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1. Fulext Headphones Bluetooth Wireless Ultra Thin

Fulext Headphones Bluetooth Wireless Ultra Thin

Convenient storage pouch to hold hooks. Sleep Headphones & Bluetooth Headphones & Sports Headband 3 in 1Ful Ext allows you to listen to music without having to wear additional headphones, and protect you from being disturbed by your mess hair and sweat. You won't miss any calls with the built-in microphone. It's perfect for outdoor activities. The eye cover is comfortable enough to sleep in even if you don't use the music. It is easy to use and the speaker is 0.25 inch. The latest wireless technology produces great sound quality. It's compatible with both phones. Tech gadgets or gifts for men and women. 2 hours charge gives you up to 10 hours of talk and audio. The chips in the set ensure clear sound and good music. The built-in microphone and volume control buttons allow users to answer hands-free phone calls and handle previous and next song without having to use their phone. TheWireless Headband is made of braided cord and is Breathable and Soft, it is also very stretchable and fit most head size. Remove the control Pod first to make the headphones machine wash. A great gift for men is a wireless head band.

Brand: Fulext

👤If I can use this, anyone can. Attaching the little cable inside the headband to the white cable that came with it was easy, just plug it in and you're good to go. I felt it charged quickly. I aligned the blue tooth with my device. The gold cable that comes with your blue tooth can be used if it's not available. I use it to block out the noise of snoring around me so I can sleep. I use it when I clean my house because it makes it much better to listen to my music. The headband isn't very hot. The purple fabric is pretty and it's a pretty color. I also have the black one. I love it. I'm going to give some to my friends who snore. The little buttons are inside the ear area, but you can move them around to hit the preferred spot when you are laying down. It's all good, I can sleep with it. I like it above my ear. This is a keeper.

👤I bought this for my wife who listens to videos to sleep. She has a lot of piercings in her ears that prevent her from using her ear buds or typical on-ear buds. She'd been using a pair of oversized headphones to prevent any pain on the piercings. Over- ear headphones aren't good for sleeping. Her old headphones only have a 3.5mm audio plug, and she has a phone that doesn't have a headphone jack. These are easy to use and capable of wireless listening. They come with a 3.5mm accessory in case you don't want to use it. I came up with this style after searching for sleeping headphones. I decided to try this brand because I didn't know if they would work for her, but the reviews were good. There is a The headphones function for their purpose, but not without their drawbacks. There is a They're very comfortable to sleep in, even as a side sleeper. My wife has never complained about the pressure or pain on her pierces, and she still comments on how she's glad I found these for her. The ear pieces/audio devices are very low profile so they don't have a lot of bulk. She can sleep in all night. Some other reviewers think they're too loose for small heads. The headband is snug enough to stay in place for my wife, who has a small head. There is a The quality: The device seems to hold a charge. She's only had to refill her headphones three times since I bought them. Her YT videos will eventually turn off, but she most often falls asleep with them still on. She uses them for anywhere from one to three hours per night. Time will tell how long the elasticity of the headband will hold up. My wife insists that the sound is awesome, even drawing comparisons to her Audio Technica over-ears. These are not noise cancelling, but they seem to reduce ambient noise. My wife says the control panel makes her feel like she's in a movie. The button indicators on the front of the headband are useless until the mechanism moves out of the pocket which is caused by the stitching. The control panel has On/Off and Track Skip, but no internal volume control, which is a complaint. The lack of this feature is indicative of the price point. The last complaint she has is about the positioning of the earpieces. There is no movement from their pockets to make it easier to adjust her ear positions. They're close enough to a proper position for this to be a minor complaint, but I could see this being problematic for some people. There is a I'm very satisfied with this purchase. I'll either revise or modify this review based on how well they hold up.

2. CozyPhones Headphones Speakers Meditation Relaxation

CozyPhones Headphones Speakers Meditation Relaxation

The stylish pattern sleep headphones are made of high quality textile materials. The headband is soft and quick to dry. sweat drops in eyes can be prevented with a strap. Good elasticity sleeping headphones are suitable for various head shapes. It is easy to wash. The LYCRA HEADPHONES have tether speakers and are compatible with wireless. The headband is lightweight, comfortable and has speakers. It's the perfect aid for sleeping. The perfect gift for veterans is The Perfect Gift for Veterans. bulky headphones that don't fit and earbuds that don't stick in the ear are the things that don't fit. Can be pulled over the eyes to make it a sleep mask. It's great for special needs and sensory issues. A fun gift for friends and family. Surprise them with these lightweight headphones. It's great for the whole family. Kids love them too. It's ideal for children, teens, college students, dorm life, shared apartments, noisy roommates, snoring spouses and co-eds. Will not hurt your ears. It is easy to clean your headphones after traveling. Simply remove the speakers and wash your headband, it will be fresh and clean. The braided cord and stereo plug are made to last. Will not twist of break under normal use. You can use with all your favorite devices. It's been a long time since you've gotten a good night's sleep, and now is the time to order it!

Brand: Cozyphones

👤I wanted to wear these headphones. I thought the concept was great and the price was right. I have left a list of things I hate and things I love about them. I wouldn't recommend them because they are expensive and have flaws. I will make my own head band. I should have bought a different design. I read the instructions that came with them. The band is cheap, so I wonder if it's stretching out a bit. There is a The positive: They are comfortable. There is a The ear phones can be removed. The cord is long. They have a case. The positives: They slip. They fall off. They are too large. They don't come in different sizes. The speakers are moving around inside the band. The speakers are difficult to read. The cord is tight. The material is cheap and thin. The band is falling over my eyes. The case is better than the ear band.

👤I bought this because we already own two kids headphones. I prefer the kids ones more than the others. The material of the headphones and how much space there is in the headband make them move around a lot. I need these to sleep because everything seems to wake me up and yet when I wake up during the night the headband has not moved. This won't be an issue if you don't move around while you sleep. The headphones are not as comfortable as the ones in the kids set. I might have just gotten an odd one. I have taken the headphones off my daughters. They look the same, but this set is much more stiff. The mesh is a lot cooler than the material on this set. I swapped out my headphones for a set that will keep my daughters from moving.

👤They are great for what they do. I've been looking for a product like this where I can sleep on my side and listen to headphones. These do the trick. They must be tossing and turning a lot in their sleep because of all the complaints about them moving around too much. If you flop around on your bed like a fish, they will move. I don't seem to have an issue with it. If you need to block out light, you can pull it down over your eyes. I would give them a 5 out of 10. Not good. I've heard worse. It's fine for sleeping since I listen to radio at low volumes. If you wanted to use them for jogging in a louder environment, they wouldn't be very good. The wires are long and made from a braided type fabric, so they don't get tangled easily, and they're long enough to plug into my phone on my night stand and not have to have it in bed with me. I'm happy with the product for the price.

👤The first night I had the CozyPhones, I listened to a new track. A baby for the first time in months. I didn't know how life changing these could be. I'm thankful for a simple product. You don't notice them when they are on, as you adjust your position before you fall asleep, and you may have to adjust the headband. I would rather have the headband shift a bit than have it too tight. There is a This product was recommended to me. I will be buying more gifts for my kids now that I have had it for a few days. I would recommend these to people who have trouble sleeping. If you want to fall asleep without the blue light of a screen, download a meditation app or sleep app. I am so happy I found them.

3. CozyPhones Sleep Headphones Earphones Meditation

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones Earphones Meditation

A sturdy 3.5mm stereo plug and a 52 inch braided tangle free cord are included in the price of the headband headphones. You can use with all your devices. ORDER NOW! The perfect fit is provided by the shape of the headband that dips down over your ears. Thin 1/8" speakers with a durable cable provide rich, clear sound. It is possible to have compatible ear phones for sleeping. Cool mesh lining keeps you cool at night and helps your sleep band stay in place, and the unique shape dips below the ears so the speakers stay secure within the headband. For working out, travel, and active lifestyles, use a phone. It's ideal for children, teens, college students, dorm life, noisy roommates, airplane and car travel, snoring spouses and more. The braided cord is made to last and will not break under normal use. A 3.5mm stereo plug is compatible with most cell phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. If you want a good night's sleep, drift away while blocking sounds that keep you awake or calm your mind with music or audiobooks. This headband is comfortable and will not hurt your ears.

Brand: Cozyphones

👤I ordered the Sleep Headphone Contour design a few weeks ago because I was frustrated by the fact that I couldn't find headphones that wouldn't hurt my ears at night and leave me with an earache in the morning. Even though they are fleece, they are not hot. I have long hair and the CozyPhones Sleep Headphones can be worn under my hair and still stay on through the night. I was worried that the review wouldn't stay on as I toss and turn. I was concerned that the Adult Large were not a snug fit. They do stay on. I think a snug fit would make the wearer feel unwell by the morning. They are more comfortable than having earbuds in the ear while lying on them. The earpiece is a soft disc that can be positioned inside the earwrap while it's being worn. I sleep better because I don't wake up from my ear hurting like they did with the earbuds. The braided cord that goes from the headband to the jack seems heavy. I keep them next to my pillow and they have held up. I did not give them a 5 star because the headband's size is not available in the information guide, and Amazon only gives the option of one size when you order them.

👤It was better than I anticipated. It's perfect if you listen to music in bed. They are difficult to keep in the right place. These are the only things that are worthy of sleeping with. I wish the cheaper version was available. I hope I don't wake up. There is a The cord is very strong. It is long and braided. Was it really a whisper? There is a The sound quality is really good because the speakers are small and don't get stuck on your ears. Is that what it is? They are inside a foam puck that you can move around to fit your ears. There is a I recommend these at less than 20 bucks. I feel like they would be pretty annoying if I had a small head. They are easy to slide around on.

👤The phones sit closer to the ear so they work best for side sleeping. I bought a sleep headphones to listen to sleep sounds. I was disappointed with the headphones because they felt too warm to wear in warm weather. The fabric was itchy. The sound was not very strong because the phones weren't pressed against my ear. I would not be able to use these on an airplane because the sound could be heard six feet away. I had to turn up the sound to hear it. I thought to put the headphones in a headband. Well, night came. I didn't like the way the headphones felt. The sound is richer when the head is on one side. I took off the headphones because I thought I failed in my purchase decision. I was awakened by a neighbor's car alarm that went off for a long time. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep because everyone was safe. Wait a second. Did I not have new gear purchased on Amazon? Light blockers, sleep headphones, and my sleep app went off. I slept like a baby. The sound is better for side sleepers. The sound at a gym will be less rich but the headphones will not fall out. People will hear the sound if the sound is turned up. The headband allows the speakers to be moved around. The music device needs to be adjusted for the volume to be adjusted. There is no microphone for voice. I ordered a two- way splitter and a charge for the phone from the same place as the sleep headphones would be charged from. I hope the review helped you make a decision. Most of my purchases are good because of the positive reviews, even though the negative ones give a lot of information.

4. Headphones Bluetooth Headband Waterproof Meditation

Headphones Bluetooth Headband Waterproof Meditation

Sleeping headphones are the most popular gift for men, women, teenage boys, girlfriends, and wife travel gifts. Sports Headband and Sleep Headphones. The headband protects you from being disturbed by your hair and sweat, and allows you to listen to your music without having to wear additional headphones. The headband headphones are great for travel, sleep, workout, and audio books. They don't use sleep ear buds that are painful and fall out. The MUSICOZY wireless music headband headphones are powered by 40mm drivers. The silicone outer ring produces deep bass and the bio-cellulose dome delivers high clarity. Greater IPX6 waterproof workout headphones. The headband is made of waterproof material that is based on a submarine's structure. Push yourself during your workout without fear of rain damaging your earphones. You can wash headphones. The MUSICOZY wireless headband only needs to be charged for 1-2 hours, the talk time can reach 10 hours. They can start enjoying music and phones while exercising. Great gift for men and women The Exquisite Outer Package includes a Wireless Headband, a User Manual, and a USB Cable. They offer a worry-free replacement service and friendly customer service. Birthday gifts for travelers, insomniacs, and office workers are some of the reasons why it can be a relaxing gift.

Brand: Musicozy

👤I have trouble sleeping. I struggle to get enough sleep because of anxiety, stress, and headaches. I am used to a variety of sleep aids from melatonin supplements to more drastic measures. I felt the need to add something else with everything going on. Music will drown out the thoughts in my head. Thankfully, this headband worked. I like how thin the speakers are, but there's nothing thin about the sound. I can see myself wearing this headband to listen to music whenever I want. It was important that the speaker be as thin as possible. I don't feel the speaker with my memory foam pillow. There is a I don't wake up with a sweaty forehead in the morning because the fabric is lightweight. I have a small head, but the band remained in place all night long and even withstood my shifting around in the middle of the night. It charges quickly and lasts all night. There is a There are a few things that bother me, but not enough to get me a full star. There is a bright blue light shining. We were able to resolve the problem by covering the light with black tape. I understand the need for indicator light, but a bright light seems to defeat the purpose of wearing this to sleep. There is a When using the buttons on the band, the volume jumps inconsistently, instead of changing gradually with each press. It was an odd issue to come across and I was able to resolve it by adjusting the volume on my phone. I prefer noise cancellation when I sleep so I can still be aware of my surroundings. This band is great. I have high hopes that it will last. I would recommend it over some of the other bands due to the thinner speakers, ease of cleaning, and shorter charge time.

👤I like these headphones. I'm very sensitive to things on my head and I have a condition called Asperger's. I get a lot of bad headaches. I have bad headaches and I have medium pain headaches, but I have light headaches almost every day. I need to take care of my kid, my apartment and work from home. Stay patient and in. I can't do anything I can't move but luckily those are few and far between the more severe ones, they can last for days. I need a light and heated item that goes over your eyes. I have stopped listening to music because of the high rent I have to pay in the city and I have to be respectful of my landlady who lives upstairs. I can use them for work because the microphone works a little bit fuzzy, but I wouldn't trust it for work. It's amazing because with any other in- ear headphones, the different kinds that they have for in-ears and they over the head just hurt within a couple of minutes, but only after I've been wearing them for hours and hours. I think I am extra sensitive. It can be the lightest pair of earphones, it could be a memory phone, or it could be the kind that just rests right inside your ear and doesn't get jammed into your ear. I can't concentrate on work or housework because I have sensory issues. I was dancing for hours. I'm sensitive to material and they didn't itch at all and they didn't make me warm. I can see how comfortable these are for a normal person.

5. Bluetooth Headband Wireless Headphones TOPOINT

Bluetooth Headband Wireless Headphones TOPOINT

Control buttons on the headphones are easy to use, so that you can play and pause music, adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer and end calls, and use the voice control of your phone with one simple operation on the headphones. These headphones are compatible with most phones. Sleep Headphones and Sports Headband 2 in 1 allows you to listen to your music without having to wear additional headphones, and protect you from being disturbed by your mess hair and sweat. You won't miss any calls with the built-in microphone. It's suitable for a gym, workout, jogging, yoga and other outdoor activities. It helps with insomnia, relaxation, meditation, travel and more. People who share a bed with a snorer are the best. It is comfortable and Breathable. The design of the headband is made of cotton and sweat and it is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Remove the control Pod first to make the earbuds machine wash. Cool gifts for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, Birthday, Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day. The battery chip is the best chip for the product. The Wireless Music headband has a high- performance battery that can provide more than 10 hours of play time, and it will sleep like a baby. How to connect with other people. Close the phone. 2. Press the "on/off" button for a while. 3 find "BT-FAAH" The headband is made of high quality materials and has a speaker that can be adjusted to fit most ears. It's the best gift for friends in Festivals. The fabric of washable and guarranty provides a soft and comfortable feeling. The fabric liner separated from the stitching is not a defect, it is the place to take out the module so you can wash the headband. It's ideal gifts for a romantic day. The headband comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Musicozy

👤I needed this device to sleep with soothing sounds. The sound was perfect for me, the headband was comfortable, and it was easy to pair my phone with. I was surprised that the package arrived a day early. There is a However... The device does not charge. This device proved to be so practical that it's a shame. I contacted TOPOINT and they were very helpful. They kept efficient correspondence, they were competent in discussing my issue with the product, and they kindly sent me a new headband over the weekend. It arrived 3 days early and was in excellent condition, but I have no problem charging it. I'm very happy with their service and product.

👤These type of earphones are addicting. I bought a sleep mask from the same company. They both have the same quality. I have been getting headaches from this item. The band wears too much. I found a hack to decrease the tension. If you feel like the band is too tight, you can let it float in the headband by moving the control out of the pocket. It decreases tension and is still usable. I got rid of my headaches by wearing it. It's a good thing. There are two things: FABRIC and WASHABILITY. A pair of earphones. It has the same type of fabric as those stretchy shirts you use for working out. I'm worried that the stretchy feel will become too stretchy over time. It will retain it's original shape after washing and drying. Yes, it's clean. The electronics part can be removed as a unit. You need to remove all at the same time. It takes stretching the fabric to pry them out of the slide. I plan to use it to go walking outside and watch my shows on a tablets. I think I can work as a delivery driver and meditate. The BUTTONS are sensitive to touch. The headband has buttons above it. It makes a sound. The buttons on the back and forwards will take you to the next song. It will increase or decrease sound if it is held down. The power button serves as a pause and play button. I haven't tested answering or rejecting a phone call yet. You can't feel the buttons individually, you have to get used to it. There is a ATTERY: The battery life is long. It seems to last longer than my phone. I use my phone a lot so it doesn't last as long as it should. I will update with how many hours I was able to use. There is a Bluetooth: I was able to set my phone down and scold my dogs because they were harassing the neighbors. There is at least one wall between my phone and headset. I received a phone call through this set. The caller was able to hear me and I could hear them as well. It's a great plus. It will take getting used to, I'm not used to wearing things on my forehead. I decided to file the front half inward. We have to wear masks outside. My face feels overwhelmed by the size of it, but folding it in half at the front area did not disrupt the electronics. There is a As a sleep mask, you can pull these over your eyes. The other set the store sells is not a complete darkness. It's great for quick naps on the go. Sound good. It's not a sound cell phone. The speakers are near your ears. The sound is loud enough to enjoy music and phone calls, but not loud enough to make noise. I need to hear surrounding noises for the purposes I need them for. It's a matter of safety while walking outdoors. I don't like having to remove ear pieces to speak to customers. There is a Also, note: The app on my phone affects the sound quality. It's a phone. The app makes sounds louder. This can affect your enjoyment of the earphones. Before giving up on this set, try to download an app to increase the quality. I'm going to buy more for gift giving.

6. Sleep Headphones Perytong Ultra Thin Meditation

Sleep Headphones Perytong Ultra Thin Meditation

The charge time is 3 hours full charge and 15 hours play time. Sleep headphones, a sleep mask, and a sports headband are included. You can enjoy hands free music, and protect yourself from being disturbed by your hair and sweat with a soft headband and wireless sleep headset. Sleeping headphones sports headband is perfect for sleeping, as well as exercising. The cool tech gifts for men and women are the headband headphones. Sleep headphones with built-in 2 ultra-thin speakers and a control module in the middle of a sleep headband are perfect for side sleeping. Sleeping headphones are comfortable to wear while sleeping. Choose Perytong sleeping headphones, fall asleep fast, stay asleep and have a sweet dream, they block out ambient noise without using earplugs that are painful and fall out. Their headphones have an advanced battery that can work more than 10 hours and only take 1-2 hours to charge. The sports headphones have a quality chip with fast paring speed, less power consuming, and a stable clear sound. The headband is made of braided cord and has a mesh lining that is extremely stretchable and fits most head sizes. Remove the control Pod first before you can use the headphones. Cool gifts for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, Birthday, Mother's Day, and many other occasions. Perytong has upgraded the headband for the sleeping headphones for a better and stable sound, made it elastic to fit most head sizes, and adopted a light fabric material which feels cool on the skin. If the sleeping headband phones you received are malfunctioning, please let them know so they can give you a free replacement. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Perytong

👤The title says it all. My partner snores to wake me up. He snorts, gurgles, gasps and snuffles while I lay awake imagining all the ways I could murder him because I cannot fall asleep due to his loud bellows. Enter the stage. The perfect headphones for sleep. When I tried to sleep on my side, my earbuds hurt like crazy. I was worried that in a fit of rage, I would wrap the wires around my partner's neck so I could not hear him. I found these headphones at 3 in the morning and thought, "Why not?" They. Are. Awesome. I can sleep with my headband on. The volume control is great. It doesn't completely drown out the loud noise from the partner but the stream of sleep music I listen to combined with the comfort of the headband allows me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I can't recommend them enough. They have kept me out of prison. A win-win.

👤I love these! I've been suffering from insomnia for over a year. My husband snores loudly. I have tried a lot of things, including regular ear buds. Nothing else was working, so finally broke down and bought these. I am so happy I did. I wore sleep headphones for the first time last night and fell asleep quickly. I put white noise on my music to drown out snoring. If you have trouble falling asleep, try these. They were easy to use and comfortable. The instructions were easy to read and quite detailed. There is a The photo was taken this morning and it shows a happy person.

👤I am going on a cruise in a few weeks and I love my husband but he snores. I spend a few nights a week on the couch because I can't get him to stop. It will be frowned upon to fall asleep naked on a couch. I realized I needed to find something. I don't like traditional ear plugs. I thought about buying these for 3 weeks. These will be bad, or they won't fit in my head. I realized that I was running out of time as I neared vacation. I decided to buy them. They arrived in a day. I put on a sleep meditation album from my phone after I got them home and was asleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I turned the music back on and fell asleep. I can fall asleep because it makes this more prominent. It was very comfortable. The bass is really good on these. If you're looking to drown out your partner due to snoring, this is a great, affordable, and quality product that you should buy.

👤It's easy to fall asleep to music with this product. I am usually a side sleeper. Since I like to listen to music to help me fall asleep, the other headphones that I have are too large to fit on my side, making it uncomfortable. I was excited when I received this headband, because it allowed me to lay on my side to fall asleep, and it kept my hair off my face and neck. I connected my phone to the internet. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to wear glasses with the band, but it is still comfortable. I would highly recommend this product.

7. Headphones Bluetooth Sleeping Fulext Ultra Soft

Headphones Bluetooth Sleeping Fulext Ultra Soft

It's been a long time since you've gotten a good night's sleep, and now is the time to order it! Easy to use as sleep headphones, music eye mask, or sports headband headphones on many occasions such as sleeping, nap, relaxation, meditation, travel, yoga, running, jogging, and more. Playing music, reducing noise, blocking lights, absorbing sweat, or keeping ears warm... It's not just a headband, but also a gift for men, women, and even yourself to sleep better. Fall a sleep with your tunes. The sleep headphones allow you to drift off to your favorite music or audiobook without being disturbed by the person next to you. It's useful for almost everyone, including adult men, women, wife, husband, father, mother, and teen boys girls. Ultra- soft sleep headphones with 2 mini flat speakers will not put pressure on your ears when sleeping on the side. You might forget that you are wearing it. No cable chaos! Unusual gifts for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, Birthday, Mother's Day, and many other occasions. The sleeping headphones will provide you with an excellent user experience of premium sound quality, fast paring speed, less power consuming which means a whole night playing music on a single charge. They made the headband elastic to fit most head sizes and adopted a thin light fabric material which feels cool on the skin. If the sleeping headband headphones you received are malfunctioning, please let them know so they can give you a free replacement or a refund.

Brand: Fulext

👤I need to listen to talking in order to fall asleep at night. My wife doesn't like it when I play my phone shows from the side of the bed. She can still hear it even with the volume being very low. I might not be able to hear what's being said. I've used it every night for a week now. I'm happy. The wife is happy. Problem solved! It's comfortable, the sound quality is good, but I can't comment on the sound quality of the music. It has helped me to fall asleep much easier, and to give you an idea of how comfortable it is, I sleep with it on all night.

👤When I ordered these, I was hoping I could leave the TV off, because I am a person that cannot fall asleep without sound. There is a The pink band I ordered is the same color as the picture. They should fit on any head. I didn't think they were tight. If you are worried about sweating at night, don't worry, the material is thin and Breathable. The sound quality is better than expected and the battery life is excellent. I can't wait to wear them this fall.

👤My husband listens to meditation apps every night and they put him to sleep. I can't focus on reading when I hear "Relax your spleen". Relax your toenails. It drives me crazy. This clever headband with built-in headphones has solved our problem. I regret that it took me so long to buy it for him. Our daughter loves it. It seems to work well so far.

👤I bought this because I wanted to lie on the couch and watch shows on my tablets. I have to keep adjusting them because they aren't as snug as I wanted. They don't cancel out noise so if that's what you're looking for, it might not be right for you. I have to turn them all the way up to keep the outside sounds out. I still like to listen to music while walking or cleaning. I like the color.

👤I have insomnia and post traumatic stress disorder. I use music, guided meditation and a sound app to sleep. Earbuds are uncomfortable after sleeping. I can't sleep with headphones that fit over my ears. It's been a huge help, it's lightweight and comfortable. When I first received it, I only needed it for one day a week. The sound quality is good, but the speakers move around and if the band were smaller, tighter or more flexible, this would not be an issue. It's something I would recommend to anyone with sleep issues or over-stimulated by noise.

👤I love this headband. I bought another one that was a different color because I loved it. My purchase was to try to drown out my husband's snoring with some white noise. The sound quality and comfort of the band surprised me. I slept great for the first time in a long time when I laid on my side and barely felt the speaker next to my ear. I tried the headband for running and liked how easy it was to use. It has a long enough battery life to last all night. I highly recommend this headband.

8. MUSICOZY Headphones Bluetooth Meditation Microphones

MUSICOZY Headphones Bluetooth Meditation Microphones

Quality Assurance and Worry-Free Service are what you get with Sleep headphones, they create you a private space, not only make your sleep better but also enjoy your music time. If the headphones for sleeping phones you received are malfunctioning, please let them know so they can give you a free replacement or a refund. If you have a problem, please contact them. Musicozy 3D Sleep Headphones use a technology called Bluetooth to bring high-fidelity stereo with excellent sound quality. The clarity provides you with a great sound. They are able to block noise without the use of sleep aids. You can listen to soft music without wearing additional headphones, so that you can fall asleep faster, without the risk of enlacing with the neck. No pressure on your eyes with the unique 3D Contour Design. The wide and deeper eye space of the headphones will not cause your eyes to be under pressure or cause you to rub the eyelid. Premium soft memory foam and smooth ice silk lining can help you fall asleep quickly. It feels like at night. The unique nose baffle design can make you sleepy and block all light, making you completely in the dark. It's ideal for men, women and children. It is suitable for napping, insomnia, travel, shift work, yoga, relaxation, AMSR, audiobooks, meditation, and blocking the light of electronic devices. The case is easy to carry and store. The built-in battery and microphone is upgraded and powerful. The Musicozy Sleeping Mask only requires 2 2.5 hours to be charged, and the talk time can reach 1012 hours, which is enough to support the whole night. If the battery runs out, the sleep mask won't wake you up. You will have a good night's sleep. The best gift for a boyfriend is a pair of sleeping headphones, which are the best gift for a husband or wife. The package includes a sleep mask, instructions, and carry pouch.

Brand: Musicozy

👤It's obvious that some of these reviews aren't honest, but you can get a decent gauge by reading 5 star and 1 star reviews. There is a It's very heavy. In a bright room, you can adjust for light leak. The sound quality is good. The speakers are thin so it's not terrible for a side sleeper. I have a firm pillow. I think it would be better if I had a fluffy pillow. There is no noise cancelling. Zip. It's a bitch. No. It's fine if you're listening to music. If you're listening to guided meditation or an audio book and your husband is a Texan, you can hear Hank Hill. There is a It's not terrible. It's not great. It's better to fall asleep with headphones on than it is to sleep with earbuds on.

👤I have tried two other sleep masks that are available on Amazon, both were good, but this one solved a couple of big problems. It is hand washed. My first mask became gross after a while. There is a The buttons are used for volume control. The buttons for volume control didn't function in the previous masks. There is a It is soft and silky. The fabric against my face makes me sleepy. There is a There are no bulky cords to worry about with the charging port. There is a This one surpasses the previous ones.

👤My sleeping has gotten worse over the past few months. I asked my doctor for help. She wanted me to try non-pharmaceutical methods before she prescribed anything. The last time I took medication for sleeping, it made the daytime headaches worse than fatigue. She said to try a couple of apps that help put your mind in a meditative state so that you can fall asleep. I was willing to try anything to get a decent shut eye. There is a It helped the first night of trying it. According to my fitness monitor, I fell asleep easily. My earbuds hurt my ears. It killed my ears when I tried to sleep with my ear pressed to my pillow. I told the man I was going to find a better earphone. He told me not to go crazy, but to buy what I needed. I had a pair of sleep mask headphones in my cart, but they didn't work for the reviewer because the controls were on the side of the head. I listened to the advice and found these. I am so happy I did. There is a They arrived on Wednesday. I put them on the charge. I used them to listen to my app. I had to change the speakers. I could hear it. There is a minor detail. They worked well. I turn them on, listen to my meditation, and wake up the next morning and turn them off. I wanted the headphones, but the sleep mask helped. The light from my coffee pot does not wake me up. I can make it to the mask without touching my face. I don't sweat. I tightened the mask too much. I loosened it and it cooled off. I've tried sleeping with masks on, but they put too much pressure on my eyes. These do not! There is a There is a note on the battery. I know it says 8 hours of use. I'm not sure what they mean. Is it more than 8 hours of music or something? Is it more than 8 hours of connection to a device? I charged it for the full time as directed by the instructions. The day I received them was Wednesday. I didn't have to charge them until the following week's Friday because they turned off on their own. I left them on for a week after I woke up, even though I turned them off the first couple of nights. I charge about once a week. I had to charge my wireless headphones every third day of use. The battery life has amazed me. I hope it stays that way as I use them. There is a I might be done with it now. These headphones/sleep mask have been a great addition to my attempt to remain off medications so I can get a good night's sleep. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to listen to relaxing music all night or meditate at night without disturbing anyone who shares a bed with them. The price is great for a great product.

9. MUSICOZY Headphones Breathable Bluetooth Headband

MUSICOZY Headphones Breathable Bluetooth Headband

Best Sleep Headphones with Superior HD Stereo Sound. The model of sleep headphones they have is unique and the latest. The components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble are included. Within 33 feet, the sleep mask earbuds/headphones can be used with any device. Musicozy sleep mask only needs to be charged for 12 hours, the talk time can reach 10 hours, enough to support the whole night. If you fall asleep with it on, the eyemask won't wake you up, you will have a good sleep. 100% No Pressure on The Eyes is what it is. The sleep mask has a smooth ice silk lining. Cool fabric helps you get into sleep quickly by releasing facial stress. You don't feel like you're wearing anything when you fall asleep with no more bulky mask. Wakeup was refreshed and rejuvenated. Sleep anywhere with a wireless sleep mask. The central panel and ultra thin sleeping headphones are very friendly to the side sleepers. You won't feel any hard panels or earphones, but soft fabrics. In noisy environments, noise-canceling works well. Perfect eye mask headphones for air travel, car travel, yoga, Noontime snooze, audio books, meditation kids' bedtime reading. Sleeping headphones are the most popular gift for men, women, teenage boys, girlfriends, and wife travel gifts.

Brand: Musicozy

👤The product description claims to be noise-canceling. There is no. This is a cheap pair of headphones. It works well for music, but the noise cancelling claim is false. They will probably remove this product and all of the fake reviews and post it again as a new product. There is no phone number or email address specified in the user manual. The seller has a Chinese name. I'm sure I'll get the run-around from them. If Amazon is going to claim Active Noise Cancelling, they need to stop selling this.

👤There are several mistakes that were made in the previous version of these. There is a charging cord that extends out, instead of the micro-usb being plugged into the control pack. This seems like an improvement, but it must be tucked away and sometimes it comes out. The real issue is that the control pack is no longer stationary. It is completely free moving, which leads to issues with placement and control functions when the buttons are not where they should be. The buttons were always where you wanted them and the pack was in a pocket so it remained put. There is a slight improvement in the sound. The original version has a half second delay between spoken words and when they are broadcast. This is a sleep mask. I pull the videos down when I am ready to sleep. The new version has a shorter delay. There is a I like the old version better. My puppy chewed them.

👤I need to be able to listen to music without being disturbed by anyone else. I was looking for an alternative because my earbuds kept coming out. I tried this despite the fact that I didn't intend to use it as a mask, because most headbands out there have reviews indicating that they're not tight enough to keep other people from hearing the sound. There is a It's well-padded and comfortable, but it's also very secure. I was worried about the speakers hurting if I rolled over, but it seems like that is not a problem. The sound quality is excellent. You can remove the mask and still listen to your music. I tried it out as a sleep mask and found it to be lightweight and soft on my face, blocking out light. It's worth it. I'm positive that I will sleep better now that I have this.

👤I wear a mask over my eyes at night and I am very sensitive to the weight on my body. I need to make sure that the mask doesn't put pressure on my eyes or eyebrows, otherwise I'll be focused on something else. I like listening to shows while I'm falling asleep, and for the most part I can wear it all night. The sound is pleasant. The set up for the mask is not very good, it is67531, but they have the ability to remove the pieces to wash the product correctly, which is cool, but all the exposed wire and moving it through the mask makes me think that it won't last very long. It's purpose is to cover my eyes if it doesn't. I think they should have made the band more flexible. My hair is getting snarled up. The sound quality is great, no light gets in and the buttons work so it does what it needs to do. The function is easy to use.

10. SleepPhones Headphones AcousticSheep Bluetooth Comfortable

SleepPhones Headphones AcousticSheep Bluetooth Comfortable

Natural sleep aid is created by a doctor. A family physician co-created SleepPhones because she couldn't find any comfortable sleeping headphones to wear in bed after taking late night patient calls. More than a million people have been helped sleep better by the invention she and her husband created at their kitchen table. It saved a few relationships in which one partner snores. Best sleep headphones for side snorers. The speakers are thin and comfortable to wear while lying down or sleeping on your side, and the module has built-in volume and play/pause/skip controls that let you control your devices. Listen to soft music, white noise, audio books, and whatever else helps you relax in complete comfort. After internal components are removed, headbands are machine-washable. Up to 12 hour play time and fully charge in 2 hours is what upgraded battery life offers. The sleep headphones have a connection up to 10 meters away. The speakers have a crystal clear sound quality and can be used for up to 12 hours on a single battery, and 2 hours with the included cord. Their product has a one year warranty. Their headquarters is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. They offer a limited one year manufacturer's warranty on their products. Don't settle for cheap imitation headbands when you can have the best sleep headphones. The U.S. customer service team. More than one million people have been helped sleep better by the AcousticSheep herd and a key part of that is their friendly and efficient service team. SleepPhones can be contacted regarding warranty, sizing, and technical issues. Their world headquarters are in Pennsylvania and they are able to answer customer questions quickly and efficiently.

Brand: Sleepphones

👤The people in the photo are sleeping on their sides. If you're a side sleeper, I would recommend this. The speakers are easy to sleep on. If you sleep on your back, you'll find the control unit under your neck. It's not terrible, but it's not comfortable either. I stuck the control unit against my head after pulling it out. There was no problem there. The control unit is in the front, but I tried reversing it so the band was in the back. I turned the volume up a bit. I didn't notice the control unit in the front over my eyes. There is a The sound is pretty good, but it's a little louder than I would like it to be, but it's easy to fix by moving the speakers, which are a little away from your ears. There is a It was compatible with my iPod Touch. When I wake up, I just turn it off. The controls are easy to use when inside the band. There is a It's worked so far. We will see how long it lasts.

👤I wanted to hate them. I watched them for an entire year. I decided to get these and treat myself. I measured my head to make sure I got the right ones. There is a Everything and instructions were included in the package. The first night was ok, but not up to my expectations. I wanted to return them but my boyfriend told me to keep them. They will grow on you because you wanted them so bad. There is a He gets an unpleasant symphony every night as I am fumbling with the charger that keeps falling out of the headphones, he hears me complain about how there is no way to know what the charge is at, and he curses the day I bought these dang things. There is a He claims I am fighting off a habituated animal every night as we try to sleep. I want my relationship back.

👤The headphones were ok, but not the best. I don't like digging around to find the cord. I don't like having to adjust the headphones because they don't stay in place. Other headphones have small pockets that keep the cord in one place and allow for removal to wash the band. They are too hot to sleep in. I prefer a brand with a better setup.

👤Don't waste your money by looking at quality, this should cost 5 dollars not 100.

👤I buy these to help me sleep at night. Who listens to loud music or sounds to sleep anyways? I need to help me fall asleep and stay asleep because this product is very comfortable. I've tried earbuds before, but they tend to fall out of my ears at night. I have a headband that stays in place all night.

👤My husband is good to go every evening because he has an earlier model that he just has to place on a charging stand every morning. The new one has to be unplugged and plugged in before I can use it. It needs to be reconnected to my phone every evening. An older model would have been better for me. This is not an improvement.

11. Headphones Bluetooth Headband Wireless Ultra Thin

Headphones Bluetooth Headband Wireless Ultra Thin

40%Polyester and 60%Acrylic. They added a HD audio speaker design to the headband. You can listen to music, watch videos and movies while wearing a headband. The devices module is in the middle of the speakers. Allow you to enjoy hands-free music and protect you from being disturbed by your hair and sweat. Rational choice suitable for family, work, travel, leisure time, workout, and sports. The headbands for women are made of soft and comfortable fabric, they are easy to clean, and they are not stain or dye. The headband headphones add a touch of cute. Matching different clothes and hair would make you look different. It's suitable for yoga, sports, makeup, washing hair, and walking a dog. HD sound quality and longer service time are supported by their chip. The sleep headphones have a safe rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours of use. The basic function of modern smart devices is to pair with any Bluetooth enabled device. Voice and telephone chat are supported by a headband with a microphone. The headphones have a range of up to 45 feet. You could easily pair it with other devices. What will you get? The headphones, cable, and User Manual are all included. If you are not satisfied with the solution to your issue, BULYPAZY will give you a satisfactory warranty.

Brand: Bulypazy

👤I bought this because of the white noise. The band is comfortable and the design is nice. Sleeping in a dark room is very distractive because the blue status light is constantly on. I put a sticker over the light, but I don't know why.

👤I've tried wired and wireless headbands before. Most of them are a little large for a woman with an average head. I need to drown out snoring and listen to music without keeping my husband awake. I am a side sleeper and found the other versions to slide on my head at night. This one doesn't squeeze my forehead. The speakers stay aligned over my ears and the tapered back fits under my braid so it would be good for exercise. The playtime is over 8 hours. The control unit is the only thing I wish was different and I'm going to tape it over when I wash the headband.

👤The speakers are in the right place. They are soft and not hard. It is not uncomfortable to wear. I used to wear wired earbuds in one ear. My wife would complain that she could hear the unused ear bud. I get noise in my ears to help me fall asleep. I like it. My sleep quality is better. There is a This wouldn't work well for jogging or general use in the noisy world, it works great for sleeping, but the downside is it wouldn't work well for jogging or general use in the noisy world. They are not very loud. It's great for sleeping. The battery life could be better. It is not terrible because you can get more than a full nights battery life. I wish it was more. The audible notice of the low battery is louder than the audio being played back, so it is not two full nights. Enough to wake you. There is a The media controls are weird. When they are on your forehead, they are effectively backwards. It is a little odd. There is a These work well. The battery lasts through a full nights sleep and they are comfortable. I highly recommend.

👤I have had many different sets of these headphones and this one is the worst. 1 -. Every time you use it, you need to re-pair it. It won't be automatically paid. It is difficult to charge. I had to remove the headphones from the headband for the first time. I had to open the headband to cut the charging hole. The charging port is too stiff. It is difficult to get the charging cable in. These have the lowest battery life. If you can use them one night, you will be lucky. If you can, charge them in the morning. There is a The sound quality of these headphones is better than most of the others. These are better. If you can live with the problems, then you should buy these.

👤I didn't know what to expect when I tried this for the first time. I don't want to live without these. I use them mostly while running and they are amazing.


What is the best product for headphone headband for sleeping pink?

Headphone headband for sleeping pink products from Fulext. In this article about headphone headband for sleeping pink you can see why people choose the product. Cozyphones and Cozyphones are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone headband for sleeping pink.

What are the best brands for headphone headband for sleeping pink?

Fulext, Cozyphones and Cozyphones are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone headband for sleeping pink. Find the detail in this article. Musicozy, Musicozy and Perytong are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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