Best Headphone Extension Cable 25 Feet 1/4

Feet 10 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. TISINO Headphone Extension Quarter Stereo

TISINO Headphone Extension Quarter Stereo

The connection is between the 1/2 in TRS and the 1/3 in the TRS. 10' is the length. It's designed to extend the reach of hard-wired headphones with a stereo phone plug, for connecting guitar, and headphones with standard The heavy duty gold-plated metal 20 AWG 4N Oxygen Free Copper with shielding provides high fidelity sound quality and maximum conductivity. It's a great choice for people who love music. The outer diameter of the cable is not more than 0.2 inches, it is made from environment-friendly material, and is heavy duty. This cable is easy to coil at the end of your gig, despite multiple layers of shielding and insulation put in place for maximum noise isolation. It has a re-usable strap to keep it organized when not in use.

Brand: Tisino

👤The product arrived as described. The only thing left on the headphones is on the other side of the jack. It would be perfect for speakers, but not to connect two headsets. We purchased to listen in on our son's lessons and it would have been better if we had true stereo splitter. The quality of the product and sound is excellent.

👤Anyone with a tattoo or who wants a longer clip cord will get an extra 6 foot of length. They're the standard size for power supplies. They were used in critical power supplies.

👤The cable is very well made. The signal is as good when the cable is not attached as it is when the headphones are used. I have several more that I need to replace the outdated coiled headphones.

👤I use this cable to extend my headphones. It seems to work well with no degradation of the sound quality.

👤The male and female connections are strong. The cable is well manufactured and feels robust, but I can't tell you anything about the internal wiring. The sound level and clarity are the same as 6m cables. There is no noise when the cable is flexed.

👤Occasionally sound cuts out when I jiggle the connection with my headphones, but that's my only quibble.

👤Simple and cheap. Sometimes a clicking noise can be heard when you listen to audio that makes you think there is a clicking in your recording. It is annoying that a second listen clears up the misunderstanding. There is a Good for the price. That's right.

👤The microphone we use for the scouts is perfect length. The speakers will be able to walk around with the 6ft cord that comes with the giant speaker.

👤It's a perfect cable for my home studio. If I need another one, I will buy again.

2. Inch Mono Extension Cable Female

Inch Mono Extension Cable Female

The Plug is easy to use and can be used to extend the length of existing mono cables. A perfect replacment for long cables. The high performance electric power cord. The spiral shield on this high performance nickel-plated cable is designed to provide a noise-free sound. The conductor is made from high quality conductors. You have the choice of INSTRUMENTS. Use the mono patch cords to connect the instrument to the amplifier, such as the electric guitar, electric bass, synthesizer, electric piano, electronic drum machines, mixer, power amplifier, microphone, effector, and more. There is a sturdy design to prevent extraneous damage. The male and female plugs feature nickel plated connections, which ensures a lifetime of solid, secure connections. A black outer jacket protects the cable from wear and other factors that could damage it or reduce its effectiveness. It is compliant with the ROHS. There is a lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty is offered on most of their products.

Brand: Cablewholesale

👤I used this product to extend the reach of a small auxiliary speaker in my Jeep that I had connected to my ham radio receiver. The extra length was needed to make sure you couldn't see the wire. The cable seems to be of good quality. It worked well with my radio. I put a lot of time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal and business reasons, because I rely on reviews when I make purchases. If the review is helpful, please show your appreciation by clicking the "helpful" below.

👤The cables performed well.

👤There is not much middle ground on a product like this. This one works. It does what it is supposed to do.

3. Extension CableCreation Headphone Compatible Headphones

Extension CableCreation Headphone Compatible Headphones

It's perfect for headphones with 2- or 3-pole jack plugs. The 3.5mm audio extension cable is perfect for protecting the audio jack of your devices. The laptop or computer interface can be broken due to excessive plugging and unplugging. The right angle design of the headphone extension cord allows you to connect to tight spaces and hard to reach areas where a normal straight connection is unavailable. It's easy to get a better experience when playing games. The material has a 10000+ bend lifespan. The braided jacket and inner wire make the headphones extension cable soft and durable. The 3.5mm jack devices fit perfectly with the ultra slim gold- plated connector of this headphone extension cable. It's easy to connect with your phone or tablets. This aux extension cable can be used with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets,Samsung GALAXY smartphones and tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, and mp3 players.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤The cables look nice, small, and flexible. I plugged the male end into the female one. A little tight, but seems fine. When I tried to unhook them, the outer shell of the female end slid off exposing the wiring inside the connector. I plugged the male end into the female one. Same problem. The female jacket fell off. I haven't plugged them in yet, but they may still work. The build quality is very poor. These cables fall apart on their first use. There is an update. CableCreation was kind enough to send me a replacement pair. One of the two that were sent had the same problem as I did. The product is still problematic and I have bumped up the star because I appreciate the effort CableCreation made.

👤I bought 2 pairs that didn't work out. Sometimes the sound from the left or right external speakers would drop out, sometimes both left and right external speakers would do the same, and sometimes from the onboard computer speakers. The alert "Just plugged in an audio device" would flash repeatedly after I plugged in any one of the cables. I know how to diagnose component problems because I worked for 5 years as a refrigerator/air conditioner service tech. When I stopped using your cables, all the sound problems stopped. I bought another cable from another company and it works great. I don't care about money back. I threw the cables away. Your cables are the worst product I have ever purchased. I will not buy from your company again. If you want to stay in business, you need to get someone to fix your quality control. I have experience with it and it stinks! Quality control is important, and have a better day. Cheers! You are a mate!

👤There is an update. Be careful, buyer. The seller left a bogus link when I contacted them. How is one supposed to contact them for warranty if they don't have any contact information? The lifetime warranty is good until 30. The design seemed well made. It's like the 90 degree plug. The first one only lasted 45 days. We'll see how long the second one lasts. It's not a good deal at all.

👤I've had this cable for a while now, and I'm going to replace it soon. It had an issue with sound quality from the beginning. I use this cable to connect studio headphones to my audio interface, but you have to have the right cable to get a clear sound. If you move the cable in a way that makes the audio quieter, the audio will switch to one ear or something. I've tried multiple pairs of headphones, and it's definitely the cable, as none of the headphones have a problem when plugging in directly to the interface. The cable is long, that's one positive. I needed something to be able to wrap behind my computer without getting in the way, so I purchased that. The length is great, but I wouldn't recommend it.

4. Seismic Audio Headphone Extender Female

Seismic Audio Headphone Extender Female

Their extension audio cable is safe. The model number is SA-HPE25. A male is on one end. The other end was occupied by a female.

Brand: Seismic Audio

👤I don't normally complain about stuff but these cables almost toast my equipment and I'm really upset. The cables are terrible. I bought these as a spare set of cables and decided to use them immediately rather than keep them for later use. There is a The female ends were very loose and wouldn't make a good connection. I had a weak sound out of one cable and no sound out of the other. They made loud screeching and popping noises if I moved the cables. I was certain that my equipment had been damaged. I put my old cables back on and everything was fine. I was able to return them and get a refund because they were fulfilled by Amazon.

👤I have 6 cables for my band to use. Half of them have failed. I don't think the remaining cables are reliable. We're good to our cables. We wrap them individually at the end of each session. They are transported in a cable crate. These cables are not easy to wrap up. The headphones can be plugged in with very little force because the female connector on these no longer grips them tightly. Audio began cutting out other cables. Buy something better if you save your money. You get what you pay for, even though I was allured by the low price. I don't want to buy any more products from them. These are not sanitary.

👤These are great. The headphones were extended from near the computer to another room. It worked out perfectly.

👤I use them in my studio and so far they are doing what I need them to do.

👤What's not to like? Well-built cables are easy to coil. You know what to expect from the cables if you've bought them before. I have nearly every audio cable in my home recording studio.

👤Sturdy cables that work well at a good price.

👤Can't complain about the product.

👤It's possible to have it plugged into my tv and headphones on my bed.

5. Hosa HXSS 025 Headphone Extension Cable

Hosa HXSS 025 Headphone Extension Cable

The REAN plugs are nickel-plated. 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors are used for Enhanced signal clarity. The OFC Spiral shields have a higher signal to noise ratio. REAN is in the same place as the TRS. 24 AWG x 2 OFC.

Brand: Hosa

👤This cable has great connections. The Hosa cables I own are larger than the thin wire that I own. Hopefully it will relax a little over time, but it seems very poorly protected if you're going to be stretching it across high traffic areas like a tracking room.

👤In our audio den, we compare the sound of earphones to the sound of speakers.

👤I'm a little concerned about how small the cable is. The majority of the cost is in the wires.

👤I wanted to extend my Bose QC35 when I plugged it into the Marantz receiver. This allows me to extend the cable that I have plugs into. This one allows me to stretch across the living room and use the Bose without any battery power.

👤In 10 months, the cable failed. Don't buy.

6. PHX14 25 TRSF Headphone Extension Cable

PHX14 25 TRSF Headphone Extension Cable

The Headphone Extender is Female to Male. Heavy duty molded parts.

Brand: Pig Hog

👤I bought two of the cables based on the reviews. I own several Hosa cables that seem to wear out after a few months. I'm using them with a pair of headphones. The first pair by Pig Hog worked well for about 6 months before the sound stopped on the one side. The first pair that I bought didn't work out. The female connection is very loose. I tried the headphones by themselves and also with an extension that worked well, so it's not a problem. I've grown tired of spending $10 and$15 for new cables that only last a few months. I'm going to buy a pair from Grado. It costs a bit but it will last a long time and have a good connection.

👤The female end is loose. I use it with my headphones. When I'm done, I hang them up with the headphone cable. The male plug from the headphones falls out of the female end of the extension cable. This is an annoyance to have to deal with. The access is restricted because it's a molded plug. I peered into the plug and saw the two blades that connected with the ring and tip, as I wrote this review. The tip of the male plug is narrow. I bent the blades. I was proud to insert and remove the male plug a few times to show my appreciation for the job I'd done. They don't seem to have the spring in them that they need for this use.

👤The cable and male plug are ok. There is a The female TRS jack is not very useful. All I could do was try to get the plugs to wiggle. Doesn't make firm connections. A crackling noise is created. There is a A lot of nope and never again. It's likely that you can work with a jack replaced with a Neutrik. There is a Lesson learned.

👤Initially, I didn't see that it was only a quarter inch on both ends. It was needed for watching a quiet TV in the living room. I was using other cables while sitting. There is a premium audio cable. The one that gave up the ghost was only working on one side. Miserable. The cable is working great after being slapped on the plug. Heavy duty cable. I would have liked the Zeskit to be more flexible. This one is bendable.

👤I had to have a long stretch from the Snake Hub to the PA System for Live vocals without any signal loss, hiss or feedback. We get loud and the singer has to be heard, so I need a reliable signal source from the studio all the way through to my headphones when I am laying down Drum Tracks. This was the first product I tried out. I was impressed. This cord doesn't produce signal loss, there's no feedback, and it's pure musical sound. Since this purchase, I have purchased many other Pig Hog products. They have exceeded my expectations. They are built to last, solid, and thus far standing the test of time.

7. Seismic Audio SA IEFRM25 Headphone Extender

Seismic Audio SA IEFRM25 Headphone Extender

This cable is easy to coil at the end of your gig, despite multiple layers of shielding and insulation put in place for maximum noise isolation. It has a re-usable strap to keep it organized when not in use. Whether you have a permanent installation or a mobile one, the Extension Cables are road ready and built to last. The extension cable has 14” and 18” male and female connections on each end. It's easy to connect them for sound and music reproduction. The length of the extender cable is 25 feet, so no distance will come in the way of your music. The TRS male to female cable works well in studios. 20 gauge wire is used for the headphone extension cable.

Brand: Seismic Audio

👤The item is what I needed and what I wanted. When my wife goes to sleep, I can't hear over my tinnitus, and if I'm still watching tv on the den, the volume level disturbs here, despite the bedroom being upstairs and on the other side of the house. The cable solved my problem. It's not a fancy solution, but it's practical and expensive. I can now listen to television at night. I was trying to turn the volume down so my wife would be happy, but it would keep me from hearing all of the dialog. My life has been filled with loud concerts, loud car stereos, loud environments, and many other things that have contributed to my partial deafness. I will get hearing aids when I hit 50. For the next couple of years, I think this cable will help me. I would be able to hear everything my wife says to me with the hearing aids.

👤It's a decent quality extension cable, but it doesn't work well with headphones that have a 4-pole connection. I have to insert the plug in a specific way if I want to get proper sound with my Apple earbuds. It's difficult to find longer extenstion cables that support headphones properly, as more and more headphones are including 4-pole plugs. I like the fact that this cable has a male and female plug, and I can use my headphones with a 3.5mm jack.

👤Good quality cable. It takes a bit of a beating with how I use it, but it holds up like a champ. Can't really go wrong. There is a You probably know this, but only to be certain. It's a male and female. The extension is not a quarter inch. I thought I'd reiterate it and maybe help one person out.

👤A good sounding extension. I used a wired in ear monitor extension and it worked very well.

👤We have purchased several of these, and have had at least a 25% failure rate due to poor connection at the female end, as other reviewers have reported. Sound quality has been good.

👤I was unsure about the product because I don't have a Hosa brand. I have four 25' hosa and needed two more but couldn't find them, but I found this brand. I didn't know the audio was very satisfying if you have the right cable chain. Comes out on both headphones. If you have the right volume on your rig, there was no distortion. Highly recommended.

👤Awesome! Will do business again.

👤This was the perfect solution to extend the aux cable. The price and material were good.

👤It was better than expected. Excellent quality.

8. Hosa MHE 325 Headphone Adaptor Cable

Hosa MHE 325 Headphone Adaptor Cable

Rugged contacts made of nickel-plated are used for signal transfer. Enhanced signal clarity can be achieved with Oxygen-free Copper conductors. The OFC Spiral Shield is used for effective EMI and RFI rejection.

Brand: Hosa

👤These are not good for headphones. I have high end headphones that are connected to a dedicated headphone distribution mixer and these extender cables degrade the audio quality of the headphones as compared to not using the extension cable. Frequency responses lose their low end and mids get noisy.

👤This is a must have for sound on a budget. I use them to make ear monitors. They can put their own headphones in it and use the snake to mix their own monitors. If you plug the headphones in most of the time, you won't get stereo in the headphones, but you will get sound in the R and L. If you use the cuts down on the adapters, you'd need 1/3 F to 1/2 F and 1/3 F to 1/3 M. The length is right for the musician to have enough give for their headphones and for the cord to be long. I'm going to buy a few more of these because they are great for sound.

👤I use this cable to connect a pair of headphones to my receiver so that I can listen to music while wandering around my study. It works well for this purpose. The cable is heavy enough to not get tangled in things, and it seems to hold securely. It was kicked and pulled around corners, but there were no problems. Would recommend.

👤I use this cable to connect my headphones. My headphones are not long enough to reach the jack when I move around. I can't afford wireless in- ear monitors, so I'm using MEE M6 headphones and this extension cable to connect to my recording interface, which I use for my guitars and vocal mic. I have my own vocal/ guitar monitor in my ears that I can control, and I send separate outs to the house mixer. There is a The construction of the cable is decent. I haven't had any signal issues so far. It's long enough to get me anywhere I need to go. I don't need a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter anymore. There is a I haven't been able to wrap this cable neatly because of how it's packaged. It's not thick enough to bend straight, but I'm hoping over time it will. Hope this gives you a clear idea of what this cable feels like and how well it works.

👤I have a computer room audio set up that includes a cassette deck, a CD player, and a receiver. I needed to run a line from my receiver to my computer desk with the help of the cabling. The job is done. I was afraid the length would be an issue, but everything works.

👤Hosa MHE-325 3.5mm to 1/2 inch headphone cable is 25 feet long. I own a lot of different cables and Hosa is a great cable manufacturer. I use a lot of different cables. I use a variety of cables in my recording studio and graphic design workstations. You can find a quality cable if you look for it.

9. Hosa HXMS 025 Headphone Adaptor Cable

Hosa HXMS 025 Headphone Adaptor Cable

The REAN plugs are nickel-plated. 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors are used for Enhanced signal clarity. The OFC Spiral shields have a higher signal to noise ratio. The REAN 3.5mm to the 1/2 in the TRS were used. 24 AWG x 2 OFC.

Brand: Hosa

👤It is a decent replacement for my previous cable. The price for a copper cord is reasonable. There is a It is being used as an accessory for my Sony WH 1000mx3. It is not a state of the art cable.

👤I had to use another cable to use my old one. The cable allowed me to eliminate an extra connection.

👤Good product! The brand always comes with cheap solutions.

👤The old Radio Shack extension cable was giving problems in my project studio. Solid construction and Neutrik/Rean connections should last a long time.

👤No dropouts, great sound, great cord for pro audio.

👤The cable is used for live stream events. The sound mixer and video switch are several feet apart and need a longer cable run. It's doing what it's supposed to.

👤I use them all the time and am very pleased with the sound of the product.

👤The length of this cable is used to give artists a direct line out from their headphones when recording. The sound clarity is good. The sessions have moved from a room to a bigger auditorium to accommodate social separation, thanks to the cable. It has not worn out through use. We bought a few to try out for a band. We were unable to record 2 choirs on Amazon. Waiting for this one to come back on the store was one of the alternatives on search results.

10. Hosa HPE 325 Headphone Extension Cable

Hosa HPE 325 Headphone Extension Cable

Rugged contacts made of nickel-plated are used for signal transfer. Enhanced signal clarity can be achieved with Oxygen-free Copper conductors. The Spiral Shield is used for effective EMI and RFI rejection. There are two types of connections: one in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the The length is 25'.

Brand: Hosa

👤If you don't move, it's ok to sit at a digital piano and listen to calm tunes. It made a lot of noise when I used it to extend the headphones for a singing practice. I didn't notice until recently. I also have other cables from this brand and it seems they all have the same issue. The sound level of one of my monitors jumped up and down when I heard the smaller male connection of one mono TRS. When the JBL rumbled, the connector moved. The M cable brand is reliable. Not recommended.

👤I've been using Hosa cables for 35 years. I still use 35-year-old Hosa cables. They were always a budget option. The job was always done reliably. There is a The female end of this cable is TOTAL GARBAGE. Very unreliable connections. I tried to get through the day with a small screwdriver, but it didn't work. The metal fingers are made of soft metal and there is no spring in sight. Hosa, are you kidding me? There is a Even if your cable is working, I give it 20 plug/unplug cycles. When you plug something in it will cause your fingers to bend until the connection is flaky. Worthless! I no longer trust Hosa because of this. Very disappointed. Cheap is one thing, but this cable doesn't do its job.

👤I've been buying and using HOSA products for 30 years. I have never had a failure with Live Sound reinforcement. The exception is this cable. The female part of the cable was loose upon receipt. I tried with various headphones and they all made noise. This is not what I had expected, but it is the new normal. Sorry HOSA, but you may have lost a lot of customers. Immediate return of item.

👤I didn't read the other dozen reviews because this is a well-known brand. Do they test the things before they let them go? The female connecter seems to be a little wider than the standard one, you can feel the male connecter loosen. The effect is an intermittent drop with some static in one of the channels. Not cool.

👤I bought 4 of these for my project. Two of the cables stopped working and one of them did not work for a day. The problem was where the input was. The connection did not work with new headphones. I would have spent more on cables if I knew they would be useless after a few uses.

👤I've tried two of these and only one side works. The second one was intermittent and only worked for an hour. It's so weird. I don't recommend purchasing this brand. I paid for something that never worked, and I am still upset that I did that. It's not a lot of money, but it's not nice. Seek a different supplier.

👤It's hard to use this cable because of bad connections. It's not a good value if the cable doesn't function correctly, even though we're asking a lot for it. I might have got a bad one. Every time I use this cable, I have to fiddle with the connection. Or I let one side of the signal go. If you spend a little more, you can get something that works.

11. Amazon Basics Female Extension Adapter

Amazon Basics Female Extension Adapter

The design isdurable. The design of the step-down ensures a secure, fully plugged-in connection. There is a 25 foot 3.5mm male-to-female cable in the box. Extra length to existing 3.5mm male-to-male cable is not included. It's comparable. Any device with a 3.5mm audio jack or AUX-in port works. Reliable performance. The plugs are gold- plated and static-free.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The cord destroyed my headphones. The earbuds that came with my computer worked well. I wanted a longer cord. It didn't work after I plugged it in. The earbuds no longer worked when I used them alone. The plug from the cord that I bought was spread open in my I Mac so that it didn't make contact with the earbuds that were made for it. The earbuds worked for a long time. You don't open an Apple computer to fix it. You have to send it to apple for repair. I have been a Recording Engineer for 30 years. If you open that apple yourself, you void your warranty. It's a hassle. I have to send it back to Apple so they can fix it, otherwise it will cost me hundreds. A six dollar cord could cost me a lot of money because of bad specifications on the size of the male input plug. I am able to use my phone. You got a review you asked for. I think that Amazon is a great company. I think they need to do a better job with some products. Thanks.

👤The cable works as advertised. Just don't be dumb like me and order it for an extension. Only the output is supported by this cable.

👤Works well! This thing saved me money. I was going to spend a lot of money on a pair of Wireless Headphones with the base, because my wife will fall asleep while we're trying to binge a series and then Pop up that sleep asking me to turn down the volume. After a few times of this happening, I said to myself, "Self..." You need fancy wireless headphones so that you can enjoy while the enemy sleeps. There was no low priced option after searching the web. When I was about to drop the dough, I had an event. I wondered if it was just going to be "me" up late watching, and if I could find a very long one that would cover the 10 -12 feet from my TV to the bed. Haaaa... I need to say more.

👤Here is the scenario. I put the new desk in the middle of the study. A whole new way of wiring my computer and speaker set up is now possible because of the relocation of my desktop case. There is a The Stereo cables are needed to reach my case. I killed two birds with one stone because this came in a three pack. I picked these because they appeared to be durable. I need them to be able to handle the occasional foot traffic and chair wheel accidents. They have proven to be reliable thus far. There is a The jacks are 3.5mm. There is no loss in sound quality. They fit securely in the ports, which is a big plus. If your jacks fit securely, it means they are better quality. The jack is separated by a thin black insulator. If the jack is loose, you won't get that connection, and you may end up damaging your devices. I give this product four stars because if I ever need to order them again, there is a very low chance I will find another product. I will upgrade it to a five star rating after several more months of use, but it looks like I will be able to do that.


What is the best product for headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4?

Headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4 products from Tisino. In this article about headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4 you can see why people choose the product. Cablewholesale and Cablecreation are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4.

What are the best brands for headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4?

Tisino, Cablewholesale and Cablecreation are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone extension cable 25 feet 1/4. Find the detail in this article. Seismic Audio, Hosa and Pig Hog are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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