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1. UltraShell Compatible Sennheiser Skullcandy Replacement

UltraShell Compatible Sennheiser Skullcandy Replacement

The maximum compatible headphones dimensions are 4.13 x 3.14 x 1.18 inches. Ultra-hard shell protects against drops. There is an internal mesh pocket that holds cables, cords, chargers, and other accessories. It's compatible with the B Tour2 and the PB2 case. A good replacement for the original headphones case. Geekria will replace or refund the case if it doesn't fit within a year. No question asked.

Brand: Geekria

👤... I only read one in the package. The Customer Service Representative was kind enough to set up delivery of more. The delivery shows late October when I originally ordered in August. Is that correct? What should I do?

👤The case is cheap and the zippers are bad, but I like it. I use this case for my iPods. I was hoping for a tighter fit because the elastic band is not very close to the back wall. The mesh pocket is very loose, but the cable fits so I can't complain. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤The green color is not the same as the picture. It's a dark green instead of a bright green. Disappointing. 3 stars.

👤It was a good fit and it was worth the price.

👤I have a storm ear piece. They fit inside. A very strong case.

👤I recently redecorated my home office to adopt a more green theme and I thought this was the perfect product to house the varioususb sticks, dongles, and adapters that usually cluttered my desk. The product is made from high quality materials. I was pleasantly surprised by the size, as it allowed me to collect everything in a single unit, as I usually don't have time to do that at dollar stores. The zipper can be a bit sticky at times, but perhaps this will work out with more use overtime. I don't think it's a big deal for me. I found the green colouration to match the photo.

2. Fintie Headphones Anti Scratch Accessories Protector

Fintie Headphones Anti Scratch Accessories Protector

The AirPods Max Headphones add virtually no weight. There is a pair of AirPods Max Silicone covers. Air Pod Max is not included. All cuts line up. The cutouts are precise and accurate, do not interfere with the operation of the Air Pod Max, Normal use of buttons and improves the sound of the Air Pod Max. The lightweight AirPods Max cover keeps the AirPods Max from clacking together when pulled out of the headphones case, and also protects them from scratches, bumps, and damage. Premium Silicone Coverdurable cover without any added bulk, No yellowing, No headband, Anti dust fingers prints, avoid peeling off the skin of the aging headband, keeps the AirPods Max clean. Simple snap-on installation with no tools needed. It feels like baby skin and has a soft and comfortable touch. When they are put into the AirPods Max case, they will not affect sleep mode.

Brand: Fintie

👤This product will protect your Airpods Max. Silicone coverings are easy to install on your Airpods Max. My only complaint is that I had to cut lines on the ear phone covers to make sure the Airpods Max were connected to the headband. The pictures show that they have been cut, but I did not. Maybe it was an error.

👤I bought the black cover for the Space Grey Air Pod Max Headphones because I wanted to keep my hair product out of the mesh while it dries. I got the 3 piece kit because it wasn't much more. The three PIECES make my headset much easier to handle and make the look and feel better. Highly recommended! It is just light weight and feels good. A+.

👤You have to shell out more money to protect your apple products. I enjoy the Airpod Max protectors now that I have gotten that out of my chest. I would give this product an extra half star because my SO thought I had purchased different colors of Airpods when I put them on the headphones. I can get the more affordable Airpods Max and just put these babies on for a new look. I would deduct half a star because the top plastic headband can "snag" on my hair and make it uncomfortable at times. It is an even 5 stars.

👤It fits the ear cups well and feels like a good quality product. I was going to not use the top band cover because I thought it would pull my hair. I was surprised at how well the glow in the dark works. I don't think I've ever seen a glow in the dark that bright.

👤At first, these worked well. One of the cups fell off. If I put on a scarf or coat, it would fall off more easily. One of the cups fell off on the trip. I didn't realize it. I had to throw the whole thing away. The product is a good idea, but it needs a re-design so that the cups fit better on the headphones. The same color as the headphones could make the color truer.

👤This is what I wanted for my cans. It keeps them from getting scratched when putting on a hard surface. If you change your mind about the stickers, it's much easier to remove them than it is on the physical Max.

👤The fit of the headphones is perfect and the cut outs are great. Highly recommended.

👤These fit perfectly. It was easy to slip on and stay put. The holes are all lined up perfectly. There is a The headphones are brand new and will keep them clean and scratch free as long as I have them.

👤Me encanto! Rpido (antes de lo esperado) para empezar lleg. Y en perfectas condiciones. Ajusta a la perfeccin, pero est fcil de poner o de quitar. No entraran los AirPods en el Smart Case, pero s entran sin problemas. El color. I tienen de lo mejor porque es funcional. 100% recommendable.

3. Newseego Compatible Shockproof Protective Headphones

Newseego Compatible Shockproof Protective Headphones

The case is compatible with Airpods 2 & 1, but not with the AirPods Pro. It is easy to take off by hand. Premium Material protects your AirPods charging case against bumps, drops and scratches and is fully covered. It's easy to carry a key chain in your purse or belt loop, so you can have your AirPods at all times. Even on a heavy rainy or snowy day, take along Airpods for any outdoor activities. glitter with marble pattern on the cover makes your AirPods case different and eyes-catching, decorating your headphone case and fitting your mood and outfit in daily life, parties, ceremonies etc. You can get a response and solution customer service if you have a problem. Quality issues can be replaced or refunds during the 90 days. You can contact their after-sale service at any time. You can get a response and solution customer service if you have a problem. Quality issues can be replaced or refunds during the 90 days. You can contact their after-sale service at any time.

Brand: Newseego

4. Hetmitshell Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Memory Protein

Hetmitshell Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Memory Protein

The hard travel storage carrying case is called the gisshell. Protect your device from damage. The Innner size is 7.3 x 5.5 x 2.5 inch. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤I must admit that the Hard EVA Travel Case for collapsible Mpow was completely unexpected. There is a The case is larger than my hand is, and it is very thick, which makes it unwieldy. It reminds me of an enormous hamburger. There is a I was led to believe that it isn't hard, even though I disagree. The plastic shell of the case is very hard and has a bit of flex. The quality of the case is what I am most impressed by. There are two exterior, medium-to-high quality zippers that are similar to a rucksack, and there is a nylon carrying strap that is replaceable. The case is completely open when opened. There is a mesh pocket on one side of the case and a soft, non-abrasive, pilled-nylon interior. The nylon-taped interior seams of the case are waterproof, and the stitching on the tape is small and precise. There is a The Mpow headphones fit inside the case perfectly when folded down. The whole package is very neat once you close it, because the accessories fit neatly into the interior pocket. There is a If you value your headphones and want to protect them, you should consider this case. The product is a triumph of design and execution, even if it is larger than you were expecting. I give the case a 5 out of 5. The person is Chipper F. Xavier, Esq.

👤It is a case. It's a thing that holds things. The thing that holds other things has a zip up. Take a hold of the little tab and slide it. You have to be careful with the way you slide it. You can't put anything in it if you slide it the wrong way. Make sure you open it before putting anything inside it. Take a picture of a door. You will be fine if you remember how to open them. If you need help, you can always ask me questions.

👤No headphones, just a case. I only use the search settings on ear wireless headsets for kids. I should have read the bottom detail better because the listing made their headsets sound like a case and a headphones included. It is not. Just a case, returned quickly.

👤Would have rated this case a 5 because it's great quality, it's made well, and it seems durable enough without being too bulky... When I put my mpow 059 over the ear wireless headphones into it, they are a perfect fit, until you close the case and zip it up. It was difficult to keep it closed because it was so snug and I had to take them out a few minutes later after I had tested the fit/case. I would end up with ruined ear cushions if I had to fight with it just to close and zip it up. I might not be giving my headphones enough credit for bouncing back. I ended up ordering a different case.

👤I wanted a case for the headphones since it was a guarantee that I would break them without some sort of protection. The headphones fit perfectly. It's light and matches the headphones color. The case cover has a weird texture and I can see it getting scratched very quickly, but I am happy.

5. UltraShell Compatible Headphones Replacement Protective

UltraShell Compatible Headphones Replacement Protective

The package includes a Silicone case for Beats Studio Buds. If issues develop in the future, they provide a replacement warranty and friendly customer service. The maximum compatible headphones dimensions are 4.13 x 3.14 x 1.18 inches. Ultra-hard shell protects against drops. There is an internal mesh pocket that holds cables, cords, chargers, and other accessories. Audio-Technica ATHSPORT70BT, ATHSPORT50BT, ATHLS50iSBK, ATHE40, ATHCLR 100iSBK, ATHCKS1100iS, ATHANC23 are compatible with. It's compatible with Panasonic, Sony, and WISP500. A good replacement for the original headphones case.

Brand: Geekria

👤I am always on the go. I carry more accessories for my phone that help me get through the day since it's such a big part of my life. There is a I don't like carrying these items in my pocket because they get tangled up in my purse. The case has worked out well. Life has been much easier since I've been using it. There was more than one color to choose from. It's small but holds everything I need, including my huge 7 mili Amp back up battery. Sometimes I don't have the luxury to plug my phone in during the day. Instead of looking through my purse to find my stuff, I just grab one case that is easy to find and I have all my stuff ready to go.

👤This case is great. It's large enough to hold my Photive headphones which have a hook for the ears and a mesh pocket that holds my Apple headphones. This fits nicely in my purse. It is sturdy and well constructed. I'm very happy with this case.

👤There is nothing wrong with this item. It works well but the color is not what I ordered. It is more like anavocado than a bright lime green. Very disappointing.

👤I liked it and my headphones fit inside.

👤I will buy 2 more because of the awesome storage for all major brand buds.

👤Use un par de veces.

👤It didn't work as needed.

6. LTGEM MDRZX110NC MDRZX110AP Cancelling Headphones

LTGEM MDRZX110NC MDRZX110AP Cancelling Headphones

CONVENIENT DESIGN: Steady hand strap for portable use, Inner mesh pocket design for accessories, smooth but strong 360 degree zip for easy opening and closing. The case is designed to fit your headphones. Outer dimensions are 7.0. " L -5.2" W - 1.8" H 100% safe. Hard quality EVA material is Semi-waterproof, Shockproof and Durable to protect your Headphones from impacts and splashes. The hard case for Headphones is easy to carry in your backpack, carry-on or luggage for better travel protection. CONVENIENT DESIGN: Steady hand strap for portable use, Inner mesh pocket design for accessories, smooth but strong 360 degree zip for easy opening and closing.

Brand: Ltgem

👤I love that this case fits my headphones. I put the warranty documents in the mesh compartment. The headphones fit perfectly in the case, with the wire secured with a gear tie. The zip ties works well and glides smoothly. The case is waterproof, and I like that it is tough. I don't have to worry about my water bottle damaging my headphones. I'm happy with the case I got, it was a good price. It's lightweight, compact and perfect for travelling.

👤My niece needs new headphones. I was looking for a pair of wireless/blue tooth that were state of the art. I was thrown a hurdle by my niece. She wanted a set of headphones that were wired. They are not easy to fine. If you want quality and noise cancelling, ask her. She has been happy with the set.

👤My kid wears headphones to school. They would only last a month or two if he kept tossing them into his backpack. The issue seems to have been solved after buying the matching headphones and case. Highly recommended for people who are hard on headphones.

👤Our kids have a wireless headset. syncs with our tablets This is the second purchase for our daughter. Our son can use it easily too, it will last longer than wired ones where he would pull the cord and it wouldn't work. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this for my headphones and they fit perfectly. It's easy to store headphones and has a pouch to hold accessories.

👤A sturdy light case. There is a It holds the head phones and is very well made. I would buy it again.

👤It's compact and strong and the conpany paid attention to detail by folding the headwire in a net pocket. I would buy this product again.

👤It was built for protection of headphones. There is a My headphones fit perfectly.

7. LTGEM Headphone Compatible Sennheiser Headphone Black

LTGEM Headphone Compatible Sennheiser Headphone Black

Multi-colored products make it easier for you to find and differentiate the small accessories you put into these bags for protection. High Quality Hard EVA Material is dustproof and waterproof to protect your headphones from splashes and impacts. It is convenient to put your headphones in and out of the case with the comfortable hand strap. Villus that is build-in super quality reflects superior taste and ensures a long- lasting performance. The design is smooth but strong. It's risk-free to purchase HD 598,HD558,HD202 II. If there are quality problems, they offer a 100% Money back Guarantee.

Brand: Ltgem

👤This case is not what it is described to be. The case is too short and my headphones won't fit at all because of it. It's not 7.5" w and 8.6" l as they claim in the description and their own photos. It was nearly impossible to zip up because of the crooked zippers. I had to put the house outside immediately because of the horrible smell from this. I'm not joking. This is supposed to be a top rated case? Why can't people make decent goods?

👤If this review helps you in any way, please hit HELPFUL. It will encourage me to continue my reviews of products I've purchased. There is a The Pros include: easy to fit Skull Candy over the ear headphones and my mp3 player with room to spare. : I would really appreciate more choice in color. I like to lean toward colors that say here I am. It's easier when packing. There is a I would buy these again. I would buy the cheaper one with the light colored lining again because it was easier to find things inside. It's a good thing. There is a Please give this review a thumbs up, I appreciate it. It's real. I've been a customer of Amazon for twenty years. I don't get paid for my reviews. I wouldn't want to be. I pay for a service. I get all of the perks that come with Prime membership.

👤I was surprised how well made this was. The shell is very strong. The outside is slick and feels like cordora. The inside feels warm. There isn't a lot of padding, but the combination of the solid shell and soft inside work well. I don't think my headphones will get messed up. The whole assembly feels well attached to the handle, which is a nylon strap with a rubber handle. The rubber coating on the dual zippers makes them feel like they will hold up for a while. Over the last month, it has held up well, and I throw it in my backpack everyday. If you remove the cable, it will fit my HD 598 Cs. The cable is easy to remove. It would be great if there was a pouch or a spot of velcro to attach the cable. If you're going to store it for a long time, you should probably remove the cable since it puts a bit of strain on the cable. There is a The case arrived undamaged. The smell was strong at first. The smell is gone after I left it open to air for a week.

👤These were bought for less-than expendable headphones. It doesn't fit the HD 650 set with the cable on because it doesn't bend the cables at a right angle. I don't want the cables to loosen over time and fall out, so I'm not going to pull them in and out of the sockets. They only had to add half an inch to this case and for the kinds of headphones that would necessitate a case. I don't know how they didn't take one of each of the most popular sets, and the open backs are among those, and make sure they all fit. There is a It fits my foldable headphones like the HD 280 pros.

8. Headphone Comatible CT 7Pink Bluetooth Headphones

Headphone Comatible CT 7Pink Bluetooth Headphones

We have great faith in their case. Money back guarantee on each one of them. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have a problem with the case. Kids Wireless Headphones Storage Case is designed for kids. RiwboxCT-7S Cat Ear is a cat ear headset. For sale is the Yurlgst Over-Ear Headphones. The Riwbox headphones headset case is made of durable eva materials which are shockproof, water-resistant, and Flamingo cover, making it more fashion and cute. You should be confident that the kids headphones are secured. The accessories mesh bag can hold more than one accessory, keep everything neat and tidy. It's great for kids, teenagers, boys, and adults. The external dimensions of the portable and compact Headset Case are 9 inches. Not taking up a lot of space in the backpack is convenient. You can enjoy the music whenever you please. Best gift for Christmas, Birthday, Holiday, is a headphones holder. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them and they will solve it for you as soon as possible.

Brand: Paiyule

👤It fits the headphones. I like the design of penguins.

👤It's great for travel because it can't be crushed in a backpack.

👤She likes the case for her headphones.

👤My daughter loves the design of the case and it works well to keep her headphones safe and undamaged. It has a small pocket to hold the cord for her headphones.

👤The little one is traveling with her headphones.

👤I love the case and it fits my daughter perfectly.

9. MILPROX Earphones Protective Shockproof Accessories

MILPROX Earphones Protective Shockproof Accessories

Geekria will replace or refund the case if it doesn't fit within a year. No question asked. The beats studio buds case is special. It's like gloves but with no bulk. Premium Silicone is used for a silky, smooth and dust resistant finish. It is less than one ounce that provides robust protection against bumps and scratches. The beats studio buds can be wired and wireless charged without the case. The front light is visible. Installation is easy. The design of the keychain makes carrying your case safer. They have a lifetime warranty and friendly support.

Brand: Milprox

👤The item was not adhering to the case. The top comes off.

10. Protective Chargeable Headphone Shockproof Anti Lost

Protective Chargeable Headphone Shockproof Anti Lost

It's useful because it's 100% fitting, not easy to slide out, and it's always in a new look. Special protects your device. The design of the headphone box body protects it from dirt, bumps and scratches, and it offers wonderful grip. The hole location is an advantage. The port is easy to access. There are anti-slip bars on it. The style matches your headphones perfectly. The most secure and slim way to carry your device is ultra thin. 1PCS X Silicone Case is included. PCS has an anti-loss Buckle.

Brand: Brave Troops

👤I like the green color. It is the same as shown in photos. The charging port is protected from dust with a rubber insert. The case is easy to take off. I've dropped my case twice since I hooked it to my keys. My case is fine, but I wouldn't chance dropping it so much since the cover is meant for protection from minor scratches and bumps. The carabiner keeps me from dropping my airpods when I hook them up to my belt loop or purse strap.

👤It's cute, works the way you need it to, but the button on the back is not where you want it to be. I don't think this is a big deal and I love the color of it. I kept it.

👤The daughter keeps track of her AirPods.

👤It fits the airpods and is soft and durable.

👤Cute color works as a case.

👤The case is pictured with a clip, but no clip was attached to it.

11. ProCase Headphone Panasonic Technica Headphones

ProCase Headphone Panasonic Technica Headphones

This is a risk-free buy and you can click the orange button to place your order. The case is compatible with the Sony ZX series/ MDR/ WH-XB910N. Bose QC45/QC35/QC25 The case only includes the headphones and accessories, not the ear headphones. Two dust-proof covers protect your earphone cushions from dirt, oils and dust, and hard EVA material with PU leather exterior and soft inlay fabric offer great protection against knocks, bumps, drops and scratches. A mesh pocket with large space is convenient for cable, charging, and other accessories. It's easy to open and close the zip up with a strong hand strap, making it easy to carry around. The dimensions of the design are 7.5 x 9.0 x 3.9 inches and it's lightweight and compact, so it's convenient to take anywhere.

Brand: Procase

👤I did not receive the ear pad covers with the case because it was not compatible with my headphones. I mentioned it to the seller. They never responded to my message. The case is what I needed.

👤The product is low quality. The case is soft. Don't think it will be very protective. When I saw that it was shipped in a plastic bag, I expected it to be sub-standard.

👤It's light and the fit is perfect.

👤Exactly as described. A great travel case.

👤It works well. It was used for two different headsets.

👤I liked everything about this case. It was cheap, but still durable. It's just right.

👤The foldable variety of headphones is preferred. Unless we're talking $500+ headphones.

👤Bolsa bsicamente poco soporte, pero no funciona para golpes mucho menos.

👤The case I received is completely different from the one shown in the photos. It is not a molded case with parts that fit the shape of the headphones, it is a hollow shell. The cloth bag that was thrown in was not attached to the inside of the case. Is that a joke? If I knew this was what I was getting, I wouldn't have bought this case. Have asked for a refund. Don't buy.

👤The Sony wh-xb700 is siente fuerte.

👤The product was pretty good. The case holds more material than I expected. It works for my Jabra Elite 85H.

👤Tiene buen acabado. Perfecto para unos. Skullandyk Hesh 2.


What is the best product for headphone case green?

Headphone case green products from Geekria. In this article about headphone case green you can see why people choose the product. Fintie and Newseego are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone case green.

What are the best brands for headphone case green?

Geekria, Fintie and Newseego are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone case green. Find the detail in this article. Hermitshell, Geekria and Ltgem are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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