Best Headphone Case for Kids

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1. Headphones Adjustable Tangle Free Children Parental

Headphones Adjustable Tangle Free Children Parental

There is a lifetime warranty. The product has a limited lifetime warranty. Refer to the website for more information. Kids headphones use a 3.5mm jack to connect any device to enjoy high quality sound. Use for remote learning, listen to music, watch movies, or use for other things. The built-in parental volume controls allow for kid-friendly sound levels in any setting, just slide the switch to create a custom sound experience. When using headphones for school, home, or travel, they have a custom fit that includes a headband and soft ear cushions. Enjoy long lasting comfort on road trips, virtual classes, and airplane rides. Pikachu is the inspiration for the over ear headphones. It looks great on a Pokemon fan. Kids headphones are a great gift. The headphones are ideal for computer learning. The ekids brand store has great products.

Brand: Ekids

👤I bought these for my 7 year old son for Christmas in 2019. I thought he would like Pokemon. He's wearing them daily because he's in virtual school. They are very comfortable to wear and they still look brand new, which is a testament to their durability because my kid isn't very careful in his treatment of things. I am very pleased with the purchase and would recommend them. There is a Update 10/22-20. The dust has completely bit these. They used to be used for 10 weeks a day. I don't think I'd buy them again. Subtract 2 stars for that reason. Now 3, I was 5.

👤I bought these for my five year old grandson who had to have the volume on his tablets turned off. When he leaves my house, I no longer have a migraine. Ryan's world and the voice of his mom drives me crazy. I don't have to deal with the pain anymore. He can still enjoy his shows. He loves Pokemon and that made grandma the best.

👤The headphones are very cute and a great addition for children who love Pokemon. This is my son's second pair of this type. I hope these last a bit longer than the previous ones. He uses them to play on the IPad. They are easy to use and have a switch to control the volume.

👤After doing research on these headphones, I went to other sites as well. I bought them for my son because of the reviews. He said they were uncomfortable and didn't fit in. I adjusted the head piece after he brought them home from school. I was wrong to think that they covered his ears. My son is 8 years old and they don't fit in a 4 to 5 year old. Before you send your child to school, be careful. He tried wearing them for a week before he brought them back.

👤My 11 year old loves them. She says the volume limiter is very comfortable. They're snug on her head, so a kid with a bigger noggin might not fit them. It seems well made, not flimsy. If they break easily or something goes wrong, I'll update this review.

👤My son was excited to purchase all of it, but he found out the right side didn't work. Before I arrived home, he threw the box away. I can not return it.

👤Son loves these, they work well, quality is pretty good, but they're small on him, and he's only 9. I'm not sure if this is my fault for not checking the size, or the headphones fault for not being adjusted for different head sizes. I'm sure they'll be used as long as possible.

👤My 6 year old loves Pokemon. My boy tends to bite on things and the first set of headphones lasted 2 weeks. He bit cable and stopped working. He didn't bite the cord after ordering a second set. It's either bad luck or poor quality. The only good thing is the headphones. Will not order anymore.

2. Hermitshell Hard Travel Case Headphones

Hermitshell Hard Travel Case Headphones

The hard travel storage carrying case is made of jasper. Protect your device from damage. Made to fit kids headphones. Eva is a material. The outside dimensions are 8* 5.6*3.2 inch. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤I bought two for each of the kids. The cases fit the headphones well. If your child is able to tuck the cables in the mesh pouch, it is a good place to put them. One of the cases is still working well. The other is showing a lot of wear. The stitches are still secure, even though they are starting to break. The ability to resist getting dirty and the fact that the carabiner ring clip broke shortly after arrival are reasons why I am taking away one star. Kids hate it when their new things break even when they are treated well. I would buy this product again, but I would consider a darker color if it showed dirt as bad.

👤It was bought by mistake. I thought the case had headphones in it. My bad that I didn't read the full description.

👤It's perfect for my kids headphones.

👤I bought these for my kids to keep their headphones in good shape despite being packed between home and school daily. The kids like that they can clip their backpacks with the folding headphones.

👤It keeps headphones from breaking.

👤Storage for my daughters headphones is pretty good.

👤After a couple of months, the kewpie broke. The case is hard to scratch. It's not durable.

👤My children use a great quality product to bring their headsets to school.

3. Hermitshell Products Elecder IClever Headphones

Hermitshell Products Elecder IClever Headphones

The hard travel storage carrying case is made of jasper. Protect your device from damage. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤I ordered the "teal" case for my girlfriend. It's the ugliest pale green color. It seems to be made well, but ugly.

👤Vale la pena. The headphones are de mis hijos. Durar mucho.

4. Nilogie A21 Headphones Cellphone Airplane

Nilogie A21 Headphones Cellphone Airplane

The device and accessories are sold separately. The on- ear earphones have lightweight cushions that are comfortable. The headband allows for a perfect fit. It's suitable for toddlers, teenagers and adults. The built-in 93 dB volume limited will protect kid's hearing. It is easy and convenient to store. There is no microphone, remote or volume control for 3.5mm devices.

Brand: Nilogie

👤I bought this for an elementary student. I took him to Amazon. He chose the headset. He was so excited to use it with his laptop. He wanted me to try it out and it was very comfortable on my ears. I will probably order more for the students who need it the most. Privacy reasons why pics are not provided.

👤The school said students had to have a pair of headphones to use the technology at school. My child says that they are comfortable despite the fact that they have been working for about 5 months. I think they block out the noise. I don't know.

👤My daughter loves headphones. They are comfortable, have a great color, and work well. When she has them on, she does not answer when I call.

👤She seems to really like them. They work well for her because they don't cancel all the noise.

👤I got these for my child because I don't like the kind that goes inside the ear. She loves them. Her bag is very cute and comfortable.

👤Good product for kids. I've tried a few and it was better than others. Looks good.

👤My 7 year old loves these. Good price and good quality.

👤My granddaughter is very fond of these. They are not loud and don't slide off. They remind me of the old school earphones I used to wear.

5. Storge 300BT Wireless Headphones Aenllosi

Storge 300BT Wireless Headphones Aenllosi

The case is made of supreme quality, durable, crush resistant, anti-shock, water resistant material and provides adequate protection from bumps, scratches and splashes. The Internal mesh pocket can hold other accessories. The internal and external sizes are: 6* 4.5* 2.5 inch and 7*5.75* 2.5 inch. The device and accessories are not included in the sale.

Brand: Aenllosi

👤The case is so small that the kids can't fit it. It is not what the picture or description describes. It is a small zip up container that you can fit some make up brushes in. It is overpriced and not what it says it is for. I wanted to return it. It was a gift for my daughter, but she already had a 6 year old size headphones, so it was useless. I missed the chance to return it.

👤Good quality, good price, fits headphones perfectly with extra room for cords or something similar. Would buy again if there were more colors to choose from.

👤I bought the kids headphones and they fit perfectly. It feels sturdy enough to handle a kid. There is a pocket on the top half of the case that can be used to store extras.

👤The headphones fit as advertised. My daughter should put them away so the cats don't chew the cord again.

👤You have to make sure you get the headphones that fit in the right way because this is a great case and very protective. Very snug and tight.

👤Don't buy. Was disappointed.

👤Me gusto is ideal para los nios. Y estoy protegidos. No hay variedad, Quera otro color.

6. LilGadgets Connect Headphones SharePort Children

LilGadgets Connect Headphones SharePort Children

For any questions while using, please contact them at any time via Amazon email or through the contact information on the instructions. These headphones are lightweight and fit over the ear, and have a patent pending design. It's a perfect gift for kids. Durability is improved by metal extenders, which are used to hold on to children's play. SharePort does not need a splitter. One side of the Connect+ Pro can be plugged into the device and the other can be used to share audio. The microfiber carrying pouch and nylon audio cable allow for a greater range between your children's devices. Quality Audio: Volume limited with Adult Worthy. The max volume is 93db with internal 40mm drivers and a range of 20 to 20kHz.

Brand: Lilgadgets

👤The best of the bunch, these were the best of the several children's headphones we've gone through. I took one star off because the max volume level seems a bit loud to a child's ears, and another star off because we haven't had them very long, and the sound has stopped working on one. My son ends up turning the volume up very loud in his one ear. I might purchase a new pair of these, because they have been the most comfortable and have been used a lot, but I'm worried about paying that price again for a pair of headphones that might only last a few months. I just received two replacement cables from the company, they saw my review on Amazon and sent the cables as a possible solution to my problem. The cables did not resolve the issue, but I will update my review again with more information. I'm adding a star to my review because I'm very impressed with the customer service of LilGadgets. The company contacted me after I wrote my review and sent me cables as a possible solution, but when that proved to be useless, they sent me a brand new pair of headphones. I was initially very pleased with the headphones for their design and comfort level for my kids, and am even more pleased with the customer service and pride that they take in their products and their company. They've made customers out of us.

👤We have purchased three pairs of these headphones. We like that they don't use a device like a phone. Our kids like that they can watch a video with their headphones on. The company hasn't replaced the broken headphones even though we've owned them for less than six months.

👤In June, we bought 3 sets of headphones for our daughters. They have been great on plane rides and in the car. The ability to chain them together has resulted in people sharing their listening habits. The colors make it easy to find in backpacks. I wish the bags that came with them were not all black, but matching the colors to make it easier to distinguish. The headphones were a 5 star purchase for us until last week, when it was clear that one of the cables had splintered, and now only one side of the headphones gets sound. Since these are for kids, I was expecting betterDurability and am disappointed. There is a We received a replacement cable from the company. Great customer service. We will see how this works.

👤I love these headphones. We bought a new pair for my daughter's 3rd grade school use. My kids have headphones at home that work well. If you have a big headed kid like my 5 year old who got his headphones when he was 4, then it's best for them. It's a good thing! I don't let them use the headphones unless we're in the car, grocery shipping, and I don't want them to use them if they're not in the car. At their grandmother's house, they love her grandkids but she doesn't like their child appropriate noises. I have had to replace 1x cords in 9 months because of the 1 year warranty on the headphones. You won't be disappointed.

7. Hermitshell Travel IClever Boostcare Headphones

Hermitshell Travel IClever Boostcare Headphones

The hard travel storage carrying case is called the gisshell. Protect your device from damage. Made to fit iClever's kids headphones. External dimensions are 8.8*6* 2.5inch. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤My headphones fit perfectly in this case, but I wish they made a rilakkuma. There is a phone case. I still recommend this case.

👤If you buy headphones with the ears, one of the ears hangs out, and this is a nice little case, it does not close all the way. It's still good for the price.

👤I thought it was a pair of headphones. I am pleased with how it protects headphones.

👤The headsets don't fit.

👤I purchased this thinking it was the headphones. This photo is not accurate. You can't fit other kinds of headphones.

👤The ad is not leading. The shell was the only thing that mattered. The review asked you questions about headphones. This needs to be removed.

👤Return has been difficult because head phones didn't fit.

8. XANAD Hard Travel Carrying Headphones

XANAD Hard Travel Carrying Headphones

The inner design of XANAD case has enough space to hold your Noot K11 /Elecder i37 / POWMEE P10 The headphones and accessories are for kids. Assured protection The interior and exterior of the earphones are made of high quality velvet and high quality EVA material, which can protect the earphones from shockproof, semi-waterproof, dustproof and wear-resistant. The hard case is lightweight and compact to fit in your bag, backpack or luggage and is convenient to take anywhere. The case is perfect for Noot K11 /Elecder i37 / POWMEE P10 Kids headphones. The size is 5.5 x 6.7 x 3.1 inch and it has a weight of 0.33 lbs. They have great faith in their case. Money back guarantee on each one of them. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have a problem with the case.

Brand: Xanad

👤Sturdy parts. The headphones need to fit without breaking because of the tight space.

👤Quality price flexibility is a pros and cons. That's correct... None.

👤Well made, good fit, firm shell.

👤They don't include the ser of the headphones that they described in the distribution.

👤Me agrado. Guardar los audfonos de mi nio. Amigos, lo recomiendo. Muy bueno.

9. Spiderman Headphones Rechargeable Microphone Detachable

Spiderman Headphones Rechargeable Microphone Detachable

There is a 24 month warranty. 45 days money back on their headphones. If you are not happy with their quality, they will give you a full refund. To show you that they believe in their quality standards, they give you a full warranty service for 24 months. Audio or content can be streamed from a computer to a mobile device. The volume for kids is reduced to make it safe. A microphone for talking to friends. The built-in rechargeable battery allows up to 18 hours of continuous playtime. Quality headband and padded ear cushions are ideal for travel and storage.

Brand: Ekids

👤A knot was lost. It wasn't screwed right. Poorly made.

👤Sometimes the feature does not work at all. You will end up spending a lot of time trying to get them to work and its very frustrating for children. My son wears his headphones while I use the cord, and the cord often comes out of the headphones. A pair of corded headphones is recommended.

👤My son loved them, but they wouldn't connect to the internet and the iPad wouldn't work. You had to turn them on and off. Had a pair of Midola headphones and never had an issue. I had to return them and replace them with Midola. They were connected after they disconnected from the device. We did everything we could until we could return them.

👤My son used them all last year for remote school, and will use them again this year for in-person school. They have been used daily since November. They have a backup 3.5mm cord in case he forgets to charge them, and they fold up to protect them in his back-pack. He was able to connect his school laptop to his phone, and his phone to his kindle. They can only be connected to one at a time, but he only uses one at a time, so that works. They have lasted a long time and have a good battery life. They should be recommended to other parents.

👤It was a hit! It was a nice sound. 15 month old used on plane take offs and landings. I had to hold on to my head a bit. He will grow into it. This G-ma was able to use a wireless device. Go Spider-Man!

👤My son is 6 years old. He loves Spider-Man so it was a no-brainer. They are comfortable with him. They have a sound cap on so they don't hurt his ears. The blue tooth can be used. The battery lasts about 7 hours.

👤It was comfortable for my son. There is a cushion on the ears. Good sound and not loud for their ears.

👤Good headphones have good sound quality in both ears, good battery life, easy to use buttons, and a strong connection, but not great for noise cancellation. My child loves them.

👤Compré 2 audfonos, para 9 aos. El tamao de los audfonos is adecuado. The poco de fatiga is un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un po La calidad de los audfonos is a buen sonido.

👤Ami hijo le encant! I am encanto, pero tiene la opcin de conectarlo por cable.

👤The headphones were the wrong ones. I received a pair that had no volume control. The ones we received kept sliding down and not staying in place, so you could adjust them up and down.

👤Los audfonos son resistentes. No se han borrado ni rayado, los dibujos y estampados hasta ahora. Un ideal para un nio. A person is hijo le.

10. PowerLocus Bluetooth Headphones Rechargeable Microphone

PowerLocus Bluetooth Headphones Rechargeable Microphone

Geekria will replace or refund the case if it doesn't fit within a year. No question asked. There is a gift for a protective carrying bag. It is portable and foldable. It's convenient to wear over the ear design. You can wear them for hours. The foldable and stretchable sides of the headphones make them perfect for both adults and children. It's a great choice for over- ear headphones. Space saving and portable design of the headphones. The sound quality is amazing. Hi-fi stereo wireless headphones over ear that have specially developed software that aims to deliver the music from your playlists on a whole new level! Superior Audio Quality can be achieved even in the lowest volume levels with Deep Bass and Dynamic Power Sound. You are listening to music with wireless headphones that have 40mm audio speakers. You can listen to quality audio from a variety of sources, just with a click. It is possible to have universal companybility. P1 headphones are compatible with all 3.5mm plug cable enabled devices. The headphones work great with a lot of devices. You can accept incoming calls with a single press with the help of a microphone. Better phone calls can be made with hands-free technology. You can pair 2 devices with great wireless connection. Wireless and wired headphones are great for all ages. They're perfect for travel, sport, gym, office hours and every day use. They assure you that PowerLocus headphones are going to last for a long time, built from high quality materials and nice to touch. There is a 24 month warranty. 45 days money back on their headphones. If you are not happy with their quality, they will give you a full refund. To show you that they believe in their quality standards, they give you a full warranty service for 24 months.

Brand: Powerlocus

👤This product is amazing. We got this to keep my son entertained. It's easier for a toddler to stay still on the plane if they watch videos or movies. We have used this headset on 4 flights and have never had any issues with it. There is a Things we love about it. It is wireless. No cords to tangle with. 2. There is a nice case. A free hook. The headset has been protected well so far. We usually put it in my luggage or on my purse. 3. The ability to charge a computer. It can be used anywhere. I have been able to charge it on my power bank, home, airport or hotel room. I did not try to charge it on the plane. I will update this post on our next trip. 4. It was comfortable on the ears. The padding is soft and you don't have to worry about it getting sore. 5. It connects to our devices very fast. I've tried connecting it to a variety of devices and nothing has worked out. 6. It is great to have volume. It adjusts to one soft touch. Volume goes to low after turning on. It is a big plus for us. 7. Customer service is great. They reply fast and follow up with you. There are things I don't like about it. When the battery is almost empty, it will turn off in a matter of seconds. This is a great product that is affordable. I believe in the quality of Power Locus and have ordered 2 more products from them. Can't wait to try those.

👤The cord broke. A part needs to be replaced a month into school. I was contacted by the manufacturer after my original review. They sent me a new aux cord to replace the broken one, and the headphones are still hard for my son to use. Even though it was hard to find some of the stations, he was excited to find a radio built in to the headphones, even though it was hard to find some of the stations. Happy customer! Thank you.

👤I received the first pair of headphones. They would connect via bluetooth, and sound would come out, but they wouldn't stay connected for long. Staying connected wasn't a problem. This was annoying. I got a response from the vendor after I email them. They helped me diagnose the problem and reset the headphones, but in the end they decided that the headphones I received were not good. I received a new pair within 2 days, and they work great! There is a The headphones work as advertised, but the customer service is the real reason I'm giving 5 stars.

👤It was the first time I had ever experienced amazing customer service and I was shocked to see them reaching out to me since it was usually the other way around. There is a My son has not used it yet, but he will use this replacement at school. We should see how this replacement plays out because he gives me updates about anything I get him. The headphones worked perfectly when we first got them. I got them for my kids when they were young, and they were a life saver on our flights. The battery life was good and the kids didn't complain when it went out. There is a It was on the ear for my boys. It helped with sound proof as well. There is a The device worked well. He was able to walk to the other side of the room and the sound was still good. There is a The left side is giving in after 2 months. There is a We are out of luck because the sound is going in and out on the left side of the headphones.

11. Hetmitshell Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Memory Protein

Hetmitshell Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Memory Protein

The hard travel storage carrying case is called the gisshell. Protect your device from damage. The Innner size is 7.3 x 5.5 x 2.5 inch. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤I must admit that the Hard EVA Travel Case for collapsible Mpow was completely unexpected. There is a The case is larger than my hand is, and it is very thick, which makes it unwieldy. It reminds me of an enormous hamburger. There is a I was led to believe that it isn't hard, even though I disagree. The plastic shell of the case is very hard and has a bit of flex. The quality of the case is what I am most impressed by. There are two exterior, medium-to-high quality zippers that are similar to a rucksack, and there is a nylon carrying strap that is replaceable. The case is completely open when opened. There is a mesh pocket on one side of the case and a soft, non-abrasive, pilled-nylon interior. The nylon-taped interior seams of the case are waterproof, and the stitching on the tape is small and precise. There is a The Mpow headphones fit inside the case perfectly when folded down. The whole package is very neat once you close it, because the accessories fit neatly into the interior pocket. There is a If you value your headphones and want to protect them, you should consider this case. The product is a triumph of design and execution, even if it is larger than you were expecting. I give the case a 5 out of 5. The person is Chipper F. Xavier, Esq.

👤It is a case. It's a thing that holds things. The thing that holds other things has a zip up. Take a hold of the little tab and slide it. You have to be careful with the way you slide it. You can't put anything in it if you slide it the wrong way. Make sure you open it before putting anything inside it. Take a picture of a door. You will be fine if you remember how to open them. If you need help, you can always ask me questions.

👤No headphones, just a case. I only use the search settings on ear wireless headsets for kids. I should have read the bottom detail better because the listing made their headsets sound like a case and a headphones included. It is not. Just a case, returned quickly.

👤Would have rated this case a 5 because it's great quality, it's made well, and it seems durable enough without being too bulky... When I put my mpow 059 over the ear wireless headphones into it, they are a perfect fit, until you close the case and zip it up. It was difficult to keep it closed because it was so snug and I had to take them out a few minutes later after I had tested the fit/case. I would end up with ruined ear cushions if I had to fight with it just to close and zip it up. I might not be giving my headphones enough credit for bouncing back. I ended up ordering a different case.

👤I wanted a case for the headphones since it was a guarantee that I would break them without some sort of protection. The headphones fit perfectly. It's light and matches the headphones color. The case cover has a weird texture and I can see it getting scratched very quickly, but I am happy.


What is the best product for headphone case for kids?

Headphone case for kids products from Ekids. In this article about headphone case for kids you can see why people choose the product. Hermitshell and Nilogie are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone case for kids.

What are the best brands for headphone case for kids?

Ekids, Hermitshell and Nilogie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone case for kids. Find the detail in this article. Aenllosi, Lilgadgets and Xanad are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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