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1. Cancelling Microphone Recognition Dictation Lightweight

Cancelling Microphone Recognition Dictation Lightweight

The global warranty is over the head with one earpiece. Plug&play is the name of this single side headset. There is no driver needed for computers, laptops, macs and phones with a port. The noise cancelling and microphone-equipped headset works for all softphones, conference systems, and home or e-learning computers. Easily adjusted to improve telework efficiency, with in-line controller and mic. A replacement ear foam for this microphone PC headphone is a gift. Excellent audio quality. The professional microphone headset is specially designed for clear communication on business calls,MS Teams, and on line. The wideband and bi-directonal noise cancelling microphone blocks out background noise and picks up clear sound with the Hi-fi speaker headphones. The noise cancelling microphone on the PC headphones ensures that you talk clearly. A lightweight call center headset with a skin-friendly leather ear cushion makes it easy to wear. The computer laptop headset has a clip-stop headband and microphone arm. The headband can be adjusted to fit different head sizes. The microphone headset for Mac has a hearing protection circuit. There is wide comparativebility. The laptop is designed for chatting, calling and conference. It's compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and other OSes. It is widely applied to UC applications and softphones. Good choice for online courses, conference calls, and presentations. This call center headset with mic is Warranty free for 2 years, it has a plush leather ear cushion, quality microphone, and hearing priotection speaker. High strength and comfortable wearing is provided by the lightweight structure. If you email them, they will give you a 60 days money back on all emaiker over the head headphones.

Brand: Emaiker

👤It's really bad. Where do I start? This headset is garbage. Let's start with Teams/Skype for Business. I've been working from home since April of 2020. Since my work team is spread across several different states, I used to make business calls from there on. I was given a basic headset from Plantronics when I first started, but it stopped working a couple of weeks ago. Since it takes some time to get internal approval to issue a new headset, I jumped on Amazon and looked specifically for headsets that would work with Teams, because I knew I could get something delivered within a couple of days. I feel like this company found the perfect legal language for their product description on Amazon. It says that it can be used with teams. The headset isn't compatible with Teams or Skype. There is a The inline button works from a hardware perspective, but it has no effect on one's status in Teams or Skype. There is a The call button doesn't do anything. The light is effing annoying. There is a When the headset is set as the default audio device, the volume buttons work correctly. There is a The sound from the earpiece is okay, but several colleagues have told me that I sound like I'm in a tunnel or far away when I speak. There is a The advertising seems to be legal, but misleading. I'll probably keep this thing as a backup, but I would advise anyone to just run to the nearest Walmart and get whatever cheapest option they have on hand.

👤I received this headset on 9/12/20. The microphone is no longer working after I spent over 40 dollars for it. It should have lasted more than 9 weeks. This item cannot be returned. There should be more time to return this item. Very disappointed. I wouldn't recommend this headset to anyone.

👤Light weight helps with noise cancellation. It works as advertised.

👤The sound quality is great.

👤They can't hear me because I sound like I'm a million miles away. I can hear them. Maybe it's a faulty headset or they're all this way. Unsure!

👤We were looking for something to use as well as to keep out the noise because of the lack of meetings in person and employees only having a cubicle for zoom meetings. I think they are working well.

👤I have tested them out on a zoom and they work great, so I will be using them for my online needs.

👤I have a headset that I use to dictate with Dragon. Works well. It was used during a presentation. Thumbs up too. It was easy to use.

👤Excellent product. In case the first one dies, I ordered a second.

👤It works better than a dragon head set.

2. Headphone Control Android Awareness ChanGeek

Headphone Control Android Awareness ChanGeek

The buttons on the earcups allow you to control the volume and microphone during the game. The lightweight design of the headband and ear cups allows you to enjoy it for hours. One open ear for more is designed for the applications, so that you can use your phone while paying attention to the surroundings. It keeps one ear open for more safety. For the left ear version, please search ASIN. Click on the "2 Packs of Single Earbud" at the bottom of the page to see the chart. Stay in your home early. You'll get worry-free wearing with the silicone earhook. The headphones will always be in your ear, no matter what you are doing. It's okay to wear it for jogging, riding or gym now. A microphone with a high sensitivity ensures a smooth and clear call. You can reach your phone with a single in-line control. The voice assistant will wake up if those 3 keys are used. It is compatible with both devices. The 3.5mm audio jack makes this headphones compatible with most audio players, such as the most popular audio players such as the iPad and the most popular audio players such as the mp3 player. It's a perfect replacement for the Sony PS4 single earbud. Purchase with confidence. In 12 months, they will be responsible for all issues with this product. If you have a question about your purchase, you can contact their email support team.

Brand: C G Changeek

👤The sound quality is good. You will not hear every single note, but you should not expect to hear every single note from a small and inexpensive headphones, even if you have one open to ambient noise. There is a The microphone is better than expected. I can talk on the phone while riding a bicycle, without shouting or craning my neck to speak into the mic. My callers hear a wind noise, but they say it's not overwhelming and we are able to have a conversation at a normal volume. There is a The fit of the ear is top notch. After riding for hours and sweating out a lot of sweat, the headphones don't need to be adjusted and stay in my ear. There is a The three control buttons work well, but I wish they were bigger and easier to see. There is a The shirt collar clip is not very good. If you remove the headphones from your phone and ear, you will not lose them, but it does not grab the wire tight enough, which means you cannot rely on always having a slack in the wire between that clip and the ear. It's not nice to have your headphones tag at the ear.

👤My daughter has deafness in one ear. It has been great since we had it a few months ago. She hated it when she could only hear one side of something. This has helped with the issue. She can hear the sounds of both right and left in her single ear. Highly recommend this.

👤I only needed a single ear device for driving. I tried a lot of Headsets that were too cumbersome. I tried to use ear hooks. The Changeek met my needs for a single ear, right ear, inline volume control and on/off control. I am happy with the volume when I drive on the expressway. The fit of the ear hook is the only thing I wish was better. It's wide in the center compared to others I've tried. The rubber cement was applied to the inside of one side of the clothes clip. I only use ear buds while driving. I only push it in when I'm on the phone. There was an update on 5/18. The MUTE function is activated by pressing and holding the "-" button. I've never tried it. The control buttons are large enough and far apart that they can be easily operated without looking at them, which is a feature I like about the ear bud. It's handy when driving. I have realized that I need to amplify the sound on the other end. If necessary, I can reduce the volume.

👤I have two pairs in a year. I like it because I have single sided deafness. I bought this second pair because the ear bud fell off and even though I snapped it back on, it fell off again and again. The bud is a little larger, which would prevent it from getting stuck, but it's not as comfortable as the smaller one. I don't know what the happy medium is.

3. NUBWO Microphone Cancelling Controls Computer

NUBWO Microphone Cancelling Controls Computer

A purple outlook and a cat ear shape are special accessory. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on the website due to a number of factors. The noise-cancelling microphone can eliminate background noise, and there will be no electric current when communication. The microphone rotates 180 degrees to capture the sound. Communication is possible in noisy office areas. The earmuffs are soft and Breathable, and the weight of the headset is very light, which make head and ears not hurt when you wear headphones to work for a long time. It is great to have less pressure on the head. The earphone online control design is convenient for you to adjust the volume and microphone/speaker with one click, Plug and Play, there is no drivers needed for PC, Laptop, Mac because of theusb compatible design. The earphones are made of high-quality material, even if you stretch them, they won't break easily. You can adjust the width of the headset through the head handle. It can work with most leading UC Platforms, Softphone and Mac OS X. It's ideal for online courses and presentations.

Brand: Nubwo

👤I returned a pair for not having good sound or mic because they were not heavy, but I am surprised by these. The mic works well for this price point and the sound quality is better than I expected. I will be using them all day. I'm very happy that they don't put a lot of pressure on my ear, but I will probably get another pair as a back up. I'm 5'11 and the cable is long enough to stand up and stretch while at a desk and maybe take a couple of steps.

👤I use my company's software to make phone calls, so I bought these headphones. If I have to wear the headphones for long periods of time, they begin to press on my ears. I was listening to a lecture for four hours and after about two hours, the pain became unbearable. I tried adjusting the headband several times, but it didn't fix the issue of how the actual ear pieces fit on my ears. Maybe bigger, softer cushions on the earpieces would help. On the negative side, I can't hear anything but the sound of my headphones and people on the receiving end can hear me.

👤Was skeptical about the purchase. The headset works just fine, but it only works for the left ear.

👤There is no way to compete. Not enough foam. I don't recommend them. I can feel the plastic on my ears because the foam is so thin. They don't cut it because I needed it for work. The pictures look better. I had to return them.

👤The headset is amazing. I'm glad I bought this. I work from home and my house is loud all the time. The headset blocks out noise. This product is very good. I give a 9 for sound quality and comfort.

👤I have been working from home for 2 weeks. I have an average of 6 WebEx meetings a day. These have been great. I have trouble hearing certain tones when other people are using a computer mic. I can hear people better using the headphones.

👤I use this for work calls. I've had issues with the device in the office. I chose wired and it works well. I can sit or stand in my cubicle with this headset because of the long order. The only thing I don't like is that the microphone only goes to one side and I can't turn it the other way to have it on the other side of my face.

👤Absolutely adore this! My customers can hear me clearly, it's light on my head and ears. It's convenient to move around when I'm in my chair. I recommend this item to anyone who works remotely. Thank you so much!

👤My husband is a teacher who teaches online. It's easy to connect with his students and they hear him.

👤It's used for zoom meetings. Also works on the phone. There is a The band on the head is small. There is a The ear pads are on top of my ear.

4. Cyber Acoustics Headphone Microphone AC 104

Cyber Acoustics Headphone Microphone AC 104

It can work with most leading UC Platforms, Softphone and Mac OS X. It's ideal for online courses and presentations. There are classroom settings. The AC-104 by Cyber Acoustics has a microphone with 180-degree rotation and can be adjusted over the head to fit any head size. Leatherette ear pads are easy to clean and last through many classes. A perfect choice for a school headset, library headset, and gaming is the 3.5 MM TRRSPLUG and PC Y ADAPTER. For a long lifespan for student and computer lab use, 30MM DynaMIC DRIVERS WITH EXTRA DURABLE DESIGN AND CABLE are a good choice. The classroom earphones have a microphone with an ambidextrous boom arm that can be swung for the left or right side use.

Brand: Cyber Acoustics

👤For the last four months, I have used this headset for 20 hours a week. I have been teaching English online to Chinese kids with this headset since September of last year. This was what I was looking for. I hurt my head when I used my bulky PS4 headset. I think those were designed for adolescents. I bought cheap headsets on Amazon. This headset was my go-to headset. I'm not a paid review stooge and I didn't get them free or discounted. My online teaching platform is called Zoom, and my Chinese company is called GVE. I'm American, born in Hawaii, and my family is from Central Kentucky. I'm not saying I didn't get lucky, but I did get a headset that worked and I don't have a single complaint about it.

👤These are only one ear. I bought a cheaper pair of dual ear and a $30 pair that hugged my head too hard. I get the feeling of being trapped in another world when I start taking calls, because my ears are covered. You can change your ears by flipping the mic to the other side with these. They don't hug you too tight. I like these! I'm going to buy a few pairs to have on hand. I like to hear customers in one ear. You're still listening to what's happening around you. The quality is good and my customers can hear me. If you need the extension, make sure you get the regular ear bud jack.

👤The headset is good for ordinary speech-based use. The mic sound is not very strong on the bass, but it is not bad enough to make you sound like you're inhaling something. It's better than most consumer-level headsets I've used. The front of the retail package had markings that indicated it was a stereo headset. I've never heard of a one-eared stereo, either a printing error or the fact that both channels are mixed into the one earpiece. There is a If you need a headset for VOIP use, this will do.

👤I don't have a loud voice for my laptop to pick up. My husband can't believe my voice is too quiet, so you can see where this caught me off guard. I have a set of all-in-one earphones-microphone, but my laptop and/or zoom don't always connect, so I decided to try a wired headset for these meetings. I only need them for a single small task, so I didn't want to spend a lot of money. These are excellent for video conferences with a quiet voice and a preference for avoiding ear infections. I don't know how they work for music, gaming, or other young people things, but they fit this particular need beautifully.

👤I like headphones that are corded. Since Rocketfish discontinued their headphones, I've had a hard time finding a good one. These are the worst ones I have tried so far. When I call someone who is far away, my volume goes up as high as it will go, and I can hear muffled sounds. She could hear me on the call, but I didn't ask how I sounded. I don't recommend these headphones, but it appears they work for some people, so I guess you're on your own in deciding whether or not to try them.

5. Headphone Cancelling Microphone Recognition Controller

Headphone Cancelling Microphone Recognition Controller

We will bring you a good experience. If you are not happy with their products, please contact them. The noise cancelling microphone and high quality wideband audio and phone make it easy to communicate in noisy environments. Natural and clear hearing is offered by the wideband audio solution. Anti acoustic shock is used to protect hearing. Plug and play is a way to connect a headset to a device. Headsets are perfect for voice call and music on most UC platforms. The speaker sound and microphone voice can be improved with the use of a top endusb chip. The Skype phone headset has a plush soft leatherette ear cushion. No pain, no push to ears, and a headband that fits for different head sizes. A professional PC headset for softphone is included in the price of the microphone arm. Light weight, tough design, and reliable plastic parts make it possible. The reinforced cord is made with Kevlar to protect against sharp objects in the environment. Compete with Plantronic and Jabra headsets all day long. It's easy to access volume and control the cord. You can adjust the headset volume in a second. They will give a 2-year warranty. If there is a problem with the headset, please send them a message. They will reply in 24 hours.

Brand: Mairdi

👤The headphones are not noise-canceling. It is the most sensitive microphone I have ever used. Every background noise is picked up by it. You will rape the ears of people listening to you if you breathe unbearably loud. If someone is in your house downstairs, you can hear keyboard noises and mouse noises. This microphone is very sensitive. The headset is loud. It's so loud that I have to turn the volume on my computer to 1 out of 100. The earmuffs are too small. The earmuffs pinch against my left ear, instead of covering it. It is very painful. The loudest headphones ever, along with a painful headset that has military-grade sensitivity. I think this is good for people with nerve damage that can't feel their ears, and need hearing aids and 10000 volume just to hear something. If you do interrogations, you can hear every little noise in a room. It might be good for dictation. You could hang the headset from the ceiling. I don't know. Overall review? I've never used a headset like this before. The dollar store headsets are better.

👤This is a great headset for work. They don't win awards for how music sounds, but for phone work it is excellent, voices are heard clearly, and the microphone picks up my voice as well. I used it for some voice over video work and it sounded like it came from a much more expensive microphone. These are better than the headsets I provided, but they are more expensive. These are the best for call center and phone work.

👤I wanted to teach online classes. It worked well for 3 classes. Then suddenly they stopped working. I kept them in the original box so they wouldn't have stopped. Very disappointed. The company reached out to me and replaced the headset. The mic works great and the headset is very comfortable. I teach online and it's important that I'm comfortable. Don't pinch the aren't tight. The company has great customer service and I would recommend these headsets.

👤The product was easy to use. After 2 months, the randomly button case got hot, but the next day the PC wouldn't recognize theusb being plugged in. I tried several PCs and none of them had the plug in for the head set. I opened the button case to look for signs of damage, even though there was no visual damage. The problem seems to be manufacturing. Black wires on both sides of the circuit board had the strands cut to the correct lengths to complete the circuit. The wire strains on the black wire broke over a period of 2 months. Red, Wire and Yellow wires had less wire slack and would have been more prone to damage if the wire had been pulled on. The black wire seems to have process damage. And they put it together. The head set was great for the first two months, but now I'm left with something else.

👤This is a great headset for Dragon Naturally Speaking users. I like the microphone and the weight makes it easier to pick up my voice and make Dragon respond quickly. It makes me feel curious. I enjoy using Dragon Naturally Speaking because it's easier for me to use my voice to dictate than my hands. There is a If you are looking for a cost-effective headset, this is it. I hope the company is aware of some issues and is addressing them for future models of this headset. I believe that they can keep the cost down and still provide a great response for Dragon users. There is no padding at the top of the headset and I feel a lot of pain on the top of my head, this is because I have only been wearing it for 15 minutes. I think the pressure on the top of the head increases because the headset squeezes in tighter on the sides of the ears. Number three is my final observation. The instructions for setting up the headset were provided by the company. The instructions for Windows 8 were not for Windows 10. Windows 10 is the most popular operating system. I had a bad sound driver that wouldn't recognize the headset when I first plugged it in. The company would benefit from adding instructions on how to deal with this issue in their setup instructions. This is all I have. I love this headset.

6. HROEENOI Cancelling Microphone Headphones Microsoft

HROEENOI Cancelling Microphone Headphones Microsoft

Plug and Play and Wide Compatibility: The computer headset with microphone is compatible with almost all platforms and operating systems. The plug and play setup makes this headset easy to use. It's suitable for multiple devices and systems, like Windows 2000/7/8/10/Vista, Mac OS X, and more. The noise canceling microphone built into the HROEENOI wired headset can pick up your voice and block the noise from the surround. Plug-and-play connections for laptop, PC, Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 or later and Mac OS X are available. It's easy to control volume with a microphone. The button can help them avoid loud noises. They can use it at home or business. The No PressureHROEENOI headset has a headband that can be adjusted to fit all head sizes and a mic that can be used on the right or left side. It is lighter than an egg and has sponge earmuffs. The headset is also suitable for business users. It's suitable for customer centers, call centers, office and online courses.

Brand: Hroeenoi

👤When answering calls from home, I bought this. It is easy to use and install.

👤I needed these headphones for work and they worked well for me.

👤Great product. Just as advertised.

👤An amazing noise cancellation. I only heard myself when I recorded myself speaking with the tv playing in the background. I think the sound of anything in the background should be minimal and not blowing horns, but it definitely works for blocking out intrusive sound. They last about 2 1/2 weeks before they break. I wore my hair curly because it wasn't flat, but today I put them on and there is a crack on the side. I thought it would be fine, just a small crack. It broke in two pieces when I put it on my head. The plastic is very cheap. It is hollow and flimsy, but works well, and for the low price quality of plastic, I can bet these things will sell for $2. I don't want to wait 3 months for a $2 pair of the same thing. Fix your plastic. Or lower the price. I bought the wrong model. The 01 model has a two way cushion on the ears, but this model only has one side and the mic is on the right side. If your head is small or you have a lot of hair, I recommend the 01 version. It's cheap plastic.

👤Well made. Sound is clear and crisp. I don't notice them. The best headset I've had so far is still the extender, even though I have a big head.

👤The audio light is always red, so if you don't hear the audio, you'll know if they made it flash or something to show you have muted it. Why would they make the MIC mute green? That's the only problem I have. I use this for a call center and I have to be certain that I am on silent so that is a little misleading. I just started using it and will update if something changes. I like the small carry bag they have.

👤It is light weight and comfortable. I don't have a headset on. The sound is clear and the only thing I don't like is that the button doesn't work. It is a good headset and good price.

7. Plantronics Blackwire 3210 Headset Wired

Plantronics Blackwire 3210 Headset Wired

The classroom earphones have a microphone with an ambidextrous boom arm that can be swung for the left or right side use. Simply connect to PC or Mac. Users transitioning to a PC for telephony, webinars, conference calls, and other applications are ideal. Audio performance Enhancement of digital signal processing and wideband audio with a noise-canceling microphone. Soundguard: There is an acoustic limit for protection against sounds over 118 decibels. A lightweight metal headband offers a comfortable fit. The global warranty is two years and the style is over the head with one earpiece.

Brand: Poly (plantronics + Polycom)

👤I work on my computer for 6 hours a day. The headset I was using cost more than twice as much. I bought this because I realized my headaches were caused by my wireless headset. The headset didn't install properly until I got my computer to restart, but once I did, it was awesome! It is lightweight and well-made, and I can hear myself in the room. One of the things I like about it is that I can easily tell on my screen when my mic is being used, since I downloaded the free software to manage it. It is a winner.

👤I liked this headset until it suddenly stopped working. I have lost several calls because it drops for no reason. You have to plug it back in after a while, because there was no movement, and then you have to wait for it to connect again. I use this for my job and can't do that.

👤These work are done. The sound is marginal but they do the job. Karen in accounting berate me for filing my form too late. Yes. Is the sound quality so good that Simon Cowell will not pick you as the winner of America's Got Talent and will instead choose someone else? Not much. There is a The little hook-shaped top part of my head reminds me that company conference calls are not supposed to be fun. I think it's like a bridle and bit on an animal. These remind me that the team-building conference calls with the team-building department are not fun and that the company earns more money from me. There is a These are like the sweaters your mom made you for Christmas, you know it's keeping you warm and you feel guilty giving it away, so you soldier on.

👤There is an issue with the mic. I was testing the mic. When I was singing into the mic, I discovered that the mic would automatically lower volume and I had to stop speaking into the mic. I think other users of the mic have the same complaint. I use it for a work at home job call center, and it seems to work that way.

👤When I'm not touching the headset, it spontaneously unmutes. When I'm not touching the computer or headset, the red light turns off. This wasn't an issue with the older plantronics headset. It's odd that the physical mute switch turns off spontaneously because the machine doesn't have any plantronics software installed. I expect the mic to stay muted until I turn it back on, so this is a deal breaker for me.

👤When the product arrived, I was a little worried that it might be a little flimsy, but I was happy that it was comfortable and the sound was good. We are 4 months later. The stupid thing is useless because every turn of the head causes it to cut out. I tried taping with electrical tape, but it didn't work. I was referred to Amazon by the seller. I'm not sure. Why? I didn't expect Amazon to help, so I ordered a replacement headset. Certainly not from this seller or this model.

8. SOMIC G951S Detachable Lightweight Self Adjusting

SOMIC G951S Detachable Lightweight Self Adjusting

The control panel has a button that you can click to make your headphones disappear. The noise in the environment could be avoided with the mute function. You can keep the focus on the conversations with simple call control buttons, and adjust the volume to your liking. If you want to make a noise, please choose theusb connection. High quality performance. 40mm high fidelity speakers can produce rich sound quality, vivid sound field, high sound clarity and sound shock feeling. The high standard of hardware configuration provides a great gaming experience and is capable of many games. Large size earmuffs with outstanding passive noise reduction bring less interference and let you enjoy your game or video. (*)STRONG COMPATIBLE: The 3.5MM plug can be used with the following: Xbox one, Nintendo switch, PS4 computer, laptop, iPad, and iPhone. (*)ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The microphone can be flexible and sensitive to pick up sound clearly. The headband can be adjusted for your head. Ultra soft and skin-friendly ear cushions. The lightweight design makes you comfortable. A purple outlook and a cat ear shape are special accessory. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on the website due to a number of factors.

Brand: Somic

👤If you must have cat ears on your headset, I recommend this product. The mail arrived today. The packaging was high quality. I didn't expect that. The box is black and glossy. The front is only covered by the glossy, textured print. The sound quality was immediately tested by me. It was good. It was a little quiet for me, but it can be fixed. It's easy to ignore that. After watching a few videos on my phone with the headset still on, I bumped the headphones port and plug. I was disappointed with the product here. The audio quality became distorted after bumping it slightly. The audio had to be restored before the jack could be moved around, for lack of a better term. I tried to see if the issue persisted with the computer port. I twisted the jack. The audio was clear the whole time. I would have sent the computer back if the distortion issue persisted. There is no excuse for a headset of this price to have a low-quality issue. It didn't have it. I tested the microphone quality on my computer. It was the same as advertised. I recorded an audio file with the headset's microphone. It's clear and crisp. The microphone is sensitive and there is no echo. Unless you want everyone in a voice chat to hate you, don't scream into this one. A; ) I did a quick test on my phone as well. The audio is disappointing. It's not as crisp. What about the quality of the headset? The color is perfect. The noise cancelling foam is very comfortable. The plastic on the headset left me torn. The headband part is great. The cat ears look silly if you have a smaller head. The questionable part is around the speaker. There is a The plastic is smooth and shiny. I don't think it's a good idea, but I do like it a lot and not. The cat ears are different from the plastic ones. It's a silicone that slides on. I like the texture. The ears can be squeezed with the silicone. I hope this helps you.

👤For the record, I'm a dude. The headset is top tier, don't let the cat ears fool you. The sound quality is very good, with a small box for volume and mic control. The mic is very high quality and doesn't get in the way when you're playing a game. The best part about this headset is how comfortable it is. I wore it for hours and hours and felt no pain. It's perfect for what I need, it doesn't squeeze your head or slide off, and it's great on the ears. If you're looking for a headset for a guy or girl, I would recommend this one.

👤I knew I wanted these. I've been looking for some gaming headphones for a while and was happy to find a pair that both work well and are cute. The mic works well and the sound is great. Very happy with these.

9. BENGOO G9000 Controller Cancelling Headphones

BENGOO G9000 Controller Cancelling Headphones

1 x Mossa 4 pole auxiliary audio enhancer cable. All of their products have a 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact their customer services if you have a problem. Multi-Platform compatibleSupport PS4 and other platforms. You need an extra Microsoft accessory when connecting with an old version of the controller. The speaker unit's sensitivity is enhanced by the acoustic positioning precision and the clear sound operating strong brass, splendid ambient noise isolation and high precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver. It's perfect for games like Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Warcraft Legion. The noise isolating microphone can transmit high quality communication with its premium noise-concellng feature, can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which enables you clearly deliver or receive messages while you are in a game. It's convenient to adjust the angle of the microphone. The great humanized design can reduce hearing and heat sweat. The leather material is skin friendly. Glaring lights illuminate the earcups to highlight the atmosphere. The anti-winding braided cable with the microphone and the volume controller makes it easy to control the volume and make the mic sound louder.

Brand: Bengoo

👤I needed a new headset and got this in a hurry. I would have gotten something else if I'd done more research. I think it's worth mentioning that I am very rough on audio peripherals. I don't know why, but they last me for about 6 months regardless of the quality or price. I choose to buy at a cheaper price point more frequently because of this. There is a The speaker/mic sound is good, the cable is good, and the stereo/mic to separate is included. In-line mic switch and audio volume adjustment. There are pros and cons. The blue lights on the headset are powered by theusb, but it is a bit misleading in its uses, and I would have found this out before purchase. The mic gain knob would be better than the in-line mute and volume knob. I have long hair and live in Texas. It's hard to find headsets that don't do that, but still something to keep in mind. The headset only goes on one way, the traditional right and left side are enforced by the mic. I like that the mic is on the right side of my head. If you are looking for a high-end headset, this is not it. I don't want anyone to think that I regret buying this item because my cons were not very picky. I knew I was getting a quick solution to my headset problem, and I got more than I was looking for. The addition of theusb lighting is cool. Unless you want to look cool on stream, it's not worth the resources. There is a Yes, so. If you want a good quality headset for a good price, this is the one for you.

👤I bought this for my teenage son so that he wouldn't borrow his sister's headphones for gaming. I was surprised by the pricing and reviews for these, but I was expecting to pay $100. I just tested them and they don't seem bad to me. The audio quality is not as good as he was using, but that's ok. They are not as comfortable as the Beats, but they are still fine for wearing for hours. There is a My teenage son was not a fan of them. This was one of many gifts for his birthday. We go too far before Christmas. He used them immediately despite not being overly thrilled. He yelled "Thanks for the $10 headset Dad!" after he got angry over his other gifts. There is a I think these are a good fit for a middle aged person. If you're a spoiled brat teenage boy who wants to hear what others will do to his mom in the best sound quality and comfortability, these may not be the best purchase.

👤The headset is light and has a good sound for the price. The microphone works well as well. There are lights on the sides of the headset. The headset is meant for PC users, but the microphone plug in is connected very close to the cable, which is a complaint. You can't plug the microphone cable into the controller but you can't plug the system's lights into it. I bought a 3 foot extension cable to be able to use the lights. If you want the lights on the headset while you play, then you need an extension cable. There is a The product is very good. Very happy with the purchase.

10. Plantronics Blackwire 5210 Headset Wired

Plantronics Blackwire 5210 Headset Wired

Purchase with confidence. In 12 months, they will be responsible for all issues with this product. If you have a question about your purchase, you can contact their email support team. A professional can connect to a PC/Mac using a mobile phone. It's compatible with Microsoft Teams and other leading collaboration platforms. Users with extensive PC communication and collaboration use are ideal. Audio performance A noise canceling microphone ensures your voice is heard. Audio automatically switches between wideband and hi-fi stereos. SoundGuard DIGITAL protects against sound levels over 118dBA. All-day comfort is provided by the ultra- soft leatherette ear cushion wrapped around pillow-soft memory foam. A lightweight metal headband has a comfortable fit. The global warranty is over the head with one earpiece.

Brand: Poly (plantronics + Polycom)

👤The headset works. I gave it a four star rating because I expected it to be the best of the best. The noise canceling might work as well as my headset, but no better. The sound coming from my hear-cup is just as good as my headset. I spent all the extra money for it to only perform as well as my 20 dollar headset, which isn't very justified if you ask me. Is the build quality better? Yes, 100 percent. It looks like you spend less. It feels like you spend less. The noise canceling mic and speaker is just as good as my 20 dollar headset, which is a bit disappointing. Would I buy again? I'm not sure.

👤I wanted the headset to work. The headset was broadcasting "mute on,mute on,mute on" in rapid-fire succession while I was on my first 3 calls. I found that the ear piece heated up my ear to an uncomfortable level in a short period of time. It's not good if you spend hours with a headset on. The hissing sound that I could hear while talking was short-lived due to the constant silence on the messages that came on. I called a co-worker. He could not hear the broadcast because he couldn't hear the feature that was on. There is a Plantronics used to make quality products the way they used to. I bought two sets of Backbeat Fit headsets as a gift for a friend and both were dead in the box.

👤I tried a number of headsets, including the one from Sennheiser. This product is easy to use and doesn't cause me ear aches. I am using a phone. I have two of these, one for home and one for my travel bag. The $20-30 headsets I tried were all too low of a quality and resulted in ear aches and poor sound.

👤I use this for business calls and it seems to work out well. Sound levels are great and the ability to use it with my cell phone is a big plus when I'm on the go. There is a I can't have the headset on my ear for more than 20 minutes without having to move it or take the headset off, because the ear cup isn't big enough. The plastic speaker surround pressing into my ear is caused by the lack of padding on the earpiece. I like the headset, so I'm not going to return it. If I have a long period of work at my desk, I simply switch ears and remove the haedset.

👤I purchased this item for work because I didn't want to fuss with a rechargeable unit and I wanted one that was compatible with my fuze software. There is a I can't stop the button from coming on. I have made sure that the power from the port on the headset is enough to power the headset. I need to get a replacement for my computer because I have tried uninstall and reinstall many times and no avail. I don't want one with an answer or button. I wouldn't recommend this product.

11. Microphone Cancelling Controls Headphones Softphone

Microphone Cancelling Controls Headphones Softphone

Talk all day and 3 year warranty with the Angeteela trucker wireless headset, it allows you to make reliable wireless calls throughout the day. You can easily drop it in for a charge and storage, and you can also charge the headset directly with theusb cable. Friendly customer service is ensured. Business-grade Wideband Headset, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and noise-cancelling mic are used for crystal-clear conversations. The most comfortable headphones include a lightweight, The Single Ear Skype headset with mic is a sturdy headset due to its high quality design, plastic construction, and flexible metal mic boom. Plantronics or Jabra are high-quality Office Headsets. Simple audio controls. Plug and Play doesn't need drivers for PC, Computer, Laptop, Mac...USB compatible devices. Convenient in-line Controls, easy to adjust this computer headset volume up/down. 45 days money back and 24 months worry-free are included in the 2-year warranty. It works with Windows 2000/7/810/Vista, Mac OS X and Softphone. It's ideal for online courses and presentations.

Brand: Callez

👤I work from home doing customer service and I use a headset for 8 hours a day. A comfort headset is very important to me. When I got the callez headset, I was so excited. This headset is much more comfortable than my previous headsets. The headsets I bought were too tight on my head and hurt my ears. I can wear this headband all day long because it's lightweight and fully adjusted to fit my head. There is a The microphone picks up my voice accurately, the sound quality is great. I can hear my clients well. There is a The cheapest headset for computer calls. I would recommend it to others.

👤It was great until it stopped working, I bought it at the beginning of the epidemic. The sound quality was great and it was lightweight. I don't know if there's a short in the wiring because the sound cuts in and out The seller has been sending me emails asking me to remove the negative review. The most recent email is trying to get me to review a product that I paid for. I think this is shady business practices. A poorly made product is still a poorly made product even after a refund. If they have improved their product since I bought it, that is great. The improved product can be talked about by future customers. I hope that no one else here who has been disappointed with this product is getting the same daily emails manipulating them into removing their product review.

👤The headset is well-fitting and comfortable. For a price like this, I get a lot of praise for the microphone quality. Some guys commented on how clear I sounded and they could hear me better. My friends thought I spent over $100 on the headset, but I got it for less than $30. You don't have to buy expensive headphones from either Plantronics or Sennheiser. These are much cheaper than the other ones. There is a The attached volume control and mute button on the cord are great for when you are under discussion and don't want to adjust it.

👤I use the headphones to chat and meet online. I contacted the seller before buying and got a positive reply, so I decided to go for the headphones. Great customer service. Plug and play has been tried for a week and there is no driver needed. The noise cancelling works well. Poor hearing is a problem for my parents. When watching TV in the living room, they always turn up the volume. Some of our neighbors have complained about it. When I used the headphones to chat, I didn't hear anyone complain about the noise around me. The cord is long enough for a conversation. You can wear the microphone boom on the left or right ear. Highly recommended.

👤I bought two headsets for my insurance agency. I used our computers to make and receive calls after getting rid of our phones. These are light weight, great sound quality, and include a small clip to attach the cord to your clothing to help with the cord management. The cord is long enough to accommodate our work space and large enough to allow us to move around without having to remove the computer or head. I highly recommend this headset as a cost-effective way to improve telephone communications.


What is the best product for headphone for computer one ear?

Headphone for computer one ear products from Emaiker. In this article about headphone for computer one ear you can see why people choose the product. C G Changeek and Nubwo are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone for computer one ear.

What are the best brands for headphone for computer one ear?

Emaiker, C G Changeek and Nubwo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone for computer one ear. Find the detail in this article. Cyber Acoustics, Mairdi and Hroeenoi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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