Best Headphone Foam Replacement Pads 2 Inch

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1. Maxell 190318 Lightweight Adjustable Reporoduction

Maxell 190318 Lightweight Adjustable Reporoduction

The Maxell brand of products offers a wide range of styles and features for every budget. The lightweight headphones give a good sound reproduction for portable music players. They have a locking headband and a single entry cord.

Brand: Maxell

👤Stereo headphones for everyday use. Impressive 20 and 22,000 Hz frequencies. Reliable and durable. I wish the cord was longer. Don't expect them to sound like studio headphones. It's a basic type small stereo computer/gadget headphones for an everyday use with pretty impressive Frequency and Reliability. It was good for the money. It may be one of the best ones.

👤I bought these about six months ago, and they were great for everyday use. I had to order another pair after one ear shorted out. The ones that arrived are not the same as the ones pictured. The dollar store version of the sound is different. Just got them in the mail. I haven't had a chance to use them, but they are very comfortable and have a good sound. I tried larger, supposedly more high-quality earphones from another company, and I found the big cushy pad style to be so painful for day to day use. This style is the most comfortable between the big clunky padded ones and the in ear ones. Hopefully this will be a good stretch.

👤These have stood up well for cheap headphones. I bought these for my class of kindergarteners. No damage. They all work. If they do break, I am happy. I would probably order more since they were a decent price.

👤This purchase was very disappointing. I purchased them for the first time and they worked well for a while. I bought these again in March 2020 but they didn't work for 5 minutes. I received a low sound like the program I was listening to was underwater. I will be buying a better set of headphones if you spend the extra money.

👤The mid range sounds normal and the wiring is weak and likely to break. The "strain relief" protection where the wiring is not attached to the wires, is free floating, and is very low level of protection against wire breakage, is what I noticed. There are two wires from each side that provide twice the risk of damage and snagging as a single wire. Don't buy it, it's ok to keep and not send it back. There is a My cheap memorex phones, which have one cable and no strain relief, are a different style of holding frame. It is a wear behind the head and loop over the ear. The over the top of the head design is not something I notice any problem with.

👤The product was great for the price. It has been several months since I bought these. The old school headphones are still holding up well. There were no issues with them. The product was packaged well and delivered on time.

👤The headphones are lightweight and have clear sound. They are very comfortable and can be extended to fit around your head area. I would recommend these for anyone looking for a great pair of headphones.

👤The cord only has audio from one ear. I will buy two more Panasonic Headphones instead of this product. It has a longer cord. At the time of this post, the Panasonic Headphones On-Ear lightweight with XBS is not available. Black and Silver are not available. I hope it comes back.

2. 510310928231 Replacement Cushions Transcription Headsets

510310928231 Replacement Cushions Transcription Headsets

Premium materials for a premium sound. The original earphone tip. The ultimate in ear headphone upgrade is made in the USA using proprietary memory foam materials. It is convenient that it provides optimal comfort during extended wear. Sound envelope allows more sound to pass through the cushion for a better sound from the speaker. Replacement ear pads are easy to use and don't require a lot of effort to install. Reduce environmental noise to get that hi fidelity of sound from the speaker. Save even more by getting a 10-pack of replacement ear pad cushions.

Brand: Executive Communication Systems

👤I'm not going to get a chance to use the product in my review. These things are too big and don't fit in with myPhillipsLFH334 transcription headset. I have Amazon Prime, and they arrived late, they're not the right size, and they have a horrible chemical smell, so I wouldn't want to keep them. I'm returning them right now after opening them. They're overpriced. There are no other reviews.

👤The package was supposed to be 10 pairs. The package was open when it arrived. The one pair will get a refund.

👤We had been trying to get these for the office.

👤Not good at all! Poor quality and falling off. Very disappointed.

👤Happy with the quality of the product and the service received.

👤Hopeless product. A number of the cushions had splits in them so were useless, a number didn't last long once put on the headphones. The material is very thin. Will look for replacements from alternative suppler.

👤Product arrived promptly and there were no complaints.

3. Pairs Medium Silicone Replacement Earbud

Pairs Medium Silicone Replacement Earbud

There are 10 pairs of ear bud tips. It's compatible with Powerbeats2, Powerbeats3 and many more brands. Smokin' Buds 2 Wireless, Ink'd 2, Inkd 2 Wireless, Smokin' Buds 2 Wireless, 50/50, Bombshell, and Strum are compatible with SkullCandy Models. If you have lost, damaged, or deficient Ear Bud Tips, you should grab some extra or replace them. It is durable, flexible, and replaceable.

Brand: Earbudz

👤These buds are the largest size, so I gave them 3 stars. They are not small. I bought these for the smallest silicone ear bud replacement. They are too big. I have canals in my ears. It was a waste of my money for someone who works for that size. I always need the smallest size in the range. Everything is great about them, so if they fit than they would be a 5.

👤Replacement for my lost ear bud covers.

👤I have blackweb neck bands. They have three types of ear buds. These are not large. They say medium. They are not. I paid $10 more to get them the same day. They arrived the same day and appear to be small. I would return for a large.

👤These are replacements for earbuds. It wasn't expected to be as good as the original. I didn't want to spend the equivalent of a new pair of earbuds just for the lost earbuds. The earbuds were easy to put on and I used the medium on the MDR-XB50BS/B. I already knew that I was using the original medium. Having 10 pairs makes me less anxious about losing them again.

👤I have been using Mpow Enchanter Wireless headphones for many years and always misplace them. The biggest pet peeve is that they sell the bad boys separately. When I get packs with different sizes, I only use the medium size because it fits most people.

👤This is the fastest item I have ever gotten on Amazon. To install and be comfortable. It's a great replacement for earbuds that have worn out due to sweat and skin oils. Highly recommended!

👤I wanted to return them because I didn't expect all of the ear pieces to be the same size. They hurt my ears when they wore them. While. I wanted to use these to replace my ear bud. It's not big enough for my ears. I don't think they serve their purpose.

👤They will not stay in your ears. I can't remember how many times they popped out. The earbuds have Silicone around them. It is so thin that in any pressure, the things fall off. I lost at least two of them. I would have returned it. I keep finding them all around the house, which is a serious hazard for my kids. I went way too cheap, but I wanted an expensive one.

👤It fits my earbuds. Great product.

4. AIRSN Replacement Earpiece Headphone Walkie

AIRSN Replacement Earpiece Headphone Walkie

The material is soft foam. High elasticity, durable, light-weight, soft and comfortable. As long as it is 13-18mm in diameter, it fits more brand two way radio walkie talkie earpiece. Measure before buying. As long as it is 13-18mm in diameter, it fits more brand two way radio walkie talkie earpiece. Measure before buying.

Brand: Airsn

👤The product is advertised as having 20 pieces. The package was marked "20 Pack" but only contained 10 pieces. The product fits well on the ear piece and is very comfortable. Sending only 10 pieces when the items state 20 is not acceptable in any business. Amazon should be ashamed of dealing like this. It shows that the sellers connected to Amazon only want money.

👤I ordered these to have replacements for my wired earpiece, as the original had come off somewhere. I now have more than I need, as these fit better and are not as likely to come off. If it becomes damaged or dirty, I will replace it. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I bought these to replace the foam covers for my earphones. They do a good job, but it's hard to get them on, so you need the extras. It's fine for the intended purpose, but a little thinner than the original.

👤These were great to change out of. It was nice to have a clean change. These worked well, no tearing or difficulty changing them.

👤I was very grateful to receive my earpieces. These help to cushion your ears from the earphones.

👤Awesome ear piece covers make my devices comfortable.

5. Brainwavz Angled Memory Foam Earpad

Brainwavz Angled Memory Foam Earpad

The 40mm drivers are durable, powerful and designed to be ideal for cinema. Your TV needs to either be left or right. If you need a headphone jack on the TV, you need to use the right output jacks. Replacement ear pads are made with high quality memory foam. It is comfortable and fits many headphones. The design has been designed for comfort and sound quality. Quality made ear pads are durable and long lasting. It's suitable for Audio Technica ATH-M50, Audio Technica Q701, Audio Technica DJ200, Takstar HI 2050 and Pro 80, Ultrasone HF 580, SH 1 Pro and HFI 780. T50, M-Audio Q40, and S500S. The quality of the ear pads is better than the stock ones.

Brand: Brainwavz

👤COMFORT: I got these for comfort. Pleather gets sweaty. The best combination is these pleather earpads with velour surfaces. The holes on the interior seem to help it breathe better, as well as make them more soft for a better fit. The only concern I have is that they are itchy. I'll have to see if there are ways to circumvent this. There is a They squeeze a bit more on the head because they are thicker, but it doesn't feel right. The pressure points are gone. I can wear these with my glasses on, and I don't end up with a bad fit like with most headphones. These are made to angle the drivers. The angle may be redundant because the M50x headphones already have drivers. For comparison, I will be getting a normal pair. When I first bought the M50x headphones, I was worried that the bass was too loud and that it would overwhelm the vocals. The reviews by RTINGS confirmed this. Most brands like "beats" are legendary for failing because the bass should not take over by any means, which is where a good set of headphones should have smooth presence. I was worried about the sound of the ear pads. I didn't expect the bass to smooth out and the rest of the spectrum to come out in a more open, hi-fi sound. I got these headphones because it helped flatten the response. I can't go back to stock after I went back to the stock pads. Both for comfort and sound.

👤This was a great replacement for leather ear cuffs, but it was also great because I have the HyperX Flights, which are so shallow that the entire speaker is pressed against your ear, so very uncomfortable. The headphones were designed to be pressed up very close to your ear, but they still sound pretty dang, even though it did lower the sound quality a bit. good I would prefer the insane comfort to a bit of sound quality.

👤These were bought to replace my stock ear pads. The increased thickness makes my ears more comfortable, but it also makes the pressure on my ears less comfortable. The seal is worse than stock, allowing more sound to be heard. I'd rather have a dedicated open back headphones if I was in the mood for that, as the increased distance from my ears gives a slightly more open feeling sound.

👤The stock earpads came with the TR70's. They were junk. The sound was terrible. I got these because I didn't want to take a chance with more expensive ones, and I am very pleased with them. The sound is amazing. The sound of my headphones is amazing. I like to listen to music in the background, and I also like to listen to podcasts, which sound great with anything you throw at them! There is a The only thing I didn't like about these was that they hurt after an hour. I think that's me and my giant head. The thick pads that came with the headphones did the same thing. The standard size ones did not. I did not subtract any stars for this.

6. WC Replacement Compatible MDR RF985R Headphones

WC Replacement Compatible MDR RF985R Headphones

TheGroove Design reduces the pressure between the ear and the ear. The ear pads are easy to clean. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have any questions, please contact them. They are here to help you. Installation is easy with this complete replacement ear pads kit. A step-by-step guide for you to follow is included. The cushions are made with inside stitching that is reinforced with glue to prevent splitting seams, which is one of the most annoying issues with cushions. Replacement ear pads are made from thick, enhanced memory foam that makes them feel great on your ears and improves sound. As time goes by, the ear pads will not become flat. The Sony MDR-RF line of headphones were made with no longer used technology of wrinkled leather ear pads. Their smooth PU leather ear pads are upgraded to modern era standards. They don't cut corners or reuse other ear pads, which causes a weird, awkward fit. They exceed expectations by rigorously testing each cushion. The ear pads are compatible with the headphones.

Brand: Wc

👤I bought two pairs of replacement ear pads based on the reviews I saw here. They were correct about the money. The package arrived on time and I found a pleasant surprise inside the box. The pads came in a nice thick package with an insert that said "We want you to be happy with our product and we've got your back!" There is a Even after hours of wear, the pads are very comfortable and stay in place. I use them every night. They were easy to put on the ear pieces. It was simple and fast to fit them over the base. I think they're a good choice. The ones that came with the original Sony headphones are better. There were bits of black plastic on my ears and neck from the old pads. I will definitely buy these again.

👤I was about to buy a new pair of headphones from Sony which I have liked for a long time. The ear pads were peeling off. I replaced the headphones battery at the same time I replaced the ear pads, as the battery was starting to lose its charge after about 2 hours. What a change. It's like I have a brand new set of headphones for less than the cost of replacing them. The quality of these earpads seem to be the same as the original ones. They are very comfortable. Hopefully they will last for a long time like the original ear pads.

👤The original ear pieces were all but rotted when I purchased these covers. The fit is perfect. Installation and removal of new took very little time. Good on line site video and good written instructions were included. Did I say it was the perfect fit? Excellent product. There is a Maybe I should say very filthy product. My ears are in love with my phone. The price and delivery were perfect.

👤The replacement ear pads for my headphones are better quality than the ones that came with them. The ones that were original were falling apart. The replacement pads are comfortable and easy to install. Highly recommend them.

👤My husband uses his Sony headphones to listen to tv while I sleep. I bought him these to replace his old ones that were leaving little flexes of black leather everywhere. He said they are very comfortable and that they were easy to put on. He has been using them for a couple of months and still loves them.

👤It's easier to install than the instructions show. The Sony headphones have an insert slot where you can insert the edge of the lip and then turn the cushion around so it slides onto the frame. The look and feel is beautiful.

👤I was hesitant in purchasing these ear pads because of the negative reviews. I'm happy I didn't listen. I'm 73 years old and installing the pads was a little daunting but if you follow the instructions and have a little patience, it will go well. I find these the same as the originals. I wear my headphones for hours at a time. Don't hesitate to purchase these ear pads.

7. AHG Replacement SoundLink SoundTrue Headphones

AHG Replacement SoundLink SoundTrue Headphones

Everything you need to fix your headphones. Around-Ear 2 headphones. The headphones are around the ear. You get 2 new SoundTrue cushions. The kit includes around- ear cushions and 4 scrims. Your headphones are going to be completely refreshed. SoundLink On-Ear headphones are great. The SoundLink On-Ear pads are peeling and stinky. Don't allow your SoundLink. On Ear headphones don't work. If you want to get back into the music, you need a set of premium SoundLink on ear pads. It's great for On-Ear 2 and SoundTrue. There are on-Ear headphones as well. - These are replacements for SoundLink. The SoundLink has on-Ear cushions. On-Ear headphones. They are compatible with On-Ear wireless, On-Ear 2 headphones and SoundTrue. There are on- ear headphones. Old worn out SoundLink On Ear pads can cause big problems with your SoundLink On Ear headphones. These are the new Soundlink. The On Ear replacement pads are made of a soft, high density foam and smooth leather that conform to your ears and provide long- lasting comfort. You have your SoundLink, you want performance andDurability. The headphones help silence the world and focus on the tunes. The new SoundLink. The sound you love can be revived with on ear cushions. These are replacements for SoundLink. The on ear pads are durable and will help prolong the life of your headphones. Installation is easy with these replacement SoundLink. The size and strength of the attachment material on the On Ear pads have been adjusted to make installation easier. On the ears. Their video guide makes installation quick and easy. You can find the link on the product insert or watch the guide on the internet. Installation of Ear Pads.

Brand: Accessory House

👤I like this brand. My headphones looked new because they looked exactly like the original pads. The instructional video of how to replace them can be found on the internet by searching for it on the internet. I was going to throw my headphones out since I was using them for the gym, and they had a lot of sweat stands and a bad smell from not being able to properly clean them. They are great now and only use them for around the house or walking in the neighborhood. The sound quality is the same as the original Bose ear pads. This brand is recommended by me. Cheers!

👤I have had a Bose On-Ear Headphone for over four years. I use it for work, personal, travel, and other things, but the leather starts to wear off, and one of the cushions is ripped. The replacement gave me more time to live. I wonder if they have a replacement for the bridge.

👤Instructions were provided to help remove old ear pads and replace them with new ones. It was hard to put the ear pads on. They didn't tear anything. I've had them for a month and they feel secure. I own headphones that fit perfectly, but they aren't sound proof. If you were trying to block a bunch of loud noise, you could still faintly hear it. They are comfortable and work. I still give it 5 stars.

👤The ear pads fit perfectly on my Bose headphones. They are similar to the originals. I watched the video in advance and it was easy to install.

👤When my Bose broke, I was looking for a replacement and the ones on the Bose website had bad reviews, so I was worried that they wouldn't have black on black as an option. I saw how easy it was to install after searching for videos on the internet. The quality is amazing. I can't tell a difference between the two. Thank you again!

👤It was exactly what I needed. The installation video helped. After watching the video, the headphones were new again.

👤It was used starting 21 Nov 2021. The Right padding broke open on February 20th, 2022. Very disappointed. Will be ordering a different brand. Maybe it was from the Wicked Cushions. I have bought an earpad from them before and it works great.

👤One fell off the next day. You can order an original Bose pair for $5 more. Don't bother.

👤I bought these from the store and replaced the manufacturer's product. I had to give up trying to fit them after two hours. It took less than five minutes to fit the ear pads, which were recommended in several reviews. I would recommend them as an alternative. The cost of their version has been returned by the company with excellent customer service on their part.

👤The Bose headphones I bought around 2 years ago are no longer in use because the cushions started to rip and fall off. I came across these after seeing negative reviews of Bose. I bought these a month ago but didn't review them until I had a better idea of how good they are. There is a They are easy to fit and come with a link to a video which explains exactly how to fit them. They are initially a little firm, but they are getting more comfortable with use, and I am used to my ear cushions being a little firm with my headphones. I found that AHG contacted me twice throughout the process of purchasing to thank me for my purchase but also to ask how I am finding them and if I have any issues which they could fix, which was reassuring as I usually worry that communication is lost through. I am happy with this purchase and would purchase again.



The package has dimensions of 23.0 H x 1.7 L x 12.8 W. The package weight is 0.03 kilograms.

Brand: Koss

👤The foam ear pads seem fine, but I was not sure how to install them on my Koss KTX PRO1 Titanium headphones. The original foam pads deteriorated to almost nothing after a few years, even though I don't use them often. I found it easier to remove the speaker part from the head band by gently removing the two pivot nubs of the head band. You don't want to swap speakers if you work on one side at a time. I could slip the tip of a flathead screwdriver between the inner black plastic speaker part and the outer plastic silver enclosure, but it did not snap apart and felt like I might break something if I forced it. There is a There is a small amount of stretchy glue on the center junction where the two parts snap together. Use a wide flathead screwdriver to create a big gap. If you loosen the hold of the glue and create a large gap, you can grasp the black plastic part with one hand and the silver enclosure part with the other. Pull it apart until it breaks free. You can see how it looks when you get it apart. Excess glue may get in the way of reassembly. Pull or cut out the remnants of the old pad to make way for the new one. Push your finger along the surface from the center to the edge to evenly distribute the new pad so that it covers the spiky nubs. Make sure the rubber cord strain relief is in the notch on the silver enclosure. The back of the speaker has a part on it that needs to be aligned with the center of the enclosure. It is difficult to tell if it is aligned correctly, but you can do it with a visual approximation. Press firmly and the wire will click into place.

👤The original foam pads of my Koss Portapro began to break down around last Xmas. I didn't bother to get new pads until recently, when I finally got tired of having black foam bits in my wife beater. The pic for this looked a bit blurry, but for about 7 bucks, why not? There is a I was so glad I did. The new pads fit perfectly. Installation was painless. The new pads on the headphones make them feel more comfortable. The sound quality was the best part. I forgot how good these are. The sound stage and highs were restored by the new pads. The clarity is closer to my Grados than I remember. If you need replacement pads, these should do the job.

👤I was able to install the cushions after I received a review from another buyer. I used a butter knife to pop out the speakers. The speakers were snapped back into place. Anyone can do it if I can do it. I own a pair of Koss headphones. I have had them since December of 2012 and they work great. Highly recommend the replacement ear cushions as well.

9. Razer BlackShark Gaming Headset Detachable

Razer BlackShark Gaming Headset Detachable

Plug and play, 3.5mm plugs for mic and headset, and ausb plug for lights, more fully ensure the stability of the sound. The best-selling gaming peripheral brand is Source. The U.S. retail tracking service includes gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, and peripherals. The combined dollar sales were Jan-Sept. 2021. It is possible to provide accurate spatial audio information beyond standard 7.1 surround sound in games. The Triforce Titanium 50mm High-End Sound Drivers are made of titanium. Individual tuning of highs, mids, and lows can be done with 50mm drivers. The All-Day Comfort is a cooling gel- infused cushion. The Hyperclear Cardioid mic has a more focused voice pickup area, so you can get the most out of the mic with advanced voice tweaking options. Audio enhancers can be connected via ausb port; the only audio that can be heard on Windows 10 is the Spatial Audio.

Brand: Razer

👤I had low expectations of this headset. I had a great headset from Corsair that had a great mic and sound, but the connection with my PS4 wasn't very strong and I would notice a lot of dropouts in audio. I decided to use the 3.5mm jack on the controller to see if friends with PS4s swore by using it. Quality builds. The first thing you notice is how light the headset is. It's clear that this isn't a headset that prioritized premium materials. It's light and comfortable. Light materials should be great for long term sessions if you consider the issues with heavier headsets and neck pain. The pads are made of faux leather. The part that rests against your head is a little more absorbent. I don't think I'll have any issues with these. I don't feel like I'm in a death grip because the force is moderate and they won't fall off accidentally. There is a I think the quality of the mic is a great compliment to the quality of the headset, no one thought I was on a headset. It's like you're actually talking on the phone. " I could see using these on conference calls if the video was off. The mic is good. There is a The audio quality is good. I was expecting things to fall apart here, but they did not. I decided to make a comparison between these and my pair of HD600s that I own. There was no contest between the two headphones in terms of vocals or detail retrieval, but the Razer wasn't a bad headphone by any means. It was clear and present, without being muddy. The spotty connection ruined the sound of the Corsair Virtuoso. I think that gaming is more forgiving than listening to music. I ran through a few games to see if I could do it. I tried a game that focused on background music and it sounded great. I tried a headset with more explosions and it felt good. There is a Flaws are not dealbreakers. The volume knob is different from the other volume knobs in my life. The sound is turned down by clockwise. Why? I would like to know that I'm quiet. The first attempt at a call failed because the person was engaged. There is a The Blackshark V2 X is an amazing product at the price point, even though it has a terrible name. I don't play as many games online as I used to and I listen to more music. It makes sense to have a cheap headset for online play with friends and conference calls, as well as a great pair of headphones for music and solo play. This works for me.

👤I used to play in the semi-pro section of the game, and these headphones are better than the studio-grade ones we used. The ANC isn't as good, but it still allows me to focus on the game and tune out everything else. The sound of the surround allows for distinct and accurate noises in a chaotic battlefield. The cable is perfect for everything from movies to games, and it is crisp and clear. It's lightweight and snug on my head, and doesn't put pressure on my glasses. I would pay a lot more for good headphones.

10. SuperEar Disposable Hygienic Sanitary Headphones

SuperEar Disposable Hygienic Sanitary Headphones

2 Pair of Large + 2 Pair of Medium + 2 Pair of Small Eartips + 2 Pair of Double Flange Earbus are included in the package. There is a box of disposable paper ear pads for small headphones. The covers are used with small headphones and headsets. The elastic and stretchable headphone covers are small enough to fit on most small headphones. It works with all SuperEar Personal Sound Amplifiers. It helps protect the headphones from dirt, oils, and skin contact. It's practical for net bars, libraries, hospitals, call centers, shows and hotels.

Brand: Superear

👤These are helpful for my practice. Eye movement desensitization reprocessing therapy is what I use them for. I keep one set on my head and place another top on it. It makes it easier to change them. If you take them off you will tear up the foam on the headphones.

👤My wife was suffering from chronic ear infections which were caused by using earphones all day at work. The infections were eliminated by these earpad covers.

👤Good transaction. Product is design. I forget my headphones when I need to wear a hearing device, so I use a hearing device.

👤Some residents in the SNF refuse to wear hearing aids and I work with them. The disposable covers are used for hygiene and control of infections.

👤It's perfect and it's convenient on the early part of the body.

👤Hearing aids are only better for what we need. They are used in the hospital for hard of hearing patients who don't have a hearing aid. The covers work well to keep the headset from becoming contaminated.

👤Good purchase. They are comfortable for the clients to wear.

👤Absolutely perfect! We need to cover the headphones while we offer meditation and nail treatments. The box will keep us supplied for a while. Thank you.

👤This earphone cover was the cheapest and fastest to ship. The product was of sound quality when received. I will purchase from here again and again going forward. Highly recommended!

👤We use great covers in our local theatre for hearing assist devices.

👤It works well on standard headsets. It's a tad on the pricier side, but it's the standard price. Does the job.

👤We had headphones. Great product.

11. HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset KHX HSCP GM

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset KHX HSCP GM

The package includes a premium package. It has three pairs on one pack that can be replaced if the ear tips are torn or lost. The memory foam ear cushions and padded headband are designed for comfort. Large 53 millimeter drivers provide high-quality audio. Get the advantage on your opponents by hearing in-game details. Virtual 7.1 surround sound is a great way to immerse yourself in your games. There is a passive noise cancellation. The closed ear cup keeps you focused on the game. The aluminum frame is built to last. You can chat with your friends on TeamSpeak and Discord certified so they can hear you. 7.1 virtual surround sound is compatible on PC and Mac. Stereo on mobile devices.

Brand: Hyperx

👤The headsets are comfortable. I could wear them all day. There is a catch for Xbox users, they can't use the 7.1 sound card. After talking with the customer service, I found out that this piece is not compatible with the Xbox. It would have been nice to know that. The description says it's compatible with PC, PS4 and other consoles. No! It doesn't work the same. The headphones are not at the same level as expected.

👤This review has changed my stance on writing reviews. I bought this headset in June of 2016 The performance has been great, the microphone is great, and my favorite is the stitched covering. The customer service I received was good. I tried online customer service. The product has a 2 year warranty and the representative was quick to confirm that. It was sweet! I usually get screwed over in these situations, so I was not expecting that. They had to transfer my online chat to tech support. No problem... I was kicked lower in the queue and that wasn't a good experience. I decided to call customer service on Friday after 5. They are only open from Monday to Friday. I get Eric. I tell him the whole story. First thing this guy says? We'll take care of you. Eric asked for personal information and said that he would get another email in the next few days. He was really nice about answering my questions. I have a couple of explanations from her the following Monday. One is a pre-paid return label and the other is a replacement. I returned the damaged part on Wednesday and my replacement arrived on Black Friday. The best customer service I've ever received is from Aesteiron. If the price tag is an issue for you, consider the warranty and the great replacement process.

👤The headphones through the audio jack are comfortable and have high audio quality. There is a The problem is with their "7.1"usb control adapter. When I received it, I thought it was a faulty part, so I contacted Kingston and they sent another one. There is a It's completely unacceptable for a part that you pay extra for to create a constant white noise that is exaggerated with subtle low volume sound changes. The faked 7.1 is great and I really love to use it in game, but the constant boost in this white background noise is ridiculous. I've tested it with and without the dongle on 4 different machines with different OS' and all the same, it's the poor made dongle that is the problem. There is a I'm quite disappointed that they would cheap out on the only reason people pay an extra $20 for a headset. There is a Kingston support is great so there are no problems there.

👤I'm a computer professional by trade who plays video games and wears a headset all the time so I can listen to music and not hear anything outside. The headset is very comfortable. I don't believe I have an ultra-discriminating ear, so I can say the sound quality is great, but that doesn't mean as much as someone who invests the time in full-on comparisons. The only con so far is that the wire can easily get twisted, as others have said in their reviews, but this is minor. After some time, I've found a quirk of this headset that makes it drop by two stars. Because of that twisting. The cord is not perfect. It doesn't look bad. When I shift in my chair the wrong way, the headset cuts out and I need to find the right place to put the cord to get it back on. I am considering getting a different headset or using an older one even though I still love the sound and noise cancellation of these headphones, because it happens more and more frequently. There is an update 2. I was scrolling through old reviews and realized I hadn't updated this one. I can't just replace the non-detachable cord without re-splicing, so unfortunately, contrary to some of the comments, I can't. HyperX did not have to worry about honoring their warranty. It's been awhile since this happened, but I believe I had to pay for return shipping, and they shipped me a new headset. I'm giving it back a star because it's still going strong and they've done a great job with returns and customer service. 5 years in. The headset ear cushions are held on by a small ring of elastic that fits in a grooves. They fall off more easily when they've worn out, and it can be difficult to put them back. The piece that the headset plugs into is fraying and I had to order a replacement. Sometimes the sound cuts out if the wire is in a certain position. The customer service has been excellent. Five years of use isn't bad, and they're still comfortable.


What is the best product for headphone foam replacement pads 2 inch?

Headphone foam replacement pads 2 inch products from Maxell. In this article about headphone foam replacement pads 2 inch you can see why people choose the product. Executive Communication Systems and Earbudz are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone foam replacement pads 2 inch.

What are the best brands for headphone foam replacement pads 2 inch?

Maxell, Executive Communication Systems and Earbudz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone foam replacement pads 2 inch. Find the detail in this article. Airsn, Brainwavz and Wc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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