Best Headphone Foam Replacement Pads Logitech

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1. Rosenice Replacement Cushions Logitech Headphones

Rosenice Replacement Cushions Logitech Headphones

The package include 5 pairs of earpad. The soft foam is durable. The size is about 75*65mm. It's ideal for replacing ear pads that have been lost or damaged. It is compatible with the H800 headphones. The ear pads can be used to improve the bass performance of your headphones.

Brand: Rosenice

👤The cushion on the left phone had worn through and become uncomfortable, even though I love my H800 Wireless Headphones. I don't like replacement ear cushions. They have always been cheap and thin. Not these. They are thicker and don't tear easily, which is something I've seen before. Since the H800 uses oddly shaped mounts, the last is important. I used a crochet hook to guide the cushion over the mount. I can wear the H800s for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Love them! There is a The man is named Jerry.

👤The replacement foam cushions for the H800 Headset are a good place to start. They fit the H800 securely and don't feel cheap. The installation video has more information.

👤The H800 headphones have been through a lot. Lots of phone calls and music. The original pads began to fall apart a few months ago. The speakers are like torture devices, so I wanted a fix. I decided to place an order for a pair of Rosenice Replacement Pads after reading some reviews. There is a The installation of the pads was easy because the envelope arrived promptly. There is a I am happy to be able to use the H800 again because the pads feel great. If you have your pads on your last legs, I would recommend you. Will purchase again.

👤These replacement foam ear pads are for the H 800. The original foam ear pads have not worn out, but they have stretched and are useless. They come off all the time. I saw that these were a feature and not a bug when I saw that they were reviewed as "kind of tight". They fit. It was nice and snug. The foam on your ears feels the same. They stay on as they are supposed to. I highly recommend them.

👤The original ear pads that came with the headset are just as good as the H800's. I use this headset a lot and my ear pads wear out over time. I will buy these again in the future. After the H800's came out, no one sold replacements for them, so I'm glad they finally started making replacements. I'm a happy customer.

👤The most comfortable headset I've ever owned is the H800 from Logitech. They were packaged in a way that made me worried they would be permanently damaged, but after putting them on they looked perfect. There is a I ordered another set of foams four years later. These are still for sale. If these also lasted 4 it would be an example of quality.

👤I thought this wasn't going to be very nice, but I bought it anyways. It keeps my ears warm and it turned out better than I thought. I'm glad it's only a few bucks. It was pleasantly surprised.

👤You can't say much about them. They work well. For short use, they are comfortable. I have not had meetings that lasted more than 2 hours. My ears start to notice the headset more at 1.5 - 2 hours, but it was the same with the originals.

2. Replacement Cushions LOGITECH Headset Black

Replacement Cushions LOGITECH Headset Black

It is high elasticity, durable and soft. Soft and memory foam is durable. The package includes an Ear Pad.

Brand: Sqrmekoko

👤I adopted a stray dog and she chews everything she can. She stole and chewed my headset. She destroyed the foam earpieces and the bare plastic has rubbed my ear. The earpieces were a perfect fit for a replacement and cost 50% less than new ones. The earpiece hole was stated to be too small in a review. This is incorrect. They are similar to the ones supplied by the factory that have to be pinched and pulled to fit over the earpiece. Because of this dog, I have been able to attach them multiple times and the hole in the foam is small enough to keep them firmly attached. Place earpiece into foam cup, pinch 15 degrees away and pull out and over, repeat the process all the way around. I can't tell a difference between the two because they fit perfectly and I have one factory and one attached right now. The earpieces are not perfect. After installation, put them in the same position as the old ones. If you don't have a factory-installed original, you can't see foam from the outside of the headset. There is a This product is perfect for half the price of the original, and it's a long review, I know, but it's a good one.

👤They fit my H800 headset perfectly, but they're a little thin in the center of the pad, where it covers the actual speaker, so I give them an overall rating of 4 stars. Replacement ear pads are thinner in the middle, but they seem a little too thin to me.

👤It is snug so it will stay in place. The sound is clear and vibrant. I would recommend.

👤I bought these hoping that they would fit my older Logitech, which is identical to the H555 except for the PC connection. They fit, but not perfectly, but they are comfortable enough to wear. See the picture for more.

👤Ear cushions for LOGITECH H800 H 800. The previous replacement set was replaced with a Headset Black- Thinner. The H800 headset didn't seem specifically made for it. It's too early to tell ifDurability will be the real test.

👤I love my headphones, but my foam is turning to dust, it's sad. On a distant website, new foam would be thrown on the corpses of their brethren. I could use my headphones again. They were cheap and fit well. My headphones have been reborn.

👤The earpads fit as expected and are of great quality. The original set was in my possession for over four years. We will see how long these last. I am happy to know that I can still use the LOGITECH H800 H 800 Headset that I bought four years ago.

👤I've been given another year to use my logitech H800 headphones that are no longer made, but I really like them, so I've gotten another year. Thanks for that existing!

👤My logitech h800 headset has a pair of ear pads. I expect them to last 5 years if they have the same longevity as the original pair.

3. Sunmns EarPad Sennheiser Philips Headphone

Sunmns EarPad Sennheiser Philips Headphone

Before buying ear pads, please pay attention to the size. Soft and comfortable touching. It's compatible with headphones that are 48mm - 55mm. Increasing fidelity of music is achieved through noise isolation. The diameter is approx. Please note that their ear pads are 2 inch (5 cm) and 5 pairs of ear pads.

Brand: Sunmns

👤Other reviewers have said that these are very thin. I am not the most optimistic purchaser of replacement items because they were thinner than I had thought. The headphones fit in 3” of space. Look at my pictures. I have gone down to 1/16” from about 1/2” of padding. One of the review categories asked about noise cancellation was that the headphones no longer fully seat on my ears. There is a I upgraded from the 2 Stars I gave when I started writing to 3 Stars because they make the headset usable. Be aware. These are not very good. I didn't spend $20 on more expensive ones to find they didn't fit. My original ear pads are 60mm. The fit was perfect. There is a Post script! I wondered if I could put two of them on at the same time. The answer is yes. Spread it as symmetrically as possible by slipping one inside the other. Work both covers over the earphone protrusions at the headpiece bridge. Carefully work down to the bottom of both sides to make sure you have enough padding to fit as your replacement. See the picture.

👤The ear pads on my headphones started to hurt my ears. I gambled on a low-priced alternative because the price of official replacement ear foam was more than I wanted to spend. They fit well and I can wear my favorite earphones again.

👤I have many sets of earbuds and headphones. My Sony DR-BT22 was 12 years old. The old pads had rotted away and I had other headsets that didn't fit well. The batteries on this set have not gone bad. The new pads are just like new. I read an old review of the Sony headphones and they said they might not be durable in the long run. The new pads feel like a brand new one. I got the 5 pack because it was cheap and I could get out of it.

👤I have a pair of H555 headsets from Logitech and their earpieces are rounded at the corner. I decided to give it a try after finding these replacement pads. They fit well and are very comfortable. We are having to work from home and these earpad cushions give my old heads sets a new lease on life. I now have four pairs. I'll give them away if someone else uses them.

👤I bought these for my headphones. I was worried that the headphones might be too small. I decided to buy them because they are a good price. They were bunched up in a small bag when they arrived. They fit great when I tried to put them on. I would recommend them for the headphones.

👤It looked like they were sewed into each other. I pulled them apart, maybe they were melted together? It was pointless to try another set since one set was missing and 3 were damaged beyond use in that picture. Returned them quickly.

👤The foam on the headset from my Sony Discman was old and falling apart, so I ordered these to replace it. They are a bit smaller than the originals, but the opening is large enough to install them. Since I received them yesterday, I can't tell you anything about their longevity, but I expect them to last a long time. I was really happy to get 5 pairs.

4. Geekria Earpads Logitech Headphones Replacement

Geekria Earpads Logitech Headphones Replacement

Headphone is not included. The ear pads are made with high quality foam. Your ear cups, ear pads, ear cover, and ear pads need to be replaced. Give your headset a new accessory. It should be a brand new look. Quality made ear pads are durable and long lasting. The ear pads are compatible with the H800. Will fit other brands and models.

Brand: Geekria

👤They fit my headphones perfectly, just check the model and order if it matches. My headphones are about 3 years old and work great, but the ear pads are terrible because I always wear them while working out. This made them feel new. Happy!

👤The ear pads for my headphones were falling apart. My headphones are like new because of these replacement ear pads.

👤I got these to replace my old headset. They feel better than the factory pads. They don't look right, but they are snug and comfy. I have big ears.

👤These were easy to install and comfortable. The new ones seemed to be an upgrade.

👤Quality is as good as the original. The yellow stretcher is a good non-marring phone case. They're going the extra mile, because the manufacturer/seller threw in a little plastic "fishbone" ear bud holder, and a velcro cable tamer.

👤I needed these after the pads on my headphones wore out. It took about 30 seconds to put the new ones on. It's like they are brand new.

👤After a few years of use, folding them up, putting them in my backpack, and carrying them home every night, the foam on my headphones had worn out. I was happy that I wouldn't have to replace my headphones. These are as comfortable as the originals and were easy to install.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

👤These were bought for a headset. They fit and work well.

👤It makes me feel like I have a new pair of headphones. Fit well.

👤Replacing the ear pads is not an option because they hurt the ear. I was happy to find so many options. After waiting a month, I decided to go with the cheaper option and waited another 2 weeks. The seller apologized and gave me the money back. There is a They were here in 2 days after I ordered them. It says memory foam. It seems like a basic foam to me. The H800 came with soft foam and it feels the same. There is a They have a plastic device that is used for installing. I got a guitar pick shaped device from the ad. I don't know what you would do with it as it was very easy to install. You slip it on the top or bottom and pull it over the ear housing. The mic side fit on easier than the other. I can't say the product was worth more than the price, but I can say it was worth more in the long run. My ears are thanking me.

👤I bought these headphones for my wife when they first came out, and she wears them a lot. The new pads come with a tool that helps put them on, but it's difficult because it's a perfect fit and there's no wiggle room. There is a I think it was too much for foam pads, but they fit perfectly.

👤It would have been easy to install, but make sure you know the size. There is a The manufacturer could give the opening of the circle that would go over the opening of the headphones.

5. Cushions Headphone Headset Disposable Covers

Cushions Headphone Headset Disposable Covers

Premium Comfort: The foam ear pads give you better sound quality by absorbing the sound of your ear and headset. The foam cushion has a more comfortable user experience. The bass performance of your headphones is aided by high elastic, light-weight, durable and soft foam. It's ideal for replacing ear pads. There is a pack of Ear Pads. Good sponge, good pores and good toughness. The external diameter is 1.96" The round is black and has soft sponge foam. Replacement FOAM EAR PADS for the H600, H330, H340 and Sony MDR-G45LP. Jensen JHH-110 is a free talk. Aiwa HP-CN5. The headset is called the Axis Headset.

Brand: Airfit

👤I got these because I was tired of buying a new set of headphones every time the pads came out, it was a great deal.

👤It worked out as advertised. No issues getting it to fit on headphones.

👤I made a mistake ordering these because they were the wrong size. This is the only reason for the three stars. I use a bigger ear cushion for my headset. I received the correct size about two days later. Thank you!

👤They are comfortable to the ear.

👤Good purchase, but not as thick as expected.

👤Too thin to be comfortable. Your ear feels raw after about 2 or 3 hours.

👤Fit well on my headphones.

6. Replacement Cushion Logitech Wireless Headphone

Replacement Cushion Logitech Wireless Headphone

There is a service and warranty policy. All defean are produced under strict quality inspection and come with a 12-Month worry-free warranty and free lifetime technical support. If there are any issues with your purchase, please contact them for replacement or refunds. defean makes the product. The seller is not affiliated with the original headphone company, and it does not have any trademarks that are owned by them. The headset is compatible with:Logitech H390 / H609.

Brand: Defean

👤I needed to replace my old headset with these. I can't tell what model mine are, but they are very similar to the current model. The replacement 60mm pads were a bit smaller than the one pictured in the review, because the pads on my older headset were actually 65mm. They seem to be as comfortable as the originals, even though they are slightly smaller. The ear piece covering can be a little difficult to put on and these were no different. Once in place they fit well and stay put. Time will tell if they last as long as the originals. These replacement pads are inexpensive and will keep a perfectly functional headset from going in the trash.

👤I didn't think these would exist. I bought my Turtle Beach set before I bought my H600 headset. The original foam ear pads were shot and began to break down when I started using my H600 again. Out of curiosity, I searched for replacements that were nicer than the originals. The pads are still stiff, but I would expect them to loosen up a bit.

👤When I installed them on my computer, I noticed that the model name was displayed as H600, but I had H800s, not H600. They fit a bit smaller than the originals, but still quite comfortable and they sound better than they did with the foam pads.

👤I've had a Logitech H600 Wireless Headset for about six years and the original pads wore out four years ago, so I've been using crappy replacements. I found these replacements, ordered and installed them, and they seem to feel better than the originals, I did a quick search on Amazon. It's very comfortable and seems to block external noise.

👤The first day using replacement pads. It looks and feels like the original. It seems to fit my headset just fine, even though it was smaller than the original, because I had no idea of the model. I took a guess based on the images. I am not sure how long they will last. I'm very pleased with them right now.

👤The original ear pads were no longer fit for purpose. There is a little installation video with these online. It was a challenge getting them stretched over the ear piece because I was cautious and thought I was going to break something. It has been over two months. The new product is superior to the previous product. I say buy it.

👤The replacements were smaller than the originals. It's cheaper to buy another headset than it is to have the earpads break. There is a I use the headset for online meetings. Anything more difficult. I would use a more expensive headset. The headphones were oiled by the Oppo Planar Magnetic.

👤The foam earpads of my G330 headphones broke apart, but they have served me well for many years. The replacements are better than the original pads. The faux leather is very comfortable. I'm very happy these have given my favorite video conferencing headphones a new lease on life because it's getting difficult to find headphones that rest behind the neck.

7. Replacement MDR ZX330BT Headphones Krone Kalpasmos Thicker

Replacement MDR ZX330BT Headphones Krone Kalpasmos Thicker

The warranty is for one year. 30 days of free return. The earphone covers for headphones have been carefully selected and cooperated with material suppliers of world- renowned brand headphones. It also improves the comfort of the earpads. You don't need to spend a lot more money to get a new headset. The ear covers need to be replaced with headphones. Bring your headphones back with you. The sewing is crack resistant and tightly close to fit the headphones. It was designed to fit the ear shape. Ear cushions can be restored to ensure the sound quality of the original headphones. They control the production process to make sure that the ear pads are of good quality. It is compatible with 70mm round on- ear headphones, but not limited to: Sony replacement ear pads. On-Ear; Mpow H7; Yamaha RH5MA; Grado SR125; etc.

Brand: Krone Kalpasmos

👤So happy these are available. They don't come with directions, so I found some online. It was easy to remove them because of the fear of damaging the headphones. They popped off without much effort. I was able to get the first replacement pad to click onto the phones without any issues, but the second was less cooperative. I got it on. It fell off when I knocked it off of my nightstand. It took my husband a while to get it to stay. It's solid now. They have the same sound quality. There is a I think I got one that was a little off. I still recommend them.

👤The ear pads on my Sony headphones wore out quickly. Someone told me that I could replace the pads on the Bose headphones that I bought. I found them on Amazon, but didn't know if they would fit or not, as I had no idea what the manufacturer was for the headphones I had. I took a chance on these and they fit. I don't have to worry about taking the expensive ones when I travel because I can take these. Win!

👤They are made of a soft leather-like material and are very comfortable and similar to the original ear pads. There is a The fit was perfect. Expect the same or slightly better noise reduction with the original ear pads. There is a When the original pads start to wear off, they are a perfect replacement.

👤They were a perfect replacement for my shredded pads on my old Sony headphones because they took a slow boat from China to get here.

👤Esto no fue lo, no le thatdaron a mi equipo, no tienen negro, no tienen aquelles, no pide. No, no, no.

👤My son-in-law uses his Sony headphones all the time for conference calls, so I surprised him with these. He was blown away by how similar to the originals these are that I installed them in 4 minutes. ARILLIANT is a word.

👤I had to return them since they were actually 2.5. They come in a nice baggie, but they don't fit my headphones, so I am sending them back and filing for a refund. Which was granted by Amazon.

👤The replacements were a perfect fit for my headphones. The results are satisfactory despite the fact that it took a bit of doing to install them.






8. Krone Kalpasmos Replacement QuietComfort Around Ear

Krone Kalpasmos Replacement QuietComfort Around Ear

It's good for Headphones' diameter. These are soft and durable. Bose headphones replacement ear pads are made of superior quality leather. The leather is resistant to scratches and can last a long time. The headphones are compliant with the test standard. The leather has high resistance to sweat, oil, and cosmetics. The memory foam core is built to fit personal head shapes. Every beat coming from headphones is enhanced by isolating environment noise. Matched with the dust-proof net, you can get an excellent listening experience. Bose qc35 replacement ear pads are tested by their engineers in many Bose headphones. Bose QuietComfort 15 earpad replacement, Bose QuietComfort 25 replacement ear pads, bose quietcomfort 35ii replacement ear pads, and Bose ae2 Replacement ear pads are outstanding. The installation is called EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION. The ear pads are installed in a few minutes. Bose Headphones replacement parts are included in the installation. It's easy to bring back a new life to your headphones. Bose replacement earpads are compatible with many Bose wireless headphones, Bose wired headphones, and Bose headset. Bose SoundTrue and SoundLink are around- ear headsets.

Brand: Krone Kalpasmos

👤The ear pads are cheap and can be installed on the headphones without any problems, but they are the most uncomfortable pads I have ever used. They are not as thin as Bose pads and are not good enough to seal out ambient noise. I will not return them because of the hassle factor. I will replace them with something better, but I won't recommend them to anyone.

👤I liked this a lot. It is similar to the original one. It was easy to install and the plastic tool made it easier to put it in place. There is a There is no active noise cancelling for my model of headphones, due to the wrapping around the ears. I have big ears, so I have a hard time using it for a long time. This is for the around the ear, not the over the ear headphones. I have seen many bad reviews that said it didn't fit when they needed to buy the over the ear one instead.

👤I use my nose headphones to not hear my partner snoring at night because of the leaking ear pads. I need to buy new headphones. I tried to see if there was a replacement after the pad fell off. They were 36 dollars without free shipping from Bose. They were the cheapest company on Amazon. Would buy again. It's easy to replace my ear pads. Saved me 26 dollars from Bose. The tool helps get the pads under the brackets.

👤The Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones still work, but the ear pads are coming apart. I looked at repair options because I was not happy with the idea of buying new headphones. I bought this pair after watching a video that showed how easy it was to replace them. It was an easy fix. It took about 5 minutes to do both sides, and they're as good as new now.

👤The earpads that come with your bose are larger. The foam is not as comfortable as a replacement. The inner pads are not as big as the originals. I think they're overpriced. I remember these were around $4-8 but there's so many sellers on Amazon I'm guessing there's a few sources from China.

👤It was easy to install and make my headset look new again. It was easy to remove the old ones from the headset. It took me about 5 minutes to complete. I am happy in my camper.

👤These were a good fit for the headphones. The quality appears to be the same as when Bose supplied it. A set of headphones was refreshed. Expect these to last as long as the originals did.

👤Bose won't cover my headphones even though they wear out every year. I don't have to buy new headphones every year because there is a replacement.

👤No se nota la diferencia. The originales y estos. Recomendadas al 100%.

👤Good quality and easy to install.

9. Zotech Pairs Replacement Philips Headphones

Zotech Pairs Replacement Philips Headphones

There are 4 pairs. Replacement foam ear pads for Sony headphones and other audio equipment. To avoid pressure, contact the ear. 1 year warranty! Money-back guarantee for 30 days. It is high quility,durable, and washable. There are 8 pairs of replacement foam in the package.

Brand: Zotech

👤I found an old set of headphones in one of my drawers and when I took them out the foam pads were disintegrating in my hands. I didn't know you could get replacements. I selected these after careful consideration. The fit is fine. I use them frequently on my computer, while I watch the interwebs for news of the zombie apocalypse. So far, so good.

👤These are for repairing an old pair of headphones. The foam ear pads were no longer useful over the years because of the plastic speakers on each side. They were my favorite earphones and I use them for radio communications. The speakers on your ears are made of plastic and start to hurt after 5 minutes. There is a I wanted these to go over the plastic speaker discs to protect my ears. They fit perfectly, but are so thin that they don't make a difference. You could try and slide over the earphone. I didn't try that. I used a pair of these and put cut socks over them. The Telex headsets we used in the military were poorly-padded.

👤Smaller covers won't fit if you have a single sided headphones like the NC-181VM. These fit. If you want to make them slightly more padded, you can cut the center out from one and put it into the other. It is 5-star comfort.

👤Since these items don't have any, there should be no option to rate the noise cancellation.

👤My husband said the went on well. Thank you.

👤A great ear pad replacement! It's easy to install. Good noise cancellation! Highly recommended!

👤There is a bag with stuffed animals in it. It was hard to install one of them because of the wrinkling in the shape out of bag.

👤Good material works well. It's a great way to keep my old headphones in use.

👤A todo lo, pero por consiguiente los precios de los Auriculares. There is a En lo referente, son tan unas originales, pero ms pachoncito hay otras opciones un poco mas costosas.

👤Bonjour, Les coques pourles. Sony MDR-IF240R tels qu'elles avaient été identifiées. Cependant, je vais beaucoup de fines parce, et je vais beaucoup de monter et elles tiennent. trs étendues. Donc bonne chance, vous permettre.

👤El material isiente. Y. No parece, pero siendo justos, lo usé para reemplazar las almohadillas de un Corsair H600. Las s de las Cuales. son un Frgiles. There is a As, lo bueno, tardar un rato antes de tener, as quiere a comprarlas.

👤Se ajusta perfectamente a los audfonos.

👤I was looking for replacements for my headphones. I found what I was looking for.

10. Earpads Logitech Headphone Replacement Cushions

Earpads Logitech Headphone Replacement Cushions

Will fit other brands and models. It's for the H609 and H600 headphones. Replacing your previous earpad cushions with soft ear cushions for comfort. Headphone is not included.

Brand: Poyatu

👤I have a Logitech H600 headset that I have owned for 7 years and have been putting through its paces because I work from home. The foam earpieces rotted and fell off. The replacements were priced right and fit perfectly. The leather part of the earpiece covers are comfortable. I am very happy with them. If you own an H600, I recommend these covers.

👤I bought them because another reviewer said they were good for the H600 headset. The original thin foam pads were more comfortable for my ears. The speakers sit further away from the ears, so you'll lose some volume and bass. Otherwise. They fit the headset well. They're comfortable. I would forget I was wearing a headset after a while, because the old ones were so comfortable. These aren't very good.

👤I had a logitech h600 and it was interesting to see how thin the foam factory pads were. They feel comfortable, but they feel different. It was a little difficult to put them on, but they were worth it. It works despite the fact that they muffle the sound a bit.

👤The seller is shipping the right replacement pads for the H390. Went on without a problem, felt great. Came with a year. It is a warranty. Excellent!

👤The foam pads deteriorated. I bought them as a replacement. For what they are, they are a bit pricey. The ear cushions should be bigger. The original foam cushions were definitely an upgrade.

👤My other reviewers said that they fit. The original pads are 1/2 the size of these. The construction is good and they are padded. I would like to know the size of the replacements for the specific headphones that are going to be used with.

👤Getting the old ear pads off was a challenge, but the new ones are exactly as they should be. I was very pleased to find them very comfortable.

👤The ear cuffs on my headset were peeling. I was tired of the plastic in my hair and ears. The top hit on the internet was this pair of cuffs. They fit just as well as the original.

11. Seninhi Logitech Monitor Headphones Replacement

Seninhi Logitech Monitor Headphones Replacement

The headset is compatible with:Logitech H390 / H609. The materials are available. It is made of high-quality foam. Features: It's perfect for your ear. Usefulness Enhance the bass performance of your headphones. For the H800, stereo headphones for monitoring. Satisfied With the Guarantee If you receive any defects in the product, they will give you a full refund, but they are very confident that the quality of their products, if you receive any defects in the product, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Seninhi

👤I have 2 H800's and both sets are old enough that the ear padding has broken down over time. I saw some reviews that said these are too small, and it looks like H800s ear pieces have 2 pieces with a larger circle behind them. If you put on this part, the padding cutout hole won't stay on, it's the size of the smallest circle. The material is light and stretchy. You have to stretch over outer crinkle to have a chance to stay on. There are no instructions for how to do this or not, as packing is a blank plastic bag. I used to hold down one side with my thumb while stretching the other side over. If you hold down in the middle, you'll most likely tear the material, so make sure you hold down as far as you can to the side you want to stretch. I installed both sets that way and they work just fine. It's not as soft or nice as the original, but it's good enough.

👤Works as intended. I replaced my crumbling original ear pads with this. It fit perfectly.

👤These did not fit my headphones. The cutout was not deep enough. The sound was distorted because the foam seemed to compress tightly onto the holder. I had to ask people to repeat themselves.

👤My pads deteriorated. The headphones went on without a hitch. The sound is good. I wish I had thought about it a long time ago.

👤I've had my H800 headphones for over 6 years and they have lasted the whole time, but the ear pads are not a good fit, so I've purchased replacement ones twice.

👤These fit perfectly. The logitech ones were like bread crumbs. Let's see how long these last. There is a $7 for a piece of foam is not cheap.

👤These are a great replacement for headphones. It fit perfectly.

👤They seem to be okay. Hopefully, they will last.


What is the best product for headphone foam replacement pads logitech?

Headphone foam replacement pads logitech products from Rosenice. In this article about headphone foam replacement pads logitech you can see why people choose the product. Sqrmekoko and Sunmns are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone foam replacement pads logitech.

What are the best brands for headphone foam replacement pads logitech?

Rosenice, Sqrmekoko and Sunmns are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone foam replacement pads logitech. Find the detail in this article. Geekria, Airfit and Defean are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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