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1. Nobsound NS 08E Integrated Amplifier Headphone

Nobsound NS 08E Integrated Amplifier Headphone

The Hi-fi tube headphones amplifier is called the NS-08E. It can drive headphones and headsets at speeds of up to 600 mph. The new version has a warmer tube sound and more replaceable tubes. The upgrade circuit can lower background noise and increase bass power. It can be used as a stereo preamplifier. The best way to improve the preamplifier function is to use the NS-10P (ASIN: B07719G56B). The shell is super mini. Solid workmanship. Customer service was prompt and courteous. Please contact them on Amazon for any questions.

Brand: Nobsound

👤I didn't give this five stars because of the stock Chinese tubes and the fact that the port is not recessed, which is annoying as I couldn't plug in my PSB headphones. There is a As for the stock tubes. I was motivated to buy a pair of Amperex PQ 6688s on eBay because of a fellow reviewer who was going to tube roll and try a different set. The quality is vastly different. The Chinese tubes covered the sound. With the 6688's you get clarity, detail, bigger soundstage and musicality. I really enjoy working at the office and this sounds great.

👤The review is a simple comparison of different Headphone Amps. There is a I want to be clear that I am not an audio engineer. I like to listen to any kind of music that I like. This review is just what I think about the products. There is a I am using the Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth Audio Adapter and it will cost $21.98 from Amazon. I know this is not the DAC you want to buy, but you may want to check out one of the most popular brands. I can't tell the difference between those DACs under 100USD. They are easy to re-pair to other devices, and that's the good thing about Logitech. I can not tell the difference because I am not close to Audiophile. Fulla 2 by Schiit is priced at $100 plus $10 shipping. There is a I know this is a solid-state Amp, and I know this is a digital amplifier. If you buy any of the Tube Amps listed below, you will buy a DAC to pair with it, and the price will be very close. All of the hybrid tube Amps I compared are not real tube Amps. I listed Fulla 2 because of that. 2. The T2 2X6J9 Vacuum Tube Headphone Amp is available from Amazon for $59.90. Nobsound is selling a vacuum tube integrated amplifier for $50 on Amazon. The V2 Class A 12AU7 Tube Multi-Hybrid Headphone Amp is from Amazon. It seems like all tube Amps are cheaper now that you know the price. If you bought a tube amplifier, I am sure you want to try tube rolling, so please consider that as well. The price of Fulla 2 is close to other tube Amps. The power to drive headphones is the second thing I consider. I don't have a lot of headphones and this review is not about headphones, so please don't ask me about them. The headphones I am using here are from Massdrop, Sony, and Sony. I don't own a Dre headphones. If you want to know why, please use the internet. There is a Some are cheap, some cost more, and some need more power. The volume knob can be used from 7 o'clock to 5 o'clock. I will be able to show you how much power is provided by every amplifier. I know that the headphones are about volume but also how well they control it. I don't care about the tech issue and I don't want to see a lot of numbers calculating here. All I care about is how loud the music is. The 4 Amps with the DAC give you a good sound, but the tube Amps are a little warmer. You can't tell the difference unless you compare them. There is a You will love any of these 4 Amps when you use your headphones under 250 OHM. They do a good job. You will not go wrong with any of it. Just buy the cheapest one you can find. There is a You need to choose a 300 OHM headphones. If you use 600 OHM, you can forget about the second one. I crossed it out from the list and didn't bother to roll the tube. There is a If you turn the volume all the way up, your ears won't bleed, and I only need to turn the knob, then you'll get enough volume on 300 OHM, Fulla 2, Nobsound, and other headphones. I need to go all the way to 4 o'clock. There is a On 600 OHM headphones, Fulla 2 and Nobsound only gain a small amount from 2 to 3, and from 3 to 5, they don't gain any more. To reach the same volume, you need to turn on the clock at 1 o'clock, and from 1 to 4 it gains a bit. I don't like how the music sounds when it's on at 5 o'clock, but it did gain volume more when you turn to 5 o'clock. The volume on SMSL T2 is so loud that you need to push your earcup tight to hear what they are saying, but it's not very useful for training your listening skills. There is a If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a high-end amplifier, then you should choose the Bravo. There is a I am going to talk about how much heat these Amps will generate. I only talk about the other 3 because I cross out SMSL T2. If you really want to know, it is the same as Nobsound. You can either grab it or put your hand on it. You will feel a little bit warmer than your hand. There is a You can pretend that it is not hot and leave your hand on the case for a while, and then tell yourself that it is not hot. The heat sink can fry eggs. The heat is a safety issue. It is kind of like you forget to turn off your stove when you leave your house for more than 3 hours, I don't think you want to leave Bravo on when you go to work. You need to power it on and off before you leave. There is a You might want to know that this is not a problem for me. There is a The Fulla 2 and bravo are both small. Nobsound is using 3.5mm. I like the 1/3 better. There is a Nobsound only has 3.5mm audio input, I assumed that it couldn't be used with different sources, but you are welcome to try it, I just assumed that it couldn't be used with different sources. Fulla 2 has 3.5mm at the front and back. I can use the Fulla 2 here, I can connect to the computer and use it. There is a Both Nobsound and Bravo are using external power. You can make a generator portable by carrying it with you. I will use it at home. There is a You can power Fulla 2 with your computer. You will need external power if you turn the volume over 3 o'clock. You can use either a battery bank or cellphone mini usb charging station. There is no other output after that. Fulla 2 can be used as a pre-amp. I use Fulla 2 to connect to LSR310S and LSR 305 and it works great, but you can use the computer to control the sound from the headphones, but not the knob on Fulla 2. When you plug in headphones to Fulla 2, it will make the speakers quiet. Jotunheim won't power off your speakers or plug them in, that's Schiit company, they try to force you to do some workout, not just sitting there all day. There is a If you don't buy the right tubes, Nobsound will have a problem. Just need one. I have tried a lot of different tubes on both tubes and I don't feel any difference between them. I think stock tube works well. Amperex is a good place to try different tubes. Baldwin and Sctron are recommended forBravo. There is a I don't think you need to spend money on tubes. The sound is not that different when roll tubes are used. I am not an audio engineer. What can I say? There is a I can tell you what I choose, but only me. There is a I keep Fulla 2. I usually carry a battery bank with me, so I can just use it as a power supply for Fulla 2, or I just plug into the computer. I use a cell phone in my dining room, so I won't forget to turn off the stove when I finish eating. You won't go wrong on any of it if these 2 ask for it. I like Fulla 2 better, but I just can't say no to this cute but powerful Bravo.

2. Little Bear Dual Mono Headphone Amplifier

Little Bear Dual Mono Headphone Amplifier

A dual-mono balanced version of B4 and B4-X is called 1 B4-X. The left and right channels are amplified by independent components. The degree of sound separation is higher. 2 B4-X has 2 groups of independent power supply and can drive 300 headphones. 3 The circuit has higher output power. 3.5mm and 2.5mm output interface is suitable for most balanced and standard headphones. The built-in tube makes it convenient to carry and enjoy Hifi music everywhere, and the mini size makes it easy to hold the tube amplifier in one hand. The sound is warmer than transistors, independent opamp and power supply, less interplay and higher sound quality. The battery protects your listening feast without time limitation. It can't be turned on during charging and will power off automatically after fully charged. High-end making material and craft: using gold-plated sockets, original nichicon electrolyticCapacitor, original DALE resistors and precision ring resistance. Customer service was prompt and courteous.

Brand: Little Bear

👤If your 3.5mm jacks make a solid connection, this amplifier sounds great. I've sent two of them back to Amazon because the sound on both of them is bad when I move the input or output connections. I've tried multiple cables and the problem continues. Keeping constant pressure on the malfunctioning connection is what I found to prevent the problem. I hope my third unit is better than the previous two. I've seen the black and silver versions. The black had a better finish than the raw aluminum version. You can upgrade the Op-Amp to a Burson V5i-D. The unit sounds like a 5-star amplifier, but only when music is playing on both channels. Two stars for having to return two units. There will be a new update on July 7th. The third unit arrived and had the same problem. I dug through my cables and found a few more 3.5mm. One of them makes a connection. It is easy to pull out, but I can rotate it without the audio cutting out. The unit can be difficult to use with certain cables. The sound of the amplifier is worth the trouble to find good cables. There is a * There is an update on 09DEC2020. The B4 sounds even better now that the OP-AMP has been swapped. It was worth the hassle I went through before.

👤Buy it. The little amplifier is amazing. It adds warmth to everything. The detail is very good. It sounds just the same as my Fiio Monte Blanc, but it may not be as detailed. It was played on the ONKYP Dp-X1 through a pair of ShURE Se- 215 IEMs. If you know about that stuff, you can be sure the audio 'chain of custody' was worthy of the test. Some people think the little amplifier is great. That is true. I would still feel like it was underpriced if I had paid 3X the price. A very cool piece of gear. I can't understand why reviewers complained about heat. The audio player is hotter than the tube amplifier. I have been running for an hour. It's still going. No heat issues here! I have been using the battery for the first time and I can't vouch for its battery life. The bass guitars and bass-synth sounds great, and the strings sound noticeably "lush". The little guy is a musician. If you don't like the unit, you can return it for a full refund, but Amazon has the best hassle free return policy on the internet. I am listening to this review and it is fun, and at this price point, really a bargain. Buy it.

👤The Little Bear B4-X is not for you if you want a flat, linear, detailed and accurate sound. Stop reading and buy a Schiit Magni Heresey for just 99. That is what you should look for in your first earphone. Unless you're 'tube curious'. This is a very strong example of tube sound, though it's not hi-fi tubieness and most tube-ophiles will say this is a gimmick. The sound is good, the bass is strong and the treble is not loud. If you want to see if you want to spend more on a tube amplifier, you can add tubes for a bit to see if it's worth it. The 3.5mm outputs are very good for amplification. Again, not an audio engineer but fun.

3. Nobsound Little Vacuum Headphone Amplifier

Nobsound Little Vacuum Headphone Amplifier

It is possible to improve sound quality by using a headphone amplifier and a preamplifier for your other power amplifier. The input can be connected to a computer, CD, mobile phone and a player. The 2* 3.5mm output can be connected to active multimedia audio devices. The default Beijing FU32 vacuum tube can be upgraded to the GU-32/832 and so on. It is suitable for a desktop audio system.

Brand: Douk Audio

👤Nice amplifier. I swapped out the op-amp with a better one and the cheap chinese fu32 tube for a nos RCA 832A. I love playing David Gilmour Live at Pompeii. A good purchase.

👤I bought the vacuum tube amplifier to see if I could hear the difference between the transistor and the vacuum tube amplifier. I was skeptical at first. I am not a musician or an audio engineer. I could hear the difference. I was looking for an explanation for the clear difference I was hearing. The vacuum tubes have a bigger dynamic range than transistors do. This allows for a deeper listen to the music. The music is amplified and delivered to your headphones. The same music does sound a bit flatter if I connect the headphones to the iPad directly. There is a The vacuum tubes make the sound better by introducing distortion to the original sound. This is described as awarmer tube sound. I found a technical explanation for the class. The 2nd order is introduced to the original signal by an amplifier. I think it makes violins, guitars, cellos sound better. Classical and jazz music seem to benefit from vacuum tube amplifier. I also bought headphones for this amplifier. The low impedance of the amplifier makes it work well. There is a I will never go back to the solid state amplifier. This little bear is very good.

👤My reaction was very positive when I first heard it, without the tube being broken in yet. I think this thing is great for $79. It was tested by hooking it up to the headphones on my phone. Then run to a line level input on my receiver and speakers. My wife was sitting on the couch when I hooked it up, and she noticed a big difference in the way it worked. She asked me how much I spent. She was expecting me to say a few hundred dollars. She was shocked when I said that I was from Amazon. It's a good thing. I was very happy with the purchase. It seems to have the biggest effect on female vocals, but my wife noticed a difference in clarity with bottom end bass. I like to listen to some of my favorite songs. Can't wait for the tube to break. My daughter also noticed a change. We might have become tube enthusiasts.

👤This is the first time I've used a Nobsound Little Bear FU32 (832) vacuum tube headphone amplifier. The order came fast, in good condition, after I connected my mini tube to the amplifier, the music sounded so clear, warm, and powerful. It's cute and looks great to add to my music listening hobby. I would recommend this to anyone who plays music at home.

👤I bought this little amplifier because I have a radio that uses these tubes, and it is much better than I expected. There is a I can watch my videos without sharing them with the rest of the house. It's gorgeous with the lights off. I love it!

4. OneOdio Adapter Free Headphones Professional Telescopic

OneOdio Adapter Free Headphones Professional Telescopic

mounting on computers, desk and wall is durable. The OneOdio Studio monitor headphones have a clear sound. Powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form stereo sound with large, 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers. It's built to stay competitive. The ear cushions are made of soft padding. The headband is stretchable and can be adjusted to fit you. No more adaptive individuals. DJ style coiled cord is easy to reach from the TV to the chair. There is a 3.5mm plug included. You can plug in the mixer you want to use. The self-adjustable headband and 90 ear cups are ideal for mastering and mixing and can last for hours. All devices have an audio jack. The bass sound is good and the comfort is good. These are the headphones you've been looking for.

Brand: Oneodio

👤First off, what are these headphones? Over 40 years of pro audio experience here. There is a These headphones are great for personal listening. DJ quality? If you are talking about a weekend warrior occasional party DJ. DJ use that subjects them to a lot of physical punishment, then absolutely not! They're $30.00 headphones. I give a 5 star for the reasons. Sound quality is important. I can't tell you a real notable difference between my headphones. These are my first 50mm driver phones. Here is my opinion. All you get on these reviews is opinion. The first test. A sound system check. It was very accurate. There is a The second test. Bose studio demo Very good. Music tests. Also sprach Zarathustra. Excellent and Accurate is what Richard Strauss is. Just like I was there, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Nice highs and low frequencies. 3. AC/DC, Shoot to Thrill. Yeah, 4. It sounds great. 5. Both GFR and BS versions arenoid. 6. Skynyrd. It would take an awfull headphones to ruin Simple Man and Free Bird. The front row experience is something that should be taken into account. 7. IRON BUTTERFLY IN, A-GADDA-DA-VIDA, Rock ON! There are 8. The CD is called the Acropolis. This is also very Pleased here. There is a These headphones are not what they say they are. Some reviewers have stated that they are not Bass Heavy. They're reproducing more accurate Bass that smaller driver headphones can't. I would call them "Bass Accurate", not heavy. Some have noted that they are not "skull crushing" I have been wearing them for over five hours straight and have used a Neoteck NTK059 headphones. I am pretty sure that all but the most demanding audiophiles will be very pleased with these, even though the Amp did add a positive aspect to the experience. I bought a second pair.

👤I bought these last year and thought they were a good buy but I had no use for them. I have a job in a noisy cube farm where I want to block out all the noise without having to pay for noise-cancelling headphones. I had these on my bed. I decided to give them a chance. I've owned hundreds of headphones and earbuds over the years and I think I'm a pretty good judge of sound quality. These are great for the price. The price to value ratio with these blows them out of the water, as I have other over-the- ear headphones that do the same. If you're looking for clear highs, solid mid-range, and bass that rivals studio monitors in clarity and power at a price that's too good to be true, then these headphones are for you. I sound like a fan. I take listening very seriously. No one can come close to this price. These guys have done a lot. Did I mention the comfort? The build quality and comfort of these is second to none and I wear them for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. If you want to see what I'm talking about, buy the whole family a set.

5. AIYIMA T8 Preamplifier Bluetooth Headphone

AIYIMA T8 Preamplifier Bluetooth Headphone

Multiple audio input methods, it supports multiple audio input methods from various devices like iPod, Phone, MP3, TV, DVD players, laptop, desktop computer or other streaming media players. It's a nice vacuum Headphone tube preamplifier that's exclusive to customers who pursue Hifi sound! Tube T8 can be used as a headphone amplifier, can enjoy high-quality music at any time,RCA/ 3.5mm headphone output(With priority),RCA output to the powered speaker,amplifier & passive speaker,Headphone output is suitable for 16300 headphones QCC3031 is a wireless communication device that supports the following:APT-X,APT-X LL,Signal transmission faster and stable,let your enjoy the HiFi sound! 6N3 tube vacuum design can be used for easy replacement.

Brand: Aiyima

👤I was trying to decide between the Aiyima T8 and the Douk P1, but this one won me over because of the remote control and optical in. This is replacing an SMSL. That's going to my garage. I needed a versatile, inexpensive, and small unit for my bedroom, and this is perfect for my needs. The Emotiva B1+ speakers are currently being fed. My audio source is a Chromecast Audio connected to the T8 via optical in, and while the Sabre ES9018K2M isn't the newest chip around, it is still very capable. I also tried the other inputs, and they all worked well. There's been a bit of confusion about the tube signal output. If you want the tube sound, you need to use the front 3.5mm headphones, according to some online reviews. They confirmed that the tube signal goes to the rear of the RCA after contacting Aiyima. If no tube is inserted, there is no audio output. I've been using a tube from the NOS store and am happy with the sound. There is a The bass and treble adjustments are nice. Since I'm using this in an upstairs bedroom where I don't want a sub placed, a slight increase in bass EQ is all that my speakers need to sound better. The only way to adjust bass and treble is through the remote control. If you damage the remote, you're out of luck. There is a I like this T8 a lot. This is perfect for my needs, I'm a fan of small budget hifi components. The A07 sound is better than my outgoing AD18.

👤The components have great value. The higher end DACs like the $400 MSRP are slightly older than the ES9018K2M. The DX7 was discontinued after it Debuted in 2017: Topping it. The NJW1194 chip is discontinued, which I'm guessing is how Aiyama managed to swing these budget-friendly prices. The tube is a decorative attachment to a solid-state amplifier. I like the way the tube is protected. It has great audio quality. The unit is easy to use on my Win10 PC. The main reason I wanted this was to replace a smaller portable DAC that I use at work, rather than have a volume knob. My main gripe is that my headphones don't plug in properly, even though the unit is 30 minutes old. If you leave it alone it's fine, but if there is a movement it will cut your feed. If the unit degrades, I may have to adjust my review, so I'm a bit wary about the longevity of this unit.

👤I didn't want a surround sound system for my setup, but the real powerful amplifier are pro audio with no remote control ability. There is a The pre-amp and crown amplifier is perfect. I have grown to love that tube warmth. I am using an optical input. Other inputs are also great. There is a The red knob has a rotation that adjusts volume. I have seen some use optical cables and get a delay before I can say there is no delay in audio transmission. There is a The amount of range control is huge. It is nice to have bass and treble control. The ability to control all functions of the pre-amp with the remote is a cons. The input button on the remote turns off my TV. The cheapness of my TV Hisense 65 and the fact that the pre-amp has a Bass and Treble button on the remote are not the fault of the pre-amp but of the remote. This is a good pre-amp. Double shielded or shielded audio cables are recommended when connecting this pre-amp. The setup includes drivers for the Dayton Audio PC83-8, a series of parallel 8ohm per amplifier, and a TV.

6. XDuoo Bluetooth ES9038Q2M Headphone Amplifier

XDuoo Bluetooth ES9038Q2M Headphone Amplifier

3000mW output power is provided by the professional headphone. Various front-end devices are equipped with several input interfaces. Stable transmission, decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding, and decoding The Time Domain Jitter Eliminator from US ESS company can deliver a DNR of up to 129 dB and THD+N of -120dB. The sound is sweet and refined with the use of 5Z3P and ECC82 tubes.

Brand: Xduoo

👤I needed to replace the faulty rectifier when I received this unit. I was going to replace the cheap tubes I knew were cheap with higher quality mulard's. The stock tubes gave this amplifier a lot of power and decent sound, but nothing amazing. I replaced all the tubes and it opened up and punched way above its price point. Even with the added cost of replacing the tubes, I still think this is an excellent amplifier. A small volume in balance at the lowest levels is the only negative issue I have encountered. This is not a problem on very sensitive headphones.

👤I have used a few of these headphones as preamplifiers. The volume control was used to control the volume of the speakers in all previous examples. The volume control in the TA-30 only controls the front of the jack. It doesn't work for me. Is my unit working the way it's supposed to?

👤I have never had a valve audio product before. I was worried about installing the tubes, but it all went well. There is a I was able to start streaming music with the units recognised by my phone. There is a So far, so good. There is a The mains cable was 2 round pin instead of the UK 3 flat pin. There is a I had a spare kettle lead that I could use. Something to think about.

👤Skepsis bestellt, aber. It was die Datenbltter hergeben. Auffllig ist die enorme Leistung. Alles gut an. It ist. Aber alles, klanglich berzeugt der xDuoo. The Preis bei dem darf man. The Verstrker ist neutral, wie irgendwo. Beim Rumlichkeit ist schwierig. Die Bhne ist schn detailliert und differenziert. Lautstrke verliert der Verstrker die Fassung. Dabei bleiben Hhen und mitten erhalten. Kleiner Nachteil, die Rhren brauchen. Es ist das fr mein empfinden. Man den Klang beeinflussen, is it MzE There is a Ich feststellen knnen. Dabei ist. Im gut verarbeitet. Deswegen top. There is a Als info ist aus China. Ich ist das Amazon Preis. Einfuhr Zollabgaben ist.

👤Ich will be reden. I am hab. Vergleich da ist. Ein Vergleicharen Tube-Amp in dem Preissegment ist es wohl. Im Hervorgehoben ist das gute Preis-Leistungsverhltnis. Fr er ist, das ist das Sound Chip. Ihren besser, schlechter, ist die Produkte in dieser, Preiskategorien. Was it possible that I allerdings positiv hervorheben? Corona bedingt ist die langen Lieferverzgerung. Im Shenzhen Audio hat die Kundendienst beispielsweise beispielsweise. In innerhalb ist die Werktages geantwortet, aber hchsterfreulich war. Danke dafr! Allerdings kein Problem ist da allerdings angebracht.

7. Douk Audio Headphone Amplifier Desktop

Douk Audio Headphone Amplifier Desktop

Monoprice has a 1 year repair warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. The amplifier circuit can work at a high voltage of 26V and the background noise index is excellent, thanks to the innovative circuit design. Excellent purity and transparency, and good dynamic range, can be found with wide frequency response extension. The sound is warm and delicate, with ultra-low distortion, and it was made using the original TI-NE5532 classical opamp and transistor expanding current circuit. Pluggable opamp sockets are convenient to upgrade different opamps. It's a smooth and mellow sound, suitable for listening to vocals or string music, classic or pop music, and even with unique charm when playing rock. Mini size with exquisite appearance and most cost-effective, brings big surprise for all audiophiles, easily to drive most headphones in the market, providing larger power, better sound field and details, very suitable for home/office desltop audio system use. It is easy to drive most high-impedance headphones with strong drive power.

Brand: Douk Audio

👤Occasionally, all or most of us at least, wind up buying an inexpensive audio device, expecting that it will perform far below expectations, yet our curiosity based on having seen advertisements or word of mouth have persuaded us to complete the purchase. When I stumbled upon the Douk Audio U3 mini head amplifier on Amazon, I wondered if it would even approach marginal status. Since I have several budget level DAC's such as the Schiit Modi 3, I thought it would be a good idea to try out the budget head amplifier. I wasn't prepared to be impressed by the way it arrived. The U3 is built like a small tank and has an impressive front and rear panel layout. The craftsmanship of the U3 is very similar to more expensive products. The U3 has a pluggable op-amp sockets design, which allows one to experiment with different sound signatures, with op-amps being a dime a dozen now-a-days. There is a This is a "Head Amp" only. If you want to connect a DAC to a Head Amp which also has outputs on the rear of the device, that will not be possible. The U3 has no outputs so it will only be used as a headphones amplifier. The best compliment I can give the U3 is that it gives good head. The U3 and the M 100 were the first things I put together. Normally, I allow audio gear to go through a period of burn-in, but just for the sake of it, I began playing music immediately. The HiFiMan 400i 2020 version, Sivga 007, and Status Audio CB-1 were used. Large orchestral classical, big band jazz, Latin jazz, and other larger orchestral varieties were being used for evaluation. It is always a good idea to listen to large orchestras that have a wide variety of instruments. This gives you a reference point on how an audio component can relay sounds from each instrument. There is a I was immediately struck by the U3's ability to separate various instruments with the proper air or space around their locations, even after the first turn-on. I used to listen to headphones through the likes of the iFi ZenDAC, Soundavo HP-DAC1, and Micca OriGen G2, and they all had different sound signatures. The U3 has made me hear instruments that were previously invisible because of the blend of sound within the various orchestras. Small, quiet instruments such as cymbals, triangles, and others were no longer buried behind the entire orchestra. They were lifted and opened to where you could hear them. All the instruments were open to the performances, whether it was a full symphony orchestra or a smaller, more intimate jazz group. It felt like a veil had been lifted between the music and the listener. The placement of instruments on an imagery stage was so precise that you could see where they were located. It was also excellent. The U3 will let you know if you run a bad recording or a poor stream of music. The budget head amplifier is a great device to determine how good your headphones really are. Warming up/burning-in an audio device is essential because the sound signatures can change over time, and I've long believed that it's essential. When you first listen to the U3 it is very detailed and dynamic, and may sound bright to some. As time went on, the audio character warmed up, yet the sound was still detailed with plenty of dynamics. As an aside, you should leave your Head Amps on all the time as they use negligible power. It's not a good idea to turn off and on audio components constantly, and eventually you will discover that your audio components will have a longer shelf life. Musical instruments have an accurate timbre to their sounds, which is a positive aspect of the U3. I kept asking myself if it was really a thirty-something dollar head amplifier. If ever there was a piece of audio gear that was beyond expectations, the U3 is it. I wondered if the U3 sounded good with the entry level SMSL M 100 or the Schitt Modi 3 DAC's, what would it do with more expensive and higher end units? If the U3 was priced at $100 to $125, I would still call it a bargain. It makes you want to pair it with a better one. I can only imagine that the sound quality would be improved even more. I do a lot of reviews and postings about audio gear. I found this Douk U3 to be stunning, given its ridiculously low price. Pick one up before the price goes up. I'm ordering a second one because I want to change out the opamp in one and keep the stock one. It's a no-brainer at this price. After a series of excellent reviews, the vendor increased the price of the audio items, which were very inexpensive. I believe that Douk will raise the price once he sees the reviews on the U3. The ability to easily remove and change out the Op Amps is addressed. This is something I had initially not considered doing with the U3 but since Douk specifically advertised this feature, I was interested. I bought several Op Amps and tried them all. There were some sound differences that made the U3 sound different. I found that upgraded Burson Op Amps did the best job of elevating the sound performance of the U3. The Burson V5 version had a warmer upper register, but still maintained excellent detail/definition, and had quite a bit of weight to the music. When you switch Op Amps as they warm up, their sound character will change and usually for the better, so keep in mind. When you first install an Op Amp in the U3 it may sound brighter, but don't let that deter you. It is possible to see a change in sound character after a few hours or 48 hours. If you put the op-amp in the wrong way, it will burn out and destroy the unit. Before you do any op-amp rolling, be careful and know what you're doing. The op-amp that comes with the U3 is quite competent. There is a Do you have any negatives you would like to ask? The front blue light which indicates on/off status of the U3 is large and bright when compared to the rest of the unit. It has a bright blue light which can light up a room at night. It can be very distractive when it's on, especially at night, when you're sitting close to it and listening to music. It becomes more pronounced when that light is blue. It would have been nice if Douk had designed the light to be either green or red. That's the only negative thing I can report. I bought a second U3 after I got the first one. There is a Are they good when it comes to support? One of my U3's developed a loud hum in the jack after 4 months. I initially thought it was the headphones I was using, but soon realized it was the U3. I contacted Douk via Amazon. They sent me a new U3 in a matter of minutes. That's support to the max. There is a The Douk Audio U3 mini head amplifier has a 5 star rating because of its low price and high performance ratio. It's that good.

8. Dared MP 5BT Audiophiles Professional Multi Channel

Dared MP 5BT Audiophiles Professional Multi Channel

Transportable via power source. It is a favorite of music buffs for the past 20 years, with a number of patented technologies, with amazing sound and amazing appearance, it is the Dared MP-5BT. This vacuum tube amplifier is made with the highest quality components and materials to ensure the true reality of the sound quality. The tubes deliver warm and subtle music to the preamplifier section, while the solid state components increase the efficiency and quality of the music. 25 watt per channel output, power can drive most home stereo speakers, support wireless for phones, tablets, and other streaming devices, and you can plug it in via a cable. Speaker output, pre output and personal listening output. The glass vaccum tube section of the vacuum tube amplifier is on the outside. A high quality rose gold finish surrounds two 1 inch thick wood panels with a black piano finish, which are part of the chassis. It looks great in any office, study, or even during a cocktail party. The best tube amplifier is the Dared, it's the most cost-effective and beautiful, it's the first choice for music lover, and it's warranty is one year.

Brand: Dared

👤My headphones sounded lean on them, but I have a SMSLSP200 Amp. I decided to get this amplifier after reading online reviews. It came in two boxes and you only needed to connect the power cable to your external DAC or use the built in DAC. When you open the box, you will find a pair of white gloves. They gave this a lot of attention to detail. It sounds good on headphones. It's already loud at the 9 o'clock position. The shiny surface and the magic key tube make it a finger print magnet. The tube cover is easy to remove with a screw driver. A conversation starts when you sit on a desk. It's great for phones with no headphones.

👤The unit was purchased to replace a fatman amplifier which was not able to play music or use a computer. Someone purchases a chinese design and puts their brand label on it. The fatman version has newer electronics, but this updated version is nearly identical. It works perfectly. The sound quality is amazing. Eliminating the audio connection made the buzzing stop. A+.

👤I had been looking for a proper DAC for a while. The sound is amazing, I included a video with headphones that amplify the sound without losing fidelity. A new friend to my quality headphones is beautiful to look at. There is a This price and package is definitely enthusist tier, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for a straightforward DAC, but I appreciate that this probably turns off the Serious audiophiles, and this is the perfect spot for people like me.

👤The product gives eargasms. Talk about sound quality. I hear new sounds in my ears that I have never heard before. Artists voices have a smooth and range ability. The design is beautiful. I love listening to sennheiser headphones with the magic amplifier. I feel the sound of the music as I listen.

👤This is a good looking amplifier and it sounded good on the tracks. It was great on vocals, but lacked the bottom end on some tracks. I had to return it. I bought an amplifier from Cambridge.

👤I have been looking for a perfect entry-level hybrid tube amplifier for months, and I am very happy with my purchase. The build quality is solid. I can hear the difference in sound quality, even though I am not a hardcore audiophile. It is difficult to describe the richness and warmth of the place. The instruments are separated by a clear line. I can highly recommend this amplifier and have no regrets.

👤I really wanted to do this so far. It is a great amplifier and also an amazing preamplifier. The quality of the build is excellent. It is a balanced tube amplifier. The sound is clear. It is warm and natural. It is a bit under appreciated for its wattage. It has a lot of power. I can push bigger speakers. The value is high. I would. It is more like a amplifier in the 1,200 dollar range. I am very pleased.

9. Soundavo HP DAC1 Digital Converter Headphone

Soundavo HP DAC1 Digital Converter Headphone

HD audio provides clarity, separation, less muffling and more detail sound and an apparent volume boost from what was output straight from your laptop. Even with mp3 files, the transparency and soundstage of the music is improved. Push buttons on the front of the unit allow you to select different inputs from the various sources. Digital surround formats such as AC3 are supported by the S/PDIF Output. The built-in high-performace headphone amplifier delivers clearer high, deeper bass and richer sound. Plug it into any port on your computer, game console, or audio source player, and you're good to go. There are no additional driver downloads needed for the current version of the software.

Brand: Soundavo

👤Also, note: I strongly recommend that you do not overlook this Soundavo HP-DAC 1 because as time goes on, you will become addicted to the sound qualities of this remarkable budget DAC. I assumed that it was going to be a so-so device when I first purchased it. You may have an initial impression that the sound is not exceptional. Most audio components are recommended to be kept on all the time. As time goes on, the sound will warm up and the power consumption will be minimal. It is the case with the Soundavo DAC. The Soundavo came into its own after a few weeks. I've had the Soundavo for a year now and it's the only one I'm hearing that's not from the iFi Zen DAC. The Soundavo sound is similar to the sound of a tube if you have good source material. The sound staging is wide on my powered Presonus speakers, the mids and highs are smooth, and the "air" around the instruments can be very close. Other qualities that come into play are 1. A smooth, yet dynamic sound with impressive bass capabilities. 2. A realistic sense of presence is what makes this sound exceptional. 3. This is dependent on other equipment such as your speakers or headphones. This is a DAC that may or may not appear exceptional at first. As time goes on, it begins to punch far above its weight. The sound I'm getting is something I'd expect from a high-end audio device. It can drive most headphones without any issues, and is constructed with a lot of inputs. My previous personal reference standard in the budget to mid-priced DAC category was iFi ZenDac, but that has changed because of the Soundavo, which has a tube-like sound quality, and is dynamic, accurate, and has a superb sound-stage. There is a The Soundavo HP-DAC1 is highly recommended, and I strongly suggest you pick one up. Some of you may think that the sound of the DAC is not exceptional, but it is. Have patience! 2. You should keep the DAC on all the time. I put on a piece of music for 8 hours, and just let it run after plugging in a set of new headphones. Two birds were killed by this, burning in the headphones and the DAC. I did this for several days and it made a huge difference. All of my audio gear is left on all the time, as I mentioned. I give it 5 stars because it is cheap and sounds good. There is a Soundavo will be releasing a few new DAC's with up to 384 Khz capabilities and superb sound signatures in 2022, as an aside. I will be keeping an eye on these models.

👤After researching and comparing the outlook design, spec, feature and price of other brands, I decided to purchase this one from the brand Soundavo. I use it with my laptop to play music from the iTune liberty directly to my Dynaudio Focus 60 speakers, and the sound is so smooth that it surpasses my other DACs. I use the HP-DAC1 as a headphone preamplifier because it delivers to all my headphones in a great sound stage, so you could hear the different characteristic from them. There is a You could use the preamp option to choose the Line In to run with the power amplifier and speakers. You can connect the Media Player via S/PDIF. If you prefer to do everything in digital, the digital output on the DAC is a great way to transfer the audio from a powered speaker to an amplifier. I really like the features and design of this DAC, you can't find a better option for this price.

10. FX Audio Digital Decoder Headphone Amplifier

FX Audio Digital Decoder Headphone Amplifier

The design is compact and can be used as a powerful headphone amplifier or to improve sound quality. The volume adjustment only works on headphones. When the DAC-X6 is working, the headphone and RCA output will emit sound at the same time. You can turn off your speakers if you need to. There are a variety of input and output modes, including PC-USB, optical fiber, coaxial three inputs, and output mode with a 6.35mm headphone port. The mini amplifier chip uses OPA2134PA+6120A2+CS398+SA9123+OP275G to provide a strong guarantee for tone input and output. Two special opamps designed for audio are used in the audio decoder. The op amplifier can be upgraded. Relay protectors can protect the headphones and speakers. It's perfect for music because it brings you great music enjoyment. It is good for gaming. Can be used with dolby atmos.

Brand: Kguss

👤Please disregard the negative review that refers to the "USB output not working." This is not an output. No. This is a device that converts digital to analog signals. It converts a digital signal to an analogue signal. A digital to analog conversion is needed for ausb output. It is like saying that my vacuum doesn't blow. The price is fantastic with this DAC. Sweet mids, tight bass, crisp highs. The build quality is very good. It's a good weight, solid build, switches and pot are sturdy. The writing is laser engraved. It has nice rubber feet and a blue cord. There is a My tests were done with files from a Mac Air. The device was recognized by my Mac. This amplifier was able to power my Neumann NHD 20s at 150 ohms and my Beyerdynamic 770 Pros at 700. Why am I testing a $65 DAC with $500 headphones? I don't have an answer for that. Enjoy!

👤I gave it 5 stars because of the price and the audio performance that punches a bit above its weight, but I have to say that the price and the audio performance were the main reasons I gave it 5 stars. I decided to review this DAC because I listen to a lot of self-powered speakers on my desktop PC. I am not a fan of headphones. The Edifier S3000 are the speakers I am using. The Edifier R2000DB's, the Edifier R1850DB's, the Edifier S350DB's, and the JBL 1 Series 104's are pro's. I have 5 to 6 other DAC units that I switch back and forth with the help of the most excellent manual. The audio switcher is sold on Amazon. Audioquest Pearls, Kabel Direct cables, and Amazon basics cables were used. Blue jeans cables LC-1's were the best cables. I added the iFi Purifier 3.0usb conditioner which cleans up and reclocks your dirtyusb lines. I spend a good 6 - 8 hours a day working, communicating, and photo processing in the program. Classical, big band, jazz, Latin jazz, and other larger orchestral styles are some of the music I listen to while there. I'm serious about the quality of the music. You can enter the FX-Audio X6. If I'm an audio engineer, why would I buy a budget unit? It's simple, and involves cost vs performance ratio measurements. I wanted to see how cheap you can get and how good your sound is. I also purchased another SABAJ D3 at the same price, which I enjoy. There are some interesting comments that can be made. The FX Audio X6 has a great sound quality, but at the same time it has a laid back sound stage, and that sense of "immediacy" that transports you to the live performance. The SABAJ unit has a more up front sound and although it also has a good depth profile, the FX Audio's depth goes further back from front to rear. I cannot fault either unit for the good image they have. Sometimes the image on the audio can be a bit strange, but only rarely. The violin on the left of the stage sounded unnatural in one recording, when compared to the rest of the musicians playing the piece. When I played the same piece through both my Schiit Modi 3 and the SABAJ D3 DAC's, it sounded great and the instrumental placement was where it was supposed to be. Bass reproduction was excellent with tight bass. Bass Transients were tight, but presented a bit further back on the soundstage. The other units I use had a better sound quality. The Soundavo HP-DAC1 is the only one that I have that has a more laid back signature. The mids and highs of a symphony orchestra are exceptional and the full chorus is presented with both weight and clarity, unlike some other DAC's I've tried in the past. I added the iFi Purifier 3.0 to the mix and it sounded even better. There is a Any good audio gear benefits from a warm-up/break-in period. The sound I heard when I first turned it on was not as warm as it is now. Don't make any judgements until your unit has been warmed up for a few days. It can make a world of difference if I keep my DAC's on all the time. It has been my experience that most budget DAC's sound a bit bright or harsh when you first turn them on. Give it some time. I think there are almost 100 or so budget DAC's out there. Don't assume that budget equates to below standard as that is not the case. The likes of the SABAJ D3 and the FX AUDIO X6 are excellent units that can be had for less than $100. It's very close. Many budget DAC's sound very familiar. As time goes on, the units become broken and small differences begin to arise. The SABAJ units and the AUDIO were examples of this. They are pretty much the same except for the depth scenario. There is a When I buy or evaluate different DAC units, I usually sell them, but the SABAJ D3 and the FX AUDIO X6 are worthy keepers, and will stay in my system. The sound of my Edifier S3000Pro speakers is absolutely amazing, and I am listening to Beethoven's Piano Concerto 5. I feel like I'm in the symphony hall. Isn't that one of the best ways to compliment a unit? I can only discuss my experiences with my system with YMMV.

11. Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier Receiver APTX HD

Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier Receiver APTX HD

L200 can be used as a tube Preamp, ausb DAC, or a headphone amplifier to satisfy different requirements of home stereo system. The QCC3034 is a chip that supports lossless transmission. The chip has a stronger decoding ability. Pre-amplification and tone control make the sound full and mellow. Improve everything detail, transparency, immediacy, richness, tone associated with your music with a vacuum tube design. The sound is warm and soft. 6J5 can be replaced with 6J1/6J4/GE5654/6AK5/6*1n according to personal preference. The control of the bass and the proportion components in high-frequency sound can be independently adjusted. It's more convenient to turn on/off the tone control with a bypass switch. It's very suitable for audiophiles who like Hifi music because of its attractive appearance, functions and performance.

Brand: Nobsound

👤The mechanical switches on the front panel can cause the vacuum tubes to fall out from under the unit. It sounds easy to use. The vacuum tube sockets are very delicate.

👤satisfecho con compra, tienen una calidad de audio.


What is the best product for headphone dac amp tube?

Headphone dac amp tube products from Nobsound. In this article about headphone dac amp tube you can see why people choose the product. Little Bear and Douk Audio are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone dac amp tube.

What are the best brands for headphone dac amp tube?

Nobsound, Little Bear and Douk Audio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone dac amp tube. Find the detail in this article. Oneodio, Aiyima and Xduoo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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