Best Headphone Extension Cable 25 Feet 1/4 Inch

Feet 8 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Headphones Adapter Amplifiers Theater Devices

Headphones Adapter Amplifiers Theater Devices

2pack audio extension cable is included. The extension of the reach of hard-wired headphones with a stereo phone plug is accomplished by using the 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter cable. It can also be used as a stereo extension cable. The It has a female and a male stereo end that connect most headphones, Home Audio, Amplifiers, Guitar, Piano, Home Theater Devices, or Mixing Console. The 24K gold-plated contacts translate to clean sound quality and seamless transmission. Premium metal is good at canceling out noise and keeping reception consistent. The double shielding that runs through the entire length of the cable cuts out irrelevant noise. They offer a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable stereo cable, this cable is something you should consider.

Brand: Jelly Direct

👤The oxygen free copper cable and the "snakeskin" covering on this cable were the factors that made me pick 2. The pictures look like they are made of plastic. They are black. Nice. They included a wrap. Click with authority, the connectors are solid. I would have been impressed by the price. The 10 foot version was about $10. You can't beat that. Highly recommended.

👤Why do console makers put the headphones under the board? The handle is Yamaha and Midas. If you can get to the jack, what sound guy wants to deal with no spare cable or extension cabling at their feet? None. There is a This little dude makes it easier to access your jack, by leaving this 3 foot cable plugged in and simply unused your IEMs as needed, and adapting from 1 to 1 1/2. I bought a few. I have two consoles in my inventory and one in my backpack. There is a The construction seems solid and the length is perfect for my needs.

👤I bought this cable to connect to my Topping DX7Pro. I needed more length and here we are. Not even a few months in, this thing starts cutting out on at least one channel of audio. It starts making strange noises. The cable has issues. No problems if you bypassed the cable. Problems come back when you add cable in. Very disappointed. I'd give 0 stars because there's no way to contact the manufacturer and get a proper replacement. The cable should last at least 5 years.

👤I use headphones so my wife can sleep. The red color of the cord was a selling point as I ran it across the floor to reach me. It's visible so it's less likely that someone will tripping over it. The sound quality is not compromised.

👤Most people who use standard headsets will work with this cable. The cable that I use for my $3k focal stellias is not as good as it could be, mainly due to the separation of instruments and a duller presentation. The cable brings things up a bit. It's a good$15 cable, but don't expect miracles at this price.

👤The price is great, I needed to attach my modern headphones to my vintage record player jack.

👤This extension cable is really nice. The Home Theater amplifier and Sony 1000XM4 headphones can be connected using this. The Sony's plug fits in the female end. It seems like good quality materials and build. So far, I'm very pleased.

👤Sound is good going to headphones. Really like the length.

👤Je m'en sers. It is Parfait.

2. Roland Headphone Extension Female RHC 25 1414

Roland Headphone Extension Female RHC 25 1414

The sound is superior with high-quality copper core wire.

Brand: Roland

👤Excellent price for this item, which was delivered quickly. It works great, no issues with clarity, static or other sound issues. The ear bud/headphone extender cord is a durable product. I returned the wireless item which cost many times more than this and I use it to run on a treadmill and it is no bother at all, especially for the huge improvement in sound quality, at such a great price.

👤I have a Bose L1 Model 2 and a tone match mixer. This is the perfect cable to use with the mixer for an external audio source such as an iPad. There was no noise, hum or feedback. It costs 2x as much as the junk from China, but you only have to buy it once. Excellent quality. The cable is thick and shielded.

👤This cable is high quality. The product is typical. No noise, thick, and sturdy. It seems like a keeper, but time will tell if it holds up.

👤It was perfect. Good quality and well made. It was used to extend headphones.

👤Exactly what I needed. Awesome!

👤It was just as I had hoped. It is recommended.

3. Seismic Audio Headphone Extender Female

Seismic Audio Headphone Extender Female

Their extension audio cable is safe. The model number is SA-HPE25. A male is on one end. The other end was occupied by a female.

Brand: Seismic Audio

👤I don't normally complain about stuff but these cables almost toast my equipment and I'm really upset. The cables are terrible. I bought these as a spare set of cables and decided to use them immediately rather than keep them for later use. There is a The female ends were very loose and wouldn't make a good connection. I had a weak sound out of one cable and no sound out of the other. They made loud screeching and popping noises if I moved the cables. I was certain that my equipment had been damaged. I put my old cables back on and everything was fine. I was able to return them and get a refund because they were fulfilled by Amazon.

👤I have 6 cables for my band to use. Half of them have failed. I don't think the remaining cables are reliable. We're good to our cables. We wrap them individually at the end of each session. They are transported in a cable crate. These cables are not easy to wrap up. The headphones can be plugged in with very little force because the female connector on these no longer grips them tightly. Audio began cutting out other cables. Buy something better if you save your money. You get what you pay for, even though I was allured by the low price. I don't want to buy any more products from them. These are not sanitary.

👤These are great. The headphones were extended from near the computer to another room. It worked out perfectly.

👤I use them in my studio and so far they are doing what I need them to do.

👤What's not to like? Well-built cables are easy to coil. You know what to expect from the cables if you've bought them before. I have nearly every audio cable in my home recording studio.

👤Sturdy cables that work well at a good price.

👤Can't complain about the product.

👤It's possible to have it plugged into my tv and headphones on my bed.

4. PHX14 25 TRSF Headphone Extension Cable

PHX14 25 TRSF Headphone Extension Cable

The Headphone Extender is Female to Male. Heavy duty molded parts.

Brand: Pig Hog

👤I bought two of the cables based on the reviews. I own several Hosa cables that seem to wear out after a few months. I'm using them with a pair of headphones. The first pair by Pig Hog worked well for about 6 months before the sound stopped on the one side. The first pair that I bought didn't work out. The female connection is very loose. I tried the headphones by themselves and also with an extension that worked well, so it's not a problem. I've grown tired of spending $10 and$15 for new cables that only last a few months. I'm going to buy a pair from Grado. It costs a bit but it will last a long time and have a good connection.

👤The female end is loose. I use it with my headphones. When I'm done, I hang them up with the headphone cable. The male plug from the headphones falls out of the female end of the extension cable. This is an annoyance to have to deal with. The access is restricted because it's a molded plug. I peered into the plug and saw the two blades that connected with the ring and tip, as I wrote this review. The tip of the male plug is narrow. I bent the blades. I was proud to insert and remove the male plug a few times to show my appreciation for the job I'd done. They don't seem to have the spring in them that they need for this use.

👤The cable and male plug are ok. There is a The female TRS jack is not very useful. All I could do was try to get the plugs to wiggle. Doesn't make firm connections. A crackling noise is created. There is a A lot of nope and never again. It's likely that you can work with a jack replaced with a Neutrik. There is a Lesson learned.

👤Initially, I didn't see that it was only a quarter inch on both ends. It was needed for watching a quiet TV in the living room. I was using other cables while sitting. There is a premium audio cable. The one that gave up the ghost was only working on one side. Miserable. The cable is working great after being slapped on the plug. Heavy duty cable. I would have liked the Zeskit to be more flexible. This one is bendable.

👤I had to have a long stretch from the Snake Hub to the PA System for Live vocals without any signal loss, hiss or feedback. We get loud and the singer has to be heard, so I need a reliable signal source from the studio all the way through to my headphones when I am laying down Drum Tracks. This was the first product I tried out. I was impressed. This cord doesn't produce signal loss, there's no feedback, and it's pure musical sound. Since this purchase, I have purchased many other Pig Hog products. They have exceeded my expectations. They are built to last, solid, and thus far standing the test of time.

5. Your Cable Store 25 Headphone

Your Cable Store 25 Headphone

A stereo male connection. One stereo female plug. For home audio devices that use a 1/2 inch connection. Your cable store warranty is limited.

Brand: Your Cable

👤I got a year out of it before it lost the right channel due to a faulty wire at the female end of the cable. It's not bad to get a year out of it for 8 bucks, but lately I've wanted my headphones to work properly, and that statement is of little solace. I'll keep it and solder on a new female end to use in another room, but I just bought a new cable to use in my main music listening room. There is a You can do better if you're a serious music or audio system enthusiast.

👤The cord is heavy. The cable wire has the same size and weight. There are solid connections. I heard it when I plugged my HP 25SPs into it. There was no wobble. I tested it with and without this extension. There was no difference in sound. Great product. There is a thing in the description that is not clear. The male and female end have this on. If you have a 3.5mm end on your headphones, you will need to change it.

👤It was almost exactly one year of very light usage. I know it costs less than $10, but it seems like a long time. I think most of the rave reviews are by people who have not had it long, because on arrival it looked and felt good. Only one channel will play after a year, because the female connection has gone out. It has been plugged in the entire time I've used it, so it's not like I wore it out plugging it in.

👤Good support is what I'm adding a couple stars for. Nathan Arendt from Your Cable Store looked up my order and sent me an email. He's willing to replace the cables with the higher quality ones. Very nice. There is a The new cable seems better than the old one. The product is more substantial than the original order. The cable is flexible. The cable has the same molded to it as before. The better quality will help reliability over time. We'll see. It was a good choice to replace the previous order with Your Cable Store. Thanks a lot. It lasted a few weeks more than the one year warranty. Three of the four cables we purchased have failed. The audio signal is let go of in one channel. It's not possible to tell if the problem is the wire inside the cable or the connector. This extension is unreliable. This isn't a reliable product.

👤It gets tangled too much. My headphones. My headphones were $400 and the wire that comes with them was 75, which caused them to tangle up and stop working.

👤The sound quality is good, but the build quality is not great. The wire is twisting inside of the housing. I have to spend more money to get a better cable. If they were run and not coiled back up again, they would work great.

👤The sound quality was good, but the material was not up to par. The first time I used my 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter, it got stuck in the cable. The cable came apart when it was being removed.

6. Hosa HXMS 025 Headphone Adaptor Cable

Hosa HXMS 025 Headphone Adaptor Cable

The REAN plugs are nickel-plated. 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors are used for Enhanced signal clarity. The OFC Spiral shields have a higher signal to noise ratio. The REAN 3.5mm to the 1/2 in the TRS were used. 24 AWG x 2 OFC.

Brand: Hosa

👤It is a decent replacement for my previous cable. The price for a copper cord is reasonable. There is a It is being used as an accessory for my Sony WH 1000mx3. It is not a state of the art cable.

👤I had to use another cable to use my old one. The cable allowed me to eliminate an extra connection.

👤Good product! The brand always comes with cheap solutions.

👤The old Radio Shack extension cable was giving problems in my project studio. Solid construction and Neutrik/Rean connections should last a long time.

👤No dropouts, great sound, great cord for pro audio.

👤The cable is used for live stream events. The sound mixer and video switch are several feet apart and need a longer cable run. It's doing what it's supposed to.

👤I use them all the time and am very pleased with the sound of the product.

👤The length of this cable is used to give artists a direct line out from their headphones when recording. The sound clarity is good. The sessions have moved from a room to a bigger auditorium to accommodate social separation, thanks to the cable. It has not worn out through use. We bought a few to try out for a band. We were unable to record 2 choirs on Amazon. Waiting for this one to come back on the store was one of the alternatives on search results.

7. Hosa MHE 325 Headphone Adaptor Cable

Hosa MHE 325 Headphone Adaptor Cable

Rugged contacts made of nickel-plated are used for signal transfer. Enhanced signal clarity can be achieved with Oxygen-free Copper conductors. The OFC Spiral Shield is used for effective EMI and RFI rejection.

Brand: Hosa

👤These are not good for headphones. I have high end headphones that are connected to a dedicated headphone distribution mixer and these extender cables degrade the audio quality of the headphones as compared to not using the extension cable. Frequency responses lose their low end and mids get noisy.

👤This is a must have for sound on a budget. I use them to make ear monitors. They can put their own headphones in it and use the snake to mix their own monitors. If you plug the headphones in most of the time, you won't get stereo in the headphones, but you will get sound in the R and L. If you use the cuts down on the adapters, you'd need 1/3 F to 1/2 F and 1/3 F to 1/3 M. The length is right for the musician to have enough give for their headphones and for the cord to be long. I'm going to buy a few more of these because they are great for sound.

👤I use this cable to connect a pair of headphones to my receiver so that I can listen to music while wandering around my study. It works well for this purpose. The cable is heavy enough to not get tangled in things, and it seems to hold securely. It was kicked and pulled around corners, but there were no problems. Would recommend.

👤I use this cable to connect my headphones. My headphones are not long enough to reach the jack when I move around. I can't afford wireless in- ear monitors, so I'm using MEE M6 headphones and this extension cable to connect to my recording interface, which I use for my guitars and vocal mic. I have my own vocal/ guitar monitor in my ears that I can control, and I send separate outs to the house mixer. There is a The construction of the cable is decent. I haven't had any signal issues so far. It's long enough to get me anywhere I need to go. I don't need a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter anymore. There is a I haven't been able to wrap this cable neatly because of how it's packaged. It's not thick enough to bend straight, but I'm hoping over time it will. Hope this gives you a clear idea of what this cable feels like and how well it works.

👤I have a computer room audio set up that includes a cassette deck, a CD player, and a receiver. I needed to run a line from my receiver to my computer desk with the help of the cabling. The job is done. I was afraid the length would be an issue, but everything works.

👤Hosa MHE-325 3.5mm to 1/2 inch headphone cable is 25 feet long. I own a lot of different cables and Hosa is a great cable manufacturer. I use a lot of different cables. I use a variety of cables in my recording studio and graphic design workstations. You can find a quality cable if you look for it.

8. Extension CableCreation Headphone Compatible Headphones

Extension CableCreation Headphone Compatible Headphones

It's perfect for headphones with 2- or 3-pole jack plugs. The 3.5mm audio extension cable is perfect for protecting the audio jack of your devices. The laptop or computer interface can be broken due to excessive plugging and unplugging. The right angle design of the headphone extension cord allows you to connect to tight spaces and hard to reach areas where a normal straight connection is unavailable. It's easy to get a better experience when playing games. The material has a 10000+ bend lifespan. The braided jacket and inner wire make the headphones extension cable soft and durable. The 3.5mm jack devices fit perfectly with the ultra slim gold- plated connector of this headphone extension cable. It's easy to connect with your phone or tablets. This aux extension cable can be used with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets,Samsung GALAXY smartphones and tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, and mp3 players.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤The cables look nice, small, and flexible. I plugged the male end into the female one. A little tight, but seems fine. When I tried to unhook them, the outer shell of the female end slid off exposing the wiring inside the connector. I plugged the male end into the female one. Same problem. The female jacket fell off. I haven't plugged them in yet, but they may still work. The build quality is very poor. These cables fall apart on their first use. There is an update. CableCreation was kind enough to send me a replacement pair. One of the two that were sent had the same problem as I did. The product is still problematic and I have bumped up the star because I appreciate the effort CableCreation made.

👤I bought 2 pairs that didn't work out. Sometimes the sound from the left or right external speakers would drop out, sometimes both left and right external speakers would do the same, and sometimes from the onboard computer speakers. The alert "Just plugged in an audio device" would flash repeatedly after I plugged in any one of the cables. I know how to diagnose component problems because I worked for 5 years as a refrigerator/air conditioner service tech. When I stopped using your cables, all the sound problems stopped. I bought another cable from another company and it works great. I don't care about money back. I threw the cables away. Your cables are the worst product I have ever purchased. I will not buy from your company again. If you want to stay in business, you need to get someone to fix your quality control. I have experience with it and it stinks! Quality control is important, and have a better day. Cheers! You are a mate!

👤There is an update. Be careful, buyer. The seller left a bogus link when I contacted them. How is one supposed to contact them for warranty if they don't have any contact information? The lifetime warranty is good until 30. The design seemed well made. It's like the 90 degree plug. The first one only lasted 45 days. We'll see how long the second one lasts. It's not a good deal at all.

👤I've had this cable for a while now, and I'm going to replace it soon. It had an issue with sound quality from the beginning. I use this cable to connect studio headphones to my audio interface, but you have to have the right cable to get a clear sound. If you move the cable in a way that makes the audio quieter, the audio will switch to one ear or something. I've tried multiple pairs of headphones, and it's definitely the cable, as none of the headphones have a problem when plugging in directly to the interface. The cable is long, that's one positive. I needed something to be able to wrap behind my computer without getting in the way, so I purchased that. The length is great, but I wouldn't recommend it.

9. Hosa HXSS 025 Headphone Extension Cable

Hosa HXSS 025 Headphone Extension Cable

The REAN plugs are nickel-plated. 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors are used for Enhanced signal clarity. The OFC Spiral shields have a higher signal to noise ratio. REAN is in the same place as the TRS. 24 AWG x 2 OFC.

Brand: Hosa

👤This cable has great connections. The Hosa cables I own are larger than the thin wire that I own. Hopefully it will relax a little over time, but it seems very poorly protected if you're going to be stretching it across high traffic areas like a tracking room.

👤In our audio den, we compare the sound of earphones to the sound of speakers.

👤I'm a little concerned about how small the cable is. The majority of the cost is in the wires.

👤I wanted to extend my Bose QC35 when I plugged it into the Marantz receiver. This allows me to extend the cable that I have plugs into. This one allows me to stretch across the living room and use the Bose without any battery power.

👤In 10 months, the cable failed. Don't buy.

10. FosPower Extension Adapter Connectors Motorola

FosPower Extension Adapter Connectors Motorola

It's not recommended for webcams, video cameras, devices with high power consumption, or home-theater electronics. There are two mini-stereo (3.5mm) male and female audio cables. The 24k gold plated connectors are resistant to rust and tarnish. It is built for flexibility and quality. Copper braided and aluminum foil shielding greatly reduces interference from the outside. TABLE SIGNALS The foam greatly reduces signal loss. Tin plated copper core reduces oxidation and increases wire life.

Brand: Fospower

👤I've spent hundreds of dollars on different brands of earphones, dialogue soundbars, and surround sound systems to try to understand the dialogue on streaming and DVD movies. I gave up on TV when I realized I should hook up my cell phone to my TV. EUREKA! No one has accused me of being a techno nerd. I can now comprehend the dialogue on streaming movies and DVD. I set it up this way. Attach the 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female stereo audio extension to the TV and then connect the other end to 2. A 3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5 audio female to female connection. If you don't need this accessory, you can add on a pigtail from Best Buy. 4. The earphones attach to the pigtail splitter. If you don't use a splitter, connect your earphone directly to the female to female adapter. 5. Fiss! Caveats: If you use cell phone earphones that have 3 bands on the end it can cause a static break in the sound transmission. I was told that this problem can be linked to the total length of the extension cord, the number of extension cords attached together, and if you are using them for gaming or moving about. If you need a long cord and experience this problem, you can gently twist the earphone connection when it breaks. This doesn't seem to be a problem if you're sitting and watching TV or if you have an earlier model with 2 bands. The static problem was corrected by gently twisting the connection. I was able to solve my static problem by using the single 25 feet cord. There is a You might hear competing sounds when using this setup. I can hear the sound of a TV in another room. There is a It is possible that sound absorbers could be helpful in blocking out competing sounds. I haven't found it to be too annoying to pay for it. Component prices are similar at several stores. It's too soon to evaluate durability. The material looks good. The sound quality is good for me. If I find quality substandard, I will update at a later date.

👤The old coiled extension cable seemed to do nothing but get tangled all the time, so I bought these for use with my bedroom TV. The sound quality is excellent. The material around them is very sturdy. The price is very reasonable. I would buy this product again.

👤I wanted to not annoy my neighbors in the apartment building by walking around my living room late at night, so I looked for male to female 3.5mm stereo audio extension cable adapters for my headphones. It surpasses my expectations for quality and price, and has a bonus of 25' cable length. It is a very high quality cable and I would not get confused by those audio retailers who sell the same piece for $50-$100 more. This is the only product you will ever need for your headphones.

👤It worked perfectly the first time I used it and has worked ever since. I can't ask for more. You never know how it will work out when you buy something online for the first time. This is where I write my reviews. If the product accurately reflects what it was advertised as, it should get a good score. The performance of the product can still be a factor in the scoring, but it can be more subjective if the user followed instructions and used the product in the way it was intended. Longevity reviews can be difficult to gauge as some may review the part for a long time. It makes sense to see less than 30 day ownership reviews with the AMZ return window being 30 days.

11. Inch Mono Extension Cable Female

Inch Mono Extension Cable Female

The Plug is easy to use and can be used to extend the length of existing mono cables. A perfect replacment for long cables. The high performance electric power cord. The spiral shield on this high performance nickel-plated cable is designed to provide a noise-free sound. The conductor is made from high quality conductors. You have the choice of INSTRUMENTS. Use the mono patch cords to connect the instrument to the amplifier, such as the electric guitar, electric bass, synthesizer, electric piano, electronic drum machines, mixer, power amplifier, microphone, effector, and more. There is a sturdy design to prevent extraneous damage. The male and female plugs feature nickel plated connections, which ensures a lifetime of solid, secure connections. A black outer jacket protects the cable from wear and other factors that could damage it or reduce its effectiveness. It is compliant with the ROHS. There is a lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty is offered on most of their products.

Brand: Cablewholesale

👤I used this product to extend the reach of a small auxiliary speaker in my Jeep that I had connected to my ham radio receiver. The extra length was needed to make sure you couldn't see the wire. The cable seems to be of good quality. It worked well with my radio. I put a lot of time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal and business reasons, because I rely on reviews when I make purchases. If the review is helpful, please show your appreciation by clicking the "helpful" below.

👤The cables performed well.

👤There is not much middle ground on a product like this. This one works. It does what it is supposed to do.


What is the best product for headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4 inch?

Headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4 inch products from Jelly Direct. In this article about headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4 inch you can see why people choose the product. Roland and Seismic Audio are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4 inch.

What are the best brands for headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4 inch?

Jelly Direct, Roland and Seismic Audio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4 inch. Find the detail in this article. Pig Hog, Your Cable and Hosa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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