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1. ESynic Headphone Amplifier Rechargeable Computers

ESynic Headphone Amplifier Rechargeable Computers

You can use the microphone, play/pause, volume, and track selection controls with the headphones. It can be Carry, it is lightweight and portable, and it can help to amplify the sound. The design of the aluminum matt surface and fashion design makes you feel comfortable. The 3.5mm AUX Input and Output is distinguishable by its SNR and THD+N. It's possible to make it possible to output sound that's sharper and more authentic. Optimal Performance of the Headphones can be achieved with a two-stage gain switch. It can stay working for more than 8 hours because it has a Rechargeable Lithium battery with 1000mAH Capacity. The item comes with a 1.2musb cable and 2pcs audio cable. Amplifier for Headphone can be compatible with a variety of digital devices with 3.5mm output.

Brand: Esynic

👤December, 2021. We were sad when our amplifier broke. We dropped it a short distance to a carpeted floor, but it landed on the gain switch and broke it. Sniff! It worked well until then. We replaced it with a slightly more expensive one because it's slightly smaller and has a rounded case. We hope it works. There is a A family member with hearing loss stopped using the TV room because they couldn't understand dialog. We added this amplifier to make it easier for them to use earbuds and control the volume. A family member has impaired vision so we built a TV room with an HD projector that could show a 100 inch image. They couldn't enjoy the TV room. The TV room is a joy for all of us. There is a The battery life is good, if we turn it off, it lasts for several days on a charge. We charge it every few days and haven't run it down yet. We do not have a complex home entertainment set-up. We don't have an expensive receiver. Rather, we use.

👤I like loud music and loud bass. My laptop doesn't put out enough volume to satisfy my need for sound, despite the fact that I bought specific headphones with very good bass response. There is a The device solved my problem. I don't need it to be battery powered, that's a nice benefit. There is a When I want to really feel the bass vibrating my ears, my headphones are loud. The quality of the build, the knob, and the sound are great. There is a The noise from the laptop was very loud, hissing at low volumes, but once I plugged the headphones into a stand-alone charging device, the noise went away. Loud music.

👤I noticed that the device's charging port didn't go in easily when I tried to charge it. I saw that the charging port was touching the top. The part moved downward quickly. The inline amplifier was used to boost a small computer speaker. Two days after theusb cord was removed, the loose connecticut was back and it was at the amplifier's location. The device wouldn't charge even though it went into the port. I decided to take the device apart to find the problem after I realized I couldn't return the device since I already threw it away. The back of the microusb housing was broken and the device had a problem with the port. I connected the charging cable to the microusb port and saw that the plastic was coming out of the back of the port. The plastic was caved in towards the inside of the port which connects to the charging cable. There is a Does the device work? When it was able to charge, it did. Why did it fail? The microusb port is broken. There is a What are the pros? A metal shell and the ability to play and charge at the same time make this a sleek modern look.

2. LZSIG Professional Multi Channel Headphones Adapter LHA1

LZSIG Professional Multi Channel Headphones Adapter LHA1

The function details are 1 audio input, 4 ultra-low noise output channel headphones, and restore audio detail. It's suitable for 50mm driver headphones. The Stereo button is free to switch based on the input audio source. The prevent audio crosstalk circuit is very suitable for Audio and Headphone Splitter. The ground nut is used to set the GND in electronic products. The product has nuts to reduce interference noise. This product has a power source that is stable and has a safety and sound quality that is assured. They will pay you within 24 hours if you have any questions.

Brand: Lzsig

👤It seems to work well, no distortion and a good build quality, the cable and adapter seem solid. There is a The result: The metal construction makes the build feel very sturdy. The jacks fit cables and the knobs are solid. I prefer braided cords over theusb-c cable that comes with the device. The mono-stereo switch is the only thing that is loose, but it shouldn't happen often. I use a Schiit stack (Magni + Modi) and a pair of HD 6xx's for my setup. I plugged my HD 6xx's into the output jacks of the LZSIG amplifier and then ran a 3.5mm cable to the headphone level signal from the Magni. There is a Sound quality was good. There was no noticeable drop in quality when I compared the output to the raw output. The isolation seems to work when plugging in another pair of headphones or adjusting another pair's volume, as I noticed no interference when plugging in another pair of headphones. The audio quality was good when I used an Apple 3.5mm to USB-C adapter and the output from the OnePlus 7 pro was also good. There is a Convenience. The reason I chose this unit over others was because it used specific and specific power sources. I didn't want to use another type of cable for my devices since they are allusb-c. I've tried a lot of cables and theUSB-C port works well with them. It's portable since a wall outlet isn't required, and it works off of a battery bank's power. There is a Master volume control for the input to the device is nice. There is a The verdict was: The portable nature of this device makes it easier to use, and it is a solid device that gets the job done. If you're going to do some audio signal splitting, I would recommend buying one of these. There is a There is a tip. I used a cable from the Magni to the LZSIG that only caused one of the ears to receive a signal. The cable I was using was marked as stereo, but I saw that in the manual. Buying a new stereo cable from Amazon fixed the issue, so if you run into a similar problem, it might be your cable.

👤My wife and I use to watch the service after the kids go to bed. If you don't use the terminal, you'll get static, sometimes quite bad. If you're anything like me, you might have assumed that the device comes with a ground screw. It turns out that making sure audio equipment has a shared ground is important. It's not as bad with my wife's laptop, but it's annoying if I don't ground it. My laptop and the aux cord I use do not come with a ground screw terminal or separate ground lead. I think this is a very good product, but be aware that you will need a grounding solution to use it properly.

👤I was hesitant to make a purchase because I was waiting on the Behringer model. Went with this off brand one and had an issue at first. There is a small buzz. Plug the headphones into a power strip or wall outlet. That fixed it. There is a The sound quality is pretty good.

3. Mackie HM 4 Headphone Amplifier

Mackie HM 4 Headphone Amplifier

Share a single source with up to 4 pairs of headphones. Individual level control for each output. The included 12V AC adapter is powered by it. A built-like-a-tank construction.

Brand: Mackie

👤I never knew it was possible to dislike a headphone amplifier as much as I dislike this thing. There is a The good news first. It sounds good when it's working. There is a During a session, I discovered that my Headphone 1 mix has a bad channel. The singer could only hear one side of the phone. I switched over to mix 2 to complete the session after about 20 minutes of problems. There was more fun than that. I couldn't get the unit out of the rack. The thing is over the standard 1.75 inches. There are four round head screws that protrude from the bottom of the chassis, which is exactly 1.75 inches. I discovered that I had damaged the piece of gear below when I tried to remove it from the rack. There is a The bad channel popped on after I removed the chassis. Woohoo! I have used a lot of Mackie gear over the years and always liked it because it was always bullet proof. I haven't purchased any of their gear in a while. I fear that things have changed. This was a complete failure and I would like you to look elsewhere. Side note... The reviewer stated that the unit is not stereo because he only hears one side of his headphones. Looks like there are quality control issues.

👤I give this 5 stars because it's very well made with metal parts and everything, but the only thing that's bad is that my headphones are STEREO, so be careful. I can only listen to one side of my headphones.

👤It works great and it's great value. The signal was mono according to some reviews. That's not the case here. It's clear that Mackie wouldn't sell a mono amplifier. Go for it! It works well.

👤I would have liked to give this product a 5 star rating, but I am not able to. I received a bad product. The input jack isn't working right. I only get Mono sound if I push the 1/2 all the way in. I had to tie the two wires together. I threw away the packaging because I didn't want to return it. There is a This is a great product. I would have liked a working unit.

👤I play in a band that does local parties. Our singer wants to hear only keys but during the show he would get loud guitar, so we always had an issue with the speaker monitors. On top looping because of the speakers. We had the best show of the year with this. Many people have said that we bought our own earphones. We could clearly hear everyone, and we could control the level of sounds for each individual. I recommend this for bands that don't want to break their bank to solve what this solved for us.

👤Maybe my expectations were too high for this product. I've always been impressed with the price of Mackie. I've heard a lot of expensive speakers and studio monitors, but I think the Mackie Hr824 are the best I've ever heard. The headphones amplifier sounds terrible. I've tried several pairs of headphones and none of them sound good. The Dt770s sound more treble heavy than normal, lower impedance headphones have a hiss due to the high noise floor, and higher impedance headphones like the HD650 sound like those tinny earbuds they packed with the old ipods. The best sounding headphones I've used with it are from Mackie. These sound decent but don't sound as good as other Amps, including my phone's jack. There is a It's $30 and it will drive every headphone in my collection to a listenable level. It's a great product if you only care about controlling the volume of your headphones, and you want something to do that. It appears to be very durable and well built. It's useful in situations where sound quality isn't a big concern. If you want your headphones to sound good, look elsewhere.

4. Headphone Amplifier Impedance Components Computers

Headphone Amplifier Impedance Components Computers

The headphones with a high-quality microphone are able to eliminate ambient noise. You don't have a microphone, but the headphones have a build in microphone, and a clear voice. Hifi Headphone amplifier It supports most headphones of high impedance 16-300, 3.5mm AUX Input and Output, signal-to-noise ratio> 100Db, THD + N, fully filter noise, enjoy high-quality audio. This Headphone Amp enhances the signal input into the amplifier circuit for the optimal performance of the headphones. It's possible to make it possible to output louder sound and a sharper sound. The headphone amplifier can stay working for more than 12 hours with the 2000mAH capacity of the rechargeable battery. There is a volume control knob. It is lightweight and portable. A sleek, sturdy shell and Chassis allow for a durable use, which is why this headphone amplifier is designed to enhance your music listening experience wherever life takes you. This amplifier is compatible with a lot of digital devices, such as mp3 player, ipod, iPad, computer, CD players and personal media players.

Brand: Mypin

👤It's worth the money. My brain won't shut down if I sleep with sound or white noise. Some shows do not have the volume levels to hear what is being said. I will not watch if I have to watch with subtitles. Over the years, I have purchased many inline headphones volume controllers. I am happy to recommend this item to others after reading the reviews. The low gain switch has enough volume for the sweet spot. The high gain switch makes it easier to hear clearly for people who talk lower on other shows. My first thought was, where have you been all my life? If you like watching TV in bed, then you should switch to this HiFi headphones amplifier. I will be purchasing a second one for when I travel, I love this amplifier. I hope this helps you as well as I did.

👤This helps my drums to drive my headphones and sound great. I don't notice the added noise from the amplifier. 2000 The board was taken out of the solid aluminum case and the battery lasted forever. Highly recommended. . I knocked off one star because the amplifier doesn't provide a flat response, highs are a tad emphasized and nothing that can't be fixed. There is a Also. It is a shame the company has branded this nice chassis so boring. Even a small substitution of the top or bottom side of the device would make it appear more high end. Great little Amp.

👤I am tired of the FCC telling me that my computer can't play music, and the Government telling me that my computer can't play music. It works for games. It doesn't have to be loud all the time. I could tell you more. Is my new computer? Awesome. Games, frame rate, etc. Do you play music? A mouse is in a shoe box. Is it possible to play it on my old Windows Vista? Is it a new computer? How much is $1899? The sound is bad. Got a device. The computer could play music. So well. It is high Fidelity. Amazingly so. It made me happy. There is a First with my travel headphones. Magnets couldn't keep up. Then my pro's. Awe. It's so good. There is a It's not volume. fidelity is what it is. Get this thing...

👤I use this to increase the volume of my phone audio. The last time I flew, I wanted to listen to audio books. The background noise in the plane made it hard for me to hear what was being read. This will fix that problem in the future. The signal is noise free.

👤It was bought to help pump up the audio on the radio receiver so that it could be heard through headphones. The max audio volume decreased after this was installed. That is on the "H" setting. What little audio was there before was gone on "L". There is a Once it is amplified, it becomes inaudible. Doesn't matter if it is charged or not. You can experience different levels of quiet. I can only assume that the thing is junk because the impedance values are within the limits. Returned.

5. Donner Headphone Amplifier Professional Ultra Compact

Donner Headphone Amplifier Professional Ultra Compact

The Premium Analog Circuit is a system for studio and stage applications. The NJM4580 operational amplifier and the high-power stereo amplifier are included in the Headphone Amplifier. Premium design and design delivers low noise floor and high headroom. Ultra-low-NOISE is what it is. The amplifier has a single stereo source and up to 4 pairs of headphones. Enjoy low noise music. There is four independent level control. This headphone amplifier has features such as high fidelity analog circuit, high power output, large dynamic, low distortion sound quality. Each person can control the volume of their headphones when you and your friends share an audio source. Saving energy is possible by using durable material. There are long wear potentiometers and switches. It's convenient to turn on/off the headphones power amplifier with a power switch whenever and wherever you please. There is complete equipment. The included 12V AC adapter is used to power. There is a Stereo Jack Adapter for free.

Brand: Donner

👤I thought to use this review to answer a question that might be common. The high impedance of the set worried me. The sound is very clean, and I get a nice volume boost. The main reason for this product is that I prefer to use my headphones through this amplifier even when I am not splitting the signal with other users. It's also a nice headphone amplifier. I like the way the inputs are on the back and the outputs are in the front. The knobs have no wobble. The power buttons light up nicely. 5 stars easy.

👤I was hoping for a better response from the $2K monitor controller than I got. There is a The Donner Headphone Amplifier has a degraded response. The two pairs of headphones I used degraded significantly. There is a The unit does amplify. It's built like a tank. This may be what you need if you're not concerned with pro-quality audio response. Despite the naming convention, I would add that it is not a professional.

👤This was what I was looking for. None of the newer ones transmit sound as loud as I wanted, and I own several headphones from over ear to in ear. Yeah. Yes. I am aware of ear damage and hearing loss. A loser. The device let me crank up the volume without adding noise or distortion. I like this thing. 5 stars for what it does and what it doesn't do.

👤It is not often that I post a review after receiving a product, but this is one of the times I think it is safe to do so. I needed the additional volume from the headphone amplifier to use the large screen TV. I was approved for a cochlear implant, but I opted out because I was told I was at risk for the surgery. I watch TV using closed caption. Even though I don't have the ability to hear sound clearly or understand it, the addition of sound enhances the experience. The sound level in my earbuds is too low. The addition of the Donner amplifier allows me to increase the volume on my TV so that I can hear some sound.

👤I like the feel and quality of the knobs, case, ports, and other parts of the build. The included headphones are a poor quality, feeling as if they're mostly plastic despite being solid-brass looking. There is a The audio doesn't seem to have any hissing or buzzing, but the quality is distorted to me. I don't think the audio is clear, the detail has been lost and the frequencies seem to bleed together. It's noticeable in the bass and deeper frequencies. Attempts to compensate for loss of bass and clarity through software was unsuccessful; increasing bass, reducing treble or modifying settings in any way actually make the distortions worse. If you're not into high definition audio or higher bit rate, this might not be a problem, but I think almost anyone could notice the difference. If I knew, I wouldn't buy this again. I would save for a studio ready version.

6. Neoteck Headphone Amplifier Rechargeble Computers

Neoteck Headphone Amplifier Rechargeble Computers

A simple user interface. It is lightweight and portable and can be carried. It's possible to make it possible to output a sound that is more real and less distorted. While the aluminum matt surface makes it durable, it provides a comfortable handheld feeling. It has a Rechargeable battery that allows it to stay working for more than 8 hours. It can be compatible with a variety of digital devices, such as mp3 mp4 mobile phone computer, which may lead to noise.

Brand: Neoteck

👤When the amplifier arrived, it was faulty, but Julie from Neoteck was kind enough to send me a new one. I'm very happy with the new one and the service from Julie. There is an update. I have to take three stars off because the replacement was not good. The sound stopped when I was listening to the music. The device had a red light when it was on. No luck trying to power it off. The power cable was disconnected and reconnected. The amplifier is dead. Julie from Neoteck was kind enough to give me a replacement and I won't return it. The service from Neotock is excellent but I think that buying the amplifier is a bit of a gamble, I have had two and both failed after a few days. There was an update on Sep 6th. The reason I had a poor experience with the amplifier was because I was listening to music while it was plugged into my PC via the charging cable and it was getting so much static and noise. I found it in a drawer and tried again. Same problem. The noise stopped when I unplugged the power cable. I have a messed up head. This is a really good little amplifier and a real bargain. Sound goes up to 11!

👤I was unsure if the amplifier would fill the bill. Boy! I was wrong. Even though it only outputs 40 kilowatts, it can blast your music with no distortion. I wouldn't use it for anything other than a headphones amplifier, but I was surprised it did a great job. The HD6 Mix headphones have an impedance of 150 ohms, which can be difficult for some cheaper amplifiers to drive to a decent volume, but this amplifier has no problems. Good job Neoteck! There is a I was an electrical engineer. I took a tour of the unit. The OPA604 operational amplifier ICs are from the venerable Burr Brown. It was tough and precise. It is designed for amplification. There is a The HD6 has a Hell of a bass floor that can be kind of boomy. When they were plugged into my PC, there was no volume. I bought this amplifier to combine with the MiniFBQ to take out some of the boom. I have been very pleased with both units. If you want to use the MiniFBQ, you'll need to get some adapters because it only has 1/2 inch and RCA jacks. If you use a good quality charging device, you can leave it plugged in all the time so you don't run out of juice. No noise, no hum. I'm using an old phone accessory. I tried plugging it into the PC and it was loud. Don't go there.

👤On 4/12/2018, it was purchased and delivered. There is a The unit was built well and worked well until today, when I noticed that it wouldn't work for long and would shut itself down. When I cycle the unit off and on again, it works for 5 seconds before the sound stops. It stopped 30 days after delivery. I only use it on long drives twice a week, but if I used it daily, it would be one thing. There is a This is not acceptable. I couldn't find any warranty info when I checked. I have seen that Neoteck has helped others who have failed. Hopefully, they will do the right thing for me as well.

7. Headphone Amplifier Audio Ultra Compact Stage Fosi

Headphone Amplifier Audio Ultra Compact Stage Fosi

You need a 3.5MM to If you want to track more than one musician at once, or if everyone in a group wants to listen to a song, you need a monitor distribution system. The compact, flexible PH03 can power up to four pairs of headphones. The upgraded version ofPH06 has a power switch and 3.5 MM headphone output. When a recording session calls for everyone's heads and ears to be in the game, the PH03 is the perfect solution and a real money- saver. The 4 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections in the PH03 maintain the highest sonic quality even at maximum volume levels. The same opamps found in full-size audio equipment are included for outstanding audio performance. The Ultra-Compact Design is a simple solution for studio and stage applications. You can power four of your headphones at the same time with this super-compact amplifier. Let up to 4 people in your studio listen to the main mix while recording, and each of them can choose their own volume level using the dedicated output level controls. Their worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service are what you get withPH06 Amp.

Brand: Fosi Audio

👤It gives a lot of power to the connections. I wanted to hook up my old 2.1 set with the set I bought for 2.1 but the volume was being sacrificed by the shared connection. I decided to purchase it to see if it helped. There are two sets of 2.1 speakers that have full usage. I'm afraid they will blow as I imagine they will. I connected 2 single 40w speakers along with 4 others as a test and all of them had full volume. The performance of each would be weakened by a direct connection. I'm happy with the performance and it's unbeatable.

👤I have good headphones that have different impedances from 20 to 150 Ohm. There is a Each headphone has its own sound, volume, and special needs because of the external noise. There is a Each person could use a different volume and adjust to their own preferences. There is a My mother is not hearing well. She likes to watch movies or the news with me. She liked it a lot and we have used it. She adjusted the volume to her needs and I did the same, it solved the problem. It's recommended for other purposes as well.

👤I bought this so I could listen to the same music with my friend. All I was looking for was fidelity on the ports. The volume controls are convenient. It's not possible to ask for more given the price. My only suggestion for improvement would be to have the input on the back side and the outputs on the front, which would make cable management easier. I wouldn't call it portable since it requires a wall outlet, but that's not an issue for me.

👤The newer model of ROKU allows listening through headphones, which we replaced with a newer model. It's not designed for multiple headphones, and the remote has to drive them. If you want to watch something on the ROKU with someone else, you need something like this. It allows each listener to set their own volume, which is a real benefit. What can I say about wire management? I'm not saying that it's perfect or that it's an excellent amplifier, but it's really good for the price, and it solved the problem at hand.

👤I am using this to manage audio source feeds to mini-stereos in different locations in my house, it works great sound quality is good, helps compensate for signal loss from multiple extra long cables. I discovered that two of my cables and one old splitter were bad and this helped me single them out.

👤My TV has a very low analog output, so my speakers sounded very low, especially with videos on websites like YouTube. There is a This is what I needed. There is a This is not a turntable amplifier.

👤This works great because I have my music headset, gaming headset, and PC speakers all hooked up. No need for an accessory!

👤The product is well built and has good volume control for two of the four dial options, however, the other two have static at low volume and one knob barely works. I am giving a low rating because I reached out to their customer service two weeks ago to see if I could get a replacement, but have yet to hear back from them.

8. Douk Audio Headphone Amplifier Desktop

Douk Audio Headphone Amplifier Desktop

Monoprice has a 1 year repair warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. The amplifier circuit can work at a high voltage of 26V and the background noise index is excellent, thanks to the innovative circuit design. Excellent purity and transparency, and good dynamic range, can be found with wide frequency response extension. The sound is warm and delicate, with ultra-low distortion, and it was made using the original TI-NE5532 classical opamp and transistor expanding current circuit. Pluggable opamp sockets are convenient to upgrade different opamps. It's a smooth and mellow sound, suitable for listening to vocals or string music, classic or pop music, and even with unique charm when playing rock. Mini size with exquisite appearance and most cost-effective, brings big surprise for all audiophiles, easily to drive most headphones in the market, providing larger power, better sound field and details, very suitable for home/office desltop audio system use. It is easy to drive most high-impedance headphones with strong drive power.

Brand: Douk Audio

👤Occasionally, all or most of us at least, wind up buying an inexpensive audio device, expecting that it will perform far below expectations, yet our curiosity based on having seen advertisements or word of mouth have persuaded us to complete the purchase. When I stumbled upon the Douk Audio U3 mini head amplifier on Amazon, I wondered if it would even approach marginal status. Since I have several budget level DAC's such as the Schiit Modi 3, I thought it would be a good idea to try out the budget head amplifier. I wasn't prepared to be impressed by the way it arrived. The U3 is built like a small tank and has an impressive front and rear panel layout. The craftsmanship of the U3 is very similar to more expensive products. The U3 has a pluggable op-amp sockets design, which allows one to experiment with different sound signatures, with op-amps being a dime a dozen now-a-days. There is a This is a "Head Amp" only. If you want to connect a DAC to a Head Amp which also has outputs on the rear of the device, that will not be possible. The U3 has no outputs so it will only be used as a headphones amplifier. The best compliment I can give the U3 is that it gives good head. The U3 and the M 100 were the first things I put together. Normally, I allow audio gear to go through a period of burn-in, but just for the sake of it, I began playing music immediately. The HiFiMan 400i 2020 version, Sivga 007, and Status Audio CB-1 were used. Large orchestral classical, big band jazz, Latin jazz, and other larger orchestral varieties were being used for evaluation. It is always a good idea to listen to large orchestras that have a wide variety of instruments. This gives you a reference point on how an audio component can relay sounds from each instrument. There is a I was immediately struck by the U3's ability to separate various instruments with the proper air or space around their locations, even after the first turn-on. I used to listen to headphones through the likes of the iFi ZenDAC, Soundavo HP-DAC1, and Micca OriGen G2, and they all had different sound signatures. The U3 has made me hear instruments that were previously invisible because of the blend of sound within the various orchestras. Small, quiet instruments such as cymbals, triangles, and others were no longer buried behind the entire orchestra. They were lifted and opened to where you could hear them. All the instruments were open to the performances, whether it was a full symphony orchestra or a smaller, more intimate jazz group. It felt like a veil had been lifted between the music and the listener. The placement of instruments on an imagery stage was so precise that you could see where they were located. It was also excellent. The U3 will let you know if you run a bad recording or a poor stream of music. The budget head amplifier is a great device to determine how good your headphones really are. Warming up/burning-in an audio device is essential because the sound signatures can change over time, and I've long believed that it's essential. When you first listen to the U3 it is very detailed and dynamic, and may sound bright to some. As time went on, the audio character warmed up, yet the sound was still detailed with plenty of dynamics. As an aside, you should leave your Head Amps on all the time as they use negligible power. It's not a good idea to turn off and on audio components constantly, and eventually you will discover that your audio components will have a longer shelf life. Musical instruments have an accurate timbre to their sounds, which is a positive aspect of the U3. I kept asking myself if it was really a thirty-something dollar head amplifier. If ever there was a piece of audio gear that was beyond expectations, the U3 is it. I wondered if the U3 sounded good with the entry level SMSL M 100 or the Schitt Modi 3 DAC's, what would it do with more expensive and higher end units? If the U3 was priced at $100 to $125, I would still call it a bargain. It makes you want to pair it with a better one. I can only imagine that the sound quality would be improved even more. I do a lot of reviews and postings about audio gear. I found this Douk U3 to be stunning, given its ridiculously low price. Pick one up before the price goes up. I'm ordering a second one because I want to change out the opamp in one and keep the stock one. It's a no-brainer at this price. After a series of excellent reviews, the vendor increased the price of the audio items, which were very inexpensive. I believe that Douk will raise the price once he sees the reviews on the U3. The ability to easily remove and change out the Op Amps is addressed. This is something I had initially not considered doing with the U3 but since Douk specifically advertised this feature, I was interested. I bought several Op Amps and tried them all. There were some sound differences that made the U3 sound different. I found that upgraded Burson Op Amps did the best job of elevating the sound performance of the U3. The Burson V5 version had a warmer upper register, but still maintained excellent detail/definition, and had quite a bit of weight to the music. When you switch Op Amps as they warm up, their sound character will change and usually for the better, so keep in mind. When you first install an Op Amp in the U3 it may sound brighter, but don't let that deter you. It is possible to see a change in sound character after a few hours or 48 hours. If you put the op-amp in the wrong way, it will burn out and destroy the unit. Before you do any op-amp rolling, be careful and know what you're doing. The op-amp that comes with the U3 is quite competent. There is a Do you have any negatives you would like to ask? The front blue light which indicates on/off status of the U3 is large and bright when compared to the rest of the unit. It has a bright blue light which can light up a room at night. It can be very distractive when it's on, especially at night, when you're sitting close to it and listening to music. It becomes more pronounced when that light is blue. It would have been nice if Douk had designed the light to be either green or red. That's the only negative thing I can report. I bought a second U3 after I got the first one. There is a Are they good when it comes to support? One of my U3's developed a loud hum in the jack after 4 months. I initially thought it was the headphones I was using, but soon realized it was the U3. I contacted Douk via Amazon. They sent me a new U3 in a matter of minutes. That's support to the max. There is a The Douk Audio U3 mini head amplifier has a 5 star rating because of its low price and high performance ratio. It's that good.

9. Headphone Amplifier Support IPad,MP3,MP4 Computers

Headphone Amplifier Support IPad%EF%BC%8CMP3%EF%BC%8CMP4 Computers

This headphone amplifier is widely used in music stores, choir, studios, museums, education, home component systems, commercial sound systems and anywhere you go. It is lightweight and portable and can be carried conveniently. Shielding reduces signal interference and enhances heat resistance. 3.5mm AUX and theusb type-c ensures a more reliable and stable connection It is possible to output a sharper and more real stereo sound without distortion with the help of the SNR> 100Db and THD+N 0.0003%. It enhances the signal input into the amplifier circuit for optimal performance of the headphones. The bass switch gives you a more shocking music experience. It has a 3000mAh rechargeable battery which can keep the headphones working for more than 10 hours. You can plug and play the amplifier with the audio cable and Type-C cable. There is an on/off switch so that you can turn it off without plugging in the amplifier.

Brand: Mypin

👤I wish it could charge from my laptop while I use it. I don't mind. The battery lasts 12 to 15 hours. I don't care about that claim because it's a long one. Don't listen to headphones for that long. This unit is built to last. It's size 12-15 hours is amazing. The volume knob is strong. The bass boost switch is too close to the headphones jack and volume knob, but I don't need it with my headphones. You either need or don't need bass boost, I don't need to switch between songs constantly. I have studio quality headphones that need the drive so I bought this unit. Beyerdynamic DT770 and DT990. The pro is 250 ohm. The sound of the laptop'susb port is better than the sound of the 1/8" jack out. If you want quality sound, you shouldn't use the 1/8" jack. There is a The sound quality gives my music a nice warmth and clean sound. You shouldn't be doing this. Don't use the 1/8" at the same time as you use theusb jack. There will be a noise in the sound.

👤This is a portable instrument amplifier. It works well and can drive my 80ohm DT770's with a weak instrument signal. If you don't have ear buds, the bass boost is huge and the gain switch is great for matching signals. It was worth the money.

👤Cell phone manufacturers are removing the headphone jack. There is a The paranoid know that using a wireless communication device is a potential security risk. Audiophiles know there are limitations to the on-board audio and digital stream. The device is good even though it doesn't have the quality of a high-end DAC. I use it with open back headphones, Bose closed-back earphones, and Sennheiser earbuds. It sounds good. There is a The audio works well with the input source. It worked with my phones. It was just like plugging in a headphones into a jack. I did the same thing on my Windows desktop. The audio out jack on the desktop and my tablets worked just as well. A definite improvement over simply plugging the headphones straight-in; more mid-range and base, a deeper sound stage, but maybe some narrowing. You can get more bass with the enhanced bass setting. I can't tell you how long the battery lasts. It's a functional DAC/adapter, no sound color, no static, hiss, or added noise. It's 5% cheaper than my desktop audio interface, but it's not as good. There is a The brushed and anodized aluminum case feels sturdy if a bit heavy. There is a The volume knob has a nice sound when you turn it on or off. There is a bass boost equalizer on the volume control knob. There is a switch on the back. It's nice to know if you're using high impedance headphones. The slide switch on the back is a little awkward, but you don't change it much unless you're changing headphones. The bass boos and impedance switch are small. There is a The battery should not be run all the way down. I might have left the unit on and drained the batter. Trying to use it from the discharged state was like it stopped working. The blinking charge light wouldn't show after the battery was completely exhausted. Neither in-line orusb modes produced sound. This was within the period that was required. Amazon has the same device. Did the battery damage it? Is it so heavy that it broke a conductor? Was it a production mortality issue? I don't know why. I would still recommend it. If you use the device for 90 days, you should be able to get a quality alternative to the missing headphone jack.

10. Moukey Headphone Amplifier Splitter 4x Supply MHAMP1

Moukey Headphone Amplifier Splitter 4x Supply MHAMP1

We offer a 12 months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable Y Splitter cable to share music, the DuKabel 3.5mm Stereo Splitter Cable is something you should consider. Not sure? They are happy to help you contact their friendly customer service. Amplifier 4 channels can be used for up to four outputs: no sound burst, minimum distortion at maximum volume. The signal is not lost when all four headphones are connected. Up to four people can monitor the mix at the same time with the 4-channel headphone amplifier. When your audio source is mono input, you can press the stereo button to make it sound stereo. The mini stereo amplifier has a stereo headphones output jack and a source input jack. You must use a stereo audio cable for the male-to-male connection. The male-to-male connection device has a 1/2”TS for it. The packaging does not include the cable. 5V power supply. This product uses the latest DC 5V power supply mode, so no longer restricts the application scenarios. There is an accessory included. The metal structure headphone mixer has a smooth operation knob. It's ideal for stage and indoor performances that require multiple headset connections.

Brand: Moukey

👤I am an electrical engineer and audio nut so I was prepared to be critical of this amplifier. Guess what? It was far beyond my expectations. There is a It is small. Two cigarette packs are laid side by side. You can put it anywhere. There is a It's made well. The metal body with rubber feet on the bottom is also electric. I plugged in a couple of different sounds and it was quiet. There was no noise at all. No hum or hiss. You get the sound and nothing else. I did not power it with anything special. The manufacturer suggests a wall wart that is a UL/CE-rated. I used headphones that were professional quality. The sound was clean at every level. Nice! Another feature may not be obvious. You can change the output and input sound levels. Control of the output sound level is the only thing similar devices allow. The input signal level is not controlled by a "master" volume control. The amplifier accommodates a wide variety of audio sources. I tried it with my electric guitar and phone at high volumes. It didn't change anything. The little amplifier took care of them all. If your phone doesn't drive your headphones to the level you want, get ready, because this amplifier will take it the rest of the way and blow your socks off! Not much else to say. This device is one of the few that does what it's designed to do. You can plug in any micro-USB 5V power supply, and it will show the presence of power with a lighted LEDs near the input jack. There was no silly power switch to use. It's on if you plug it in. You can share the audio output from your phone, computer, or guitar with your friends or band members, and they can each have their own volume control. You can get a good headphone amplifier for less than $100 or $200, and it's made for audiophiles.

👤The build and sound quality of this amplifier is amazing. The volume pots are very smooth and the amplifier is solid. I have not been able to detect signal loss, line noise or clipping even over long cable runs. I assume this thing is using some kind of high-pass/low-pass filters to get a noise floor that low. I can usually tell when I hear a HPF/LPF. The one in this class has an amplifier on the input stage. I can't imagine using an amplifier without one. It's not made for this. I'm using it as a distribution amplifier. I split the audio from the first generation gscartsw switch. One of the runs is only 3 feet and the other is 20 feet long and goes into an OSSC. I had a set up with a passive splitter but it seemed to stress the audio source so I decided to replace it with a Moukey amplifier. This amplifier allows me to boost the volume along the longer run so that I get a stronger signal and no longer stress the source while still balancing the sound between both outputs. It was annoying that it used a different style of sockets, but it was cheap and I like it. There is a There is no power supply included in the amplifier. A lot of power strips have these nowadays, so I used a freeusb sockets from a nearby power strip. I was expecting some noise from the power source but the internal isolation of this amplifier must be really good because I can't detect any degradation of the signal at all.

11. Headphone Amplifier Dual Output Boost,Headphone IPad,MP3,MP4

Headphone Amplifier Dual Output Boost%EF%BC%8CHeadphone IPad%EF%BC%8CMP3%EF%BC%8CMP4

It can be compatible with a variety of digital devices, such as mp3 mp4 mobile phone computer, which may lead to noise. The Mini Hifi is convenient to carry and can output great sound. Load Impedance: 160-300, Amp Using Time: More Than 5 Hours. The signal input into the amplifier is enhanced by a two-stage gain switch. It is possible to output louder sound, but a sharper one, with a 3.5mm AUX input and output. There are various of digital devices that can be compatible with mp3s, mp4s, phones, laptop computers and 3.5mm audio.

Brand: Lvy

👤What you really want to know is, should I buy this? The answer is short and to the point. There is a For the past few years, a FiiO A3 amplifier has been a constant item in my backpack. If you want to get the most out of your headphones or music, you need a headphone amplifier, otherwise you're just listening to a hot mess. A bad headphones amplifier can be just as bad as a bad amplifier. I was a bit nervous when I opened the box. It was a bad sign that it was more generic. The first thing that struck me was its size and weight. The FiiO has a bass boost switch, but this does not. Also, note: The description says it has a bass boost switch, but it is not. Bass boosting on headphones is a gimmick. The construction is all metal and has ports straight and true. Did you think it would be for the price? I instantly noticed how quiet it was when I first plugged it in. You had to turn it all the way up to get a hint of hiss, as a matter of fact. The Sennheisers did the same thing with all of my other Amps. The price is where this amplifier shines. It was less than $25 at the time of this review. The US Dollar. Are you serious? That is less than 12 of my usual daily driver. I have been using this for 9 days now and I have yet to charge it. There is a This little guy is nice and does what it is supposed to do, so it will help drive your headphones. There was just that little bit of additional power. If you are still undecided about buying these, you can jump on down and buy them now. Is this a good idea? Is that what you mean? Yeah! The rating is. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope it helped. Have a great one. Cheers!

👤Another reviewer said to not be misled by the packaging, which said " Enjoy the shock of HD!" The same box is used for many things. The polished, brushed black aluminum case has an abundance of bells and whistles. A red light on the back of the unit shows the power of the charging port and a second red light shows the power of the speaker. They included a signal boost switch. They outdid themselves with their cables, which included an adequate lengthusb power cable, a short TRS cable with 90 degree elbows, and a long TRS straight-ended cable. The two-sided instruction/FAQ sheet is very comprehensive, even with specifications such as 350mW 32 ohm load, 0.0003 percent, Signal to Noise ration less than 120dB, 20-20KHz Frequency response, and 2000mAh 3.7 volt lithium battery. If you're picky about Chinese products, I'll admit that this quote under their Warnings: There is a battery inside the product, do not open it privately, is great. It's funny. The amplifier works great.


What is the best product for headphone distribution amplifier usb?

Headphone distribution amplifier usb products from Esynic. In this article about headphone distribution amplifier usb you can see why people choose the product. Lzsig and Mackie are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone distribution amplifier usb.

What are the best brands for headphone distribution amplifier usb?

Esynic, Lzsig and Mackie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone distribution amplifier usb. Find the detail in this article. Mypin, Donner and Neoteck are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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