Best Headphone Cleaner Kit

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1. Wilbeva Bluetooth Cleaning Multifunctional Headphones

Wilbeva Bluetooth Cleaning Multifunctional Headphones

The flannel material bags are very soft for your airpods headset and charge storage, and can be used as daily small parts storage bags. 3 in 1 cleaning pen, hair brush, flocking sponge, pen nib, and earphone outlet cleans the earphone outlet and earphone case. The pen is similar to one pen and easy to use. If you want to use the pen and hair brush in the same way, press and push the pen back in the middle slot, and then use the flocking sponge head. The multi-functional cleaning kit pen is a perfect gift for the people who usually listen to music. 3 in 1 cleaning kit just like a pen, lightweight, small, and hidden with metal and brush inside, it can be used if you need it. Put it in your pocket, bag, and make up bag.

Brand: Wilbeva

👤I couldn't use the speaker on my phone. I thought my speakers were malfunctioning, but once I cleaned them with this tool, they were working. The tiny brush has strong bristles and is able to effectively clean and clear small areas. This is a small tool.

👤It is so easy to use and small that you can bring it anywhere.

👤It is easy to carry in a pocket. It was very easy to use. Would recommend to everyone who is looking to keep their AirPods clean.

👤I finally found a way to clean my AirPods. It fits right into my purse and it's easy to get into.

👤The tool was able to clean my AirPods and make them look new.

👤I bought this after I saw it. It works well with my case. I love it!

👤No llegaba, Si es fcil de usar.

👤It works. It seems cheap and fragile.

👤Amazon vine ho avuto modo di provare questo minuscolo kit per la pulizia degli auricolari TWS. In una busta di quelle, la "penna" arriva. La "penna" is solo un involucro di plastica, il kit di pulizia. La "penna" interna composta da una punta. uno spazzolino. A spazzola simile ad una spugna prolungata per pulire le fessure. There is a La punta arrotondata per non fare. L'Interno degli auricolari was served una buona manualit. There is a Spazzolino serve a gommine degli auricolari. There is a The spazzola grigia is a place where you can serve a cuffie TWS. I materiali cosa non mi. La Custodia inutile. There is a I pelucchi grigi. Costa 8,49 euro ma non la consiglio: l'unica cosa ho ritto Utile la spugna grigia.

👤Schnelle Lieferung, leichte Handhabung & gute Qualitt...von daher 5 Sterne.

👤It does what it is described to do. It is a tool that can be used to keep your phone and buds clean. It looks like a bullet with two ends, one is a buffing wand and the other is a nooks and crannies sorter. The buffer end has a soft end for dusting inside earbud Pods and the nooks and crannies end has a brush to brush away the yucky particles. There is a A good little item to clean your tech.

👤The description states that the kit is for airpods, earbuds and a pen. 3 in 1 compact headphones case cleaning tools. * 3 in 1 multi-function cleaning pen has a flocking head, plush brush and metal nib. There is a protective case. I didn't want to damage the ear buds so I stopped using a pin to clean them. There is a I didn't know how much dirt can get trapped in the bottom of a mobile phone. In the power connection there are earphone holes. I keep the box at home. This little baby is covered in screen cleaner, screen protectors, cloths. There is a So far, so good. If needed, I will update this review. Size: 4.3" length x 0.67" diameter In Ear is made of STAINLESS STEEL and has a special feature.

2. Bluetooth Multifunction Earphones Headphones Accessories

Bluetooth Multifunction Earphones Headphones Accessories

3 in 1 cleaning kit just like a pen, lightweight, small, and hidden with metal and brush inside, it can be used if you need it. Put it in your pocket, bag, and make up bag. New technology. Are you still using dirty headphones? Are you still using those heavy cleaning tools? Their cleaning tool is a pen that can clean the entire set of earbuds, from the small hole to the charging compartment. It will not damage the earplug components. The cleaning pen has a hidden design to meet a variety of cleaning needs. The metal tip of the cleaning pen can be used to clean the small parts and holes of the earplugs. The microfiber brush above the pen tip can clean the tiny parts of the earplugs. The pen has a brush at the other end that can clean the charging compartment. The pen-shaped design is easy to carry. It can be used anywhere. It's suitable for all digital products. This is the best gift for anyone wearing headphones. Help clean corners. If you don't like the product, they will return it and give you a new one.

Brand: Yesimla

👤I tried to use the soft end to clean the inside of my AirPods case, but it snapped and broke, and I had no pressure. Total let down.

👤It's useful if you have third generation AirPods.

👤An important part was missing. What was advertised is not what happened.

👤I use this tool to clean the cracks and crevices in my phone and case. It's easy to use. The purchase was worth it.

👤Don't but this one! Read feedback from other people. I should have accepted the feedback.

👤The product is easy to use and can be taken everywhere.

👤My 12 year old says this is important for sound maintenance.

3. Cleaning Pen´╝îHeadphone Multi Function Bluetooth Headphone

Cleaning Pen%EF%BC%8CHeadphone Multi Function Bluetooth Headphone

The metal sponge brush head can be hidden in the handle for easy storage and carrying. Four-in-one multi- function. A pen tip, long haired brush, and two cleaning brushes are included in the Earbud Cleaning Pen. The pen tip and long haired brush can clean the Headset Compartment. 2 short bristle brushes to clean phone charging holes provide a simple and stylish design. The brush is multifunctional. A high density fine brush can be used to clean the debris and dirt on the headphones. The metal tip is made of metal. The tip of the pen can be used to keep the pen in a good grip, which can be used to clean up litter and keep your headset clean. The metal ring is made of metal. The Earplug Cleaning Pen has a metal ring. It can be used in the middle for logo customization. When opening a product for the first time, do not touch the pen with your hand. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Wanther

👤It took 1 day to get the airpod cleaner, which was faster than the Amazon prime. The cleaner has 7 functions and is made of good quality. I like how it's made. Sturdy. Alcohol and the product can be used to clean and disinfect.

👤This product is great for cleaning your cell phone, it has everything you need to get deep in the crevices, and it's great for everyone!

👤The product does what it is supposed to do. The little brush makes it easy to keep earbuds clean. It was perfect.

👤This is a small tool that I use to clean my mechanical keyboard. It's small and can be taken anywhere, just like a regular pen.

👤If you have Ear buds, this is a must have. The Tiny pick is great for getting into the nooks and crevices of the ear buds. The brush bristles are the right size to get into the mess and wipe away any gunk as well. The package and product size are perfect. The whole assembly can be compressed to a pen like structure. There is a The middle item is snug, so you need to pull the brush end cap off to expose it, but all in all, it's a pretty solid little tool. There is a One of the best little tools I have seen is simple and perfect to have.

👤What is the point of this? I thought this had a chemical that made it easier to clean earbuds. It's a fluffed up cutip. The design of the scraper is terrible. You could get a pack of 100 for less than 1$, but the brush is the best part. I run a headphones repair business, and I don't see how you could clean an ear bud with this. Don't buy it.

👤This is a small tool. A scraper is needed to clean the crevices. There are various brushes. The microfiber q-tip is my favorite to clean the inside of the stem holes. I had a problem with the blue ringed one. A blue ringed one is shown in the box. I got a gold ringed one. Not a big deal. I would have liked to get what I ordered. Quality control needs to be improved.

👤Most of the gadgets are lightweight plastic and don't feel durable. We'll see how long it lasts. The brushes work well for cleaning earbuds and phone openings. The metal pick is frightening for use around delicate electronics.

4. Cleaner Cleaning Charging Headphone Electronics

Cleaner Cleaning Charging Headphone Electronics

For your loved ones, the for airpods cleaner kit is a lovely Christmas, birthday, or anniversary present. This is a unique airpods cleaning kit for apple device enthusiasts. 90 PCS cute pink Airpods cell phone cleaning kit accessories, 1* pink air blower, 50* pink pointed cleaning, thin tip, 1* pink tweezers, 1* pink soft brushes, 5* pink soft bristle brushes, and 1* pink cleaner cloth are included. You can put the Airpods cell phone cleaner kit in your bags, it's quiet and attractive for ladies, and it's a good gift for her. The practical Headphone port cleaning kit is a good way to clean the speaker grill, phone charge port, and ear wax. The soft bristle brushes can be put into the AirPods, cell phone charge port, and tweezers to clip small dirt out, also with cloth to sweep the surface dust off. As phone cleaning kit, phone port cleaner, cell phone cleaning kit, ear bud cleaning putty, headphone cleaning kit and phone speaker cleaner, keyboard cleaning kit. Make your electronic device free from dust, sand, dirt and debris by using effective cleaning kit tools. The flannel material bags are very soft for your airpods headset and charge storage, and can be used as daily small parts storage bags.

Brand: Aocii

👤I bought this kit to help me clean out my earbuds. The gel-based goop used to clean dust and keyboards is not the same as the tough sticky tack that the "goop" is. It ripped the screen out of my earbuds. I needed to buy a new pair. There is a I can only give it one star. I'm sure I'll find a use for the other cleaning tools in this kit.

👤I apologize for the first bad review, I was angry that someone stole my package. I am really happy with how well the item cleans.

👤Do not use the putty on your airbus. It took a long time for me to get rid of it. I would have liked to read the comments before purchasing. The other tools were useful, and I used a glass cleaner on the ends since I had a major build-up. The 4 stars were due to the putty almost ruining my AirPods.

👤This was a great kit. The wax may be stuck in the small holes in the air Pod without damage if the putty is used. The small swabs are great. It was a great purchase.

👤A great price for a kit. Everything you need to keep your airpods clean. It is satisfying to clean it with the contents of the pack. It's not old for airpods, so definitely recommend buying this kit. It can be used for many things.

👤The product is the best so far. Don't put a lot of pressure on the "putty" or it will stick to your airpods. It has a cute pink bag to keep all of the items in.

5. Hearing Amplifier Cleaning Earbuds Headphones

Hearing Amplifier Cleaning Earbuds Headphones

AFTER-SALES If you have any questions, please contact them. Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools is a multi-functional Hearing Aid that can be used for hearing aids, earphones, Airpods, ear molds, earplugs and other difficult to solve problems. The hearing aid battery can be used to adjust the hearing aid volume, and the brush head can be used to remove the magnet. They have 7 different cleaning brushes, enough for your family to use in daily life. The hearing aid cleaning brush is made of soft and lightweight nylon material, it is easy to clean, it will not scratch or damage the hearing aid, you can use it with confidence. The key to good maintenance of hearing aids is to carry hearing aid accessories for cleaning at any time, which is easy to do with a tool box. 30-day money-back service is offered for any quality issues. If you are dissatisfied with the purchase within that period, you will get a replacement. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Anico

👤The brush I received with the purchase was lost in the process of repairing my hearing aids. I ordered the kit to only use the brush. The tools included are outstanding and should be included in your hearing aids. With this kit, I will be able to clean my hearing aids.

👤This kit is useful if you don't mind having to learn how to use the tools. My and my wife's hearing aids are maintained using some of the tools. Some of the tools seem useless. There is no manual in the usual way. I'm not sure if a toothbrush, a few pins/ needles, and a paperclip can do the same job, given that this kit comes without any guidance.

👤The kit was great for cleaning my hearing aids. It was cheaper than some other options because it had more tools than I needed. The tools are smaller than they look, and for anyone wearing hearing aids regularly, they are easy to clean. It's the same as other tools. The carrying case keeps the tools from being lost and it fits into a pocket or purse for travel.

👤Not sure about this. We need to see how the pieces hold up. I wish they were in a better case that organized the parts better, but at least they have some extra tools as the original ones with the hearing aids do wear out.

👤The hearing aid cleaning kit seems to have everything you would need to clean typical hearing aids. The tools work as they are supposed to. The quality of the tools is not great. The low price point of this kit was expected.

👤One long tool does not fit in the nicely sized container. The tools are useful. If you wear glasses, the microfibre cloth is a nice extra.

👤It is necessary to clean your hearing aids. The travel size set contains all the tools that are needed.

👤I should have added that I wear hearing aids. I can't say anything about the effectiveness of ear buds.

6. REFLYING Professional Compatible Headphones Keyboards

REFLYING Professional Compatible Headphones Keyboards

Pull the top of the sponge down while rotating with the Embedded Handle. They don't want the products to be small. 50ML Strong Cleaner, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 20 Swabs, 5 Soft Bristle Brushes, 5 Cleaning Wipes, 1 brush, and 1 soft brush are included. The cleaning kit is packed in a bag. Their cleaner uses a harmless substance, no alcohol, no ammonia, no harmful phosphates, and odorless to remove the dust and dirt. The cleaning wipes are packed in a dust-free environment. Their cleaning kit includes a big soft brush and flexible and soft swabs, which are perfect to clean particle and blemish. Use bristle brushes to clean the hole in the charging case, wet wipes to clean the surface, and dry wipes to remove the water. The camera cleaning kit can be used to clean the DSLR lens, as well as the Charging Case, headphones, cell phones, keyboards and etc. Each accessory is designed to keep your electronics products neat. If you have any quality related issues within one year, please contact them without hesitation, they will give you a positive solution.

Brand: Reflying

👤I can't keep my AirPods clean even though I try. They have a lot of earwax. This product is amazing. It got all the wax out of the hard to reach spots on my AirPods. I highly recommend!

👤1. I sprayed it a couple of times without even realizing that it was going to affect my health. 2. The cleaning kit has no instructions and the only helpful tool is the white q tips.

👤The kit is great. It was basic but what I needed. The included swabs are the right size for getting into my phones charge port. The wipes were sturdy enough to do a bit of scrubbing, and the spray didn't leave streaks.

👤The product was received a couple of days ago. I just opened it today and it did a great job of cleaning up my phone and airpods. One of the brushes came apart, the other came off, but the only downside was that the top half came off. The small black spots on the inside of my AirPods were not taken off by me. I would give it a 5 star if it wasn't for this.

👤I will probably always have a little cleaning kit for gadgets and tech cleaning. Tech can get gross when working from home. There is a This kit is perfect for a tech detail that gets into all of the small cracks and hard to reach spots to get your tech back to that new tech shape.

👤The cleaning swabs were too big to use for the ports, so I bought them in hopes of cleaning them. Couldn't use it for what I needed.

👤The cleaning supplies were not usable. How could a supplier allow that? Do not buy it.

👤The Gunk spill is out of my s20 Ultra charging port. After giving it a good cleaning and letting it dry, there is no need to worry. I think anything that can save me a trip to the service center is great.

👤There were 2 sets of earbuds where one stopped charging. I was able to clean the gunk that was preventing the charging prongs from connecting.

7. Earbuds Cleaner Kit AirPods Headphones

Earbuds Cleaner Kit AirPods Headphones

The service is after-sales. If you have a question about the product, please contact them. They will replace the product if it has a quality problem. If you want a better use of water or alcohol, spray it on the dirt. The cleaning kit is for you to clean your case andpods. Keep your earbuds in pristine condition by grabbing all the wax out of the mesh. The sponge fits all the way into the earbuds charging case. You can reuse all of the parts multiple times and save a lot of money.

Brand: Bekky

👤Sometimes I need to borrow his airpods but it's filthy. The tool is small and convenient. I can carry it with me. You can use the brush to clean the dirt out. My son can use this tool without thinking because it only has one part. It likes cleaning his airpods with this tool. It was a good investment. If you have an airpod, you must have it.

👤Well made product. A small size. I will be taking this with me on trips in case I need to clean my buds. The tip fits into small spaces. It could be used to clean theusb ports as well. I used it to clean the edge of my glasses. It could be used to clean jewelry as well.

👤The airpod cleaner is a tool that you don't know you need. There are two ends to it. One has a piece that can be used to get into the crevices. The fuzzy wand that is fitted to the size of the ear inserts is much more helpful than the other end. It made me feel better about putting the AirPods back in my ears, but I don't know if it improves the quality of the audio output.

👤Works as advertised. It is small and easy to clean airpods. The seller recommended spraying a small amount of rubbing alcohol on it to loosen and clean it. It helps.

👤It cleans my earbuds. It is much easier than previous methods.

👤They clean the airpods but other surfaces love it.

👤I love this little thing. Works well. I would recommend 100 percent.

👤It worked better than expected. I used a different method of cleaning them and they cleaned them better.

8. Cleaner Cleaning Airpods Headphone Include

Cleaner Cleaning Airpods Headphone Include

The design for mane. Aocii cleaning set as your electronics cleaner, they equipped blue color special for man, this is a good daily gifts for him, he will be surprised by this electronics cleaning putty, and their high quality cleaning gunk remover can help to clean your phone, ear bud or airpods more efficiently There is a package in it. Blue Airpods cell phone cleaning kit includes a blue air blower, 50 blue pointed cleaning, thin tip, blue tweezers, blue soft brushes, and blue cleaner cloth. WIDELYAPPLICATION: The phone cleaning kit includes a phone port cleaner, ear bud cleaning kit, headphone cleaning kit, and phone speaker cleaner. Make your electronic device free from dust, sand, dirt and debris by using effective cleaning kit tools. The blue storage bags have enough capacity for your earphone cleaning tools and can also be used as daily small parts storage bags. The safe element. Don't worry about using their airpods cleaning kit for your electronics device, it's made of good material, safe and skin-friendly, and keep away from children to avoid choking risks.

Brand: Aocii

👤Nice collection. The kit we bought for the family has enough materials for us to clean 3 sets of Ear Pods.

👤They were bought for a family member. They looked brand new when they were beaten.

👤The variety of products is amazing. It's good to clean airpods or other electronic devices with its own bag.

👤The tools in this kit are not effective at cleaning ear buds. I would like to see the product evaluated better. This item is not eligible for returns. I bought one for myself and one for a gift. I can't give this to someone else after trying it myself.

👤It's an affordable way to keep my airpods clean. It's easy to store between uses because everything fits into a bag. There are no problems here.

👤I was unsure if I needed all of this to clean my AirPods. I am putting them to work and they look great. Happy with the product.

👤The package was sealed as usual and had a packing sheet with what was to be included. The items I received are around it. The kit has some important tools that are missing. There is no return policy.

👤The phone was not charging at all. The kit was used to clean the charge port. The phone charges like it should.

9. Hagibis Cleaning Multi Function Bluetooth Earphones

Hagibis Cleaning Multi Function Bluetooth Earphones

The package includes 1x. Cute stitch AirPods 2nd/1st charging case cover, 1 x carabiner, 1 x ear hooks, 1 x anti-lost lanyard, 1 x brush, and 1 x watch band holder. SUIHUOJI has a money-back guarantee and replacement warranty. Hagibis 3-in-1 earphone cleaning kit has a hidden design to meet a variety of cleaning needs. The sponge can clean the dust in the earphone case. The brush is high-density. The earphone and other parts can be cleaned easily. The metal pen tip can clean the dust. Pull the top of the sponge down while rotating with the Embedded Handle. They don't want the products to be small.

Brand: Hagibis

👤I used the part that cleans out the case for the first time. Within 10 seconds, it broke off. Not a good purchase. Don't waste your money.

👤The device that came wasn't a device that looked like something in the picture. Do not buy it, it looks like a Q-Tip on the base. There is a scam.

👤The entire packaging was not in English. The location of the small brush makes it impossible to use. The product is smaller than expected. I was unsure of how to use it so I tried to clean my Air Pod Pro tips and poked a hole through the filter. I don't think this product is enough to spend $10 on.

👤You could use a q-tip, but this actually works. The brush really cleans the mesh on my airpods.

👤I used to use a lot of different things to clean my airpods, but nothing worked. You will not regret buying it. I would like to take before and after pictures.

👤The best way to clean earbuds is with this tool. The pointed end is not sharp enough to puncture the earpiece. It's small and compact so I can keep it in my bag, it's easy to use, and it's all one piece. I don't have any complaints.

👤I was going to take my sons Airpods with me as I spent hours trying to improve volume. Couldn't hear on the train or plane. The alcohol spray and cleaning set has brought them back to life. If they were repeating and faffing, they found themselves back to normal. A great tool for the job. The long cleaner doesn't make it to the bottom of the charging case, but that's minor. Recommended!

👤The airpods and the case are cleaned by these. I have to use an alcohol solution to get the marks clean, but it doesn't seem to work for the more difficult marks. The brush is good to go inside the case holes.

👤I love this product. It made it easy to clean my airpods. There is a It's small enough to fit in your handbag.

👤The best idea was created. Excellent item. It is now easy to clean my airpods. Very happy.

👤The Sinn von Rezensionen ist und die Dinge bewerten. There is a Die Ware ist gut. Schlicht, schick - und lsst - gut bedienen. I damit gut reinigen. Strich ist nun eigentlich. The Wattestbchen, aber irgendwie ist es doch angenehmer, ist beeinhaltet. Es ist. Nun kein Fehlkauf ist nun, somindest.

10. Airpods Cleaning Charging Headphones Keyboard

Airpods Cleaning Charging Headphones Keyboard

If you have any quality related issues within one year, please contact them without hesitation, they will give you a positive solution. There are different kinds of cleaning sticks, microfiber cloth,steel Tweezer and dry cleaning wipe. Storage Box is 7.8*4.1*0.8 Remove the ear wax and dust from your airpods with the REMOVAL THE EARWAX, it can also clean the speaker. Screen cleaner, Dirt remover, and extension service time helpers are used. Make your electronic device free from sand, dirt and debris with effective cleaning kit tools. The clean kit set includes 203 PCS, it can clean all of your devices, like airpods, cell phone, earbuds. AFTER-SALES If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Polislime

👤I think the cleaner works well, my case was dirty under the lid. The speaker was a little dirty, but it was cleaned well. Didn't know that they made something like this. The price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend it.

👤When I had my iPods Pro set to noise cancellation mode, I was having problems with crackling noise. There's a tiny grill on each iPod to hear ambient noise and cancel it, but it can get dirty and cause noise cancellation to malfunction. There is a The kit has brushes and sticktack that can be used to clean the grills of the iPod. Any time I start to get crackling, a quick clean with this kit is all it takes to restore noise cancellation.

👤One tiny piece of puddy was great for cleaning my keyboard and headphones. It is very easy to use. I liked it a lot. Thankfully, I won't need to buy any more pieces of the kit any time soon. It was a great price compared to similar items on the market.

👤When I was looking for an Air Pod cleaner, I came across a review that said "until I cleaned it, I didn't know it was dirty and gross". Those are the words that came to mind after cleaning mine. Is it first, ew? TrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia But finally, wow. Did it do its job? This is the best way to clean your AirPods. You will feel refreshed. The putty is also included. Wow.

👤When I clean my AirPods with this, the green tacky stuff that you are supposed to clean them with to get the stuff out of the speaker goes through my speaker. It is stuck under my speaker. Isn't it wonderful?

👤The kit cleaned out the AirPods and made them look new.

👤Mobile repair shops and apple store use the same kind of kit.

11. Compatible Cleaning Bluetooth Cellphones Earphones

Compatible Cleaning Bluetooth Cellphones Earphones

This is the best gift for anyone wearing headphones. Help clean corners. If you don't like the product, they will return it and give you a new one. No damage to earbuds components and holes is made of the high quality material. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be used anywhere. It's suitable for all digital products. There is a soft microfiber brush above the pen tip that can be used to clean earbuds. There is a brush at the other end of the pen. A well-designed cleaning pen can help clean hard-to-reach areas. It's a must for anyone wearing headphones. Don't use liquids to clean earphones. The cleaning pen can be used to clean the earphone, charging box, mobile phone earpieces, microphones, etc. It's compatible with most of the earphones on the market.

Brand: Akiki

👤We live in an RV and my nails are bad. I wouldn't have posted a picture of them, but this product is just so good that it overcame my innate vanity, and I received my AirPods as a gift for Christmas 2019. I wipe them down frequently but they aren't really clean. I wear them all night when I have allergies and fall asleep when I can't see. I found this kit on Amazon that had the sticky stuff, wipes and a tool that looked like a toy, instead of the stuff I saw online. I just used it. I am exaggerating when I say I kept screaming. As the blue stuff removed more and more vile ear matter from the mesh on the AirPods. I used the brush on the tool and it came out more stuff. Do you like Dr. Pimple Popper? This kit will make you happy. It is gross, but so satisfying. There is a You know the little opening on the top of the Air Pod? It is confusing. I didn't know about it. I don't know what kind of Tardis-type properties that thing has, but it looked like more stuff came of it. There is a The tool can be used to remove the inside of the case with a foam end. There is a You would expect the AirPods to sound better now.

👤I bought this for my husband because he uses his earbuds a lot. He had a bad ear canal that wouldn't go away and he had to have it removed. His ENT doctor told us to throw out his earbuds because they might be holding inbacteria. I'm glad I tried this because I would have thrown out something so expensive. It was very easy to use. The alcohol wipes are included in the set along with the cleaning pen and brush. I wanted to give them a clean. This was gentle on the delicate parts, but still gave me a deep cleaning. I was surprised by the amount of gunk I pulled out. It was easy to clean the pen and brush after. It's been a few weeks and he's doing well. I plan to use it on a regular basis.

👤The product actually cleaned my case. The metal side was thin so it could not damage the mesh. The gunk was taken out by the putty, rather than being pushed in. One of my AirPods had no sound coming out, but after I cleaned it, it started working again!

👤I am surprised how well this works. I am very pleased with this product. There is a The metal tip picks out gunk without damaging the speaker. The blue sticky squares do a good job getting gunk out, but I'm worried about pressing it against the speaker. I use it on the outside of the case. The wool brush is strong enough to clean the speaker area. The microfiber rod is long enough to get down inside the charger and clean it. I use sealed wipes to clean the cleaner. A little cleaning tool is worth the money.


What is the best product for headphone cleaner kit?

Headphone cleaner kit products from Wilbeva. In this article about headphone cleaner kit you can see why people choose the product. Yesimla and Wanther are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone cleaner kit.

What are the best brands for headphone cleaner kit?

Wilbeva, Yesimla and Wanther are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone cleaner kit. Find the detail in this article. Aocii, Anico and Reflying are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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