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1. Headphones Microphone Headsets Splitter Children

Headphones Microphone Headsets Splitter Children

The padded headband and ear cups reduce strain and eliminate pain. You are entitled to receive a support service 24/7. Excellent Sound and in-line mic. The wired headphones for kids with built-in HD mic provide clear voice pickup, which is convenient for kids' online learning and communication at home or school, and the 40mm dynamic drivers give your kids crisp, powerful stereo sound that helps them better involved in music, videos, games and more Share fun together. Kids are able to share their happiness with their families or friends if they connect the 2 kids headphones to the same audio player. The Headband is lightweight and can be adjusted. The kids headphones have soft ear cushions and good air permeability, so they won't make your child feel tired, and the headband is flexible so you can fit it to your head shape. The button has universal compatibility and multifunctionality. The standard audio jack is compatible with most devices. The audio cable has a multi-function button that can be used to play, pause, answer, double click, and switch to the next song. Children's ears are sensitive to loud sound and they don't want them turning the volume up too much and damaging their hearing; that's why it is important to choose the best kids headphones, which allows your kids to cap sound no more than The Christmas gift choice for kids is nice.

Brand: Vitetaket

👤I liked the colors, quality and performance of these headphones. It makes it easier for two people to watch television. It was great to hear noise cancelation.

👤We bought them a few years ago, and now we have them again. We bought a different pair a few days ago and they broke on the first day, but it's still impressive to have them with young kids. They last a few years for us.

👤I got my kids headphones that work great. There were no issues. If you have a boy and a girl, it's definitely recommended. The colors are perfect.

👤These were better than I anticipated. Excellent quality!

👤It's great to watch videos for school.

👤This product was bought for my grandson so he can listen to his videos and I can hear what I want to hear, and they are clear and do the job.

👤The microphone in one did not work.

👤The product arrived on time. There was no damage to the package. It worked well. I haven't tried out the audio splitter yet, but both headphones work exactly as I would expect.

2. Gorsun Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Protection

Gorsun Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Protection

Hearing protection: The sound is kept below 85 decibels, which is perfectly within the recommended level to prevent hearing damage. It is foldable and portable. Storage space is minimized by folding design because it is portable to carry when traveling or working out. There is a mode of susceptibility called CONVENIENT MODE SWITCHING. The buttons are easy to use. The mode can be freely selected. Plugging in a 3.5mm Audio cable is possible when the headphones have run out of battery. COMFORTABLE WEARING. Premium comfort is provided by the soft ear cushions and lightweight design. It's suitable for work, play, travel and study. It is a perfect gift for small children. Birthdays, Christmas, All Saints' Day and other celebrations are perfect for these headphones. Children are even more entertained by the two cat ears.

Brand: Gorsun

👤It's perfect for my toddler. My 18 month old will be able to wear these for years as she grows, because they fit her perfectly and are changeable. The sound only goes up to a certain level so the volume is monitored and her ears are not damaged. I love that these headphones have the option to be plugged in with a wire if we need them, because they stay charged for such a long time compared to other wireless headphones. The ears are easy to clip on and off. It only took a few seconds for the car to be connected through the wireless network.

👤We bought two for our daughters. The ear padding is very comfortable and they love the "kitty ears". They use them with the iPhone, but they don't have a connection. It was not ideal to have to use the cord since we bought them. The cords died within a week. It appears that using a different cord results in failure of the volume limiting feature. Spend your money on something better.

👤The headphones were good. They fold. When you fold them, they make a scary sound. They sound like they are breaking. I had to return this item because my 4 year old was complaining that his ears were hurting and the cushion wasn't wide enough for him. I was upset that the return was only free through Kohl's, I usually return throughUPS and my local store is about 30 minutes away. This was inconvenient for me.

👤My 7 month old daughter was on her first flight. There is a There are pros and cons. The battery lasts for 3 hours when they have a full charge. There is a manual AUX cable, but the Bluetooth is very helpful and can be used with any device. My daughter loves one specific show and we thought the headphones were the best way to distract her on the flight down. I tested decibels and they are safe for little ones to listen to. They are soft around the top of the head. They should have made an infant-size. They were a little heavy for her head at the time, but they were purchased knowing they weren't made for anyone under 1 year. She will be able to grow into these because the fit was solid.

👤I needed to set up a virtual workspace for the kids. They're wireless! It connects to your computer or device through a wireless connection. Almost everything does nowadays. There is no chip in the port. It has a standard audio jack. The microphone is in place. The mic arms are the first to break on most headsets. The sound is good. There were no complaints when I tested it on a few calls. The buttons are easy to get to, right on the earpiece. It's also rechargeable, just a volume up/down and an on/off. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I have heard that long charge life is a thing. The kids love that they are stylish and comfortable, but the little ears are very tight. I feel like they are all of it. The pricing is not beat. I got 2 for less than $35. They ordered another set after they arrived. I was very happy with this purchase, it far exceeded my expectations.

3. Headphones Microphone Limiter School Kindle

Headphones Microphone Limiter School Kindle

Their 3.5mm toddler headphones are compatible with a lot of devices. The built-in HD mic provides clear voice pickup, multi-function button on the audio cable, single click to play, pause, answer, hang up, double click to switch to the next song, and triple clicks to switch to the previous song are included. Two levels of volume limit allow kids to cap sound clearly and limit volume to 85dB to prevent damages to kid's ears in daily life, and also allow to reach 94dB for clearer but still safe sound under the condition of airplane rumbles, car. The headband of the kid headphones can be adjusted to fit different head sizes. Kid headphones take up minimum space for easy storage in school bags, suitcases, or backpacks, which is convenient for carrying and storage. Soft Over-Ear Earmuffs andBuffered Headband. Kids headphones with soft earmuffs and Silicone-covered headband make them better isolated from ambient noise. Your kids won't feel tired even if they wear a long time. Universal Compatibility 3. The audio jack is compatible with most devices. Kids headphones are wired.

Brand: Fiupia

👤The product is very comfortable and compact.

👤My son wears headphones at home to listen to music. The microphone is clear and the volume protection settings protect the children's hearing.

👤I'm not worried about them breaking instantly with a drop or fall, as my child is rough, and they should hold up just fine. He goes through his headphones. I assume he likes them because he hasn't complained about sound or anything. He likes that he can choose between two colors. If you're worried about quality and if they're sturdy enough, there's a wonderful pair of products that are worth the money.

👤My kids love to have it as high as possible, so I love that these have volume protection. It works well with the Amazon Fire. Good quality and great value.

👤Kids can be rough on headphones. They loved the pink/blue color choices and I liked that they folded up when not in use, which is great for my limited storage space. I didn't get any complaints of the headphones hurting their head or ears which, after 30 minutes of use on our programs, has been a complaint with other brands of headphones. No exposed wires is a point of comfort for me.

👤My kids are 3 and 7 years old. They loved them! It works perfectly on them both. Not falling off from being big. It's easy to store the headphones without having them break.

👤There is a pack of headphones. They are reasonably priced and work well. They are comfortable to wear. The sound quality is good.

👤These are good for kids. They work as they are supposed to. They sit across the head.

4. Headphones Limit Sharing Stereo Children

Headphones Limit Sharing Stereo Children

The best gift for kids is a gift. The kids over- ear headphones for girls is a nice gift for children on all special days, including Christmas, school opening day, birthday, and children's day. The switch can be pressed to limit the volume to 85db to protect your child's hearing. The off button adjusts the volume in noisy environments. Kids' headphones with built-in microphone can easily cope with the needs of learning or talking, and built-in sharing function can easily access the 2 devices connected at the same time, support sharing the same device with classmates or friends! The ear cushions are comfortable to wear and fit your ears perfectly, and the headband can grow with the child. The nylon fabric used in the cable is strong enough to endure rough play by children, ensuring the usefulness of the headphones. Their 3.5mm toddler headphones are compatible with a lot of devices.

Brand: Vinevoice

👤He really likes them, but they are a bit tight on his ears. I hope they get a loser as he uses them.

5. Headphones Over Ear Adjustable Headband Foldable

Headphones Over Ear Adjustable Headband Foldable

If you have a problem with this headset, please contact them as soon as possible. They will solve the problem for you in 24 hours. Their aim is to have a customer first. If you purchase 2 or more, you'll get an additional 7 % off when you visit, so make sure to get an extra one for the children of relatives or friends. ULTRA-SOFTOVER-EAR EARCUP & ADJUSTABLE HEADBANDBreathable memory foam earmuffs, 140g lightweight kids headphones. The earmuffs gently cover the ears of both children and adults, so you won't feel tired even for a long time. The headband with soft leather on its head is easy to wear and fit different head sizes. Kids have headphones for school. The built-in volume control of the over- ear headphones designed for kids keeps sound below 94dB, which is perfect for airplanes, car noises and more. There is no need to worry about hearing damage in children. It is suitable for children over 4 years old. Kid headphones are plugged in. Online learning and seismo sound. The receiver can receive the microphone of the plugged device, so it can be used for online classes, even though there is no microphone for kids. The headphones have dual 40mm stereo drivers and are wired. Easy to use design and design that is foldable. The foldable and compact wired headphones are convenient for carrying and storing. The earmuffs can be hung flat on the neck, making it easy to do other things when not in use. Simple and durable 120-degree design, tangle-free 4.7" nylon fabric cable, will escort your musical journey. Competitiveness. The headphones are compatible with devices with a 3.5mm audio jack. A great companion for studying, listening to music, watching movies, playing games, chatting with friends, whether at home, at school or on the go. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Epicmelody

👤I was surprised by the quality of these headphones. The build is solid, the sound quality is good, and the cushion is thick. I am buying a few more for the grands. I like that they are wired. My grand kept losing her cord. There is a You will not be disappointed.

👤I am not sure about longevity, these are great so far, but have not had them long. Sound and noise canceling are both good. They fit both my girls and me. I have not worn them for a long time but they seem to be comfortable and I will be buying another set. I recommend you try them, they are very cheap.

👤Es hermoso super, aun, pero no tienes.

👤When her original ones started making the sound of speaker death, the daughter bought these. So far, so good. She is in 1st grade. Will buy a second one and keep it at the house.

👤My daughter loves color and I got it for her. You do not expect much from noise cancellation, come on for 8bucks.

👤They must work well. When I talk to her, she doesn't respond. She drowns me.

👤I am glad I tested them because I got these for my child. Only one side plays music. Disappointing. I hope I can return them. They work after a replacement is returned and they work immediately. Excellent sound quality too.

6. Headphones Microphone Headsets Children Cellphone

Headphones Microphone Headsets Children Cellphone

Children's ears are sensitive to loud sound and they don't want them turning the volume up too much and damaging their hearing; that's why it is important to choose the best kids headphones, which allows your kids to cap sound no more than The Christmas gift choice for kids is nice. There is a built-in HD Microphone and Immersive Stereo Audio. The braided cord of the wired headsets has an HD microphone built in, which provides hands-free clear voice pickup without lag, which helps your kids' classroom interaction, online learning and video chatting with their friends, and the headphones for kids deliver crisp, powerful stereo sound. The toddler headphones have a volume limit switch on the audio cable that protects the ears of kids and is suitable for noisy environments. Children's headphones are made with soft over- ear cushions that won't cause any burden to heads or ears even for a long time wearing, and the headband is made with fine workmanship, so it's perfect for kids with different head shapes. The child's headphones are lightweight and foldable, so they can be folded up and taken away for school or road trips. Broad Compatibility and Multifunctional Button. The kids headphones for boys and girls work perfectly with most electronic equipment, including tablets, laptops, iPad, and the standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Brand: Voopwink

👤I bought these for my 10 year old son and he is a little on the small side. The size was advertised as being good for teens, so I thought it would be good. My son says the padding on his ears is too thin and that the tight head phones hurt his ears. He won't wear them now. Unless they are for a small child, I wouldn't recommend these headphones. I liked the angle of the nylon braided cord. My son didn't complain about the sound.

👤Before this one, I bought a slightly more expensive brand. The brand is comfortable and the noise reduction is very good.

👤My son liked them and the price was great. They snapped in half at the top of the headband at the end of February. The arch holding the ear cups together is a thin plastic. I thought they had metal reinforcing like other headphones. Lesson learned... You get what you pay for.

👤Excellent sound, perfect sound control, noise cancellation... Excellent quality in a cheap prize... Good headphones for kids.

👤My grand baby loves the ear phones.

👤The head piece broke quickly, but it was great for the price. My 5 year old has been more careful with the new pair we bought.

👤These are well made and will get the job done.

7. Neesolo Headphones Microphone Foldable Children

Neesolo Headphones Microphone Foldable Children

The sound chamber has 40mm HD speakers and clear mega bass. Stereo drivers and other bands have improvements that make music more enjoyable. Quality needs to be heard. The built-in HD microphone of the kids wired headphones allows for crystal clear communication during cellphone calls, video calls or online classes. The inline controls allow your kids to control the volume, skip tracks, and answer calls. Kids need their own headsets. Kids headphones limit the volume level to 91 decibels for safe listening, which is lower than airplane rumble or car noises on road trips. The 40mm dynamic drivers deliver crystal clear sound streaming, so your kids can listen to Hi-fi sound in a safe way. Sharing fun with family and friends is easy with the provided audio splitter. The 3.5mm audio jack allows the headset to work well for laptops, phones, tablets, PCs, iPad, and more. The kids headphones will keep them comfortable all day. The ear cups of their on- ear headphones for kids are very soft. It's suitable for kids ages 3 to 16 years old, girls, boys, children, toddlers, home/online school, training, travel or car rides. The headband of the toddler headphones gives them some impressive flexibility. The foldable design makes it easy to keep the headphones tidy. Premium braided nylon fabric, 4.1ft/1.2m audio cable is strong enough to hold up in rough play.

Brand: Neesolo

👤These are great for children. I no longer have to listen to their noisy tablets. There is a The attached picture shows how they fit my grand daughter. My 6 year old grandson is also in the other pair. There is a They come with a set of 2 and a splitter so they can listen to one device. I have to get their attention if they are listening to their headphones, but I am not sure how well they block outside noise. If there is a weak spot to these headphones, the size adjustment feature would probably be all that is needed. They haven't bent so far. There are colored pink above the ears in the attached picture. For the price, they are wonderful. Are they the top of the line? No. These are a great set until they get lost or abused, and will not break the bank to replace them. The kids think they are great. There is a Grandmother approved!

👤If this isn't the cheapest packaging, I don't know what is. See photo. Things started to look better once I got past the terrible packaging. There is a The colors of the headphones are the same as in the photos. The colors are for a boy and a girl. The whole thing is made of plastic. The male and female jacks are made of metal and the cord is made of nylon. There is a I was able to wear them without stretching them out. The sound is clear. I used it to watch a movie. The splitter works well. The male end of the splitter has a cap on it. I haven't used them for a call yet. There is a mic on the cord and a button. I think that button is silent. If the rest of the headphones work, there shouldn't be a problem with the mic and mute.

👤I ordered this pack for my daughters to use. This was the perfect solution to the problem of one or the other's sound being turned up too loud, as well as the perfect solution for me to enjoy a little peace and quiet. The only thing they argue about is who gets to wear the headphones with pink. It's a good thing. I think the quality is decent and it's reflective of the price. The sound quality is good for kids, and the headphones are comfortable to wear. They fit perfectly on my 4yo and my 6yo. The addition of the splitter made it possible for my daughters to connect to the same device and listen together. My daughters love to use these headphones when they play games or watch movies on their phones, and I've been very pleased with them so far. The quietness for me is very pleasant.

👤Works well. They fit my son's head well and protect his ears. The noise was not loud. I was comfortable letting him wear them. These work on standard tablets. There is a The pink and blue pairs come with these. Both need wires. There is no wireless communication. There is a There is a microphone on the ground.

8. Headphones Microphone Headsets Adjustable Chromebook

Headphones Microphone Headsets Adjustable Chromebook

Broad Compatibility and Multifunctional Button. The kids headphones for boys and girls work perfectly with most electronic equipment, including tablets, laptops, iPad, and the standard 3.5mm audio jack. HD microphone and stereo sound. The kids headphones with microphone allow smooth communication of kids whether for online learning, game interlocution or phone call; The headphones for kids are equipped with dual 40mm stereo driver to deliver exceptional clear sound with full dynamic range, sound delicate and transparent. There are soft over- ear earmuffs and a padded headband. The headband with soft padding resting on the head is stretchable to fit different head, and the memory foam earmuffs of their kids headphones are lightweight, breathable, and of larger size than others' headphones to gently cover little kids' ears, there will be no discomfort even after long Their wired kids headsets are built with a volume regulator which limits the maximum volume not to exceed 85dB or 94dB, which is suitable for indoor learning or entertainment. The wired child headset is compatible with all 3.5mm devices, such as tablets, iPad, iPod, iPhone, and more. It is the best partner for your children to study, listen to music, watch movies, play games, talk with friends and have fun, no matter where you are. The best gift for kids is a gift. The kids over- ear headphones for girls is a nice gift for children on all special days, including Christmas, school opening day, birthday, and children's day.

Brand: Venijoy

👤My daughter likes the headphones a lot. This is her second pair. So far, so good.

👤Our niece loves it. It is perfect for her.

👤Poor construction. The jack has minimal use.

9. Headphones Noot Products K22 Tangle Free Tablet Flamingo

Headphones Noot Products K22 Tangle Free Tablet Flamingo

You can choose between Matcha Green/Pink/White for the earphone winder. Each color gives you a different classification of cords. It is easy to reach customer service. Designed for kids ages 3 to 16 years old, little or older kids, girls, boys, children, toddlers, home/online school, training, long plane or car rides. The headphones have a semi-gloss finish on the soft cushions. The headband can be adjusted to fit most head sizes. The headphones are small and convenient for easy storage. The nylon braided cable is 5 feet long. You can still use the device's mic to speak into it, even though there is no microphone, remote or volume control on these headphones. You can hear it through the device mic's. It's compatible with most phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and 3.5mm audiojack devices for an easy plug in and kid friendly. You will need a 3.5mm jack to use the Apple phones 7 and above.

Brand: Noot Products

👤The headphones are great for the price. They are sold to children. I bought them for myself. I have a small head and can wear smaller headphones that are more comfortable. I wanted to leave these in the camper so I could listen to music while we are at the lake. I was not expecting good quality. But he really is! They are good. Many expensive headphones are sitting around not being used because I can't hear the music or the podcasts well enough. These headphones have great volume. It's too much for a child. There is no volume control so a kid can easily crank up the sound and damage their hearing. Take it from me. When your child uses these, be sure to keep an eye on him or her. Hearing is priceless. These are perfect for me. I need that boost to hear well and the loud volume is not an issue. The ear cups fit my ears well. The headphones are not closed. They have funky adjusting wires that are sticking out so they aren't as compact as they seem. There are no bells or whistles on these. These are straight up headphones. They sound good. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them. I have them listening to music while I type. If you allow a child to wear the headphones, be sure to monitor the volume. It is loud when turned up. I have all types and brands of headphones and they are louder than any other headphones I have owned. I will get 4 stars. These are fine sounding for general use and aren't for the audiophile in the family.

👤They don't say there is a hassle warranty. I took pictures of the jack and the email address they give is not valid. The number to call is also there. That is too much of a hassle. Who has time to explain over the phone. The no hassle warranty is very difficult.

👤Good headphones. They are loud for little ears. My kids will turn the volume up on their devices if they are anything like mine. If I'm in the same room, I can hear their headphones.

👤I ordered these for my daughter to wear. A really good deal was obtained. I gave them to my daughter early. They were put up when they weren't used. She wasn't using them. She said she couldn't hear anything. I put them on. There was no sound when people were speaking. I don't know if we received a bad product.

👤I was very pleased with these. The cable is sturdy and they are comfortable, the ones we bought last year still work great.

👤I bought three of these for my kids and thought they looked practical. My daughter broke after putting them on for the first time. After one day in class, my son broke. They didn't demonstrate that they were negligent. I bought them in July for school. They were in school for the first time on Sept 5. The window for returns closes after 30 days. Disappointed.

10. Headphones Children Adjustable Headband Tangle Free

Headphones Children Adjustable Headband Tangle Free

It's perfect for snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, or going to school in the cold winter. It is a good gift for children. Lovely Uncorn Headphones: The cute and glittery headband and on- ear headphones are designed for ages 3 and over and come with an audio book and favorite songs. It would be a great gift for a girl who loves unicorns. The built-in mic and moustache button are included. With a built-in microphone and button, your children can cut out sound when needed. They were given the freedom and excitement of their own headphones. The headband is adjusted. The headband and padded cushions on this wired headphones are long-wearing. Girl headphones can be used in the car, school, airplane, home or cosplay, and they have a handy headband to fit different sized heads. The audio quality is exemplary. The cat ear headphones are capable of Crisp,clear sound and bumping bass which make for a complete surround sound experience, and allow your kids to listen to music,audiobooks and multiple learning resources in comfort. There are impersonal company and services. The standard 3.5mm headphone jack is compatible with this ipad headphones. 24 hour Customer-friendly Support Service, 12 month replacement warranty.

Brand: Tcjj

👤In May 2020, this product was a good purchase, but it stopped working for my child in August 2020. I reached out to Amazon for a replacement because I purchased a protection plan. I was told that I should reach out to the seller since the product was still under warranty, and I provided documentation and pictures. I have contacted the seller 3 times but have not received a response. A replacement for these headphones is needed. Even though the product is good, the seller doesn't support my needs or request.

👤My kids love these headphones. I have one pair of shoes that I use in the classroom for our only computer and they always fight to get to it first. My 4 year old and 7 year old are just fine. They are snug on my head but usable. There is a The child volume control is good, but they don't turn up after a certain threshold. They get loud enough to make the kid feel comfortable, but not so loud that background noise makes them listen less. There is a The sound quality is pretty decent. There is a microphone on the wire that works well. There is a I am very happy with this product. It comes in the gift box in case you give them away as a gift. These are perfect. Highly recommended.

👤These are worth every penny. My daughter fell in love with them. The box they arrive in is very cute.

👤My 6 year old received these as a gift. She loved them and thought they were cute. The first time we plugged them in she listened to some shows and thought they were great. The headphones jack on my 700$ iPad cracked when I unplugged them. She did not use more force than she should have, but she did remove them and they are useless now! I've tried everything to remove it. It is not budging. Since the jack is stuck inside, we can't hear anything on our iPad as it thinks we're listening to it on headphones. I am very disappointed. Straight garbage. It should have been obvious.

👤My daughter likes these headphones. They are cute. They come in a cute box that can be used to store small items. It comes with a bracelet. You can't beat it. The headphones are cute and the ears are shiny. The seller was awesome and sent us a replacement mic after the mic stopped working. He reminded me that I forgot to send a picture of the product. Their customer service is very good.

👤If I could, I would give this 0 stars. What a waste of money. My girls love these but they break. They work well for a few weeks. The sound will start to be very low on one side, and then a few days later it will be completely out. You can hear a moving part when the sound goes out. My daughters love the way they look, but they break every time I come back. She is very careful with them. Don't waste your money.

11. Headphones Microphone Noot Products K12

Headphones Microphone Noot Products K12

Plug in is easy for a kid. All devices that have a 3.5mm audio port are compatible. You will need a 3.5mm jack to use the Apple phones 7 and above. Not a type of headphones. It is easy to reach customer service. Designed for kids ages 3 to 16 years old, little or older kids, girls, boys, children, toddlers, home/online school, training, long plane or car rides. The headphones have a semi-gloss finish on the soft cushions. The headband can be adjusted to fit most head sizes. The headphones are small and convenient for easy storage. The nylon braided cable is 5 feet long. There is a microphone, multi-functional button, and an adjustment for volume limit. You can easily change the volume limit from 85dB to 94dB by using the multi-functional button. It's compatible with most phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and 3.5mm audiojack devices for an easy plug in and kid friendly. You will need a 3.5mm jack to use the Apple phones 7 and above.

Brand: Noot Products

👤Due to the virtual school taking place, I purchased two sets of head phone. One is needed for home use and the other for school. This set was my favorite and the other was fine as well. These headphones are the best I have ever purchased for my kids. I bought two different ones because I was concerned that one may not work as I had hoped. There is a My son has a small head. I was worried that they wouldn't be able to adjust to his size. They did. They fit my husband's head as well. The sound is perfect for his ears. I like this. The quality of the cording was a bonus for me. It is wrapped in threading and cords for a more durable look. I think my money was well spent for the quality of the product. It would be a good idea. Hope this helps someone.

👤When I received the headphones, they didn't have a microphone with a volume limit. Very disappointing.

👤We bought a pair for our kids. They have worked great and have lasted. I was surprised by how inexpensive they are, but I am happy with them and the kids like them. The cord is long and the kids can put it on. We will buy another set if these finally give up on us and we were happy with the purchase.

👤My son's first set of headphones died and we needed another, higher quality set for him to take a flight for the first time, to watch a tablet and listen to music. He's only 6 years old, so we didn't want to break the bank on a set. There is a He said they were comfortable and had a good audio quality. They seem to be able to hold up.

👤These are great. I bought two pairs of these in different colors for my boys to wear when traveling over the summer as their previous pairs didn't last very long and needed to be replaced. I was initially concerned about fit as they have giant heads for small boys, and the older one has sensory issues, and often has meltdowns if something doesn't fit just right. These were perfect! The quality is better than I have ever bought before. It's easy to wear, no headaches, and they can hear their teachers loud and clear even when other kids are having trouble. My daughter tried to sneak her brother's head phones to school this week because she likes how they help block out noisy distraction compared to her favorite earbuds, so I ordered her a pair and two more pairs for the boys so they don't have them. The girl will likely order a second pair in the near future, as we will see how often she remembers to transport hers.

👤I bought them for my kids. They are comfortable. They have been using them for 4 months and still work perfectly, unlike a lot of their classmates who had to have theirs replaced already. I bought them both for Christmas so I could travel with them.


What is the best product for headphone for girls cheap?

Headphone for girls cheap products from Vitetaket. In this article about headphone for girls cheap you can see why people choose the product. Gorsun and Fiupia are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone for girls cheap.

What are the best brands for headphone for girls cheap?

Vitetaket, Gorsun and Fiupia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone for girls cheap. Find the detail in this article. Vinevoice, Epicmelody and Voopwink are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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