Best Headphone Foam Replacement Pads Plantronics

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1. Infrared Wireless Headphones Automobile Entertainment

Infrared Wireless Headphones Automobile Entertainment

8 pairs ear tips are included in the package. It is high quility,durable, and washable. 1 year warranty! Money-back guarantee for 30 days. To avoid pressure, contact the head.

Brand: Zotech

👤I'm happy I found these. Replacing the headphones is much cheaper. I received four foam replacements in my package, enough for two headphones. It was a perfect replacement for the VES headphones that came with my car.

👤The headphones that come with the DVD player in the car were purchased. There is a The cushion between the speaker units and the wearer's ears is 4-5mm and is likely adequate for a few hours' use. Our kids will be able to watch movies on a drive in a few weeks. I will add information about comfort and durability after the trip. The speaker units are 75mm by 60mm. It would probably cover something small. The un stretched opening of the cover is 40mm and the outside dimensions are 75mm, but this also includes the thickness of the foam so the un stretched internal length is likely around 70mm. They fit snug on the device and are easy to place, but it's not easy to install the covers since they have to be installed. The precision of the measurements in the photos is excessive, but may be useful as the manufacturer size photos are inaccurate and few other foam covers here on Amazon actually provide information like this at all.

👤Over the years, the foam ear pads that cover the earphone part of the system have crumbled. I had trouble finding replacements that would work, but they were on Amazon. The pads are thin, but fit well. They did the job at a reasonable price. I bought an extra set since I am sure the new ones will follow the same path as the old ones. I will keep the spare pair in the climate controlled house until they are needed, so they don't suffer the fate of the old ones before their first use.

👤The wife discovered the headphones in a bag under the front seat of the vehicle. The ear pads were torn. We contacted the dealership, but they were not aware of any replacements. These are what was needed after an AMAZON search. We bought several so that we could have spare ear pads for all of the headphones. Highly recommend them.

👤The replacements were easy to install. They are in a zip bag. There are four pieces and two pairs. Shipping was fast. Got them a day early. I ordered another set because I was so happy. These are the same ones as the dealer, but two for the price of one from them. My set deteriorated. The old ones were destroyed and can't be 100% about because they were from the age and temperature. Would definitely recommend. One pair was a little more oblong.

👤I made some headphones that were black. The leather/vinyl ear pieces were old and had been in a hot car. Anything that touched black would turn your ears. The old ear pieces were more difficult to remove than the new ones. Went quickly and easily. I enjoy not having my ears dyed black and it wouldn't be an issue if masks covered them.

2. Wiki Replacement Plantronics Earphone Headphone

Wiki Replacement Plantronics Earphone Headphone

Replacement eartip kits are compatible with the Plantronics UC Wireless headset. It is a great idea to get a custom fit for Plantronics eartips and replace them when your Voyager ear bud wears out. Soft Silicone eartip and foam covers are easy to install and replace. 3 x Silicone Eartips and optional foam covers are included. Feel free to contact them if you have a question or problem. It is their pleasure to serve you within 24 hours.

Brand: Wiki Valley

👤The small is 13mm, the medium is 15mm and the large is 17mm. My ear tip is 15mm. I ordered the medium. I was surprised to find that the things I received were smaller than I had before. The new one was 13mm. Medium is what the package says. Kind of? "Plantronics Voyager 5200 E [garbled]" The warranty was cut off. I guess medium? There is a It's big enough that it fits, so I'll just take it. The measurement listed doesn't match the actual measurement.

👤These are God's will. The eartip can break off when you stick your phone in your pocket. The 5200 comes with 3, but they are all different sizes. The ability to get all in the same size is great. If your eartips break off, I recommend you get these now so you have another ready.

👤I don't think they work well with the Plantronics 5200. They don't fit in the ear.

👤Once you have lost all the ones that came with the earpiece, it is a perfect replacement. Functions as expected. There is no wasted pieces because you can order three of the size needed. It's easy to install. It was comfortable. Convenient.

👤I need the foam pads for this headset to be easy to wear, and these covers give me the size choices I need. I don't feel the strain in my ear anymore because of this. The foam pads absorb a little bit of water if I decide to run.

👤The Eartips Replacement for Plantronics Voyager 5200 5 220 5210 are from the Valley. Ear pads for Plantronics Voyager 5200. The Voyager Legend Voyager Pro Wireless Headset is Medium.

👤Quality is the same as original parts. It's good to have as little as possible.

👤A perfect replacement for a worn earpiece.

👤If need be, you can buy the excellant ear tip again if you need it.

👤If you wear your headset all day, it is a good thing that the fit is as good as the originals.

👤The product is the same as the original.

👤The price and delivery were great.

3. Universal Microphone Windscreens BlueParrott Plantronics

Universal Microphone Windscreens BlueParrott Plantronics

Microphone foam covers. 200 pieces of great disposable microphone covers will be sent to you, enough for you to use and replace, and also good for sharing with your family and friends. 10 Global Teck individual replacement mics are included in the 10-pack bundle. 10 Global Teck individual replacement mics are included in the 10-pack bundle. 10 Global Teck individual replacement mics are included in the 10-pack bundle. It stays on your microphone better than cheaper foam cushions. The section was designed for various headsets and lapels for Blue Parrot, as well as other manufacturers. Reducing breath and other environmental noises is achieved by the Reducue Background NoISE. Use your favorite headband to protect the microphone. Headset manufacturers recommend that the cushions be replaced every 3 months. Para them con tu auricular, favor de ver lista. Protect your headset to prolong its life. The microphone can distort your conversations if debris from it is not removed.

Brand: Global Teck Worldwide

👤I ordered these because the old windsock on my gamecom 1 was getting grungy. I didn't expect a custom fit, but I had to cut on side half through to jam it over the mic and then glue it in place. These are not even close. The pic that is doing it justice is not the size of the windsock that Plantronics has. The opening is small.

👤These were a great fit for my headset and microphone. I have extras for when my cat eats the cover.

👤Finally! I found a couple of windscreens that fit my headsets. I found what I needed after trying several others on Amazon. These fit my headsets perfectly. They are a little thicker than the original ones, but that is probably a good thing. They stay on the device longer than the originals.

👤They fit the same as the original, but there's not much you can say about them, they're just a replacement, and they might even have the same quality as the original.

👤I think it was a good deal. I only used one so far and it seems like I have a lifetime supply. The fit is great and it does help when I talk to not sound like I'm talking to someone who's talking to someone who's talking to someone who's talking to someone who's talking to someone who's talking to someone who's talking to someone who

👤These are great. I wanted to replace the windsocks on my Blue Parrott's. The little black thing that they make... These are better than the originals and they don't fall off. I have a bag of replacements and I wind socks other microphones with them. Great windscreens.

👤The wind noise must be kept down. There is a My son's friends complained that his fan made it sound like he was playing a game on the freeway. There is a These help.

👤The opening to put the mic in is too small. I had to stretch it open so I could fit it onto my mic. I didn't expect it to be that small, but I also didn't expect it to be a custom fit. The audio part of the product does work, but I wish they were a little thicker so they would work a little more efficiently.

👤It fits perfectly with my Blueperrott B250-XT.

👤The microphone covers worked well.

👤The product was received. The fit is perfect.

4. AIRSN Replacement Earpiece Headphone Walkie

AIRSN Replacement Earpiece Headphone Walkie

The material is soft foam. High elasticity, durable, light-weight, soft and comfortable. As long as it is 13-18mm in diameter, it fits more brand two way radio walkie talkie earpiece. Measure before buying. As long as it is 13-18mm in diameter, it fits more brand two way radio walkie talkie earpiece. Measure before buying.

Brand: Airsn

👤The product is advertised as having 20 pieces. The package was marked "20 Pack" but only contained 10 pieces. The product fits well on the ear piece and is very comfortable. Sending only 10 pieces when the items state 20 is not acceptable in any business. Amazon should be ashamed of dealing like this. It shows that the sellers connected to Amazon only want money.

👤I ordered these to have replacements for my wired earpiece, as the original had come off somewhere. I now have more than I need, as these fit better and are not as likely to come off. If it becomes damaged or dirty, I will replace it. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I bought these to replace the foam covers for my earphones. They do a good job, but it's hard to get them on, so you need the extras. It's fine for the intended purpose, but a little thinner than the original.

👤These were great to change out of. It was nice to have a clean change. These worked well, no tearing or difficulty changing them.

👤I was very grateful to receive my earpieces. These help to cushion your ears from the earphones.

👤Awesome ear piece covers make my devices comfortable.

5. Wiki Replacement Earbuds Plantronics Voyager

Wiki Replacement Earbuds Plantronics Voyager

Eartip Replacement kits are compatible with the Plantronics Voyager Legend/Voyager HD Pro Wireless headset. It is a great idea to get a custom fit for Plantronics eartips and replace them when your Voyager ear bud wears out. Soft Silicone eartip and foam covers are easy to install and replace. 1 x Large Silicone Eartips, 1 x Medium Silicone Eartips, 1 x Small Silicone Eartips, and 3 x optional foam covers. Feel free to contact them if you have a question or problem. It is their pleasure to serve you within 24 hours.

Brand: Wiki Valley

👤The earpiece I have from Plantronics is nice, but not as durable as the ear fitting. The foam cover is lost after it comes off. The piece is lost when it is lost with the foam cover. It comes with two pieces that are not the right size. Paying for two that don't fit together.

👤The ear bud gels fit the earpiece well and worked well when put on the headset. I was hoping it worked out because this headset automatically stops music if it doesn't detect your ear.

👤I don't know why I bought any other designs or types. These are the most comfortable and well made. I have ordered many expensive ones. None of them are perfect. I'm ordering a second pair in case I lose other ones. Quality is top notch and they are very durable. There is a When trying different sizes twist and turn backwards to remove the ear piece.

👤The clear ear gels on my Plantronics Voyager Legend broke down after a year and a half of daily use, however the big battery on the device allows me to stay connected all day long. Replacement ear bud gels are recommended if you use the Plantronics Voyager Legend daily.

👤I have a phone at work. I use a Plantronics device. I have the Voyager connected to both my cell phone and work phone in case. It's the best setup. It's even more of a dream come true if you have comfortable earbuds.

👤They are comfortable and last a long time. Why should you believe me? My husband works for a trash company and he is very rough on anything he takes to work. I am most satisfied that we have the Planatronics Voyager Legend.

👤I lost the extra ear buds that came with my Plantronics HD headphones. The replacement ear buds work perfectly.

👤The Eartip replacements fit well and were comfortable. I lost the Plantronics Legend headset about six weeks after I ordered them. I can't speak for resilience.

👤This product was ordered multiple times to replace worn out ear pieces. The product is what it says it is. Will order again.

👤For my plantronics.

👤Perfect replacements. Will buy again if necessary.

6. Plantronics Eartips Pairs Medium Discovery

Plantronics Eartips Pairs Medium Discovery

Premium materials for a premium sound. The original memory foam earphone tip is made in the USA. The 6 pack includes replacement ear tips for the Discovery 975 and Discovery 925. There are three pairs of Ear Tips Kit. Provides hours of comfortable wear. It helps provide clearer calls. The channels are in the ear canal.

Brand: Plantronics

👤These were not the same as what I was replacing. They had a hard time getting out of the bag. I tried to put it on my headset, but it tore the small size apart. I bought two sets. There is a I will probably buy directly from plantronics next time, but they may have changed suppliers, and maybe this is how they are now. It makes sense for the manufacturers to not put too much effort into this type of product because they want you to buy a new headset instead of replacement earbuds.

👤After 5 years, my original ear tip fell apart, the next larger size fell out, and the next smaller one hurt. An inexpensive solution to a problem.

👤The eartips were delivered on time. I only needed the small ones.

👤I thought I had found something that would work with my Jawbone II after using Eartips for 3 weeks. The material that the eartips are made from was discolored, stretched out and softened to the point where they wouldn't stay in my ear for long. My wife had a similar problem. I bought a second set. They did the same thing. The eartips were sticky when I received them, but soon changed appearance and form as mentioned above. They worked well when new.

👤My original eartip broke after 2 years. I haven't had a new one in 2 months. It is now yellow and ugly. It doesn't stay in. Not happy with the purchase. The plastic is not as good as it could be.

👤A merchant is cheating. These guys are selling eartips. I only got 3 eartips. I will return the product.

7. Wiki Valley EncorePro Plantronics Headsets 2

Wiki Valley EncorePro Plantronics Headsets 2

Feel free to contact them if you have a question or problem. It is their pleasure to serve you within 24 hours. compatible with Plantronics HW530 HW540 HW530D HW540D HW535USB Telephone Headsets It is ideal to get a custom fit,replacement for Plantronics earpieces, they will wear out. Soft foam pad is comfortable for all day wear and easy to install and replace. The soft foam ear pads allow sound to be heard from the speaker. Two pack of cushion foam only, headset not included.

Brand: Wiki Valley

👤It works perfectly on the ear piece. When I showed it to my co-worker, he also needed one, so we both got one. The value is great. I know where to get another one if I need it.

👤It doesn't look like it will fit. The HW540 is too large. I will update this review. The spare was given to a co-worker. Thanks!

👤The replacement earpiece tip was shipped and received on time.

8. Isolation Replacement Cambridge Melomania Plantronics

Isolation Replacement Cambridge Melomania Plantronics

It is high quility,durable, and washable. Memory foam tips for Cambridge Audio Melomania 1, 1 More Quad Driver, Moondrop Blessing2, and more, provide a secure fit and offer a superior sound experience. Work all day, play all night, and have a custom fit for your ear with a body-heat activated memory foam that will fit your ear for hours of comfortable listening. Staying in place, these tips are the perfect length and shape for optimal in- ear fit, so they stay securely in your ear. A great audio experience can be created if you block exterior noise and enhance your base. Premium materials for a premium sound. The original memory foam earphone tip is made in the USA.

Brand: Comply

👤It isolates very well. The ear is very soft. After a few weeks, it will get worse. I used to work in an office. Don't buy it because it works for a short time. After talking to Comply, they said that the foam tips on my Shure headphones are good for 3 months and you have to buy it again. There is no information on the Amazon page about this issue. I received a response from Comply customer service. The lifespan for a pair of tips is 3 to 4 months. The tips will absorb body oils and sweat. Before you use them again, make sure they are completely dry. Store them in a cool area if you're in a humid environment.

👤I own KEF M200 earphones. I have never seen a bigger nozzle diameter in ear headphones. The ear tips from the factory won't fit in my ears. The comply t-600 tips are small enough to fit in my ears and make a great seal. It is difficult to get earbuds that fit in properly because I have small ear canals. If you are in the same boat as me, it's probably one of your best solutions. If you're unsure of what size to get for your buds, they have a chart.

👤These are comfortable. They are supposed to do that. They don't last very long. I found a brand that costs half as much and is still in use after twice as long as the Comply tips.

👤I had them for almost two weeks. They are the most comfortable tips I have ever worn. I replaced the small tips with ones from 1 More. I don't notice them. I have had these for over 6 months and they are still the most comfortable tips I have ever used. I can wear them for a long time. There is an update on 7/09/2018. I had to replace the last tip after 3 years. As always, comfortable. I have added another set to my list.

👤The Jaybird Bluebuds X Sport had original tips. The fitment is a little tight. I prefer that they won't fall off, as this was the reason I needed to find some replacement tips. I was hoping for something that would be comfortable in my ears. I don't have that feeling of being tired and could have them in my ears all day.

👤The 600's don't fit the X7 It is a tight squeeze. The green comply one that I bought is smaller than the new one on the left, which I have stretched out after being on the earbud for a while. You have to make a concerted effort to get them attached. They do work.

👤It is great. Has a great fit. People are talking about longevity, but I am not there yet. I use small earbuds. I got the small size, but I would go to a medium next time.

👤It would be great if it was a little softer or a little better fit so it wouldn't fall out of ear. I have all sizes.



The package has dimensions of 23.0 H x 1.7 L x 12.8 W. The package weight is 0.03 kilograms.

Brand: Koss

👤The foam ear pads seem fine, but I was not sure how to install them on my Koss KTX PRO1 Titanium headphones. The original foam pads deteriorated to almost nothing after a few years, even though I don't use them often. I found it easier to remove the speaker part from the head band by gently removing the two pivot nubs of the head band. You don't want to swap speakers if you work on one side at a time. I could slip the tip of a flathead screwdriver between the inner black plastic speaker part and the outer plastic silver enclosure, but it did not snap apart and felt like I might break something if I forced it. There is a There is a small amount of stretchy glue on the center junction where the two parts snap together. Use a wide flathead screwdriver to create a big gap. If you loosen the hold of the glue and create a large gap, you can grasp the black plastic part with one hand and the silver enclosure part with the other. Pull it apart until it breaks free. You can see how it looks when you get it apart. Excess glue may get in the way of reassembly. Pull or cut out the remnants of the old pad to make way for the new one. Push your finger along the surface from the center to the edge to evenly distribute the new pad so that it covers the spiky nubs. Make sure the rubber cord strain relief is in the notch on the silver enclosure. The back of the speaker has a part on it that needs to be aligned with the center of the enclosure. It is difficult to tell if it is aligned correctly, but you can do it with a visual approximation. Press firmly and the wire will click into place.

👤The original foam pads of my Koss Portapro began to break down around last Xmas. I didn't bother to get new pads until recently, when I finally got tired of having black foam bits in my wife beater. The pic for this looked a bit blurry, but for about 7 bucks, why not? There is a I was so glad I did. The new pads fit perfectly. Installation was painless. The new pads on the headphones make them feel more comfortable. The sound quality was the best part. I forgot how good these are. The sound stage and highs were restored by the new pads. The clarity is closer to my Grados than I remember. If you need replacement pads, these should do the job.

👤I was able to install the cushions after I received a review from another buyer. I used a butter knife to pop out the speakers. The speakers were snapped back into place. Anyone can do it if I can do it. I own a pair of Koss headphones. I have had them since December of 2012 and they work great. Highly recommend the replacement ear cushions as well.

10. SuperEar Disposable Hygienic Sanitary Headphones

SuperEar Disposable Hygienic Sanitary Headphones

2 Pair of Large + 2 Pair of Medium + 2 Pair of Small Eartips + 2 Pair of Double Flange Earbus are included in the package. There is a box of disposable paper ear pads for small headphones. The covers are used with small headphones and headsets. The elastic and stretchable headphone covers are small enough to fit on most small headphones. It works with all SuperEar Personal Sound Amplifiers. It helps protect the headphones from dirt, oils, and skin contact. It's practical for net bars, libraries, hospitals, call centers, shows and hotels.

Brand: Superear

👤These are helpful for my practice. Eye movement desensitization reprocessing therapy is what I use them for. I keep one set on my head and place another top on it. It makes it easier to change them. If you take them off you will tear up the foam on the headphones.

👤My wife was suffering from chronic ear infections which were caused by using earphones all day at work. The infections were eliminated by these earpad covers.

👤Good transaction. Product is design. I forget my headphones when I need to wear a hearing device, so I use a hearing device.

👤Some residents in the SNF refuse to wear hearing aids and I work with them. The disposable covers are used for hygiene and control of infections.

👤It's perfect and it's convenient on the early part of the body.

👤Hearing aids are only better for what we need. They are used in the hospital for hard of hearing patients who don't have a hearing aid. The covers work well to keep the headset from becoming contaminated.

👤Good purchase. They are comfortable for the clients to wear.

👤Absolutely perfect! We need to cover the headphones while we offer meditation and nail treatments. The box will keep us supplied for a while. Thank you.

👤This earphone cover was the cheapest and fastest to ship. The product was of sound quality when received. I will purchase from here again and again going forward. Highly recommended!

👤We use great covers in our local theatre for hearing assist devices.

👤It works well on standard headsets. It's a tad on the pricier side, but it's the standard price. Does the job.

👤We had headphones. Great product.

11. Krone Kalpasmos Replacement QuietComfort Around Ear

Krone Kalpasmos Replacement QuietComfort Around Ear

It's good for Headphones' diameter. These are soft and durable. Bose headphones replacement ear pads are made of superior quality leather. The leather is resistant to scratches and can last a long time. The headphones are compliant with the test standard. The leather has high resistance to sweat, oil, and cosmetics. The memory foam core is built to fit personal head shapes. Every beat coming from headphones is enhanced by isolating environment noise. Matched with the dust-proof net, you can get an excellent listening experience. Bose qc35 replacement ear pads are tested by their engineers in many Bose headphones. Bose QuietComfort 15 earpad replacement, Bose QuietComfort 25 replacement ear pads, bose quietcomfort 35ii replacement ear pads, and Bose ae2 Replacement ear pads are outstanding. The installation is called EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION. The ear pads are installed in a few minutes. Bose Headphones replacement parts are included in the installation. It's easy to bring back a new life to your headphones. Bose replacement earpads are compatible with many Bose wireless headphones, Bose wired headphones, and Bose headset. Bose SoundTrue and SoundLink are around- ear headsets.

Brand: Krone Kalpasmos

👤The ear pads are cheap and can be installed on the headphones without any problems, but they are the most uncomfortable pads I have ever used. They are not as thin as Bose pads and are not good enough to seal out ambient noise. I will not return them because of the hassle factor. I will replace them with something better, but I won't recommend them to anyone.

👤I liked this a lot. It is similar to the original one. It was easy to install and the plastic tool made it easier to put it in place. There is a There is no active noise cancelling for my model of headphones, due to the wrapping around the ears. I have big ears, so I have a hard time using it for a long time. This is for the around the ear, not the over the ear headphones. I have seen many bad reviews that said it didn't fit when they needed to buy the over the ear one instead.

👤I use my nose headphones to not hear my partner snoring at night because of the leaking ear pads. I need to buy new headphones. I tried to see if there was a replacement after the pad fell off. They were 36 dollars without free shipping from Bose. They were the cheapest company on Amazon. Would buy again. It's easy to replace my ear pads. Saved me 26 dollars from Bose. The tool helps get the pads under the brackets.

👤The Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones still work, but the ear pads are coming apart. I looked at repair options because I was not happy with the idea of buying new headphones. I bought this pair after watching a video that showed how easy it was to replace them. It was an easy fix. It took about 5 minutes to do both sides, and they're as good as new now.

👤The earpads that come with your bose are larger. The foam is not as comfortable as a replacement. The inner pads are not as big as the originals. I think they're overpriced. I remember these were around $4-8 but there's so many sellers on Amazon I'm guessing there's a few sources from China.

👤It was easy to install and make my headset look new again. It was easy to remove the old ones from the headset. It took me about 5 minutes to complete. I am happy in my camper.

👤These were a good fit for the headphones. The quality appears to be the same as when Bose supplied it. A set of headphones was refreshed. Expect these to last as long as the originals did.

👤Bose won't cover my headphones even though they wear out every year. I don't have to buy new headphones every year because there is a replacement.

👤No se nota la diferencia. The originales y estos. Recomendadas al 100%.

👤Good quality and easy to install.


What is the best product for headphone foam replacement pads plantronics?

Headphone foam replacement pads plantronics products from Zotech. In this article about headphone foam replacement pads plantronics you can see why people choose the product. Wiki Valley and Global Teck Worldwide are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone foam replacement pads plantronics.

What are the best brands for headphone foam replacement pads plantronics?

Zotech, Wiki Valley and Global Teck Worldwide are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone foam replacement pads plantronics. Find the detail in this article. Airsn, Wiki Valley and Plantronics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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