my house. No phone book searching, calling several places, then driving to a hole in the wall to get the part. It is delivered to your door step by Amazon.

👤These cables are used for split keyboards and I bought them for that purpose. I wanted a black or red cable as my setup was black and red. There is a The cable is long enough that I can use a cable tie to keep the keyboard in place, or I can use a piece of furniture to keep it in place. I can't complain at all about the 3.5mm plugs being at the right angles at this price point.

👤I will not buy plastic cables again. The braided nylon is worth a few extra dollars. They are made to last so that they won't fall over and expose the wiring. If you have had cheap plastic ones, you know what I'm talking about. Red is a beautiful color. It matches my headphones and mp3 player. The 2-pack will most likely be all that I need. I would buy these again if I ever did. I'm happy with them.

11. TalkWorks Metallic Auxiliary Extension Headphones

TalkWorks Metallic Auxiliary Extension Headphones

3.5mm audio jack An auxiliary cord with a metallic head piece is used to connect your phone to a larger system. If you want to use your phone or music player directly into your car dash, it's best to use an audio cord for it. As a 2 pack, it's sold. You can keep a cord in each car with this two pack. Only compatible with newer iPhone models when using a 3.5mm audio jack port is theDIMENSIONS & COMPATIBILITY: Universally compatible with any device or cell phone with a 3.5mm audio jack port. AUX CABLE: This 2 Pack of 6ft male to male 3.5mm aux cords will allow you to connect your cell phone or music player to your car stereo or speaker system at home or in the office when it isn't possible to do so with the other technology. Usb type C.

Brand: Talk Works

👤The cords crackle loudly when they are in the same place. The sound quality is good, but the crackling is a problem. Don't spend your money on these.

👤These are lightweight and work well. The double pack of 6' cables was purchased by me. I ruined one within an hour of using it, and I wanted to give a 1 star review. The long 6' length caught on a chair as I walked by and the cord was ruined. It was ruined. I guess you want the cheap cord, not the phone or headphones. That's the way you have to look at it. These cords are easy to tore up, but aux cords have always been this way. You have to keep buying them. I'm going to queue up my next purchase of these. Maybe I should shorten my headphones. Would buy again.

👤The cord is long enough that I had an extra cord that I wrapped up with a twist tie. The audio quality is the most important thing. I've tried about 10 auxiliary cables in the last month, since my car's wireless connection went out. The sound is crystal clear when you turn the volume up too loud, but all of the others had a weird sound. The lyrics, instrumental and base come through perfectly. If you're looking for an auxiliary cable for music, this is the one. It comes with a two pack in case you lose one.

👤I have listened to music and made music for 10 years and have never found a better AUX cable. I threw the first cord away because it looked gross and I was paranoid that I would only have one left. I used the first cord up to 8 hours a day for 6 months. The sound quality on these is nice, I don't have any crackling issues or points where the sound goes in and out when moved like other auxiliary cords. I would recommend these to anyone who needs auxiliary cords for home entertainment systems, sound systems in automobiles, or over ear headphones. They are well worth the price. Not paid by TalkWorks to write this review, I liked these cords so much that I went and searched for them again. Thanks to TalkWorks!

👤This cord is for people who don't have a car that has Bluetooth. This cord is for people who cannot receive phone calls through their car system. It works well with my phone.

👤Excellent product. Its still going strong despite some abuse. The outer coating of the cable I made is not something I like. It seems to want to hold onto everything when I move. It's easy to pull it out of my phone or laptop. When it breaks, I'll update how long it lasted.

👤I use it in my car. I gave my boyfriend the other one. The cord works despite my car getting super hot. I haven't had it in a long time. I love it.

👤When these were left unused in the drawer, the first one out plugged in and only half the speakers worked, the next one maxed out, and the last one worked perfectly at the dollar store.


What is the best product for headphone cable male to male?

Headphone cable male to male products from Ugreen. In this article about headphone cable male to male you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Ugreen are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone cable male to male.

What are the best brands for headphone cable male to male?

Ugreen, Amazon Basics and Ugreen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone cable male to male. Find the detail in this article. Syncwire, Zerist and Ugreen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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