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1. Baval Headphone Replacement Audio Technica Headphones

Baval Headphone Replacement Audio Technica Headphones

Only a case can be made. The phone was sold separately. Excellent protection for your accessories is offered by lightweight and durable material. High Quality Hard EVA Material is dustproof and waterproof to protect your headphones from splashes and impacts. This case will fit Bose QuietComfort. Villus that is build-in reflects superior taste and ensures a long- lasting performance. This is a risk-free buy and you can click the orange button to place your order.

Brand: Baval

👤The Baval Hard Headphones Case is worth twice as much. I have a collection of high quality headphones. Germany, Italy, France, U.K., and Canada are just some of the countries that they come from. I purchased a brand new case to protect my discontinued amazing audioquest carbon, which was not replaceable. You can strike while the iron is hot, move it or lose it. Thepouches supplied by most of the manufacturers are not worth a dollar since I only listen to country. There is a I protect my money. I am a pretty big guy. One wrong step in the dark could cause me to fall on a pair of headphones that fell from my ottoman, which would be a disaster. The hard sided type cases give me everything I need to protect my cans. I can't explain it to my family or friends. The idea of being a collector of headphones is crazy. It is good for the mind to have a hobby. I see that they are similar to cars. Each one has its own suspension, tires and body. They all drive differently. Some are open and some are closed. It's too restricted to have just one set. This opens up a whole world of accessories, from cables to amplification. When I travel, I pick the pair I want and take them with me. It's a feeling of safety. The Baval case is made with a built in handle and a structure that is very high quality. I went straight to the reviews to help someone else crazy like me. They rest on aluminum stands. They travel protected, even to a coffee shop. Hope you agree with my opinion.

👤This case fit my headphones perfectly. The case is suited for 40mm driver headphones. The zip is very secure and smooth, and once closed, seems very smooth. The earpieces were too big and they did not fold the right way to create a smaller footprint, so my sr850's did not fit. I think this case could tolerate some abuse and still keep your headphones safe.

👤This is a good way to protect headsets. I am using it for a microphone. The fit of this cover is very tight because of the fact that the bottom of the headphones cup has a connector. I am concerned that the cable might break at some point. I have to make sure it fits inside without putting strain on the cable, so it's the only complaint I have. I think it works well for all other headsets.

👤I was worried about the fit of my headphones, but they fit! There was no snug-ness involved. They fit in a glove. The Sony's don't fold. They fit without folding or rotating. I forgot about the pouch that came with my headphones after my case arrived. They are kept perfectly with this hard case. This case is for your headphones.

👤The product arrived a day ahead of schedule. I use this for my headphones and they fit just as I wanted. The case I ordered was too tight and didn't fit my headphones. The case is sturdy and has enough room for the headphones to fit. This case is very good.

2. LilGadgets Connect Headphones SharePort Children

LilGadgets Connect Headphones SharePort Children

For any questions while using, please contact them at any time via Amazon email or through the contact information on the instructions. These headphones are lightweight and fit over the ear, and have a patent pending design. It's a perfect gift for kids. Durability is improved by metal extenders, which are used to hold on to children's play. SharePort does not need a splitter. One side of the Connect+ Pro can be plugged into the device and the other can be used to share audio. The microfiber carrying pouch and nylon audio cable allow for a greater range between your children's devices. Quality Audio: Volume limited with Adult Worthy. The max volume is 93db with internal 40mm drivers and a range of 20 to 20kHz.

Brand: Lilgadgets

👤The best of the bunch, these were the best of the several children's headphones we've gone through. I took one star off because the max volume level seems a bit loud to a child's ears, and another star off because we haven't had them very long, and the sound has stopped working on one. My son ends up turning the volume up very loud in his one ear. I might purchase a new pair of these, because they have been the most comfortable and have been used a lot, but I'm worried about paying that price again for a pair of headphones that might only last a few months. I just received two replacement cables from the company, they saw my review on Amazon and sent the cables as a possible solution to my problem. The cables did not resolve the issue, but I will update my review again with more information. I'm adding a star to my review because I'm very impressed with the customer service of LilGadgets. The company contacted me after I wrote my review and sent me cables as a possible solution, but when that proved to be useless, they sent me a brand new pair of headphones. I was initially very pleased with the headphones for their design and comfort level for my kids, and am even more pleased with the customer service and pride that they take in their products and their company. They've made customers out of us.

👤We have purchased three pairs of these headphones. We like that they don't use a device like a phone. Our kids like that they can watch a video with their headphones on. The company hasn't replaced the broken headphones even though we've owned them for less than six months.

👤In June, we bought 3 sets of headphones for our daughters. They have been great on plane rides and in the car. The ability to chain them together has resulted in people sharing their listening habits. The colors make it easy to find in backpacks. I wish the bags that came with them were not all black, but matching the colors to make it easier to distinguish. The headphones were a 5 star purchase for us until last week, when it was clear that one of the cables had splintered, and now only one side of the headphones gets sound. Since these are for kids, I was expecting betterDurability and am disappointed. There is a We received a replacement cable from the company. Great customer service. We will see how this works.

👤I love these headphones. We bought a new pair for my daughter's 3rd grade school use. My kids have headphones at home that work well. If you have a big headed kid like my 5 year old who got his headphones when he was 4, then it's best for them. It's a good thing! I don't let them use the headphones unless we're in the car, grocery shipping, and I don't want them to use them if they're not in the car. At their grandmother's house, they love her grandkids but she doesn't like their child appropriate noises. I have had to replace 1x cords in 9 months because of the 1 year warranty on the headphones. You won't be disappointed.

3. AmazonBasics Carrying Passport Essential External

AmazonBasics Carrying Passport Essential External

Friendly customer service and an apple accessory for a jack. Please contact them if you have any issues. Within 12 hours, they would offer the most professional and prompt response. The dimensions are compatible: 3.66 x 0.63 A compact case is used to store or transport portable hard drives. The Slimline design allows the case to fit into a backpack or briefcase. The portable hard drive is secured in place with an interior strap. Power cords are conveniently stored in the internal mesh pocket.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I carry several of these cases with me when I travel. The medium case is slightly larger than the small one. The photos I uploaded were different.

👤I guess sooner or later the inevitable is bound to happen, and about a week ago it did, while I am very careful with my external hard-drives. I'm sure I lost some of the very latest files while trying to be very conscientious about keeping things backed up. I decided to get a few hard cases to protect the drive in the event of a repeat, after I lost my Western Digital drive. I bought two AmazonBasics Small Hard Shell Carrying Case. There is a If you're looking for a hard case that will protect your drive in case of an accidental drop, this isn't it. This is not it, let me repeat again with gusto. There is a There is zero padding. I don't understand how you advertise a hardshell carrying case that doesn't have padding. If I'm not mistaken, the image used for advertising is not the one I see. There was nothing. As I type this review, I'm looking at various Lacdo cases, which are illustrated 'open', and they are showing exactly the sort of eggshell padding I was expecting to find in this AmazonBasics Small Hard Shell Carrying Case. You say, "I understand, but I can just buy my own eggshell padding..." By the time you do all of that, you will have spent an additional $2. I'm becoming mad at myself for spending so much time on this review. The bottom-line. Unless you're looking for a weekend crafts project, don't buy.

👤The new style of My Passport drives fit. There's a drive. Anything larger wouldn't fit in the drive. This is a quality protective case, though not heavily padded, but that would add additional thickness and make it less suited to my needs.

👤The larger-sized case is called: "External Hard Drive Case". It's a well-made case, but it's difficult to gauge which drives fit. It doesn't mean that a drive fits well. It was technically true that it fits Seagate drives, but there is too much room inside and the drive is too heavy to fit. I chose the smaller case because it fit my drives perfectly. Attached are pictures of my size comparison. There is a You are welcome.

👤It fits. The product description says that the dimensions would fit a width of 0,63". I wanted a snug fit for my My Passport Portal External Hard Drive, so I chose the smaller case. I was glad I went with this one because another reviewer said it fits. There is a It is a good fit. You have to make sure the case is closed and the cable isn't bunching up. There is a It's durable enough for travel and office needs. If you're looking for something that will survive a trek through the rainforest and be mud repelling, or a bunch of wildebeests and come out without a scratch, don't buy this one and write a bad review.

4. Hermitshell Hard Travel Case Headphones

Hermitshell Hard Travel Case Headphones

The hard travel storage carrying case is made of jasper. Protect your device from damage. Made to fit kids headphones. Eva is a material. The outside dimensions are 8* 5.6*3.2 inch. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤I bought two for each of the kids. The cases fit the headphones well. If your child is able to tuck the cables in the mesh pouch, it is a good place to put them. One of the cases is still working well. The other is showing a lot of wear. The stitches are still secure, even though they are starting to break. The ability to resist getting dirty and the fact that the carabiner ring clip broke shortly after arrival are reasons why I am taking away one star. Kids hate it when their new things break even when they are treated well. I would buy this product again, but I would consider a darker color if it showed dirt as bad.

👤It was bought by mistake. I thought the case had headphones in it. My bad that I didn't read the full description.

👤It's perfect for my kids headphones.

👤I bought these for my kids to keep their headphones in good shape despite being packed between home and school daily. The kids like that they can clip their backpacks with the folding headphones.

👤It keeps headphones from breaking.

👤Storage for my daughters headphones is pretty good.

👤After a couple of months, the kewpie broke. The case is hard to scratch. It's not durable.

👤My children use a great quality product to bring their headsets to school.

5. Storge 300BT Wireless Headphones Aenllosi

Storge 300BT Wireless Headphones Aenllosi

The case is made of supreme quality, durable, crush resistant, anti-shock, water resistant material and provides adequate protection from bumps, scratches and splashes. The Internal mesh pocket can hold other accessories. The internal and external sizes are: 6* 4.5* 2.5 inch and 7*5.75* 2.5 inch. The device and accessories are not included in the sale.

Brand: Aenllosi

👤The case is so small that the kids can't fit it. It is not what the picture or description describes. It is a small zip up container that you can fit some make up brushes in. It is overpriced and not what it says it is for. I wanted to return it. It was a gift for my daughter, but she already had a 6 year old size headphones, so it was useless. I missed the chance to return it.

👤Good quality, good price, fits headphones perfectly with extra room for cords or something similar. Would buy again if there were more colors to choose from.

👤I bought the kids headphones and they fit perfectly. It feels sturdy enough to handle a kid. There is a pocket on the top half of the case that can be used to store extras.

👤The headphones fit as advertised. My daughter should put them away so the cats don't chew the cord again.

👤You have to make sure you get the headphones that fit in the right way because this is a great case and very protective. Very snug and tight.

👤Don't buy. Was disappointed.

👤Me gusto is ideal para los nios. Y estoy protegidos. No hay variedad, Quera otro color.

6. Headphone Headphones Foldable Bluetooth Wireless

Headphone Headphones Foldable Bluetooth Wireless

It's compatible with Mpow. H1/ H2/ H5/ H3/ H4/ H6/ H7/ H8/ H9/ H9/ H10 Sony MDRZX-110/BLK ZX/ iJoy Matte Finish Headphones are noot products. Also for the cable and charge up device. Premium hard EVA material covered by quality PU leather material is not only semi-waterproof, shockproof, but also with a comfortable soft touch. The travel hard case can protect headphones from a lot of things. Convenient Design: Light weight and compact to fit in your backpack, luggage or carry-on for easy travelling, with a carabiner for easy on the go, and a mesh pocket for other needed accessories. Fashionable Luxury: It has a built-in high quality fluff, silky soft and smooth material to provide high quality protection for your beloved foldable headphones, with a delicate sturdy zip to ensure long-term durability, perfect case as a gift. The headphones are not included in the case. There is a Headphone Case X1, original hand strap X1, and a carabiner X1.

Brand: Comecase

👤I'm glad I bought this case for my daughter. She put them under the seat in the van, but forgot them there. I folded the seat down to make it easier to carry a large item. She exclaimed that they were crushed under the seat the next day. The headphones were in perfect condition after she pulled them out. These will protect your headphones.

👤The stylish fits my headphones. The price is great. This is perfect because I left my original case on an airplane. Love all things gold.

👤My wireless headphones and all their bits fit in this case. At times, the zip can be a bit tight. I think I'll try waxing it. I love the case's pink color. It seems to bother my associates. The exact reply I was looking for. ;>)

👤The case is large enough to fit the headphones with room to spare. I don't like the case that comes with Beats, as it is small and difficult to get the headphones in them. The headphones are better protected because the case is hard and not soft. I'm happy I bought it.

👤This is where I keep my rose gold Picun P26 headphones. The case is solid and beautiful. The headphones fit perfectly.

👤This is a nice case. It's a nice hard case and my headphones fit in it well. There is a carabiner clip and a wristlet attached to it. The mesh pocket to store the cord is nice as well.

👤I like this case. It holds my headphones. I keep my phone in my pocket. It fits headphones with no extra room, but is a little bulkier than I thought.

👤I bought my daughter a head phone that looked similar to the Beats but didn't want to spend $150 on headphones. The price was so low that I was a little leary. I am surprised! I like the look and style. It lasts a long time without being charged and the sound quality is good. My daughter was using it for a while before it needed to be charged again. She used it at home in the morning and at night. I think this is a good buy.

👤No lo, I am esperaba por dentro pensé, era de otro tipo de forro. Me urga. Aunque mis audfonos son blancos mucho.

👤Est linda la funda, es color rose gold. The audifonos ijoy caben perfecto.

👤Me gusto en general, mismo color, and todas las caractersticas.

👤Demasiado estuch para cosméticos.

7. Hermitshell Products Elecder IClever Headphones

Hermitshell Products Elecder IClever Headphones

The hard travel storage carrying case is made of jasper. Protect your device from damage. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤I ordered the "teal" case for my girlfriend. It's the ugliest pale green color. It seems to be made well, but ugly.

👤Vale la pena. The headphones are de mis hijos. Durar mucho.

8. Hermitshell Travel IClever BoostCare Headphones

Hermitshell Travel IClever BoostCare Headphones

The hard travel storage carrying case is made of jasper. Protect your device from damage. It was made to fit iClever. Kids headphones with cat ears. The material isEVA and the color is pink. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤The case is for the cat ear headphones shown in the photos. The case seems to be well-constructed and the headphones fit perfectly. The edges are finished and the zip is working. I think that the hard case is overstated. I don't know how well the case would hold up if someone stepped on it. I was expecting a heavier shell. It's cute and the headphones fit, but I won't be surprised if it gets squishy.

👤The case seems to be well built, but it is not compatible with the ear model. I don't like the way it is used with the headphones.

👤I'm not giving a bad review because I'm not looking for cases for headphones I want to purchase and this listing came out of nowhere and confused me for the headphones I'm looking for my daughter. It was a surprise when it came. I have a case and no headphones. I was looking for headphones on a separate listing and never intended to buy a case. I added the headphones to my cart, but they ended up in my cart, not the headphones. Hahaha. I think it's ok. What can I do? This case can be used if the headphones arrive soon.

👤The headphones are in this photo. I ordered this to keep the kitty headphones out of sight when not in use. It is nearly impossible to get the part into the case.

👤The case is heavy and strong and helps my daughter bring her head phones back and forth from home and school, I will buy more and recommend it to anyone who asks.

👤This does not fit the iclever headset with the cat ears. I have to have the ears poke out from the open top to use it.

👤I bought the cute case for our granddaughters headphones and they fit perfectly. I am certain that she will love them and that she will be able to protect them. It is cute.

👤It says over ear cat headphones. To read the small print that says headphones aren't included, you have to look at another picture. When you are not selling headphones, why describe them?

9. IJoy Headphone Rechargeable Headphones Universal

IJoy Headphone Rechargeable Headphones Universal

Store, protect and enjoy your iJOY- discover the convenient way to have your favorite foldable headphones by iJoy follow you anywhere you go. The iJoy travel case has a hard outer shell and is large enough to hold all your accessories. The shelter is hard Eva outer. Traveling can get bumpy but now you can protect your headphones from accidental bumps, falls, scratches and bending. The hard outer shell is made with top-tier EVA materials that absorb shock and minimize impact damage. It is made for moving. The iJoy hard travel case has a metal buckle that you can attach to your backpack. The durable zip ties make it easy to access and prevent accidental openings. Universal design. The bag they designed was for foldable headphones. They can fit into their travel pouch. There is plenty of space to safely carry your studio headphones along with its cables and accessories. The ultimate gift to music lovers. They all know a person that loves getting the most out of their music and wears headphones everywhere. Their hard case is shipped in a beautiful gift box and will turn any special occasion into a remarkable one! You can get your iJoy travel bag today. The best way to protect your Headset is in style.

Brand: Ijoy

👤The case I bought to replace was from the over the ear headphones. I made sure to take careful measurements after I noticed the cases had measurements. I was worried that it would be too small. If it fits over my ear, it's right. The mesh pocket on the inside of my original case is what I would've liked more. The belt loop is something I like.

👤I only had to adjust the headphones. Going from earbuds to over the ear headphones is a nice change. I don't have to put my earbuds back in when I do my chores. It is a great change. Thanks!

👤The IJOY Headphones have a hard case. The case is great for travel. The power cords are in the case. Would definitely recommend.

👤I know it has to be bulky. I found it easier to wear the earphones around my neck than to fit the case in my bag.

👤I haven't used it much. The contents on the inside could get damaged if not for the case. It seems to have held up well so far in my room.

👤This is the second pair of headphones that I bought for my daughter for school and she really likes them, they can be corded or un- corded.

👤The sound is great and I use them at the gym. I got a phone call while I was on the treadmill and they could hear me. Wow. For 20 bucks? Awesome!

👤It was bought for my grandson to store his new headphones.

10. Headphone Comatible CT 7Pink Bluetooth Headphones

Headphone Comatible CT 7Pink Bluetooth Headphones

We have great faith in their case. Money back guarantee on each one of them. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have a problem with the case. Kids Wireless Headphones Storage Case is designed for kids. RiwboxCT-7S Cat Ear is a cat ear headset. For sale is the Yurlgst Over-Ear Headphones. The Riwbox headphones headset case is made of durable eva materials which are shockproof, water-resistant, and Flamingo cover, making it more fashion and cute. You should be confident that the kids headphones are secured. The accessories mesh bag can hold more than one accessory, keep everything neat and tidy. It's great for kids, teenagers, boys, and adults. The external dimensions of the portable and compact Headset Case are 9 inches. Not taking up a lot of space in the backpack is convenient. You can enjoy the music whenever you please. Best gift for Christmas, Birthday, Holiday, is a headphones holder. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them and they will solve it for you as soon as possible.

Brand: Paiyule

👤It fits the headphones. I like the design of penguins.

👤It's great for travel because it can't be crushed in a backpack.

👤She likes the case for her headphones.

👤My daughter loves the design of the case and it works well to keep her headphones safe and undamaged. It has a small pocket to hold the cord for her headphones.

👤The little one is traveling with her headphones.

👤I love the case and it fits my daughter perfectly.

11. Hermitshell Travel IClever Boostcare Headphones

Hermitshell Travel IClever Boostcare Headphones

The hard travel storage carrying case is called the gisshell. Protect your device from damage. Made to fit iClever's kids headphones. External dimensions are 8.8*6* 2.5inch. The device and accessories are sold separately.

Brand: Hermitshell

👤My headphones fit perfectly in this case, but I wish they made a rilakkuma. There is a phone case. I still recommend this case.

👤If you buy headphones with the ears, one of the ears hangs out, and this is a nice little case, it does not close all the way. It's still good for the price.

👤I thought it was a pair of headphones. I am pleased with how it protects headphones.

👤The headsets don't fit.

👤I purchased this thinking it was the headphones. This photo is not accurate. You can't fit other kinds of headphones.

👤The ad is not leading. The shell was the only thing that mattered. The review asked you questions about headphones. This needs to be removed.

👤Return has been difficult because head phones didn't fit.


What is the best product for headphone case hard shell kids?

Headphone case hard shell kids products from Baval. In this article about headphone case hard shell kids you can see why people choose the product. Lilgadgets and Amazon Basics are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone case hard shell kids.

What are the best brands for headphone case hard shell kids?

Baval, Lilgadgets and Amazon Basics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone case hard shell kids. Find the detail in this article. Hermitshell, Aenllosi and Comecase are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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