Best Headphone Holder Pink

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1. Gaming Monitor Computer Headphone Workstation

Gaming Monitor Computer Headphone Workstation

The stand is easy to assemble and disassemble, which can save space at your desk, and the pink stand can be used to store headphones. The large gaming surface, designed with 55"W x 23.6"D massive space, can meet all your placement needs of gaming gear like keyboard, game console, handle, mouse pad, etc. Do you need two monitors to focus on the competition? No problem! More equipment support is provided by the monitor stand and cup holder at the gaming desk. They care for your eyesight. Let's enjoy the gaming experience. The R-shaped steel frame provides better stability and ensures a load-bearing capacity of 330 lbs. Even on carpets or floors, the MOTPK gaming desk is more sturdy because of its metal bars. Real Carbon Fiber. The gaming desk on Amazon is painted with real carbon fiber. The texture is full of post-modern technological sense, but also protects the surface from damage, waterproof and heatproof. 100% SATISFACTION: Their service team is always available to help and will respond within 24 hours. Don't hesitate, take the gaming desk home right now.

Brand: Motpk

👤This was strong. I thought I would be wobbly. It is actually an amazing desk. If you are looking for a pink desk, I would recommend this one. I'm still building my computer. I am happy with what I picked out. It is easy to put together and any gaming chair would be perfect.

👤I was a bit hesitant because I didn't see any reviews for this product and the desk legs threw me off. I bought it. It's a good purchase. The desk is sturdy and the color is cute. The little shelf that comes with it is a bit wobbly, but it can hold my monitor and other small items. The screws for the cupholder were not the right size. I would recommend it.

👤I really wanted a pink table for my setup, and saw this one with no reviews. I ordered it and it was worth every penny. I included a picture of my setup, the color of the table and texture up close, as well as the monitor stand. I used the stand as a shelf to hold my knick knacks, and it's tall enough to fit a switch in the dock underneath. I have a stand that holds two monitors. It seems sturdy so far.

👤I like the desk, but it has a few things that I don't like. The plastic pieces on the end were not all the way in and once you get them in they are loose and not tight. I guess. The logo on the side is just stickers and I had them put on crooked and off the sides. It was tacky. I can always remove the stickers with some goop. The desk is raised up. The small monitor wouldn't fit. It was too narrow for my monitor base and it was wobbly and unstable. I had to remove that part. That is the reason I can't give this 5 stars. Could use some improvement. It is cute.

👤I don't play a game. I recently took a job that I will be working from home. I did research on products that were recommended. I thought the gaming community would know quality. The desk is easy to assemble. There are no special tools required. It is strong. The pink color is perfect. The quality and price are great.

👤It only took me 3 hours to put the desk together. It would be easier for another person to hold the legs to the top as they are heavy, but it is not impossible with one person. I like to play with friends in my spare time, and the desk was perfect for that. I use my desk during the day for work and at night for gaming. I have had a desk for 6 months. It is easy to clean if something is spilled. It was worth all of the money. This desk should be recommended 1000 times.

👤It's easy to assemble, has enough room, and is cute.

👤The desk is easy to clean and has a beautiful pink color. The instructions were great and it was easy to put together. It looks great and has plenty of space. I can fit two headsets on the cup holder. When you shake the desk, the top shelf won't move, but it will wobble a little. My monitor sits on it and it doesn't worry me because of its level of strength. Love, love, love.

2. NACODEX Headphone Control Lighting Accessories

NACODEX Headphone Control Lighting Accessories

Plug and play is easy to use. The headset stand works without a driver. The only way to turn off the light is by pressing the button for three seconds. The gaming headset stand base has a hole-shaped design. A single button for easy to switch the lighting mode you like, 10 kind of multi-color flowing or single-color breathing effects penetrate from the base, and a fantastic gaming atmosphere. No driver is required for the 2usb ports and 3.5mm AUX portRGB headset stand, it supports transfer files or plug and play, no driver is required. The small size, easy to install and remove, headphone stand with a rotating bearing, which can be easily adjusted to different angles and has strong flexibility, isStylish and Simple Design. The stylish and minimalist design of your desktop provides a display of your headphones. The pink headset stand is suitable for all size headsets. It has a balanced headpset stand to refuse entanglement, and a scratch on your headphones to keep your desktop clean. If you're tired of putting headset on the table at home, this pink headphone holder is the best choice for your PC desktop accessories, perfect gift for girlfriend, daughter-in-law, daughter, wife.

Brand: Nacodex

👤The light weight, cute colors and ease of use make it easy to hold my heavy headset. I use one of the twousbs for the ring light and it works great. 10/10 would recommend it.

👤I don't know if it's just me at this point, probably, but the final update is the only one I know of. Don't use a different computer to test it. Most of it worked after the seller sent me a replacement. The quality of the product isn't to blame for the base being flat. These are decent and worth the money, even though it is a bit pricey. Product is deserving of a chance. The seller gave me a new one, which I appreciated. I have to plug in the headphones after I shut down and turn on my computer, but I'm only having to do this after I'm done. I am not sure if the new stand will be different. These are pretty decent, so I'm hoping for the best. All the functions need to work correctly. There is a The stand has aux and aux ins. You have to plug in this device after you shut off your PC and turn it on again, for some reason. It looks like someone was mad and scribbled on the logo, but it doesn't look like a manufacturing problem. The device would randomly stop working. The LEDs work well. It's too nice to give it two stars for what it's worth. There is a If you're only using this as a stand, then go for something else. If you don't mind plugging in the device, you can use the aux andusb ports. This is my first stand, maybe they're all like this? I'm not sure. Maybe I got a bad product.

👤The NACODEX Headphone Stand has a headphone stand with a lighting system. There is a The lighting works even when the stand is plugged into a power strip. I have other stands that only light up when plugged into a computer. There are breathing and color modes. The stand does not remember the last color. A touch-sensitive button on the top of the base is used to change the colors. The company's logo is lit up, and for some reason it is called "AJAZZ." When I sit at my desk, I see that text the most. There is a The stand has a 3.5mm aux port on the back and twousb ports on the front. I don't use them because I power the stand through my power strip and my headphones are all wireless. There is a The stand is 412 inches by 412 inches. The footprint is small and doesn't take up a lot of space on my desk. The rubber feet on the bottom help keep it from sliding. The stand is stable. I tried to knock it over, but it stayed upright. There is a The stand can hold up to two pairs of headphones. Two pairs looks silly, but it works. There is plenty of room for big headphones in the usable height of 10 inches.

3. GeekDigg Acrylic Headset Headphone Organizer Transparent

GeekDigg Acrylic Headset Headphone Organizer Transparent

We try to provide customers with the best experiences at the best prices, and yet customer satisfaction is still their top priority. They have a new version that can hold heavier headphones and is more stable than the previous version. Unique design. Their designer designed the cable organizers behind the arm of the stand to keep the long cables tidy. The headset stand is portable and easy to install. You can bring it with you wherever you go, and it will save your space. The perfect size to hold your headphones is 10 inches. You don't need to worry about the quality of their headset stands because they are made from acrylic material. They are responsible with their headphones. If there is a problem with it, please let them know. Good after-sale service will be provided by them.

Brand: Geekdigg

👤It's super cute. My desk set up matches. I found this stand reasonably priced, with no damage, and fast arrival. It is the same height as my boyfriends and I wish it was a little taller. Taking care of your headphones/storing them properly will save you in the long run.

👤The thickness of the upright isn't enough for a long- lasting item. Even with a moderate headset, I can see that it is not going to improve over time. I arrived with a damaged upright, and it appears that it happened in the factory packaging. I was hoping for a clear look. There is a I might make a stronger one later, myself, but for now this will suffice. I don't think it will last more than six months.

👤The overall feel was pleasant. The total assembled weight of the product is 7.3 ounces, with the base having a decent weight to it to keep it stable. Half a pound. The flex in the hangar portion is good for absorption of weight. I don't know how that's possible, without being incredibly rough with it, because their stand broke after a day. If you have expectations for a plastic stand, this is great. If you're more of a reckless personality, I would recommend a metal stand. -The The design is very simple and neutral. It also comes with a small brush to keep the stand clean. This is perfect for the quality to price point ratio. There is a The transparent version has a "Geekdigg" logo on the bottom that is a little too prevalent. I didn't catch this in the stock photos provided, but I think a 'frosted' logo would look less glaring and still provide Geekdigg with their product. That feels nit-picky. There is a I highly recommend. * $10-15 is an appropriate range for Amazon prices.

👤I ordered a headset stand for my son since he flings it everywhere. I was surprised that they thought of everything. There are anti-slide dots on the bottom. I thought I'd be able to move them or pick them out, which is very cheap. They didn't budge. The cord is wrapped in the back very neatly. I was surprised to see a brush with the order. It was a nice touch. The screwdriver was sent to put the stand and holder together. I didn't have to look for ours. I love it, my kid loves it.

👤I use different headsets for different uses and this one can hold multiple units. The hooks in the back were originally designed for the cable. The transparent design makes it look less intimidating. The logo is the only thing I don't like. I would have preferred it to be white. The reason they painted it was to hide the screw. I would give 98 out of 100.

👤This is better looking than the real thing. They went together in less than 3 seconds. There were two extra screws, a neat looking little screwdriver, and a dusting brush. I don't know if the dusting brush was included, but it was a bonus. It looks cool, doesn't fall over, and there's plenty of room for your headphones on the back. I would buy again.

4. Controller Headphone KELJUN Adjustable Accessories

Controller Headphone KELJUN Adjustable Accessories

The ear muffs are made of high-grade soft silicone material, with an ergonomics wearing structure design, which provides a long-time wearing comfort. You don't feel any pressure on the sides of your head. Extreme. My view is that the controller holder and headset stand category should be bright pink. Perfect compatibility with the same type of headphones, game pads, or digital home appliances to a pink dream trip! "W" Symmetrical Aesthetics 3 Tier Design is derived from the oriental symmetrical concept. The golden ratio is 6.69 and can be placed up to 6. The controller mount can be easily adjusted to meet your needs, and the low center of gravity design with high-quality silicone pad, non-slip and protect your desktop, makes it Stable and Flexible. The environmental protection design makes it easy to install. The controller headphone holder takes 30” to hang up. You can order now with no risk. You can contact them at any time if you are dissatisfied with their headset hanger, and they will deal with it in 24 hours.

Brand: Keljun

👤This is one of the best controller stands I have ever seen. I have controllers of different sizes and this stand is for them all. The pink paint on the base is flimsy. I tightened one set and wanted it at a different height, but after securing it, the paint was chipping. It works out fine because I can keep it at that height. It is a warning to those who like to tighten things first. I was relieved that the pink was not the shade of the picture. It was a pleasant surprise that I prefer lighter pinks. It's definitely worth it, I've had it for a few days now and there's been no issues with the stands sliding or anything like that.

👤I was happy that the real life pink color was lighter than depicted on the page. It's perfect if you want it either way, it's hot pink but the lighter side. It was easy to set it up. Next day prime, got it. A very sturdy product.

👤This controller stand is adorable. It took me a long time to assemble. I have been looking for a pink controller stand for a long time and now it is available on Amazon. It arrived in no time at all. This is a great addition to any setup.

👤This way exceeded my expectations. The pink color is gorgeous and it's very sturdy. You can adjust the height of each shelf.

👤It was too big. There was a lot of room in the living room table. It would be helpful for one controller, one headset, and one phone for facetime gaming with friends. The base is wide and it was too heavy for me. It's better for someone who needs to organize a lot. Multiple controllers/headset.

👤I don't have a lot of desk space, so this is perfect for my controllers. It matches my keyboard, which is a plus.

👤It is very easy to assemble. The weight at the bottom is heavy.

👤Great product. It was easy to put together. I have my controllers and Nintendo lite on it and no one has complained so far.

👤The pain is very easy to scratch off.

👤The base tienes the peso suficiente and the materiales son de excelente calidad.

5. Headphone New Earphone Supporting Headphones

Headphone New Earphone Supporting Headphones

The new bee stand is compatible with all sizes of headphones. The aluminum headset stand and rubber foundation are sturdy. The desk should be dust free and flat when you place the headset holder on it. This wireless headset stand is great for home, office, studio, bedroom or next to your TV. The gaming headset holder is small, light, and most important, it's a unique fashion style. Don't order it. If you have a problem or suggestion, please contact them, they will be more than happy to help.

Brand: New Bee

👤The packaging was simple, sweet and complimentary. There is a It was easy to put together and works as advertised. I recommend this product if you want to display your headsets in a neat, compact way for the customer. I got two photos. This review was written again because of Amazon.

👤It's small and lightweight, but it's also very inexpensive, so for how little I paid for it, it does it's job well. There is a If you have large headphones or a cat that walks across your desk, there is a chance that your phone will tip over. There is a There is an edit. The foam on the band of my husband's headphones don't go away because of the stand pressing into it, and it has been used for about 6 months. It doesn't change the comfort of the headphones, but it makes them look worse. If you have nice headphones that you want to keep pristine, I recommend spending a little more for a curved stand because I use one for my headphones and do not have any indents. There is a If you don't care, this is a great stand that is very easy to use.

👤I bought a lot of these for storing and displaying headphones. I was pleasantly surprised by how well made these are. The wide and flexible piece on top of the headphone rests is made of TPU, which means that nothing will get scratched, and the top part of the rests is made of rubber. Some headphones have cheap foam pads up top so resting them on a thin pole or peg will usually damage them. It's not an issue with this stand. It's one of the cheapest ones. The base, post, and top are made of plastic with rubber pads. I know how good these are, so I can't imagine spending more.

👤I bought this to keep the headphones on my desk from getting thrown around. This device is very strong. There is a The unit is light and stable, even though it wouldn't stand up with headphones on. The base and stand feel like plastic and metal, respectively. The rubber top gives the headphones a good grip. There is a I am very pleased with this item. I have purchased 2 more of these.

👤There is no quality in construction. I got an $8 dollar stand after paying $8. There is a The stand can't support heavy headphones or have enough clearance for cable without causing stress to headphones. You should buy a stand that is worthy of your headphones. Is that true? The construction is cheap. The unit is assembled. The plastic that contacts the headphones bends easily. The plastic piece that is supposed to cradle the band is only three quarters of an inch in width. The stand has no width and makes an indent on the headphones. It will lead to pain. There is a The stand is too small for my headphones. I don't want my headphones to be hammed by the pressure on the cord and port. There is a Buying something else and returning.

6. Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headset

The Kitty Ears accessory is a unique statement to jazz up your headset. The lighting is stream- responsive. The triple-headed snake logo areas can be lit up with the help of the Razer Streamer Companion app. It is possible to provide accurate spatial audio information beyond standard 7.1 surround sound in games. The All-Day Comfort is a cooling gel- infused cushion. An improved cardioid mic with active noise cancellation reduces background and ambient noises for crystal-clear communication. On-Earcup Audio Controls include volume up and down. The Kraken Kitty can be used on personal computers and laptops. Only Windows PCs have access to the lighting control via Synapse 3. The audio is only available on Windows 10 64bit.

Brand: Razer

👤I decided to get the Kraken headset because I was tired of using the old turtle beach from my previous XBOX. They felt like they cracked the top of my skull after a few hours of use. The acoustics on the Blue Snowball are amazing, but I wanted a headset with a mic that was integrated for gaming, and not just a headset with a mic. Is the hype worth it? I can confirm that this headset does live up to the hype and that it's not just a brand that ships out crappy equipment for high prices. I can't say the same for some of their other headsets. The headset is comfortable and functional. It's a steal, it's sold by Amazon for less than their price. There is a The earmuff cooling technology feels legit... The mic is retractable and the top of the headset doesn't crack your skull. The lower volume range with the volume dial is a Cons. You can see the balance between left and right when you use the integrated volume dial, but it's not clear if this is my unit. This is annoying while you are playing a game. If you have this issue, I suggest turning the volume all the way to high, then use your keyboard to adjust the volume on the OS side, rather than the hardware side. I'll keep working with it. -The I feel like this may save my ears, even though they are a little bigger than I thought. I wish the cable came with an integrated voice-chat/game volume balance feature, like Turtle Beach on Xbox. I'm not sure if the tournament edition is worth the $40 premium. The best headset on the market for $60 to 100 is a redesign of that stupid unit with the tournament edition. There is a The pros and cons of this headset were considered. It has flaws like all things in technology. I'm sure that over the next few generations of this headset, Razer will introduce some killer features. I would recommend this headset to anyone who is looking for a headset that is comfortable, functional, stylish, and inexpensive. The features included in this headset make it the best out there.

👤The mic is low quality. You have to turn the mic up to hear yourself. There is no wind feedback. The headphones work well. Returning.

👤I love my first headset. Attach the ears to it. The left side of the audio system was malfunctioning at first. I think it was a combination of drivers and making sure my settings were correct and plugging it in. I had them for a few months and they are still holding up well. Not the most comfortable, but great quality! Would recommend it.

👤These headphones are amazing. They're cute, feminine, and have a way of canceling out background noise. My husband is trying to talk to me while I have them on and I can't hear him. If you want to make your gaming/ computer station feminine, I suggest getting the kitten ears that attach to the top of the headphones. I will be buying all the matching products from the same company.

7. DGG Keyboard Headset Backlit Ergonomic

DGG Keyboard Headset Backlit Ergonomic

TOTAL MOUNT is the leader in electronics mounting. Over 70 patents, 40,000 five-star reviews, and a long history of quality make TOTAL MOUNT a leader in its field. The DGG gaming keyboard and mouse headset combo is specially made for selection. The white glow of the keyboard, color cycle romantic breathing of the mouse, and the beautiful girl mouse pad create a romantic scene as a whole. Hard inside and soft outside. All blend together. The combo can provide romantic choices for personality men. The upper cover has a thick metal panel. It has a mobile phone holder. Two-color injection molded transparent keycaps have mechanical feel, light transmission,scratch resistance and wear resistance. It can stop liquid splashing. Support multimedia function and character light. You can use theusb plug and play directly. It's compatible with many systems, including Windows, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and other. The mouse is skin-like. The DGG gaming mouse is made ofABS material and has four-color cycle romantic breathing light effect. Four speeds can be adjusted. The symmetrical design is suitable for most players, and the weight has also been studied. .Professional. The photoelectric engine is more stable. The Double-headed Beam Headset is lightweight. The gaming headset can be used for work as well as for games. The double-headed beam can be worn for a long time. The speaker unit presents real game sound effects. The OFC oxygen-free copper wire has high-definition sound quality. Plug and play is what the keyboard and mouse are for. The pink gaming mouse can be changed. Please ask for the customer service if you need a driver. The headset is suitable for desktop computers. It depends on the port to decide whether to purchase an additional interface.

Brand: Dgg

👤I like this set. Since my phone is large and I am worried that it won't fit in the phone holder, I was unsure how I would like it. However, it fits just fine. The mouse and headphones are great, but I was worried about the mic sticking out, but it doesn't affect the usage at all. The mouse is easy to use and works perfectly when plugged in. I was not sure if I would use the mouse pad as a pad under the mouse. When it's time to upgrade, I'll buy the set again.

👤I love these products. I love the clickety clack, the lighting, the mouse, the little places where you can put your thumb and pinkie while gaming, and I also love saying clickety clack. The keyboard has lighting on it. It is pretty and it makes the lighting look pink. One of the reasons I bought this exact keyboard was because I wanted it to look rainbow. I don't know how, but I might be able to. I've researched and looked up longtao gaming keyboard and the DDG, which is what it is called in the listing, but I have nothing. There is a This is the version I got. I don't know if people get different products. The pink one looks nothing like the black one, which is frustrating to me. There is a My instructions came in either Chinese or Japanese, which was not trying to be racist. The product was made in China, so I'm assuming the instructions are in Chinese. The clickety clackyness of the longtao mechanical gaming keyboard made this review possible. Thank you for listening to my thoughts. There is a I'm done now. Really Clickety. There is a Clack.

👤The keyboard and mouse are great. The sound quality is not good and it is not comfortable. Buying a keyboard and mouse is the best way to go.

👤My kid likes it. It seems to be sturdy.

👤The mouse is very good in size, the fabric looks great, but I don't believe the foam for the function is necessary, other than that the mouse, the headset, and the keyboard are great, the headset has two ports, one for the microphone and the other for the keyboard

👤Nice and all but the keyboard is not compatible.

👤Good product. I use it with my laptop and tablets, it feels different from what I normally use, and the headphones are not loud, so it works out.

👤My daughter loves this. I wish they had one that was light blue for my other daughter.

8. SIMGAL Headphones Universal Headset Included

SIMGAL Headphones Universal Headset Included

Plug 'n Play on Mac and PC will instantly start recording and streaming. The headset holder is made of good quality plastic and is pink. The pink headset holder is easy to assemble and disassemble. The pink headset holder is made of good quality plastic with reasonable sizes and weight. There are four mats at the bottom of the base that prevent the holder from slipping. The base is 14 cm long, 7.5 cm wide and 5mm high. The frame is 25 cm high and 5 cm thick. The pink stand supports all over- ear headphones. You can find a safe place for your headphones.

Brand: Simgal

👤The assembly is easy, but it's a "pop-in" assembly and it's spilling my headphones. I would choose another.

👤A pretty baby pink. The Kraken Kitty Headset is a match. Even if you push them together as far as you can, it will still be a little wobbly. I haven't dropped my headset yet. There's a little movement on a desk. I have bumped into it a few times and it hasn't fallen over. So far, it's been great!

👤Absolutely love it! The cute colour is a bonus. It can be easy to put together, but it can be a bit flimsy, and come apart easily, and this can be avoided by jamming the two parts together. It matches my setup perfectly.

👤It does what it says it will do, but the top part doesn't clip into the base so if you try to pick it up it loses its base. I had to glue it down.

👤It's easy to put together and use my pink headset.

👤I gave this to my daughter because she was trying to put one piece into the other. She got hurt. She loved it!

👤I really like it, I got it for my headset. It does its job of holding my headset. The color is a bit darker than I expected. I like it.

9. Adjustable OATSBASF Friendly Compatible Tablets

Adjustable OATSBASF Friendly Compatible Tablets

A weighted base and an aluminum alloy rod make a lower centre of gravity for this cute phone stand for desk. The cell phone stand is stable enough to support all phones. The bunny phone holder is a great gift for female friends and children. The rubber pads and feet of the phone stand can protect your device from scratches and sliding. The bunny phone stand holder is in accordance with ergonomics. The height can be easily adjusted between 7.1in-10.2in and the angle can be adjusted between 060 to help fix your posture and reduce neck and back strain. OATSF SERVICES OATSBASF will provide the best products and services to you. If you have a question or inquiry about their products or service, please feel free to contact them directly, they will provide a satisfactory solution in 24 hours.

Brand: Oatsbasf

👤This stand is adorable. The logo can be erased with an eraser, but be aware of the area. I erased it and it has a slight shine to it now. My best friend made a custom popsocket for me that works great with the bunny ears of the stand. I no longer have to worry about balancing my phone on the pegs because it makes the whole thing more stable. There is a The pink stickers on the pegs keep coming off despite me not resting my phone on them. There is a My phone is a S10+ and I have cute keys in the background of my pics.

👤I have this to hold my Nintendo Switch. There is a charging port in the right spot. It feels sturdy and I love it. I would like to have another one for my phone on my nightstand.

👤I initially thought this product was great. A bit of a scam. I have been careful with the product, but it has broken. It won't stay up. It slides down with my phone on it. The manufacturer and seller of this product are responsible for letting people pay for a product that should be in a dollar store. This is not worth what I paid for. The seller and manufacturer should be called out. They give you a bad product that breaks within a month or two. I'm not happy. I will never buy products from this manufacturer and seller again. I don't work hard for my money to be taken advantage of. I don't have enough money to buy a new one every month. It might be worth it if you dropped the price to a couple of bucks. Maybe.

👤The phone stand is cheap and lightweight, but it's cute. If I try to use my phone on the stand it will fall over. It's not worth $17, but I bought it for the aesthetic.

👤I bought this for my PC set up because I could see when I get phone notifications. When I received it, I was very happy to see that it works as it is supposed to. I've never had it tip over on me. You can move it easily if you want. I realized after receiving this that it's also a perfect Nintendo Switch holder. It's so easy to play your switch with the Joycons disconnected and watch a show at the same time with this little thing. I would buy this little guy again.

👤This is a sturdy thing, but it is a bit bigger than I expected. I tried to shake the base of my phone to see if it would fall off, but it didn't. It's strong. You can tilt it back and forth, it's an option. I used that phone too and it isn't budging because of the grip on the holder. If you have a lot of phone calls, I would suggest this. It will fit if you have a normal popsocket. I have a PopWallet that is attached, but better without.

10. SOSISU Headphones Headset Non Slip Included

SOSISU Headphones Headset Non Slip Included

A pack of 2 rolls of led strip lights are in 63INCH. Their led strip lights have 6 light patterns. Choose your favorite color and dim the light. The memory function keeps the led strip lights on last mode when turned on. The smart led lights strips have a controller box and 44 keys. The stand base and frame logo have two different lighting modes. The base multi-color flowing light with frame logo single-color breathing light is in Mode one. The light button can be pressed to change modes. 3.5mm AUX Port and 3usb ports are used for connecting audio devices like a 3.5mm jack headphones, as well as for charging and data transmission. The center of gravity is balanced for different sized headphones with the metal block base. The rubber mats on the bottom of the table can be stably supported. The Universal Headphones Stand is designed with a stable non-slip base and is compatible with most brands of headphones. There are cables on your desk. The stand is easy to use. It's compatible with Win 2000, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 and other operating systems.

Brand: Sosisu

👤I noticed that there was no way to attach the stand to the lite platform when I put it together. There is a That was it. I was going to return it. My daughter wanted to keep the pink look. Great! B That lasted a week. She had her headphones plugged into the stands 3.5mm jack, which seemed to work great, until she plugged her web cam into one of theusb ports, which caused the audio and video to flicker to the point it couldn't be used.

👤The headset stand is nice. I am not sure how reliable it is. I bought it because I wanted to use it as a headset stand and not a hub, but I would expect the speeds to be slower since it is a 2.0. The ports on the back would hide the cable. Keep that in mind!

👤It works well and holds headphones well. It isn't powerful enough to charge a cell phone. I have one with bad ports. Either way, it's worth the buy.

👤A lot of people say the stand wobbles. Check the manual for directions and my pictures. You have to press down firmly on the top of the stand to the slot on the bottom to make sure it doesn't move. I haven't tried the lights or the slots yet. They work as they should. Overall, a nice stand.

👤I was looking for a white headset stand with led lights. This looked at all the boxes. I am very happy with it. I don't like the logo on the plastic but it looks cool and serves its purpose.

👤This does the job. It's very cute. The quality of the materials was good, but I feel that this was a bit overpriced, with the cost of the stand, I would have been happier to pay $25 instead of $35. When I put my headphones on it, it moves. It does the job. I covered the logo with an animal crossing sticker I ordered off of Amazon, but I was not a fan of the pink stand. I use this to hold my headphones when I'm not using them as I need them to properly control the volume levels so I don't bust the ear drums of my viewers. I'm really happy with this stand, but I wish it was a bit stronger as it is a bit on the pricier end in my opinion.

11. SOMIC Headphone Flexible Supporting Headphones

SOMIC Headphone Flexible Supporting Headphones

OATSF SERVICES OATSBASF will provide the best products and services to you. If you have a question or inquiry about their products or service, please feel free to contact them directly, they will provide a satisfactory solution in 24 hours. The company has a strong comparable. The pink stand supports all over- ear headphones. The bar is 2.95 inches wide and long and isSTAND size. The curve headrest on the top makes it easy to store and keep the headphones in good condition. SOLID STURDY BASE: 5mm solid round acrylic bass bottom with 4 non-slip rubber feet which make the gaming headset holder from slipping and keep in place. The stand is easy to assemble and disassemble, which can save space at your desk, and the pink stand can be used to store headphones.

Brand: Somic

👤The product picture made it seem like the pink was a different tone, I was looking for a headset stand that matched my dog. The only headset stand I could find was pink and inexpensive. The color was a perfect match and I ordered it anyways. The product photo does not show the real color. The assembly is very easy. It does what it's supposed to. Hold my headset. If you don't want to spend $60 on a headset holder for your pink headphones, I recommend this stand.

👤The base of my car has a weird white thing on it that won't come off. The hot pink color that is pictured is not the same as my headphones. It's not the most stable, but you could always secure it with some command strips.

👤The pink aesthetic that I was going for with my PC setup was what inspired me to purchase this headphone stand. It has a simple design that I like. I like the price point, but you get what you pay for in some aspects. I have to place my headphones on the stand to keep them from tipping over or to keep the two pieces from being disconnected. I recommend this to people who would like a cute stand that doesn't cost a lot of money.

👤The headset was pretty and I enjoyed it until it started acting weird. I thought it was a freak accident when my audio only worked on one earphone while I was playing with my friends, I tried adjusting the mic jack and it fixed it. It started happening everyday for a few weeks. I adjusted the mic and it worked, but my friends were talking about the echo on my mic. I was very disappointed that I have to get a new headset because the audio was stuck on one ear and it was getting really annoying, I really enjoyed my product, but now I have to get a new headset. My mom has an account with Amazon.

👤It is two pieces of plastic that you stick together. There is no place to put the cord if you want to wrap it around the base. If I don't remove the headset carefully, mine will come apart. It's not bad for the price, but can get a little annoying.

👤This works well for my daughter. Pick up and move around because it comes from the base. It works for my child, but it doesn't rock back and forth. If you are looking for something heavy duty, this is not for you. The two pieces are the same as in the picture. It's great if you only need it to hold your head set.

👤It's a little flimsy because it's just 2 pieces of plastic that fit together. If you're worried that it will fall or move around when you put your headphones on, just slap some double sided tape on the bottom and you're good to go. It was perfect for the price.


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