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1. Replacement Astro Function Gaming Headset

Replacement Astro Function Gaming Headset

The product is made by the KAPON, it does not have any trademarks owned by the original company, and the seller is not affiliated with the original company in any way! Astro A10 or A40 replacement audio cable can be used to replace your gaming headset. The cable is compatible with both headsets. You can use the mic and headphones on your Astro A10 and A40 headset with this cable. The 3.5mm jack is used to connect your headset to any console or PC, and the 6.5ft length adjusts to your setup. The colour is black.

Brand: Alfzero

👤I bought these for the a10s because I thought a more expensive cable would last longer. This is the worst cable I have ever owned. Lasted a week. The volume control wheel is just a punch to the button and you can save money. Please buy something else.

👤Fast shipping. It doesn't work right.

👤It is not the same as the original cord. Is there a button that you hold down? If you just tap it, it makes clicking sounds in calls.

👤It is a piece that uses earbuds and volume control. Do you want to buy it?

👤They were a waste of money.

👤I can only hear out of one side of my headset.

👤After the first use, the machine stopped working properly.

👤I got the same cord for the Astro A40s.

2. Replacement Control Function Headsets Controller

Replacement Control Function Headsets Controller

A volume limiter is built in. The Kid-Safe headphones have a built-in volume limiter that protects children's hearing by limiting audio volume to 80% of the original maximum volume. The headphones are safe to use for young children. Kids will love a gift on the day. The A10 Volume Control Cable has an in-line Volume Control Wheel that you can use to control your audio experience. The cable is compatible with both headsets. The 2.0m length adjusts to your console or PC setup with ease and is designed to connect an ASTRO headset to any Xbox One, PS4 or PC via a 3.5mm jack. Good quality, using high quality Super Core Wire and Gold-Plated Technology makes clear sound transmission and lossless 3D Stereo Sound Quality. The Quality Guarantee is that they take care of all quality related issues.

Brand: Iootmoy

👤The A10s and xbox controller did not have sound. There is no one. Also checked the mic and it didn't sound right. Nothing was tried with Astro A40s. The A40 cable was plugged into the xbox and the sound was perfect. The only conclusion is that the cable doesn't work. The jacks fit, but no sound. The volume control was adjusted. No sound. There is a There is an update. The seller tried to buy off my bad review. The seller is nice, but I will not withdraw my review because they sent me a poor product. Email- beginning. Thank you for purchasing our products. We apologize for your negative comments. I am very grateful that these comments allow us to correct existing problems and encourage us to develop better. There is a We attach a lot of importance to the comments left by buyers. We are working hard to improve the product quality and service. We are trying to improve products. A bad review is a fatal blow to a shop like ours. I need your help to remove the review. I want to give you a refund if you can. Accept my request. Thank you. There is a link to the review at the bottom of this page. Looking forward to hearing your reply. Have a great day! There is a Sincerely, email-ending.

👤I had to replace my headset cable because the one that came with it was barely usable. I think this is more durable than the one that came with the headset. The sound came in better than the volume control did. I couldn't believe it. If your cable is acting up, you should get this. If you want to upgrade from the A10 you should buy this headset. It saves you money and works great.

👤It works for ps4 but with the ps5 controller, my party chat hears awful static. I have to re-plug the jt into the controller to get the static out.

👤This is a great product and it is very cheap. Drop-outs or popping have not been a problem for me. The cable length is long enough to allow me to connect my a10 to stereo cables and tuck the cable back behind the table. I would recommend.

👤The cord that came with the original headset was the perfect replacement. There is no loss of sound quality over the original. The cord is a good value. I bought two in case something happens to the first replacement.

👤I bought this replacement cable for my son. I was thrilled to find a replacement for the boy. It saved me from buying a new set of headphones, and it works better than the original. You can adjust the volume from the cord, even though the sound quality is the same. There is a wheel on the cord. It's easy to raise or lower the volume.

👤I have these for my son. He plays with his friends. His cord was old and it was great. My son said the sound is better used than the volume on it because it is easy to adjust. It's long enough for him to move his head around while his headset is on. It is strong and durable. The cord is a good quality.

3. Extension Replacement Headsets Microphone Compatible

Extension Replacement Headsets Microphone Compatible

5. LIABLE WARRANTY: They offer a 12 months warranty and 100% money-back guarantee. The Xdeal a10 a40 Replacement Cable is a great option if you need a premium and durable cable to play games or share music. A10 elastic cable is used to connect your game headset, such as Astro A10 A40 headset, to your other electronic devices. The length of the cable can be used for most scenes, games, listening to music, movies, and no shackles. It can be used in other audio devices. One side of the audio cable controller has a button for volume control, and the other side has a button for voice chat calls. The clip is easy to use. 3.5mm to 3.5mm ExTENSION CABLE: Ofc wire with gold-plated technique provide clear sound when you are gaming. The audio jack plug on the cable is different from the other ones. The 5 pole connection with the headset, and the 4 pole connection with the consoles. The packing includes the A10 extension cable.

Brand: Iootmoy

👤The cable for the A10 headphones was replaced. There is a The cable is not functioning after less than a year of use. Trying to figure out how to contact the vendor to check on a replacement. There is a Less than a year for a cable. Disappointing.

👤My son bought the A10 headphones. We would have to buy new headphones again after the kitten chewed through the cable. We were relieved to learn that the cable would need to be replaced, and that it would be cheap. Son was happy as he really liked the new headphones. It's the best design feature because the cord goes out first.

👤This works great as a replacement for the original cord. The cord is strong. I have not had an issue with it.

👤Update... There's nothing wrong with it because it's quit working all together. I had to buy another one because I couldn't return it.

👤The inline mute and volume control work great for my Astro a40 headset.

👤Good quality for a good price.

👤The cable is nice. It works just fine.

👤I received my cord and audio will only play through the left earphone.

👤The cable goes from the Mixamp to the Astro's. I was trying to get the cable away from other sources of interference, but it was playing through the left side of the Astro's. I bypassed the Mixamp and plugged the cord into my PC. That defeats the purpose of using it for Astro's.

👤Poor quality. Connection that is placed in a controller or device is easy to break off. I don't recommend this to anyone as it's very difficult to get it out of your device. 3 of them are the same poor quality.

👤I bought a pair of Astro a40's on a local re-selling site, only to find out the guy who sold them to me didn't include the inline cable. I found this replacement on Amazon and could not have been happier. It can be pinned on the volume control with a clip. Awesome product! Highly recommended!

👤Didn't work. I returned both because it could've been a faulty headset.

👤Le prix ne vaux pas. la Xbox One, ils entendent sans cesse mon copain en ├ęcho ce qui est assez des autres.

4. Replacement Microphone Compatible Headphone Extension

Replacement Microphone Compatible Headphone Extension

We want to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their purchase of the Pro Series LIFETIMEGUARUNTEED, so they stand behind the performance of all of their products. If you don't like the product for any reason, they offer a simple return policy and exceptional customer service. Their products are backed by a lifetime warranty. When you are playing a game, high quality cable with gold-plated technique provides clear sound. There are two different size ends for the cable, a 3.5mm 4 pole and a 3.5mm 5 pole. A gift accessory with a pole. The 5 pole connection with the headset, and the 4 pole connection with the consoles. A compatible device with a 3.5mm aux port is Astro A10/A40/A30/A50 gaming headset. The 6.5ft length adjusts to your console or PC setup with ease and is designed to connect your headset to any Xbox One, PS4 or PC via a 3.5mm jack. Black. The cable is 2m in length and has a remote control stand that is portable and practical. The Key Entre Quality Guarantee takes care of all quality-related issues.

Brand: Keyentre

👤I ordered this for my Astro A40s and it worked great. Couldn't ask for more, it's very durable and I couldn't ask for more!

👤It got here earlier than expected, all is good.

👤I bought it for my son. The replacement worked well. Spending more money on a higher dollar replacement is pointless.

👤You might think otherwise if you just play seated.

👤The product is amazing for a good price. Will definitely buy again.

👤It's a really good replacement cord and works great.

👤This was a replacement for the Astro A10 cable that I broke. You will echo in party chat even though the sound works. The microphone flip method on the A10 doesn't completely mute the microphone because it has an inline microphone switch, but with this one, it does.


5. Soulbytes Headphone Microphone Headsets Computer

Soulbytes Headphone Microphone Headsets Computer

The Headset uses a plug and play technology. Only works with devices that accept theusb 2.0 The headset is specially designed for professional gaming. It is compatible with most popular gaming devices like PS4 and PS5 and it has a noise-canceling microphone. The S/X series includes a PC, laptop, Mac, and smartphones. Plug-and-play is supported on most compatible devices. The only power source for the light is theusb connection. The PS4 gaming headset with microphone has a pro-tuned 50mm gaming grade high-definition big drivers that deliver high-fidelity stereo surround sound with strong bass and full details, helping you to catch every detail and accurately locate every gunfire and foot. An ideal gaming headset for PC, XBOX and Switch. The Soulbytes S12 Xbox one headset with mic is designed with a noise-reduction microphone that can be placed at any position to collect and deliver your voice with extraordinary clarity. You can use the in-line mic switch to make yourself heard. The mic's working status is clearly shown by the light on the mic. The earcups have a Dynamic and Flowing RGB lighting effect with 16 million colors and countless patterns. pressing the in-line LED controller will switch the 4 modes of the light effect. The Soulbytes S12 gaming headset has a built in microphone. The plug is only for the light and not the sound. The switch headset with mic is designed with soft earmuffs, retractable and padded headband and Y-shaped adaptive shaft to achieve extreme comfortableness for both adults and children. The earmuffs and headband pad of the S12 PC gaming headset are made of skin-friendly mesh cloth and memory foam to reduce sweat, heat and pressure, and is more durable than other earmuffs that use cheap artificial leather.

Brand: Soulbytes

👤My title explains everything. The led lights don't work. I've done everything I can think of. The product does what it is supposed to do.

👤The noise is loud and quality is good, but it's not cheap and it's not comfortable. The lights don't work when plugged into the ps5 controller. I'm loving it more than that.

👤It doesn't work on my controllers unless I plug it into ausb, which is disappointing, as I used it for my xbox one.

👤An older set that was uncomfortable and didn't have a mute button was the reason I chose this new set. The price was right and I liked the feature. The colors are cool and it's very attractive. There is a button on the controller that can be used to change the colors or keep them fixed. The controller has a volume control and a switch. The headset is more comfortable than my old one, but they aren't as comfortable as I had hoped. It's not bad. The sound is not great. It sounds cheap and tinny. If you're looking for great sound, keep shopping. There is an odd sound that can be heard when the colors change. I thought my neighbor was using a leaf blower until I realized it was coming from the headset. It can't be heard if you're playing a game or listening to music, but it's noticeable when quiet. You can get rid of this noise by setting the colors to a fixed setting or turning off the RGB. The microphone is not perfect. If you ask me, it's too flexible because the slightest bumps move it out of position. I play with some guys. I'm okay with it. When the mic is on, it lights up green. For the money, this is a descent headset, so don't expect things like great sound or extreme comfort.

👤My kids love gaming and communicating with each other from their different rooms, and these are great quality headphones, as had many set of headphones none have been as good as these. Background noise is suppressed and the sound is clear through the microphone and headset. Would definitely recommend.

👤Service and headset. There is a It doesn't light up on the xbox. There is a Should the need arise, definitely purchase again.

👤You have to plug in the only issue that is preventing you from getting the rgb effect is that theusb wire is too short. It's a good headset.

👤It was initially bought for a Switch. They are terrible for that. We found that if you want to use the switch until the next time, you have to plug in the device first.

👤Good value and comfortable to wear.

6. Replacement Compatible Controller Headphone Extension

Replacement Compatible Controller Headphone Extension

It was powered by the Razer Chroma RGB. With access to 16.8 million colors and a suite of lighting effects, you can apply your preferred settings and watch it work with over 150 games and 500 devices across more than 50 partners. COMPATIBILITY: The Astro A10 A40 Headset cable cord will allow you to connect your Astro A10 or A40 gaming headset to your PS4 or PC with a 3.5mm jack. Inline volume control. The Xdeal 2.0m A10 A40 volume cable gives you easy control over your experience with the inline volume control wheel. The sound quality provided by this cable is a thing of beauty, which means that it can be used for a variety of purposes. The Audio Jack is 2* 3.5mm Golden Plated and has an Oxygen-free copper and gold plated connection. The cable is more durable. The 6.5ft length adjusts to your console or PC setup with ease, and is designed to connect your headset to any PS4 or PC via a 3.5mm jack. The cable is easy to use because it has two different ends. The 5 pole connection goes into the headset, while the 4 pole connection goes into the MixAmp Pro or the PC Splitter. LIABLE WARRANTY: They offer a 12 months warranty and 100% money-back guarantee. The Xdeal A10 A40 Replacement Cable is a great option if you need a premium and durable cable to play games or share music.

Brand: Yarenka

👤This thing only lasted about a month, so it was not used for 30 days. There is a piece in my new car. 70$ controller. I was past the warranty on this cord. I strongly recommend not buying this because I am out a controller and headset.

👤The cable stopped working. Only works on one side of the headphones. March 2021. You can purchase a new one at Astro gaming official website. It works great.

👤This seems to be a replacement for the original cable. The build quality is the same and the cable is longer. The button works when there is a problem. I bought a cheap warranty for this, so I want to see how it holds up and if it will work.

👤It works the same as the original. Thankfully, these were available to purchase at a fraction of the cost of the Astro brand one, even though I accidentally cut the audio wire. This one is the same length as the original, but it isn't quite as long.

👤I own a Astro A40s with the Mixamp Pro TR. If I had the microphone attached, the audio would crackle if I used the original cable. Remove the microphone and use an external microphone. My situation changed and I needed the microphone back, so I bought this cable and I can use it again! The audio is clear and free of static, and the person I'm talking to on Discord isn't subject to the electronic screeching caused by the short in my previous cable.

👤This is the replacement cord for Astro Headsets. They have the in line mute and in line volume cords. I have ordered replacement cords before that looked similar, but they were made from different materials. clan mates would complain of an echo on their end because of the poor sound quality. You won't have that problem with these cords. The cords are the same as the original ones. Excellent packaging. Shipping is quick. I ordered in line volume control cord and meant to order in line mute cord. The problem was solved quickly. Highly recommended. Will order again.

👤I bought this for my son. He complained of his friends hearing his mic with an echo effect. This didn't happen until we installed the cable. Next time, I will wait a few days and get a factory replacement.

👤The product itself was fine, the only issue is that you can't tell it's a scam because it's a free package. This does not help if you are trying to fix your headset like I did.

👤It worked well for about a month.

7. MQDITH Replacement Compatible Logitech Headset

MQDITH Replacement Compatible Logitech Headset

There is a dual 3.5mm Y-adapter for devices that need separate mic/headphone inputs. It's not compatible with Logitech G633, G933, A10, A40! Volume control and inline mic are important. The G433 cord allows you to easily control the volume through the wheel, and also allows you to mute the volume through the button. PREMIUM SOUND QUALITY:DURABLE. The nylon braided thread is tangle-free and protects it from being damaged. 3.5mm gold-plated technology jack is resistant to rust and is ideal for 3D stereo sound quality. Plug and play is easy to use. There are two different size jacks for the cable. One pole jack connects to a headset. There is a mic/headphone 3.5mm jack on the 4 pole audio jack. What do you get? The cable is 6.5 feet long and 2 meters high. 2. 30 days worry is a free replacement or refund. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Mqdith

👤It worked for the first few days, but then it started making my audio buggy. The people on the other end would hear static when I was silent. There was no audio input from my mic unless the cord was oriented a certain way, but there was still audio static input from the cord. The quality is not going to last long. I treated it well.

👤I needed a replacement cord for my Pro X because it was not working properly, and it was from an ear that wasn't working. It was delivered to me in one day. The plastic and volume mechanism feels cheap and loose to me. The cord has worked well for the past week, and I am happy with it. I would recommend this as a replacement even though I am a product snob.

👤The audio feed was back into the microphone.

8. UGREEN Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone

UGREEN Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone

The microphone is portable and easy to put in your bag or pocket. It doesn't require additional audio software, just enjoy music and voice chat with your favorite 3.5mm headphone at any time, they will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours. The UGREEN Headphone Microphone Splitter is a simple way to connect headsets of 4-pole 3.5mm TRRS plug to PC or laptop with separate audio and mic jack. The turtle beach recon 50 gaming headsets can be connected to the computer via the headphones. The headset splitter has oxygen-free copper wire and polished 24K gold- plated connections. The headset is original sound quality and offers better gaming and communication. The UGREEN 3.5mm Y Mic Splitter Cable is built to last. The gold-plated plugs and aluminum alloy casing enhance the durability. The nylon braided jacket is strong enough to endure twist, tug, and tangle. UGREEN PC headset is compatible with most TRRS headsets, such as smartphone headphones. The HD is from Sennheiser. Cs wired headset, Hyperx cloud 2, a speaker, and more. The design is easy to carry around. The cable length is 20 cm. The mic splitter is only compatible with CTIA standard headphones, not Apple Earbuds or Beats headphones.

Brand: Ugreen

👤The situation is that only the audio out works, not the audio in. It can't be detected by the desktop. I tried it on my roommate's desktop, but it failed again. -- Update line. Dec 12th There is a The seller contacted me and sent me a replacement, so I changed from 1star to 3stars. It still doesn't work. I can't give 5 stars. Dec 24 The seller sent me another one, but it still didn't work on my Alienware desktop. It worked on my roommate's desktop, but I realized it may be related to Alienware. I change to 5 stars since it works on my computer, and I appreciate the seller's kindness. Merry Christmas! There is a If you are an Alienware user, the splitter may not work on your desktop.

👤When I plugged in the cable, there was a loud static. After a lot of searching, I found an option that allowed you to turn up the sound of your mic, but it was at max volume. You are golden if you look for something that says +db and lowers it to 10. The cable is great. Unless your settings get in the way, it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

👤I am giving this item 5 stars because of the amazing customer service I received. There is a The communication and length of the customer service rep's journey to find a resolution was simply amazing. They offered to replace the item for free, but I refused because it was being used for a temporary solution. I don't think this item is faulty. I think there is a tolerance issue with the headset that did not work. They submitted a partial refund on my behalf after explaining this to the customer service rep. Customer service should be recognized. I wouldn't expect that level of communication from a $10 item. I am both thankful and appreciative that it did. This item works well for my headset. Customer service will make things right if the item doesn't work with your headset.

👤This is for my laptop, which has separate ports for headphones and mic. If you plan on using headphones that only have one headphone port, consider a product like this if you want to use a mic. There is a I have not experienced any problems with this product. The build is pretty solid with the metal parts and braided cable. I would probably not recommend excessive bending.

👤I bought this for my headset to split the audio and mic into two separate devices. It works perfectly, it's a Hyperx cloud 2 headset. I have a headset that I use to reach the back of my computer. Works well! Audio and mic are flawless.

👤The mic and speakers on the xbox one headset were not separated by the sound card in my PC. I picked this up and it works well. Able to use any type of headset with this setup. I won't have to replace it anytime soon.

9. Replacement Compatible SteelSeries Wireless Headset

Replacement Compatible SteelSeries Wireless Headset

The ear loop is soft. Arctis 3 cord is compatible with Arctis 5, Arctis 3, and Arctis 7. Dos not fit other series. The steel spring relief prevents it from breaking off. Arctis 5 cable is made from OFC and has 24K gold plated 3.5mm to 2.5mm plug. The nylon braided Arctis 5 cable is stress and stretch resistant. The package includes 1 x arcstis 3 cable.

Brand: Sindery

👤I replaced my gaming headset with this one. The first day it came in, I was at an XBOX party with my friends and there was a terrible echo. I tried turning my controller off, plugging it back in, and restarting my console, but nothing worked. All of my friends could not hear me because of the echo in the party or in game chat. Do not recommend purchasing.

👤I was very happy with the cable. I needed to keep the sound the same as before because of the faulty connector. The quality was bad. I wish I'd bought it.

👤I needed this product to get back into gaming after my cat chewed through the original cord. The sound quality is excellent. Will order again if my demon cat eats through this one.

👤The product is easy to use, I bought it.

👤The left side speaker stopped delivering sound after 2 months of casual use, unless I bend the wire a certain way and hold it. The other side stopped working after about 2 days.

👤My puppy chewed through my original cable in seconds, so I needed a more durable one. The cable was perfect for that. It's a little longer than the original, but it's also more flexible and durable. Would purchase it again if necessary.

👤It was a perfect replacement for my son's chewed up cord. The reinforced end protects the cable from breaking.

👤The cable was to be replaced. I like that it's braided, but the left speaker doesn't work after about 9 minutes of use. I bought a replacement that I expect to replace again. The headset still works.

👤Aunque funcionaba, pero estaba un poco doblado. No ha llegado ni a dos meses, a los 40 das ya no funciona. No. El problema tienes una ms de un mes. No puedo recomendarlo, no lo puedo devolver, no mala calidad, no lo se.

👤The Tag ist der kunststoff. Is it hier?

10. Replacement Compatible SteelSeries Wireless Headphones

Replacement Compatible SteelSeries Wireless Headphones

LIABLE WARRANTY: They offer a 12 months warranty and 100% money-back guarantee. The Xdeal A10 A40 Replacement Cable is a great option if you need a premium and durable cable to play games or share music. SteelSeries cable is only compatible with Arctis Pro Wireless Headset. Can be used for a variety of devices. The 90 degree jack is an improvement over the original design and the steel spring can prevent the jack from breaking off after long-term use. The nylon braided cord is tangle-free. The length of the headset cord is just right. If your PC isn't on top of your desk, it will be inconvenient. The longer cord will end up under your foot when you stand up. The sound quality of the new audio cable is indistinguishable from the original. The product is made by the KAPON, it does not have any trademarks owned by the original company, and the seller is not affiliated with the original company in any way!

Brand: Kapon

👤I don't use a headset very often. My head set is usually kept out of sight, but this cord was rarely used. It was wrapped in a bag and in a drawer. After a small amount of use, it lost its ability to play through both ears, then it was very quiet on max volume. This may work if you need something temporary. Not a long term solution.

👤I bought this cable because the Arctis 5 was missing one. I'm glad it turned out this way, since I think it's better than the one that came with the headphones. The cable is quite durable.

👤It broke 2 days after it arrived. To get it to work properly, you have to bend the cord around. It doesn't want to work, other people may have better working ones, but mine was trash.

👤I plugged it into my PS5 controller and changed my headset. The players in my party got loud. Plug the old cord back in. Don't buy for communication.

👤The end of the Artics 3 headphones that plugs into the controller started to bend when I held it on my lap. The spring support and the jack help with this. The cable will last longer than the standard one that comes with the headset because it is more comfortable. All in a great replacement.

👤It is cheaper than the factory cable. Shipping is faster. It is well built. It is a very good pirchase.

👤I got these because my old wire broke. I thought it was headphones because no one could hear me in the game. They gave me one without the wire after I returned them. If you want to return them, you need to put the wire in the box. I think the little plastic that broke was what happened. If you look at the top right of the picture, you will see what I'm talking about. I will not say these are bad, but they broke for me.

👤This was ordered. It was great at first, but after a few weeks it stopped working, so I'm ordering another.

11. Plugs 2 Microphone Extension Computer Headphone

Plugs 2 Microphone Extension Computer Headphone

The audio extension cable is compatible with most devices with a 3.5mm aux jack. The audio extension cable works with both the 3.5mm jack and the 3.5mm jack only if the phone supports the 3.5mm jack. The high-quality extension cord is designed for computer headsets and gaming headsets. Premium copper cores and copper-plated plugs make you feel like you have sound quality that is not lost. You can plug a 3.5mm sound card into 2 plugs and 2 jacks. The diameter of most headphones is 3.5mm. Unless you have a 3.5mm hole on your sound card's output, you should be careful with your gaming headset.

Brand: Ougual

👤It works perfectly for HyperX headset.

👤A mic jack was missing from my gaming machine. I needed an extension cord because the time came for something better, and I had always used ausb headsets. I ordered this because it had good reviews and was long. I've been using it for a while. The sound quality is excellent. It does what I hoped it would.

👤There is no difference in sound quality. It works perfectly.

👤The mic and audio jacks can be extended from larger computers.

👤This unit works. I needed a wire to extend the wiring for the gaming remote. It works well so far. I can use my gaming headphones while I play with the switch on the tv, because I have the distance I need.

👤I own a set of headphones. After a few years of use, the cord broke. I needed a new one. These work are long. I can reach all around my living room without having to remove them.

👤Does what it says on the tin. Works well, no issues at all.

👤I bought this product three months ago, and it did its job, but with a noticeable loss of audio quality. There is a I unplugged it to move my desk. A bit is stuck in my case because of the broken mic jack. There is a The case is an old Corsair Carbide, I plugged at least a dozen other headsets or extensions there with no issues until today. How am I supposed to get rid of that thing?

👤The sound quality is not good when used as an extension lead. Only for the bin.

👤Thank you so much, the only one of these on planet earth.


What is the best product for headphone gaming cord?

Headphone gaming cord products from Alfzero. In this article about headphone gaming cord you can see why people choose the product. Iootmoy and Keyentre are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone gaming cord.

What are the best brands for headphone gaming cord?

Alfzero, Iootmoy and Keyentre are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone gaming cord. Find the detail in this article. Soulbytes, Yarenka and Mqdith are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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