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1. Apple EarPods 3 5mm Headphone Plug

Apple EarPods 3 5mm Headphone Plug

The Ear Pods are more comfortable for more people than any other ear bud-style headphones because they are defined by the geometry of the ear. The speakers inside the Ear Pods have been designed to maximize sound output and minimize sound loss, which means you get high-quality audio. The Ear Pods have a built-in remote that can be used to answer or end calls, control music and video, and adjust the volume. The mic and remote are supported by all iPod, iPad, and iPhone models. All iPod models support audio. It requires a version of the software for iPod touch and iPod classic.

Brand: Apple

👤The box was opened to find a tangled pair of used earphones, with torn edges around the jack and gross earbuds. Don't buy from these shears.

👤I noticed a change in the mic quality when I used my earbuds for singing. The texture is different. I thought it was still a good deal. Two months later. The crackled and sent a small shock of electric into my ears as I listened to the voice notes. When you rub your feet on a carpet, you get a quick spark. But constant. I threw them in the trash. I will buy from the Apple website. You get what you pay for.

👤I was a little worried about what I was going to get with this order, but as the pictures show, my pair appears to be the real deal. I haven't tried them out yet as I have a working pair, but the packaging and the earphones themselves look similar to the one I bought from the Apple store. I think that people here are lying and that there may be some variation in the quality of the items received which led to some of the negative reviews. I can't tell the difference between these fakes and real ones. The Apple store cords are slicker than the ones at home. I believe that the cords are slick to keep them more rigid. Hope this helps someone.

👤I just got a pair of headphones. The box is open and empty.

👤I don't write reviews unless I think the product is amazing, or it's so bad I have to let others know. I want to steer people away from it. This is a case of the other. They worked for a day and then stopped working. I only use these headphones at my desk, so there's no chance they fell in water or were stepped on. I had to plug the lightning cord in one way, if you flipped it and inserted it wouldn't recognize the headphones and wouldn't play through my speakers. The microphone stopped working. The volume would change on its own.

👤I was very nervous when I bought this, so I wanted to make sure that the headphones I got were genuine, so I left a review to make sure. Guess that's it? They work well.

👤I bought these replacements after I lost my Ear Pods, and I was hoping that they were legit Apple products. I found my original Ear Pods. I compared them to see if they matched up. The ones Amazon sent me are the same ones I got with my phone, and the packaging is the same as my other classic Apple stuff: everything sealed, meticulously held in place, documentation, etc. The Ear Pods are packaged in a box. The thickness of the main cord seemed to be the same as before, but it was a bit thinner. I can't tell whether my original Ear Pods or these replacements sound the same. The shape of the earpiece is not my favorite. Maybe it's just preference or ear size. It looks like Amazon isn't always offering these as Prime-Exclusive. I wouldn't go for these if they were new or used. You should head to the Apple Store.

2. Foldable Isolating Headphones Microphone Adjustable

Foldable Isolating Headphones Microphone Adjustable

Their pillow soft light weight ear cushions sit snug, ensuring that you enjoy your media all day long, unlike other brands that are heavy, bulky and cause fatigue. Artix lightweight WIRED headphones have premium noise isolation and are perfect for your daily commute through the noisy city. The drivers they use are designed to deliver the best sound reproduction. Enhance your daily activity by enjoying your media with their quality head phones which come with a padded headband and a custom fit for all users. There is no need to worry about space or fighting with knots with the foldable Tangle-Proof Cord. It is built to last through rough commute, sporting activity, and more, and is sturdy, durable, and good for a long time. You don't need to keep reaching for your device when your hands are full. Artix wired headset allows you to talk with CLEAR voice through an inline HD mic and built-in controls. Their mic won't pick up background noise when you're talking, so you won't have to struggle to hear what the other person is saying. Take complete control of your listening experience. Pause/play audio, skip tracks, and answer/end calls when you have enough. Their goal is to deliver products that make your life easier. Artix believes in providing high quality materials for an optimal music experience and clear voice return during important calls. DURABLE is what Corded head phones are made of. Universal compatibility is offered with all 3.5mm jack devices. It's compatible with a lot of things, including computers, phones, and tablets. They believe in quality and integrity and that they can trust the products they offer to you. The ear cups block extraneous noise and provide strong bass and crisp acoustics. The Artix Cl750 headphones are the best for a wide range of activities. Their mission is to provide the best customer experience, so they stand by their product with a 1 year warranty.

Brand: Artix

👤I don't like to post 5 stars on something that isn't perfect but they are excellent value. They sound better than beats. They are cheaper than beats because they don't have the range into the bass as good. There is a 7 clarity, 8 comfort, and 9 personal preference are the responses. I don't like wearing ear headphones. I wore these for a couple hours. They are convenient, but they are bulky. The initial quality is very good and seems sturdy, but it only had a week. I want something that people will see and hopefully not interrupt my work. The sound quality is dependent on the device. If I could adjust the bass on the device, it would make a huge impact on sound. Some headphones play a certain kind of music. These don't fit in with hip hop or hard rock. They sound good with minimal changes.

👤I ordered these for my 3rd graders. His old headset is no longer compatible. He has a big head and wears hats. The new headset was great. It has helped when he needs to concentrate and not hear his brothers. He will use the headset when I let him use my iPad. He can't hear us. I yelled for him from our kitchen into our living room. He was watching a show on my iPad and didn't budge. He likes to play music and control the cord. He wants to try out the speaker on his next call. I think they look good for the price.

👤If you have earrings, I don't recommend these headphones. Cartilage piercings are included. The headphones will cause pain by sitting on your ears. I wore them for about an hour before changing to ear buds. I was hoping I'd like these. They would work. I can't wear something that hurts my ears.

👤They stopped working less than 3 months after purchase. Wait... He forgot how to adjust the volume on them, and turned it all the way down. He can't forget that little detail, he loves them again.

👤The headphones look better than they do. I was expecting something a little more quality, but they are not. I would not have purchased these if I had known how tinny the sound quality is and how annoying the piece covering the ear feels. They are okay for the price. They work. They fold. They look nice. They don't completely cancel out the noise. I can still hear people walking outside my room, even though my old broken skullcandy ones made a muffle sound and I didn't notice them. This is a good product.

👤I bought these for my child. The construction and sound are good. The seller told me that there is a one year warranty. This was a good purchase because of the price.

👤The headphones are better for the price. I forgot I was wearing them after a while, but they are comfortable.

👤The review has been updated. Customer service for this company is amazing. The flawed headphones were replaced for free. I love them and now I'm ordering two more pairs because everyone loves them and the customer service was great. My rating was taken down. I liked the sound quality and fit of them. We were going to order a second pair until the cord fell off. If the company gave me a discount and I reinforced the cord, I'd order again. If you're ordering, keep this in mind.

3. Cyber Acoustics Headphones Cancelling AC 5002

Cyber Acoustics Headphones Cancelling AC 5002

It is easy to carry around. The cable length is 2 packs. The mic splitter is only for with CTIA standard headphones, not Apple Earbuds or Beats headphones. The ideal stereo headset has an In-line control on the cable for easy access to control of audio volume. The microphone picks up sound from a specific side or direction of the microphone, so it doesn't make noise. It's perfect for K12 classroom, home or office. Universal fit. The headset can be adjusted to fit most head sizes. The microphone boom is on the left or right hand side. The headband has easy to clean ear pads. TuffCord cable is long lasting and designed for hard wearing. Plug in and play is easy to use. You can connect a 3.5mm audio jack to your Mac, PC or electronic device. Cyber Acoustics AC5002Analog Headset and User Guide are included. The warranty is hassle free.

Brand: Cyber Acoustics

👤I bought them for a work from home job. I have 2 toddlers and a newborn and need them to keep the noise down. I have added a video of me counting. Even though I'm 8 feet away from my TV, the mic is pointed in the opposite direction, and you don't see Mickey Mouse and the 3 musketeers in the background. You can hear the sound of it. I'm excited that they're comfortable. These are what I needed.

👤January 2019. I have been looking for a noise cancelling mic headset to use at work. I decided to buy a higher end headset because of the cheap price. I purchased a headset for over 70 dollars. I bought a Blueparrot 450t headset and a Vmoda boom mic 3.5mm plug into my Beats headphones. The Easy Voice recorder was tested. I played a movie on my phone for 30 seconds. I used the same laptop that I used to play the movie and it had the same amount of sound volume set at 80 that had good movie bass sound effect and actors talking. I sat at the same location as my laptop speakers. The Cyber Acoustics still took my voice well, even though they blocked out more of the movie sound and background noise. This is a better mic noise-canceling brand than a high-end brand. I have used many high-end and low-end products. I tested the headset's ability to cancel out noise with my cell phone. Use the recording app on my cell phone to record when I'm out in public, while driving, and when a TV is nearby. Listen to my recordings to hear my voice. There is a This one is the best at blocking out noise, and is very clear with my voice. I don't need to talk loudly, just a normal voice that does well, and blocks out other noise. There is a My job requires me to talk with clients on the phone while driving. I travel to and from airports. This is perfect when I work in a call center office. This is the best noise canceling mic headset I have found so far. There is a It only cost 20 bucks. There is a The cord is braided high-end, but the materials are not flashy. I have a bag that I stick hits in. There is a It doesn't bother me at all that my head doesn't fit too much. This is not for music, but it is fine to listen to audio books. The company specializes in audio/media/speakers, and I recommend this headset at this price. Many headsets that claim to be from a China no-name brand that doesn't specialize in this product, just rebrand the headsets and sell them, do not do well in canceling noise. Once this one is over, I will buy again at Cyber Acoustics. I would like to try it if they had a wireless one. This is a great deal for me, and I'm happy with it.

4. Earphones Headphones Microphone Earbuds Smartphones

Earphones Headphones Microphone Earbuds Smartphones

The earbuds are compatible with many devices. The player is compatible with most devices. 3 sets of excellent quality stereo headphones with microphone, good surround sound, clear and vivid bass allow you to have a good listening experience. Extra comfort is a good fit to the ears. Flexible, lightweight, and comfortable. Good for work, study, fitness, running, jogging, etc. It's convenient for the headset to play/pause/receive/end a call, next song, and previous song at the same time. The microphone is built into the headphones and can be used for hands-free calls, answer, reject, and end calls. Professional stereo audio is provided by the Good Quality Cable. The cable is soft and resistant to tangles for a hassle-free use. earbuds are compatible with most devices with 3.5mm sockets, such as the iPad and the phone, as well as portable music players, PC games and other 3.5mm sockets electronic products.

Brand: Kirababy

👤Two of the headphones failed at the junction. I would say my usage is normal, not rough, yet the wires are pulled out of the plastic connection at the Y junction. I have been contacted by the seller multiple times via email requesting that I remove my 1 star review in exchange for a gift card in denominations ranging from $20 to $30. I received 2 emails in 4 hours.

👤Less then 2 weeks, used one set twice, and the wire began to unraveling. Nobody should expect good quality earbuds for this cheap price. I should have known better. Unless you plan on using them once or twice, please don't waste your money. There is a There is an update. They will pay you if you write a bad review. I wrote a review that wasn't posted. Buy from a different seller.

👤The mic is powerful. I have been told by others that they can hear my background and people who are far away in the next room. A whisper in the mic is just as loud and clear as talking. The wires reach my ankle from the shoulder. It was very long. The headphones have been dropped, pulled and handled by teens, yet they are still in great condition.

👤There is an update. The company has been trying to get me to edit my review by sending me multiple emails from different email accounts. The average person will take the refund and edit the review to make it look better. I won't. There is a The sound went completely out of my right ear bud, while I was wearing the pair I was using. This is after about a month and a half of use. I dropped my rating to one star. There was an old review. You can't go wrong with 3 pairs of earbuds for $10. Well... If they stay fully inside your ears, the sound quality is decent. There is no way to adjust this because the metal pieces covered by the Silicone are not a good fit for my ears. I can't listen to music without my left earbud falling out over the course of an hour of online meetings or even slight movement in my body that pulls one of my earphones out a bit or all the way. The one size doesn't fit everyone. -the The mesh screen covering the earphone speaker broke when I tried to remove earwax quickly. I have used them for meetings, but I have to push them back in and adjust them. I will happily pay more for a product that fits smaller ears. If you have small ear canals, the Panasonic earbuds are the same price as these. They stay in!

👤I bought this pack on Amazon after I saw the amazing deal I was getting. There is no way to beat the price. My kids who are learning remotely will love the earphone that comes in a different color with the mic. The first pack did not last more than a week, but I immediately contacted the company and they shipped a replacement. I have had no issues with these since, and I am very impressed with their customer service.

5. Headset Microphone Cancelling Extension Headphones

Headset Microphone Cancelling Extension Headphones

The Spongue accessories are soft and thick. The driver for the natural talking sounding audio is advanced. The omnidirectional boom mic targets your voice and filters out wind and external noise for high-quality call performance. The double-sided soft leather earmuffs, memory foam padding headband, and other space saving features ensure lasting comfort even for a long time calling. The head beam has an adjustment that allows you to find the perfect fit. The ear cups are 90 degrees and designed to fit your bag easily. Plug and play is easy to use. Both children and elders have easy control. You can connect the headset to the PC with a plug or you can detach the 3.5mm audio cable to connect with other devices. Control the volume from the control panel. All devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack or ausb interface are compatible. The inline control only works if the connection is a good one.

Brand: Soucrisp

👤I was able to use them on my computer. They worked in meetings and in video calls. I needed it for one thing, to be able to make calls all day, and I would hear customer complaints that they were not heard by the other person. I had poor signal with the computer settings that I asjuated. The patient had a lot of echo on their end and I was able to hear myself in the headset. If you have to make calls all day from your computer, I recommend for nothing else. I had to connect in the headset hack to work. This wouldn't work as a headset. It would only be a speaker.

👤I had doubts about these because of the cheap price, but they work great. I couldn't figure it out because I take calls through my computer. You just have to adjust the settings and it will work on the PC. The product is great for the price.

👤The sound of these is good and they are reasonable.

👤A great microphone and sound. There are no real issues with Earphones that are a little small with no cups.

👤Tiene una cancelacion de ruido, el control de volumen, uy Util al igual.

👤A photo with a soda can. This is a good value for the cost for the current price. It has a plug for a cell phone and an accessory to connect it to a computer. I wore it for a 3 hour conference call and it was fine, longer than I might want. It's ok, but not amazing. There is a The leather is plastic and soft. There is a It's a good choice if you want the ease of plug and play.

👤A good deal is $17 for a headset that delivers this quality of sound. I don't use a microphone, but you can if you want to make phone and internet calls. You can either plug it into the minijack or into the extension that ends in a full-size plug. mike mute and up/down volume control are also provided by that piece. It was plug-and-play for me, because I put theusb cord in my laptop. There is a The earpieces are soft and comfortable, the headband is flexible, and the set is lightweight.

6. TECKNET Bluetooth Cancelling Microphone Headphone

TECKNET Bluetooth Cancelling Microphone Headphone

There is an 18-month warranty on the optical cable and 5V power supply cable. The TECKNET wireless headset can block 99.8% of background noise, so you can hear clearly wherever you are. The people you are talking to can't hear background noise, and the sound quality on both sides is excellent. The noise canceling headphones with microphone are suitable for offices, homes, remote work, call centers, and other places where noise is a problem. The multi-base can be used to charge the trucker headset, as well as a wireless headphones stand. It's more stable to connect the computer via multi-base. You need to answer the call on the connected computer, not on the headphones, when using third-party applications such as Skype, zoom, Teams, and so on. The plug-and-play charging base provides convenient charging and storage solutions. Up to 2 days of talk time can be provided by charging for 2 hours. The fast charging base can charge a wireless pc headset by 30% in 30 minutes, and 100% in 120 minutes. There are anti-sLIP earpieces for left or right ear. A headband that fits any head shape and won't slip off your head is included with the headphones. The microphone can be used on either side. The single ear headset is ideal for truck drivers, call center agents, construction sites, or wherever life needs to be. Easy control and dual cannabinoid connection. The intuitive controls on the trucker headset allow you to answer/end calls, adjust the volume, and more. You can connect the headphones to two phones at the same time to increase availability for calls. The best headset to use at home. The answer calls by earphone are only compatible with cell phones. Please contact their support if you have a question. Thanks.

Brand: Tecknet

👤TECKNET reached out and acknowledged that the headset does seem to have issues with VPNs and were looking into engineering a headset that would work better over the internet. Excellent customer service from that person. Reviews are supposed to inspire because a company acknowledges a problem and works to improve their product. I increased my rating to 4-stars because of the TECKNET being a responsible company. The headset is not good for VPNs. I bought this for my home use. After you remove the headset from the charging stand, the VPN won't recognize it. Each time you have to get back to the base. I returned it. I gave the headset a 3-star rating because it is great if there is no PureVPN in the middle.

👤The noise cancellation doesn't interfere with talking, and this is a great headset. I had tried other brands that had wireless headsets, but their noise cancellation made it hard for me to hear them, and others could not hear me as well. There is no challenge on this device. There is a I like the option of a charging base. It's great for my situation, because when it's charging, I can go back to using my normal speaker and microphone. I really like that feature. The room I work in has some echo and that's the reason I got this headset. If I talk a lot, I use this headset to sound great, and if I am mostly listening, I put the headset on the charge and use my normal multimedia. I use the base for my work computer because it doesn't have a built-in wireless device. I was concerned that using my work laptop might be an issue because I don't have administrator privilege, but it wasn't. No special drivers were required and Windows recognized it. Couldn't be any harder. There is a The buttons work well and the headset is comfortable. I am sure I will find the MFB quickly and easily.

👤There is a warning. If you try to use more than one headset in an office environment, they will connect with the other computers. Your headset will randomly pair with another base because the charging base acts as a wi-fi copnnection. Since all of the headsets have the same name, the same issue occurs. The device in the control panel has been renamed, however, there are still issues with the ear phone and microphone. The noise cancelling works well for ambient noise, but it won't filter out voices. The person on the line couldn't hear it when the employee played music on his phone, but when he tried it with a podcasts, it came in clearly.

👤It's more than just that it's a good headset for the money. I paid around $250 for a blue parrot. I was never happy with it. The range was not good. This headset allows me to leave my phone in my 2300 sq ft house and be connected anywhere inside and outside. It only has trouble penetrating through two cinderblock walls at once if I am 30 feet away. Good quality sound, but not as good as the Apple Pod, but better than the Blue Parrot. It absolutely kills the sound that comes from my end. I was standing next to my air compressor and it was loud, and the person on the other end heard no sound at all. That's impressive. I haven't run the battery down in a while.

7. TECKNET Bluetooth Microphone Canceling Headphones

TECKNET Bluetooth Microphone Canceling Headphones

The noise cancelling headphones with microphone can cancel up to 99.6% of background noise. Making your voices clear is important. The microphone can be turned on and off with the help of the mute key. This is a great headset for people working in call centers and construction sites. All day competition and 270. The wireless headphones with microphone have comfortable earmuff and ultra soft leather for all day comfort. You can answer or hang up calls with the MFB button on the headset, it's only useful for phone calls. If you want to answer or hang up calls, you should set it up through the software. The TECKNET Trucker headset with microphone can provide up to 2 days of talk time and 4 days of standby time on a single charge. The charge is 1.5 hours and provides complete wireless freedom. It's perfect for office, home, and remote work. With a wide range of compatible devices, the TECKNET is a wireless headset for computers, laptops, cell phones, and other devices. You can connect to the device with theusb dongle. It will be more stable to connect to a computer via ausb. It is 18 months of support for the TECKNET on ear headphones with microphone. If you have any problems with using the computer headset with microphone, please contact their professional customer service team, they will provide you with high-quality solutions.

Brand: Tecknet

👤I needed a wireless headset so I could stand up and get around while on my phone calls, because I do phone calls for 8 to 9 hours a day. This is amazing, the mic quality is great and the sound is good. It's not a problem, just adjust the volume on it, it's a small sound but on the quiet side. There is a The battery is great. The duration is amazing. The connection? It's great that they have the option to use a more stable connection or use a more wireless one. The headset does not squeeze my head during my 8 to 9 hour shifts. If you're looking for a headset for a telecom job, I highly recommend this one.

👤I rely on a Blue Tooth headset to communicate with my passengers. I was very pleased with this item. The battery life was excellent. The maximum listening volume was not very high. After 2 months, my overall satisfaction with this item dropped significantly. My return period ended. I thought the price was reasonable. Maybe I should have bought a more expensive unit.

👤The headseat has a clear mic and a good speaker. I have it connected to both my computer and my phone, and I use ausb port on my computer to connect it. I can use the computer and the phone at the same time. I am able to wear it all day because it is very comfortable. I have never gone into "battery low" state when I have been on-mic for 3-4 hours a day. I have never gone into "battery low" state while working around the house and workshop and only used the speaker. I recommend this headset without reservation. I did not get paid for this review.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend to use while he is working. He is a truck driver. The biggest issue in the past was being able to hear him due to the background noise and a lot of headsets sound far away. I was surprised when he called and was on the road. The call was clear, even if he wasn't using a headset. We were curious when he had the window down and on the highway. It was clear. I hear Outside noise occasionally but it is very soft and in the background. He reported being very pleased. Quality and design are important. He likes being able to hear the road with one ear and this design is perfect for that. We are very happy with the headset.

👤I needed a wireless headset since my company laptop doesn't allow the connection. Sound quality and noise cancellation are both good. When the battery is low, it doesn't give enough warning. I won't be able to use my headset during a half hour meeting because it won't last long enough to hear a battery low message. The headset won't stay on my head if I tip my head downward. I have to hold the power button multiple times before it turns on. It is a decent headset for the price.

8. Bluetooth Cancelling Microphone Hands Free Telephone

Bluetooth Cancelling Microphone Hands Free Telephone

There is a wide compatibility and 12 months warranty. This headset has a sound card and 3.5mm plug that can connect to most of the devices. A great choice for Dragon speak, conference calls and more. Earbay offers a 12 months after-sales service, earbay headset with microphone undergoes strict quality checks at each production line. They offer a 24 hour service on Amazon and they would be responsible for your shopping and experience. 1.76oz (50g) light weight truck driver headset suit for all wearing has a headband that fits any head shape and size. The noise cancelling microphone from Wirelesscell will ensure crystal clear conversations even in noisy environments. 5. 0 The 33ft (10m) connection range and the ability to move quickly and easily are some of the benefits of the technology. This is dual bluetooth. After fully charged for 2 hours, the headset supports 16+ hours of continuous talking. The microphone design can be used on the left or right ear.

Brand: Cofortyoo

👤The headset is good for the price. They are comfortable. They get the job done.

9. Logitech Headset H390 Noise Cancelling

Logitech Headset H390 Noise Cancelling

Wide Compatibility Most of the digital devices, such as mp3/MP4/Mobile Phone/Computer/CD players, are comatively powered by the headphone amplifier. PC headphones with plush, padded headband and earcups. The system requirements for Enhanced Audio are Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later. The qualities of noise cancellation. A rotating microphone that is used for clear calls. Digital connections are compatible with the new 2.0 and 1.1 standards. In-line controls: adjust the volume and mic. Plug-and-play when you are ready with a simple connection. The H540 headset has high-definition sound and on- ear controls.

Brand: Logitech

👤I bought two sets of headphones and would like to share my experience with prospective buyers. I was very happy when I got my first unit. Headphone cushions are great and speakers are nice. It's lightweight, so you can wear it for a long time. I noticed my headband was loose a few days ago. I found a crack in the plastic. There is another problem of cable that tangles. I thought it might be my fault. I ordered the second one. I don't play a game. I use it with more care. The second one had the same problem. I'm disappointed. Why does the tech use plastic that isn't better? The headband is made of plastic or thin. I still use the headphones. I am not a happy customer. It broke completely. I tried to reach them. They didn't respond well. There is a It stopped working. The customer support team does not exist. I'm not going to buy any headphones from Logitech.

👤Half of my life is spent in distance meetings. I've tried Bose headsets, speaker phones, and in- ear headsets. Most of these have been trashed and stored in a box in the closet. This is the only headset that I would purchase again. The sound quality is very good, the over ear design is comfortable and blocks a lot of side noise, the microphone can be raised when you're on mute, or brought down directly in front of your mouth to speak. They are connected to your laptop's port of use. These are inexpensive and worth a lot. After 2 years of daily use and travel with the cord tightly wrapped, my first set started losing connection and I couldn't hear my voice. I bought a headset that was exactly like the one I tossed. This model has the best listening and voice quality of the 27 I've tried and is cheap. It takes a lot of abuse in my bag. Highly recommended.

👤The headset has been suggested to me by other teachers who are also using it. This doesn't look fancy. When you wear it, it's nothing spectacular. That is what I want. A black one! I like that it doesn't hurt my head or ears. It can be adjusted to the size of your head on both sides. Sound is clear. There is a This has a good quality material. If you are using a Macbook pro with ausb-c plug, you need a dongle since it is not ausb-c. I didn't have a problem using the device in all my teachings even though it cost me more. I will be sticking with it since it is worth the money. It is reliable and not expensive.

👤For the first couple months, this headset is pretty good. It's lightweight, has decent sound, and decent audio, but after a while, it starts to fall apart. The first time I bought this, I loved it, but after 6 months, the wires near the volume button began to screw up, so the audio could only be heard in one ear. I bought another one because I thought the first one was a mistake, and the wires began to mess up again, this time near the base of ear, where the wire connects to it, leading to the exact same problem. I bought another one despite not learning my lesson. Same thing happened. This is a decent headset, but it's just not good enough. There is a The headset is cheap and decent for a few months, but the audio is messed up every time. If you feel like blowing $20 for a decent headset.

10. Microphone Cancelling Controls Headphones Softphone

Microphone Cancelling Controls Headphones Softphone

There is a note here. It is not a 3.5mm headset and not a 2.5mm headset, so it cannot work with a computer. 45 days money-back and 24 months warranty are included in the 2-year warranty. It works for most smart phones and computer laptops with a single 3.5mm audio jack. The original lightning to 3.5mm accessory is required for the newer iPhones. The Crystal Clear CHAT: Wideband Sound 3.5mm cell phone headset has a noise canceling microphone and acoustic shock protection to protect your hearing. The most comfortable cell phone headphones have a soft ear cushion and a headband that fit all head sizes. Ultra-durable. The call center phone headset with microphone is made from quality materials and is more durable. Plantronics and Jabra are heavy duty headsets. Simple call controls and multi-purpose are easy to use. The Wantek computer headset is perfect for online courses and recording.

Brand: Wantek

👤This is a great purchase for my home office. I don't want to always dial in from a phone line. It was very easy to plug it in - just take it out the box. Sound quality is perfect, it cancels background noise from my fan or traffic heard through my window, and my calls are seamless. There is no need to transmit anything to the other attendees.

👤I bought these to replace my other headset, which took a poop after a year. My first set was more uncomfortable. You can't hear anything else around you because they cup your ear nicely. They are not too big, bulky or heavy. You can see how big the ear covers are with the attached pic. I haven't used them long, but my initial impression is that they have good sound quality, they feel sturdy and they do the trick; so far so good!

👤It's not bad for the price. They sound good for just making calls, but you can hear the quality decrease when other things are playing through them. I use my cell phone for work and I like to use it while my headset is on. I've worn them for 8 hours with no issues since they remove pressure off of the ear. There is a If you need a headset that plugs into your normal 1/8" aux, then you won't go wrong. I've used it for work on my cell and laptop when I've been out of town. Works well.

👤This had a terrible sound. I was in a can. The headset was too big for my head. There is a A crackling sound was emitted when I moved my head. It's horrible. They went back to Amazon. Adjusting volume did not help. They are junk. I was contacted by the seller to remove the review. They would pay me $30.00.

👤I don't like headphones with passion. I wear my ears as little as possible because of the issues they create. I couldn't shout into a speaker phone the whole time I was doing hands-on training recently. There is a My trainees were very happy with my headphones. They all said that the microphone was clear, and a few asked me for the link so they could buy them. There is a The ear is made of wood. My own problems with head phones are my own problems and shouldn't affect the review. They're great if I'm able to wear them. The sound is clear. The band doesn't pinch my head and the padding is comfortable. There is a These are not noise canceling headphones. You'll still hear the thumpy car and the lawn mower. You will hear the people talking at you. There is a The button on the wire isn't fabulous, but it's the only thing that isn't fabulous. I thought it was a silent button. It's not. The button is a hang up. When I got these, I disconnected a few training sessions. My new boss doesn't appreciate my blaming the tech for hanging up on her, because it gets bumped a lot, and it's also right at the height to get pinched between my chair arm and the keyboard tray. I used the clip to loop it up. I have no excuse for hanging up on her. I would recommend these with no reservations. Be careful with that button.

11. Microphone Kimwood Earphones Headphones Headphone

Microphone Kimwood Earphones Headphones Headphone

The HP gaming headset has a plug and play option. 3DS, PC, laptop, computer, iPad, mobile phone. Plug and play. Kimwood Acoustics Laboratory focuses on acoustic tuning. It analyzes every detail to make sure that the earphones have the perfect balance of solid bass, soft midrange, and clear treble. You will feel like you are at a concert. The design of these earbuds is based on research that shows that they fit the natural curves of your ear for optimal comfort and stability. You can enjoy your music while running, cycling, walking out, or exercising in the gym with it. The wired earpods are compatible with all audio devices with a 3.5mm jack. Perfect design for computers, laptops, phones, tablets, and mp3 players. The wired headphones built-in HD microphone and internal sound-absorbing holes ensure call quality and stable transmission. The controller is located in a convenient location, which will allow you to easily control volume, track songs, play music, take calls, and wake up. Earphones with microphone and a stylish storage bag are what you get. The earbuds cable is made of soft and flexible TPU material and undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure more wear and resilience. Kimwood is a good choice for those looking for high-quality earbuds at a reasonable cost. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Kimwood

👤I like Apple's Earpods since they fit in my ears. The headphones fit. There is a They are a great alternative since they are cheaper than the original Apple product and they don't look the same, so we can tell different pairs of headphones apart in our house. They have the same size plug so they work with all cases. The audio controls work well with my phones. The volume controls on my Mac computers don't work, but I can still use the center button. I feel like the headphones don't have as much bass as the Apple version, but I use them as a headset for phone calls and they are great. I think I can hear better with them since there isn't as much background bass to drown out the voice I'm trying to hear. There is a It was a nice surprise that they include a silver carrying bag so they don't get tangled with other items in my luggage. There is a These are a better alternative to Apple Earpods for the price.

👤I needed a mic for our switch and these were the ones I bought. This is a way to check all of the boxes. There is a The mic and the volume controls are not working after I plugged it into the switch. This is not useful for what it is advertised as.

👤I like the Kimwood earphone a lot. Great price, first off. I have a lot of different kinds of music on my computer and it sounds great. The bass claims are true. It was like listening to my music for the first time. I like the fact that the cord is longer than many earphones. The little bag is fine, but the white box they came in is better for travel or storage. The feature is great for the phone.

👤Each of us signs our own device so we can comment separately, which leads to horrible feedback. We started using earphones. I gave him mine and ordered 2 of these. When they play praise music, I can turn the volume up so I can sing out. It should be turned down a bit for the prayer and education. I love these earphones! There is a new update 10-5/2021. We tried the new earphones in the iPad. They don't work in his iPad either. They are very effective in my iPad Minis. If you ordered based on my review, I apologize.

👤I picked up a pair of JBLs a couple years ago for the same price, but they have a lower sound quality. It's not great, but it's not bad at this price point. Passable for music and games. The mic is solid, and the volume controls are a nice plus, this is what keeps the 5th star on. They are very lightweight and do not fall out when I'm biking. They don't have the rubber ear tips that many earbuds have, which makes them easier to fit and makes background noise more audible. Good if that's what you want. I'm 30 days in and there are no performance issues with the thin cords.


What is the best product for headphone for phone and computer?

Headphone for phone and computer products from Apple. In this article about headphone for phone and computer you can see why people choose the product. Artix and Cyber Acoustics are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone for phone and computer.

What are the best brands for headphone for phone and computer?

Apple, Artix and Cyber Acoustics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone for phone and computer. Find the detail in this article. Kirababy, Soucrisp and Tecknet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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