Best Headphone Cord Protector

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1. Protector Protective Headphone Charger Prevent

Protector Protective Headphone Charger Prevent

3,5 x 0,3 x 5,5 cm is the size. You will get 10 pieces of cable protectors in different colors. The cable can be prevented from twisting, knotting, abrasion and dust entering with the help of the spiral protector. They have 10 different colors of cable protectors, you can find them at a glance, but you can also give it to family and friends and use different colors to distinguish them. If your cable is bitten by your pet, you can protect it with a protective cover. The spiral protective sleeve needs to be wrapped around the cable after receipt, you can choose to wrap it in different colors.

Brand: Frienda

👤These are for my phone, iPad, and cell phone cords. Didn't deter at all. It attracted more attention to them. She chewed through them. They were difficult to put on. After twisting cords and getting them on. Will be giving the cords to her to play with.

👤My cat chews wires for some reason. My cat won't touch my cell phone chargers now that I wrapped them in these, because I have a bad habit of forgetting to pick them up. I watched her try to pick up one after she wrapped them. She didn't like the feeling of plastic on her teeth. I finally found a way to stop my cat from chewing on my phone charges.

👤They are meant for earbuds that plug in. When I ordered them, I didn't understand that. They are short.

👤Todos tienen un cable del cargador regular, pero tiene un pedazo de otro.

👤The spirals are small, but I think they will be useful to keep my cat from chewing up my cords. I'm hoping this product will keep me from buying another cord. If you're not looking for a quick fix, this is it.

👤I used this for cables that my cat chewed on. He chewed through the cables. He is unable to chew through it after applying 4 layers. Applying them takes a lot of time. You have to keep them away from the cable. I would buy them again if they were still cheap.

👤It took me a while to get them on my headphones. They seem to be strong. They tend to slip and get bumpy after a while. I pulled them tight when putting them on, so that might be the reason for it. They do what they say.

👤It's annoying to do. I don't want to do it. The junk drawer is where I entered it.

2. ATOLL Cable Protector 4 Pack Protectors

ATOLL Cable Protector 4 Pack Protectors

The Cable Protector is designed to protect the cable and prevent it from breaking or detaching again. The cable saver is made from plastic. The cable ends are easily attached to the iPhone Charger Protector. There are a number of color combinations for the Cord Protector. 4 Each pack contains iPhone cord protectors. It's compatible with most computer and phone cables, including Apple Watch cables, microUSB cables, and other cords. The 12-month warranty on the iPhone Cable Protector is a full refund or replacement. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Atoll

👤These are fun. I have used one of the best cable protectors. I have tried other versions that were similar to these, but they were more rigid and difficult to use. It is easy to wrap around the cord. I have gone through multiple charging cords in the last few years and they are not cheap to replace. Most people just toss the cords in the trash. I am hoping these will do the trick. The colored ones are fun and cheerful.

👤I'm always replacing the chargers for my devices. I have tried other Iphone cable protectors, but they didn't do the job. The colors are easy to use. I wrapped the cord around myself. They give me protection and support. I ruin my Ipads by tripping over the charge on them. There was no problem with this happening with the charger protectors on. I am very happy with my purchase, and they are very affordable. I will purchase more for my other products.

👤This is a great way to keep cords safe. I have lost a lot of cords due to over entering my cords. This is a great solution but my package arrived open and only two protectors. I thought they had fallen loose in transit. They are nowhere to be found. I would have liked to have the pieces as advertised.

👤I hated this cable protection at first. I know it's cheap. It didn't seem to do its job. I can see that it doesn't do it's job well. It doesn't protect the cord very well. The charging cord will eventually short out because this protector still allows the cord to bend, but I can see that it probably reduces the need to buy new cords. I don't think it's worth the money.

👤I break the chargers through constant use, stress and wear and tear, and sometimes tripping and ripping them out of the device I was using that needed power. The cord protectors are a good fix. I stumbled across the product by happenstance and had no idea that they made cable protectors, and I wish I had known about them earlier. They are easy to design. Wrap them around the base of your cord so that it won't be torn away. I think it will work with any manufacturer's cables, but it works with the Apple devices that I have. They are a great idea and well priced. I am very satisfied with this purchase, and would recommend them to anyone who is hard on charging.

👤I had an iPad 2 and an Apple phone that I didn't want them to get damaged. The reviews that recommend these are correct. They are easy to put on if one doesn't have bad arthritis. I double wrap them so they are even stronger. Would definitely recommend!

👤This is a very practical item. It works as intended, however, you must be careful to grab the plug and not just the cable protector when you take it out of your device or the protector will pull down the wire and away from the plug. The bottom of the protectors may be tapped to prevent that.

3. Assorted Flexible Protector Organizer Accessories

Assorted Flexible Protector Organizer Accessories

Do you want to change broken wires again and again? The spiral cable protectors set is what you need. The spiral cable cord protectors are made from high-quality silicone and are used to protect your cable ends from breaking or detaching. Awesome function. These cable protectors keep your wire safe from harm. The spiral cable wrap keeps long cables from breaking and damaging. There are multiple uses. The flexible nature of these phone cord protectors allow them to fit most wires. Simply apply the phone charger protector to the cable ends, no more worry of broken or detached cable! Save money by buying new wire. One-step installation. Simply wrap the cable protectors onto your preferred cable end and they will fit the wire perfectly and act as a protective sleeve to prevent any harm to the cable without decreasing the mobility. User friendly. The design and material of the charging cable protectors help you relieve stress and anxiety by protecting your wires.

Brand: Ifamio

👤They don't stay up on the cord as well as I 888-276-5932s The wires are exposed again when they slide down.

👤I thought I was going to save money, but it ended up costing me more in the long run. My brand new cord was ruined by this cord saver. You can't just buy comparable cords and get a decent price.

👤The best way to tell the cords apart is to keep them healthy. It's my favorite part. I tried many ways to do it, but it just wouldn't work. I can tell which of the two pinks and two greens is which by looking at the charging cords. Nice. There is a They are easy to install and stay on. If you buy these, you'll be able to see it. I highly recommend.

👤They do what they are supposed to do, and protect cables very well.

👤I bought these to protect the wire end-points. The wire protectors are better than the ones that are bite shaped. They are difficult to hold in place for thicker cables.

👤I needed them for something but they didn't work well for me, but they were good for other applications.

👤The item was very nice and the colors were nice. It's easy to use and use several electronic cords.

👤I use these to reduce the stress on my tech cords. They are great. They are very easy to use. I will buy more for other cords.

4. Nite Ize CordCollar Identification Protection

Nite Ize CordCollar Identification Protection

The ends of reinforced cable are where they bend the most to help prevent fraying. Universal fit is designed to fit most charging cords. The colorful cable covers help identify cords to make it easier to guess who has the cord. The covers are made of stretchy durable TPE and are easy to slide over larger ends. There are 8 cobras included. Each pack has enough cord protection to meet your needs.

Brand: Nite Ize

👤The update was added on 5-19-20. These have held up for a full week. I will be buying more and more friends that will put them to the test. The cords were bent when they were thrown around. Thank you very much. There is a I'm 33 and relatively tech savvy. These are great. The reviews about how they were hard to install made me hesitant to buy them. I installed 7 of them on various cords after opening the packaging. It was easy to attach them. I would suggest making sure you don't throw it on the tool and then spread it all the way. Give it a couple small stretches to warm it up. I have not seen any cracks on the installation. I was able to get my bulky MacBook charge over all of the heads. I can see that they will help on my chargers. I will revise this post if they fall apart. I would highly recommend this product to anyone on the fence. There is a People with severe arthritis may have issues pinching the small spreader tool all the way. It is not hard at all.

👤The stretchy tubes can be difficult to install, but they work well on most cable types. If you want to put the one on the end that has theusb A type connector, you should start on the other end of the cable. It is almost impossible to stretch it over a type A connection. These work best on cables that have a square shoulder on the connector. The prevention is better than the cure. If you put one on the cable before it starts to break, you won't have to fix it. If the cable has already begun to break, try using some 3D fabric paint to repair it, and then let it dry for a day or two before installing one of these collars.

👤These are good for protection. I know there are a lot of people who have had problems but I believe they are going wrong. Make sure the end of the tool are visible when you put the cord collar on. The tool will tear the collar if not. If you take your time and make sure the tool prongs are visible at the end before you stretch to install, you will have no problems. I wanted everyone to know that this is a great product that protects your cable wires. They don't stress this in the instructions if you follow them.

👤Works well! The magsafe 2 accessory for my Macbook pro started to break at the end. I was trying to find a way to fix it. I tried shrink wrap but it wouldn't fit over the plug. I thought about using electrical tape, but it wouldn't last long. I was skeptical when I discovered this product because I thought it would fit too snug around the actual cord, but I was wrong. I was able to stack two of them to make the total length 1.125 inches because the "collar" is shorter than I needed. It fits around the smallest part of the power cord. I tried to move it by tugging on it, but it wouldn't move. The material is soft and supple. It seems very durable and may have contributed to some reviewers saying how hard it is to install. It only took me a short time to install both. It doesn't require any hand strength but it hurts your hand. It's a dust magnet. Looks better than before.

5. Critter Cord CCM6 CritterCord Protector

Critter Cord CCM6 CritterCord Protector

The mini is about 2.5 cm/1"- 5 cm/2" in length. The animal cable protectors are suitable for the originalusb charging cable. It's perfect for Speaker Wire, Cell Phone Cords, IPOD. There are smaller computer peripheral cables. 6 feet of tubing. The scent of bitter taste.

Brand: Crittercord

👤This really worked. I've tried everything to get my cat to stop eating my phone cords and laces. Over the last year and a half, I have spent hundreds of dollars replacing charging cords. My stinker will not stop chewing my cable. He will get to it if it's out for more than 10 seconds and I've tried hiding it, coating it in hot sauce, but he won't get to it. I put it on my phone cord. The phone cord is still in one piece and I think it was in February. The first couple nights after taking it out of the packaging, there was an overwhelming stench from the cord. It was making me sick. It was not a good smell, since I usually have my phone charging station by my bed, and it was not a good smell to sleep with. The smell got better and better every day and now it's only noticeable if I've been handling the cord. I absolutely recommend this product.

👤This functions well. I've used several of these to kitten-proof my house. There is a The bad: protects cables from being chewed on. If you need to protect a cable less than 6 feet long, it can be cut to length. The clear plastic looks better than some of the cable protection options. There is a Imagine that Satan gorged himself on a grove of rotting oranges and vomited all over your cables, to get an idea of the smell. It's unpleasant for a few days, and it's the kind of smell that makes you feel bad every time you smell it. There is a If there were more bulk purchasing options, I would use more of this. I have a lot of cables, but 6 feet is the maximum length of a single cable. I would be more than happy to buy this, even with the initial smell, if I could get a 200 foot spool and cut it to size for my cables. It seems like a waste to have all these packages for a short time. There is a The cost per foot is crazy when you consider it's just a plastic tube coated with demonic vomit. It would be nice if the price of a bulk purchase was less than $2 per foot.

👤The story is funny, but not really. I left my bedroom one morning and it smelled weird. I thought my house was on fire when I walked down the hall to the common area. I searched around and checked everywhere. Every appliance. It smelled like an electrical fire. I couldn't smell it anymore. The heating and cooling guy was going to come out that evening. He came out and gave his equipment a clean bill of health, even though he agreed the smell was awful. We called out the electrician after hours because we couldn't sleep and we didn't know what was happening in our house. He agreed that we had an awful smell, but he didn't think it was electrical. We checked our plugs, appliances, and attic. Good luck to you, you will have to pay a fee for the service call and apologize for not being able to help. We sat down. A few minutes later, I'm typing on my laptop and I have a small roll of clear tubing shoved in my face and I almost lost my dinner at the smell. This stuff is so bad. No wonder animals won't eat it. The outdoor trash from that pack and the other two went straight to the bin.

6. Alex Tech 10ft Protector Sleeving

Alex Tech 10ft Protector Sleeving

The package includes a 3.5mm headphone cable. Length: 10 feet, color: black The wire loom is easy to use. Their cable sleeve will close once loaded. The operating temp was 103 to 257. The cable management sleeve is used for automotive wires. The cat can't chew the cables. The cable protector is insulated. The wire sleeve is recognized by the UL. Their cable organizers keep the cords organized. Their cable organizers keep the cords organized.

Brand: Alex Tech

👤There is an update. My rabbit knows he can chew through the material, so I put my thick MacBook cord in his mouth. cords from a rabbit are not protected by this cord cover. I ordered several different types of protection and this one was my favorite. It takes a couple of minutes to slip the cord through the split, but once it's on it does the trick and isn't too bulky or inflexible. I recommend this sleeve for pets.

👤I don't know why it was so hard for me to find this product, but what's important is that I finally found it. It took me 5 minutes to install, and it plays better than I could have imagined. When one needs to stick out at a different point, you simply wrap the cord protectors around each cord. The solution to the ugly mess of cables that comes with every TV is simple.

👤I have a cat that chews on electrical cords. I can't tell you how many cords she's chewed through, but I can tell you how many charging cords she's chewed through. I was pretty sure I would find her fried one day, like Aunt Bethany's cat did in the National Lampoon's Christmas vacation movie. I tried the sprays that were made for chewing. I bought braided charging cables. I was hoping for some help to stop her from chewing and then I found these sleeves. The sleeves are easy to install and can wrap around more than one cord at a time, which is helpful for the tv equipment. You can open the sleeve and slide the cords inside. My cat hasn't chewed any cords since I encased everything in these sleeves. You can cut these to any length you want, so be sure to have scissors with you. I've purchased this item twice, to outfit all of the cords I could find. There is an update May 2019. I have bought these sleeves twice now and have them on my lamps, tv, and any exposed cords you can think of. So far, so good! They are protecting my cords and this crazy cat.

👤My cat likes chewing. Several products have been tried to cover cords. My kitten is chewing them. My kitten will get an electric shock if it chews cords. I found this product a few days ago. The cord is flexible after I install the protectors. My cat tried to chew through the cord protectors, but she couldn't. She had to give up. I think my cat lost interest in chewing my cords. I won. A great cord protection. I should have it before then.

👤The sleeve is soft and tight. If you don't know the size, I have a cable that is more than a quarter of a inch in diameter. It's not a circle, it's a diameter, and it's not flatted tube width. I bought a small sleeve. I got the cable into the sleeve. The inner diameter of an empty sleeve is determined by the size.

7. Protector Silicone Management Organizer Cellphone

Protector Silicone Management Organizer Cellphone

It can protect the cable of all devices such as mobile phones, computers, laptops and mouse cables, avoiding breakage, and is made of high- softness Silicone. The wiring protectors are made of good quality material, which is soft and comfortable, and can protect the cable from electric leakage, avoiding accidents. These cable protectors reduce the risk of tearing by protecting wires and power lines from dust, tangles and knots. Even if the wrapper of the cable is broken, the charger cable protectors help to extend the life of the cable. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Jetec

👤This is the best product with the best price. I have purchased a lot of different cable protectors and they have been difficult to put on, too small, too narrow, don't protect the cables well, and so on. There is a lot of design thinking. When I purchased a smaller amount of this type, I was happy to find cable protectors that are easy to put on, don't come off or slip down, and actually protect cables. I came back to look for more after I found this listing, and was happy when I found it. Hopefully, this large pack of cable protectors will last me for a few years.

👤I'm tired of cables that wear out and trying to position my phone. So it charges. These are a great value, easy to pop on, don't seem to have problems with popping off, and seem to prevent the cables from bending at such acute angles. I'm happy with it.

👤The Apple money maker cables will help us save on the long run. I use them in almost every cable in our connected life, but my last shipment arrived with 5 missing cable protectors.

👤You get a lot of these because they are easy to use. I bought these to protect my cords. I put two on the ends of my phone and laptop charging cords. I want to love them, but I don't see how they protect anymore. I have to wiggle them back into place. Unless you play on your device while it's charging, I don't think they do much. It might protect it a bit. Since I don't play on my devices as they charge, I would rather buy a new one.

👤I've tried it on every cord. There is a The color codes on the cords are similar to the ones on the TV cables. The phone cords are kept from bending. Start with the end closest to the plug and wrap the rest around the cord.

👤I have bought a sturdier product in the past. This one is a little bit softer. I used two for the cords. They are still loose in that they move, but it will work for the price and quantity that I received.

👤It worked great on all of my cables. It's a great value for money. Love them.

👤I was hesitant because of reviews on other products similar to this, but I am very happy with it, they stay put, don't slide and the price is excellent.

👤My two cats love chewing on thin cords and it gets expensive after a while. I have been looking for a similar product in stores. I cover my entire cable with these so that my cats won't be able to break it. Replacing expensive cords is no longer possible. My wallet and I are very grateful. Thank you so much!

8. TUPARKA TUPARKA 18 Pcs Cable Protector for IPhone Ipad USB Cable Plastic Cable Protectors Cute Fish Dinosaur Animals Charging Cable Saver Phone Accessory Protect USB Charger

TUPARKA TUPARKA 18 Pcs Cable Protector for IPhone Ipad USB Cable Plastic Cable Protectors Cute Fish Dinosaur Animals Charging Cable Saver Phone Accessory Protect USB Charger

18 different styles of protecters contain insect, fish, fruit and dinosaur. Also, note: This product is suitable for original cables. The mini is about 2.5 cm/1"- 5 cm/2" in length. The animal cable protectors are suitable for the originalusb charging cable.

Brand: Tuparka

👤They are cute. We bought them for the kids because we will be home-schooling. It was a great way to identify everyone. I tried to put them on my beats headphones cable but it didn't fit. They don't stay in place if apple chargers fit properly. They slip down the wire until they slip off. I might glue them into place because they are so cute.

👤I was a little disappointed to get open to put the cable in because it was so hard. The machine did not cut all the way through.

👤Half of them don't work. The plastic is hard to modify and the slit isn't large enough to fit in.

👤I was able to find a way around the problem. I was upset because I couldn't get the cable bites to stay on my neck. I decided to work the cable bit up to the white part so it wouldn't fall off. It is a bit of a struggle sometimes but if you work it out it works very well. I used a butter knife to open the slit when I had trouble.

👤The different designs were really liked by the grand kids. It's only good for the style of the phone.

👤I decided to give these a try because I was tired of replacing charging cables. Some of them are a little tight but they work. After putting them on all my cables, I have only 4 more. I will find a way to use them in the car. I bought them and would recommend them to others.

👤The cords break all the time when I drag my laptop and tablets around. The little guys are bright and funny and can protect the vulnerable part of the cord. The little crab is a word of warning. He's darling, but the claws catch on everything.

👤Some of them don't hold tightly to the cord. The pierce is in the back of the cord to get it on and off the cord, if the protector slips down the cord. Some of them are cute and work well.

👤The cables for the iPhone don't last long and they always split at the end. There is a It helps to save your cable to be able to use it a bit longer. I put one on my cable as well. There is a They are cute. There is a good selection to choose from, but some are larger than I thought.

👤These don't fit my cables. I got them on, but they don't grip the end well enough, so when you pull the cable out of the device, this widget just slides off the end and becomes a weight in the middle of the cable.

👤Very fast arrival. Cute little things do a great job with cables. A lot to give to friends. Have ordered another lot.

👤I am sick of going through chargers so I bought this for the kids. The chargers seem to have been helped by this.

👤Attach on a few different cable types. The pictures are cute and colorful. I have used 6 so far and have been very pleased. It was a bit overpriced for plastic, but it was well made.

9. Protectors VIWIEU Protector Headphone Accessories

Protectors VIWIEU Protector Headphone Accessories

The cable ends saver protects your cable from being damaged or broken at the end of the cable. It's easy to put on. Both ends can be used for thinner cables, which will protect your cable connections and keep them in place. Bright colored end pieces make your cable stand out and easier to find, giving it a new look. 2 cable clips inside allow you to organize your cables in a bundle, keeping your desk neat and tidy. Money back and a free replacement are included in the price of No Risk Purchase. Silicone cord savers and 2 cable clips are included in the package. If you have a question, contact their service team.

Brand: Viwieu

👤It's useless to install these on wires. They are too flexible to provide strain relief and have no other options other than to stay in place. I added 3:1 clear shrink wrap to the protector and it works very well. An older Apple charge cord was already tearing, the protectors-shrink wrap combo does a great job of covering it and is stiff enough to take the strain off the torn section of cord.

👤I don't think they would have done anything if they returned them. I tried them for a week. I don't think they made my cables stronger. I think that using electrical tape around the ends works better.

👤The item was shipped quickly. I tried a few different ones on the cords. Even with duct tape, the reviews won't stay in place as the cord savers slide up and down. The added weight is causing the cord to bend.

👤I bought a smaller pack of these a while ago and decided to invest in more. My computer has a lot of ports on top of it. Very useful. It puts a strain on the connection between the wires. The wires are protected from getting broken by these.

👤The cable cord at the top of the lightening cord is not completely wrapped around. You can't make it fit tautly. If you don't mind having a small gap, then buy it. I think there are other types of cable protectors that would do a better job.

👤Only used a few and it works very well.

👤They don't stay on my cords. I wanted them so my cords would last longer. The end of the cord is usually bent so these move around and don't need it.

👤These are not very useful. They slide down the cords without protecting the parts of the cable that are damaged. The only thing they have done well is to make it easier to locate my charging cord.

10. VizGiz Protector Anti Fracture Management Protection

VizGiz Protector Anti Fracture Management Protection

The spiral protective sleeve needs to be wrapped around the cable after receipt, you can choose to wrap it in different colors. 7* data line protection rope is included. This item could be used to protect the charging cable of your cell phone. Avoid damaging when using many times. More combinations of colors are more fashionable. The cable protection devices can protect the wire and power cord from damage, wear, knotting, and reduce the risk of wear and tear.

Brand: Vizgiz

11. Colorful Protectors Silicone Flexible Cellphone

Colorful Protectors Silicone Flexible Cellphone

If you don't like the Protector Stitch Set, they can give you a full refund. Their customer service is always available for you, and they will always be responsible for the products they sell. There are 32 cute animals cartoon USB charging cable protectors in various patterns, including different animals and fruits, cute and exquisite, sufficient quantity and diverse patterns to meet your needs. As time goes on, their cable will break because of daily use and accidentally bend, so they need practical cable protection. The size of their charging cable protectors is around the width of 2 cm/ 0.79 inch and the length of 3 cm/ 1.18 inches, the proper size for your daily use, allowing you to carry easily and convenient to use. Their fruit animal charging cable buddies are made of sturdy and not easy to break, which can support you for a long term use and you can use them with confidence. This flexible cable wire protectors is a good tool to share with your friends and family, which can protect your phone, earphone cable, computer and so on, extend their life span and bring you a beautiful mood.

Brand: Flutesan

👤My step daughter is always in need of a new charge because she bends them at the base until they stop working. These were the perfect solution. She had to pull them out of the box to see what they were. These are a great gift for teens.

👤Either way, it doesn't work for me.

👤Some of the characters were detached when they arrived. cord protection was the reason we wanted them. I haven't had time to tell you if they work on a new cord.

👤They are also cute. There is a They're snug to the smaller of the chargers. There is a It's a must have if you're nervous about bending and breaking cords.

👤No funciona on the cable. No cierran.

👤The little faces of animals are on the spiral. Also not very well. Don't expect them to stay around.

👤Son lindos y prcticos. No tienes con unos defectos.


What is the best product for headphone cord protector?

Headphone cord protector products from Frienda. In this article about headphone cord protector you can see why people choose the product. Atoll and Ifamio are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone cord protector.

What are the best brands for headphone cord protector?

Frienda, Atoll and Ifamio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone cord protector. Find the detail in this article. Nite Ize, Crittercord and Alex Tech are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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