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1. Sleep Headphones Perytong Ultra Thin Meditation

Sleep Headphones Perytong Ultra Thin Meditation

The charge time is 3 hours full charge and 15 hours play time. Sleep headphones, a sleep mask, and a sports headband are included. You can enjoy hands free music, and protect yourself from being disturbed by your hair and sweat with a soft headband and wireless sleep headset. Sleeping headphones sports headband is perfect for sleeping, as well as exercising. The cool tech gifts for men and women are the headband headphones. Sleep headphones with built-in 2 ultra-thin speakers and a control module in the middle of a sleep headband are perfect for side sleeping. Sleeping headphones are comfortable to wear while sleeping. Choose Perytong sleeping headphones, fall asleep fast, stay asleep and have a sweet dream, they block out ambient noise without using earplugs that are painful and fall out. Their headphones have an advanced battery that can work more than 10 hours and only take 1-2 hours to charge. The sports headphones have a quality chip with fast paring speed, less power consuming, and a stable clear sound. The headband is made of braided cord and has a mesh lining that is extremely stretchable and fits most head sizes. Remove the control Pod first before you can use the headphones. Cool gifts for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, Birthday, Mother's Day, and many other occasions. Perytong has upgraded the headband for the sleeping headphones for a better and stable sound, made it elastic to fit most head sizes, and adopted a light fabric material which feels cool on the skin. If the sleeping headband phones you received are malfunctioning, please let them know so they can give you a free replacement. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Perytong

👤The title says it all. My partner snores to wake me up. He snorts, gurgles, gasps and snuffles while I lay awake imagining all the ways I could murder him because I cannot fall asleep due to his loud bellows. Enter the stage. The perfect headphones for sleep. When I tried to sleep on my side, my earbuds hurt like crazy. I was worried that in a fit of rage, I would wrap the wires around my partner's neck so I could not hear him. I found these headphones at 3 in the morning and thought, "Why not?" They. Are. Awesome. I can sleep with my headband on. The volume control is great. It doesn't completely drown out the loud noise from the partner but the stream of sleep music I listen to combined with the comfort of the headband allows me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I can't recommend them enough. They have kept me out of prison. A win-win.

👤I love these! I've been suffering from insomnia for over a year. My husband snores loudly. I have tried a lot of things, including regular ear buds. Nothing else was working, so finally broke down and bought these. I am so happy I did. I wore sleep headphones for the first time last night and fell asleep quickly. I put white noise on my music to drown out snoring. If you have trouble falling asleep, try these. They were easy to use and comfortable. The instructions were easy to read and quite detailed. There is a The photo was taken this morning and it shows a happy person.

👤I am going on a cruise in a few weeks and I love my husband but he snores. I spend a few nights a week on the couch because I can't get him to stop. It will be frowned upon to fall asleep naked on a couch. I realized I needed to find something. I don't like traditional ear plugs. I thought about buying these for 3 weeks. These will be bad, or they won't fit in my head. I realized that I was running out of time as I neared vacation. I decided to buy them. They arrived in a day. I put on a sleep meditation album from my phone after I got them home and was asleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I turned the music back on and fell asleep. I can fall asleep because it makes this more prominent. It was very comfortable. The bass is really good on these. If you're looking to drown out your partner due to snoring, this is a great, affordable, and quality product that you should buy.

👤It's easy to fall asleep to music with this product. I am usually a side sleeper. Since I like to listen to music to help me fall asleep, the other headphones that I have are too large to fit on my side, making it uncomfortable. I was excited when I received this headband, because it allowed me to lay on my side to fall asleep, and it kept my hair off my face and neck. I connected my phone to the internet. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to wear glasses with the band, but it is still comfortable. I would highly recommend this product.

2. Audio Technica ATH M20x Professional Monitor Headphones

Audio Technica ATH M20x Professional Monitor Headphones

The engineering and build quality for studio tracking and mixing is advanced. 40 millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils. It is recommended to tune for enhanced low frequencies. Excellent sound isolation can be achieved with circummaural design around the ears. The cable exit Magnet is designed for studio tracking and mixing.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤The sound quality is excellent. A balanced sound with warm tones. It comes with a plug-in for different uses and feels well made. I had to move it around to find a comfortable spot to sit. It was ok once I found it. I might not be able to wear it for hours a day. I'll see once I break it. My head size is on the small side for women. The fit was ok, but the strength of the spring of the head band felt a bit much. The instructions that came with it are confusing. It wasn't clear that the diagram didn't refer to the model that doesn't fold. Would I buy it again? Yes.

👤The quality of the build has been updated. It's been a year since I wrote this. I checked my reviews today and it was pure luck. Anyway, build quality. There is a I bought the M20xs a year ago, and they are still going strong, even though I am not on my computer. The cable is fine, the gold plated plug has worn off, and the plastic doesn't seem to be worn. It would look brand new if I cleaned it well. The padding is not in perfect condition. The earcups were starting to feel harder and harder. I took a look at my dad's m50xs to see if they were still soft, and they were. Audio Technica uses fake rubber-leather stuff in their earcups that degrades over time due to the stress of the cushion. My dad's pair is still soft because of constant contact with body oils. These are replaceable, but they are not cheap at $25 for a pair. I got these headphones for $30 dollars when they were on sale. I wouldn't be surprised if they used cheaper earcups in the m20xs. The replacement earcups for the m50xs could be considered an upgrade. The headband is worrisome. The headband on the m20xs is made out of the same material as the earcups, which is why it has a higher quality rubber on it. You can't replace it. I can still see some dents in my headband even though it's unlikely that it will get damaged from cracking. These are my favorite general purpose headphones, and I still recommend them. I'm close to replacing the earcups. I might aim for the m40xs if it does break due to the shorter cable options, better build quality, and better sound. I will give it two more years to see what happens. The review was positive. I have never been wealthy enough to own a good pair of headphones. I picked the ATH-M20x because I heard about the praise of Audio-Technica. I am not allowed to touch the M40x or 50x that my father has. I can't say which ones they are. I used to use the Sol-Republic v8 tracks as my main headphones, but now use the Logitech G230 gaming headset for my desktop. There is a Ocean Man by Ween was the song I tested between the headphones. It was nostalgic for me to listen to the song again because I remembered it from the day I did this. The first thing that struck me about these headphones was that the bass was not as loud as the other headphones. This isn't a bad thing, because it allowed me to focus on the other tracks in the song, such as the guitar and percussion, which became much brighter. My other headphones lacked a little in mids and highs, but this made the song sound much clearer. My Sols had more bass, but the rest of the frequencies seemed to be different because of it. The highs are better than the sols with my g230s. I realized that I couldn't hear footsteps very well in the game Counter Strike Global offensive, which encourages me to buy another pair of the M20x for my desktop, as well as a mic. The only real issue I have with the M20x at this point is that I cannot hear bass drums very well if they aren't mixed loud enough, which is disappointing, as percussion is one of the most important factors in music to me. The bass is a tad weaker than it should be, but the performance in the audio range is amazing. I would be happy if they boosted up a small amount. It's not worth taking a star off for the price. I have to max out my phone volume to get somewhere acceptable to me because these headphones are higher in impedance than normal. I'm not worried about this, but I'm afraid I may get some distortion in some songs. I use a separate Creative Zen audio player for my high quality CD rips, which don't go as loud as my phone, making it useless. They don't like to plug into my phone with the case on, so I have to jam it in the jack and hope it doesn't fall out. They always think I'm using an inline mic unless I plug it in and re-plug it and hope they see them as regular headphones, which is one of the problems with my audio jack. If it doesn't, bumping the cord can cause the internet search engine to start voice detecting, which is very annoying, as well as randomly pausing and playing a song. This is a problem with my phone, not the plug. They still have issues with the phone being plugged into a case. The problem would be solved by making the end coned and the adapter internally coned. One of the main reasons why I bought a g230 was because they are very well built and could take multiple falls off of my desk. The Sols are designed like a tank due to their hard headband and not brittle plastic. The headband for the M20x seems to need more care since it is not covered with plastic. I usually just put my Sols in my backpack. The foam on the headband needs to not be torn up. I tried to buy something.

3. Audio Technica ATH M30x Professional Monitor Headphones

Audio Technica ATH M30x Professional Monitor Headphones

Satisfied WarrantyAchieve your good sleep by Navly, the headphones create a private space, not only make your sleep better, but also enjoy your music time. Navly will solve your issue until you are satisfied. Enjoy your life. Engineering and build quality are advanced. 40 millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils. Excellent mid-range definition is what was Tuned for. Excellent sound isolation can be achieved with circummaural design around the ears. Convenient cable exit.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤I was looking for a good set of earcup headphones. I chose these based on the reviews. The good so far. The last pair was very light and portable, but I prefer less noise cancelling, since I want to hear no external sound. The range is good and the sound is clear. There is a I prefer headphones with a female jack so I can use my own male/male cord. The cord attachment on either side is the weakest point of any headset, so being able to replace it is a huge plus to me, but this one is permanent. If you haul your headphones everywhere, that will kill the set. The cord from the headband is hanging out in the open where it can't be seen by the adjustment mechanism. The free hanging cord got pinched in a loop when I shrunk them to the smallest size, and you can see it on the stock image. That is another issue. They hold your head tightly. If you wear glasses, you will have achy ears after a while. There is a These headphones fit the bill quickly. They aren't great, but they are decent and were on sale for $40 when I got them. If I paid full price, I would be more upset.

👤I have been in broadcasting for 40 years. I host a morning show on a radio station in southeast Georgia. I use headphones a lot in my work. I own a lot of pairs from different manufacturers. I did more research before buying anything. There are many brands in the market. The control room monitors the signal from the receiver. I just finished my first four hour show. It may seem silly, but I have experience with it. When I opened the mic for the first time this morning, I was surprised at the sound between my ears. The sound is great and the fit is comfortable. I don't think I could have done better for the price.

👤I'm on my 3rd pair of these and they stop working randomly. The external cable might be damaged. It's useless for drum recording if it isn't meant to use while sweating. They're easy to get used to, they're good for studio monitoring, and they're decent for mixing. I've used dozens of different headphones in the studio and keep buying them because they're inexpensive yet still sound and fit better than a lot of the pricier headphones. There is a Audio-Technica, anybody want to know why they randomly stop working? If I can fix the ones that don't work anymore, I would be thrilled.

👤It was tight to wear. I'm a professional musician and have worn many headphones, but never experienced this before. I don't have to bend or stretch it to make it work. Everyone who wore them said the same thing. I had to keep removing them because of the pain.

👤The Audio Technica ATH-M30x are great sounding headphones. I use the M30x as a second pair of headphones to listen to music and watch movies and TV shows on my phone, iPad, or through an audio-visual receiver. I wanted headphones that were portable and affordable. The M30x delivers. There is a The M30x is a good replacement for the popular M30 headphones. The M30x has a styling update that is similar to the M50 and newer M50x headphones. The collapsible design of the M30x is similar to the M50 and M50x. The dated looking M30 is welcome changes. I purchased a pair of M30 headphones, used them for a couple of weeks, and then bought the M50 headphones. The design and feel of the M30x has been improved. --- The M50x and M30x are likely to be the same headphones as the ATH-M30x and ATH-M50x. 1. The M50x has a 45mm driver while the M30x has a 40mm one. 2. The M30x has a higher Frequency Response than the M50x. 3. The M50x has a maximum input power of 1600mW at 1kHz, while the M30x has a maximum input power of 1300mW. 4. The M50x has a sensitivity of 99dB. 5. The M50x has an impedance of 38. 6. The M30x is 7.8oz heavier than the M50x. 7. The M30x has a built in cable compared to the M50x. The cables are straight. The M50x is a little easier to drive, a little louder, and can handle more power than the M30x. --- There is a comparison of audio. TechNICA has a professional studio receptionist. There is a The M20x, M30x, and M40x all have 40mm drivers, whereas the M50x has 45mm drivers. As the models get better, the higher end of the frequency response, 20,000Hz with the M20x up to 28,000Hz, becomes available. The M40x and M50x have separate cables, whereas the M20x and M30x have a single cable. The M20x isn't collapsible. As the models get better, the headphones tend to increase in dB's, become easier to drive with a lower impedance, and are able to handle more power before clipping. --- The sound quality of M30x is better than M50. Excellent sound quality is offered by the M30x. The headphones produce a sound that is clean and detailed. They are able to produce a sound that is really good. I was able to compare the two headphones with the M50. The M50 and M50x headphones sound the same, so I'm going to compare the M50 and M50x headphones to the M30x and newer M50x headphones. There is a The headphones are louder than before. The 45mm drivers produce better bass than the 40mm drivers. The sound from the M50's is better. The M30x offers great bang for your buck, even though you get what you pay for. --- There are 1 positives. Good bass will produce a rich, clean, and detailed sound. 2. It's a great bang for your buck. 3. It is comfortable to wear. 4. The design is attractive and lightweight. 5. It is collapsible for space saving. They are smaller when they collapse than they are when I collapse. 6. There is a protective carrying pouch and a headphone plug. The M30x can be plugged into a 3.5mm plug. The headphones can be plugged into the audio equipment with the 1/4" adapter. There are 1. The "L" and "R" indicators for the cans are hard to see in dim lit areas. I prefer their placement on the cans. If you remember, the cable comes out of the left side. I thought I'd mention it. There is a --- There is a Explanation: Audio Technica's legacy of producing amazing headphones continues with the ATH-M30x headphones. They are very hard to beat at the price point of the M30x. If you are looking for a pair of headphones that sound great, are portable, and are affordable, I highly recommend the M30x. If you're thinking about buying an Audio Technica model, I recommend buying the M30x over the M20x. The M30x allows almost double the input power of the M20x and is very nice. The M50x is superior with better bass, separation and a full sound, if sound quality is your concern. The M50x has a nicer build quality. The M50's feel more sturdy, the headband extender feels more durable, and the M50 cans have a swivel feature. The M30x are well built headphones for the price and that's not to take away from them.

4. Audio Technica ATH AR3BTBK SonicFuel Bluetooth Headphones

Audio Technica ATH AR3BTBK SonicFuel Bluetooth Headphones

The ear cup has a mic and controls for convenient handling of calls. There is a led indicator in the ear cup. The PCB design has a top-mounted design. The round housing design is stylish. Soft ear-pads and padded headband provide a comfortable fit. When wireless operation is not allowed in airplanes or hospitals, a 1.2 M cable with mic/controls provides a wired connection.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤I've been using headphones from a number of brands for 20 years, with my favorites being Audio-Technica, AKG and Sennheiser. My preference is for a clear and balanced sound with enough bass to balance it out, but leaning towards the highs more than heavy bass. There is a The look and build quality of these headphones are very nice. The overall size is nice for on ear headphones and the don't feel cheap or plastic. I find them very comfortable with the padding on their ears. I wear my headphones for an hour or two and have never had any issues with them. I am aware that people complain that headphones don't fit larger heads. If that were the case, these would not be comfortable. They fit my average size head well, but if they are harder to fit, it might be a problem to wear them for more than half an hour. There is a The blue tooth connection has been easy to use. Sometimes I have to tell the laptop to connect twice, but once it connects, I have never had a problem with a reliable connection. The battery life has been great. I use them daily for both phone calls and music and the headphones have lasted at least a couple weeks on a charge at 1-2 hours use per day. The technology of pausing, advance and changing the volume has worked well. I am very particular about the sound I get from my headphones and am quick to return any that don't measure up. That's not the case here. The sound quality is amazing with a great balance between the bass, midtones and highs. It's a pleasure to listen to any of the huge spectrum of music I enjoy, and they measure up to any headphones I've ever owned. The sound quality of the phone calls has been good, based on the people I've asked. If I lost these, I would order another pair without hesitation and recommend them for their amazing sound quality, build and function. I've made a number of headphones in the past.

👤I needed something to take on the go with my phone, and Audio-Technica's professional studio monitor headphones were perfect for that. These fit the bill and the budget that AT was trying to hit. They are great headphones, they hold up well and sound great. Well, ok. The bass and lows sound great, but don't use heavy bass boosters when listening to music through the internet. The headphones were great. I would recommend a brand that makes quality headphones. The battery life is great, it lasts a few weeks listening to a few hours each day. I had no issues with the sound I heard when I wired my phone into my case. I would still recommend a case, but they ended up being stronger than I expected. +rep

👤These headphones are the first ones I have ever used. I tried out the Bose SoundLink on-ear model at the store and found it to be similar in size and price to other brands. The Bose phones last half as long as the Audio Technicas, but cost about 40 more. The Bose headphones sounded good, but these sound better. I don't know why Audio Technica headphones don't get reviewed as often as other brands, but they are my favorite brand, and I don't think they get as much love as other brands. I've been using ATH-50's for years to record and mix music and they are fantastic. I have a pair of ATH-40x phones that are very good. If you want a flat, true sound reproduction, Audio Technicas are a great choice. I was a little concerned that the phones might be bass heavy, but they are balanced. They have nice full, deep bass, but it doesn't feel like hype to me. The bass doesn't go away when you turn the volume down. I highly recommend these phones.

5. Audio Technica ATH MSR7GM SonicPro High Resolution Headphones

Audio Technica ATH MSR7GM SonicPro High Resolution Headphones

Convenient cable exit. You can hear your music the way it was intended with this design. The 45mm True Motion Drivers improve the response of the audio and reduce sound distortion. Features multi-layer air damping technology. A lightweight, rigid structure that reduces unwanted resonance is provided by housings constructed of aluminum/magnesium mix. Three precisely placed vents within the layers work to control air flow. The headband has a soft, memory foam earpads and is very flexible. The bass acoustic resistor has an improved low-frequency response.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤Audio Technica has created a pair of headphones that will make you second guess your headphones choice. The ATH-MSR7's are examining what they do right. Where they fall short. The build and appearance are related. The set of headphones is very public friendly. There are chrome touches in several places on the aluminum housing and nice colored accents. They are brushed chrome and are as small as possible, so they stay on your head if you are walking. Balanced weight, no manufacturing quirks, and aluminum headband look and feel impressive, and Earphones twist the correct way, unlike the QC25 which fold inwards if you are wearing them around your neck. The large adjustment range can be used to suit different heads. The cable has a tight fit into the left headphones. Not that unattractive... There is a lot of creaking plastic when expanding headphones, and the Squirmy cable has a large jack housing. Ear pads are large, fit all the way around your ear, and are very close to drivers. Ear pads are not memory foam, but why not make them even softer? The headband is ok. It's not straight. It pressed down on the top point of your head. Break it in a bit. No issues, OK the pressure. It is a bit annoying out of the box. The pressure from the bottom of the ear pads was getting to the top of my jaw after about an hour. Again, break it in, open it, and open it. Lots of creaking. It will work out. For sure, pressure is above average. The amount of weight on someone's head is a good amount. I'm going to try to keep this simple and unbiased. There are a lot of details. All instruments and vocals have their own space and are relatively neutral. Good bass, mid and treble presence, tight focused bass, and not a relaxing headphones. Bass isn't for bassheads or anyone who is looking for a dynamic bass response, because it is closer to neutral than most consumer headphones, and Ears seem to work hard with these on, focusing in and out to deal with those upfront mids and trebles especially at higher volumes. S's sound is neutral and raspy. The vocals and treble are very upfront. Mids are emphasized. Bass is only present when it is needed. It is not smoothed out. A short summary is not great. The average is not very good. Outside noise is muffled but not canceled. Sound leaking is good. The same as the UE6000. It's what you expect. There is a 3 cables are accessories. The short one is for the average consumer and comes with a mic and a remote. It works on both phones and fake leather. Is it vinyl? Well. It's a bag. That's a shame. It should be a hard case at this price point. It's a nice bag, but it's still just a bag. There is a The Sony MDR-1A is $300. These look similar. The Sony is more comfortable because it has memory foam ear pads, a smaller footprint, and no headband issues. It's incredibly comfortable. The Sony is plastic all the way around. Why? The cable is designed to not run up on your shoulder. The cable has a neat twisting input and the plastic doesn't creak. The MSR7 is more impressive to hold and look at because of its sturdy build. Sound quality is subjective. They may look the same, but they act differently. Sony is relaxing and less neutral. The vocals are more subdued and it lacks the details of theMSR7. The bass is well behaved and present. The treble and midrange are not upfront. Rap, Metal, R&B, Hard Rock fans should listen to the Sony's. Classical, acoustic, alternative, and independent: go with mesr7. The Bose QC25 is about as comfortable as the MDR-1A, they remind me a lot of each other. All plastic again. The case is semi-hard and has very light foam. It is very impressive that noise cancelling is as good as it is. TheMSR7 has better clarity, better soundstage, and more present mid range and treble. The QC25's have a decent bass and a good mid and treble range, which makes them more relaxing to listen to. They are a jack of all trades but a master of one. If you plan to wear your headphones in public a lot, you should get the QC25. The sound is more detailed. The Audio Technica MX50 is at a price of $160 at the time of review. Here we go. The younger brother. This one is difficult. They are similar in many ways. The earpads of the MSR7 have improved slightly. The force that is applied to the object is a little stronger. It is pretty similar. The build is similar, except for the fact that you have aluminum instead of plastic. The weight is the same. That's nice, the MX50's fold up. The MX50 cord is a little better. The soundstage is better for the MX50 and theMSR7 than it is for the MX50. The bass is a little less boomy. The MX50 bass gives a better overall impression. The MX50 mids and trebles are not as forward as theMSR7. The Logitech UE6000. The UE6000 is more comfortable. Less so than the Bose and Sony headphones, but the lighter weight body makes a difference. It is also a relief to have force applied to something. The sound is not as good as theMSR7. It's not as clear as it could be. The bass is a tad more pronounced, but it's not worth the loss. The build quality is good. It's plastic again, but this time it's a fabric carrying case with a headphone slitter. These are no longer with it. There is an update. I got my hands on the new Momentum 2.0 and 2.0 Wireless at the trade show. A few awkward walks back and forth gave me a good idea of how these stack up to each other. The new Momentum's are close to perfect, and you can get a portable consumer headphone like that. They are comfortable, have good sound, and are stylish. They weigh a little less than theMSR7's. I think they have slightly better build quality with a leather headband. The sound? They both sound great. TheMSR7's sound is not as distinct as the Momentum's, but they dig a little deeper in the bass which makes them a little more dynamic. They are more relaxing and balanced than clear and unfront. There is a price. $350 for wireless is more than $250. That's significant. I would think that the original Momentum's would decrease in price, since they started at $370 and are now at $200. It might take a while, so check your wallet to see what you are willing to spend. Oh. They come with a nice carrying case. If you have the money, I would buy the Momentum's. They are very comfortable and sound great. If you don't care about the fancy features offered by the Wireless version, I would recommend getting theMSR7's. There is a The Wireless version did a good job of canceling out noise. Better than Bose. It was pretty slow. If I remember correctly, they used a 5. It might be an isolated issue. If you want, you can connect a cord to the Momentum's. Others to recommend in the same category are: the Sennheiser Momentum 1 and the Bose P5 II. Denon AH-D600 ($300) V-Moda M 100 and many more... There is a Beautiful design and nice black aluminum finish marred by some creaky plastics. The comfort level is below "good" because of the weight, the force, and the headband pressure. 3 cables of different lengths and a cloth bag are accessories that are ok. The sound quality is not relaxing. The mids and trebles are very forward and border on fatiguing. Details are excellent, soundstage is impressive, bass does a good job, and nothing sounds unnatural. Isolation and sound leaking are not special. I don't know who you are, so I don't recommend these to you. Both facts and preferences are true. These headphones are good. They do a lot of things well. If you read this, you will know which direction to go. There is a The headphones were tested on two different computers. No amplifier. Various sources of audio and sound tests. There is a You can ask questions and comment. I hope this helped. If it did, I should get some credit for this review.

6. Audio Technica ATH PDG1 Premium Gaming Headset

Audio Technica ATH PDG1 Premium Gaming Headset

Frequency response is 20HZ to 20.000HZ and impedance is 42 ohms. The mini-phone stereo has a 3.5mm 4-pole. The full size of headphones is the form factor. The technology is wired.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤When you want to buy a gaming headset. Most people will go to brands like Steelseries. There are some cons to all headsets from gaming brands. Some have great sound, but a bad mic. Some look great, but are not comfortable to wear. Some of them have lights on the sides so that you can show off your favorite colors, but you won't see them when wearing them. The Audio Technica ATH-PG1's are the best headset you can get for your money. I am a 20 year old video game player who used to play Modern Warfare 2 competitively on console, and now plays Counter Strike: Global Offensive on PC. I still play on both platforms, so I need them to fill the roles of headset maker and player in one. I've been through a lot of headphones. Back in the old days, TurtleBeach, Tritton, ASTRO, Steelseries, HyperX, and now Audio Technica are some of the things that have been mentioned. I own a pair of ATH-M50x's, another well known set of headphones you can get for your money, which is also made by Audio Technica. I couldn't use these for console gaming because I didn't have a way to record my microphone for my friends to hear me. The saving grace is the ATH-PG1's. The HyperX Cloud II's that I used to own were marketed as the "most comfortable gaming headset", but they were not as lightweight or comfortable. The sound isn't as good as the M50x's, but it's not a bad thing. The sound is better than the previous headsets I've owned. The microphone is good. You're golden if you pair this with an ASTRO Mixamp. The microphone is warm and provides a lot of bass response. It's a great way to talk with your friends over the internet, but it's also a great way to voice overs and commentaries. It seems too good to be true. There are two small problems that you need to know about before purchasing this headset. There is very little force. This is great for people who wear glasses or have larger heads. It can cause sound to leak and pick up into your microphone when you play high volumes. I've never run into a headset that doesn't leak into the mic at high volumes because the mic is so close to the sound source. The lack of bass can be an issue with the low force. It's not a bad thing that you don't have bass because you need to focus on footsteps and high-pitched sounds in gaming. I don't know if this is a mistake or a benefit for the player. You should take these two issues with a grain of salt. It sounds like a make or break issue. It's not an issue in practice. There is a This is hands down the best headset I've ever bought. You can get the best for under $200. I went through the headsets in order. Steelseries Siberia V2's, ASTRO A40's, ASTRO A30's, and TurtleBeach X11's are included. That's a lot of wasted money. DR should get these headphones as soon as possible. You can get an all-in-one headset under $200 with these. There is a If you want to know what the microphone sounds like, my video and video review is completely commentary from it. Thank you for reading! There is a channel on the internet called "litigation gaga".

7. Audio Technica ATH SR30BTBK Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Audio Technica ATH SR30BTBK Wireless Over Ear Headphones

The bass acoustic resistor has an improved low-frequency response. The audio is pure in a wireless design. 70 Hours of continuous use on a full charge is provided by the internal battery. Housing has a dual-layer isolation structure that keeps the electric circuitry separate from the acoustic Space. The lightweight fold-flat design is easy to carry. The ear cup has a mic and controls for convenient handling of calls.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤I was looking for lightweight, comfortable headphones with decent sound and without over-hyped bass frequencies. That wouldn't break the bank. I wanted them to be used for the gym and for making music when I'm away. These headphones don't have noise-cancelling and I don't need it. There is a I would have liked to have tried them out first, but I took a gamble on ordering them online without testing them for sound quality and comfort, because I have a high opinion of Audio Technica. The headphones have a charging cable. It's all over. The packaging is mostly cardboard with a plastic tray. I was able to find an old soft headphone bag that I could use to store the headphones in. I put them in my bag and was ready to rock. First workout. I wore them at the gym without any issues, they were lightweight and comfortable, and stayed on my head. Next up, a computer. I was waiting for a friend for a few hours yesterday, so I was able to test them as tracking headphones, and they never got uncomfortable, or ran out of battery. This was a nice revelation that my studio headphones hurt my ears after 2 or 3 hours. I haven't tried them on a phone call yet, but I'm not worried about it. There is a The controls are easy to use, and I had no issues with staying connected. I don't think the limits of their battery life will be an issue for the way I plan to use them. The headphones are very comfortable, which is a huge plus. Sound quality is good. I found the sound decent, but felt a little flat, without a lot of definition, when I listened to it at the gym. The sound was still tubby despite the fact that they don't have super-hyped bass frequencies. When I was using my laptop to track with Ableton, I didn't care much about the sound quality, and I felt that the mids and highs were fine. I was making electronic music. Will listen to it on my speakers. Solid headphones with decent sound. Well-made and reliable. I am happy with them.

👤I'm not an audio engineer. I have never owned Bose or Sony. I can't really compare. I was interested in the battery life and reputation of solid headphones because I wanted some for the gym. The V Moda Crossfade Wireless were marked down so much that I bought them too. These are better for my ears. It was much more balanced and crisp. The bass is right. The bass made my ears uncomfortable even after a few minutes of listening. I hated to return the V Modas because they felt better. The build is solid for the price point. They are comfortable and stay in place, but not as low profile as the V Moda. I haven't taken these to the gym yet. We will see how that goes. As these simply press on your ears, comfort is there. I listened to 4 songs and my ears were throbbing. Going to look for some over- ear ones.

8. Audio Technica ATH AVC200 SonicPro Closed Back Headphones

Audio Technica ATH AVC200 SonicPro Closed Back Headphones

The design for easy transport is foldable. Frequency response is between 30,000 and 50,000 Hz. The technology of connecting.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤Not happy with the sound of these. They're too present in the mid-range. 600 to 1.2k is too much in these. Maybe some people like that, but they don't sound balanced to me. Monoprice's "Hi-fi DJ Style" headphones are the best headphones in the $30 range. The words "hi-fi" and "dj" are red flags for a sound engineer. Those don't sound good for the price. If you're a live engineer, they're a great choice as an expendable set of cans that you can take on jobs that you won't be sad about if they get lost/stolen/ damaged.

👤Audio-Technica ATH-AVC200 review You can cut the lower headband to make it more comfortable for some heads. There is a It's quite light for over- ear headphones and I find it quite comfortable. You can cut-out the bottom rubber headband for a no-top-of-the-head wearing experience. There is a Neil, regards.

👤These headphones look like a million dollars, but they are cheap and lightweight, and don't sound very good. I lost a pair of lightweight, cheap AT headphones that I used to ride my exercise bike in and thought this would be a nice upgrade but they actually sound worse than listening to a tin can. Not impressed with the headphones at all.

👤The sound was good, just a note that the rubber band is the only one that can be adjusted. The hard band is set in a permanent state for a large head. The hard band will be floating above your head once you adjust the rubber band to be snug. If you're at the office, it's not great if you're trying to lay down and relax.

👤I needed a pair of headphones. I was expecting more privacy to hear the sound of the mixing board. The quality is good, but I have issues with the in house volume. I could use a better pair. I've never bought a pair to know what I needed. Even though they look dorky, I liked the comfort of it. They don't hurt to wear. Also a long cord.

👤My first pair of Audio Technica sounded good and I like them. loving it... It's light and good built, no squeak when put on or take off. The price is good, but I think they are awesome. I listen to music and use them for gaming. The headband didn't extend enough for me, so I took them apart, it was a pain to do, but worth it. The new Brainwavz ear pads are the most comfortable I have ever worn, I can wear them all day.

👤When I was a kid, I wanted a pair of Audio Technica headphones, but they were more expensive, but as I got older, I was able to buy a pair and was amazed by the sound. I have many other headphones such as AKG which are also good. The quality of Audio Technica is something that has to be said. No matter what model I get, I'm satisfied with them.

👤I bought this to learn Spanish online. The quality did not allow me to clearly distinguish what was being said. I bought the ATH-M20x model after returning these. It's much better for learning.

9. Audio Technica ATH SR6BTBK Bluetooth Resolution Headphones

Audio Technica ATH SR6BTBK Bluetooth Resolution Headphones

The technology is wired. Features a compatible wireless technology. Touch can be used to pair with compatible devices using the Near Field Communication feature. The left earcup has a mic and volume/control switch built in. The included cable has 45mm drivers that are capable of reproducing Hi-Res Audio. 30 hours of continuous use is provided by the internal battery. The charging time is about an hour. 4 hours for a 0-100% charge. The headband and ear pads are soft and easy to adjust. The design for easy transport is foldable.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤The sound signature of these headphones is definitely the same as what other reviewers wrote about, they emphasize the high notes and vocals to the disadvantage of the bass. My first impression was that it was hollow and tinny. I like my bass to be morerounded than what these headphones provide, but I am not a bass-heavy listener. If you are willing to make some adjustments and understand where the compromises are, they are not intolerable. There is a It needs an assessment. You can really tell the difference of what each sound signature is doing and how it may help or hurt the "tinny" sound with these headphones. I turn up the volume with the Treble Reducer. It makes my music sound great again. After this, I can really appreciate the clarity of the technology. The notes are clear and bright. A lot of it is dependent on the song itself, how it is made, and what instrument it uses. Songs that sound great on my swervice may not work on these. The only downside to this is that the Apple Music app only applies to the native Apple Music app, so if you listen mostly on other platforms, you may need a third party app to provide you with an EQ. I use these on my work laptop which has the audio quality on it, it allows me to modify the levels to get it to a perfect balance. There is a The tinniness/scratchiness comes back even with the EQ, as mentioned before, and that's a hit to the sound quality. For me, it's not a huge issue because I mostly use the Bluetooth only when I'm watching videos on the internet before I go to sleep. It was the main reason why I went with this model that allows a wired connection, because I knew that the sound quality of any brand of headphones would suffer if they were connected to a wireless network. I haven't had any issues connecting or signal dropping. I haven't charged them since opening them a few days ago, and it seems like they're still going strong. There is a The soundstage is large. You can hear the sound of a musician next to your ears with in- ear monitors. It sounds like they are performing in front of you. It is not a good or bad thing, but it is different if you are used to earbuds or in- ear headphones. There is a Finally, comfort. This is where they excel. They are lightweight, feel nice and fit my head well. I have been wearing them for long hours and have not had any pain, because I am working from home all the time. I was able to wear my glasses with me yesterday and it was still comfortable. It will be nice to wear them on a long-haul flight. Even without active noise canceling, they isolated sound pretty well. They look really cool and make anyone who wears them look like someone who does audio monitoring for a living. There is a I understand why some people would want to return them after hearing the sound for the first time. Would I have paid the full price? Probably not. They were on sale for $89 and it was a steal.

10. Technica ATHM50 Studio Monitor Headphones

Technica ATHM50 Studio Monitor Headphones

The 45mm large-aperture drivers with neodymium magnet systems have an outstanding seal for maximum isolation and are ideal for easy portable storage. Audio-Technica has achieved an extremely accurate response and long-wearing listening comfort with the ATH-M50 professional studio monitor headphones. The collapsible design of the studiophones makes them space-saving, and they are especially designed for professional monitoring and mixing. The luxuriously padded ear cushions create an outstanding seal for maximum isolation. The headband is padded for ultimate comfort.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤Why are you 4 stars? There is a These are really good. The numbers and reviews are accurate. A solid headset. You can find very premium phones for higher prices if you hold back the 5th star. These phones are the best bang for your buck in the range of 100 to 200 dollars. There is a I used to have the MONSTER Beats Pros, which have a great bass. It is a sacrifice because the sound is very weak compared to the ATH-M50's. If you like hip hop or music that requires deep bass, rock your beats. If you want all music to shine through with good balance throughout frequencies, then you need the ATH's. There is a I like how they are foldable and they are lighter than my Beats. The cable is of high quality. The all white is very stylish. The cable is large enough to reach your source. There is a There are pros and cons. It's hard to come up with something. The parts are made of plastic. I don't know how they'll keep up with aggressive use all the time, because I keep them at my desk. They might get discolored later. Maybe? I keep them at my desk and put them in a drawer. So. I would have liked for the cable to be replaceable but at the price point, it's a luxury. Who are these for? There is a DJ's and music people will get more expensive headgear. If you are a music lover on a budget, get these. These are for your college graduate. These are for at home or office use. If you are a musician you should get these. These are for people who love piano music. If you're traveling and don't want to bring good headphones, get these. It was just solid. If you like aggressive bass heavy music, get the BEATS. Other music will be muddy.

👤I've bought three other Audio-Technica products before this one. The Audio Technica ATH-CK303M Earbuds are Silver and are $23 with shipping. Dynamic Stereo Monitor Headphones went up by about $20 since I bought them a year ago. There is a The review is here. I can't tell if the Audio Technica earbuds I bought are better than the ones I own. The sound quality of earbuds under $25 is exceptional. I know I'm not using them to their full potential. They're not specially designed for listening to music on music players, but still do a great job. The cord is not very long. It's coiled so you can stretch it out. They're comfortable and you can adjust them to fit a large head, which is great for people with a lot of hair. They're professional studio monitor headphones and they're more durable than earbuds so they have a better longevity. I'm not trying to be mean, but if you don't use these for studio monitoring, I probably wouldn't buy it. I'd go with a cheaper pair of headphones from Audio Technica. I know they have potential. I can't tell the difference between the products I bought from Audio Technica and the other products I have. If I decide to do some studio monitoring, I'll buy them.

11. Audio Technica ATH SR50BT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Audio Technica ATH SR50BT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

You can stay entertained during your journey if you have an airplane adapter. It can be used for online meetings and online courses. The bright color scheme will win your child's favor, so these headphones can be used as a kids' headphones. 45mm drivers are capable of reproducing Hi-Res Audio with a wired connection. The earcup has mic and touch-sensor controls for convenient handling of calls, music and volume adjustment. The active ambient noise reduction circuitry gently reduces environmental noise. When wireless operation is not available, when battery power is low, or when Hi-Res Audio is desired, a 1.2 m cable can be used. The quick hear-through function allows voices to be heard through headphones. 30 cm is 1.0'. There is a carrying pouch and a charging cable. The components include headphones, carrying pouch, and a charging cable.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤There are pros and cons. The headset looks good. It is the least important to me. This is also a con. They work well. I didn't notice the touch options when I bought them. There is a The band is comfortable and doesn't crush you. The directions for the quick start are just that. There are two different audio devices on Windows 10. The default device on my unit is the hands free one, so you don't want it for music and fidelity. I don't know if this is a Windows thing or programmed. The other device that does not explicitly state hands free can be enabled. You can enable spacial sound in the audioCP called "Microsoft Sonic" and it sounds great. Touch volume control only works when the main non hands free device is in use. I didn't notice I was on the device until I heard the voices again. It makes sense as I believe it is meant for calls. If you don't change this, you will be disappointed in the way the music sounds. There is a The only other con would be the muffs. I would love to see AT include a velour option or set. If you are in a hot environment, the sound dynamic of the headset can get sticky. Great headphones, other thoughts Quickly run down. There are three modes. Put your palm over the speaker. It only takes a few seconds and the headset will chirp and tell you what you need to know. The guide only shows two but there are 3. You can hear through, off, and noise cancellation, all of which are useful for hearing what's going on near you. I thought the mode setting would affect audio quality, but it doesn't. I have never experienced something like the noise cancellation. I am close to my AC air handler closet.

👤I say I am very OCD. I fell in love with a pair of Audio Technica's. It turned into a big problem but I'm mostly happy. There is a I wanted something that I could wear all day with glasses, so I got these headphones for work. They fit well and feel good. The noise REDUCTION works as it's name suggests, but the sound is awesome. After a few hours of using the headset, I realized my touch controls were much worse than I had thought. I returned them for a new one. The replacement had a scratch on it, but the touch controls worked. I couldn't get rid of the scratch in my mind. I contacted Amazon and was told I could not get a replacement, but I would get a full refund and be able to buy it again. They had defects when they arrived, including a piece of hair under the black coating on the earcup. I contacted Amazon and was told they didn't have anymore and I could get a refund. I got a partial refund of $30 because I kept the original scratched replacement. The product itself is discussed. The headset is pretty. The ear pads are comfortable even with glasses on. You can replace them by twisting them off, but they are very secure on the device. They tend to cause my ears to get sore after wearing them for a long time but not everyone will do that and the irritation is mostly caused by the shape of my frames. There is a There are wires and instructions in the box. I decided to buy a hard case from Geekria because the case wouldn't protect the headphones from bumps or drops. Sound: I like listening to heavy metal when I work. It's bassy but not overwhelming and the vocals are clear. When the boss calls, I like the hear-through so I can hear them. The noise cancellation is not cancellation but reduction and it does that well, we have the AC running in our large office and the printers and phone calls, etc. The AC is not working when I turn on the noise reduction.


What is the best product for headphone headband cushion audio technica?

Headphone headband cushion audio technica products from Perytong. In this article about headphone headband cushion audio technica you can see why people choose the product. Audio-technica and Audio-technica are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone headband cushion audio technica.

What are the best brands for headphone headband cushion audio technica?

Perytong, Audio-technica and Audio-technica are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone headband cushion audio technica. Find the detail in this article. Audio-technica, Audio-technica and Audio-technica are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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