Best Headphone Extension Cable 25 Feet 2 Pack

Feet 8 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Movo MC20 Extension Microphones Audio Technica

Movo MC20 Extension Microphones Audio Technica

The replacement cable is not included. It's a must have to record crystal clear audio for your videos, interviews, professional productions, and more. There is clear audio. If you use an extension cord, you don't have to settle for poor audio quality, maintain the clarity of your recording and prevent audio degradation. One-year warranty. They have your back. Their products are designed to help you with your technical problems. Their friendly US-based support is here to help. Extending the reach between your microphone and your device by 20ft (6m) is called a long extension cord. The perfect addition to your gear bag, heavy-duty cable and connectors are designed for maximum durability and reliable, static-free performance.

Brand: Movo

👤I bought this cable to extend a shotgun microphone to the Sony camera body. The 1 year warranty would replace the purchase if the cable developed a problem. The cable did produce a decent sound with small static in the background that could be edited out or covered with background music. The microphone and cable were not moving between shoots and the static was getting worse and I could not clean it up with post processing. When I contacted the company for a replacement, I was told the cable would have to be sent back at my own cost. It is not worth the shipping cost to replace a bad product as the new product might also be bad. The cable I purchased from the Pro Co is a better model and it is clear and crisp from the package. It is worth the extra money to have something that works. Movo gained a disgruntled previous customer and lost a future one.

👤These work. I had clear sound from my TV, and it seemed like no line loss or static. Those that don't know that it's a stereo only signal can get a true true TRS cable. The cable was a good build with good connections. There are some things that are CONS: The TRRS headset did not work when I tried it, I suspected the problem was in the adapter. I was a bit worried about my male connector when I first used it. I would prefer the quality I received and it was worth paying a little more for. There is a I would recommend this to a friend.

👤I was going to use this as an extension to my camera. When I plug the microphone into the camera, I notice a lot of static, which I have never seen before. The extension wire is poorly made and creates static on my videos when plugged into an external mic, which was the conclusion after testing a few other microphones to my camera. When purchasing, be careful.

👤I'm very pleased with the quality of the cable. It works great as an extension to my shotgun mic, and it seems durable and thick. I used a boom pole to get my mic closer for my videos, but I had to get an extension cable. The sound is still great and I now have my mic closer. If you're looking for a cable, I would highly recommend this one. It worked well for about a month and a half.

👤When I bought this cable, I was a bit nervous. I was worried that the length might affect impedance. I tested it. There were no issues. I did a floor check with a silent room and laid it next to an electrical cord. Nothing. It is a good cord. I have not taken it out on location yet, but I do not expect any issues.

👤The item arrived in good condition. This is a good product. I bought a cable from another seller and it didn't work out. It broke quickly. The cable is good. Audio is lost when the cable is twisted. Audio sound flows through the cable. The product was good and the seller was good.

2. Wpeng Plated Female Stereo Extension

Wpeng Plated Female Stereo Extension

J&D has a one-year limited warranty. Any device with a 3.5mm audio jack or AUX-in port is compatible. This cable has a gold-plated plug, high quality cover and step-down design. 3.5mm male to female three-channe stereo audio cable isoxygen-free. The materials are made of great industrial-grade materials. The coiled spring is designed to keep things neat and easy to take, and there is no excess cable to tangle.

Brand: Qaoquda

👤I thought my headphones might be malfunctioning because the left and right channels were reversed. The problem was with this cable. The internal wiring reverses the left and right channels.

👤The left and right channels are swapped on the cable I received. If I get a working replacement cable, I will change my review. I'm going to cut the thing open and fix it myself, which will be less painful and time consuming than trying to ship it back for what it costs. This will change my opinion if I get a working cable.

👤The cable has bad shielding. I plugged it into my device and then the charging cord was plugged in. My speakers buzz as loud as a 100 pound mosquito because of this cable. There is a The plugs come out of the plastic housing at a cockeyed angle. If your audio plug isn't close to any power cables, sound is fine.

👤It seems to be a bit shorter than what they said. The connection is wired in a different way. The left and right stereos are reversed. Really stupid! Skip this one.

👤The audio extension cord exceeded my expectations. I plug my headset into it with it on my metal detector. There are headsets that aren't working due to stretched and broken cables. The 90 degree plug in is what I need for this application.

👤I needed a bit more of an extension for using my earphones while working. This product makes it easy to move within my area. It's worth every penny.

👤It's about 3 feet long. It's 5ft when completely uncoiled, but it won't stay like that. It's hard to tell where zombies are coming from because audio channels are swapped. If bass is too high, it will give a pop every now and then. I don't believe it's grounded.

3. Headphone Extension Yeung Qee Lossless

Headphone Extension Yeung Qee Lossless

Two-pack of audio jack extension cables include an extra cable, can be used on another device, or can be kept in a laptop bag. Superb Transmission Performance: Premium headphone jack extender lets you connect headphones or 4-pole TRRS external microphones to most devices with a 3.5mm auxiliary port (Aux-in), like PC, laptop, smartphone, speaker, soundbox, car or home stereo system, etc. Don't use the beats headphones for mic function. 3.5mm extension cable is used to transmit high-definition audio sound quality from a long distance, which protects the original auxiliary port of your most audio device. Unrivalled Stereo Sound. The Aux Stereo Jack to Plug Cable protects audio signal from RF, EM, and ground loop interference during transmission and offers an unparalleled sound experience to you. The stepped design makes the aux male jack fit perfectly on your devices and ensures a stable audio signal transfer, allowing you to immerse in high-quality music without disruption. Double-braided nylon audio cables add to the durability and tangle free nature of the design. It is water proof, so please don't put thePLUG in water. The 3.5mm TRRS Audio Extension Cable has a 12-month product quality warranty and high standards of customer service.

Brand: Yeung Qee

👤I am happy to have a sturdy cable. I think this one will last a long time, even though I'm not always easy on them.

👤The extension was 1 ft. I needed to play more with my headphones. This is a very heavy duty cord and it is secure in my jack.

👤This product is what I ordered.

👤The extension cord is great for my headset.

4. PHX14 25 TRSF Headphone Extension Cable

PHX14 25 TRSF Headphone Extension Cable

The Headphone Extender is Female to Male. Heavy duty molded parts.

Brand: Pig Hog

👤I bought two of the cables based on the reviews. I own several Hosa cables that seem to wear out after a few months. I'm using them with a pair of headphones. The first pair by Pig Hog worked well for about 6 months before the sound stopped on the one side. The first pair that I bought didn't work out. The female connection is very loose. I tried the headphones by themselves and also with an extension that worked well, so it's not a problem. I've grown tired of spending $10 and$15 for new cables that only last a few months. I'm going to buy a pair from Grado. It costs a bit but it will last a long time and have a good connection.

👤The female end is loose. I use it with my headphones. When I'm done, I hang them up with the headphone cable. The male plug from the headphones falls out of the female end of the extension cable. This is an annoyance to have to deal with. The access is restricted because it's a molded plug. I peered into the plug and saw the two blades that connected with the ring and tip, as I wrote this review. The tip of the male plug is narrow. I bent the blades. I was proud to insert and remove the male plug a few times to show my appreciation for the job I'd done. They don't seem to have the spring in them that they need for this use.

👤The cable and male plug are ok. There is a The female TRS jack is not very useful. All I could do was try to get the plugs to wiggle. Doesn't make firm connections. A crackling noise is created. There is a A lot of nope and never again. It's likely that you can work with a jack replaced with a Neutrik. There is a Lesson learned.

👤Initially, I didn't see that it was only a quarter inch on both ends. It was needed for watching a quiet TV in the living room. I was using other cables while sitting. There is a premium audio cable. The one that gave up the ghost was only working on one side. Miserable. The cable is working great after being slapped on the plug. Heavy duty cable. I would have liked the Zeskit to be more flexible. This one is bendable.

👤I had to have a long stretch from the Snake Hub to the PA System for Live vocals without any signal loss, hiss or feedback. We get loud and the singer has to be heard, so I need a reliable signal source from the studio all the way through to my headphones when I am laying down Drum Tracks. This was the first product I tried out. I was impressed. This cord doesn't produce signal loss, there's no feedback, and it's pure musical sound. Since this purchase, I have purchased many other Pig Hog products. They have exceeded my expectations. They are built to last, solid, and thus far standing the test of time.

5. Hosa HPE 325 Headphone Extension Cable

Hosa HPE 325 Headphone Extension Cable

Rugged contacts made of nickel-plated are used for signal transfer. Enhanced signal clarity can be achieved with Oxygen-free Copper conductors. The Spiral Shield is used for effective EMI and RFI rejection. There are two types of connections: one in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the other in the The length is 25'.

Brand: Hosa

👤If you don't move, it's ok to sit at a digital piano and listen to calm tunes. It made a lot of noise when I used it to extend the headphones for a singing practice. I didn't notice until recently. I also have other cables from this brand and it seems they all have the same issue. The sound level of one of my monitors jumped up and down when I heard the smaller male connection of one mono TRS. When the JBL rumbled, the connector moved. The M cable brand is reliable. Not recommended.

👤I've been using Hosa cables for 35 years. I still use 35-year-old Hosa cables. They were always a budget option. The job was always done reliably. There is a The female end of this cable is TOTAL GARBAGE. Very unreliable connections. I tried to get through the day with a small screwdriver, but it didn't work. The metal fingers are made of soft metal and there is no spring in sight. Hosa, are you kidding me? There is a Even if your cable is working, I give it 20 plug/unplug cycles. When you plug something in it will cause your fingers to bend until the connection is flaky. Worthless! I no longer trust Hosa because of this. Very disappointed. Cheap is one thing, but this cable doesn't do its job.

👤I've been buying and using HOSA products for 30 years. I have never had a failure with Live Sound reinforcement. The exception is this cable. The female part of the cable was loose upon receipt. I tried with various headphones and they all made noise. This is not what I had expected, but it is the new normal. Sorry HOSA, but you may have lost a lot of customers. Immediate return of item.

👤I didn't read the other dozen reviews because this is a well-known brand. Do they test the things before they let them go? The female connecter seems to be a little wider than the standard one, you can feel the male connecter loosen. The effect is an intermittent drop with some static in one of the channels. Not cool.

👤I bought 4 of these for my project. Two of the cables stopped working and one of them did not work for a day. The problem was where the input was. The connection did not work with new headphones. I would have spent more on cables if I knew they would be useless after a few uses.

👤I've tried two of these and only one side works. The second one was intermittent and only worked for an hour. It's so weird. I don't recommend purchasing this brand. I paid for something that never worked, and I am still upset that I did that. It's not a lot of money, but it's not nice. Seek a different supplier.

👤It's hard to use this cable because of bad connections. It's not a good value if the cable doesn't function correctly, even though we're asking a lot for it. I might have got a bad one. Every time I use this cable, I have to fiddle with the connection. Or I let one side of the signal go. If you spend a little more, you can get something that works.

6. NewFantasia Replacement Compatible QuietComfort Headphones

NewFantasia Replacement Compatible QuietComfort Headphones

Straight cable is ROHS compliant. The cable material is OFC wire and the cable diameter is 4mm. The jack has a 3.5mm male and a 6.35mm male. If you are using Bose SoundTrue or Bose SoundLink, you will not be able to use this cable.

Brand: Newfantasia

👤The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 was better. I love my phone and it works great. If you want to use in-flight entertainment, you need an audio cable. Bose gets away with including a crappy cable. I didn't buy this cable at the same time I bought the headphones. I wouldn't have been in that situation if I had.

👤I researched the best cord for my headsets. The cord that comes with them is a joke. A lot of people who purchase the QC35 are using them on a plane that has in flight entertainment. I need a cord that is long enough to allow movement in my seat while still being strong enough to stay connected. This cable is very high quality. I had this one replace the Bose junk that I threw away. There is a The length of the cable is enough for quality sound, but not too bulky. None so far! Will post back if there are issues with longevity.

👤Good quality cable. The 3.5mm head is too thick, preventing it's use in tight circumstances like through a case or on an iPad, where the angle of the slot for the headphones ends up blocking a solid connection. There is a You have to use a 3.5mm male to female head in order to get a good connection. It is sad that this is necessary on a nice cable. There is a You lose the phone controls and mike that you have with the Bose QC25's included cable, but the 2.5mm head connects to both Bose QC35 and QC25 headphones. When the connection is solid on my computer and on my phone. The sound quality is good.

👤The build quality is pretty darn good. There is a One knock is the end that plugs into the headset, which is a little shorter than the stock, so you have to ensure it's set by pushing on the cable. One star for that. There is a The end of the plugs into your device is larger because of the screw type connection. It may or may not fit into your phone.

👤I own a pair of Bose QC35 for editing. The noise canceling feature of the QC35s wireless is not supported by the program because the headphones are a mic. The cable that came with the headphones was too short and cheap to use. The New Fantasia cord was sent in the mail and it's amazing! It's braided for extra strength, and it's a foot longer than Bose cable. The fit and finish of this cable is top notch. 10/10 would buy again.

👤The cable is one of the two major flaws with the headphones, the other being the stock ear pads. There is a The stock cable had many problems, and this new cable solved them. It's a nightmare to manage and pack, instead of 6ft+ long that makes it a problem, and it's lightweight because of the reduced length. The end that connects to your audio device is spring loaded so that it won't bend as much and will have less wear-and-tear. I will use the new cables over the old ones a lot.

7. Cmple Stereo Headphone Extension Female

Cmple Stereo Headphone Extension Female

The aux 3.5mm headphone cable should be extended with the aux stereo audio extension cord. The male and female connection is 3.5mm. The extension piece gives added length, making it easy to reach other devices like media players, portable speakers, and other compatible 3.5mm audio-outputs. It was constructed from high-grade materials. The male to female speaker extension cable is built to last. The 24K Gold Plated 3.5mm connectors are made of gold. The package includes a 3.5mm Headphone Extender Male to Female Aux Cable. Cmple Lifetime Warranty is backed by it.

Brand: Cmple

👤I returned the one I bought here because the cable adds a very noticeable hum. I am using Bose headphones. No hum with the headphones connected to the receiver. The hum fades if I coil the extension cable into a 3-4" loop. The cable is not protected properly.

👤The cable works. It only has a Tip Ring Sleeve, which is required for stereo, but I didn't notice that. It doesn't have an isolation ring to allow you to control your device. TRRS extension cable is what I needed. The speaker on my phone can't start or stop music because of the cable. The cable lacks a wire, so the information doesn't make it to the speaker or cell phone. This cable isn't advertised to be capable of this. Four out of five stars. I would recommend it to a friend because it works just fine and the music is great.

👤I needed an extension cable for my TV. I have different viewing habits. She can hear the TV in the living room. I bought two sets of 25 ft cables. Both types work with my ear buds. Both cables are sturdy and built to last. These cables should be recommended to others.

👤The cable is well made and works, more options would be nice. The line loses at 100 feet. This could be easily cured by using a larger electrical cable. My computer audio output is enough to compensate for the losses. I would recommend this cable and purchase it again if the need arose.

👤My elderly parent is watching tv late at night. It was a problem as my bedroom is next to the tv and I could hear it all night long. I got her a pair of headphones, but the stock cable was only three and half feet away from her tv, so it wouldn't reach it. I bought a cable that plugs into the tv input and into the headphones. More than enough. The sound is clear and works well. The price on Amazon was great.

👤One of the mysteries of the internet is why cords and cables are so cheap when you go to the store. I got over my fear of buying something sight unseen with Amazon, it was a case of buying something sight unseen for other products. I was replacing another cable that sounded inferior to the one I was replacing, and this one is of very good quality. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a good price and a superior product, and that they really aren't all the same.

👤I needed a new extension cable for my headphones and this cord is great. So far, it is holding up.

👤What the heck? I got two cables that are 3 feet. It's too small and cheap to come back. I'm giving this two stars because I'm sure they still work. I could tell they weren't 6 inches tall. They were labeled as 6 and then sent to me as 6. Disappointed. There is a The company was able to fix my problem. From 2 to 4 stars.

8. FosPower Extension Adapter Connectors Motorola

FosPower Extension Adapter Connectors Motorola

It's not recommended for webcams, video cameras, devices with high power consumption, or home-theater electronics. There are two mini-stereo (3.5mm) male and female audio cables. The 24k gold plated connectors are resistant to rust and tarnish. It is built for flexibility and quality. Copper braided and aluminum foil shielding greatly reduces interference from the outside. TABLE SIGNALS The foam greatly reduces signal loss. Tin plated copper core reduces oxidation and increases wire life.

Brand: Fospower

👤I've spent hundreds of dollars on different brands of earphones, dialogue soundbars, and surround sound systems to try to understand the dialogue on streaming and DVD movies. I gave up on TV when I realized I should hook up my cell phone to my TV. EUREKA! No one has accused me of being a techno nerd. I can now comprehend the dialogue on streaming movies and DVD. I set it up this way. Attach the 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female stereo audio extension to the TV and then connect the other end to 2. A 3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5 audio female to female connection. If you don't need this accessory, you can add on a pigtail from Best Buy. 4. The earphones attach to the pigtail splitter. If you don't use a splitter, connect your earphone directly to the female to female adapter. 5. Fiss! Caveats: If you use cell phone earphones that have 3 bands on the end it can cause a static break in the sound transmission. I was told that this problem can be linked to the total length of the extension cord, the number of extension cords attached together, and if you are using them for gaming or moving about. If you need a long cord and experience this problem, you can gently twist the earphone connection when it breaks. This doesn't seem to be a problem if you're sitting and watching TV or if you have an earlier model with 2 bands. The static problem was corrected by gently twisting the connection. I was able to solve my static problem by using the single 25 feet cord. There is a You might hear competing sounds when using this setup. I can hear the sound of a TV in another room. There is a It is possible that sound absorbers could be helpful in blocking out competing sounds. I haven't found it to be too annoying to pay for it. Component prices are similar at several stores. It's too soon to evaluate durability. The material looks good. The sound quality is good for me. If I find quality substandard, I will update at a later date.

👤The old coiled extension cable seemed to do nothing but get tangled all the time, so I bought these for use with my bedroom TV. The sound quality is excellent. The material around them is very sturdy. The price is very reasonable. I would buy this product again.

👤I wanted to not annoy my neighbors in the apartment building by walking around my living room late at night, so I looked for male to female 3.5mm stereo audio extension cable adapters for my headphones. It surpasses my expectations for quality and price, and has a bonus of 25' cable length. It is a very high quality cable and I would not get confused by those audio retailers who sell the same piece for $50-$100 more. This is the only product you will ever need for your headphones.

👤It worked perfectly the first time I used it and has worked ever since. I can't ask for more. You never know how it will work out when you buy something online for the first time. This is where I write my reviews. If the product accurately reflects what it was advertised as, it should get a good score. The performance of the product can still be a factor in the scoring, but it can be more subjective if the user followed instructions and used the product in the way it was intended. Longevity reviews can be difficult to gauge as some may review the part for a long time. It makes sense to see less than 30 day ownership reviews with the AMZ return window being 30 days.

9. Hosa HXSS 025 Headphone Extension Cable

Hosa HXSS 025 Headphone Extension Cable

The REAN plugs are nickel-plated. 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors are used for Enhanced signal clarity. The OFC Spiral shields have a higher signal to noise ratio. REAN is in the same place as the TRS. 24 AWG x 2 OFC.

Brand: Hosa

👤This cable has great connections. The Hosa cables I own are larger than the thin wire that I own. Hopefully it will relax a little over time, but it seems very poorly protected if you're going to be stretching it across high traffic areas like a tracking room.

👤In our audio den, we compare the sound of earphones to the sound of speakers.

👤I'm a little concerned about how small the cable is. The majority of the cost is in the wires.

👤I wanted to extend my Bose QC35 when I plugged it into the Marantz receiver. This allows me to extend the cable that I have plugs into. This one allows me to stretch across the living room and use the Bose without any battery power.

👤In 10 months, the cable failed. Don't buy.

10. Premium Female Stereo Extension ED84026

Premium Female Stereo Extension ED84026

The OFC Spiral Shield is used for effective EMI and RFI rejection. Any device with a 3.5mm aux port is compatible. Such as Apple iPod. The sound quality is unparalleled. The pure copper shell of this stereo headphones cable is reliable. It has a premium metal housing, fully molded construction and pure oxygen-free copper. Case friendly design and step down design. Their stereo audio cable has step down design plugs. Thanks to the ultra-flexible, ultra-durable, you can benefit from maximum storage and travel convenience.

Brand: Edragon

👤The build of the aux cable is thicker and better than previous ones. The material is of high quality and doesn't look like it will tear easily or stop working, I ordered two 50ft packets and used a splitter to send audio to three different speakers in three different rooms in our house for monthly prayer session. The audio has no lag or distortion, I had to run the cables through my door, kitchen window, and family room to get to the audio. I put pins on the wall to hold the wire in place. The eDragon names aux cable cover on top is a little lose. It has no bearing on the functioning of cables. I am happy with its quality and performance. If you're looking for one, I will buy it for you. Excellent work by eDragon Tech.

👤Ok. 50' feet is a little long for someone. I have to say something. I want another cord like this one. I didn't get any feedback or funny electronic sounds from 50'. The price is as fair as you can get for a well made cord. If you don't need it all the time, it's easy to tie up any extra. When rolling the cord, I have not had any twisting issued. It is made well. There is no question. I recommend this to anyone who needs an extension. Of any size. It's so usable.

👤The cable does what it should, carrying audio from A to B. Not so here. This one works. There is a The business bits on the ends are very small and make for a good fit. The gray cable doesn't blend in with the black cables. I would call it neutral. The gray makes it easy to find the audio cable. I like that.

👤I use it to watch tv late at night with my headphones on, without waking someone up. There is a The sound quality has been great so far, and I like that the wire is thicker and seems to be better quality than the last brand I used. The brand lasted me years of good sound quality, but I sat on the plug in adapter. Hopefully the thicker wire will help in future situations.

👤It kept having a tendency to just cut off from nowhere, like usingBT for most of my sound connections. I went back to using an audio cable, but I needed to make the one that I had longer. That's where the bad boy came in, it gives me a lot of reach and the sound quality is much better now.

👤It is an excellent value for this price, and it works very well with my headsets, I would get disconnected to cut off occasionally, with this 50ft wired no connect, it is an excellent value.

👤Excellent price and great quality. My wife wanted me to wear headphones at night. The sound quality was terrible and the lag made me angry. This cable is much cheaper. Highly recommended!

👤It is flexible enough for what I need. The quality of the components seems to be good. I never could tell the difference in sound quality between the more expensive and less expensive types of connectors. I was only concerned about metal fatigue. It was worth the money.

11. AmazonBasics 3 5mm 2 Male Adapter Stereo

AmazonBasics 3 5mm 2 Male Adapter Stereo

The 3.5mm sockets found on most common audio devices are similar to the ones found in the cable. The 3.5mm cable is changeable. The box contains 25 foot 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA adapter cables. It's easy to connect devices. The device can be connected to a speaker, stereo receiver, or other device with the help of the cable. 3.5mm to 2X RCA CONNECTORS have two male and two female connections on one end. The standard ax jack. The 3.5mm auxiliary jack is used for headphones or ear buds. Clear audio and minimal signal loss can be achieved with a dual-shielding, polished metal and gold-plated 3.5mm connection. The design isdurable. The design of the step-down ensures a secure, fully plugged-in connection.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I got these cables to cut and wire. The cables had dual sheilded coax inside. There are wires around them for shielding. The coax wires were not used, both sides of the wire were connected to the center pin on the RCA. The ground is covered by outer metal shielding. They paid extra for the wires but didn't use them. I think they originally intended to use the coax wiring, but then it cost too much to solder up the coax and they switched.

👤I wanted to use my Bose Wave radio to amplify my TV. The Bose is old enough that it still uses the older RCA input jacks, so I used this cable to connect my headphones to my radio, it worked like a charm. I will be able to watch TV with Bose stereo sound.

👤About a month ago, I hooked this up. The first time I used it, it was great. The left channel didn't work the second time I used it. It was disconnected and cleaned. They are still malfunctioning after being connected. I disconnected them again and replaced them with my older one. It worked. I ordered the basics because I wanted longer cable. Will order another brand in the future.

👤It was the cheapest cord by brand. I have never purchased Amazon Basics stuff before. I was skeptical. 3rd Party phone cases are as good as the cords. Plugs felt firm and the audio was clear. The cable would be the only thing that would be ding. The material didn't have much rigidity. One quick tug and it will snap. There is a I would buy another cord from Amazon. I've included pictures. No issues with the cables after 8 months. I ran over with the vacuum a couple times and they were still holding up.

👤I bought this to connect my audio system to the 3rd Gen dot. The sound and visual quality are excellent. If you are doing the same thing, be sure to turn the dot volume up all the way so your amplifier will have a hard time reaching an acceptable volume. I assumed the dot volume-out was tied to the settings on the dot unit. Good cable for a long-term installation.

👤I purchased an RCA brand cable from Walmart and it started clicking and popping when I touched it, but it stopped working after I had used it for a while. I was cautious because of the "AmazonBasics", but I found the cable to be very sturdy and flexible, and it was the same brand as my TV. Hopefully in the future, I will purchase again.

👤I use this cable to connect my computer to my amplifier. The one I got was five stars, but it had the left and right channels backwards. The color rings must have been put on the wrong way. You can just run the balance controls from one side to the other and switch if you want. The plastic welds are solid and the connections are large and tight. I had a skinny cable that was not as good as the sound quality I have now.


What is the best product for headphone extension cable 25 feet 2 pack?

Headphone extension cable 25 feet 2 pack products from Movo. In this article about headphone extension cable 25 feet 2 pack you can see why people choose the product. Qaoquda and Yeung Qee are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone extension cable 25 feet 2 pack.

What are the best brands for headphone extension cable 25 feet 2 pack?

Movo, Qaoquda and Yeung Qee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone extension cable 25 feet 2 pack. Find the detail in this article. Pig Hog, Hosa and Newfantasia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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