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1. Earphone Silicone Locking Carabiner Compatible

Earphone Silicone Locking Carabiner Compatible

CONVENIENT DESIGN: Steady hand strap for portable use, Inner Mesh pocket design perfect for accessories. The opening and closing is easy with the strong zip. The protective case was made from impact absorbent elastomers to provide the perfect balance of protection and fit. earphone protection to prevent from lost and scratching Pinowu Silicone sleeve is lightweight and comfortable. Extra protection from water and dust is provided by the cutouts. Do not immerse in the water, as the case will resist from gentle water spray and splash. Pompom Kechain can be used as a key ring, car keys pendant, pom pom handbag charm, and ideal gift. The carabiner is made from lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy material and attached to a backpack or handbag for hanging keys, flashlight, cords, ropes, hoses, water bottle and other items. Also, can be used as a symbol. It's great for hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, traveling and other outdoor sports. No need to remove the case when you want to charge your airpods. The dustproof cover of the bottom protects your headphones.

Brand: Pinowu

👤The cover is very cute and fits on my airpods. The lid portion is attached to the main body. I think it will do a good job of protecting the case. I don't like the fuzzy ball, it's bulky and cute. My dog might think it's a toy, which is not what I want to happen to the expensive ear buds. I took the cute little ball and clip it off the ball and put it on the airpods case instead of using the boring black carabiner that came with it. I like it a lot. There is a The straps for the airpods came with it. It's just silicone. I don't plan on using them.

👤I expected it to be flimsy and cheap. What a surprise! I am impressed that I got a well made and nice looking product for a low price.

👤The item is made of very thin rubber. The shade of purple on the case is not the same as on the puff. Not even close! Shame on you. This product is not like the picture.

👤I love this case! It was a good price and the quality was great. There was a key ring and safety straps. I live that it has a piece that covers the charging port because I don't like getting dust in there. I would love to add pictures, but Amazon isn't letting me. When they change that, I will come back and change it. I have not tried the wireless charging.

👤I love my case, it's right in the shade of purple. The color is usually not the same as it looks on the site, but this was right on point. It arrived on time. Thank you for a great product and great service! I would order again from the sellers.

👤This cover is wonderful. I got the pink one. It is the perfect shade of baby pink. I don't have to worry about missing my case anymore because it's attached to me now. It's funny. I love this thing.

👤Love it. The color is the same. It's easy to install and get a lot of praise for the color. Will buy again. My coworker wants one too.

👤I had to cut where the lid and case connect to make sure the buds fit, but the tension kept the lid open. The airpods and their cases are not like that. No. It works.

👤I decided to buy a AirPods because of the illness. I should get a case for it. I came across this one and am not disappointed. It is very nice. Mind you. I thought I wouldn't use the case unless I went out. The case is pretty and the little bauble that comes with it is soft and nice to hold. It is definitely worth buying. Didn't take long to arrive. Came when it said it would.

👤This product is perfect, the amount of times I have lost my iPods, I said "enough is enough". I needed something cute, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. There is a It was just under $5 and it was all I needed. The little fluffy bit adds a touch of luxury to the case. It has a flap at the bottom that you can use to charge your iPod. The add on ear string is perfect for running. There is a The gold clip is great for popping on jeans. Just buy it.

2. Airpod AirPods 2´╝îAirpod Magnetic Headphones

Airpod AirPods 2%EF%BC%8CAirpod Magnetic Headphones

Eye-catching design. The Airpods are full of dynamic and cool feeling with the cute ca paw case. You can win more attention wherever you go with Airpods. A dance cat. The dance cat pendant can be used as a holder stand. You can put the airpods on the cat's hand and it will keep it for you. Its looks will lead to more discussion. Full protection. The soft sturdy skin protects your Airpods from accidental drops, bumps, dents, and scratches, and it's shockproof. There is a small hole at the bottom of the protective cover that can be used to charge the AirPods. It's compatible with Apple Airpods 2 and 1 Generation. The best gifts. The product gives the Airpods perfect protection and is also a novelty gift. This gift will make your friends and family happy, and give them a big smile. The package does not include AirPods, but it does include a Cat Paw case with carabiners, a Dance Cat Air Pod Stand, and aDIY keychain.

Brand: Athand

👤The case is very nice. I am very happy with my purchase, I am a black cat lady.

👤I use this to hold up the pens I make. It will work for me. The photo of it holding them upside down is a lie and anyone who wants to use it for AirPods should be aware of that. It won't be able to hold it still.

👤Who cares if the AirPods stay on the cats hands. The case and the cat make me happy.

👤The little white kitty cat was not with the package.

👤Its not magnetic! Its not worth the money.

3. Packs GLCON Earphone Headphone Organizer

Packs GLCON Earphone Headphone Organizer

Small size to fit easily in pockets, purses or bags is a great option for an organized home or workplace. Please note that earphone is not included in the package. Supreme Quality:- The earphone case is made of shockproof EVA material, built-in mesh inner pocket, and durable zip enclosure to give your item the best protection. This travel case is widely used for carrying small items, like AirPods, ear buds,usb charging cable, wall chargers, keys, coin, etc. The eva case is a small one, with an internal size of 2.5 x 1 inches and an external size of 3.5 x 2 inches. It's easy to carry your electronics or small item around. Long life time Give your items a mate and accompany with it, if you choose the storage carrying case. The earphone case is in the same color. 100% satisfied with the service.

Brand: Glcon

👤I've tried many small clam-shell cases for my earphones. When I started buying higher quality earphones, there was a problem because I liked the size of those small ones. The fit inside the case was tighter than I wanted. I was looking for some larger cases. I decided to try them. I can tell you that extra space is great. You don't have to worry about damaging your earphones. There are plenty of ear tips in there. If you're not happy to see me, these larger cases will make a bulge in your pocket, but that's okay. They will fit in your pocket if you're not wearing tight jeans or leggings. The picture was used for a size comparison of these and the smaller normal size. One of the larger ones is the open one.

👤To get rid of their new scent, you'll want to air them out. They're exactly as expected. It holds my regular audio cable, IEMbuds, and the microusb cable. I am happy that I have a darker color, as my pastel one looks old and dirty, but does a good job protecting the wired headset within. The longer, slimmer rectangular style is hard to fit in my IEM because it's not a straight line. They're not that roomy, so I'd like to swap out a few times. It would be easier if I were willing to bend every time I wanted to put them in the case. I don't want my cable stressed like that. I think I'll use my wired most of the time. There is a It feels weird to pay dollars for something that costs less than a dollar, but it is what it is.

👤It's small, cheap and durable and is a good place to keep your earbuds. There is a If you were like me, you used to just throw your earbuds into your backpack and wonder why your earbuds would keep dying, but now you know it helps keep them from getting damaged.

👤I had an iBeats earphone case for over a year before it was stolen. I like the case of the actual Beats. I ordered the GLCON hard case because I wanted to try something different. The case is great for holding any kind of earphones. How much space they give you is the only gripe I have. The bulge is real when you put it in your pocket. The iBeats case fit my earphones just fine. You'll be fine if you don't use your jean pockets. This one comes with a set of two. You're getting a good deal.

👤An amazing product at a low price. The bose wireless headphones were saved from a drop in a winter puddle by this case. I was able to grab the case and shake the water off with quick reflexes. The way I roll my headset made it through the part of the case that had water drops in it, but no damage was done. If you're a person who's hard on their things, you'll recommend this product and have a spare.

4. AirPods Cartoon Headphones Protective Shockproof

AirPods Cartoon Headphones Protective Shockproof

The Airpods charging case are not lnclusion. The 1/2 generation earphone universal protective cover is for Apple Airpods. Made of impact-resistant silicone rubber, the headphones are designed to protect them from external pollution and scratches. The shock absorbing design is engineered to absorb, distribute and circulate the impacts. The earphone shell can be made to last as new, with the help of a comprehensive package and a cute cartoon design, as well as anti-drop shock absorption and silicone material.

Brand: Max-blv

👤The quality of the material is very flexible and I was able to remove the case without any issues, I love the mickey mouse but it felt apart so I just put a little bit of glue and it was perfect.

👤The Pod case is so cute, we love it for our daughter to match her phone case.

👤Don't waste your money. I don't like bad reports.

👤It's convenient and cute.

👤The little pieces that hang off the side of the product would be better with metal.

👤It looks okay. I feel like I could have gotten better for my money. It's easy to lose a piece because the top and bottom pieces are separate.

👤No venia, quiero, dinero, or producto grasias, pero mucho tiempo.

5. Compatible Generation Shockproof Protective Anti Fall

Compatible Generation Shockproof Protective Anti Fall

The Cute cartoon case is made with Premium Silicone and is compatible with the new Apple AirPods. The New Apple AirPods case is made of Premium Silicone and protects your new Apple AirPods against bumps, drops and scratches without adding any bulk. The charging port design at the bottom of the case makes it easy to access, no need to take off the case when charging. You can take it to anywhere, it has an anti-lost design, and it has a key. It's very convenient. The best gifts for yourself, your friends and family are this New Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) case. 3D technology allows the case to be more chic and vivid, and this New Apple AirPods cover is made of superior silicone material.

Brand: Firstcorn

👤This thing doesn't fit in airpods 3. I had to take my case off because it doesn't fit at all. They made it too tight. What a waste. Don't waste your money.

👤If you don't put anything in the case, the top part will fall off. I have a hair tie. I put my hair tie over the top when I am not using it.

👤The case is cute and looks like the picture. There is a Definitely a great purchase!

👤It works with the 3rd generation of the AirPods. Mike had his feet off for charging. The case has nice protection.

👤It looks like the pictures. It's not hard to take off and it's definitely protective. It is very large, but I don't mind; it is harder to lose.

👤It was the same as the Head part with only eyes and mouth. The seller posted a cover picture.

👤I love it! It looks like it.

👤Me gust mucho la funda. No lo pongo las 5 estrellas por lo siguiente, no trae hoyito para Poder ver el LED, se lo tuve. Los colores tienen batidos en algunas uniones. La verdad vale la pena.

👤It arrived in time for Christmas, my daughter loved it.

👤No est apretado, justo. Los golpes tienen una elaborado.

👤The AirPods 3ra was perfect. The word Generacin is derived from the Latin word for "great." Y adems de verse chido.

👤Ajusta a la perfeccin. Estoy.

6. Lupct Silicone Cartoon Headphone Keychain

Lupct Silicone Cartoon Headphone Keychain

The design is compatible with both the 1st and 2nd generation of AirPods. Colorful AirPods are made of adorable, fun chic and creative designs. Quality Silicon has good elasticity, tear resistance, and can be cleaned. Function It also provides protection for your AirPods, and provides excellent anti-drop absorption with good elasticity. Dust and fingerprints are not allowed in your AirPods. There are accessories. People who go out can use the included keychain. Use the key to hang the headphones. It can be carried with you on your travels. The small AirPods may be lost. The protective shell allows you to see the AirPods at a glance. It's ideal for your family.

Brand: Lupct

👤This is a very cute case. There are extras on the side. The only reason I am giving it a 3 star is because it is cute, but the "Hubba" part is not really related to "bubba", so you can't really read it. I love it! There is a I thought I was getting the pink and purple gummybear just like the picture, but I didn't!

👤The product is very cute and nice for my airpods. It lasted a few days. The chain broke when I tried to attach it to my keychain. How fast it got stained is what I hate the most. I would put it on my jeans and it would be on the case in no time. Couldn't wash it off. It was a waste of money.

👤My nine year olds got a case for her. She loves it because it is very bulky. It has kept her earbuds nice. Everyone comments on it, they love it. It is easy to charge. It fits right in. They have never fallen off the Air Pod case. Would recommend to everyone. Especially if you have kids with expensive gadgets.

👤I loved this item. The charms are very cute. There is a You can't get the stains off because it dirties so easily. I don't know how it got dirty since it's in my purse. I only had it for a couple of weeks. I wouldn't mind if you could clean it, but it won't come off. There is a It is a nice weight and sturdy.

👤I love this case because it stays on, unlike the one I had before. The top doesn't come off suddenly. I bought this after I lost the top. 5 stars because it is very durable.

👤Absolutely perfect! I love it so much! Only one thing! If you are worried, add the smallest amount of super glue to the charms so they don't fall off. I did not. I screwed it back on because one came off.

👤Cute. The fit for my case was tight. It is easy to clean. The key chain is cute. It feels thick and strong. This is wonderful. The price was decent.

👤The smile on my daughter's face was what I liked the most. She loved it.

7. Airpods Compatible Charging Silicone Keychain

Airpods Compatible Charging Silicone Keychain

Cute 3D Design isStylish, funny, Cool, andkawaii. The appa case cover protectors will make your AirPods look pretty and colorful. The skin of your Charging Case will look very distinctive. This is a great gift for your family and friends. This is a perfect fit. The Airpods wireless case is compatible with the Airpods. There are cutouts for easy access to the charging port. The buttons of the headphones are accessible without the case. Silicone is a high-quality material. The AirPods case is dustproof and soft, so it won't scratch the charging station. Attaching the Airpods pouch to a handbag or backpack is easy with the carabiner clip. If you have a problem, please contact them without hesitation, they will take care of all quality-related issues with a replacement or refund.

Brand: Grusemi

👤The Appa is cute. I was unable to locate my Air Pod case. I have to yell, "Yip, Yip!" now. They come right to me.

👤His horns broke off less than a month after I bought it. I decided to be careful with his horns because they were flimsy and didn't seem very sturdy when I first saw them. I received mine on Jan 7 and they broke today. I am very upset by this. Appa is not without his horns. I wish I could glue them back on, but one is lost since I don't know where it broke off. I had to glue one horn back on because the other broke in my jacket pocket. I shouldn't have to glue a product back together. I was disappointed it didn't last a month.

👤I love this case. I was worried that the horns would fall off. I haven't had an issue with it. He was knocked around in my backpack. He protects my airpods and also makes sure I don't lose them, but he's also cute.

👤My son thought that the horns were not twistable, so I wouldn't rate this a 5 star. They will twist until you break them off. We now have an Appa without horns. It's a good buy, it's cute.

👤Excellent quality and cute. I thought that this case would be less sturdy than other ones, but it is great. It works well. I would definitely recommend this product.

👤Appa is my favorite. The horn broke after a few days. He is completely hornless a few days later. Otherwise, it is solid.

👤Love the case! I was worried that Appa's horns might rip accidentally but so far they haven't. It is hard to take on and off, which can be annoying if you are trying to connect it to a new device via the button on the back. Otherwise cute case.

👤The case for airpods is great. It's just about the perfect size, but it looks big. Is cute and thick.

8. MOLOVA Accessories Organizer Carabiner Earpieces

MOLOVA Accessories Organizer Carabiner Earpieces

The pocket size earbuds case is widely compatible. You can put your earphone, earbuds, data cable, charger, U disk, memory card, key, coin, earrings and other small accessories into these small storage bags, which are efficient, convenient, beautiful and practical. This pocket size earbuds case is made of PU leather and has a velvet lining. The hard-wearing storage bags will not scratch the wireless/wired earphones, Airpods or other thing. carabiners are easy to use and hook your bag, backpack, and pants belt. Multi-colored products make it easier for you to find and differentiate the small accessories you put into these bags for protection.

Brand: Molova

👤One of the carbines broke and had to be re-positioning a metal strip piece to keep it closed. Those are the reasons for 4 star. The cases have worked well so far. Adding a piece of cloth inside the interior fabric can make it softer, so you can pay more for another product with softer interior. Will give a true Durability review as time goes on.

👤I don't understand all the good reviews. Today was mine's arrival. The carbines are cheap plastic and have no spring action. I received 3 of them. There were two missing. The pouches are sturdy, but the zippers are not. They are made of plastic. The pouches are assembled in a way that the zip does not come together. The pouch is opened by the result of the zipper separating. I noticed it on all the pouches. There is a The colors are nice. This item is not very expensive. It will not break the bank. No matter how inexpensive, any item that doesn't work or perform to a minimim standard is a waste of money. Approach cautiously!

👤I like the price but the zippers are weak and arranged in such a way that they are stained when closed. I didn't know about the rest.

👤These cases work well for what they do and are very solid for the price. If the Clips weren't there, I would give five stars. I had a Pop all the way open. I was able to fix it. The Levet part tends to wobble a little, this is what caused the one to miss the clasp and almost break. Great case. It's definitely worth the purchase, just be careful with the clip.

👤The 5Pack Square Earbud Case arrived this week. To hold wired earbuds with a lightning to audio jack plug, I used a case to clip on my iPad. Zipping a couple of times a day on a trip seems to be holding up the use of a zip. I don't know what to do with 4 other cases, maybe give to nieces and nephews as stocking stuffers. Gave 4 stars and will update after a few months of use.

👤I ordered 5 pieces in one set. One of the carabiners was broken when opened, and the rest were broken in a couple of days. There is a The quality of the zipper is not bad but it will not last for a long time. I am happy with that product. I spoke with Amazon and they helped me get a gift card for the same amount as the broken number of Carabiner.

👤I bought this pack to make sure my family members could keep their earbuds. My husband put his case to the bag he takes to work so I can reach it easily. I believe the remaining two will work at the gift exchange.

👤The EarFun AirPods 2 is more of an egg shaped case. I needed something to protect them from spilling open when they are dropped. The case is perfect for that. Other cases were too large. I like having the zip up to make sure they are secure. No worries when they fall.

9. SAVORI Rhinestone Headphone Organizer Carabiner

SAVORI Rhinestone Headphone Organizer Carabiner

The mp3 player and accessories are not included in the storage case. If you have a problem with the case, please contact them. The SAVORI earphone Case is made of high quality sparkling rhinestone. The small case for earbuds makes your daily life more interesting. The phone case isdurable. A small mesh pocket inside of the soft cloth lining can provide good organization for your small stuff. The diameter is 3.34in. Dust protection and anti-smacking are included. It is possible to enhance its lifespan by protecting it against water splashes and dustproof. The anti-shock effect will reduce the impact on headphones and other items. Capable design. Attach the earphone storage bag to your bag with one carabiner. It is easy to carry. WIDE APPLICATION- The earbud cases are good enough to keep your small accessories safe.

Brand: Savori

👤I bought this to hold my gear. I put it in my purse for easy accessibility. I have had this for several months now and I am happy to report that the product is sturdy and with the money. The carabiner is very sturdy and has not failed me yet. The carabiners in the Air Pod cases seem to fail or disappear. It is also cute and the perfect size. Very happy with this little guy.

👤This is gorgeous! It's perfect for your earphones, charging cord, and spare key. You can use other small items. It is pretty in person. The pink and the white are the same color. It's easy to hold and comfortable to use. Very happy.

👤It is pretty with bling. A bit heavy. My main complaint is that there is no carabiner. The product description says it has a carabiner. There is a little loop for a carabiner or lanyard, but no inside the box or inside the case. Maybe it was not included. I might return it or order another one that will include the carabiner.

👤There are super sparkley crystals. Not graphics. It was well made. Cute. The zip should be pink and not black. It's easy to hold onto a purse or backpack with the clip grip. Not large enough for a card. If you wanted to use it as a very small purse, I would hold a key and some cash and lip balm.

👤It doesn't take up a lot of space in my purse. After a few months of owning, no stones have fallen off.

👤I have a case for my ear buds that I can put in or on my backpack. I can take it with me on trips. The case is my favorite. It works well with my earbuds.

👤I am in love with the beautiful and magical, durable, and perfect fit, amazing zip, there is no catch.

👤Very shiny. It's fine for a pants pocket but not for a jacket. For its size, it is quite heavy.

👤The receiver loved it. I don't like bling and pink and thought it might look too much. It is lovely!

👤A good size to fit two sets of earphones in the case. The clip can be fixed to a bag.

👤I thought it was smaller. I thought it would be small and cute. It is the size of a purse.

👤It's pretty and shiny, good quality. I have all the colors.

👤I bought two for my twins. Came in a long time and looked good.

10. Silicone Shockproof Keychain Charging Compatible

Silicone Shockproof Keychain Charging Compatible

The device is not included. Premium Skin-Friendly Material: Made of premium grade silicone, not easy to age and break, soft, lightweight, durable, and smooth surface, scratchproof, keep your Beats Studio Buds case more secure. Silicone is very soft and shock-Absorbing, and it feels great in your hands. The cover on the Beats Studio Buds is hard to drop. The colors of the studio bud are bright and unique. The simple style makes you who you are. No need to take off the protective cover when charging.

Brand: Asdf4554

👤It is cute and lovely, but it is large. I have medium size hands, so please check my picture. There is a Those things are too heavy to carry. The bottom part is ok but the pink Frappuccino and whip-cream shape are heavy. There is a It is not good for the hanging accessary.

👤I have been looking for a fun way to carry my beats. I can hang on my key chain. To keep them close to me.

👤The top part is not very sticky but it does not stay securely on the bottom. I don't miss the brightness.

👤The case is sturdy and cute.

👤My case is big and bulky, but the case for the headphones is what I like the most. It is a big size, so it is expected. I got the case because it was cute, the straw on my cup popped up but I am not worried about it. I love it.

👤This case and Keychain is amazing. I'm very happy with my purchase. I like the bulk because it provides a lot of protection, but it's bulky and I'm prone to dropping things. The colors are just as vibrant as the pics and I love that the hand strap has paw prints on it. I'm not happy with my earbuds. I'm sad that I won't be able to use the case if I get different buds.

👤The case is still recommended by me. The top pops off. okay

👤Is not that safe. But is beautiful.

11. Protective Airpods1 Headphones Organizer Cute AirPods Case

Protective Airpods1 Headphones Organizer Cute AirPods Case

Interesting camera design. Premium Silicone protects your AirPods against bumps, drops and scratches. Wrist straps lanyard are practical accessories. Airpods 1 and 2 are not compatible with AirPods pro. If you have a problem with the goods, please contact them and they will solve it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Hzzzzz

👤I am very happy. When I purchased this product, there wasn't many reviews. It is very good quality. The case is strong. I won't be worried about my AirPods falling out because it takes a lot of effort to remove the Air Pod case from the protective case. I wanted a camera style case that was feminine and this was perfect. The design is cute.

👤It didn't fit my case and I didn't like the material.

👤The product is very sturdy and good quality. I recommend.

👤It's hard to take off once it's on, but it's good because you can't see it change from orange to green.

👤The case is cute. It's a bigger case than I'm used to. I like it. I'm debating returning this product because it makes me feel sick, and it smells like a really weird sweet artificial smell. I tried to wash it with soap. It still smells strong. It made my hands smell like it. I'm not sure what to do with it.


What is the best product for headphone case cute?

Headphone case cute products from Pinowu. In this article about headphone case cute you can see why people choose the product. Athand and Glcon are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone case cute.

What are the best brands for headphone case cute?

Pinowu, Athand and Glcon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone case cute. Find the detail in this article. Max-blv, Firstcorn and Lupct are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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