Best Headphone Extender 3 Feet

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1. KabelDirekt Connectors Practically Unbreakable Headphones

KabelDirekt Connectors Practically Unbreakable Headphones

The aux extension lead with 3.5mm male to female is needed to extend your headphones or aux cables. The metal sleeve that protects the solder points offers incredible robustness and breakage resistance, with end-to-end shielding and gold-plated connectors delivering crisp signal quality. Thanks to the ultra-flexible, ultra-durable PVC jacket, you can benefit from maximum storage and travel convenience. 36 months manufacturer warranty. It's perfect for headphones with 2- or 3-pole jack plugs.

Brand: Kabeldirekt

👤I only owned this cable for a day. This is what I think. I needed an extension cable to go from my computer to my bed so I could use my computer there. I don't like to disturb other people with my entertainment. I use headphones. There is a I wanted to buy a cable that was long enough and cheap. I was ready to buy a long cable for about $4 shipped after a quick search on Amazon. I had second thoughts after that. Most headphones don't last a long time, so I was prepared to accept a cable that didn't last long. I didn't want a cable that didn't work out of the box or had serious flaws. There is a 3.5mm plugs are not all created equal and you can end up with a plug that won't hold up when you move. Plug your headphones in and the first time you move, the plug will pop out, or you'll get noise from the sloppy connection. There is a I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a cable that would take days to get here and then not serve the basic function I intended it to. I don't want to return things I bought. Things that don't cost a lot. It's a hassle. I found this after reading a lot of reviews about headphones. I've never heard of this company, but they had a lot of positive reviews and the cable looks good in the photos. I've had every headphone cable break down. It seems like it will take about 3 years. The conductors inside will break when the get stiff near the stress points. You should never buy a set of headphones that don't have a cable because you can't easily replace it. I don't care how much you spent. The cable will probably break down eventually. It's just the nature of them. There is a My goals here were as follows... 1. To not pay too much for a cable that will likely break down in a couple of years. 2. To get good quality for the money. 3. To not buy something that didn't work for me. There is a The cable met all of the goals. The quality is very good for the price when I took it out of the package. I looked at the jacket to see how flexible it was and how solid the connections were. A thin cable with a stiff jacket is one of the main hallmarks of a poorly made cable. The jacket is very nice and supple, and the cable seems thicker than most inexpensive cables. This cable is 25 feet long, so it doesn't tangle as easily as you would think. It's never a bad thing. After checking it out, I knew that it would have a snug, secure fit and that's what happened. The sound quality? I'm not a fan of music. The sound quality using the headphones was the same as mine. I can't hear anything that shouldn't be there. This is good enough to be used for other purposes. I mostly watch videos on Youtube so that I don't have to go to places where subtle differences might be noticed. There is a I'm satisfied. SALVAGEDATA I did not have any with this product. If this cable costs twice what it does, I wouldn't be able to say anything bad about it, other than I wish it didn't cost so much. I don't think I could have found anything better for this price. I didn't try. I've paid $30 for basic cables at places like Best Buy before. I'll be happy if this cable lasts 3 years. If it breaks, I will probably buy another one. The fact that it will eventually is not a con at this price.

2. Syncwire Headphone Extension Cable Nylon Braided

Syncwire Headphone Extension Cable Nylon Braided

The Universal Fit is a step-down design that ensures a snug fit to devices of standard auxiliary ports, like car stereo radio, TV, headphones, earphones, speakers, amplifier, soundbox, laptops, tablets, and more. The audio connection should be extended. There are three syncwires. 5mm audio extension cable is used to extend the audio connection between your devices. Most smartphone cases have a Slim Connector. Plugging and unplugging experience is ensured by step-down design. 24K gold-plated connectors ensure reliability and eliminate signal loss and noise. The best way to transmit sounds from your music player to a speaker is to use copper wires. There is no interference like a wireless connection. There is a note about this. The 3.5mm male to female audio cable does not support a microphone. The audio extension cord has a 15000+ bend lifespan. The gold-plated connection avoids oxidation. The cable can last a long time. Protect your aux devices. The 3.5mm male to female extension cable is a great solution to protect your aux port devices. It's expensive to buy a new device, but it's easy to get a 3. 5mm aux cable. Customer service is fast and friendly.

Brand: Syncwire

👤The extension is very well built. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the extension looks. The code has a nice woven material on the outside of the cord to help it last longer. The gold- plated connections seem to enhance the sound and limit the noise. I was surprised to hear a clean and crisp sound with no interference added by this extension. There is a My kids can connect their music through our car audio to get their concert on from the back seats, because this is permanently in our minivan. Highly recommended. rrh

👤We live in an apartment and the outside noise is bad. My husband plays PC video games in his downtime but can't really relax because of screaming kids downstairs or ear numbing bass music from the parking lot. He wears glasses and has a fat head, so regular headsets are not comfortable. The 3.5mm port is where his earbuds are plugged in, and the sound lag is horrible. I found the cord. He plugs his earbuds into one end, the other end goes into the computer, and he has a clear sound. The cats don't attack the cord, it's on the floor and it's long. It was perfect all around. Highly recommended for wives who have been through a lot.

👤I've been using this for a week now. The cable is small and lightweight. The cable is braided nylon and doesn't twist. This isn't a problem, but it makes for a unique cable. When you apply twisting forces to it, it will coil. It's not feasible to store it folded on itself like most cables, but it is resistant to crushing, bending, tearing, and so on. I'm very pleased with it, and it's great for my headphones. It's also very thin.

👤The 3 ft extension cable is sturdy. The nylon wrapped material looks expensive and is not able to bend or knot easily, like a lot of the other syncwire cables. It doesn't move, but it's not stuck, so you don't have to pull very hard. Good quality.

👤Looks great! If you're into that, you'll be extremely thin. Will not twist into a knot or curl up by itself, both of which are big pluses. I have only used it a few times, so I don't know if it will hold up. There is a The four foot cable is long enough for me, but not for you. When it arrived, I was disappointed with the quality of the cable. It looks like it was a good value. Has not let me down. It is a bonus because it is on sale.

👤I bought a cable extension for my headphones so I don't disturb others while I watch TV. I needed to purchase another one after the one I had destroyed was destroyed. The new one didn't work right. The sound kept going on and off because the female was too loose. I am annoyed that I have to spend time and effort to get the item back, even though Amazon will reimburse me. I would rather spend 12 dollars and have a working cable than 6 dollars and have to return it. The previous cable was cheap and lasted about 10 years. I wouldn't. Purchase from the manufacturer of my dud cable. Beware.

3. UGREEN Extension Adapter Compatible Smartphones

UGREEN Extension Adapter Compatible Smartphones

The power output of the 3.0 version has increased, but it uses less power. Do you have headphones that are too short to use the 3.5mm aux port? UGREEN 3.5mm audio extension cable is designed to extend the connection between your phone, ipod, mp3 players, tablets, and other 3.5mm aux port equipped devices to your headphones, earphones, speaker, car stereo, or home theater system. The extension audio cable is a great solution to protect your 3.5mm Aux port from being plugged in. It's easy to get a 3.5mm auxiliary aux cable, but it's expensive to buy a new device. The audio quality will be kept at its highest. Pure copper have the highest's conductivity andDurability. The gold plated connections ensure optimum sound quality. The Aux extension cable is easy to use and store. The step-down design makes it possible to work. All devices with a 3.5mm audio port are compatible with the auxiliary audio cable. The audio will work if you use TRRS headphones with this extension cable. It doesn't work with the inline volume control on the headphones.

Brand: Ugreen

👤Product looks better in person than in photos. The metal sleeves on the plugs have a nice finish, and the light plays well off the surface. The sleeve slipped off when I tried to plug them in. It looked like there was only a small amount of glue on the sleeve. I put some loctite on the sleeve and it seems to be holding up. The skinny and long end of the cable is something that I like about it. One of my phone cases is quite thick, and another cable that I have wouldn't fit, despite having a step down design. Even if the case is thick, this cable can reach the jack on the phone. There is a Ugreen should have some basic quality assurance for their products. They would be able to catch the defects before they are packaged and shipped out if they just pulled a bit on the sleeve of each connector. Some people don't have the right glue to fix things.

👤I've tried many 3.5mm extension cables and have compared offerings from different companies. The Monoprice cables are the cheapest, and the Ugreen and Kabeldirekt cables are more expensive. These cables are good. I rated them four stars because the cables are better. The way the Ugreen plugs are joined to the cable is not as good as the way the Kabeldirekt plugs are joined to the cable. The Ugreen cable is less robust than the Kabeldirket cable, which is important when using lengths like 10 or 15 feet for a Headphone extension. Longer runs of thicker cables are a better choice because they are less likely to tangle and get damaged when accidentally stepped on. I wouldn't go for the Monoprice unless it was the determining factor. There is a The Ugreen is a good cable that you would probably be very satisfied with, especially in the shorter lengths. The Kabeldirekt is a better cable for my needs because of the extra thickness, and I only knocked off a star because of that. There is a Thank you for reading.

👤I got this cable back in January and I really liked it. It looked and felt like a well made product. The audio on the headphones that I was using started going in and out in April. It was obvious that the cable was faulty after testing it on different headphones and phones. I was going to let it go and buy another cable from another vendor, but I thought about it and decided that 3 months of use was not enough. I asked the vendor if they would replace the cable. The next day, they said that they would send a replacement cable within 3 days and that the product was guaranteed for a year. The new cable arrived in 3 days. I am hoping this one will last until the end of the year. Great customer service! Update 12/1/2017. I had a good experience with their customer service. The cable stopped working again. It has to be a problem in manufacturing. Even though it is within the 18 month guarantee, customer service has not responded to my requests for a replacement. Update 12/7 The cable is fine, but the headphones were the problem. The stars are going back to 4. Good product and good value.

4. CableCreation 2 Pack Female Extension Adapter

CableCreation 2 Pack Female Extension Adapter

Two-pack of 3.5mm audio cable extension includes an extra cable, so you can use another cable on another device, or keep a spare cable in the car. The 3.5mm extension cable is perfect for protecting the audio jack of your devices. The laptop or computer interface can be broken due to excessive plugging and unplugging. The right angle design is ideal for tight spaces, such as behind the computor or hard to reach areas where a normal straight connector is unavailable. The 90 degree angle helps release strain. This 3.5mm extension cable is covered with soft cotton braided. Cotton braided jacket has good resilience, no bending, and it is not easy to tangle or crease. With 10000+ bend lifespan, the sound quality is great. The cable is soft and durable with the help of Cotton braided and 24K Gold-Plated Connector. They provide 2 years of warranty for this 1.5FT audio extension cable. This Stereo Extension Cable is compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets, and more. The 3.5mm audio cable extension does not support microphone function. If your headphones are TRRS (4-conductor), aSIN: For your reference, B01K3WYLUO/ B0793JQ2K5.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤The cables look nice, small, and flexible. I plugged the male end into the female one. A little tight, but seems fine. When I tried to unhook them, the outer shell of the female end slid off exposing the wiring inside the connector. I plugged the male end into the female one. Same problem. The female jacket fell off. I haven't plugged them in yet, but they may still work. The build quality is very poor. These cables fall apart on their first use. There is an update. CableCreation was kind enough to send me a replacement pair. One of the two that were sent had the same problem as I did. The product is still problematic and I have bumped up the star because I appreciate the effort CableCreation made.

👤I bought 2 pairs that didn't work out. Sometimes the sound from the left or right external speakers would drop out, sometimes both left and right external speakers would do the same, and sometimes from the onboard computer speakers. The alert "Just plugged in an audio device" would flash repeatedly after I plugged in any one of the cables. I know how to diagnose component problems because I worked for 5 years as a refrigerator/air conditioner service tech. When I stopped using your cables, all the sound problems stopped. I bought another cable from another company and it works great. I don't care about money back. I threw the cables away. Your cables are the worst product I have ever purchased. I will not buy from your company again. If you want to stay in business, you need to get someone to fix your quality control. I have experience with it and it stinks! Quality control is important, and have a better day. Cheers! You are a mate!

👤There is an update. Be careful, buyer. The seller left a bogus link when I contacted them. How is one supposed to contact them for warranty if they don't have any contact information? The lifetime warranty is good until 30. The design seemed well made. It's like the 90 degree plug. The first one only lasted 45 days. We'll see how long the second one lasts. It's not a good deal at all.

👤I've had this cable for a while now, and I'm going to replace it soon. It had an issue with sound quality from the beginning. I use this cable to connect studio headphones to my audio interface, but you have to have the right cable to get a clear sound. If you move the cable in a way that makes the audio quieter, the audio will switch to one ear or something. I've tried multiple pairs of headphones, and it's definitely the cable, as none of the headphones have a problem when plugging in directly to the interface. The cable is long, that's one positive. I needed something to be able to wrap behind my computer without getting in the way, so I purchased that. The length is great, but I wouldn't recommend it.

5. Extension GearIT Preminun Plated Auxiliary

Extension GearIT Preminun Plated Auxiliary

3.5mm male to female auxiliary aux stereo professional HiFi cable is perfect for any 3.5mm audio port device. Such as: car stereo, iPod, iPad, smartphones, PS4 headset,xbox one,phone, tablets, home theater, speakers. The 3.5mm audio extension cable extends the distance between your portable audio devices such as an mp3 player, smartphone, tablet, computer or other device with a 3.5mm auxiliary/ Your current 3.5mm aux port can be protected from wear and tear by having a AUX audio port to it. The 3.5mm extension audio cable is compatible with any device that has the 3.5mm auxiliary audio port. There are 24K gold plated TERMINALS. The 3.5mm extension stereo audio cable has a slim-line connection and a step down connection, which makes it easy to connect the stereo jack to your portable devices. The 24K gold contacts are designed to provide you with the best quality of sound. Their product goes through many stages of testing to ensure it performs at the highest of standards. The cable is made of oxygen-free copper and has a high degree of reliability. The strain-relief rings make the connector more flexible. They use dual-shielding technology to reduce signal loss. They want to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their purchase of the Pro Series LIFETIMEGUARUNTEED, so they stand behind the performance of all of their products. If you don't like the product for any reason, they offer a simple return policy and exceptional customer service. Their products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Gearit

👤While working at my desk, I got this to extend the reach for my earphones. I put this into the earphone jack on my speaker and then put my earphones in the extension cord. I can sit back in my chair and still listen to training videos or music without being interrupted by my coworkers. It works well for my needs, and seems to be very durable. I would recommend this to a friend.

👤It was what I was expecting. I ran the cable from my projector to my speakers through the attic and under the screen to my amplifier.

👤I have owned this extension for a year and a half. It started cutting out every now and then after a year, and the issue has gotten worse over time. A poor solder joint. The thin cable makes me think the wires could use a bigger diameter to lower the resistance so that headphones don't have to work so hard. There is a The company replaced it under warranty, but it took way longer than it should have as they seemed to lose the request and need to be reminded.

👤Running this across the ceiling from the TV to a Rolls mini mixer for audio out to headphones on the other side of the room. No loss of volume, great audio quality. It looks like it was made well. I won't be plugging or unplugging things from either of the plugs, so I can't say if it works or not, but after about a week of use, I can say it works.

👤Thank you so much! I needed a 3.5mm extension cable for my speakers that are connected to my PC, and they are a little distance from the PC, and the 15ft. extension cable is fantastic. They are easy to use and sturdy. I am very happy with the purchase. I would recommend purchasing from this seller if you need a longer cable.

👤The cable was the same as pictured. It was important for my grand daughter. There is a Thanks.

👤I like this little guy. It works with any headphones without issues on the female end of the jack.

👤Works well. After a few months, I got tired of my wireless earphones failing. I realized I could go a lot cheaper with a wired headset, so I used the cables. They are long enough to reach from the TV to the couch. Highly recommended. 1/29/17 Update. I have to choose which of my ears I want to hear because there is something wrong with this cable. When I plug my headphones in to my computer, there are no problems. I have to jiggle the headphones to get the sound in both ears. I am looking for another cable because it has gotten so bad.

👤The signal lantency was bad and the use of bluetooth ended. The wired connection for my laptop to projector across the room has worked great for many months now, no complaints at all.

👤Exactly what I needed. Great quality.

6. Your Cable Store Headphone Extension

Your Cable Store Headphone Extension

There is a limited lifetime guarantee. Three foot long cables. The stereo male is connected on one end. The stereo female is connected to the other end. For home audio devices that use a 1/2 inch connection. Your cable store warranty is limited for a year.

Brand: Your Cable

👤The twist ties are absolutely free. There is a I wanted to extend the reach of my sound module. If they had right angle plugs on the male side, they would be better. They work for the pads.

👤The stereo cable extenders are great. They maintain the dual zone capability, and I use them for my Alesis drum kit.

👤Plug ends are strong. Good for cable relief.

👤These cables are of good quality. I was satisfied with these and I am a stickler. There was no buzzing or crackling.

👤Does what I need it for? Sounds good.

👤I used these to extend the length of the harness for my drum set. The blend was good. The sound doesn't suffer and there is no latency.

👤Solid cables. It works the way I need it.

7. UGREEN Extension Compatible Samsung Amplifiers

UGREEN Extension Compatible Samsung Amplifiers

It's perfect for headphones with 2- or 3-pole jack plugs. The UGREEN 3.5mm extension cable can be used to extend the connection between your 3.5mm aux port equipped devices and your headphones, speakers, mp3 players, smarphones, and tablets. Moreover. It protects your 3.5mm aux port from being plugged in and unplugged. The sound is hi-fi. This 3.5mm headphone extension cable has a 24K gold-plated connection and pure copper wire. The triple shielding design of the headset extension cable makes it possible to transmit louder audio. Enjoy the banquet. The lifespan of this female to male aux cord has been improved by 10000+ bend and nylon braided jacket. You can carry this audio cable cord around without having to worry about it being small. The audio extension cable is made of pure copper. The gold plated connections ensure optimum sound quality. The 3.5mm extension cable is easy to use and store. The step-down design makes it possible to work. All devices with a 3.5mm audio port, like the Apple iPhone 6S/6S, are compliant with the TRS extension cable.

Brand: Ugreen

👤It works. There were no static or sound dropouts. Attach to the original cable and you have about 8 ft. of total cable length. It's great for guitar practice and internet porn watching.

👤The high-end look of the connectors makes them good for earbuds and in- ear monitors, but they are not heavy, which is better for earbuds and in- ear monitors. There is a The choice of materials detracts from the high-end look of the cable. The cable is on the stiff side, and while that mesh covering may look soft and luxurious, in actuality, it is made of a hard plastic material that makes noise as it slides over surfaces. It's a poor choice for any recording environment as microphones are sensitive to the character of the noise. The sound is a lot like a zip up. The sound transmitted by the cable was fine, but I found the mechanical noise to be a distraction in my recordings. The handling and feel are disappointing.

👤I bought one 10 months ago and it started cutting me off. I bought it again last month and it is already cutting out. I am walking around the neighborhood with my phone and headphones in my ears. I'm not power walking and I'm not swinging it around in my hands. This should have lasted longer.

👤It works and clicks into place, but now I know what people are saying when they say the cable makes a lot of noise when moving across the desk or any other hard surface. The rough outer edge material was used to make the cable. It is not smooth and has small ridges. I can store the cable in the same soft case as the Bose earbuds, but it's a little more difficult because the cable is robust. I would rather have a quality extension cable like this than the flimsy junk Sony provided with a two decade old Walkman device. The Sony cable eventually failed and became unreliable, but this cable works perfectly out of the package, hopefully for a long time. The straight plug works better than the 90 degree plug that the Sony cable had. I still prefer a direct wired connection, it doesn't bother me that I have to deal with all the batteries and charging and the obvious eventual failure since batteries don't last forever). Unless you take care of them, cables are a lot cheaper to replace than fancy wireless earbuds that have failed batteries. I understand that it is not for on the go people who run around all over the place.

👤The cables are very well made, like everything UGreen that I've tried. There is a I thought they were a little loose at connection when I bought two for a long extension. The gold plate made the connection even though it was not perfect. There is a The spring was stiff enough that I didn't push them together. Doing that gave a very satisfying snap, and of course the connection was as fine as you'd like. Springy cables that won't tangle and excellent attachment of the connectors make the construction excellent. The earbuds I'm using will last less than a year, but those have good cables and a good connection.

8. Cmple Stereo Headphone Extension Female

Cmple Stereo Headphone Extension Female

The aux 3.5mm headphone cable should be extended with the aux stereo audio extension cord. The male and female connection is 3.5mm. The extension piece gives added length, making it easy to reach other devices like phones, media players, and other devices to a car stereo, portable speaker, or other compatible 3.5mm audio-output. It was constructed from high-grade materials. The male to female speaker extension cable is built to last. The 24K Gold Plated 3.5mm connectors are made of gold. The package includes a 3.5mm Headphone Extender Male to Female Aux Cable. Cmple Lifetime Warranty is backed by it.

Brand: Cmple

👤I returned the one I bought here because the cable adds a very noticeable hum. I am using Bose headphones. No hum with the headphones connected to the receiver. The hum fades if I coil the extension cable into a 3-4" loop. The cable is not protected properly.

👤The cable works. It only has a Tip Ring Sleeve, which is required for stereo, but I didn't notice that. It doesn't have an isolation ring to allow you to control your device. TRRS extension cable is what I needed. The speaker on my phone can't start or stop music because of the cable. The cable lacks a wire, so the information doesn't make it to the speaker or cell phone. This cable isn't advertised to be capable of this. Four out of five stars. I would recommend it to a friend because it works just fine and the music is great.

👤I needed an extension cable for my TV. I have different viewing habits. She can hear the TV in the living room. I bought two sets of 25 ft cables. Both types work with my ear buds. Both cables are sturdy and built to last. These cables should be recommended to others.

👤The cable is well made and works, more options would be nice. The line loses at 100 feet. This could be easily cured by using a larger electrical cable. My computer audio output is enough to compensate for the losses. I would recommend this cable and purchase it again if the need arose.

👤My elderly parent is watching tv late at night. It was a problem as my bedroom is next to the tv and I could hear it all night long. I got her a pair of headphones, but the stock cable was only three and half feet away from her tv, so it wouldn't reach it. I bought a cable that plugs into the tv input and into the headphones. More than enough. The sound is clear and works well. The price on Amazon was great.

👤One of the mysteries of the internet is why cords and cables are so cheap when you go to the store. I got over my fear of buying something sight unseen with Amazon, it was a case of buying something sight unseen for other products. I was replacing another cable that sounded inferior to the one I was replacing, and this one is of very good quality. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a good price and a superior product, and that they really aren't all the same.

👤I needed a new extension cable for my headphones and this cord is great. So far, it is holding up.

👤What the heck? I got two cables that are 3 feet. It's too small and cheap to come back. I'm giving this two stars because I'm sure they still work. I could tell they weren't 6 inches tall. They were labeled as 6 and then sent to me as 6. Disappointed. There is a The company was able to fix my problem. From 2 to 4 stars.

9. UGREEN Headphone Extension Compatible Amplifier

UGREEN Headphone Extension Compatible Amplifier

QUALITY ASSURANCE They offer a 12-Month Warranty and 24h easy to reach service. UGREEN 3.5mm Audio Extension Cable adds more reachable room between audio input and output devices and enables you to comfortably lie on the sofa/bed to watch TV or play games at night without disturbing families or neighbours. It is easy to move around with the Headphone Extender Lead. The sound quality is lossless. The male to female 3.5mm extension maintains original sound quality, but it extends the audio transmission distance. The Headphone Aux Extender Cord is made of gold- plated copper, nylon and TPE and has robust shielding. UGREEN female to male aux cord is built to last forever. The 3.5mm extension lead is made of cotton and can be strong enough to endure any twist, tug, and tangle. The extension cable has sturdy aluminum shells to resist oxidation. The sound quality of this cable is greatly improved by high-quality materials. The UGREEN 3.5mm extension cable has a wear-resistant and tangle-free cotton-braid jacket to make it easy to roll up for storage. The audio jack extender cord is protected against bending and cracking by reinforced aluminum shells. UGREEN 3.5mm audio extension cable is ready to go and fills you with music whenever you want. The 3.5mm mini jack on this Headphone Jack Extender Cable is compatible with all standard auxiliary ports, so it's a snug fit for your headphones, laptops, tablets, and more.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I tried plugging this in to two of my headphones, but I didn't hear anything. I don't know if it's the original jacks or this one. I will return the item for a refund. Oh well.

👤The microphone doesn't work after I bought this as an extension for a gaming headset. It works with other devices, but not sure if it is a compatibility issue or not.

👤Excellent, tell you what. A good one.

👤The extension cable with the male and female ends looks very sturdy, but the male plug seemed to hold into the laptop stereo plug ok. The plug wouldn't stay in when I tried to attach the speaker stereo cable to the female end. I had to return and get my money back. I had to buy another one. I don't know why.

👤It's not a good idea to connect with my mobile when the audio leads are too thick at the end. The sound of this lead is great. The cable has a nice feel and should last a while.

👤The 3.5mm connection on my PC doesn't fit securely, which causes the audio to cut out a lot and also causes the sound to go from stereo to mono. It was a shame that this one was so bad.

👤This item isn't comparable to a gaming headset or mic combo. I had to buy an alternate one that had 4 connection rings on the male end and not just 3 as this one has.

👤I bought these to connect from my head set. Hopefully they will work for something else instead of doing it.

10. TNP Headphone 3 5mm Extension Cable

TNP Headphone 3 5mm Extension Cable

Provides high-quality copper for consistent signal between components. Gold-plated, molded connections with strain relief ensure a high quality connection between connected devices. Accurately transfer high bandwidth quality detailed clean natural pure audio sound with realism and clarity is what a high performance versatile cable delivers. Balanced solid conductors for enhanced internal noise rejection and clearer, deeper bass; solid-core bass conductor for improved signal transfer for improved bass response; and a case with a snug and secure connection. Oxygen Free copper lines and double shielding allow for a maximum audio quality, reduce signal loss, and minimize return loss, so music, dialogue and sound effects are always clear, dramatic, and detailed in excellent signal quality. It's compatible with devices that have 3.5mm auxiliary audio ports. It's compatible with devices that have 3.5mm auxiliary audio ports.

Brand: Tnp Products

👤I ordered this because my IEMs have a plug that is bent at 90 degrees and it doesn't fit in my audio Jack because it's too big. It is thin enough to fit in the audio jack so I can use my earbuds, but it doesn't stay plugged in. I considered throwing it out the window because it annoyed me so much. It should be unplugged if you bumped it. If you put it in your pocket, you can walk forward. If you hold your phone in your hand and tilt your head to look at something that's not connected, it's a problem. It works great when it is plugged in. It hates being plugged in. My cables seem to snap into place and stay there until you try to remove them. This one falls out. I know it's not my phone. Home cords stay in good shape.

👤I know this cable is intended for carrying audio signals, but in its 30' form it wasn't strong enough for my IR repeater. The IR repeater says it can support up to 300' audio cables like this one, so I'm not sure if there was something wrong with the cable I received or it just doesn't carry a strong signal. I returned it. I don't think there's anything inherently different about audio and IR signals, so if you're concerned about signal quality, I would suggest that you find a different cable. It's a good thing. The AmazonBasics version of this cable worked well for my IR repeater, though the construction doesn't seem to be as robust.

👤The cable is not very good. The end where you connect your earphones is not good. I can only get the right phone to work with several earphones. I just flip the earphones and listen with my left ear because my hearing is almost nil in that ear. I would be unhappy if I were expecting a great stereo. You should buy this extension at your own risk. I have to eat a crow. It is a very light-weight cable, but it is better than the rating I gave it. One of the channels of my receiver stopped working, and that's the reason for one channel not working. It's been a reliable receiver. It can't last forever. The end connecting to the earphones was a little touchy to get both channels to play.

👤When I bought a battery case, my Airbuds couldn't fit into the phone jack, so I bought this extension. The sound would go off and on. I only used it in the gym, and it was on a shelf. Six months after purchase, the sound no longer comes from the dongle. I will look for a better extension.

👤I thought there was a connection issue, but it seems that the speakers are the problem. If you need to make a more accessible audio connection, this seems to be the one for you.

👤The Bose headphones are connected to my phone through a protective case. I bought a second one because it worked so well.

11. Auxiliary Extension Converter Headphones Earphones

Auxiliary Extension Converter Headphones Earphones

You can use 2.5mm devices with your unit's 3.5mm accessory jack. The male and female end of the accessory are both 3.5mm. You can hear music in your ears. The music files on your cell phone can be listened to with this accessory. You can use the hands-free jack on your phone to plug the adapter into. Let the music be heard. Designed for: CD players, PC/TV tuners, Earbuds, iPad, iPod, car stereo, and other audio devices. Imported oxygen-free copper (OFC) terminals, soft plastic and other materials, soft lines Copper wire inside protected by aluminum foil, more wear-resisting, made it corrosion resistance. The package has 2 pcts of male to female audio cable.

Brand: Multicoloredled


What is the best product for headphone extender 3 feet?

Headphone extender 3 feet products from Kabeldirekt. In this article about headphone extender 3 feet you can see why people choose the product. Syncwire and Ugreen are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone extender 3 feet.

What are the best brands for headphone extender 3 feet?

Kabeldirekt, Syncwire and Ugreen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone extender 3 feet. Find the detail in this article. Cablecreation, Gearit and Your Cable are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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