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1. Co2CREA Carrying Replacement AirPods Headphone

Co2CREA Carrying Replacement AirPods Headphone

The co2CREA Hard Travel Case has a Sleep Mode Replacement for the Apple AirPods Max Headphone. The hard EVA Shell Case is shockproof and water resistant, and protects your AirPods Max Headphone from drops, scratches, bumps, splash, and dust. A strong and special zip can bring you a better experience. The Aiprods Max Headphone has a protection case. It's a perfect fit for your AirPods Max Headphone, it has more space to hold the accessories. The Smart Case can be used with the AirPods Max Headphone. The Airpods Max can enter the dormant state with the magnetic device on the bottom. The soft anti static lining of the co2CREA Hard Protective Case protects your AirPods Max Headphone from bumps and scratches. The Hand Strap on the AirPods Max Headphone Case makes it easy to carry it with you wherever you go. The case is only for sale. The included accessories are not Apple headphones.

Brand: Co2crea

👤These have a strong smell. They still stink even after a few days of airing them out. I don't want my headphones to smell bad.

👤The case smells bad but it fits perfectly. The smell is still bad after having it for a couple of months. Hopefully it will go away.

👤If you are a budget minded person, it is hard to pass up the Rugged and Solid well built case, it is a hard deal to not buy it, especially when the other case is less than $100. I tried everything to get rid of the smell, from putting a sock full of arm and hammer odor absorbing powder inside it for 3 days to spraying it with Hawaiian spray. My final solution was to place my headphones in a bag and then put them in the case. They stink like this case.

👤It works perfectly with Airpods Max and smart case. The soft velvet inside, the place to put your cord/charging brick, and the attention to detail are what I appreciate the most. The case is small enough to fit in my backpack. This case was a no-brainer for the price.

👤If you're looking for a case to protect your expensive headphones, look no further. This is the case that should be supplied from Apple with the MAX's to begin with. The price is a decent value for what you get. It doesn't have the magnets inside it to allow the APM's to go into deep sleep without the case from Apple. I have investigated this issue and it appears that you only need a pair of magnets and a case to get them into deep sleep. If you want to just purchase some magnets and fashion them together and attach them to the case, you can get them into deep sleep. I am certain that with time there will be something like this offered via a third party since it is an easy fix and seems to be an easy thing to make for cheap. If you are handy with arts and crafts, just get some magnets and do what I suggest. Cheers, Dobz.

👤The product is good for the price. It didn't come with a magnet, so I'm not upset. It has a light smell, and the company trying to give you a product to protect your headphones is not the right company to be mad at. I kept the case open all night to make it look like it was open. There was nothing disturbing. I cleaned it with a Clorox wipe and it didn't ruin my case, if you are really worried about that.

👤It works perfectly with headphones. I don't have a loose case so I don't have to include Apple case so they go to sleep. When you open them, they have a chemical smell. I don't want to put headphones in them because I'm afraid they will make them stink. The case is currently open to air out. The smell will go away.

2. Hermitshell Products Elecder IClever Headphones

Hermitshell Products Elecder IClever Headphones

The hard travel storage carrying case is made of jasper. Protect your device from damage. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤The fit is perfect and it works well with her new device. Sound quality is good and so far they are very durable. These earphones are recommended by me.

👤Kids headphones case. I bought these for the iJoy headphones and they fit well.

👤I was looking for a small headset that would fit my grandsons headset and this is perfect. He likes it.

👤It works perfectly for my daughter's JLab JBuddies.

👤My kids headphones are safe because of the product, they don't get broken in their backpack. 10 out of 10

👤I fit my sons headphones a bit snug, but made sure they were perfect on the road trip with siblings.

👤I bought this case for my son's headphones. It's durable and protects his headphones from being damaged in his backpack. The product is very good at a great price.

👤I love that it has a pocket where I can put my cord.

3. Hermitshell Hard Travel Case Headphones

Hermitshell Hard Travel Case Headphones

The hard travel storage carrying case is made of jasper. Protect your device from damage. Made to fit kids headphones. Eva is a material. The outside dimensions are 8* 5.6*3.2 inch. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤I bought two for each of the kids. The cases fit the headphones well. If your child is able to tuck the cables in the mesh pouch, it is a good place to put them. One of the cases is still working well. The other is showing a lot of wear. The stitches are still secure, even though they are starting to break. The ability to resist getting dirty and the fact that the carabiner ring clip broke shortly after arrival are reasons why I am taking away one star. Kids hate it when their new things break even when they are treated well. I would buy this product again, but I would consider a darker color if it showed dirt as bad.

👤It was bought by mistake. I thought the case had headphones in it. My bad that I didn't read the full description.

👤It's perfect for my kids headphones.

👤I bought these for my kids to keep their headphones in good shape despite being packed between home and school daily. The kids like that they can clip their backpacks with the folding headphones.

👤It keeps headphones from breaking.

👤Storage for my daughters headphones is pretty good.

👤After a couple of months, the kewpie broke. The case is hard to scratch. It's not durable.

👤My children use a great quality product to bring their headsets to school.

4. Fintie Silicone Shockproof Carabiner Blue Glow

Fintie Silicone Shockproof Carabiner Blue Glow

Perfectly fits the New Beats Studio Buds without any additional looseness. There is a light and a logo visible. Beats Studio Buds is not included. In the dark. The blue and green cover has an upgrade that will allow you to see your Beats Studio Buds in the dark, which will solve the problem of finding things. Excellent protection. Don't worry the top cover will fall off. Make sure your Buds are always refreshed. Premium material is made of a soft silicone for everyday grip, anti-fingerprint, anti-static, anti-dirt, and dust. The fintie case can fit your Buds without being sticky. Do not damage your earbuds. The key ring is easy to carry.

Brand: Fintie

👤Product waste of money. It doesn't fit properly and isn't protective.

👤The case is ok, but you have to use double sided tape to keep the top of the case in place. It glows bright.

👤It protects my earbuds very well. That's all I care about.

👤It glows. It is nice.

👤The price point is good, but not perfect. I tried to set the silicone in a perfect way, but it wasn't cut right so it left areas vulnerable.

👤It was installed without a problem. The latch is very useful. Great product.

👤The metal hinge is very secure and it fits perfectly.

👤Me gust la funda. Y se ve de una calidad. No necesita una exposicin a la luz para brillar en la obscuridad. There is a No me encant fue el ganchillo, pero se puede arreglar colocando un gancho ms robusto.

5. Linkidea BlueParrott B250 XTS Headphone Bluetooth

Linkidea BlueParrott B250 XTS Headphone Bluetooth

The two mini pads can be expanded separately or together, so you can use this case alone, or use it with the original case. When you are traveling or out, a hard shell case protects your headphones from bumps, scratches and splashes. The soft cloth lined interior of the inner pocket protects your headphones. There is plenty of space for accessories. Many headphones, like the BlueParrott B450-XT, B350-XT, B250-XT, B250-XTS case, are compatible with it. The dimensions are 6.9" x 2.1" The package contains a headphone case.

Brand: Linkidea

👤The basic case fits everything. The blueparrott is a little fragile so it was a good buy. The only thing? There is a mesh compartment for accessories. Stuff falls out of it. I fear I will lose something someday. I think I could glue it on. I would buy again.

👤It fits your headset and all the cords. The bigger headsets will be sung in there, so it keeps the headset in the strap.

👤The ear piece is a bit squishy. The pocket is not really usable with the headset in. It should be a piece of furniture. It does the job for 4 bucks.

👤I bought the Blue Parrott headset for work and thought it would be a good idea to have a case with it. There's room for little doodads in the case.

👤The headset is kept safe. A must have for head set users.

👤The case is nicely made. It is durable for travel in any vehicle.

👤To keep my headset out of sight.

👤Very high quality. It is attractive. The room for charging cable and spare foam pads is perfect for a headset. I bought a second case for my headset.

👤I brought this for my husband as he wanted a case for his blue tooth earpiece, but when I got it, I realized I had made a mistake as I could easily get ear pieces in it and it was actually for actual headphones, pity as it was really well made and looks good.

👤I use this for my headset every day and it is great for the weight and quality.

👤Die Tasche ist sauber verarbeitet, riecht angenehm und ist vom Material hart. Die Preis-Leistung ist hier stimmt.

👤tui trs rigide, Jolie couleur, parfait pour mon casque Sony Dragonne. Pour moins de 7!

6. Xcivi Carrying Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Xcivi Carrying Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Design for portable kids headphones. Kid's heaphone can be carried easily. A strong strap makes it easy to carry a light weight on the go. High quality, crush resistant, anti-shock, water resistant material provides your heaphone from bumps, scratches and splashes. Only the case, and not the headphones.

Brand: Xcivi

👤The case fit the headset perfectly. I would have liked more colors. There were only two colors available. It would have been great to have a royal blue or red. It keeps the headset safe for travel.

👤When we travel, I give this to my toddler. The headphones fit perfectly and it is very durable. I would definitely buy this product.

👤It's perfect for a young child.

👤The seller needs to change the picture on the product. This is only for the case. There is no headphones included. I bought this for my toddler. I wish I could come back. The case is not special. The blue is lighter in person. I am disappointed because the title says "bluetooth headphones", so I have to purchase headphones separately.

7. Compatible Shockproof Wireless Earphone Headphone

Compatible Shockproof Wireless Earphone Headphone

The air-pods protective case is made from flexible, shock-resistant silicone material, which protects your air-pods charging case against bumps, drops and scratches. The airpods accessories skin cover is compatible with the airpods pro. All functions and buttons are easy to access. You don't need to remove the case when you want to charge your earphone. It is convenient to carry your airpods around with you. It is easy to remove. The airpods protective case is shockproof and easy to remove. The airpods charging case is molded with precision. A great gift. Your airpods are eye-catching. Awesome gift for your friends and family.

Brand: Nikwiolb

👤The clasp broke.

👤The design fits really well. The sticker had an air bubble but I am happy with it.

👤It feels like the products are impervious to wear and tear. I have dropped my AirPods many times and nothing has happened to them.

👤It is very difficult to take off the case yet.

👤I expected them to break apart easily.

8. UltraShell Headphone Tune500BT TUNE600BT Protective

UltraShell Headphone Tune500BT TUNE600BT Protective

The maximum compatible headphones dimensions are 6.88 x 6.10 x 1.96 inches. It's compatible with many wired and wireless headphones. Ultra-hard shell protects against drops. The headphones have a soft inner. There is an internal mesh pocket that holds cables, cords, chargers, and other accessories. It's compatible with the following: JBL tune 660BTNC, tune 560BT, tune 510BT, tune 500BT, tune 600BTNC, T450BT, Live 400BT, E45BT case. A good replacement for the original headphones case. Geekria will replace or refund the case if it doesn't fit within a year. No question asked.

Brand: Geekria

👤We ordered the Geekria UltraShell Headphone Case to house the headphones that we retuned. I think we forgot to return the case that we no longer needed. A few weeks ago, we found the case in a storage bin. The window had closed. There is a What should we do? The case was re-purposed to hold the chalk line. It is an excellent solution.

👤This case is perfect for the Live 400BT I have. The case is nice. The pocket inside is perfect for the charging device. It comes with a small lanyard that can be used as a handle.

👤The sound quality is great. If used for a long time, they can bother your ear because they sit on the ear not around you. If bumped, this can cause them to slide off. I wouldn't be deterred from buying another pair.

👤I loved the case. Soft on the inside and hard on the outside. Excellent quality! They keep my headphones out of harms way.

👤I wanted to fit my headphones into these. They fit the phone, portable, and beats earbuds. All fits in the hard shell case. It's great for travel. Great product.

👤The case is beautiful. The size is perfect and the quality is great.

👤This fit my headphones as promised. Sturdy and better than expected. I would purchase again. It arrived quickly.

👤It fits my perfectly. There is a There is a lot of storage space for cords.

👤It was perfect for my headphones to fit in my backpack because of the fast delivery, but it took 4 weeks. The blue colour is gorgeous. There is a pouch on the left of the inside that can be used to fit extra wires or cables.

👤It was what I needed to fit my headphones in.

👤Me gust la resistencia del material. Buen producto. y con llegada.

9. WIWU Upgraded Headphones Ultra Slim Carrying

WIWU Upgraded Headphones Ultra Slim Carrying

The auto connect is on. The built-in magnet will connect your AirPods Max to the internet when you put it in this case. The weight of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 0.50 lbs. Even if you carry it with your hands, in a backpack, or in a suitcase, it never adds any extra burden. It's a good choice if you want to travel, work, or study. The splash-proof hard shell prevent liquid drops or dust from entering the interior, and the sturdy EVA shell and plush lining prevent your device from being squeezed, bumped, or scratched. This case has passed quality inspections and proved to be harmless to the human body. They have tested all the materials and processes to make sure that the smell of the material is the smallest it can be. The two mini pads can be expanded separately or together, so you can use this case alone, or use it with the original case.

Brand: Wiwu

👤I use this case every day. The magnets have never failed to sleep mode, it protects the headphones, and it is well designed and constructed. It would be nice if the little pocket for cords had a lid on it to keep them from falling out, but that doesn't stop this from earning an easy five stars. Excellent value for the money and what Apple should have included.

👤The design of the case is great. The case is very protective and the magnets work, but the smell of the case is terrible. I got the red one. It smelled like a Koch Brothers grade chemical. The smell is still coming from the case, even though it was left out on the porch. I usually have a dull sense of smell, but this one is so strong that I almost vomited. Not sure what it was. I hope I don't get cancer.

👤The case that comes with the Airpods Max is not acceptable. The hard case makes it easy to place in a bag without worrying about damaging the headphones. There is a The headphones are protected from being scratched with a soft plush material in the interior. The headband area has a small compartment that is good for keeping the charging cable. The plastic on the exterior seems very resistant to scratching and is very durable. There is a The Wisu case is a great value replacement for the flimsy one in the box that Apple provided for the Airpods Max.

👤The rest of the case is not bad. The fit is tight but it works.

👤The case for my AirPods Max is perfect and I use it every day. It's not as big as a case, but it still has enough room in my bag. It can be put into low power mode with the magnets. I've had cases with strange smells, bumps, and other things. The interior of all of them is the best. The case should have the headphones facing down rather than up. It's natural for me to take them off my head and put them down, rather than flip them upside down. It's the same for taking them out and putting them on.

👤It's like a glove with or without the Apple case. The magnetic divider can be used to put the headphones to sleep. It is nice to have more protection for these headphones. It feels well made. I am very happy.

👤The case for the new headphones is very good. It was a perfect fit and well made. Apple should sell this product as a accessory.

👤This is a budget case that has a really good quality and ergonomics for those who live in India and own a pair of AirPods Max. There is a The only downside is that it takes 2 weeks to deliver, however, it is worth it in the end.

10. Sunmns Earphone Headphone Carrying Carabiners

Sunmns Earphone Headphone Carrying Carabiners

5 pieces mini carrying cases with 5 carabiners, including red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, are great for multiple use or share with your family and friends. 3x3x1 inches pocket-sized, lightweight and compact, save space and reducecluttering for your bag. When you open the case, the internal mesh keeps your headphones in place. carabiners are easy to attach to your bags or backpacks and are convenient. The case is sturdy and good for organizing headphones and keeping accessories safe.

Brand: Sunmns

👤These could be really great. For some reason the manufacturer stuck a label on the cases that don't come off without leaving a big sticky mess. If you use any product to remove the black finish, it will take off the residuals which rub off on clothing, bags, etc.

👤You get five different colors so that you can coordinate them. The purple one is for my headphones, the orange one is for my charger, the blue one is for my chapstick, and the yellow one is for change when I get back. I don't have time to put it in my wallet, so I just shove it in there until I do. I have to have my money in the same place. I think it's a great price for five of these and they are very well made. I was expecting them to be cheap but they are very convenient and can be used for a lot of things. The blue one is the only problem I had with it, it's still closed. It's the only one like that. Since it does shut, it's not a big deal. Would definitely recommend this! I will be buying more sets.

👤A small ear bud case is a great value. I use these with the ear buds that are packaged with a phone and a set of ear buds. The wires are easy to slip into the inner mesh pocket. There is a These are a firm side case. It has some strength. The selling point was the inclusion of mini-carabiners. I just throw them in a bag and they stay untangled.

👤These cases are great for small electronics. When I lost my Bose earbuds case, I wanted to make sure they stayed protected, especially when traveling or just putting them in my pocket. I got this set of cases. You can't beat the price with five cases. I gave my wife some cases. It's always nice to have a few extras. Being color-coded is great for people who are very organized. These can also be used for accessories. There is an update. Now Mar 2019. I went into the bag and pulled out my last case. I decided to buy more of these because they were so handy and cheap. The price dropped another 50 cents. What a steal. There are a million uses for these little guys. I am going to store my small items in these cases because I keep losing them. If you misplace or lose your small electronics, use one of these cases and store with the cord. They are colorcoded so they are best for travel. You can't go wrong for the price.

👤These were great gifts. I found they had 1 million and 1 uses. I bought them for my husband because he was always losing his earbuds. I found them in the wash and other places. He dropped his earbuds on the ground and refused to use them. He puts them on his key ring or attached to his lunch box to be safe from germs. I use it for my Air Pods. My Air Pods fit perfectly in here, even though I was always losing the case. I can attach them to my key ring and not lose them. I INRDeals You should get them if you were on the fence. They are great.

11. SUNGUY Portable Earphone Smartphone Bluetooth

SUNGUY Portable Earphone Smartphone Bluetooth

The package includes a cover case for Airpods Pro, a carabiner, and a storage bag. The Charging Case for the Airpods Pro and AirPods is not included. Multi-colored products make it easier for you to find and differentiate, and this earphone case bag has different 5 color design. The earbuds carrying case has a portable size of 1.2 inch and is better for storing your earphones, hearing aid and more electronic gadgets. The high qualtiy Zipper EVA hard case, PU leather appearance protection, and inside soft velvet cloth protection are all part of the Great Protection Performance. Pocket size earbuds case compatible with Bose SoundSport. The Panasonic Ergo Fit is a Sony MDR-EX650AP. There are more mini electronic parts. There is a 12 month worry-free warranty on the 5 x SUNGUY Square Earphone Case. Please contact them if you have any questions. They would like to respond to you in 24 hours.

Brand: Sunguy

👤There are two separate reviews. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. Pack Large Case is 2. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's the same thing. It's not a good thing These were picked up to house my new ZST's. The ZST's earphones have cables that can be removed and reinstalled, so I needed a larger case. Failure will occur sooner rather than later if the more one fiddles. I keep the earphones in this larger case. I use a strap of a similar size to keep the earphones neatly wound, and the same size as the case, to keep the earphones stationary, so they aren't thrown about inside the case. That is what the cargo net is for. The storage case makes it convenient for me to keep the extra earphone cable in the cargo net. The case is large enough to hold my earphones and upgraded cable. There is a The case is strong enough to hold a backpack or purse without crushing it. It has a quality zip that zips smoothly. The price for the product is a fair one. I will order more of these cases if I get more earphones that have memory wire. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing Pack review is 5. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing I have dozens of in- ear monitors and I have another dozen being shipped to me via Amazon as I write this review. How do you keep all those IEMs organized? There is a I use this "coolsell" 5-pack of earphone cases. I have ordered this set on more than one occasion and will be ordering more. I color-code which earphones go in which case. It's easier to pick out a pair of earphones from a sea of earphone cases. There are two more I labeled each case according to the color of the Sharpie I purchased. There are 3 more I bought a roll of 1in. Attach my earphones with 4 inch sections of Velcro and cut them up. I keep the earphones in the case. I keep the eartips in the cargo net so they don't get lost. Problem solved! There is a The cases are strong enough to keep your earphones out of a napsack or purse. The earphone case is in the cargo pocket of my khaki shorts. The cases are well made, but they are not as good as the snake skin cases, but the quality of the exterior skin is more important. I have both. There is a You can store two sets of earphones in one case if both earphones are in ear monitors. I'm not sure if there is enough room for earphones and a charging plug in one case, and I'm not sure if two pairs of earbuds are too bulky. It depends on the size of the earphones and the charging port of your phone. I will post more pictures later.


What is the best product for headphone case blue?

Headphone case blue products from Co2crea. In this article about headphone case blue you can see why people choose the product. Hermitshell and Fintie are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone case blue.

What are the best brands for headphone case blue?

Co2crea, Hermitshell and Fintie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone case blue. Find the detail in this article. Linkidea, Xcivi and Nikwiolb are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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