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1. Headphone Adapter JSAUX Compatible Samsung

Headphone Adapter JSAUX Compatible Samsung

Eight independent input channelsLevel and tone controls on each channelBalanced XLR and 1/4" unbalanced line inputs on each channel 48 Volt phantom power on XLR inputs with DIP switch for each channelBalanced TRS main output jack with master level controlRCA-type pre-fade output Dongle is a multi-function item. You can listen to music and answer phone calls with the help of this smallusb-c to aux adapter. The sound quality is hi-fi. You can get higher fidelity sound from this c to aux adapter, it is compatible with up to 24bit/ 96Khz. The relief strain design makes this adpter much more durable, as it can stand 15000+ bending tests. They provide a friendly customer service and a usb c to 3.5mm adapter.

Brand: Jsaux

👤I would give this jack 10 stars. This is a better device than my desktop device. I've been testing all day on various music sites. The sound of the music is amazing, no matter the genre I play. I can't say enough about this device. I use this between my phone. My audio-technica reference headphones. Hats off to the engineers who designed it. There is a The fit into the phone is very tight and secure.

👤I didn't want to get rid of my Bose earbuds since I have a S20 which doesn't have an ear bud jack. I thought it would be a decent solution. They seemed to do well at first. They started cutting in and out after a few months. Very disappointed.

👤This can be used on the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20. The adaptation did not fit into the plot. It was very filthy! I bought my 1st one last week and didn't read it, but I thought it would work on the S20. It will be going to the post office today.

👤Really disappointed. I don't understand why the reviews are so good, maybe I just got a bad product. I was very excited to purchase this for my S20+, which has amazing audio quality, after reading other reviews. I needed this for the audio jack in my car. The sound is average when it is working, but it is great when it is working. The audio is disrupted or disconnected by movements. I've plugged this into my car, my speaker, my computer and it's the same issue. Even if I'm breathing and the cord is touching my torso, the audio won't be disrupted. This is a piece of garbage from Walmart. You can save yourself a lot of headaches by buying the official one.

👤I'm annoyed that this product needs to exist, but I think this is an outstanding digital audio conversion. The sound quality on the Note was crystal clear. The braided and rubber reinforced cable gives it added strength. It's easy to find in my gear bag with the bright red color. Highly recommended.

👤I got this for my phone. It sounds amazing when it works. The problem is that it randomly cuts out and stops working at the point where it's not worth it.

👤I bought it because I didn't have to bring my device to work. I didn't expect much from this in regards to its' capabilty. I noticed a difference in audio quality when I used it with my phone and laptop. This is a huge upgrade compared to the one supplied with the Pixel 3. The sound is more full, the quality is better, and the highs and lows are more noticeable. I only use 3.5mm apple earbuds, but they opened up so to speak. It was an immense difference when I tested it with my headset. The audio quality from my computers and phone has increased for when I need to use ausb C, and the cable is heavy duty, so I don't think it will mess up anytime soon.

2. Headphone Adapter AuxLink Portable Amplifier

Headphone Adapter AuxLink Portable Amplifier

The double-braided exterior and aluminum alloy case is made to endure daily bends, twists, and pulls. The Hi-fi Sound Qualityusb C headphones are made from high quality materials. Conexant's powerful built-in DAC chip allows up to 96khz 24bit Hi-fi sound while others are 16bit/ 48Khz. The AuxLinK is a 3.5mm audio amplifier. Make sure you capture the note signal. The 3.5mm female port has a thick gold surface that ensures stable and flawless sound transmission. A multi-Function type C headphone accessory. This lightweightusb c to 3.5mm headphones is ideal for use with any device that has a type c port. A piece to get high-fi sound quality. Plug and play is very easy to use. Excellent Compatibility. It works with most of the mainstream type c devices. There are many devices, including the following: the Google pixel 4 3 2 XL, the S21+ S20 Ultra S20 Z Flip, the Note 20 ultra 10 10+ 9 8, the iPad pro, and the P30 P20. Relief strain design The silhouettes were reconstructed with new details and refined fabrics from cotton to more sustainable and flexible nylon yarn. The high quality materials make the audio accessory stand 20000+ bending and prevent damage caused by scratching. After-sale service. They provide a 24 month warranty on this jack. If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact their customer support team via Amazon.

Brand: Auxlink

👤I'm a bit of an audio snob, and I'm generally hyper critical when it comes to sound quality. I bought this to use with my phone, it doesn't have a jack. I decided to use it as the DAC for my blade stealth because it sounded so great. Overall clarity has improved. If you need something for high impedance headphones, don't buy this, it's similar to stock laptop audio. It was worth it for the $15. There is a It sounds better than stock audio, not for power hungry headphones. The update stopped working after 3 months. Customer service has not responded to my emails. The person is going in the trash.

👤I hate that my Note 10 doesn't have an 3.5mm mini jack and a built in DAC, so I need a new one. My go to headphones are my AKG K240, which are a bit much to drive by phone. I like the sound stage of them. Everything works with it all hooked up. Sound is clear and clean. I listen to a lot of music, mostly streamed and YT videos. Bass doesn't have the punch that highs and mids do. The headphones themselves aren't known for bass, but they reduce the response further. I can now use the headphones I like the most because of the good build quality, sound and price point.

👤The audio quality of the cable is not true. 24 Bit-depth 96kHz audio quality is the maximum. The audio does not sound as good as the Conexant CX31993 DAC, which costs about five bucks more, but it does live up to it's claim. The Conexant chip is similar to the "Conexat" chip that the product images advertise.

👤Pure oxygen-free copper has a purity of 99.99%. The tiny and portable version of the gold- plated version is compatible with most of theusb C devices. Maybe not. If you have ausb type c port on your device, you can use your headphones with it. Plug it into the charging port and then into the 3.5mm audio jack on the other side of the adapter. The AuxLink Hi-fi Pro can help you do that. There is a The audio problems encountered with most of theusb type-c mobile devices are solved by the advanced digital audio conversion chips that are included in the exclusiveusb C to 3.5mm adapter. It has a high-resolution audio signal with a high-fidelity sound. Excellent listening experience can be provided by noise reduction and high anti- interference features. You can use this to listen to music from your car aux stereo speaker or headphones. It supports wire control and lets you listen to music as well as answer phone calls with your headphones. The cable is made with high quality polished alloy and a gold-plated connection.

👤This is great for its price, I own a $350 dragonfly cobalt, so I can tell you how it compares. There is a The first volume adjustment will jump to 100% potentially damaging your ears. There is a The difference between the price and the difference between the adapter is not 40x, but 1.5x. This is a good thing since you can hear everything in your headphones. The value is that this adapter wins by a lot. I will definitely recommend it, you will enjoy music, can also play audiobooks and tube videos with high quality sound.

3. UGREEN 3 5mm Audio Adapter Headphone

UGREEN 3 5mm Audio Adapter Headphone

Only the following device models are recommended. For iPad Air 2020, iPad Pro, Note 20 10, Z Filp, Tab S5e/S6, and other devices. The Essential Phone is for the Google Pixel. The unlisted device are not recommended due to the incompatibility of the type-c protocol. The UGREENusb C to headphone adapter has a sampling rate of up to 384KHz/32bit to enhance the original sound quality of your mobile phone. The headphone jack is able to realize up to 600 resistance load, less than 0.0004% distortion. Stable audio signal and no loss transmission are ensured by high fidelity design. You will be able to enjoy incomparable musical Banquet with the clear high, soft intermediate and pure low frequencies provided by the chip and decoding technology. You can use the Dongle to listen to music, answer calls, or connect an earphone. Digital material is believed to improve the audio. It can remove the noise that can be picked up while you are answering calls or listening to music. The relief strain design of theusb type c to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter makes it more durable. The 3.5mm audio cable is made from nylon and alloy, so you don't have to worry about it being damaged. It's possible to use the headphones jack on most of the Type C phones, such as the S21 Ultra/S21+/S21 FE/S20 Plus/S20 Ultra/S10 lite.

Brand: Ugreen

👤Se escucha un ruido.

👤I was looking for a sturdy dac that sounded nice. This is it. I have headphones and IEMs. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I use this occasionally with my iPad and iPhones, it has a better sound than other more expensive DACs that use the same chip. Volume control is not my only reservation. Everything else is excellent. The NuPrime DAC costs 2x+ and is my second favorite.

👤Se vi state chiedendo perché costi di pi rispetto agli adattatori. It's a good thing. A pilotare bene anche una cuffia come le mie AKG K240. Ma soprattutto, il dettaglio e la definizione del suono. The chip di qualit. Is it vero? Is it also sar falso? In ogni caso, la differenza sente forte. There is a I mio Dragonfly Red non arriva ovviamente a quel livello. Risulta quindi perfetto per l'utilizzo, con una buona cuffia, per godersi dal cellulare un audio HD. Doversi portar dietro un DAC. There is a Anche come qualit costruttiva e design. Insomma, se volete un buon adattatore a un prezzo tutto sommato giusto per la qualit.

👤I use them with my Sony WH-1000XM4's. The sound of the headphones is bad when they are off, so they needed a little help to make it better. I can leave my headphones off and use them in passive mode without skipping a beat now that I have these bad boys. The built in DAC of the XM4's is not as good as the ones that are built in. The sound stage is really expanded by this DAC and it makes things louder. You don't need a boost in bass volume with these. It was too much for my taste and I did not like it very much. There is a I think these are worth it. In passive mode, my headphones are not useless. They would sound great with real headphones. It's just so affordable and well made, compared to the other $15 USB-C DAC's on Amazon.

👤Este pequeo DAC tiene una grata sorpresa, pero sin duda tiene la mejor relacin calidad-precio. There is a Un sounstage ampli, con ms detalles, una transicin de frecuencias. Al menos tienen usarlo con Apple Music Hi-res, un audio con unos. Koss Porta Pro. There is a Tener una experiencia audiofila. Amigos, tu primer DAC, tiene una opcin.

👤Compre unos Audio Thecnica MSR7B para msica. F15 al jugar... Se escucha excelente sonidos lejos dentro del juego. se escucha Agusto con el adaptador, los recomiendo, y la sensacin de Ubicacin de los enemigos.

👤Per quello, suona benissimo con la precauzione di non usare cuffie troppo difficili da pilotare.

4. Adapter Stouchi Headphone Version 2Pack Gray

Adapter Stouchi Headphone Version 2Pack Gray

What do you get? They offer a 24 month warranty on this 3.5mmusb-c to 3.5mm adapter. The American Smart Conexant DAC chip is made. The audio chip designed by American Conexant Systems Inc has low-power, high-resolution multi-core hardware codecs and audio software technologies that enable differentiated headsets for premium audio and voice experiences. The indicator is with the LEDs. There is a type-C port. No more fumbling in the dark. You can plug in at night or day. If you want an accessory that can charge your phone while you listen to music, look at this: B09P37WCS4. Nosie Reduction Aux Cable. The built-in Powerful DAC Hi-Res Chip is a shield for interference and noise cancellation. Music transmission and sound quality are perfect thanks to noise reduction technology. Great Compatibility It supports mobile phone with ausb c port, such as the iPad Air 5th, 2020/2018, Moto Z3/HTC U11, One plus 6T, Essential phone, and the P20/P20 Pro/P30/. Note: Not compatible with 3M WorkTunes. The material is upgraded durable. 5X more durable, flexible and sturdier than normal cable, is provided by the high quality TPE jacket, standard 3.5mm jack. 5000+ testbending has been done to make sure it is reliable.

Brand: Stouchi

👤We don't have a headphone jack on our phones or tablets. There is a type C headphone audio jack in the box. I ordered the 2 pack because it was a great price and I would have an extra to put in my accessory bag if I lost one. I didn't notice any degradation in the high's, mid's, or low's. Classical, pop, hip-hop, rock, and other types of music I listen to. All of the different genres of music come through with fidelity. There is a The green light on the part of the adapter that plugs into your device is the same as the one pictured. It is a great accessory to have if you like the wired headphones you have. I would buy them again.

👤I have a new MacBook Pro and a new iPad Pro with a 3.5mm connection, but the Apple lightning to 3.5mm adapter won't work with them. I got a set of adapters to try. The results were great. They work with both the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, but I use a pair of decent corded headphones. Plug them in and you're good to go. The sound quality for music was really good. There is a green light that goes off when theusb-c is inserted properly, so you know you have a good connection to your audio source. I don't know how long they will last, but they seem very well built, so I can't tell. If you have the need, you can't go wrong with these.

👤The lack of a 3.5mm headphone port on my note 10 has been driving me crazy, and I have had a note 10 for about 5 months now. The Note 10 requires a digital conversion to work with 3.5mm headphones, but it doesn't include an accessory for converting them to Type-C. There is a The set of 2 3.5mm to Type-C converters works perfectly on the Note 10, and I can just carry my old sets of 3.5mm headphones and be ready for either the Type-C port or a 3.5mm headphone port. It's highly recommended to save yourself from buying a bunch of headphones.

👤Thanks for checking out my review, I chose this one because of the good reviews and Fake Spot rating. I gave one of the two packs to my wife. Her needs are simple. She only uses it a few times a week and only uses a Square card reader on her phone. She has had no problems so far. I use mine daily with headphones. Attaching and detaching it from my phone. I'm concerned about their longevity based on that use case. The issue is with the wiring between the connections. The ends of the adapter fit together nicely. I don't baby it, but I'm careful with it. Average use. When not in use, I keep the adapter in my backpack. Not wound or curled tightly, I just draped around my palm a couple times and put it in my backpack pocket. I make sure I'm not bending the wire when I put them away. I try to keep it straight. There is a It started cutting out after three weeks. If my cord wasn't perfect still, there were small crackles. It became more and more unreliable after about a week, unless the phone and headphone wire are still and not moving. I use them about five times a day, and then they are unplugged each time I finish listening. When these cut outs happen, the sound will crackle and the audio will stop. If I have paused it while I try and re-position the cord, it will be worse. This interruption will prompt my assistant. It was very frustrating. There is a Basically that's all... The build quality was great, other than the issue with the wiring. Great sound when it works. I'm going to have to try another style. Hope it is useful for someone. Thank you for reading!

5. AGVEE Digital Headphones Earphones Microphone

AGVEE Digital Headphones Earphones Microphone

We provide this 3.5mm tousb-c to High-Excursion drivers allow for greater dynamic range, improved bass, and lower distortion. Full Frequency Sampling support 44.1k-384k/32bit. Many excellent parameters ensure an enjoyable gaming experience. The drivers are 12mm. The diaphragm is made of a Composite Membrane. The response was 18-25000HZ. Impedance is 20. The sensitivity is 112db. The signal noise ratio is 120db. The total Harmonic Distortion is less than 1%. HI-RES SOUND The high-resolution audio provided by the Hi-Res certified DAC can express the ultimate quality of music and the reproduction of the original sound, and give the feeling of the original singer or performer in the live performance. The chip is ultra-low power, which means it can extend the phone's battery life without worrying about battery overload. Cook's original fruit earbuds are better than theOUND QUALITY COMPARISON. The original fruit earbuds have a score of 90. The score is not as high. It is difficult for users who are not very professional to distinguish the difference. Only the following device models are recommended. For iPad Air 2020, iPad Pro, Note 20 10, Z Filp, Tab S5e/S6, and other devices. The Essential Phone is for the Google Pixel. The unlisted device are not recommended due to the incompatibility of the type-c protocol.

Brand: Agvee

👤The cables have a large diameter and have less resistance to current. If you don't like the length, put a loop or two in with a cable tie. Enjoy.

👤These have been great so far. I have already owned other cords. The material is good, but the price to quality ratio is good. When they start breaking down, I'll report the true test. There is a Acquired 09/12/2018.

👤The cables fit better than the ones I use.

👤I bought those with the wall plugs. These are long enough to reach most places. Since the last 10 or so the ends have broken in different ways, I needed a tough cable. I drop the phone at the gas station because the cables break. I've dropped them a number of times and the end is still solid. My phone charges from 1-2% with the plug. It charges the same when used. I usually have it on while I'm charging. There is a full charge. I have no issues since a month ago. Good cables for a good price.

👤When I searched for "C cable" these popped up. I didn't read that they were small. The Amazon search tool only showed me "C cables". They arrived and we had a few devices that took microusb. I thought I'd keep them. Two of the three cables wouldn't charge or power anything, even though everything looks good. They won't work in any ports so useless.

👤The product was bought to make my calls easier. I got used to them and they were a little uncomfortable when put in. The speaker/volume controller broke in half while I was on the call, and I didn't even touch it.

👤An answer to my prayers! I love this product. I think the Agvee cords are going to last a long time. The short cords were a nuisance. Concerning the price... It's amazing. I was expecting a single cord for the price. Don't let this product go away. BUY IT NOW! You will not be sorry.

👤Exactly as described. I have cats. People chew phone cords. This cord is recommended by me. A lot. The cord is tightly wrapped. I had to look under the lamp to see the weave. No damage was done when kitty bit into it. He gave up. The plugs are very strong. It was well sized for my s7. It is plugged in. I am very satisfied with the quality,Durability, and value of the 6 ft cords I purchased. They are proof. So far.

6. Headphone Charger Adapter Charging Compatible

Headphone Charger Adapter Charging Compatible

You can get a better music experience with the premium DAC chip on the Xumee 2 in 1 usb c to headphones headset adapter. The 3.5mm female port is compatible with both CTIA and OMTP. You can listen to your music while charging your phone with Fast Charging. Also, note: Some new phones may not be supported by it. Use the wall charger to get faster charging speed. Most of the type c devices are compatible, including the Google pixel 5 4 3 2 XL, the S22+ S22 Ultra S21 FE, the S21+ S21 Plus, and the S20 Ultra Z flip. Dongle is multi-function. You can listen to music, answer phone calls, and have wire control with this smallusb-c to aux adapter. Plug-and-Play and Ultra-Portable do not require a drive. You can connect to headphones and smart phones anywhere.

Brand: Xumee

👤I like this thing. A phone without a jack. This is a problem for me as I go to sleep and am unable to charge my phone. I didn't like most of the things I saw. I was looking for a form factor like this. It doesn't get in the way. Fast charging works well. The sound quality is great. In-line media controls are used. There is a Quality is great. I didn't realize it was braided and all the ends were metal. 100% would recommend this to anyone who needs to use headphones.

👤This is a good option for the problem of no audio jack. This also has an added bonus of a digital to analog (digital to analog) conversion in the wider section. When it comes to sound quality from a cell phone, the cell phone DAC chips are rarely focused on. The sound quality of the phone via earbuds, etc. is improved by this dongle's DAC. This is a good deal for the money.

👤When it works, it's fine, but we'll be driving, listening while everything is fine, then boom, something goes in the adapter and it goes to an awful static sound. Sometimes it only pops into static mode for a second or two, other times it gets stuck in static until I pause and replay music which also doesn't always make it come out of static. If I back off the volume a bit, the internal DAC is getting overload, so I have to do more testing, but it seems like this one doesn't do it as often. Maybe the radio AUX input is being too much.

👤It seems like good quality, but the mines never worked properly. There is a shortage or something. If I move my phone slightly, it stops playing music and stops charging. I went to Walmart to buy another one of my aux cables and it was doing the same thing, but I realized it was just a computer port. I was not satisfied with my purchase.

👤This is a product that you pay for and it is fine. I had to pay special attention to the direction it was plugged into my S20 to get the microphone to work properly, for me the writing has to be down in order for it to work.

👤If you like wired headphones and can't rely on your phone buds to always be on, this is perfect. You can charge your phone with the wired headphones. There is a The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because of this. Fast Charging doesn't work with a fast charger, even though you can charge it. I plugged it back in to show fast charging. It changes to either regular charging or multiple hours until fully charged. It usually stays at regular charging but you have to plug it back in for it to stay. If you need this, I would buy it. It works just fine and once you're done with your work, you can use the jack as a replacement for your earbuds.

7. USB 3 5MM Audio Adapter Headphone

USB 3 5MM Audio Adapter Headphone

It is their intention to spend every cent on the product without wasting ad or necessary promotion because they have the direct supply which means you will get the most professional products at the most reasonable price. Premium solution to bring the 3.5MM headphone jack back to your new phone; Inside the DAC chip you can use crystal clear stereo output and phone calls with your 3.5MM headphones/ earbuds and AUX cable. The converting chip that they replace with one of higher performance has better converting efficiency and compatibility, it may cause a little heat when you use it, which won't damage your devices. The braided cord with the special coating is made of durable aluminum, and it supports up to 24 bit / 48 kHz hi-res sampling. There are compatible samples for the tablet. The phones are the Pixel 4 (XL) and 3 (XL). The Note 10 and Note 9 are both from the S20. Note 8; HUAWEI P30 Pro; MIX 3 /2; Redmi K30; HUAWEI P30 Pro. The Pro /Mate 20 Pro /Mate 10 is from OPPO. And more. Correct way to use is to connect the headphones to the phone and then connect the headset to avoid noise.

Brand: Arktek

👤I got this for my girlfriend since her new phone doesn't have a jack. I needed something to plug the Square reader into, and didn't care about audio quality. It worked out fine. There is a She tried it with headphones and said it sounded good. There are two kinds of headphones, passive and active. You can connect the audio to the headphones with passive. Extra power won't affect the audio quality of your phone. This product is not a passive accessory. Digital audio can be converted to an analogue signal with the help of an active chip. The quality of the audio will vary, depending on the chip used for the audio and the amount of power used. There is a Why would anyone want an active DAC? When something is optional, someone will leave it off to save a few pennies. Some phones require active connections, like the new ones from Google and the new one from South Korea.

👤I have a note 10 plus and it will not work with any of the adaptors. You have to make sure that the adaptor you get is compatible with the digital analog converter. For the note 10 and note 10 plus. The Arktech works perfectly.

👤I use this to plug my headphones in. It works well, but every 4 minutes my screen changes to the dialing pad for some reason. The screen on the locked phone will light up every 4 minutes or so. The sound quality is preserved but not without its quirks. I would probably buy a different product if I were to purchase this item again.

👤I decided to order this because of the low price and lack of moving parts. The female end of the first one I got was too small to receive the plug correctly. The seat didn't fit properly and it kept disconnected while playing music. The seller contacted me to confirm that everything was okay. I told them of my problem and they sent me another. I'm good to go because the second one works perfectly. They fixed the problem after they believed me. The cords are made of good materials and not cheap junk. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤I received this in the mail and was able to use my M50x headphones with my 7t. It did not work as expected after it arrived. I don't know what's wrong with it, but using this dongle makes everything sound tinnie. Sometimes I have to move the cable around so that the sound will come through and it won't go out again.

👤I was very happy with the aux adapter. The sound quality was great and it looked good when I first received it. My first observation was that it had a glitch that made my phone exit whatever app I was on and go straight to my phone keypad. It will redial the last number you called if you wait long enough. Not good. It doesn't work when making calls, that's a big one for me. Terrible. You can hear it. The microphone can't work. A replacement was bought from another company. Never buying it again.

8. Headphone Charger Stouchi Charging Compatible

Headphone Charger Stouchi Charging Compatible

We use better malleable TPE and aluminum alloy oxidation shell and connectors for a longer lifespan and strict reliability. It's easy to take around a small design. Simple 2 in 1 design. The new headphones are designed for charging and listening to music at the same time. Plug and play for your new phone. 30W Fast-Charging. With the built-in latest multi-functional PD fast charging chip, you can quickly charge your devices at any time while you are on the phone, playing games, or watching movies, without worrying about the battery running out. The sound quality is hi-Res. The highest support for the DAC is 24bit/ 96KHz. The jack is compatible with both CTIA and OMTP. The Hi-Res chip ensures stable, high-fidelity audio transmission. Wide Compatibility Most of the Type-C devices are compatible. The mini size design is Exquisite Details. The mini size and lightweight design of the adapter keeps it small and portable. The mini 2 in1 is the best choice. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them.

Brand: Stouchi

👤This was the best purchase I could find for my iPad Air. I didn't want to be forced to use an accessory after Apple removed the jack. I can charge and use headphones at the same time with the stouchi accessory. It is awesome.

👤It worked with my MacBook. It would be great for lower power devices, like the iPad, or if you needed a headphones jack, since it wanted to charge at 15w.

👤Plugging or unplugging the cable works great with the phone, but if the music is playing, it doesn't work.

👤I wanted to listen to music while I was charging my iPad Pro, this was the perfect accessory. The cable is strong. The metal case gave it a nice weight and feel. There is a blue indicator light when it is plugged in.

👤The headphones can charge your phone at the same time. I was afraid that the brick was a bit too big, just a bit too small, and that it was a bit too big for the 3.5 jack hole. It has a small blue led that's bright enough but not disturbing at all, and it's a good indicator of a solid connection. There is a I didn't notice that the sound quality was reduced, it was great. I have a built quality cable from this company and it feels solid. I'm expecting this to last for a long time.

9. Headphone Charger LERTOSEN Splitter Charging

Headphone Charger LERTOSEN Splitter Charging

36 months manufacturer warranty. The multi-functionalusb c to 3.5mm audio jack and charging kit is a must have for anyone who wants to listen to music, play games, and charge their devices. Also, note: Data transmission and remote control are not supported. The supports the PD 60W. Fast ChargingLERTOSEN is able to fast-charging up to 60W (20V 3A). The charging voltage and current are protected by a powerful chip. Also, note: Some new phones may not be supported by it. The faster-charging speed is achieved by using aPD wall charger. This is a Hi-Res Audio DAC chip. It's ausb The 3.5mm audio adapter has an advanced chip that supports digital Hi-Res audio and is compatible with CTIA and OMTP. Theusb c to aux adapter supports the digital audio decoding chip of the CX21988/6. No current noise will not hurt your ears, and all ensures stable, high-quality audio transmission. The usb c headphones are made of twisted yarn and a sleek aluminum shell, making them much more durable. Plug and play music while you charge. You can connect to headphones and phones anywhere. The type c headphones are compatible with most of the type c phones. You can get 1 x LERTOSEN type c to 3.5mm aux adapter for a lifetime of worry-free customer service. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Lertosen

👤This was the cheapest one to have a charge port. The sound quality is only a tiny fraction below the Apple type-C. The volume potential of the Apple DAC is greater if it is attached to a PC. It is easy to recommend this because it is very solid in build. The brand is new and has no known reputation, so they must be related companies. I think this is the 21988, not the 3 1993.

👤The device has an excellent build quality, and has a tight click when inserted into my phone, as well as my headphones. The Audio-Technica m50x's sound is great with this accessory. Unfortunately, the Oneplus 7pro couldn't be charged while I was listening to music. My phone was not on the list of compatible devices. I was hoping my phone would fall under the category of working with other devices, but I was not so lucky. I contacted the company and they responded quickly. They confirmed that Oneplus phones are not able to take advantage of charging while also listening to audio. They should update their product details so no other Oneplus owners have this problem. There is a They took the time to look into my issue, since I was treated with respect by this seller. You can buy from this seller, and be confident that they will resolve your issue if you do have it.

👤Just got it. Initially, it does charge and ear buds work at the same time. Have not checked the power transfer ability yet. Maybe later.

👤I bought a new phone with no jack and it worked like a plug in jack. There is no need to miss the jack.

👤This unit is used to connect my car's aux input to the internet. The sound quality was good. After a long run on my laptop, the performance improved considerably. The Hi By Music app has an exclusive HQ audio access.

👤The charging port works for the oldest tech devices.

10. Headphone Adapter ZOOAUX Compatible Samsung

Headphone Adapter ZOOAUX Compatible Samsung

Plug and play. Plug and play is possible with this type C to 3.5mm aux adapter. Let's use the simplest way to enjoy music. There is a multi- functionusb c 3.5mm accessory. Thisusb c to aux is very easy to use, it allows you to listen to music, answer phone call, and play games with your headphones, and it also supports wire control function, such as microphone volume control, pause and play functions, playing games, plug and play, very easy Wide Compatibility It's possible to use a 3.5mm headphone jack with most of the type c phones. The sound quality is hi-fi. Direct Stream Digital high-resolution audio format DSD64/DSD128 decoding can be used to reproduce lossless music enjoyment. It can stand 20000+ bending tests and avoids tangling. What do you get? They offer a 24 month warranty on this 3.5mmusb-c to 3.5mm adapter.

Brand: Zooaux

👤I bought this one to replace my stock one and it sounded better. It has a very secure fit on both ends and it sounds great. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a built in 3.5 audio jack on their phone. I found out that if I use a mic with my earbuds, they don't work for answering calls. It's a big deal but they do everything else.

👤The 3.5mm audio-in cable can be plugged into my older stereo amplifier via the mini-usb port on my phone. I can use my phone to play music.

👤I use this jack to save myself from having too many wires in my car. The connection is fast. I needed to connect my work phone to the car wires, so I bought it. The quality is very good, which is the most important thing for busy use. I have to use it for a while.

👤The device works as described. Some people wonder why you would want this with wireless charging but sometimes you just need to use headphones without batteries. It's well designed and compact. If you don't have a headset jack, it's recommended.

👤This thing works well. I don't hear anything buzzing or hissing, it looks nice, and it grips my jack firmly. I can see this thing being used for a long time because it really grabs the ear bud jack and has already survived a fall being connected to my iPad Pro. I can use the iPad for music and my phone for everything else at my daughter's birthday now that I can.

👤The product was received at a discounted price. There is a The item was in a plain white box. There was no indication of the Zooaux brand on the item. The phone manufacturers are doing away with the jacks. There is no need to despair if you have invested in corded headphones. One should see this as an opportunity. You used to be stuck with the phone's digital to analog conversion. Well not anymore. Today there are many aftermarketusbadapters with built in DACs. The problem is that they aren't created equal. Some are bad, some good, and a few very good being vastly superior to what any phone ships with. There is a This is a budget item. Don't expect much beyond that. I would tell people to spend what they have. There is no sound stage. There is no clarity in the orchestra. If you've spent a lot of money on headphones, you don't need this product for primary use. I would use this as a back up in case my headphones ran out of juice or I damaged my primary accessory. This is a perfect role for this adapter. If you need it in an emergency, it provides acceptable performance.

👤I needed a replacement for the headphone accessory that I lost. This is a good accessory for my phone, the Pixel 2. The audio quality is good and the inline controls on my headphones work well. The construction of the cable seems decent and it has a nice braided appearance.

11. Headphone Adapter INassen 384khz 32bit Samsung

Headphone Adapter INassen 384khz 32bit Samsung

Correct way to use is to connect the headphones to the phone and then connect the headset to avoid noise. iNassen and Realtek have collaborated to deliver a powerful built-in DAC chip that can play up to 32bit Hi-fi sound. The iNassen audio is perfect for converting to digital signals. Make sure you capture the note signal. This handyusb c to 3.5mm adapter supports music and calling. Plug and play. It was very easy to use. Also, note: The phone with the 3.5mm audio port may not support calling. It doesn't support volume control for Mac. The iNassenusb c to 3.5mm headphones jack are compatible with all phones. S21 Ultra/ Note 20/ Note 20 Ultra/ S20+/ S20 Ultra/ Note 10, Essential Phone/PH-1, iPad pro 2018, Moto Z/Z2, and the P20 Pro/P30 Pro/ This is more Sturdy and Flexible. Plug-and-play is what type c to aux is. There was no need for a drive. It's possible to get rid of the world of Hi-fi audio. The silhouettes were reconstructed with new details. The quality of the material ensures 10000+ times bending and prevents damage from being caused by tangling and scratching. They provide this 3.5mm tousb-c to

Brand: Whihge.

👤I was excited to find this product for my phone, as I didn't want to convert to wireless headphones, which is expensive and easy to lose. There seems to be an issue with the software. The volume seems to be randomly set off on a near continuous basis. Put the volume up and it will start hitting the volume down. It turns back down when you turn it back up. Lock the screen to keep it from being activated. The product cannot be used for its intended purpose.

👤I bought an additional C to Aux Adapter to keep my earphones in their case after I purchased a new earphone for my new SAMSUNG. The sound I'm going to hear is better than it was, because the music is all there. I like my Earphones but trust the quality of my music to a wired connection when I need it the most.

👤This thing made the most deafening boom I have ever experienced with headphones. It has had feedback before. That was a really good bang.

👤I gave this product a one star rating because it didn't work for me. I lost the headphones jack on my laptop and needed a replacement immediately. I didn't bother to try it out because the person on the other end couldn't hear me and so I had to use the mic on my laptop. There is a If you're looking for a sound only version of the design, there are many other options.

👤Don't settle for cheap things. It's not as simple as an accessory for C to 3.5mm. If it's not a dac, your audio will sound terrible. I had a cheap adaptor from target that sounded like trash. This is a really nice inexpensive dac and it's even better than my previous phones. Full recommendation!

👤This has broken before. I only use this once a week to and from my office on public transit. I kept it and my headphones in a separate pouch in my bag, and this still worked. Zero stars for longevity. It lasted less than three months.

👤I tried the original version of the device. It didn't work for my Tab S6. I was very happy when I got this, but my son used it on his phone. I ordered a second iNassen to have on hand just in case, because I don't use headphones on my tablets much. It's good! The gray color looks great on my S6.

👤Works well. Since the Note 20 ultra didn't come with wired headphones in the box, I was in need of an alternative. I have a 3.5mm Sony earbuds and this is the only way to use it. The sound quality seems to be better. It's a little frustrating to have to use something like this to play video games. It's something I can use while I look for headphones. It is a good buy.

👤All of the drivers in Windows 10 are functional. The hardware ID is not searched for. The sample rate was confirmed to be 386kz. The audio response is quite flat. There is a Rightmark shows the Frequency response from 40 to 15 kHz. Average Dynamic range is 82.0 good THD and very good THD. The A is a measure of the decibels. Average IMD is -71.0, good stereo crosstalk is -73.9, and good general performance is 0.024. Good.


What is the best product for headphone dac usb c?

Headphone dac usb c products from Jsaux. In this article about headphone dac usb c you can see why people choose the product. Auxlink and Ugreen are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone dac usb c.

What are the best brands for headphone dac usb c?

Jsaux, Auxlink and Ugreen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone dac usb c. Find the detail in this article. Stouchi, Agvee and Xumee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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