Best Headphone Glasses for Men

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1. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses Black

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses Black

Blocks up to 99% of the rays. The lens width is 52 millimeters. While others hear nothing, you can hear rich, immersive sound with built-in Bose speakers. You can enjoy your music while staying aware of your surroundings. Bose frames have a classic angular shape and are available in 2 sizes. Bose Frames S/M lens width is 53 millimeter, bridge width is 20 millimeter and temple length is 135 millimeter.


👤Like the frames. I realized they only work with iMusic. Not changing over. The frames are back. Let me know when they are working with the service.

👤I have a few pairs of headphones. Sometimes I don't feel like wearing them when I walk. These glasses fit the bill. It seems like build quality is okay. The arms are made of plastic. There is a The Alto is for most guys. The Rondo is small to wear. The rondo might be fine for people with smaller heads. There is a These seem to block the sun. There are pairs of glasses that do a better job in this price range. It has a carrying case and a magnetic charge cable. The magnetic part is attached to one of the arms. Similar to what you would see on a Macbook pro. You can make phone calls with these glasses. It is always nice. You can turn them off by flipping them upside down. After a few minutes, they will shut off. How is the sound? It'scent for what it is. It's enough. Don't expect to hear the Quiet comfort 35's. Some people think that certain devices are not capable. There are speakers on each arm. When you put the volume high, there is sound leaking. It's not bad if the person is a few feet away. The claim that only you can hear the sound is not true. It seems like the battery life is okay. Don't expect this to last as long as a full pair of headphones. Would I recommend these? If you want glasses that block out the sun, and have the ability to connect to the internet, then yes. There is a Understand the limitations of this product before buying. If you want to buy this product, it's up to you.

👤Bose Frames Alto was recently purchased. There is a My main purpose was to use them for golf and walking the dog. I thought I would give a quick review after having them for a week. I was slightly disappointed when I opened the box because they don't look like high end sunglasses. The frames look like 3D glasses from DisneyWorld. The case is large and the bows are thick. There is a I put them on my reservations and they vanished. There is a The quality of the lens seems very good and it provides a clear, shape image on par with my Maui Jim's that I use for golf. My glasses feel very comfortable on my face, so I didn't worry about the thickness of the bows. I wish the nose piece had padding or rubber, but I didn't have any issues with it slipping. I was impressed with the sound of the speakers and the fact that no one else could hear the music. I played golf on a windy day and never had a problem hearing the music. They couldn't hear what I was saying. I was very happy with the sound of the speakers, but don't expect to get great bass since there is only so much you can do with them. The battery life was good. It was comfortable for me because I had the volume. They lasted the whole round for 4 hours. I didn't play continuous music, but I listened for 3 hours, and I think I did. The range was really impressive. I left my phone in my bag and I would be 25 yards or more from the bag with no loss of connection. When I got close enough, the frames told me that they needed to fix it. There is a I could adjust the volume on my Apple watch with the ability to pause with the button. The looks of the frames and the charging cable are cons. They should have used a microusb instead of the special charging cable. I want to be able to charge them in multiple locations, so I'm not sure where to buy them. I recommend them. There is a Clark Averill is a person.

2. ELINKA Bluetooth Sunglasses Headphone Replaceable

ELINKA Bluetooth Sunglasses Headphone Replaceable

Abundant power, more long- lasting endurance. Large-capacity dual batteries. For around 7 days, it was enduring with only 2 hours' charging. The buttons are easy to use, with Play and Stop and Volume control. Music sunglasses can listen, support answer and refuse a call. Support mp3 can listen to music, with previous/Next song control, Volume up/down control and auto switch to phone talking mode. It's very comfortable and secure for cyclists, runners, Hikers etc. Enjoy music in the sun and protect your eyes. The FCC approved the certificates. There are 3 pairs of replaceable lenses. Black glasses can protect your eyesight. You will enjoy a pleasant experience with stable and comfortable earbuds. Elinka products have a manufacturer warranty and excellent customer service. If you have a question, you can contact Elinka Customer Service first.

Brand: Elinka

👤I can't believe they work. The things you see in the other poster's reviews came with it. I had to charge it before I could pair it. I turned on my phone's bluetooth and it worked! The sound of the headphones is very similar to another pair of headphones. It was very smooth. The glasses are made of a hard plastic which can break easily if not handled with care. If you put them in the case when you're done, that shouldn't be a problem. I expected that plastic to be very hard on my head. They were very comfortable when I slid them on. I'm trying to find a reason to give a negative review but I can't because of the price. I bought 2 for a person on your list.

👤I chose these smart glasses after a lot of research. My rating is 5 stars. They are comfortable and stylish. The glasses come with a nice case and a tool to change them. Oh yeah... A one year warranty!

👤The right ear bud has no sound after I received it. I got a new one after sending it back. The problem is the same. The right ear bud has no sound. I'm not sure if they sent me the same piece or not. Don't buy. Will not work.

👤There was one complaint. Too small. Too much pressure on temples can cause them to be taken off.

👤They are a great set of speakers and have sunglasses as well.

👤It won't connect to anything. The money was wasted. Can't use them. I've tried many devices.

👤I got one before you can change colors. I answer my phone call. I recommend.

👤The product is described. The speakers are small and hurt my ears. It's a good buy.

3. OhO Sunglasses Bluetooth Version Wireless

OhO Sunglasses Bluetooth Version Wireless

Voice control with smart assistant technology like hand free phone calling and answering, can connect to your favorite music stations, and speak for directions, weather and traffic updates. The battery playing lead time is up to 10 hours with the Volumn Up and Down design. Open Ear Speaker System allows you to listen to your favorite music and everything around you. HD Microphone has high quality sound on calls. Ultra Slim Design is a mobile phone design with a flexible material frame and light weight. The US style design is very comfortable to wear and relaxing. The UV400 full protection lens has a Polarized coating.

Brand: Oho Sunshine

👤I bought these for my dad, but he died before I could give them to him, but I loved them and tested them out. I thought it would be best for him to have a radio.

👤I finally got a second pair of glasses from Oho after some issues with my first ones, and these babies are perfect! I don't own a bike with speakers. These are loud enough that I can hear what's going on around me. I like the fact that I can switch songs, answer calls, put them on and go back to normal with the help of the sunglasses. It takes two seconds to get used to them. When I want to change things up, the new lens add flare. Oho goes above and beyond for its customers and I appreciate it!

👤The finish on the glasses is peeling off after 5 months. I tried to contact customer service, but they didn't respond. The quality and lack of customer service has led to a star being deducted. The glasses are still good. I have been using these for a while now. I mostly listen to audiobooks. The sound is loud. The sound is not the best but it is the right quality. The batteries last a long time. The sunglasses are of good quality.

👤My husband wanted the Bose ones. I know how he misplaces his sunglasses a lot. I didn't want to spend $200 on something he would lose money on. He loves these. He shows everyone and everyone loves them. Absolutely worth the money.

👤Even if the audio feature wasn't a feature, I would still buy these glasses for how comfortable and cool they are. For the price point, I am sold on that aspect. The audio feature is an added bonus. The way to listen to music was to keep the volume at the lowest. When you click the volume up, the sound quality gets worse. If you are walking the dog down the street and want some light tunes, then listening to music is sufficient. The winner is talking on the phone. I like talking with something. I feel like the person on the phone is in my ear with ear buds. I feel trapped in the conversation. I want to talk more when I have these on because my conversation is free. Totally impressive! It would be great if you could listen to a podcasts. It has a dust rag, carrying case, sunglasses, charging wire, and an instruction booklet. This one is so much nicer than the one I paid for alone. I am completely satisfied with this purchase. I have not worn them for a while. I know that other reviews said that the rubber coating starts to peel off. The same coating was doing that in my car. I just got rid of the coating on my rides and now it is a shiny black. When it is time, I will do the same to the sunglasses. You have to embrace all of the positives and negatives and just roll with it. These are under $50. If you want sunglasses that are the best for listening to music, then go ahead and get the Bose sunglasses, and pay 75% more, because you will always be worried about scratching them or leaving behind at a party. I swore that I would only buy cheap sunglasses from here. Don't let your possessions take over your life. These are the things I want to live. Livin.

4. Avantree Sunglasses Protection Sweatproof Headphones

Avantree Sunglasses Protection Sweatproof Headphones

A privacy-safe smart assistant. You can turn on your smart assistant, SIRI, if you choose, because their microphones only activated by you. Now you can take your audio with you wherever you go, without the hassle of headphones. The audio soundtrack for your active lifestyle is provided by the speaker in the SG188, which is also a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses with the Avantree SG188 can block harmful UVA and UVB rays and reduce light glare. They are an ideal choice for those who spend a lot of time driving, boating or skiing, and will help protect their eyes throughout the day. The dual-mic noise reduction technology in the SG188 sunglass frames effectively filters out excessive background noise during a call. No matter where you are, people can hear your voice. The open- ear design of the SG188 allows you to hear your music and surroundings at the same time, without disturbing anyone around you. Enjoy peace of mind while listening to a show. Ready for a workout. The high-quality waterproof materials of the Avantree SG188 are so that you don't have to worry about the effect of sweat, rain or snow. The sunglasses were designed to be resistant to the elements, so you can wear them out for a jog or deep-sea fishing trip.

Brand: Avantree

👤Very nice glasses. The sound quality is good. Highly recommended.

5. Bluetooth Headphones Sunglasses Hands Free Black Colorful

Bluetooth Headphones Sunglasses Hands Free Black Colorful

It's easy to use, answering calls and playing music. Real Stereo 4.1 Music sunglasses can refuse a call and listen to music. You can listen to music on your cellphone with the mic- auto switch to phone talking mode. The combination of durable and fashion lens offers protection against harmful rays. The headphones are extremely comfortable and secure. Enjoy music in the sun and protect your eyes. The buttons are easy to use, with Play and Stop and Volume control. There is a free night vision lens.

Brand: Hereta

👤I bought these for my husband, and he loves them. He has shown them to everyone. The screws are very small, so it's easy to change out the lens. My husband has changed his lens many times. He says the sound they put out is great. I kid you not, this is coming from someone that goes through 2 sets of earbuds a week. I haven't heard any complaints that they are uncomfortable. I was wondering if I got good value for the money. Absolutely and more so. I bought these and will or would buy them again if I need them, but I chose the protection plan so I will buy them for my son and not my husband. It's funny.

👤The sunglasses help block out the sun and they line up with my ears. It's a lot easier because they are variable. The yellow ones are the ones I like the most. The earbuds have a battery that lasts through my workouts. The sunglasses are put on. They're still on my head, whether I'm running or working out. They are easy to clean. I use a lens cleanser that doesn't harm them. The sound quality is very good. Pairs with any device that's capable of doing that.

👤The product stopped working about two weeks after being used. I contacted the seller to see if they could help me. They were rude and told me not to contact them. These people are not selling on Amazon because it is known for nothing but customer service. I do not recommend this purchase.

👤It doesn't power on. Charges are fine, but don't turn on. The original cable, proper adapter, and nothing else was used. I used one of their cables and they all confirmed that it charges. The power doesn't work. Will update after tech or customer support.

👤You can't keep the sunglasses on. It's made from plastic and is more for looks than function. There are too many moving parts on this and they are screwed into plastic. It's not worth the price I paid. It would be better for people who aren't as active. Someone is sunbathing.

👤Sound is loud enough for my coworkers to hear. For a long time, comfortable. The charges stay charged for a long time. There is a The clear lens are a bit thicker and will not work with the current screws, which is the only real issue I have with these. I can see where the screw is breaking through the plastic because it was not put in straight. There is an update. The left lens is no longer on, and now it won't hold.

👤The headphones work. You get what you pay for. They aren't high quality speakers. I used them for biking and long distance running and the sound quality was good, the sunglasses fit well. They didn't bounce around or lose. I recommend them for everyday use.

👤Either have a small head-face ratio or a larger product. I wore these to run with the other day, and I had them set to the smallest size, and the nose rest didn't touch my nose. The glasses bounced up and down as I ran. There is a They're great except for that. Sound quality was good. When changing songs or adjusting sound level, the response is slow.

6. WGP Anti Blue Bluetooth Connectivity Traveling

WGP Anti Blue Bluetooth Connectivity Traveling

The UV400 full protection lens has a Polarized coating. The open ear speaker allows you to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying your music. It's great for use while traveling, driving, and gaming. HI-FI Stereo SoundUpgrading from front-line chips to headsets to ensure the reduction of noise on the phone and restore the fidelity effectively is a part of this. The upgraded chips are faster and steadier. Excellent sound quality, compatibility and connection. Professional water-proof and sweat-proof performance. The water-proof performance of up to Level IP67 is provided with precision technology. It is possible to prevent the splash of domestic water and sweat. Abundant power, more long- lasting endurance. Large-capacity dual batteries. For around 7 days, it was enduring with only 2 hours' charging.

Brand: Wgp

👤The sound quality is awesome for what it is. There is a stark difference between earbuds and headphones of any kind. The sound is clear and amazing, but it sounds a bit shallow. There is no way to diminish the open air sound of things around you and how it travels to your ears. That is the point. If you can understand that these are not your favorite headphones, then you are golden. I love them. I bought these because I am not a huge fan of massive headphones unless I am traveling by plane. They don't fit my ears right. I like not to drown out the sounds around me. These glasses shine here. They allow you to hear what's going on around you. You can still get these so loud that you can drown out some of the sounds around you. If they are turned all the way up people near you will likely hear whatever it is you are listening to. It won't sound muffled, just low enough to make out what you're hearing, which is much clearer than if you were wearing headphones or earbuds. It doesn't bother me at all. I need to keep things private. If I did, I would turn the volume down so that it would be harder for those within a 3-foot radius to hear what you are saying. The ultimate pro for me is the freedom to do what I want, without fear of being stopped by a device. There is a These have some drawbacks for me. Overall look and fit is the primary one. These things look like a celebrity style pair of sunglasses. They are not subtle and will draw attention to your face and even more so when people understand what they are capable of doing. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your comfortability with that aspect. I like to blend in and look normal. To me, offering a solid black plastic frame that has a more universal fit, design, and size would have been perfect. My face is ovular, so they fit large. I have only had them for two weeks and have been using them mostly at night when I don't need to see as much. I haven't had the chance to see if I can have these adjusted for fit and install my personal prescription in them so I can wear them more often. I like to listen to my conversations while driving or as a transition from my car's stereo to my glasses. These were so large that I could wear them over my glasses and still hear what I was listening to. I like to see and hear at the same time, but I don't like doubling up on glasses to see and hear at the same time. I am not a fan of the written directions, they seem to be translated into English from another language, which is why they aren't as clear as they could be for functions and controls. I am a decent techie. I am not a fan of how these are controlled with long and short presses of the arms. Simply using your phone's controls to avoid the extra steps is all that is needed. I like the power on/off buttons and understand why there are two as opposed to one since they are two autonomously operated arms. I know this company has another pair of glasses that are sold on Amazon and I plan on checking them out because they are both black and white and have a more subdued visual appeal. Even though they advertise that they have interchangeable magnetic lens, I have yet to find a way to choose a different design for those. I will upgrade to those once I do. The others are selling for around $130. I bought these because they were cheaper. I wanted to see how the sound quality was for myself. I will definitely consider buying the other pair as I can uncover the magnetic lens switch options. I will probably add an update to this review once I get my prescription installed and give a final thoughts section on how that part worked out and if it changed any aspects of the design or quality of sound. There is an update on the 7th of March. I paid a total of $300 for the updated prescription glasses. I am still happy with them, I have found that since I use them more often, I now notice another flaw. The sound and sync of the arms can be a bit off at times. This happens often enough to notice, but not often as a deal breaker. I can be upstairs away from my phone and still get a clear signal, even though my phone is downstairs in our kitchen area. A great feature. With my prescription, I was able to purchase progressive lens with blue-blocker and the lens crafter that I use did not need to modify the glasses to fit my lens in them. They popped the lens out, measured them, and then popped my prescription in once they were complete. I was able to use them immediately to drive and the glasses shifted from my car to my glasses without missing a beat.

7. Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Sunglasses Polarized

Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Sunglasses Polarized

SUNGLASSES TO A NEW LEVEL There are many designs for men and women. Their frames support a wide range of prescriptions, so don't worry about your diopters. Open-EAR FOR INCREASING. There is safety. Headphones can limit your awareness outdoors. The smart glasses allow you to enjoy music without losing track of what's happening around you or use the voice assistant to send texts. Touch control is integrated into the sides. There are only two buttons in the front of the arms. You can start a call, pause music, change a song, and control your volume. Make the most of your experience by connecting your glasses to your laptop, cellphone, console, and watch. 8 hours battery time Lucyd lite glasses are powerful enough to keep you going. The audio quality is crystal clear, and you can use the noise-canceling mic to make calls. You will look cool with their designs, and your eyes will be safe. They feel comfortable. If you work at home, they are great for isolating yourself from other noises. SUNGLASSES TO A NEW LEVEL There are many designs for men and women. Their frames support a wide range of prescriptions, so don't worry about your diopters.

Brand: Lucyd

👤The pros and cons of this thing are worth mentioning, but the cons make it almost not worth it. There is a The pros are 1. They are comfortable and stylish. I have a large head, but the style suits my face shape. They are tight on the sides, but that's not something that can be manipulated or controlled on my end. I find myself seeing my own reflection on the inside of my eyes a little too often, as I can see my own eye. It's ignorable when you're busy working and focusing on other things. 2. They are barely noticable as a pair of electronic equipment. The sides are not visible to the wandering eye, but the back of the arms are. The buttons underneath the arms are a refreshing touch, and it's helpful to have something as reliable as a button to avoid accidental volume changes or pausing. 3. The sound quality is not terrible. It has zero bass, but that's to be expected for a pair of headphones that don't have a seal around the ear. The vocals are clean and clear, and the stereo sound distributes around my head nicely. From each side, you can hear a distinct left and right sound. The call quality is great, I tested it out on several calls, and the other side reported that the mic quality is very clear, albeit a bit sensitive to surrounding noises on occasion. 4. The design of the case is genius. I'm not sure if any other brands do this, but the flaps on the inside allow the case to fold completely flat, making storage inside a pocket or a bag a breeze. This would've been my favorite feature, aside from the glaring issue in the cons. The cons are 1. The glasses don't fit in the case. It's concerning that you have to jam the arms in order to have the case close. It's not something you want to hear on a pair of glasses, and you can hear the strain on the plastic when you do this. You can watch a video of the case and process that I recorded. 2. The charging capabilities are not easy to use. You don't have one, but two cables that stick to each arm of the glasses to charge them. To turn on the sides of the glasses at the same time, you have to hold the buttons down, because the sides power on one at a time. It's not a big deal, but maybe wireless charging would solve this issue. 3. The LEDs on the outside are not nice. I think leaving the lights on the inside would be a better design choice. The electronics aspect of the device sticks out like a sore thumb if they are on the outside. This feature counteracts a lot of the effort that was put into the glasses. It is loud enough to be heard by people around you if you are not prepared to hear it. My last con is... 4. The noise is bad. In a quiet room, your friend will still be able to tap along to your music while you sit on a couch. If you're walking around a park or grocery store, don't be alarmed if someone asks you to turn them off while you're sitting on the bus. It can get very loud. I used these in more outdoor settings and they did not bleed as bad as I thought. People hard of hearing should keep that in mind when they are audible because they would have to be loud on their head. With that being said, indoor applications are still noisy. There is a I really want to like these, but I can't recommend them if they're not good. If what I said doesn't bother you, then go for it. They have free returns and you can get prescription glasses for them. It was worth a try, but set your expectations low.

8. TechKen Sunglasses Headphone Bluetooth Compatible

TechKen Sunglasses Headphone Bluetooth Compatible

The best protection for your eyes is provided by the lens. The headset can be freely telescoped and is Fashionable with foldable sunglasses. It is comfortable and secure for running, hiking, and can prevent sunlight damage to your eyesight. It's easy to use, answering calls and playing music.

Brand: Techken

👤I have two pairs of glasses, one clear and one gray. They were very happy with their performance and recommend them. 1. Customer Service is very responsive, cooperative, and receptive to feedback on product improvements. Topnotch! 2. It reminds me of my beloved Oakley Roker Pro. The frames, controls, and lens are of the highest quality. I like the shape and size of the lens as they fit my face perfectly. You get the look of the special forces when you put them on. 3. It's very easy to connect my Dell XPS 15 laptop and my S7 Edge phone. 4. The range is mediocre. 5. The support people behind the product make it value. 6. If you want to prolong the life of the glasses, cover the charging port with electrical tape to keep the electronics cool. I live in South Florida and it gets hot and sticky. Adding a cover for the charging port improves the reliability of the glasses. There is a The frames are anchored to the lens on one spot only so be careful when cleaning them. The lens can get detached from the frame if they are bent too much. The life of the product will be extended by additional anchoring points. When adjusting the position of the speakers, do not yank on the telescopic arms. The wires may get disconnected. Pledge Multisurface spray cleaner is safe around the electronics and can be used to clean the frames.

👤The best value combination on the market today is these. 1. The battery life is 7 to 9 hours. The sound quality was 7 out of 10. out of 10 Water resistance is 8 out of 10. Controls are 7 out of 10. 9 out of 10 7 is the lifespan. The safety factor was 10 out of 10. out of 10 Sound Quality is good based on the driver size and price, but not the intended use. It takes less than 10 seconds. You can turn it on the first time if you want, then select it in your phone's settings. It should be used until it dies. I sweat a lot when I run. I run in the rain and do my work. I would rate it as a 5 to 6 by the code. It would probably not survive in a foreign land. There is a The controls are on the right side. The short press center button has an answer on it. Short press top or bottom buttons, skip forward or back, power on or off, volume up or down, and long press center button. I get about 2 years out of these glasses. I use them a lot when I run. It is an exceptional value at $10 per year. Is it a safety factor? What? You need to be careful when running or riding on the road. You can remove the ear buds from your ears and still hear your audio. The buttons are so far apart that you can ignore them and focus on the road. Is there flexibility? The pivot allows you to flip them up. It is good when you need to cool off or when the sun goes down. I use clear glasses when I run at night. There is a The ear buds are on an extendable tube that gives about a centimeter of adjustability. There is a charging port under one of the tubes. The rock is for less than $20 If you have a small face, the ear buds may be a bit far back.

9. Bluetooth Sunglasses Wireless Handfree Headphone

Bluetooth Sunglasses Wireless Handfree Headphone

The Myopic lens can be exchanged for a plano lens if you want the best vision protection. The music sunglasses are made to protect eyes from the strong sun and are suitable for outdoor activities such as fishing, driving, skiing, sailing. It is easy to carry on your journey with this portable carrying case. The foldable design of sunglasses deliver ultimate comfort while on the move. Stereo Sound sunglasses headset with advanced 5.0 technology ensures faster and stable signal connection and transmission. Even in a noisy environment, the noise cancelling technology allows you to enjoy high quality sound. The built-in microphone, stereo music and hi-difinition calling quality are available. You can make your life style cool with wireless music earphones. It's easy to operate with the play/stop button. A fashion style design is very comfortable to wear while relaxing and exercising. Music sunglasses can be used with all devices that are enabled.

Brand: Jlxinmet

👤The lens fell off when I wore the glasses for less than 24 hours. They cost $17.00 and should cost $2.00.

👤I want to say that if you have a negative review, you can go sit on a bicycle without a seat because these things have excellent battery life and sound that is better than the expensive ones to me.

10. Mu6 Ring Headphones Microphone Conduction

Mu6 Ring Headphones Microphone Conduction

There is a choice of colors. You can match your SilkSound Headphones to any outfit or style you want, with the choice of Tortoise Shell, Blue Frost, Golden Yellow and Black Onyx. You can make a bold fashion statement wherever you go with the stylish set. There is an open early caucus. The design of the ear cups will allow you to listen to the sounds around you while enjoying music, without having to cover your ears. Better sound quality. Ring is powered by Air conduction, which causes no damage to the original sound and helps normal individuals hear the tone better. If you have no hearing loss, Ring is the best choice for you. Multi-point compatibility with your devices is offered by the bluetooth chip. The built-in microphones make it easy to talk to others. It's compatible with computers and laptops. The work out is 190mAH. A long-last battery capacity. You will not sweat during exercise. 35g of weights is all you need to carry it. 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will do their best to satisfy everyone. If you have a problem with your use, please contact them. They have a free return/replacement policy.

Brand: Mu6

👤You look like someone from an old cyberpunk movie with this little ring of a headphone set. It opens up a second channel of hearing. I've tested these on my lawn. The world around you is still somewhat hearable even though it seems like the noise is louder. While I barely notice them, certain positions can become more noticeable. There are pros and cons. I don't think you can get a better set for $60. There is a Pro's: I can hear anything on this headset, even if it's not loud, and I don't have to worry about cleaning the wax off my ear cannels. There is a I don't know if I have them on. The physical button is easy to use. My glasses don't move at all. They are not uncomfortable in the least. The bass is okay. If the volume is low or you are wearing earmuffs, it's barely noticeable. There is a When the battery is over 50%, a separate Volume level is returned. These were excellent and made me sad. They are a good replacement and still playing with them to be certain.

👤I purchased this product with my own money, no one pays me or gives me any incentive to write a review. It is a good open ear head phone for running, but it is dying on me after 2 months of use. Read on. I bought this to replace my phone. I was expecting a decent product for $50, but it was not overpriced. I use it a lot. Run with a headband or a running hat. The sound quality is better than my previous bone conduction headphones, which I use to listen to music while running. I wear sunglasses during my activity. The design doesn't allow it to stay out of harms way. It wasn't bad, I need to adjust it occasionally. There is a I was hoping to get at least one year of use out of the product, which was advertised as sweat proof. It can't hold charge over a day after just a little over 2 months of usage. I thought I accidentally turned it off. When it's turned off and fully charged, it still loses all power after less than 24 hours. There is a I don't recommend anyone buying the product because it's poor quality and better sound quality. I would rather pay a premium price for a product that can last a long time.

👤It was bought in April 2021. August 2021. 5 months of use. These are the kind of headphones I want. They sound great, they shoot sound into the ear, and your ear stays open. They are very comfortable and can be adjusted to fit your ears. The plastic build feels like a set of headphones. It still uses a Microusb charging cable, but they stop working after a while. The plug is all the way in, but there is no charging light. I've been trying to find the right angle to get it to work. If the Mark II could use a cable like this, it would be a perfect product. Don't forget to keep your cable headphones, you don't want to end up with a piece of plastic.

11. Bluetooth Sunglasses Polarized Headphones Handsfree

Bluetooth Sunglasses Polarized Headphones Handsfree

SUNGLASSES TO A NEW LEVEL There are many designs for men and women. Their frames support a wide range of prescriptions, so don't worry about your diopters. The perfect combination of practicability and fashion is the music sunglasses. sunglasses earbuds are very secure and comfortable for bikers. The sunglasses headset has the function of anti-rays, no glare and good eye health care. You can use your mobile phone to talk with your friends, if you have a pair of sunglasses. Any cell phone can be used with sunglasses headphones. There is a miniusb port and a built-in battery. Any cell phone can be used with sunglasses headphones. There is a miniusb port and a built-in battery.

Brand: Jinserta

👤They are very well built and easy to use, are they the best ever? They are great when I ride my motorcycle. It's a good investment and easy to use.

👤I think this is the best set of sungass ear buds. It has good sound quality. The battery life is fair. It's comfortable in my ear. Excellent build quality is what it has.

👤It was bought for our employees and they really liked them.

👤I was using it while working outside and the first one died. The second worked for a while but eventually died the same as the first. Maybe the design needs to be reworked or something.

👤I use the bluetooth for music while mowing. It's easy to answer incoming calls.

👤It links to your phone. I didn't like it immediately. They dropped the package. The person took a picture and then ran away.


What is the best product for headphone glasses for men?

Headphone glasses for men products from . In this article about headphone glasses for men you can see why people choose the product. Elinka and Oho Sunshine are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone glasses for men.

What are the best brands for headphone glasses for men?

, Elinka and Oho Sunshine are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone glasses for men. Find the detail in this article. Avantree, Hereta and Wgp are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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