Best Headphone Extension Cable with Mic Support

Cable 8 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Feet Earphones Professional Headphone Microphone

Feet Earphones Professional Headphone Microphone

The 3.5mm L-shape male plug is gold plated. The earphone plug is securely inserted for proper signal transmission and the female sockets make audible clicks to let you know. The copper wire core has a TPE cover. The 4 pole male plug supports microphones and headphones. 2 meters in length is 6.5 feet in length.

Brand: Earphones Plus

👤I bought this for my child. He wouldn't have to sit so close to the docking station while playing his Nintendo Switch. He's playing. He was able to sit a safe distance from his TV since his headphones alone did not have a long enough cord and he kept yanking it while plugged in. The purchase is definitely worth it so far.

👤The male barrels on these are too small to connect to your devices. You can seat it by plugging it in firmly. It will work. As soon as you breathe on the cable, it will loosen and cause you to lose sound to your headphones. I tried these in various devices. All of them had the same result. I bought two in one order and both had the same issue. Buy another brand if you want to skip these.

👤When using my headphones, I purchased this extension. Excellent length works great.

👤This is what I needed for my headphones. I didn't have to sit in front of the tv because of this extension. It was very useful.

👤It seems to do the job. Plugging back in seems to fix it after feedback.

👤I like the way the plug is arranged. The cable can be pulled or accidentally yanked.

👤This is a great aux cord for your car. It is very strong. The sound quality I get from it is perfect.

2. Zeskit AU112 Braided Nylon Premium

Zeskit AU112 Braided Nylon Premium

Replacement mic for M-7A mics. Without removing your phone/tablet case, the 24K gold plated male connector works. 4-pole 3.5mm jack is compatible with both 3-pole jack and 4-pole jack devices. Works with mics. The aluminum housing has a name that means protection and beauty. A double shielded cable that won't tangle. The craftsmanship and style of Zeskit is exceptional.

Brand: Zeskit

👤I wanted to cut off the female end of the cable, so I bought this cable. They advertised a fourth insulated cable and that the outer shielding does not carry signal. This is a lie. Every other cable is the same. There are three insulated cables that carry signal. There is a This will work for what I'm trying to do, so it will be 2 stars instead of 1. I really don't like that what they advertise for cable construction is not true.

👤The cable was great while it lasted and showed no loss or degradation of sound and looked like it would last forever, but after the first five uses, the right channel wire broke at the male jack end, and it took 888-349-8884 The construction of the jack and the way it is connected to it were found to be the cause of the death. The center two solder connection points look like a barrel of the plug, with tubes rings and insulators that are not actual terminals. It's lousy engineering, but I guess it's cheap. The cables listed on Amazon seem to suffer from the same problem, broken male ends, after reading the reviews. Unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money on this type of product, most manufacturers use the same crappy connector. I think a cheap is enough until they break. I would like to find a cable that is engineered to work.

👤The audio extension cable I bought in July was from Zeskit. It was exactly what I wanted. The first time I used it, my friends said they heard a buzzing noise, so I disconnected it and set it aside. I think it was a bad connection. I tried it again when I found it. We're way past the return window now. I sent a note with low expectations. They sent me a replacement immediately. It works well. It was easy to fix this issue. Excellent customer service.

👤The cable is long enough for me to attach a headset to the computer that is sitting on the side of the desk. I thought it was working well for a while. The microphone wouldn't work when I connected the headset to the cable first, even though I could hear the sound through the headset. The cable just isn't going to meet my needs. They were talking with friends online and they were complaining about echoes and their audio cutting out. I thought I couldn't be me because I have a headset on. After muting myself, it was clear that the problem was my connection. The headset made uncomfortable sounds for my friends. The problem was eliminated when I removed the headset from the extension cable and plugged it into the computer. The tolerances and size of the cable are not good enough, leaving for a poor connection. I'm trying to return it, but I can't because Amazon doesn't have the "return" button. It's not clear why I purchased this as an Amazon Prime product. There is a Don't buy this. It's not worth the hassle. There is a I made sure to connect both ends of the cable. Every time.

3. Movo MC10 Extension Microphones Audio Technica

Movo MC10 Extension Microphones Audio Technica

All of their customers will be back after their granteed date. They are always willing to listen to your concerns. Please hurry and mail them from Amazon. It's a must have to record crystal clear audio for your videos, interviews, professional productions, and more. There is clear audio. If you use an extension cord, you don't have to settle for poor audio quality, maintain the clarity of your recording and prevent audio degradation. One-year warranty. They have your back. Their products are designed to help you with your technical problems. Their friendly US-based support is here to help. You can extend the reach between your microphone and your device by 10 feet. The perfect addition to your gear bag, heavy-duty cable and connectors are designed for maximum durability and reliable, static-free performance.

Brand: Movo

👤Maybe I'm missing something. It doesn't work. My Canon 6D records sound great. I get nothing when I connect this extension. I'll update this review as soon as I can figure out if it's something I missed or the cable is malfunctioning. I think it's the cable after a while. Any help?

👤If you are going to be doing any sort of video with a microphone, this is a must have. We were able to extend our reach from the standard Lapel mic. We had no connection issues or problems with the fittings slipping over the course of a couple days of usage. There is a However! If I were to do this again, I would buy a 25 foot cable. 3-6 feet of that will be taken up by the drop from the mic and the rise to the camera when you have 10 feet. That is a high percentage with a 10 foot cable. The cables are the same.

👤Love it. The extension I used to connect my video mic to my Canon 60 D was a boom stand. I can tell from what I hear that the audio is just as good with the extension as it is with my camera. Quality was not lost. The wire is thicker than a simple head phone wire and feels very reliable. I will probably buy another one if I need more.

👤This seemed like a good value for the money, but it didn't work out. I had to return it. I bought it to extend the reach of my headset in the classroom since I do hybrid teaching and it doesn't work. The kids were not able to hear me. I returned it.

👤This whole thing could have been simpler if I knew more about the technical aspects of what type of mic is a match for "X" type of mic into "Y" type of camera. I don't. I can use this cable to plug my mics into my Canon camera. I am eternally grateful. Oh wow!

👤It does the job I need and it does it well. My life is much easier because of super affordable. I wanted to use audio equipment to improve my sound quality. I had a shotgun mic. I bought a pole to attach it to. The only problem? Obviously, connection. If you're wondering if the Shotgun mic works well with a DSLR, the answer is yes. I wish I had bought a longer one, because my only critique is on my own.

👤If you have a case on your phone, they will suggest that you take it off so that you can get the cord in your phone. My phone won't recognize it. I wouldn't use this often. Too little time has passed to return it. When I told them it didn't work, they responded quickly. We are here. I can't use it. It's a shame. Maybe look at another...

👤I can't get my mic and headset to pass through this cable. I have a mic plugged into the module controller and a mic and headset on the pc. I only get sound to headphones when I try everything. Will not send mic input to PC. It was a real bummer. Maybe I'm missing something. Did work for me.

4. UGREEN Extension Microphone Compatible Smartphones

UGREEN Extension Microphone Compatible Smartphones

The craftsmanship and style of Zeskit is exceptional. The cable can be extended to the desired location for audio and mic function. It can be used to extend the connection between your 3.5mm aux port equipped devices and your headphones, earphones, speaker, car stereo or home theater system. Premium sound quality and hi-fi sound is great for voice chat in a game, live broadcast, listening to music and singing. The 24K Gold plated and oxygen-free copper designs are resistant to oxidation and provide optimum sound quality after extending your device with a 3.5mm jack. The 3.5mm TRRS male to female extension cable is a great solution to protect your aux port from being plugged in. It's easy to get a 3.5mm auxiliary aux cable, but it costs a lot to get a new device. The case of the headphones extension cable is made of premium metal. The braided outer of the 3.5mm extender is strong and flexible, making cables tangle free. The auxiliary 3.5mm extension audio cable is compatible with the Apple iPhone 6S/6S. The Plus/6/6 Plus/SE/6S, iPod, iPad, Air 2/Pro, and Note 9 are all new.

Brand: Ugreen

👤The cable is sturdy and works as it is supposed to. I don't know why the female end has so much of the sockets exposed. When metal contacts something it immediately causes feedback in my headphones. The reaction is so sensitive that my friends can hear audio from me when the male end is plugged into my device. That seems like a major oversight for an extension cable that will most likely be touching something.

👤I wanted to use this to extend the length of my Apple Ear Pods so I could use my iMac for zoom calls. Sound quality in both directions was poor. Returned.

👤This cable is what I needed. The audio port on my phone was too small to fit into the opening of my phone case and the cable I use for it was too thick. This cable is great. It's very slim and long so that it can fit into the phone and the case. The cable seems to last a long time. It's great that it's a trrs cable, which allows for mic's and audio. I have not experienced any feedback or problems with the clarity of the audio, it does just as it should and carries the audio signal without distortion. I would like the cable to be at a 90 angle, it's an excellent cable for anyone who wants to fit a case with a long or narrow opening.

👤I bought a 1 meter cable to extend the cord on my mic equipped headset. There was no change in sound quality. It is still working like it did on Day 1. The connections are snug. I am happy with the purchase so far.

👤I use this extension cord to connect my phone headset to my phone. There is a The plugs of the extension cord are well made and do not get caught on clothing or other objects. The wire is flexible and thick. The sound quality is excellent. I would not want to give feedback on the product which does not offer volume control.

👤This matches perfectly to extend the cable when using a computer or keyboard for mobile headphones. If you want to switch frequently for different uses, detaching the cable from the headphones is better. Good quality and length for this purpose. The life of the jack may be preserved.

👤I needed an extension for my earphones. I don't need an extension for my violin lessons. I couldn't use the phones without an extension. The extension is doing the job I need it to and it seems to be well constructed and should last a long time.

👤Not sure why the question about volume control was asked. It's a cable. It has all 4 lines for phone signals. This cable plugs into my phone and doesn't require me to cover my phone. It works as a standard extension cable. It seems well made with a braided covering.

👤It looks like an extension cable with no interference. I am happy with the cable at the moment and may order a longer one if I need it, but it will soon feel shorter, but that is not an issue if you order the length suitable for your needs.

5. CableCreation Auxiliary 4 Conductor Microphone Compatible

CableCreation Auxiliary 4 Conductor Microphone Compatible

All of their customers will be back after their granteed date. They are always willing to listen to your concerns. Please don't hesitate to contact them. 3.5mm stereo audio extension cable is slim and flexible and compatible with any audio speaker. A headset with microphone and a microphone compatible conductor are included in the package. Right angle design The right angle is able to connect to tight spaces and hard to reach areas. Durable Design The cable is made with inner wire and TPE to make it durable. Universal Compatibility: iPod, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, and the like.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤The mic conductor is not properly protected. This can be frightening for everyone on the call. If you only use it for music and voice control, it will be fine, but if you use the phone all day for work, everyone will hate it. The manufacturer could fix it. Changing the wire and shield isolation is a combination. They need three conductors for the audio and one for the mic. They may need to add a 1k resistor and a small Capacitor to the mic shield and ground terminal to eliminate this crosstalk. It will take some work to get something that works and doesn't mess up the inline controls on popular headsets. Since I have not been able to find another cable like this one, I may try to modify it.

👤I use the 10ft cable to use my Nintendo Switch. I needed an extension to use my headphones so I could talk to other players while I was gaming, but I kept my Switch docked and sat about 10 feet from my TV. There is a The cable appears to be nice quality. It's almost perfect length and the plugs have a very firm click when plugged in. I could hear through the headphones, but my microphone didn't pick up noise. It worked perfectly after I reset my switch. The sound quality is the same as having my headphones plugged into the switch, and people on the other end said they could hear me. The cable lays across the carpet between me and the switch, and the braided covering seems to build static very easily just from being on the carpet. I get some sparks in my ears if I move the cable. Try not to move a lot. The cable is great for the price.

👤I eagerly waited for my mail to arrive so I could try it out, after some previous reviewers complained about issues with the phone calls. I have several other brands of these, and I can't seem to get the same one on re-order on Amazon. I'm trying the CableCreation because of that. I have many different uses for them and so I'm ordering more. There is a The item I received is 1.5 feet longer than I need, but it's fine. The tips are gold, and it's a normal stereo jack that accommodates the included inline mic. There is no static while listening to music and on calls. The cord is moving near the joints. The manufacturer improved the product because mine is static free and the prior reviewers got bad items. It is recommended.

👤Works. These are not gold layers for this low price. Bad connections may be caused by the oils from out fingers and natural oxidation. After touching the tip ring shaft, the plugs should be wiped clean. Audio professionals have used lens wipes for decades without the use of detergents. They are alcohol based.

👤The left channel is no longer working. My headphones still work great with a different cable. I need my money back. Immediate... This cable has no distortion or loss of clarity. I bought it to plug into my 50" TV so that I can sit across the room with my Bose headphones and not disturb anyone else, and I also bought it to crank it up when I'm watching NASCAR Racing. The Bose headphones sound great even though I'm using an extension cable. It's not losing anything. There is a The 90 plug works well in the back of my TV as it stays out of the way of my other cables. I didn't plug it all the way the first time, so make sure you do it all the way. I could hear the broadcast and music at the same time. I don't know where the music was coming from. It was like the extension cable was an antenna. I've tried to make it do it again, but it can't. It's weird. Push the ends of the cable. I connected my microphone and talked to my friend and he said it was good and clear, but I thought they would be better than regular 3 wire ones since they have the 4 conductors. I was correct. There was an update on 10/03/2019. After the left channel went out on cable, it was switched to a higher quality cable. I think you get what you pay for.

6. Cable Matters Headphone Extension Support

Cable Matters Headphone Extension Support

The package contains 2 x 3 feet male to female audio cable. The Cable Matters audio jack extender cable has inline mic support and is ideal for extending the length of a 3.5mm audio connection for one-cable headsets, car aux ports, stereo systems, and more. The microphone extension cable supports headphones and earbuds with built-in microphones. Adding an audio jack extension cable to your car's aux cord will improve in-car connections. Premium construction of the trrs extension cable includes a braided cable jacket, gold-plated connectors, and bare copper conductors. Two-pack of audio jack extension cables include an extra cable, can be used on another device, or can be kept in a laptop bag.

Brand: Cable Matters

👤The two pack contained one incorrect wire and one correct wire. I had a replacement shipped. They're the right wires, but they're bad. People on the other end of a voice call can hear themselves. I'm not going to replace this, I'll probably have to buy another wire. This is not a good product and not a good seller. Just look somewhere else.

👤These cables are a great price in a 2-pack. Work hard and look great. The TRRS cables are perfect for extension cables from the sound/mic ports. I can use all of my earbuds.

👤I used these to plug my headphones into the extension and they were static and no sound came from them.

👤I read all the reviews and they were all correct. This is a good value and a good product.

👤Both cables I received had terrible crosstalk issues. They are completely useless.

👤It does what I need it to do. It seems to be strong. I'm happy with the purchase.

👤The cable had a short of something that went through the metal connection. Be careful and protect your devices.

👤They have a really good connection and come in a pack.

👤The cable has no sound distortion and fits well. It works well for a switch. If your headphones don't reach to where you want to sit, this product is highly recommended. The mic part is very useful for the switch. It works like a treat.

👤I bought these for my son to use with his Nintendo switch headset, we needed it as an extension so that he could sit further from the docking station/TV, so needless to say the cord isn't "handled with care". It does everything we expected it to do. We only needed one and the price was right so we have a spare. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤J'ai reus et j'ai déj un files.

👤I like how they are made, how they connect, and there is no interference or noise.

👤One of the two packs is great but the other is not. Can plug in the headphones. Didn't attempt a return or replacement.

7. SOLMIMI Headphone Extension Headsets Speakers

SOLMIMI Headphone Extension Headsets Speakers

The audio extension cable is compatible with most devices with a 3.5mm aux jack. The audio extension cable works with both the 3.5mm jack and the 3.5mm jack only if the phone supports the 3.5mm jack. SOLMIMI 3.5mm headset extension cable is TRRS standard. It is compatible with all digital devices. TV, headphones, home Hi-fi system, speaker, car radio, laptop, and smartphones. Like the S10/S9/S7/S7 and the P30 of the HUAWEI. You will have more freedom during online video conferences if you use an audio cable extension. You can talk to other players while playing games, and you can extend the AUX cord to the backseat in your car, if you have this cable. The gold-plated connectors will enhance the sound and limit noise, while the three layers of shielding will guarantee flawless stereo sound transmission. The TRRS extension cable is not just an outstanding audio cable, but also a classical collection. The SOLMIMI 3.5 male to female audio cable is tangle-free and soft touchable. It is easier to plug in and out of the audio mic adapter with a portion on the plug. The step-down design is friendlier for a phone case. If you have a problem, please contact them for 24 hour customer support. They want to provide better audio cables and purchase experience for their customers. Music lovers like you will get a vivid music journey with advanced designs and services. Enjoy with SOLMIMI audio cables.

Brand: Solmimi

👤The product arrived as advertised. The braided cover was good. It was very well put together and amazing value.

8. ARCHEER Headphone Extension Compatible Microphone

ARCHEER Headphone Extension Compatible Microphone

The auxiliary 3.5mm extension audio cable is compatible with the Apple iPhone 6S/6S. The Plus/6/6 Plus/SE/6S, iPod, iPad, Air 2/Pro, and Note 9 are all new. The extension cable has a 4 pole plug and 4 pole female adapter ends which can be used to extend the 3.5mm aux port to any device. Stereo audio transmission can be done without reducing signal loss and noise. It's compatible with all devices with a 3.5mm audio port. It protects your 3.5mm aux port from being plugged in. The step-down design makes it possible to work. You get 1x 5 ft extension cable and a product warranty.

Brand: Archeer

👤The cable is good for the money. I didn't notice any degradation in the sound quality of the headphones or microphone I was using. I wanted to use the headset for general purpose audio and voice communication, but I wouldn't trust it for high fidelity use. It works well for that purpose. There were no complaints. I appreciated that the cable was unpackaged and smooth. It's not fancy, but the materials are high quality and functional, doing what it needs to without any drawbacks that are common with cheap cables. It is nice to know that the cable is light enough that it is not like attaching an anchor to your headset. That can be a problem. A nice heavy cable can be useful, but not for every situation.

👤I have wired Apple earbuds on my laptop. The wire wouldn't allow me to sit in my chair. I needed an extension for them. These are perfect for that. There is no compromise. They work with the Apple earbuds microphone.

👤Audio input does not work. I believe it is not protected properly due to the differences in standards between TRRS jacks. It's a poor quality cable with too much resistance. The search for a functioning setup for audio calls continues. It would be nice if more information was given about the actual build of the cable, such as shielding, if it supports CTIA or OMTP. This is useless for apple earpods because they operate on a different standard. This cable works well as an AUX cable, but it shouldn't be advertised as a 4 pole TRRS jack because it isn't capable of extending both audio input and output.

👤Great quality was questionable because of the price. I use it on my turtle beach headphones that were made for the PS4 so I can still use the microphone and speakers without issue. It works perfectly.

👤So far it works great, it only had a week. I am not getting static when I connect my Apple headset to my computer, and there is no degradation in sound quality. I use it as an extension for a laptop PC that is close to where I sit, and the standard Apple iPhone headset doesn't reach that far comfortably. This works the trick.

👤The extension helped prevent my headset wire from getting stuck by the arm of my chair, but I have a complaint about it being able to hear what I'm listening to when I'm on voice chat. The problem is caused by the insulation between the 'audio out' and 'audio in'.

👤I needed more length for my earbuds. I like to sleep with my earbuds on. Sometimes I get tangled when I toss and turn. I put a yellow shrink wrap tube on the other side to give me more protection. The cable that I needed to support earbuds with a built in mic works fine, I was looking for gold connections. Sound is great as well.

👤The extender worked well for about 3 sessions. In March, I tried to use it again, but the connection at the female is intermittent. If you jiggle it, it will work for a while. The cable is useless after trying to re-plug multiple headphones. I'm not sure what the warranty is or how to get it, and the Amazon return window has closed.

9. KINGTOP Headphone Extension Auxiliary Compatible

KINGTOP Headphone Extension Auxiliary Compatible

Any device with a 3.5mm aux port can be used to transmit audio in stereo. It's compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Headphones, Tablet, laptop, Smartphones, mp3 Player, Speaker, Hi-fi, Car Stereos and any other audio-playing devices. High fidelity sound quality is ensured by the quality copper built with shielding. The cleanest sound experience possible is ensured by the 24K gold-plated connectors. The headphone jack adapter is built to last with a braided interior, high-tensioned and strain-relief design, and aluminum foil. Plug and play works with both 3-pole and 4-pole jack devices. You can use your mic, pause or skip tracks, and adjust the volume with this support. A step-down ring is needed for quick response, tight connection and case-friendly. The Kingtop 3.5mm TRRS Male to 3.5mm TRRS Female Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable is hassle-free and has a 12-month warranty.

Brand: Kingtop

👤I have a bunch of Kingtop spliters that are all good, but the extension cable messed up two of them. We can't hear the other side, but we can hear you. The problem was solved when the headset was plugged into the computer. It happened with 2 different computers. So Kingtop needs to work on that. I return the cable.

👤The microphone did not work after I ordered another extension cord. This one works well.

👤I was looking for a way to extend the length of my Apple Ear Pod cable, while keeping the ability to use the in-line controls for volume and such on my devices. This cable works perfectly since it is 4-pole instead of 3-pole. I only had the cable for a few days, but it appears to be very sturdy and well made. It's a good thing that I haven't heard any difference in sound quality. This works great for my use case, because the audio through the cable sounds great.

👤I had to get an extension cable for my PC to use the headphones for meetings. The cable is very heavy. I've had it for a year. I use it a lot. Never had a problem. Highly recommend it.

👤It seems like a good value for length and sound quality. Would prefer a gold plated point. It does the job, but it cannot yet attest to the durability, but at this price point and how fast it came, who is complaining?

👤I tried to connect only the headphones with the 6s. Neither of them were not working. I could only listen to the sound, but no control over volume, play or pause.

👤I needed it to extend from my computer to my desk.

10. Aceyoon Extension Headphone Extender Smartphone

Aceyoon Extension Headphone Extender Smartphone

You get 1x 5 ft extension cable and a product warranty. This 5m headphone extension cable can support audio transmission and microphone function, you can listen and talk at the same time. 3.5mm extension male to female is suitable for PCs, tablets, smartphones, speakers, earphones, etc. It supports stereo sound from two channels. It only fits the CTIA earphones, not the OMTP ones, so please check the picture before purchasing. Their aux cable extension is compatible with devices with the 3.5mm auxiliary port, such as a computer, a phone, a speaker, a CD, and so on. You can use it to share things with friends and family. Not compatible with the Nintendo Switch. The 3.5 aux cord has an outer diameter of 4mm. Good anti-oxidation capacity and plug resistance can be obtained with gold-plated connector. Their 3.5mm audio cable has high purity copper. The 16ft audio stereo cable is made of high quality environmental material, which is approved by the ROHS standard, very soft and anti-stretch, long service life.

Brand: Aceyoon

👤It works great to extend our headset. The quality is great.

👤I bought three separate units and used them to make a very long cable that works perfectly in my iMac and I've tried many other products, but they create and make static, and it sounds like I use it in my iMac to connect my Beats head sets with a microphone. It looks like the material and components are made of a very good quality and my customers don't hear any feedback or noises like they are cheap ones that I tried before. It took me a while to find the right one because of the cheap material and the noise it makes, the other person will complain of not hearing you. I wish the manufacturer would offer a longer cable in one piece. I think it worked for me.

👤My kid can use his headphones and mic while sitting farther away from the TV. The others hear static in his voice when he talks. Makes them useless. The ability to talk through the cable doesn't work for him. Going to find a different option.

👤I bought this cable because I don't want to be so close to my PC when recording myself and it makes a horrible buzzing noise in the background of my recordings. I know it's the cable because when I plugged in my mic without this cable and recorded myself, the very annoying buzzing sound was gone, so the buzzing sound that I was getting in my recordings were produced by only this cable, and neither my PC nor my mic was the issue. I will return this soon.

👤I needed a short patch cable to use my headset. I put my laptop under my desk. The cable looks to be high quality, attractive, and has a hint of gold. All that glitters is not gold. I have to change the male end until I find the elusive sweet spot. The connection lasts for a day or two, then starts to drop out, and I have to repeatedly insert and spin the male end until I get a decent connection. I had high hopes for this relationship. The break in communication happened after 90 days. If things didn't work out, I should have tried to get an agreement.

👤I had this for a month because I had to setup a computer. Since my work computer doesn't have a built-in wireless option, I needed this extension for my phone. I take a lot of calls and I have been getting complaints about the echo the customers hear when they speak. The extension was the cause of the problem. The cable was plugged in at both ends. This extension cable was a waste of money because I don't use it anymore. The customers cannot be heard through the echo so the recorded statements are worthless.

👤Someone who bought it gave a real review. The joke is that this thing is so poor that it buzzes over the mic. People will hear a louder buzz and feedback than they will hear your voice. I have dealt with a static that is so high that you can't hear the person. I think this defect is mine since I barely unwound it and it worked.

11. DuKabel Headphone Extension Lossless Premium

DuKabel Headphone Extension Lossless Premium

In the box is 1x Jabra Evolve2 75. The weight of the headphones, carry pouch, andusb-a cable is 199 g / 6.9 oz. All in packaging that is sustainable. It looks as good as it performs, with 24K gold-plated contacts, triple shielding jacket, tough nylon-braided cover, and pure metal housing. DuKabel 3.5mm Extension Cable focus on pure essentials. They will go wherever they please. The sound quality provided by this cable is a thing of beauty. It has 24K gold-plated contacts, which make it sound clean and seamless. A shell made of pure copper is more effective at canceling out noise than an aluminum one. The triple shielding that runs through the entire length of the cable cuts out a lot of noise. The 3.5mm jack has a step-down ring on it that allows plugs to be fully seated even when bulky protective cases are used, which is very practical and needed feature since most smartphones and other devices are often in aftermarket cases causing problems with connection of jack. Even with a tiny opening, the DuKabel audio extension cable fits perfectly with headphones and phone cases. The 3.5mm Male to Female Stereo Audio Cable is universally compatible. You can use your 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable on many of your devices if they have that 3.5mm port. It is recommended that you combine it with the DuKabel Top Series 3.5mm Audio Cable. They offer a 12 months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable AUX cable for your home or car, the DuKabel Top Series 3.5mm Audio Stereo Cable is something you should consider. Hesitating? They are happy to help you contact their friendly customer service.

Brand: Dukabel

👤TRRS extension cable is not a rocket science, and I look for shielded cable, which is mentioned in the cable description a few times for maximum reduction of noise. This is the only shielded cable I can find on Amazon, and I am not happy about it. 1. I want to use this shielded cable to solve the buzzing noise issue of extending the Rode Lav mic to the Canon camera. I received more noise than my current unshielded cables when I turned out the 2 cables. The recordings I have ever experienced are the most noisiest I have ever heard. The shielding mechanism of these cables is problematic. 2. The gold plated TRRS male stud is not as smooth as a decade ago cheap standard 3.5mm jack, it looks as if a cheap China finish is what you would expect, but at the first glance you know it is not what you expect. 3. The 3.5mm plug is loose in my Canon camera and my other premium cables won't have any problems. It isn't fully compliant with standard 3.5mm plug specifications. I am not sure if the noise is due to the loose plugs or not. There is a This is a quick comparison with other cheaper extension cables. It might not be obvious on headphones. I will let you decide, as it would affect inline mic reception. I packed and returned them.

👤I've been looking for an extension cable that would hold up over time. I need an extension cable for my wired headset that I use in my cubicle, and it has to meet some criteria: 3.5mm jack with mic passthrough, Shielding to prevent degrading audio quality, and a quality build. I went with this one. There is a It has been good so far. There is a Shielding keeps sound quality good, or at least good enough for my headphones, and there is no sound degradation, bleeding, hissing, or popping that I could tell. The nylon braiding on the cable should provide better-than-average durability, and can be used with Bose QuietComfort 25 without issue. There is a It is not perfect. The junction point where cable meets the connector is worn out faster than anywhere else. They decided that a thick block of rubber would look more tough and would put more stress on the cable, instead of covering it with a softer rubber. I don't think that's something that can be fixed, because cable is heavy and inflexible, and unless someone performs some black magic on these things, I don't think that's something that can be fixed. I have never heard of a company that sells cable that could possibly disappear from the face of the Earth tomorrow. I think this is a big problem in Amazon. "Unconditional lifetime warranty" is what the packaging says. You get a card that says "add an extended 18 months to your warranty?" You can register at the website. How do you extend a warranty that is already lifetime? Are you going to bring the cable back from the dead? There is a It is excellent for what I paid and what I was looking for. Looking forward to using this for a long time.


What is the best product for headphone extension cable with mic support?

Headphone extension cable with mic support products from Earphones Plus. In this article about headphone extension cable with mic support you can see why people choose the product. Zeskit and Movo are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone extension cable with mic support.

What are the best brands for headphone extension cable with mic support?

Earphones Plus, Zeskit and Movo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone extension cable with mic support. Find the detail in this article. Ugreen, Cablecreation and Cable Matters are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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