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1. Cushions Replacement FEYCH Cushion Wireless

Cushions Replacement FEYCH Cushion Wireless

The model is comparable. They exceed expectations by rigorously testing each cushion. FEYCH memory foam ear pads are not for solo headphones. FEYCH replacement ear pads for Beats studio headphones are made of high-quality professional-grade leather ear cushions designed for long term crack free usage. It's good to wear like original earpads. They added stitching and glue to the ear cushions. The high-density memory foam can make you enjoy excellent bass and enhanced noise isolation. Easy installation. There are two ear pads with self-adhesive parts. Pull hard to get off old ones, align and stick inner mats, then push ear pads into the headphones, all in 3 steps. It is designed and exact match with the ear pads. There is a warranty. If there is an after-sale issue with their products, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Brand: F Feych

👤The ear pads on my headphones were falling apart. If you looked at them out of the corner of your eye, the black pleather would have been ruined. The battery is in good shape and the headphones still sound great. I decided to replace the ear pads. The replacement ear pads are an exact fit with the same mounting plate and alignment pegs as the original. It was much easier to install with the pre-mounted 3M VHB glue. 3M VHB is a good tape for this type of install. The factory used that. The old pads were removed and the new ones installed in less than 5 minutes. The metal spudger is a useful tool. I was surprised they included a decent tool. My studio 2s are new again and are being used by one of my kids. It's nice going to the landfill. When the time comes, I can just replace the batteries on Amazon and extend their life even further. Repairs in consumer products.

👤I bought these for my gaming headset and have not used them with Beats, but I can't imagine it makes a difference. I took a chance on these because I couldn't find replacement pads and they seemed to be the right size. The pads are attached using double sided tape. The old pads are removed with a tool that only took a few seconds on each side. Remove the protective film from the tape and install the pads. I have worn them for about 3 hours without any issues, and it doesn't feel like it will be an issue with these. I will update my rating and review if something changes. Are these going to last a long time? I am fine with that if I have to replace them every year.

👤I pried the earcup off one side using two thumbs and folded the other side. Slowly, the remaining tape was peeled around the speaker. I had to use the included tool to pry it up, then use my thumbs to peel the tape off. I put alcohol on each speaker and let it dry. Peel off the red 3M tape and apply the same way as shown, then do a test align using the holes and pins as shown. On the other side, the same. I am not a handy person, so I was really happy with this. It looks and feels the same as the original earpads, so time will tell how they will hold up.

👤It isn't easy to take off the original ones, but I didn't have a problem with installing these. The quality is great and the installation was easy, but I wasn't prepared for how difficult it was.

👤My old cushions were falling apart. They don't attach the speakers to the plastic. There is a little gap. The first one was easy to understand and the second one was easy to install. They work well and look nice.

👤After a few years of wear, my padded ear cups were leaving black leathery marks on my desk and body. These replacements were the solution for replacements. The price is unbeatable and my headphones are new. I'm loving them and wearing them.

2. Cushions Headphone Headset Disposable Covers

Cushions Headphone Headset Disposable Covers

Premium Comfort: The foam ear pads give you better sound quality by absorbing the sound of your ear and headset. The foam cushion has a more comfortable user experience. The bass performance of your headphones is aided by high elastic, light-weight, durable and soft foam. It's ideal for replacing ear pads. There is a pack of Ear Pads. Good sponge, good pores and good toughness. The external diameter is 1.96" The round is black and has soft sponge foam. Replacement FOAM EAR PADS for the H600, H330, H340 and Sony MDR-G45LP. Jensen JHH-110 is a free talk. Aiwa HP-CN5. The headset is called the Axis Headset.

Brand: Airfit

👤I got these because I was tired of buying a new set of headphones every time the pads came out, it was a great deal.

👤It worked out as advertised. No issues getting it to fit on headphones.

👤I made a mistake ordering these because they were the wrong size. This is the only reason for the three stars. I use a bigger ear cushion for my headset. I received the correct size about two days later. Thank you!

👤They are comfortable to the ear.

👤Good purchase, but not as thick as expected.

👤Too thin to be comfortable. Your ear feels raw after about 2 or 3 hours.

👤Fit well on my headphones.

3. WC Protective Headphone Cushions Sweatproof

WC Protective Headphone Cushions Sweatproof

The package includes a headband and earphone ear pads. These ear pads do not fit on the headphones. The Headphone Ear Pad Covers are made by Wicked. The following over- ear headphones are perfect. Bose Qc25, Bose Qc15, Bose Qc35, Bose Qc40, Bose Qc40, Bose Qc45, Bose Qc45, Bose Qc45, Bose Qc45, Bose Qc45, Bose Qc45, Bose Qc The Bose Soundlink is around the ear. Bose Soundtrue, Skull Candy Hesh 3, and Jbl 700. It has never been easier to keep your ear pads supple. Without losing sound quality or comfort, the SweatZ Earpad Covers slide on and off your existing ear pads. Don't worry about stinky or broken down headphones again. Their headphones are water and sweat resistant. Your ear pads could last a long time. Rugged Durability is what the WC SweatZ are made from. SweatZ are stretchy and durable. The machine is machine-washable. Are you done with an intense workout? You can toss the protective headphones in your laundry machine. SweatZ can be washed in moments and ready for whatever you throw at them.

Brand: Wc

👤These were what I was looking for. They are easy to clean and comfortable. I didn't know that Bose covers a set of mics and the on/off button so your calls might be muffled. I bought these to protect my ear pads. I wish I had known that they covered an external mic.

👤The seller said they would fit my headphones. There is a They don't fit. There is a Within 5 minutes, the covers on my headphones start to fall off. The table had headphones on it. I tried stretching them over my headphones, but they wouldn't let me do it. There is a I tried putting them on before I wore the headphones. My ears got sore from the amount of compression caused by the too small covers, but they stayed on. The seller was contacted by me. I was asked to send proof that they don't fit. I don't think a photo of the covers is proof. There is a They are similar to my Sony headphones. The covers are not as big as my actual headphones. There is a It seems like a small difference, but it is really a large amount of size variation. Put covers over these headphones and they will be bigger. There is a Trying to stretch them will not work. They were made from quality material. I have to start a return because I am not a fan of doing things on Amazon. I can't compare them because I don't have the 1000MX3 set.

👤This is a product that I love. Simple and not EXPENSIVE. Every penny is worth it. NoISE CANCELATION is not 100%. I could hear the noise of my Dyson fan when it was up to #10 highest setting. I could still hear the FAN when I was playing the TV, but it wasn't as strong when TV was off. I need to know if the sledgehammers are the part that does noISE CANCELATION or if it is the other way around. When I get the answer, I will change my review. This was a great price and easy to use. It's not good to install 100% but not install 50%. I will either email them or text them the answer. NoISE CANCELATION comes from the phone. There is a message from CW today. The headphones should have noise cancellation. If you download the Beats App, you can turn on noise cancellation. Ear pads will not help much with noise cancellation. It depends on how good the noise cancelling feature of the headphones is, but if the ear pads fit your ears properly, it will reduce outside noise.

👤Replacement cushions for Bose QC 35 II were bought. I didn't buy these to make the headphones white again. It does that! Looks good. I like to watch TV when I use my bike. I cleaned the cushions often as they wore down. I bought 2 sets of these so I can wash and dry one of them. I am very pleased with these so far. I hope they are reliable. It's easy to install over the cushions. The products from the Wicked Cushions are very good.

4. Geekria Headphone Stretchable Washable Protectors

Geekria Headphone Stretchable Washable Protectors

The fabric can be washed. Also, note: After each use, remove the headphones. The product can prevent sweat, dust, and improve the life of the headset unit. This product is compatible with Bose headphones. Product dimensions are 3.14 - 4.33 inches. The package has headphone covers and 2 pairs.

Brand: Geekria

👤The material on the ear pads always breaks down, which is my biggest problem with over the ear headphones. I wanted to see if I could find something to keep using my current ones, as they sound great, but the pleather is crumbling and flaking, so I decided to see if I could find something to keep using them. I was looking for replacement pads, but these popped up in similar items, and I thought I would give them a try. They fit my headphones and will let me get more life out of them, even though I don't think they have any effect on the sound. If you're like me, you bought expensive headphones and don't want to throw them away because of the pleather's age, I can recommend you. There is a The headphones are waterproof and stretchy enough to fit over most ear pads. They press against the whole surface of my ear as they stretch flat, so I can't wear my headphones as many hours as I would like.

👤I have two sets of headphones that are not comfortable to use because the fabric on them started to peel. My husband and I both study foreign languages, so we need to listen to our hobbies in the same room, at the same time. We initially wanted to buy new headsets, but they were expensive. The darn things work well, even if we leave them with an earful of pleather. I decided to look for elastic covers because the earpads are shaped differently on each set of headphones. I decided to give the Flex Fabric Covers from Geekria a try after a long search on the app. They have a cool blue diamond/broken mirror design, they are stretchable, and they saved us a lot of money by not having to pay for new headphones when the old ones work perfectly. All in all, a great purchase. Thanks, Geekria!

👤The product fit my headphones well. Have used a lot. I haven't needed to wash them much because I've used it and sweat many times. They have not smelled much. I take them off to make sure the leather headphones don't get wet. There were no problems. They look okay. The blue ones look good for a man. The package was well packaged and arrived in time. I would buy them again at a good price. There is a Also, note: I didn't order it through Prime. Please do not support this service which exploits your data even more and has created a tiered system of customer service where no longer delivers items on time or responds to concerns equally.

👤I hit the bathroom at the airport after a long flight a few years back. I look in the mirror and wonder what the heck is on my face. There are little black pieces of fabric. The puzzle was solved when I looked at my headphones and noticed that some of the fabric on my headphones had been rubbed off. I ponied up the money to replace the headphones, and enjoyed the feeling of new headphones. After a couple of years, my gaming headphones did the same trick to my face as before, but this time I didn't have to replace the covers. These ladies did the trick well. I no longer get the "headphone residue" on my beard stubble, they look really cool, and the sound is exactly the same. If you want to stop getting headphones fabric on your face or just want to make your headphones better, try these babies out. They are great!

5. Stretchable Headphone Washable Sanitary Protectors

Stretchable Headphone Washable Sanitary Protectors

The headphones can be washed. The product can keep you warm, protect you from sweat, and prolong the life of the headset unit. This product is compatible with many other brands. The full list of headphones can be found in the product description. The dimensions are 3.14"-4.33". Earphone covers and 2 pairs.

Brand: Geekria

👤You're probably looking at these because you want your headphones to last and not be ruined by your sweat as you work out. The thought process makes sense, but the covers on the headphones cause them to fall off. During your workout you will either have to pick up your headphones or place them on the floor. The material is slick and the covers prevent the headphones from forming a seal around your ear, which adds to the headphones being arranged on your head. The issue would be solved with a looser, more textured material. Oh well.

👤These things are awful. My son's ears and cheeks have bumps on them. No wonder! I wash them several times and the dye keeps coming out. Rubbing alcohol can turn the fabric hot. The dye is still coming out after 10 washes.

👤I can recommend these if you need something to protect your ears. They are easy to put on and off and provide a barrier between the head and headphones. They do reduce the sound quality because they are a physical barrier between your ear and the speaker, and if you are used to around- ear headphones, these won't let your ears sit inside the earcups, which might be uncomfortable for some.

👤I bought these because my headphones earpads have started to peel due to my oils, like some of the other reviewers on here. I don't wear my headphones when I run, only when I'm at my office. Bose Quiet Comfort and Soundcore Life Q20 are my headphones. I am using the covers on both of them because they came with the purchase. There is a The material is very soft and feels good to them. They cover both of my headphones nicely, but they seem to fit the Anker ones a bit better. They don't affect the sound quality. I don't feel that snug seal when I don't have the covers on, that's my only complaint. I don't know how much it affects the noise canceling. There is a They're great for the price and what I need them for. I will deal with the slight problem as opposed to dealing with the small black particles on the side of my face after using them.

👤The ear headphones are sweaty after I wear them at the gym. I have thrown away beats and other expensive headphones because of this. The ear covers will prolong the life of my headphones, great idea to keep my headphones clean and use for exercise.

👤I have oily skin. I like wearing over ear headphones. I don't like that, my ear cushions get sweaty and oily over time, no matter how hot or cold it is. I bought this to make me feel less gross. I own a Sony WH-1000XM4s. Circular cups are meant for the ear cups that are more oval. They are very tight on my Sonys. I had to struggle to get them on. Because they are so tight, the protective cover doesn't allow your ears to go inside the headphones without a lot of pressure on your ear. No noise- seal and it was uncomfortable. I was able to work around this. I cut a slit in the middle of the covers. The cushion is still tight, but my ears can go in without any interference. Fantastic! It works like a charm. I've been using them for a while. The first pair will last me a long time. I'm glad there is a second pair in here to use. There is a The point of them is to protect against sweat and oil. There was a perfect score there. The bottom line. These might be perfect for you if your ear cups are a bit smaller. You may have to cut a hole in the Sony XM3s to get them to work perfectly. It gets 3 stars because of this. The fact that it doesn't work well for oval cups is a disappointment. These can work out just fine with a simple 30 second mod, but you can't return it afterwards. And they do! The price iscent and there are two pairs. I recommend them.

6. Top Stage Headphone Earbud GMC04 Q6

Top Stage Headphone Earbud GMC04 Q6

3 pairs of headphones for 2 inch diameter It enhances the fidelity of music. It can be used for more brand phones as long as it is 2 inches in diameter. Measure before buying.

Brand: Top Stage

👤If you get the old pads off, it's easy to install. These were harder to install than the old pads. Use a screwdriver or knife to help feed the foam pads. The sound quality was the same, but the pads fit as well as the originals, and the headsets are not high end.

👤These are still available and I'm happy about it. I bought some cheap G.E. behind-the-neck headphones a long time ago. I bought cheap foam covers back then because the thin foam on the G.E. phones only lasted a year. I ran out of these replacement pads a few months ago, because they usually lasted about a year per set. I re-ordered and they sent me 4 pairs instead of 3. Cool! The covers are very thin and round, but they fit around the earpieces of my headphones just fine, but tend to come off with careless handling. The rubber cement holds them in place but can be easily removed when the pads are worn. I'm set for the next few years, but I'm pushing 5 years on my original headphones. I'm worried about replacing the phones since G.E. has discontinued this model. The G.E. phones are the best I've ever heard for under $240.00. I've bought a lot of different things, including the rap Dr. you know, and several others. I've never heard of BEATS. I hear cymbals without voices being sibilant and I get extended bass, smooth natural midrange and voices. I'm treating them like gold because they are discontinued. I know that the main failure of headphones is when the wires break in the cord, and I have to be very careful with them until they die of old age.

👤I thought I could save money by not buying foam pads. They're just foam, right? Wrong! Some foam passes high frequencies without being transparent. I should have known better. After mixing a song, I bring it to different devices to see how it sounds on a wide range of players. When I played my mixes on my iPad with my headphones on, they sounded muddy compared to everything else I played them on. I couldn't figure it out until I found an old pair of foam pads that I had never used before. I replaced the Top Stage ones with the Sennheiser pads and it was amazing. The music came to life with sparkling highs and no longer sounded muddy. The foam in the pads is much more transparent, and it passes the high frequencies better. They're more expensive, but they're worth it.

👤I got these for a pair of headphones that have been around for a decade. The original headphones were nearly destroyed. Half of the covers were still on the ear pieces. They fit my headphones perfectly when you take them out of the package. When putting them on, take special care. I'm not sure if the old cushions were new. I like the thicker ones. I don't know what to do with the two extra pairs, but I don't mind having the extras on hand for when these wear out.

7. Beats Solo Replacement Link Dream

Beats Solo Replacement Link Dream

A long service life of ear pads is ensured by the fine stitching of high quality leather. Ear Pad Cushion Replacements are designed the same as the original, they fit great with the Solo 2.0/ 3.0 Wireless Headphone. Not for studio! The replacement ear pads are made from high quility foam and leather, which is soft and durable, and is good for all day music. The original sound of your Beats Studio headphones can be retained thanks to the memory foam cushion. When you are in noise, it keeps you quiet. Remove the old ear pads and install the new replacements in a few seconds. They won't fall off easily. Also, note: Before attaching the new ear pads, please clean up the residual glue on the headphones. All of their customers will get a 3 year warranty. Contact them to return the pads for a full refund if you're not satisfied.

Brand: Link Dream

👤I needed to replace my ear pads and they were easy to replace. The replacements were of the highest quality.

👤The replacement ear pads are better than the original ones. Better quality, padding, and noise cancellation. They are more comfortable and breathe better than the original pads. They were easy to install and come with everything you need, including a metal pry bar to remove the old ones and an alcohol cleaning cloth.

👤It's easy to attach. The color is great. The scraper is used to remove old pads. It was soft. It seems durable.

👤The quality is terrible. Ear pads are hard to use. You will hear outside noise very clearly if they affect sound quality. Ear pads fall off. I am not sure how this was rated so highly. There is a The ear pads are not comfortable for me. The ear pads are not sticky. After applying the new ear pads to my headphones, I wore them for about an hour. After no use, I took them out of my bag and the ear pads fell off on the way out. The sound quality is terrible now that I am using them. I can hear all sorts of noise that I have never heard before with my ear pads. It would be so embarrassing to pull out expensive headphones and have the ear pads fall off as if they were cheap imitations. There is a Even if I get a refund, my headphones are useless. I have to buy a new pair.

👤The replacement ear pads are amazing. I was able to take off my old ear pads and replace them with new ones. The instructions made it very easy to apply. My solo 3 beats look new. I will definitely buy more if I need them.

👤When promised, it arrived. It was easy to unbox. It was easy to install. Second time buying and buying again.

👤The ear pads are soft and bright. Great all around!

👤There is no notch on the ear pad for the port. Will not work on my beats headphones. Do you know if you can get official ear pads? This is a cheap Chinese knock off and won't install correctly.

👤The sticker for foam did not have the cut out part. This is required for the pad to completely seal around that side. It is not compatible with beats wireless 3.

👤The price was good for what I got. It is not the same foam as the original. I used it with wireless solo, the cushion does not accommodate the miniusb port, I am not bothered by this, but it allows air to get in and may impact the longevity of the glue.

👤These were attached to my beats. I've had them for a few months and they've been great. They are not falling apart. I forgot they were replacements.

👤They said they were compatible with beats solo 2. There are definitely not. The only reason I'm ordering them is because they won't attach properly on one side. I will be returning them. They are smaller and less thick than the originals. If you have Beats solo 2, avoid it.

8. Washable Headphone Earphone Protector Stretchable

Washable Headphone Earphone Protector Stretchable

The headphones can be washed. The product can prolong the life of the headset unit. This product is compatible with many other brands. The full list of headphones can be found in the product description. Product dimensions are 1.57"- 3.15" Earphone covers and 2 pairs.

Brand: Geekria

👤I bought these in January of 2019. I am going to leave a very well deserved review because I love these so much. I work out on average 5 days a week and I sweat a lot. I can't recommend these beats earpads enough. They are so comfortable, they prevent my beats from slipping off when sweaty, and they have also been able to keep my beats in perfect condition, as you can see in the photos. The part that goes over my ears is still looking brand new after I bought these covers. I have never had to clean my beats. The earpads are amazing to clean. I never had an issue with them losing elasticity or the fit for my beats. Highly recommended.

👤It's very easy to use and attach to the headset, and it's very cheap compared to other products outside. As we go to the gym, my wife wanted a protection to her beats headset so that the sweat is not absorbed by any protectors. There is a gap in the center which does not block the incoming sound. I would like to have grey color so that I can take another for me.

👤I decided to see if they would fit my cheap headphones and they did. That was a pleasant surprise. I now have protection for both pairs. I like the color. The only complaint I have is that there is no hole for the cord for the wired headphones, but like a former customer said, you can just move the protect a little and the cord fits in and it stays on. Hopefully it continues. I would recommend this product and purchase it again. If you have wired beats that don't have a hole, it's not a big deal.

👤The beats by dre headphones were peeling. There were small pink particles everywhere. On my desk, on my white blankets, in my bags, and anywhere I took my headphones. I knew that the padded part of the headphones would start peeling soon, even though I saw that it could be replaced online. I ordered them. They're perfect for what I'm using them for. The headphones look better now, they're not peeling, and they're easy to clean. Definitely recommend these.

👤I thought the headphones would match my Beats by Dre Solo 2. They are cute and comfortable. The material wasn't great and there are small holes if you stretch them too much. I'm looking for more durable headphones.

👤I have used these for as long as I have had my beats. I don't sweats crazy and I haven't had any problems with it smelling. It's great for not getting makeup on the leather of beats. I gave my friend a set of my own.

👤I loved the fabric covers for my Beats. After 3 years of wearing leather, these cover them perfectly and are soft. They were easy to put over my headphones. I prefer them over the original leather because they are so comfortable. They don't get hot after wearing them for a long time. I was happy to find this product.

9. ALXCD Earbud Airpod Silicone Headphone

ALXCD Earbud Airpod Silicone Headphone

Air Pods are an Applicable Model. High Quality Silicone is what it is. The charging case design has ultra thin fit. The package includes 4 pairs of earbud covers and a microfiber cloth.

Brand: Alxcd

10. Skullcandy Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Replacement

Skullcandy Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Replacement

Skullcandy Hesh 2 / Hesh2 / Hesh2.0 are compatible. High quality leather. Give your headset a new accessory. Make it look brand new. Only one pair of ear pads is included.

Brand: Poyatu

👤This is a great product, I'm not bashing it for its ease of installation or comfort, but it is a really good product replacement for Skullcan's. The second pair of replacements I tried on Amazon were the most comfortable and longest lasting I've seen so far. I used these pads for eight months and now they are peeling off. There is a A lot of the replacements are made from durable leather, which is a problem. I've tried the best of the best and you can see that the pleather is going to fail, crack, and peel over a period of six to eight months. This is the quality that will be found in most replacement can pads you buy from Amazon. If you think about it, they want you to come back and buy from them again, that's genius. Sell these low quality gear at a jacked up price point and they'll keep coming back for more. It's not like they have a choice but to buy our low quality products made in a foreign sweat shop, who cares about what they say in the comment section? This is the world we live in today, it's not going to change anytime soon, and it's probably going to get worse in the future. I would pay double or even triple for a set of authentic real leather can pads, so if there's anyone who can actually offer a set of actual calf/cow leather can pads, please pass the word along. I will throw my wallet at you. I'm only giving these three stars because they didn't last that long, only 8 months, and I'm disappointed that I have to log back in. They are going to fail on you if you scratch them or clean them with water. They don't make a durable pair that can hold up against scratches or being cleaned, because they trap heat and sweaty ears when they start to peel. There is a Do not expect them to last. I have an image of the pads, but I can't post it for some reason.

👤I own a pair of Hesh SkullCandy for 7 years. They were found in the bottom of a trash can in the garage, having been lost for 5 years while I was in NY. They were a replacement for a faulty DJ set I bought from Radio Shack. There is a I replaced the original ear pads TWICE with pads bought on eBay, which did not hold up very long. I used to work as a green keeper for a 36 hole muni golf course and use the Hesh phones while driving and working. I am delighted that these pads look and feel like the original equipment.

👤I tried these Poyatu earpads. They are specific to Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones. I put them on my Koss ProDJ200's. The Koss ear cup is close enough to be larger. The Koss pads are not deep enough for me. It took a bit of stretching and a bit of patience, but they were able to seat them without tearing. Success! I have better ear comfort with even better isolation. I haven't seen any sound degradation. The pads are a good deal. It was a gamble that paid off.

11. Geekria SteelSeries Stretchable Protectors 3 15 5 51

Geekria SteelSeries Stretchable Protectors 3 15 5 51

It is comfortable and hand-washable. It's easy to install and use. The product can protect your headphones from dust, dirt, and sweat. The life of the headset unit was extended. Fit most on- ear headphones and large over- ear headphones. Product dimensions are 4.53 inches by 11.5 cm. Earphone covers and 2 pairs.

Brand: Geekria

👤I have a high quality CD player and head phone that sound great, but the padding on each side of the headphones is thin plastic that covers the soft foam, which has been in my set for about 10 years. In the hot and humid summer time, the pieces of black plastic covering that were cracking and peeling off would stick to my ears and the side of my head. I got these to cover up the situation. Great product. They fit perfectly as well.

👤My ears get hot and sweaty when I wear my headphones. I wanted the covers to be easy to wash. These seem to work. They fit my headphones well. I wish the Ear Hole part was smaller. It is large enough for my ear to get in.

👤The audio controls on the Astro A50 gaming headphones can be slid behind the controls to access them, but these also work well. I was worried they wouldn't fit my headphones, but they fit perfectly. I put both ear pads on for extra cushion because I couldn't find thicker ear pads. Doesn't affect sound quality. The headband was also from Geekria.

👤Please make this from a more durable material.

👤I put a pair into the wash and they fit fine, because the items were big.

👤The fake leather cushions that get hot after hours of wearing are quite easy to slip on. The fabric is thin enough that I can adjust the controls without taking off the cover. Strongly recommend them.

👤The material is soft and comfortable.


What is the best product for headphone ear covers 2?

Headphone ear covers 2 products from F Feych. In this article about headphone ear covers 2 you can see why people choose the product. Airfit and Wc are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone ear covers 2.

What are the best brands for headphone ear covers 2?

F Feych, Airfit and Wc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone ear covers 2. Find the detail in this article. Geekria, Geekria and Top Stage are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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