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1. L3 Tech WH CH700N Cancelling Headphones

L3 Tech WH CH700N Cancelling Headphones

For sale is a case only and does not include devices or accessories. The Sony WH- CH700N Wireless Headphones have a hard case made of premium hard EVA to provide long- lasting performance. The device and accessories are not included. The product can effectively absorb impacts and reduce damages caused by accidentally bumping. The case protects your Sony WH- CH700N Wireless Headphones from all sorts of things. CONVENIENT DESIGN: Steady hand strap for portable use. It is easy to open and close the zip. The case they designed is perfect for the Sony WH- CH700N Wireless Headphones. The mesh pocket is perfect for small accessories. This hard case for your Headphones is lightweight and compact, and can fit in your bag, backpack or luggage, and is risk-free. Click the orange button to place your order.

Brand: L3 Tech

👤See the pictures! There is a The case arrived in a clear bag with a sticker on it. There is no box or brand information provided. There are no labels attached to the case. There are pockets that read RaIACE. The case has a strong odor according to other reviews. It smells like cigarette smoke and some sort of liquid. The case has a large footprint. There is a The phone fit in the case well. There is an open pocket on the lid.

👤The case was for a pair of headphones. Needed a set of headphones. Being hard of hearing, these worked perfectly connected to the Firestick. The headphones were bought at Best Buy. They sound great for the price. I used the headphones to see if they would survive the test of time, and I searched for the case. They did. There is a In this case, the headphones are perfect. The case is a tad raspy and the zip is new. The cast is strong. There is a cutout for the headphones inside the case. There is a cover on the lid to keep the accessories out of the headphones. There is a It's a good case for a pair of inexpensive headphones, but they look and sound better than the $350 pair. Hopefully the case will keep them around longer. There is always someone who will crush your headphones. They will be more visible and safe if they keep a case. It's great for airlines, movies and peace.

👤The case is adequate in terms of protection. The pictures show that they fit. I dropped one star because of the smell. It's just the glue used in production. I was able to get rid of it mostly by putting the case in a 2.5 gallon zip lock and open a box of baking soda for a week. If you're willing to try to remove the smell, you're worth the money.

👤The perfect case for these headphones! I was surprised my husband didn't have a case for the headphones. The case came quickly and is wonderful. The headphones are made of a hard outer shell and have a soft velour like fabric on the inside so they don't get scratched. There is a pocket on the other side of the flap where you can keep the wires for charging the headphones. Would recommend!

👤The velvet cloth interior of the case has been sculpted to provide a snug fit for the Sony headphones. The top cover of the case has a net that can hold accessories like charging cables and wires, while the other half has a padded flap that protects the headphones compartment. This case is well designed. The large size of the bag makes it difficult to carry in a carry on bag during air travel. The case is attractive, robustly protective and attractive.

👤The case fit my headphones perfectly. There is a smell in the case. It is not bad, but it is noticeable. It is great except for that. Very strong.

2. Aproca Storage Compatible Headphones Lightweight

Aproca Storage Compatible Headphones Lightweight

It is easy to fit in pockets, purses, bags and backpacks. The U.S Patent 9,813,797 was granted in 2001. Premium Hard EVA is used to make Eco-friendly Material, which is made of High-density EVA and 1680D Material. It's perfect fit for the AiLIHEN C8 The headphones are lightweight. Convenient design, comfortable hand grip for easy portable use, mesh pocket for other accessories, smooth but strong double zip are easy for opening and closing, giving you a better using experience. The device is secured in good condition on travelling or outdoors, because it is stylish and durable. Devices and accessories are not included in the sale.

Brand: Aproca

👤The Ms 300 headphones fit perfectly in the case. I ended up getting the black because it was the only one that said it was made for 300 and it had different measurements than the other three. I ordered the red but noticed that the descriptions were different. I was able to cancel and order in black. I am very happy with the black case, I believe it will protect my ms 300s very well. The wrist strap was a pleasant surprise and it is the perfect size. I can carry it with no fear. I would highly recommend this product. Make sure to read the description.

👤The case is great, but not the best for traveling. It's too heavy and can't fit in any bag, and when it does, it takes all the space up, so there's no room for anything else. Another problem. I have had to buy headphones three times in the last four months. The way it's shaped makes the headphones have problems. The first time it stopped working, the second time, it only worked on one side, and the third time, the headphones kept on going, and the volume was turned down on its own. I would like to see a better way to rap the cord. The headphones are ruined by this thing. I have wasted a lot of money on this product. Do not buy. There needs to be a better way to store your headphones. I won't recommend this product to anyone. It makes everything worse. I don't know how there can be good reviews when a product makes you waste money. I will be buying a different brand of headphones. Don't buy this product.

👤Since I just purchased this recently, the rating is just a guess, based on how strong and well-made the case seems to be. It fits the headphones perfectly, has a convenient carry strap, and is easy to open and close. It is less expensive than similar cases. This is an exceptional product at this price.

👤The case is very sturdy and a perfect fit for the headsets I bought from another store. I like the way the cords are stored for my headsets. This case will fit in my carry-on bag. The price is great for a quality product.

👤The product was not a good fit for my item. The refunds do not process when we use scans and specific drop offs. I'll just use my credit card. The return was not processed.

👤This is something that I love. My youngest cat is bitter because he can't chew the cord. The case will stop the destruction of headphones.

👤It fits my Ailihen foldable phones. I like the pink color. It fits in my messenger bag. I am happy with the purchase.

👤This is a great fit for my daughter's headphones because it helps keep them from being damaged in her backpack all day. This case is very good.

3. Homvare Headphones Protection Sennheiser Skullcandy

Homvare Headphones Protection Sennheiser Skullcandy

The Full Sized Hard Body EVA Headphone Case is perfect for travel, it's portable and protects your headphones from damage. It has a hard body shell and soft lining. Remarkably protective case is designed for Over the Ear headphones. The case is shock proof and water resistant. It provides excellent protection in preventing damage to the headset and twisting or ripping of the buds. The case is made of soft and protective fabric. The design is compact and can fit in every bag or compartment. It is light and tough at the same time. It has a easy to open and close zip up. There is an additional mesh pocket for the ear buds cable. It's perfect to fit most models of BEATS, SONY, URBANISTA. The over the ear headphones have earlap equal to or less than 4 inches. The Full Sized Hard Body EVA Headphone Case is perfect for travel, it's portable and protects your headphones from damage. It has a hard body shell and soft lining.

Brand: Homvare

👤It's a bug that fits my Sony 700N. The material in the case stinks like an ashtray. Really bad smell. It stunk up the room and made my headphones stink. I put the case outside to see if it improves, but then ordered a different case, which is very similar to the one I'm ordering now. The case arrived. The lining is much larger than the Homvare. Homvare still has a bad smell. The shell material of Slappa is better. This case is for people who own large headphones.

👤I took a chance on this case because previous reviews didn't give me information on how they fit my headphones. I'm happy to report that this case fits the Sony MDR-7506 headphones. I was worried that the case would squeeze the earcup against the cable, however the cable is not stressed and even gets to be cradled nicely by the inner contour of the case. The coiled cable has the perfect amount of space left. I tucked the cable under the headband so that it wouldn't fall against the Sony's exposed earcup wire. The case zips up with no effort, and doesn't touch the cups, despite the large earcups that are oblong. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the headband has a 1/2 inch gap throughout the interior of the case, so it doesn't touch the sides of the case. The case is a hard material and not soft foam. If I squeeze the case from any angle with my hands, it barely flexes until I start putting a lot of pressure on it. It fights back even when it starts to flex. I put a 10 pound weight on top of the case to be more objective. The weight was handled just fine. I put a 15 pound weight on it. The case was too big for my comfort because of the 15 pound weight. My headphones were still in the case. I'm confident that the hard shell material won't scratch your backpack interior material. I plan to put the case in a larger bag to protect it. There is a The case is beautiful and doesn't have any tacky logos. The carabiner's fabric loop is black, but the rest of the case is white. The teeth are white. I won't be using the carabiner that came with the case. There is a I hope you liked my review.

👤Perfectly stores my headphones. It's great to have a backpack or backseat of my truck for travel. It works perfectly. As low profile as possible while still providing for adequate protection. The 3.5mm jack has nice interior storage. It was a good price.

👤I ordered a headset to work from home. The headset was great for my needs, but my ginger tabby added a feature called "cat-frayed cord". It's a pity. I ordered a new headset and case. The case fits my headset perfectly. There is a The first headset was black. The replacement is not black. They have a nickname of "Great White Headset", which is why I mention it. I'm an 80s girl. Save yourself a kitty calamity by buying this case. Thank you for reading!

4. Fromsky WH CH700N Headphone Protective Storage

Fromsky WH CH700N Headphone Protective Storage

The case is made of premium hard EVA and protects your headphones from shock, dust and scratches. The lining trim matches the earphone's shape. The soft inner layer does not scratch headphones. The hand strap design makes it easy to carry, perfect travel carrying, and the hard case is lightweight to fit in your luggage or backpack. The bag is suitable for other accessories. It protects your headphones and keeps your accessories together. If there are quality issues, they will give you a full refund. Feel free to contact them with any other questions.

Brand: Yinke

👤The case seems sturdy and has no odor like some other reviews state. The fit on the WH-710N is too tight, and causes the headphones to rub against themselves when being put in. I got a better pair of headphones later on, so I didn't try to get another case.

👤The case is made of high quality materials and provides great protection for my headphones. I put it in my backpack and it bangs around all day. I get a lot of compliment on it. The interior is very soft.

👤The case is small for the Sony headphones. The ear pieces of the headphones are large for the space. The case seems nice. It doesn't fit in the headphones.

👤I took this with me on the plane. It was perfect for holding my Sony headphones and the extra holder on the inside cane. There is a The size is the only complaint. It is good on durability, but is kind of bulky.

👤The product was great for the price. The headphones don't fold, so I have a little bit of space inside my bag. Sturdy on the outside, very soft on the inside, and the cushion flaps keep the headphones away from cables and other items on the inside pocket, so take advantage of this pocket/space for other items you might need during travel. It's a good investment to have your headphones with you.

👤The case is durable. It is large, but that is what comes with the territory here. The head phones don't fold up, so it's expected. I had a strange smell from the factory. I wish the pocket for housing extras didn't flow around, but it isn't a huge issue.

👤Like the case very much. It is large because of the way the headphones are made. They fold up in a different way. Still happy with the case!

👤It looks like an excellent product, however, they sent me the wrong model. It doesn't fit the Sony wireless earphones because they don't bend. Look at pictures. 2 stars for the wrong item.

👤No eran adecuados para ese modelo, pero una funda tienes resistente.

👤Un case perfecto para Sony CH710N. Cmodo para mantener tus audfonos. Adems el compartimento para los cables. There is a It is a sin dudar.

👤Si requieres de un estuche para proteger tus audfonos. Fuera de eso, estarn.

👤Son adecuados para el modelo, quien tienes audfonos. Los materiales tiene espacio para guardar los cables.

👤Justo en audfonos de la marca Panasonic. No accesorios porque la bolsa pega. No cierra.

5. IJoy Headphone Rechargeable Headphones Universal

IJoy Headphone Rechargeable Headphones Universal

Store, protect and enjoy your iJOY- discover the convenient way to have your favorite foldable headphones by iJoy follow you anywhere you go. The iJoy travel case has a hard outer shell and is large enough to hold all your accessories. The shelter is hard Eva outer. Traveling can get bumpy but now you can protect your headphones from accidental bumps, falls, scratches and bending. The hard outer shell is made with top-tier EVA materials that absorb shock and minimize impact damage. It is made for moving. The iJoy hard travel case has a metal buckle that you can attach to your backpack. The durable zip ties make it easy to access and prevent accidental openings. Universal design. The bag they designed was for foldable headphones. They can fit into their travel pouch. There is plenty of space to safely carry your studio headphones along with its cables and accessories. The ultimate gift to music lovers. They all know a person that loves getting the most out of their music and wears headphones everywhere. Their hard case is shipped in a beautiful gift box and will turn any special occasion into a remarkable one! You can get your iJoy travel bag today. The best way to protect your Headset is in style.

Brand: Ijoy

👤The case I bought to replace was from the over the ear headphones. I made sure to take careful measurements after I noticed the cases had measurements. I was worried that it would be too small. If it fits over my ear, it's right. The mesh pocket on the inside of my original case is what I would've liked more. The belt loop is something I like.

👤I only had to adjust the headphones. Going from earbuds to over the ear headphones is a nice change. I don't have to put my earbuds back in when I do my chores. It is a great change. Thanks!

👤The IJOY Headphones have a hard case. The case is great for travel. The power cords are in the case. Would definitely recommend.

👤I know it has to be bulky. I found it easier to wear the earphones around my neck than to fit the case in my bag.

👤I haven't used it much. The contents on the inside could get damaged if not for the case. It seems to have held up well so far in my room.

👤This is the second pair of headphones that I bought for my daughter for school and she really likes them, they can be corded or un- corded.

👤The sound is great and I use them at the gym. I got a phone call while I was on the treadmill and they could hear me. Wow. For 20 bucks? Awesome!

👤It was bought for my grandson to store his new headphones.

6. Caseling Headphone Travel Case Headphones

Caseling Headphone Travel Case Headphones

It's designed to fit Sony MDR7506 and Audio-Technica ATH M50x M70x M40x M30x and many other headphones. Your headphones. The headphones are compatible with the Sony MDR7506 and the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x/M70x/M40x. There are many brands and models. Sony, Panasonic, Xo Vision, Maxell, Bose, Photive, and more. Extra space in the center can be used for small electronics such as memory cards, mobile phones, digital cameras, the flip, cables, charger, extra batteries, power adapter, mp3 players, Earphones,usb flash drive, lens filter, and other accessories. It's easy to zip it up and put it in your luggage. It is easy to transport with the wrist strap. The device and accessories are sold separately. The material is black. DIMENSIONS The outer and inner dimensions are 4” H X 8” L X 8” W. " Circle.

Brand: Caseling

👤The wrist wrap broke the first day I used it, so it's ackward to hold and handle. There is a I feel confident that it protects my headphones because it's big but serves its purpose.

👤The External dimensions are 8 inches by 8 inches. The internal dimensions are 7 and 1/2 inches long, 7 and 1/2 inches wide, and 1 and 1/2 inches deep. There is a I bought it for my headphones. These headphones fold. I tested the case with my car. Fly ANC headphones. And they fit. There is a If your particular brand of headphones can fold and fit in the above internal dimensions, this case will be ideal for them. The included lanyard is a plus. The case is not hard. It isn't crush resistant. If you apply a lot of pressure on the case, it will protect your headphones. It has no mesh pocket.

👤This product is awesome and there's not much to say about it. I use this case with a pair of shoes. There is enough room inside of the case to house the headphones and protect them from drops and impacts, even though they are packed tight in the case. I expected this case to be hard, but flexible plastic with no fabric coating on the outside. I was happy to learn that it is made out of a hard fabric shell. The case doesn't sound cheap, but it provides optimal protection for your headphones. There is a The carry strap for the case is a nice bonus, but I don't really use it since this case is in my backpack most of the time. There is a The case is tight and never gets caught. The fabric is very strong and the shell is very strong around the curves. The shell is in the middle of the two flat sides of the case. The case is large enough to hold large headphones. This was a good investment.

👤It's perfect for my SONY. Sturdy and decent built. I prefer to have my equipment in perfect functioning order, so I use cases for all my gear not out of some freakish obsession, but simply because I prefer to have my equipment in perfect functioning order. This case is a good deal because it does exactly that and it costs almost 80 bucks, but it's like a one-time-payment of 10% for insurance. There is a It's worth it. I will try and update this after a year of use to see if it works.

👤It's perfect in every way. I bought it for my Audio Technica ATH M40xs and they fit perfectly with just enough room to put in the headphones. There is a The carrying strap is very strong and resistant, even though the case looks dainty. There is a The dual zippers make opening easy. There is a It's a solid little case. I would throw this in either my luggage or my checked luggage, knowing it would come out fine. I can't find anything that I'm dissatisfied with and would buy it again.

7. UltraShell Large Sized Headphones Replacement Protective

UltraShell Large Sized Headphones Replacement Protective

The maximum compatible headphones dimensions are 9.64 x 8.66 x 5.11 inches. Ultra-hard shell protects against drops. There is an internal mesh pocket that stores cables, accessories and more. It's compatible with the following brands: AKG, K540, K514, K512, K500, K511, K373, K361, K171, BOSS Wireless Guitar Headphones System, and FOCAL Utopia. Geekria will replace or refund the case if it doesn't fit within a year. No question asked.

Brand: Geekria

👤I was pleasantly surprised to receive my case. A protective case for my headphones. This case is perfect for the HD660s. The design is similar to the HD600 and HD650. The case is slightly larger than I 888-276-5932 What it isn't... Thank goodness, there is no funny smell here. The case has limitations that make it hard to protect your headphones. The part that should be obvious is that the case type protection should not be expected. I bought this case to protect my headphones from being damaged. This will do the job well.

👤I bought this case for use with my massive Fidelio X2 headphones and it fits them perfectly, even though it only has the bottom half of the foam in. I think it looks great. I checked for a bad smell in the reviews and it was fine, but I would give it a good coat of cologne. I don't think that smell is a good reason to not buy a product like this. It was not an issue for me. It isn't bulletproof, but it will keep the dust off and save the headphones from minor drops. There is room for the cord. It is a great product. I would like to see it cheaper. This is a huge case for a product that doesn't really need one, so it's not a big deal to me. Thank you for reading. I will respond to any questions I can.

👤It's pretty tight. The cords don't fit completely in the foam mould. The cord is too long to fit in the box cutout in the middle, but still fits with room to spare in the case overall. The pouch can be moved around. There's also a bag. It doesn't bother me that it's not a perfect fit because it's a generic case and not made specifically for any one model of headphones. I would rather pay for a generic case than a branded one.

👤The case seems sturdy enough to fit my Sennheiser HD6xx, which is why it gets 2 stars. It doesn't get any better because of the smell. I ordered two of them and they both went to high heaven. I kept them open in the sun and tried to close them with coffee grounds inside. Nothing worked. If I keep them in it, the odor gets transferred to the headphones. I'm stuck with two things because the return window closed.

👤Sturdy case for headphones. My child received a microphone and headphones. The case is big enough to fit the headphones comfortably, and sturdy enough so they won't get broken.

👤It fits my HD58x and/or HD6xx along with the additional space for my portable DAC/AMP. A spare pair of earphones can be carried in an addl pouch. An excellent purchase.

8. Turtle Beach Ear Force Headset Case

Turtle Beach Ear Force Headset Case

The ballistic NYLON hard shell is water resistant and protects your headset from drops and pressure damage. The ZIPPER TRACK is sealed to prevent unwanted elements from getting in. The custom interior mold is soft and fits all Turtle Beach headset models. InterIOR MESH POCKET is a neat way to store and secure your cables.

Brand: Turtle Beach

👤The stealth 700 Gen 2 fit perfectly inside the carry case. The case is strong. Will protect your headsets.

👤This is not a small case and it also protects the hardware from any dust build up like a headphone stand. There is a It is 1.5 controller wide and 2 controllers high. The turtle beach stealth 700 Gen 2 headset is nicely cradled in the case and is very affordable. I recommend storing the headsets in a drawer or a gap by my console for headset protection because they zip up fine and are cradled.

👤The headsets are made of fragile materials. My stuff is safe and secure in this case. I don't have to worry about someone messing with my headphones. They are safe inside the case. The top is secured by the zippers. I am not sure if it was necessary to add them in. There is a pouch for the microphone and a small hole for the cable inside. Went back to school. I moved back in with the family. I don't have to worry about anyone moving my stuff if it's in a case.

👤This was caught of guard. The case on the picture is a decent travel size case for your headset, but it is not. The perfect case for your headset is this huge one. If you ever go out with your headsets, you can put the charging cable in the bag that comes with it. If you drop the case, the material will protect your headset. A nice case to keep your headsets safe.

👤The case is sturdy and will be perfect for my headset. I will probably bring my turtle beach 500s since they fit better in the case than my HyperX cloud II. The HyperX ear cups push up on the case when it is closed. If you don't mind, I'd say it's still a good case.

👤I bought this for my stealth 700. Not a snug fit, loose enough that it can be lost from carrying the case. This case is huge, that's the biggest knock. The box that my headset came in is almost the same size as this one. It serves its purpose, but I wish it was made more special for each headset. I put it back in the box, but this is better than that.

👤It works perfectly for the Recon 70's. My child used to carry his things in a box. It wasn't feasible after a while because a retail box isn't built for that. The case reduces the chance that the headset will be broken.

👤I bought this to keep my kids away from the store when they look for controllers for their xbox. The case has a perfect fit for the headset. It's worth it to protect the headset.

👤The case is sturdy and good for the headset and leads, but there is no place to store the Elite pro 2 amplifier, you can wedge it in the pouch with leads, but there is no specific cut out for the amplifier.

9. Headphones QuietComfort SoundLink Protective Accessories

Headphones QuietComfort SoundLink Protective Accessories

When you are traveling or out, a hard shell case protects your headphones from bumps, scratches and splashes. The soft cloth lined interior of the inner pocket protects your headphones. There is plenty of space for accessories. Bose QuietComfort QC45, QC35ii, QC35, QC25, Sony MDR, Grado SR60, SR80, M1, RA2,RS1, PS500 case is compatible with. 734 '' x 7'' x 214'' is the case dimensions. The package contains a headphone case.

Brand: Linkidea

👤I was looking for a good case for my Mpow wireless folding earpiece headphones, which I like the color purple. I found a purple hard shell case that cost twice as much as the other one. I decided to forgo purple and go with this in black exterior and red interior for less than half the price of another purple one. Voila! The headphones have a mesh pocket and anchor strap. It was perfect! It's a great value.

👤Bose provided a case for storing Bose QC35ii headphones, which works well for storing them without having to fold them up. The mesh pocket does not hold items in it, so they can fall out easily. Losing your accessories on the plane is a big concern.

👤The best case for my headphones is this one. I have been looking for a hard shell case for a long time. I was skeptical because this product did not have any reviews. It looked good. I took the risk. It paid off. It's perfect for my needs. I would recommend this to everyone who is considering buying it.

👤The case that came with my QC35ll was not good because you had to twist the head phones. Damage to internal wiring can be caused by continued twisting. There was no abnormal twisting with the new case. The original case is a little larger than the one I have in my side shoulder bag, but it fits in my covered iPad pro.

👤I was surprised to find that this case easily fits my Bose Quiet Comfort II headphones and also holds the charging cable. The original case is hard to put the headphones back into, but this case offers a room that is needed. The closing is effective and secure.

👤I left my Bose headphones in the airport. This was bought on Amazon to protect them. I'm happy with my purchase, it's not as nice as the Bose ones, but my headphones fit perfectly.

👤I thought my headphones didn't come with my purchase, so I ordered this. I was not happy with the purchase. The case was very hard and didn't live up to my expectations. I will give it to someone who needs it.

👤Just received it. The headset strap keeps it from moving. There is a large mesh pocket inside. It was worth it for the price that was paid. I can't give a star for that yet because I don't know the long term durability. It came in more colors.

👤Ho acquistato questa Custodia per trasport. Bose (come indicato dalla ditta), bella a vedersi, Curata nelle finiture solida, ma quando ho posizionato il cavo di collegamento audio non ci stava. La rottura della cuffie isole. di restituirlo pensando.

👤Je n'avais pas reu le caissier.

10. Getgear Bluetooth TaoTronics Wireless Microphone

Getgear Bluetooth TaoTronics Wireless Microphone

The device and accessories are not included in the sale. The design is all in one handy case that can fit into a purse, shoulder bag, suit case, message bag and other carrying items, and is good for home storage and travel carrying. The device is protected from shock, shake, and scratch. PEVA materials are water resistant. A mesh pocket for the cord and other small carrying items is included in the user friendly design. 100% satisfaction guarantee and a quality problem are included in the guarantee. Only the device or accessories can be sold. Click the orange button to purchase. Share your review with your friends.

Brand: Getgear

👤The original box of my headset was torn up so I bought this case to keep it in. This fits my headset perfectly and has plenty of room. The pockets are large enough to hold my mouse, hub, and a few other things. I have recommended it to all of my coworkers who have the same problem with their original headset box. Definitely recommend!

👤I bought this case to fit my headset. It is perfect. The main compartment has my headset in it, and the side pockets hold my phone and other things I want to take to the theatre with me. My headset is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, so it's safe when I take it home. Very happy with this case!

👤I have a corded headset in my backpack. I bought this case to try to prolong the life of the headset cable. The case is tight but I wanted it to do what I wanted it to do.

👤I use this to store my Surface Pro accessories.

👤In case, keep my headset and chargers in case. I am a truck driver.

👤I teach a fitness class. I needed something to hold my headset in so it wouldn't get damaged. This case is perfect. It's sturdy and holds everything I need. I love it!

👤This is for my AO scanner. It is the perfect size to keep it safe.

11. RISETECH Earphone Waterproof Headphone Soundsport

RISETECH Earphone Waterproof Headphone Soundsport

The Risetech Storage case protects your earphone, earbuds, mini wireless headphones, and Clip Sport mp3 players. This case is made from resistant EVA and PU textured nubuck materials, which make it stylish and sturdy enough to protect your mp3 player and earphone from dirt and dust. The inner lining of your mp3 is soft. The inner bag design makes it easy to store the earphones and cable. Don't worry about losing them. The case is multifunctional. The outer size of this case is 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5in, which is suitable for smaller devices, such as the Beats Fit Pro and the AirPods. The mini storage case has a metal hook that can be used anywhere, and the zip helps you store in and take out for travel. The Wireless Earbuds and accessories are not included. If you have a problem with the case, please contact them.

Brand: Risetech

👤There are not many confirmed cases for these. It is a perfect fit.

👤It's perfect for storing a case. It's a good idea to keep a Pocket on top.

👤The case appears to have held up well, protecting my KZ IEMs. There is a hard shell soft case that provides plenty of space for my KZ's. There is a I bought a second one because I liked these so much.

👤It serves the purpose. Enough space to hold the earphone. There is a The zip is getting worse. It happened too soon.

👤I like the small size. The hard case is made to protect. It is perfect for mp3 or head phones. The carabiner clip can be used to hold my backpack. It's great for travel. It was too small. It would have been better if it was a little bigger.

👤The hard case is great. It works with both the mp3 player and wired earbuds. There is room left in your pocket for small items. There are no complaints about this case.

👤The internal pocket of the case is nice. I got this case because of the external loop for a clip, and it pulled out after 6 months of weekly use. I don't think I'm overly aggressive with my usage and the only weight in it is my headphones and 2 guitar picks, so I'm disappointed in the durability of the external loop.

👤Don't waste your money. Poorly made and stopped working after a month.

👤I wanted something waterproof and resistant for my hearing aids. I love the case and have been for 4 months. It has space for my hearing aids and earbuds. I would definitely recommend it.

👤It works great for what I need it for.

👤Great product. It's nice to hold your wired headphones.

👤This is not waterproof because of the misleading information from their heading. Its trash. You can get it at a dollar store.

👤Not as strong as advertised. It does what it's supposed to.


What is the best product for headphone case hard shell turtle beach?

Headphone case hard shell turtle beach products from L3 Tech. In this article about headphone case hard shell turtle beach you can see why people choose the product. Aproca and Homvare are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone case hard shell turtle beach.

What are the best brands for headphone case hard shell turtle beach?

L3 Tech, Aproca and Homvare are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone case hard shell turtle beach. Find the detail in this article. Yinke, Ijoy and Caseling are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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