Best Headphone Cable Management

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1. VELCRO ONE WRAP Organization Management Organizing

VELCRO ONE WRAP Organization Management Organizing

Their cable organizers keep the cords organized. These self-fastening thin ties will hold cords and wires quickly and safely, and are easy to use. There are WIRE and CORD MANAGEMENT. These ties are ideal for cord organization, wire management, and securing loose or extra-long cords out of the way. Strong and reusability are used by data and network centers across the globe. The pre-cut ties are easy to use, they stay firmly in place with an easy to use head, and they also have a secure hold. Thin ties can be used indoors or outdoors for your organizing and storage needs. Thin ties can be used indoors or outdoors for your organizing and storage needs.

Brand: Velcro

👤The zip ties are excellent for the product. They work well. It seems that a machine is responsible for making sure there are 100 zip ties of the same length in the bag. They are cheating here. The first tie to come off of each roll was different, but not the one promised on the package. There was a tie at the end of the first roll. There are several ties in the package that are not advertised. 6 ties are guaranteed to not be8" since there are three rolls in the package. If you can imagine how much money is spent on false advertising by every person who buys these, you can see how that isn't a moral way to go. Fix your machines. Someday, someone will file a case against you and you will have a lot of explaining to do.

👤I buy the One Wrap Brand from the big box stores in a five pack for 70 cents for each tie or $3.50 for the pack. I was happy to find the same brand on Amazon for less than a dollar. It's obvious that this isn't the same product. The strap is not as thick as it could be. " The "loop" portion of the product is very thin, and as you know, it is a "hook and loop" closure. I thought the name referred to the width of the tie, but it's the thickness. They're close, but not as robust. I'll keep the thin straps because of the low price, but I'll also keep the heavy-duty version of the hardware store's straps. The Hardware store product and the two varieties of straps are shown in the photos below. It's obvious when you handle them, and it's hard to see in the photos. There is a Excellent price! There are four rolls with 25 ties on each roll and they are waterproof for outdoor work.

👤I work as a network engineer. I am spoiled by the thick and fluffy ties we are given at work. These ties are paper thin and feel like they could be torn in half. I think they will work in a situation where they set it and forget it. If you're the kind of person who changes your wiring a lot, I would look for something more robust. If you're just tidying up and want to leave it alone, these will fit the bill.

👤I needed a tie wrap that was at least 8 feet long. The product was listed as 8 in X 1/2 inch Thin wrap Ties. I thought they were too short when I opened the package. The product is useless for my needs and will be returned.

👤"Velcro" is the originator of the brand name and I expected a higher quality. The material used to make these ties is very thin. They are so thin that they can be torn in half when trying to separate them. Do they work? They keep cables together. My concern is for how long. The hook and loop is not aggressive. I would not rate them for their durability at all. I was buying dollar store knock-offs prior to purchasing these, which were far superior in every sense of the word. I should have been told not to set my expectations so high because they are so low cost. There is an update #1. I've been using them for a month. I am almost through the first 25. I may have been reacting to their quality too early. Many of them have been wrapped and unwrapped over and over again. I will change my classification from "Light Duty" to "Medium Duty" at this point. There is an update #2. It had been a year. The first roll of wraps was finished by me. They have all failed under heavy use. I double them if I need a longer wrap. The VELCRO Company should die cut the straps a bit deeper. I lent a few to another photographer. He also ended up ripping off the end by accident.

2. Fastening Organizer Earphones Headphones Management

Fastening Organizer Earphones Headphones Management

It's a perfect gift for anyone. Please note that cable cord is not included in the package. The size is 6'' x 0.47'' (15 cm x 1.2 cm) and the color is black and white. It's perfect for your home or office computer, appliance, electronics cable organization and management. These cord straps are black and white. These cable wraps are durable and can be used again and again. You could fix their cables to the straps in seconds with these cable wraps.

Brand: Besign

👤You need these in your life if you post lost pet signs all over your neighborhood and cry for 3 days before realizing he was lost under a nest of cables. I've tried a number of brands of this same product and this is the only one that has yet to tear with use. They are a good size for a large bundle of cables, and they are great for the electronically gifted to attach cables to a table or other structure. The way they are packed is boring and frustrating for thick, calloused monkey hands, but once you have one where it belongs, it does the job well. The seller reached out after purchase to seek ways to improve and provide better service. A small personal touch shows they care about their customers. You have a suggestion about packaging. I like the fact that these types of items are in a roll where I can easily remove them at a time. There is a The ties are awesome! They are packaged in a small bag. I found it to be exactly as described. No issues with the purchase.

👤The threading hole is pre-punched so it is easy to thread the cable tie around the cord. They could be longer. These work well for small diameter audio cables. 6 feet is a problem for small Guage extension cords. There is a These are a good buy if you are fastening small cables. There is a If you have long cables, or cables larger than a quarter of an inch, pass them on.

👤They're the same idea, but these are larger and longer, and I found they do a better job of bundling the cables. I have a glass desktop, four external monitors, two laptops, and a glass laptop. The cords were bundled together with the ties. They allowed me to put the power cords down the back of the support legs on my desk, so that they wouldn't be seen. I use the white ones on my lighting cables to charge my phone. I found that wrapping them in prickly prickly side gave me a lighter grey and matched my cables better.

👤If you are like me and saved all those silly twist ties from bread bags to outlet cords, then you need to upgrade to a more modern style of cord management. They make it easy to find and keep all of your cords organized. Dad will make you hack your way to a drawer and bag with the help of the old twist ties.

👤These little ties are awesome. I will never use twistie ties again. No matter how you wrap them around something, the ties are still fastened to themselves. They are re-usable and can be used many different ways. They can be used on anything. They are great for keeping Christmas lights organized and preventing them from getting tangled up. I'm going to order longer ones for bigger items that need organizing. These little ties have a purpose.

3. MJIYA Headphones Electronics Electrical Management

MJIYA Headphones Electronics Electrical Management

PZOZ has a quality guarantee for professional customer service. Please use tips and see the picture of the item. Cut out or tear off whatever size you need, wrap the hook and loop tape around the cord or other items you want, these high quality cable ties wrap onto itself very well, which will not easily peel apart from the items under stress. The cable ties are made from high quality microfiber cloth. The application is wide. It's perfect for your home or office computer. These cord straps are black and white. The advanced technology completely eliminates the problem of the hook peeling off the fabric under stress, unlike cheap cable straps. Hook roll fastening tape. Roll material on one side and hook it on the other. Hook roll fastening tape. Roll material on one side and hook it on the other.

Brand: Mjiya

👤This was bought to be used for wrapping cords. Better to not twist ties. Cut off the length you need for the item. It's perfect for small items. It's strong enough for things like network cables.

👤I use it to hold on to my cords. It was perfectly narrow. You can cut how much you need.

👤Zip ties are more difficult to remove than this one because you have to cut them down.

👤You can cut a piece as long as you need it.

👤The Reusable Cord Keeper is used to organize cable ties for headphones. The wrap is very narrow. It works well for headphones and cables. Helping with cord management. It seems to be less than 5 meters. I don't want to unwrap it as I'll never get it rolled up so neatly, but the package is large enough to be a good 5 meters. I have been using rubber bands and hair ties, but this is better. I highly recommend. Have a great day, thank you for taking the time to read the review.

👤This wasn't what I was expecting, but I can't dock it too much since the listing starts out mentioning earbuds. This isn't a cable tie. This is the cheap stuff that is used in the packaging of cables. It's not the type of stuff you'd want to use regularly or for big cables, but it's cheap and good for small things.

👤The cables behind the TV have great cable management.

4. Nite Ize Curvyman Cord Supervisor

Nite Ize Curvyman Cord Supervisor

Small size to fit easily in pockets, purses or bags is a great option for an organized home or workplace. Please note that earphone is not included in the package. curvy man eliminates frustration by providing an easy way to wrap, store, and use headphones without the cord getting tangled. curvy man can clip to his shirt while running or biking with the included s-binder and hold his headphones slack securely so he doesn't get tangled up. It's easy to use cord wrap, just pop one end of your cord through the hole at the base, wrap it around the middle, and clip the other end through the second slit at the top. The plastic construction is lightweight. All Niter Size products are backed by worry-free.

Brand: Nite Ize

👤This cable wrap is nice, but be careful with headphones with soft cable jackets. I tried cutting the rubber cable jacket with the sharp edges of this. I'll need to replace my headphones after they were cut. For reference, see the photo. I taped the cable thinking it was cut by something else. The next time I wrapped them up, they were cut.

👤The curvyman is not easy to use. I've only used it to wrap my headphones 3 times since I bought it. There are better designed products on the market. If I paid more than I did, I would be disappointed. Buy something that is more useful. The design doesn't account for the mic and volume controls of the earbuds.

👤I think I've found a better way to manage my small cords after trying the cord management system. The ends of the wires that connect to devices are distorted by the Curvyman. The ends of my cords have failed because they are often bent back and forth. The ends of the cord can be arranged straight to alleviate the stresses on the sensitive parts of the microphone, if you use a simple tie. It seems like a good idea, but I don't think it's a good idea. For the price of the Curvyman, I got dozens of small velcro ties that work on everything from bulky power cords to delicate ear bud cords. * The original review is still valid. I've been burning through a lot of headphones recently, and I think the failures have something to do with the twisting of the wires in the cord. I bought this to allow cord storage without pinching wires at the ends. I bought a pair of headphones with the anti-tangle cord. The flat cord takes up too much space to be practical. The flat cord doesn't fit in the tight clasps at either end of the Curvyman, which is designed to hold both ends of your headphones. The Curvyman doesn't work with flat cords. The end clasps are very tight on arrival and that is an issue to be aware of. They may maintain enough tension to clasp the cord effectively as they're used over time. It doesn't seem to work with irregular or fat cords because of the small aperture. The cord still stuck out of the clasp at both ends, despite the fact that I couldn't fit it in the clasp at either end. I put a typical micro-usb cable into the end of the Curvyman because I don't have a regular cord for my headphones anymore. It fit perfectly. The shape of the clasp can be seen in the photo. I keep the Curvyman in case I get another pair of headphones. A cord management solution that accepts any cord size would be stably wrapped. I'm back on Amazon looking for one of those.

👤It feels like a back-of-napkin design. There is a Straight in- ear buds are used for listening to audio, but not supporting phone calls. The long, plastic piece of the phone-call-supporting earbuds has nowhere to go, the plastic is too stiff, and the notch for retaining the cord ends is too narrow; it feels like the wire covering would wear away. There is a It's not worth keeping around, and it's not worth going to the trash.

5. SUNFICON Organizers Magnetic Whiteboard Noticeboard

SUNFICON Organizers Magnetic Whiteboard Noticeboard

It's a perfect gift for anyone. Please note that earphone is not included in the package. Whether you need to keep your laptop cables and cords out of harms way or just keep your desk clear from charging cables, organizing your life is important. It is safe to use with phones, Tablets, Laptops or Desktop PCs. The multi-use pack includes silicone cable organizers compatible with all mobile devices. Keep your cables tangle-free with brightly colored tabs. It is easy to reuse. Simply remove the clip and go. It is possible to haveTILE and MULTIFUNCTIONAL. You can use the SUNFICON e-Clip as a cable tidy, earphone holder, bookmark, fridge magnet, whiteboard marker holder, or just about anything you can think of. This magnetic clips pack is a great gift for kids, friends, family, colleagues, students, teachers who love cable management, and it is colorful, eye catching, funny and versatile to use. It's made using eco-friendly and dust-repelling silicone with two built-in magnets for heavy duty and long term use. It is soft and resilient to tearing and pulling. It's ideal for home, office or on the go.

Brand: Sunficon

👤Really nice clips! The magnet is strong. You can clip on almost anything. Look at my ears! Yeah, Ha!

👤I love magnets. I bought them to use with my earbuds so that they wouldn't get caught on anything else, as I have a habit of doing along with my son. If you see the pictures attached, you'll see that I can use them to wrap up the cords for my tens unit that I use on my back and neck while I work all day. There is a hole on the side of the magnet that you can fit your cord through so that you can slide the magnets up and down the cord to adjust where you'd like to wrap the cords up at. If you don't want to have one laying around, don't loose the magnet. I enjoy having 6. I know what color magnet it is. I wish I was the one who came up with this idea. I gave my son a set of ear buds so that he wouldn't lose his ear buds while listening to his music. I can't wait to see what else I can use with the ones I have. The packaging is great. The ones that I'm not using have a place to put them in the plastic case. I will buy again. The magnets are strong and don't come up open if I have them clipped to just each other or a thick hoddie, that's why the price was perfect. Oh yes. They also have a little stretch to them. I love them so much that I wouldn't push my luck.

👤I am addicted to organizing cables. I have used hair ties and the thick twist tie. I received two packs because Amazon didn't deliver my cat magnet. I almost missed the error and I don't know if I should give them a thumbs up. There are 6 magnets in each pack. I have used 9 for my wires. It's easy to use different colors for thin cords. Magnet isn't strong enough for long medium thick cords. Great for small cords. It can be used for bookmarks, but it can easily be lost in a large book. You can hang it on the fridge. It is easy to use. The magnet is strong enough for what I need.

👤The little cable tie/book marks are very convenient. It is very easy to use. They are made of rubber, so they stretch a bit. Even with a stack of pages in between, the magnet is still good, as you can see in one of my pictures. You just wrap the ear bud cord around the magnet and it will do the rest. The only complaint I have with these is that when I tried to wrap a thicker charging cord, the magnet wouldn't stay. They are not long enough to hold together. They're only good for wrapping around ear bud cords. I would definitely recommend them. They are a great product.

👤The pop open are not designed to hold against pressure and will not hold against tension. They are great for small cords. I love the colors and the magnet function, but would recommend setting up an actual work station with a computer, printer, and such. Better options.

6. Reusable Cartoon Animal Headphone Manager

Reusable Cartoon Animal Headphone Manager

If you have any non-artificial quality problems, please feel free to contact them for a free replacement or refund. Whether you need to keep your laptop cables and cords in good working order, or just keep your desk clear from charging cables, you can organize your life. Only a few seconds will you be able to organize your wires. It's perfect for headphones, data cable, charging wires and small accessories. Also can be used as a cable tidy, a key chain, or anything you can think of. It is easy to carry and is weather proof. Food-Grade Silicone is the new Silicone Materials. A metal button is not easy to open accidentally and could be buckled million of times. 9 cable organizers with cute cartoon pattern are included in the value package. Shapes of colour bring you joy. A perfect gift for someone. 9 cable organizers with cute cartoon pattern are included in the value package. Shapes of colour bring you joy. A perfect gift for someone.

Brand: Pumpkin Houses

7. Good Store Cable Clips Self Adhesive

Good Store Cable Clips Self Adhesive

Link Dream can be installed almost anywhere, it has a 3 year warranty. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact them. 6 pack cable clips are packaged in an amazing blister card and are suitable for most computer and cell phone cables. Black is the color. The material is Eco-friendly Silicone with strong 3M glue. The cables that connect your devices to them fall to earth if you don't organize them. Their cable clips are located on your office desk. The wire clip is easy to use at work, at home, and in the car. It is easy to use, just peel the paper and stick it with 3M on any flat surface. Press a few times. You can use it immediately, but you have to use it again after 24 hours. Silicone has many advantages over other materials like rubber, plastic, and nylon. They try to provide customers with the best experiences at the best prices, and yet customer satisfaction is still their top priority.

Brand: Good Az

👤I bought this to use for my phone. The first photo shows the product being used. I thought this would work out well. It doesn't. The part that plugs into the phone is too small. The cord falls through the clip when not plugged into my phone. I don't recommend you buy it for use with your phone's charging port.

👤The main photo shows a 6-pack of the same size. Even though the holes up top are larger, I received 2 smaller ones and 4 larger ones. Looks like the wrong ones were packaged in.

👤It's not a bad idea to say that a reuse twist tie is a "household-improving" product. I found a pack of the ones made by "Nite Ize" at Home Depot and they were pretty neat. I bought 2 more, then 2 more, then 2 more, and so on. I find things to use with. There is a I looked online to see if there were more cost-effective bundles from other companies. They seem to be sturdy enough to last a long time. I use these on all of my cables, which is a lot. I have a lot of cables and cords that I can bundle together more neatly. Instead of throwing things in the cabinet, I use the cords to stay organized. I can't imagine that you would be disappointed if you tried a pack of these out and found out that you can use it around the house or office.

👤I bought these for my family to keep their cords out of the ground. My husband is doing well but I am starting to lose my mind. I have mine on the side of my bed, while he has his on the top of his bed. I think the extra gravity pulling on my body may be too much. Good product. Maybe keep it on the floor.

👤Product is good for cables and other items. The cable falls through the holder. Too big to hold the small end of the phone. I bought the wrong item because the item propaganda said it would hold charging cables.

👤These clips are what I needed. I didn't pay enough attention to the size and haven't found a use for the small ones yet. Our phone charging cords are perfect for the medium size. I ordered another set in white.

👤I put this on the wall because my charging point always falls below my bed. The piece fell off the wall after only a day. I thought it was the wall. I stuck the glue to the wall by putting it on the back. I had a sticker on my wall, but the black piece fell off of the bit that held it together. There was no reason for it to not work because I only put one wire in. Would not recommend.

👤I was hoping to have a way to keep the cables out of my desk. This one will only hold one cable. I read that it was for small cables, but I didn't realize how small the cable was. My fault. I don't want to use multiple cords holders because it would look terrible.

8. CLOOP Cord Keeper Management User Friendly

CLOOP Cord Keeper Management User Friendly

Hook roll fastening tape. Roll material on one side and hook it on the other. Are you tired of not being able to enjoy your workout because of constantly tangling earphones? Do you want a quick and effective way of organizing your cable collection? Cloop magnetic cable organizers is what you need. Premium quality materials. This practical cord keeper is made with superior quality, highly durable materials, a combination of elastic silicone band, 2 strong neodymium magnets and a cable passage, guaranteed to endure the test of time. It is possible to manage practice. Cloop charging cord organizers make cable management easy. These cord ties are easy to snap shut and open, and they will stay attached to your cable even when not in use. Have fun organizing. Reusable cord ties can be used for many different purposes, from home to office. They can be used to fixate your headphones during workouts, as fridge magnets for post-it notes, key holders or even as a fun fidget tool. There are three sizes of Cloop magnetic cable clips, and three colors: black, white, and red. You will never have to deal with messy cables again if you mix and match them according to your needs.

Brand: Cloop

👤I put the headphones in place on my shirt.

👤The tool is simple to use and packable. It's easy to slide on magnetic ends that work on both sides. It is soft and flexible when you pack it. I have other ones that are stiff. I would purchase this product again.

👤I have several of these. I like them on the headphones because they tangle up like crazy. The small size is the best for headphones.

👤Second purchase. I had purchased extra larges with a combo pack, so I bought just smalls for the second purchase. They stay on the cord, that's the main thing I like about them. There are little things on the house that had been on something. I didn't go back to get it when I was done taking it off.

👤The CLOOP is the best device after many attempts to achieve cord organization. CLOOP is ahead of the competition.

👤Keeping things together is a great idea.

👤I don't need twist ties anymore. It's great to have this attached to my earbuds and charging cords. The Magnet is strong. Highly recommended.

9. CAILLU Headphone Organizer Earphone Management

CAILLU Headphone Organizer Earphone Management

The brand is called TOPHOME. They have been creating innovative, solution-based products for over a decade. The tiny leather cord keeper is a great way to keep your cables and cords out of sight. A compatible phone earbuds case instantly releases a cord leather organization and tangle-free with a single pull earphone case, ideal for headphones, phone headphones, and other accessory wires. It's ideal for lovely gift earbuds charging cable organizer, tiny Leather gifts headphone case,cord organization earphone case 5 cable organizers, and corgi gifts. The leather appearance of the earphone case improves with age and usage. Not satisfied with a 100% refund, they are just one of the best gifts for your. Not satisfied with a 100% refund, they are just one of the best gifts for your.

Brand: Caillu

👤The leather cord holder is small, but it is nice. The photos on the product page suggest they will hold a standard lightning cable, but it is a bit of a struggle, as you can see from the photos. The cord is tight but it works.

👤They are quicker to use than a twist tie, and they don't do anything you couldn't do with a twist tie. They are made from real brass snaps. One reviewer complained that he had difficulty getting one of these around a Lightning cable, and that being a quarter-in longer wouldn't hurt. The solution is to coil the cable into a loop so that the leather fastening fits around it. If the coil's loops are an inch or two larger, everything will be fine. I have coiled 10-foot cables that have thick woven outer wraps, and they fit in an upturned open hand, meaning they are just 6-7” in diameter. I use them on cables that I coil and uncoil frequently, and on cables that I use in front of business associates. I believe they show a little bit of class by showing that you are not just using a twist tie.

👤These are cute. There is a They stink to high heaven. I could smell them in the packaging, the plastic and the cardboard. I was horrified when I opened each layer and the smell got worse. I put them outside in my yard for a day and a half because no one would use them. The smell is still strong even though one faded from the sun. The smell is so pervasive that you have to wash your hands a lot. The package will stink up the room. There is a This is not good leather. It seems like the cow is still decaying, I hope it is not a dog or a skunk. I bought them because it says Italian leather. It is not. Unless Italy is shipping dead animals to China and China is not tanning them before making items to send out. I have many Italian leather bags and shoes and these cord cases don't look like them. Many things that are leather that come from China have a smell that usually airs out in a few days, but these are the worst. I don't want to destroy my trash can, so I'm going to have to throw them in my neighbors trash. The pictures are cute, but don't let them fool you. These are not usable.

👤These are small things that I love. My wires are thin and go to my TENS device. I don't believe it would hold thicker wires unless you made large loops so only a minimum of wires were between the leather flaps. The product looks classy, and I am very happy with it.

👤I only had these for half a day, but I am in love with them. They are a perfect size and seem to snap securely. I wanted a way to organize my cables in my bag. I think I found it.

10. Organizer Headphone Retractable Management Charging

Organizer Headphone Retractable Management Charging

Small size to fit easily in pockets, purses or bags is a great option for an organized home or workplace. Please note that earphone is not included in the package. The size of the pack is 6.3x 1.7 cm/2.48x 0.67 inches. It is small and convenient to accommodate a variety of data lines. Keep it clean. The cute earbud cord organizers can help you plan your desktop and bag, and keep the long lines out of your headphones. It's perfect for organizing and shortening cords. There are computer cords, printer cords, and other accessories. Either keep them neat for home use or hide them. It's easy to use, just insert the middle of the wire into the wire slot in the box, close the lid and turn the switch in the middle. Small and lightweight, it's perfect for your pocket, purse, backpack, laptop case, briefcase, or suitcase. Can be used when going out or at home.

Brand: Barafat

👤I think the product does what it is supposed to do, but I would only recommend for smaller cords. A light set of earbuds is the best. I use them for charging cables and they work fine, but the cable is not flexible enough to wrap around the smaller center. This wouldn't be used for anything bigger than a couple of feet.

👤The first short cable was not perfect. It was tight to the wind. The first one was easy to use, but the second one was much harder to twist. The earbuds will remain outside of the device. I ordered another one that I think will work better.

👤The product worked perfectly. Great product.

👤It doesn't work or work well, but it's a great idea and nothing is gained.

👤There was a plastic object that popped out of the disc. It was very difficult to turn. There are better options out there.

11. NZXT Puck Management Silicone Construction

NZXT Puck Management Silicone Construction

Thin ties can be used indoors or outdoors for your organizing and storage needs. Powerful magnets allow you to mount audio or vr headsets with ease and wind away extra cable lengths as needed. Simple and versatile. Its unique design and powerful magnets allow you to mount each piece separately. The puck is made of nonconductive and hazardousfree silicone and can be cleaned easily.

Brand: Nzxt

👤I like the idea of the Puck and it was great for a while. I have been using them for many months now and I am starting to see some damage to my headphones. The corners of the Puck push in on the underside of the headset cushion. The materials on the headset and the Puck have caused this over time, as I place the headphones on the Puck and take them off. The underside of my other headset is getting permanent dents because the corners push in to the cushion. If the product was curved, the issues would be solved.

👤I'm not going to lie here... I thought this was the dumbest PC accessory I've ever seen. It's a rubbery magnetic puck. It's amazing how bad the headphone stand offerings are right now. The puck seemed like an interesting option since I don't like to hang stuff below my desk. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and usefulness of the puck after giving it a chance, mostly due to how excited NZXT seems to be about this puck. It hangs my headphones from my h500i case. It works well for what it is. The item is packaged well and the rubber is very good. You can loop cables around the puck if you want. I recommend the puck to most people that have headphones and are not happy with the overpriced and flimsy headphone stand offerings on the market right now. It's the best solution next to a dedicated hook at twenty bucks.

👤I took my headphones off before they started ripping into it because they started seeing dents in the headband cushion where it rests on the corners of the puck. The design for headphones should have been more rounded. I don't like the material as it is very rubbery so it collects dust and dirt very quickly. A star has been removed due to possible damage to the headphones. It functions how it should. If anyone didn't know, it splits in half. The only thing that is bad about this is that it collects dust and gets dirty very quickly due to it being very rubbery. There is a It's too expensive for what it is. There is a It does its job.

👤The rubber feel is nice. Even with heavy-ish headphones, no slipping down the case. It was a bit silly to pay $20 for this on a $70 NZXT PC case. There is a There are a number of factors that could cause slipping, including rubber and softer headband materials. I have Audio Technica ATH-50xes that other people said slipped, so I'll leave headphone weight aside. If you have a cheap case with thin steel, it's going to slip. I have an NZXT S430 that is not a "premium" case, but it does have thick steel panels and it is from the same company. If you get any dust on the rubber surface, you will get more sliding.

👤This product is very good. It simply doesn't work. There is a If you have a lightweight pair of headphones, this is fine. It can't hold my HiFiMan HE4XX and K7XX. The full puck can't hold one without sliding down, which is a shame because it's otherwise well designed and the integrated cable management is awesome, but it's not worth it.


What is the best product for headphone cable management?

Headphone cable management products from Velcro. In this article about headphone cable management you can see why people choose the product. Besign and Mjiya are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone cable management.

What are the best brands for headphone cable management?

Velcro, Besign and Mjiya are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone cable management. Find the detail in this article. Nite Ize, Sunficon and Pumpkin Houses are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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